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Investing during the current economic meltdown (2008-09-24)
Investors in Nebraska should be mindful of the standard investing advice now more than ever.

Hagel among senators questiong Paulson (2008-09-23)
Hagel says it's important for people to understand the process.

Incoming education commissioner talks strategy (2008-09-23)
Breed was selected by the State Board of Education to be the next commissioner of education.

Nebraska Farm Bureau: New meat labeling rules jeprodize livestock producers (2008-09-22)
Labeling rules' purpose is to give consumers more information about the source of meat products sold at retail.

UNL promotes awareness of threatening behavior (2008-09-22)
Goal includes preventing incidents like the Virginia Tech massacre.

Turkey plant to go on extended shutdown (2008-09-22)
Plant in Gibbon will remain closed longer than usual three weeks in December.

Fortenberry says bailout unpopular, but inaction may be worse (2008-09-19)
1st District congressman says economic risks may justify deviation from reliance on private sector.

Hagel warns action needed to avert global Depression (2008-09-19)
Senator says blame for situtation is shared by Administration, Congress, Wall Street.

More Nebraska women enrolling in and graduating from post secondary education institutions (2008-09-19)
The findings are across all degree levels and all racial and ethnic groups.

Rural Mainstreet Index hits new low (2008-09-19)
Survey includes bankers in nearly 200 communities averaging 1,300 people in 11 midwestern and western states.

Courts online pilot project (2008-09-18)
The two month project will make the Nebraska court calender available online.

Your kids are drinking part three (2008-09-18)
When adults drink in public places, does that send the wrong message to kids?

Former presidential counselor weighs in on presidential election (2008-09-18)
David Gergen has worked for and seen four presidents operate: Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton.

Your kids are drinking part two (2008-09-17)
A group of teens in Shelton wants to give their peers an alternative to drinking.

City managers draft proposal based on concerns about ATVs (2008-09-17)
The number of cities passing ATV ordinances continues to grow.

Investor money making a social impact (2008-09-17)
A growing trend among Nebraska investors is supporting social and environmental causes while still getting a competitive return. It's called socially responsible investing.

Your kids are drinking part one (2008-09-17)
The problem of underage drinking isn't getting any better, and its a problem for communities across the state.

Politicial candidates take survey on children issues (2008-09-16)
Candidates were asked about several issues affecting children, including education, health care and child poverty.

Your kids are drinking: part one (2008-09-16)
The age kids start drinking is getting younger and younger. Why do they do it, and where do they get alcohol?

Senate candidates differ on healthcare coverage (2008-09-16)
Whether or not universal healthcare is a good idea was one topic the candidates touched on.

Senate debate before business group (2008-09-16)
The candidates were asked whethher more bailouts are needed to stabilize the economy.

Hay supplies in the Panhandle are expected to get tighter (2008-09-15)
The university created an online program a year ago for western Nebraska producers.

Childrens' groups to push for more federal funding in rally at State Capitol (2008-09-15)
Several non-profit groups are calling on elected officials to increase funding for children's programs by $500 billion over 10 years.

The first two uses of Nebraska safe haven law (2008-09-15)
A 15 year old and 11 year old were dropped off at a hospital by their parents, the law was intended to safeguard babies.

Recreating the taste of Africa from memory (2008-09-13)
A Lincoln woman was a little girl when her family went to Africa with the Peace Corps. She came home loving African food, but without the recipes to make it.

Chinese companies interested in Nebraska (2008-09-12)
They sign non-binding memorandums of understanding indicating they'll give first consideration to the state for potential facilities.

Essential Air service becomes less reliable (2008-09-12)
Air service company near Scottsbluff in western Nebraska is threatening economic development funding.

Stand Up 2 Cancer (2008-09-11)
Dr. Kenneth Cowan of the Eppley Cancer Center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center tells of the latest in cancer research.

Hagel: allowing Georgia and Ukraine into NATO increases chance for Russia conflict (2008-09-11)
Hagel says he's not necessarily opposed to admitting former Soviet Republics, despite increased risks.

Hagel: more troops in Afghanistan, not too many (2008-09-11)
Hagel said this has been the deadliest year yet for U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Designing Natural Play Areas (2008-09-11)
Robin Moore, Director of the Natural Learning Initiative explains the value of creating natural play areas for children.

Nebraskans remember September 11 attacks (2008-09-11)
Antelope Park in Lincoln was the meeting place for the memorial service.

Investors, keep a watchful eye on credit (2008-09-10)
As an investor it's important to have an idea of where you stand in terms of credit

Nelson: opposition to energy compromise is partisanship (2008-09-10)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly open to a bipartisan compromise similar to "Gang of Ten" proposal Nelson supports.

Rare fossils turn up at a state park dig (2008-09-09)
The park contains the remains of extinct horses, camels, rhinos and other animals that died from inhaling dust from a volcanic eruption 12-million years ago.

Nebraska ahead of other states in health care workforce (2008-09-09)
Nebraska fared better than most other states, but the bad news is the state's health care work force is getting older.

Three U.S. Senate candidates debate in Scottsbluff (2008-09-09)
Republican Mike Johanns, Democrat Scott Kleeb and Green Party candidate squared off in a debate on Sunday.

Will Husker Harvest Days have the same appeal in 2010? (2008-09-09)
With the state fair moving to Grand Island will Nebraskans want to make the same trip twice so close together?

Professor criticizes effects of affirmative action ban (2008-09-08)
Supporters of ban say state institutions should not engage in race, gender preferences.

Connerly defends affirmative action ban (2008-09-08)
Opponents say ballot proposal would harm Nebraska's efforts to recruit diverse faculty and student body.

Poet Laureate Ted Kooser at Omaha poetry slam (2008-09-06)
Kooser's appearance was in advance of the Opera Omaha oratorio Blizzard Voices based on his poems

NU Regents approve executive pay raises (2008-09-05)
Critics argue that using private funds to subsidize administrators' salaries could give donors undue influence.

Palin's "community organizer" comments raise ire of Nebraska social workers (2008-09-05)
Some social workers says Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin's comments are an attack on community workers.

Water not a "crisis," groundwater expert says (2008-09-04)
Water experts say Nebraska faces many water concerns, but it's not yet a crisis.

Water not a "crisis," groundwater expert says (2008-09-04)
Water experts say Nebraska faces many water concerns, but it's not yet a crisis.

Water not a crisis, groundwater expert says (2008-09-04)
Water experts say Nebraska faces many water concerns, but it's not a crisis at this point.

The current economic doldrums for Nebraskan home sellers (2008-09-03)
Today's market has a lot more sellers than buyers.

Slowing economy means rising demand for ground beef (2008-09-03)
Ever-tighter food budgets are leading many Americans to cut back on steaks in favor of cheaper cuts like hamburger.

Federal grant to be used to attract female science faculty to UNL (2008-09-02)
UNL officials say they hope to attract more female math and science professors with the help of a $3.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

New technique could mean more food products from ethanol (2008-09-01)
UNL researchers are trying to perfect a technique called corn fractionation, that breaks up corn up into its basic parts before it is processed for ethanol.

Network promotes birding in eastern Nebraska (2008-09-01)
Tourism officials hope bird watchers will help increase the number of visitors to the state.

Mobile health care for veterans (2008-08-29)
The rolling clinic will like any other RV. But on the inside it will look like a doctor's office.

Heineman backs McCain's VP pick (2008-08-29)
Heineman compares Palin to Nebraskans.

Nebraska Republicans behind McCain VP choice (2008-08-29)
McCain's decision to chose Sarah Palin as his running mate pleases the Nebraska Republican party.

ACLU: Schools should stop suspending students for honoring deceased friend (2008-08-29)
Students were suspended for wearing t-shirts honoring a former classmate who was shot to death in May.

Fremont immigration task force (2008-08-28)
Gerlock talks with the co-chair of the Illegal Immigration Task Force.

More habitat could soon be set aside for endangered Platte species (2008-08-28)
Officials are taking steps toward putting more land into a program designed to recover endangered species on the Platte River.

Will a change do Nebraska state fair-goers good? (2008-08-28)
In two years the state fair is moving to Grand Island making way for a research park on the current site.

Heineman: no position on affirmative action ban (2008-08-27)
Governor expresses hope for good discussion that avoids extremes.

Investing in a home during a buyer's market (2008-08-26)
One of the biggest investments people will put their money into is their home. But, is your home still your best investment?

Nebraska women cite workplace discrimination (2008-08-26)
Survey finds problems with unequal pay and promotion, and sexual harassment on the job.

Rural Nebraskans passionate about taking action against climate change (2008-08-26)
Respondents voice a desire for government action.

Incomes are up in Nebraska, but not compared to other states (2008-08-26)
Nebraska inflation-adjusted incomes also went up slightly.

Another near-record harvest could mean more storage challenges (2008-08-25)
Farmers are gearing up to harvest and distribute another huge crop this year.

Another near-record harvest could mean more storage challenges (2008-08-25)
Farmers are gearing up to harvest and distribute another huge crop this year.

Another near-record harvest could mean more storage challenges (2008-08-25)
Farmers are gearing up to harvest and distribute another huge crop this year.

Chairman: Nebraska Dems united in Denver (2008-08-25)
Achelpohl says Clinton-Obama split not evident in state delegation.

Senate candidates debate issues (2008-08-23)
Republican Mike Johanns, Democrat Scott Kleeb, and Steve Larrick of the Green Party square off.

Affirmative action ban collects enough signatures to make November ballot (2008-08-22)
Advocates collected over 167 thousand signatures.

2nd Democratic congressional candidates face off (2008-08-22)
Lee Terry, a five-term incumbent debated Jim Esch, who is making second attempt to unseat him.

OPPD makes plans to increase wind generation (2008-08-22)
The District is asking for bids from wind developers to produce 80 more megawatts.

State school writing test scores improve (2008-08-21)
Over 90 percent of 4th, 8th and11th graders were rated as at least proficient based on their performance on the annual state writing tests.

Remembering the necessities when investing during a bear market (2008-08-21)
Expert says there is more bearishness now than in the last 14 years.

Nebraska Democrats seek electoral college vote (2008-08-21)
Democrats are forming a separate federal political committee.

T. Boone Pickens brings wind energy plan to Nebraska (2008-08-20)
Pickets visit is part of a series of meetings he's holding across the so called "wind belt."

Security tightened at Chadron State College (2008-08-20)
When students begin classes Monday, they'll share late night hours on campus with a member of the Chadron Police Department.

T Boone Pickens brings wind energy plan to Nebraska (2008-08-20)
The Texas oil man says wind energy will help the U.S. break its dependency on foreign oil.

Sidney's history shown in Deadwood trail ride (2008-08-19)
A trail ride over the weekend highlights Sidney's Wild West past.

Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Reunion takes place in North Platte (2008-08-19)
Veterans around the state are expected at the 24th annual gathering

False gasoline advertising (2008-08-19)
Problem came to light after an employee at one of the stations complained that ethanol-blended fuels were being marketed as regular gasoline.

Struggling with post-war wellness (2008-08-18)
Veterans can deal with Post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

Looking at the impact of ethanol on food prices (2008-08-18)
Speakers talked about opportunities in the area of cellulosic ethanol, which is derived from materials like cornstalks or grasses that can't be used as food.

Lincoln woman reflects on China-Nebraska ties (2008-08-18)
Janet Lu was born in Shanghai, grew up on Taiwan, and came to Nebraska in 1968.

Georgian concerned Russians are advancing (2008-08-18)
Rita Prokopenko, who studied in Nebraska earlier this year, says Russian troop presence is producing refugees and supply shortages in various parts of Georgia.

Photos tell story of Blacks in Lincoln 1910-1925 (2008-08-16)
A garage sale find reveals part of Nebraska's cultural past

Grand Island raises money for state fair move (2008-08-15)
This week, the board of supervisors in Hall County, which includes Grand Island, approved a million dollars.

Education commissioner application reaches first deadline (2008-08-15)
Friday was the deadline for applicants desiring the vacant seat left by Dough Christensen

Education commissioner application reaches first deadline (2008-08-15)
Friday was the deadline for applicants desiring the vacant seat left by Dough Christensen

Education commissioner application reaches first deadline (2008-08-15)
Friday was the deadline for applicants desiring the vacant seat left by Dough Christensen

Search continues for new education commissioner (2008-08-15)
Friday was the deadline for applicants hoping to replace Education Commissioner Doug Christensen

Trade connections between Nebraska and China (2008-08-14)
China is the fourth-largest international market for Nebraska goods.

Extra distributed social security money recalled (2008-08-14)
The glitch affects more than 9-thousand Nebraskans who receive Social Security, and are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

Investing in land, equipment (2008-08-13)
Many Nebraska investors are putting their money into alternative investments, besides the stock market.

Officials clarify: "Nebraska Beef" recall does not include all beef from Nebraska (2008-08-13)
Some consumers are apparently confusing the recall of product from Nebraska Beef, Ltd. with beef from the state in general.

Republican river could face more restrictions (2008-08-13)
Local natural resource district officials had hoped a law passed by the state Legislature last year giving them additional taxing authority would reduce that need.

UNL professor in contact with worried Georgians (2008-08-12)
Teachers report sending children to the countryside, shopping during pause in Russian attacks.

Livestock producers look for corn alternatives (2008-08-12)
The high price of corn has livestock producers looking for other ways to feed their animals.

Nebraska anticipates second-largest corn harvest (2008-08-12)
This year's crop is projected to come in slightly under that, at almost 1-point-4-3-billion.

China growing market for Nebraska's Ag exports (2008-08-11)
Soybeans, soybean meal, wheat and corn are among the Nebraska products being exported to China.

Nebraska "baby boom" expected to continue several years (2008-08-11)
More children were born in Nebraska in 2006, than in any year since 1982.

Meatpacking company continues to operate after beef recall (2008-08-11)
USDA announced Friday that Nebraska Beef is recalling one point two million pounds of beef that may be contaminated with E. coli.

Nebraskan has Chinese visa trouble because of Olympics (2008-08-09)
Emily Rieur had been teaching English in China for about two years. Now she's back in Omaha, not entirely by choice.

Nebraska Democrats criticize McCain on ethanol subsidies (2008-08-08)
In his position papers, he opposes farm subsidies only for those with incomes of more than 250 thousand dollars and net worth above 2 million

Creighton scholar says Georgia war could have implications for US (2008-08-08)
An Omaha-based expert says the situation could play out badly for the United States, by making the U.S. look weak and unable to protect Georgia.

Using bonus dollars to feed the hungry (2008-08-07)
65 percent of the people who are eligible for food stamps in Nebraska are actually participating in the program.

Nebraska native competes in Olympics (2008-08-07)
Erickson learned trap shooting growing up in Nebraska.

Hispanic population continues to grow in Nebraska (2008-08-07)
The growth isn't just occurring around meatpacking plants and other employers traditionally associated with immigrant labor:

Western Nebraska house cat has plague (2008-08-06)
A cat in the panhandle has the bubonic plague, but health officials say not to worry.

Nebraska frog "love songs" recorded on new CD (2008-08-06)
They may NOT sound especially romantic to our ears but most of the ribbits and croaks you hear when you're out camping or hiking are actually frog love songs.

Getting out of an investment scam (2008-08-06)
Nebraska's trustworthy Midwestern reputation has made it a target for fraudulent businesses.

Huskers in Olympics (2008-08-06)
Current and former athletes will compete for the United States, Canada, Australia, Latvia and South Africa.

Nebraska investors find pooling resources a good learning tool (2008-08-05)
Many Nebraska investors have started investment clubs in an effort to help craft their own techniques.

Grasshoppers marching on south central Nebraska (2008-08-05)
The number of grasshoppers is the highest seen in two decades.

Senate candidates say immigration needs national solution (2008-08-05)
While some Senate candidates were reluctant to criticize the ordinance, they, too, stressed that immigration is a federal issue.

Oilman Pickens talks about his wind plan (2008-08-05)
T. Boone Pickens talks about his plans to promote wind energy production in the Midwest.

African immigrants claim unfair treatment in South Sioux City (2008-08-05)
Many Somalis moved into The Arbors apartment complex, only to be evicted.

T Boone Pickens to talk wind during Nebraska visit (2008-08-05)
Pickens says he'll visit Lincoln on August 20, to discuss the region's wind-power potential.

Nebraska researchers looking into honeybee decline (2008-08-04)
UNL researchers are taking part in a national, $4 million federally-funded study designed examining honeybee decline.

NET Radio in Lincoln and surrounding areas is off the air. Engineers are working on the problem. Listen online by clicking the "Listen Now" button on the left of this page.

NET Radio in Lincoln and surrounding areas is off the air. Engineers are working on the problem. Listen online by clicking the "Listen Now" button on the left of this page.

Nebraska researchers looking into honeybee decline (2008-08-04)
UNL researchers are taking part in a national, $4 million federally-funded study designed examining honeybee decline.

Nebraska researchers looking into honeybee decline (2008-08-04)
UNL researchers are taking part in a national, $4 million federally-funded study designed examining honeybee decline.

NET Radio in Lincoln and surrounding areas is off the air. Engineers are working on the problem. Listen online by clicking the "Listen Now" button on the left of this page.

Strategic Discussions for Nebraska: Immigration (2008-08-02)
Online information about immigration in Nebraska - with video clips, transcribed interviews, and background essays

Court: Illegal immigrant should get worker's comp (2008-08-01)
Three-judge panel upholds decision from last year in landscaping company case.

Senate Ag Committee to discuss ethanol, food prices in Omaha (2008-07-30)
Nebraska Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson says he's concerned that ethanol is taking too much blame for rising food prices.

Fremont immigration law voted down (2008-07-30)
After emotional public testimony Tuesday night, Fremont's Mayor cast the tie-breaking vote against the proposal.

Wheelchair games help veterans (2008-07-29)
Although the competition is fierce, the games are really about rehabilitation.

Pioneer of public televison dies (2008-07-28)
Jack McBride was considered the father of educational television in Nebraska.

Lakota language has new dictionary (2008-07-26)
Elders who contributed to the dictionary highlight some of their favorite words.

Fremont to hold public hearing on ordinance targeting illegal immigrants (2008-07-25)
Proposal would require occupancy licenses for renters

Wheat harvest almost done, looking good (2008-07-25)
About 80 percent of the state's crop has been harvested so far. The next several days are expected to be an important harvest time for irrigated wheat, especially in the northwest.

Center for Rural Affairs celebrates 35 years (2008-07-24)
The center's mission has changed some over the years, but it's still a strong advocate for rural America.

Hagel: Iraq economic and political problems threaten security (2008-07-24)
Hagel just got back from a trip that included Iraq and Afghanistan with Senators Barack Obama of Illinois and Jack Reed of Rhode Island.

Becoming a cautious investor, arming yourself against fraud (2008-07-23)
If you're looking to getting started at investing it can be a pretty simple process, you just have to be careful with who you're dealing with.

Life-like patient simulators help med students practice for the real thing (2008-07-23)
When a patient is in crisis, medical professionals may only have one chance to get a life-saving treatment right.

Discussing the future of Nebraska's large cash reserve (2008-07-23)
Nebraska collected 117 million dollars more than initially projected, primarily due to individual income taxes.

Nelson decries push to halve ethanol requirement (2008-07-22)
Effort spearheaded by Texas Governor Rick Perry would cut mandate from 9 billion to 4.5 billion gallons this year.

Fighting fire while visually impaired (2008-07-21)
Visually impaired people are just one of the groups targeted in the training. Other groups include immigrants, college students, and older people.

Restoring Nebraska's rural heritage (2008-07-21)
Heritage Nebraska has been holding listening sessions around the state to help communities take advantage of their historic resources.

Camp helps students mix science, Native American culture (2008-07-21)
More than Native American 30 students from three reservations are learning about science during a camp in Omaha this week.

Voter "self defense" bus coming to Lincoln, Omaha (2008-07-18)
Nonpartisan Project Vote Smart says traveling exhibits will show voters how to cut through campaign "nonsense."

Conservation tree plantings down to less than a third of 1980s levels (2008-07-18)
US Forest Service records suggest the number of trees planted for conservation purposes in Nebraska has dropped dramatically.

Rural mainstreet economic index down (2008-07-18)
Survey of bankers in 11-state region shows farm economy still growing, but other business off.

Report: Medicare D linked to rural pharmacy closures (2008-07-18)
Medicare's prescription drug program may be helping seniors, but hurting rural pharmacies.

McCain visit brings out supporters, detractors (2008-07-17)
Republican presidential candidate visits Nebraska to raise funds, tour trucking company.

"Safe haven" law takes effect (2008-07-17)
Hospital association puts out model policy to handle questions raised by new law.

High feed costs force some producers to euthanize, give away hogs (2008-07-17)
High feed costs are forcing some hog producers to cut back their herds, or get out of the business altogether.

Crackdown on car tax scofflaws yields hundreds of thousands in back taxes (2008-07-16)
Officials from several agencies have been working with the states of Iowa and South Dakota to crack down on Nebraskans who register out-of-state in an effort to avoid Nebraska's higher vehicle taxes.

Eliminating the anxiety for beginning investors (2008-07-16)
A big misconception about investing is it's hard to get started.

Protecting drinking water supplies from carbon dioxide (2008-07-15)
Scientists are working on a technique that involves capturing carbon dioxide from industrial operations like power plants, and injecting it deep into the ground.

McCain fundraiser draws Demo response (2008-07-15)
Democrats will hold $5 per person fundraise to contrast with $50,000 per couple top charge for Republican event; but Dems have tapped big contributors, too.

Nebraskans can pay for traffic violations online (2008-07-14)
People can access the site 24 hours a day and is a great time saver for the public.

Heineman to speak on GMO crops before European Ag officials (2008-07-14)
Heineman is tentatively scheduled to make the speech before the EU Parliament's Ag Committee on October 14th in Brussels, Belgium.

Overall crime down; violent crime up in Nebraska (2008-07-14)
Annual report by Crime Commission shows property crimes decreased, but Von Maur shooting added to murder toll.

Chautauqua brings Will Rogers to Hastings (2008-07-14)
Rogers was a big draw in the movie houses of the early '30s.

Number of kids who are Nebraska wards of state declines (2008-07-10)
The state's foster care system has been the focus of reforms since receiving a failing grade from the federal government 2 years ago.

Determining the best investment strategy (2008-07-10)
The first step to investing is figuring out your methodology.

Invasive plant removal project gets underway in the Panhandle (2008-07-10)
Landowners are urged to sign up to have Salt Cedar, Russian Olive, and other water-robbing plants removed.

Nelson: U.S. and Israel shouldn't be intimidated (2008-07-09)
The Iranian military fired 9 missiles, including one with enough range strike Israel or some U.S. bases in the Middle East.

New report says Nebraska economy is doing well compared to national (2008-07-09)
A report from UNL says the state's economy will avoid both a significant recession and rapid inflation.

Nebraska workers could extend unemployment benefits (2008-07-08)
Congress approved the 13 week extension to the current maximum of 26 weeks.

The Nebraska Autism Center is placed on probation (2008-07-08)
The Department of Health and Human Services placed the ACN on probation following a critical audit.

Nebraska coalition joins national push for healthcare reform (2008-07-08)
A national push for healthcare reform includes a coalition of Nebraska-based organizations.

Rural Nebraska supports alternative forms of energy (2008-07-08)
Poll shows rural residents have focused on conserving energy in their own homes.

Scam involves unclaimed property (2008-07-07)
State Treasurer warns Nebraskans not to fall for scam.

UNO Afghan expert: latest attack could complicate US efforts (2008-07-07)
Dr. Tom Gouttierre of the Center for Afghan Studies at the University of Nebraska-Omaha says the attack in Kabul shows the strength of neo-Taliban forces."

Voter Diaries project (2008-07-04)
A diary keeper from the Cozad area says the next president will need to change people's attitudes.

Affirmative action ban supporters say iniative is headed to ballot (2008-07-03)
Proponents say they've collected 167,000 signatures, well above the 112,000 or so needed.

Finding the next generation of librarians (2008-07-03)
More than half of the nation's librarians are set to retire within the next decade.

A proposed pipeline through Nebraska (2008-07-03)
Discussions about a proposed pipeline running through Nebraska is the focus of meetings in three Nebraska communities.

Hackers hit UNK computers (2008-07-03)
Computer hackers may have attained student and faculty social security numbers from University Nebraska at Kearney.

Storm damage sets farmers back in Saunders county (2008-07-02)
Farmers may try to replant, but corn is out of the picture because it's too late in the growing season.

Investing in your retirement, getting the foundations in high school (2008-07-02)
The first installment in the new NET Radio series "Smart Investing."

Handgun restrictions face constitutional heat (2008-07-02)
Handgun restrictions on Omaha public housing property facing questions of constitutionality.

Gas thieves use alternative method to stealing gasoline (2008-07-02)
With gasoline prices high, gas thieves get creative.

Senate candidates differ on energy (2008-07-01)
Cap-and-trade, climate change, corn-based ethanol, strategic petroleum reserve and nuclear energy discussed.

Beatrice Center charges settled (2008-06-30)
The Beatrice Center has been plagued with charges of the abuse and neglect of its developmentally disabled patients.

Nebraska Task Force One practice rescuing tactics (2008-06-30)
Group prepares for rescuing people from collapsed buildings.

The Great Plains in detail: The journals of Prince Maximilian (2008-06-27)
Thirty years after Lewis and Clark, a German prince, who was also a scientist, journeyed up the Missouri. Now, His account of that journey is finally being fully published by Omaha's Joslyn Museum.

Restoration of legislative chamber underway (2008-06-26)
Ceiling and walls being brightened in $540,000 project.

Opponents of moving State Fair still working (2008-06-26)
They say transferring the Fair to Grand Island should be determined by a vote of the people.

Grand Island considers State Fair funding (2008-06-25)
City contemplating bond issue, private donations to supply its share of moving costs.

Opponents of petition drive accuse circulators of improper conduct (2008-06-25)
Petition supporters claim more than 70 percent of likely voters are at least leaning toward supporting the affirmative action ban.

Libertarians on Nebraska ballot (2008-06-25)
Liberarian Presidential candidate Bob Barr will be on the November ballot, possibly others.

Cattle producers seek ethanol reduction (2008-06-25)
Cattle producers are worried about the rising cost of grain.

FEMA storm assistance is available for individuals (2008-06-25)
13 counties are eligible, including Buffalo, Butler, Colfax, Dawson, Douglas, Gage, Hamilton, Jefferson, Kearney, Platte, Richardson, Sarpy and Saunders counties.

Great American Comedy brought laughs (2008-06-24)
Great American Comedy festival wrapped up this weekend in Norfolk.

Grand Island confronts State Fair moving costs (2008-06-24)
Bonding, private contributions among sources being considered.

Wet weather brings mosquitoes (2008-06-23)
Recent wet weather has increased the risk for the West Nile Virus

New system pairs large city pharmacists with small town hospitals (2008-06-23)
System strives to take pressure off rural pharmacists.

Wheat scab plagues central and eastern Nebraska (2008-06-23)
A disease known as wheat scab is hurting Nebraska crops.

Novozymes sets up shop in Blair (2008-06-23)
A multi million dollar, global company makes the move to Blair.

Great American Comedy Festival concludes (2008-06-20)
The Great American Comedy Festival wraps up in Norfolk this weekend.

Chautauqua coming to Falls City, Hastings (2008-06-20)
The topic is the Great Depression, but the topics are current: hard economic times, damaging weather, and debate over war.

Stenberg: petition opponents using fear (2008-06-20)
Group opposed to ban on affirmative action is warning people of possible negative consequences if they sign petitions.

Farmer's field disappearing in flood aftermath (2008-06-20)
Officials are trying to determine what to do after a dam breech in Seward County that's eroding a neighboring farm field.

Midwest economic indicators head south (2008-06-20)
Survey of bankers shows lower expectations in light of flooding, crop destruction.

Cavett back in hometown (2008-06-19)
Television celebrity Dick Cavett is back in his hometown for a comedy event.

Cavett encourages depressed to get help (2008-06-19)
TV personality and Nebraska native Dick Cavett gave a speech on getting help for depression in Lincoln.

Depression focus of statewide summit (2008-06-19)
1 out of 10 men and 2 out of every 10 women will be diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives.

Cavett encourages depressed to get help (2008-06-19)
TV personality and Nebraska native Dick Cavett gave a speech on getting help for depression in Lincoln.

DHHS ends contract with Autism Center (2008-06-18)
A critical audit has led the Department of Health and Human Services to end its contract with the Autism Center of Nebraska.

Two Boy Scouts remembered in Omaha (2008-06-17)
Sam Thomsen and Ben Petrzilka were among four Scouts killed during a tornado last week at Little Sioux Ranch in Iowa.

State Fair confronts questions of cost, buildings in Grand Island (2008-06-17)
Planned move from Lincoln is accompanied by uncertainties over physical facilities.

Great American Comedy Festival comes to Norfolk (2008-06-16)
Great American Comedy Festival is being held in Norfolk to honor the late Johnny Carson.

Ted Sorensen reflects on history (2008-06-15)
Cuban Missile Crisis, civil rights, Vietnam among topics covered in new book.

Officials total storm damage, request federal disaster aide (2008-06-13)
Overall storm damaged public property in Nebraska has topped 22 million dollars and includes 53 counties.

Former UNL Alumni board member questions audit (2008-06-13)
Former board member John Kopecky voices concern over audit.

Omaha explores new ways to fight gun crime (2008-06-13)
Study recommends improving community relationships and targeted patrols.

University of Nebraska tuition hike (2008-06-13)
Students will pay six percent more in tuition next year.

Flash flooding in Lincoln (2008-06-12)
Storms hit Lincoln Wednesday night causing heavy flooding.

On the scene of tornado ravaged Little Sioux Boy Scout camp (2008-06-12)
NET Radio's Mike Marek was on the scene of the scout camp in Western Iowa where four scouts lost their lives.

Friends and families grieve for the four Boy Scouts killed in Wednesday tornado (2008-06-12)
Omaha mourns the four boys killed in Wednesday night's tornado.

Boy Scouts acted as heroes in the midst of tornado (2008-06-12)
Scouts helped rescue camp ranger and family, who live year-round at the site.

Omaha mourns Boy Scouts killed by a tornado (2008-06-12)
Three of the four Boy Scouts killed were from Omaha.

Troubled roadside zoo making plans to get rid of animals (2008-06-12)
An attorney says Zoo Nebraska is making plans to find homes for its animals. But that may be a challenge.

Lincoln hit by strong storms (2008-06-12)
Storms swept through Nebraska spawning severe weather.

Gingrich visits Omaha (2008-06-12)
The former Speaker of the House praised Omaha as a leader in 21st century health care.

New Nebraska internet portal unveiled (2008-06-11)
Officials says a new state government website is designed to be more user-friendly.

South Koreans protest against American beef (2008-06-10)
South Korean protests over American beef are a sign of politics trumping science say the Nebraska Cattlemen.

Tornado hits Omaha early Sunday morningg (2008-06-09)
The early morning storm damaged homes and trees, but there were no deaths or major injuries.

Early morning Tornado hits Omaha (2008-06-09)
The twisters blew through in the early hours of the morning, suprising residents and forecasters.

Tornado hits Omaha (2008-06-09)
The early Sunday morning storm damaged homes, businesses, and trees, but there were no major injuries.

Flooding remains a threat throughout Nebraska (2008-06-09)
Flooding continues to be a problem across several parts of the state.

NEOC and Bruning reached an agreement to work again (2008-06-09)
Both sides are waiting for approval from the federal government.

Omahans left wondering about late tornado warning (2008-06-09)
Warnings for the tornado that hit Omaha Sunday were not sounded until after the storm had hit.

Omaha physicians write guide to caring for Arab patients (2008-06-09)
Patients across cultures face many of the same health problems. But the way those problems are dealt with may vary dramatically in different places.

Nebraska company enters carbon trading business (2008-06-06)
Concerns about global warming have prompted calls for the United States to follow the example of places like Europe, and limit the amount of carbon dioxide that industries can emit.

Flooded wells should be tested (2008-06-05)
Owners of domestic wells affected by the recent storms are encouraged to test their wells for bacteria as soon as possible.

U.S. Senate candidates offer contrasts (2008-06-05)
Johanns touts experience, Kleeb stresses hope for change, as they meet for the first time.

Eastern Nebraska community picks up after major storm (2008-06-05)
Heavy wind and rain knocked out power and caused major damage to homes in Ceresco.

Common Cause official questions ethics of Nantkes' employment by group opposing petition drive (2008-06-04)
State senator is being paid by group opposed to ban on affirmative action; Gould questions if she would then have to excuse herself from any votes on related issues. Nantkes says she's consistently opposed the ban.

Common Cause official questions ethics of Nantkes' employment by group opposing petition drive (2008-06-04)
State senator is being paid by group opposed to ban on affirmative action; Gould questions if she would then have to excuse herself from any votes on related issues. Nantkes says she's consistently opposed the ban.

Anti-affirmative action ad bashes Wright, Chambers (2008-06-03)
A group that wants to ban affirmative action says Nebraskans should reject racially divisive approaches of the past. and sites State Senator Ernie Chambers as an example.

Teen suicide prevention goal of new program in Lincoln schools (2008-06-03)
A new program launching in Lincoln this year is aimed at reaching teens who may be at risk.

Potential funding for "green jobs" unclear (2008-06-03)
More than 14-million Americans already work at what could be considered green jobs.

Nebraska residents seek funding for new reservoir (2008-06-02)
A private group is looking at the possibility of building a lake to serve recreational and drinking water needs in the Auburn area.

Lincoln petition circulators could face charges (2008-06-02)
It comes as efforts to put an anti-affirmative action measure on the ballot enter their final month.

JFK's assassination affected Nebraska rancher (2008-06-02)
JFK's assassination was a tragedy for the nation, and could have meant financial ruin for a Nebraska rancher

Workforce shortage a concern for Nebraska healthcare industry (2008-06-02)
As Baby Boomers age and retire, the nation is seeing a growing shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers.

Groups for and against affirmative action ban report campaign spending (2008-06-02)
Buffett and others pledge or give $50,000 apiece; group hires former GOP Chairman Kramer and Democratic Senator Nantkes.

State College Board opposes petition drive (2008-06-02)
Board says affirmative action ban would damage their reputation as institutions of opportunity.

Nebraska foreclosure rate jumps (2008-05-31)
While the state' foreclosure rate is lower than the rest of the nation, it's up dramatically from a month ago.

I-80 feels tornado's wrath (2008-05-30)
High winds along I-80 left many motorists stationary along the interstate.

Governor Heineman visits storm damaged Kearney (2008-05-30)
Thursday's tornadoes led Heineman to tour storm damaged communities in central Nebraska.

Johanns accused of flip-flop on immigration (2008-05-30)
Nebraska Democrats say his current position is tougher than the comprehensive reform proposal he supported as USDA secretary.

Tornadoes cause damage to Kearney (2008-05-30)
At least two tornadoes caused severe damage in Kearney.

Over a million Nebraska CRP acres to open for grazing (2008-05-29)
The program is aimed at helping relieve the burden of higher feed costs by allowing grazing on conservation lands.

Storms brewing across Nebraska (2008-05-29)
Severe weather potential seen throughout state east of Panhandle.

Heineman: drivers can slow down if they want (2008-05-28)
Gov. Heineman does not favor lowering the speed limit on the interstate.

Hagel says deceptions on Iraq have long-term implications (2008-05-28)
Senator says Bush administration's selling of war in Iraq, as charged in McClellan's new book, was wrong approach.

Speed limit changes? (2008-05-28)
With gas prices rising, some are suggesting a return to a lower, national speed limit.

Johanns, Kleeb weigh in on abortion (2008-05-27)
The National Right to Life organization endorses Mike Johanns for Senate, but Johanns' opponent Scott Kleeb says abortion labels draw too much political heat.

Crista Shuman (2008-05-27)
The Wayne State College student battles epileptic seizures and is determined to get her degree no matter how long it takes.

Nebraska foreclosure rate jumps (2008-05-27)
While the state' foreclosure rate is lower than the rest of the nation, it's up dramatically from a month ago.

Nebraska's natural gas production more than triples (2008-05-27)
Both production of natural gas, and drilling of natural gas wells, have seen a dramatic jump in Nebraska over the past year or so.

Dig underway at rare Nebraska fossil bed (2008-05-26)
Much like the famous human remains of Pompeii, the skeletons at Ashfalls Fossil Bed are preserved just as they died.

Hagel stresses promise for veteran benefits (2008-05-22)
Hagel co-sponsored a proposal with Virginia Democratic Senator Jim Webb that would fund the full cost of tuition at public universities in each state.

Airline customer satisfaction drops with performance ratings (2008-05-22)
New study finds passengers will have to pay more for better airline services.

$4 Gas comes to Nebraska (2008-05-22)
Columbus, Kearney, Norfolk,and North Platte are seeing gas prices at four dollars a gallon or higher.

Great Plains climate change focus of North Platte meeting (2008-05-21)
The impact of global warming in region is mostly subtle, for now. Even so, it's not escaping the notice of many scientists.

Dems criticize Johanns over USDA conference spending (2008-05-21)
Criticism is based on report issued by Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

Lawsuit claims state takes Medicaid (2008-05-20)
A lawsuit claims the state is illegally taking Medicaid away from people who lose welfare benefits because they violate their employment agreements.

Ethanol behind small percent of U.S. food hike (2008-05-20)
Ethanol's increasing demand for corn is only responsible for 1.2 percent of the increase in U.S. food prices.

Court strikes down law giving Republican NRDs extra taxing authority (2008-05-20)
A judge says the law is written so narrowly that it applies only to the Republican River basin.

Substance abuse focus groups meet (2008-05-19)
The state wants citizen's suggestions on how to better provide substance abuse treatment.

First Senate debate set (2008-05-19)
Former Governor Mike Johanns and his Democratic challenger, Scott Kleeb, have agreed to meet June 5th in Lincoln

Johanns leads Kleeb, 55-40 in new poll (2008-05-19)
Republican and Democratic candidates show similar levels of support among registered party members and split the independents; but heavy GOP voter registration advantage favors Johanns.

Your word is your bond (2008-05-17)
For the ranchers in this story, honesty is more than the best policy - it's as good as a contract

Outside experts to be sought in water dispute with Kansas (2008-05-16)
Negotiators from Nebraska and two neighboring states could be one step closer to taking a dispute over the Republican River to the Supreme Court.

European Ag official visits Nebraska (2008-05-15)
Europe has historically been more skeptical of genetically modified foods than the United States. GM crops like corn and soybeans are preferred by many American farmers because they've been engineered to contain desirable traits, like tolerance of herbicides and pesticides.

State, Kearney agree on funding new I-80 exit (2008-05-15)
Interchange touted as improving public safety, economic development.

Obama's primary showing weaker than caucus (2008-05-14)
The narrowness of Obama's 49-to-47-percent primary win against Clinton was a bit unexpected, in light of his decided victory in the February caucus.

Nelson: Uncertainty surrounding farm bill could help Kleeb in Senate race (2008-05-14)
Nelson says with Johanns leaving as Ag secretary early it may help Kleeb in his race for the senate.

Raikes named next chief executive of Gates Foundation (2008-05-14)
The world's largest foundation announced that Raikes is replacing Patty Stonesifer who is stepping down.

Kleeb takes Democratic Senate primary (2008-05-14)
Kleeb defeated opponent Tony Raimondo last night.

Raimondo to support Kleeb after losing primary (2008-05-14)
After losing seat for Democratic Senate, Tony Raimondo pledged support for candidate.

Amendment One passes (2008-05-14)
Amendment allows community foundations greater investing flexibility.

Kleeb takes Democratic Senate primary (2008-05-14)
Kleeb defeated opponent Tony Raimondo last night.

Johanns clear winner in Republican U.S. Senate primary (2008-05-14)
Mike Johanns easily defeats Pat Flynn in Republican US Senate nomination.

Kleeb takes Democratic Senate primary (2008-05-14)
Kleeb defeated opponent Tony Raimondo last night.

Esch defeats opponent Carter in 2nd District Democratic nomination (2008-05-14)
Jim Esch won in the 2nd District Democratic Congressional race last night.

Kleeb takes Democratic Senate primary (2008-05-14)
Kleeb wins Democratic Senate primary against Tony Raimondo.

Nebraska group joins national coalition opposing Farm Bill (2008-05-13)
The coalition of anti-hunger advocates, fiscal conservatives, environmental groups and others is calling on Congress to vote down the farm bill worked out by House and Senate negotiators.

Nebraska has yet to see peak tornado season (2008-05-12)
Tornados this weekend killed 22 people in the Midwest and the South. But Nebraska has been relatively unaffected - so far.

Preserving Native American history (2008-05-10)
The Nebraska Historical Society is in the beginning stages of restoring its collection of over 3,000 artifacts from 14 tribes.

Tony Raimondo profile (2008-05-09)
Raimondo talks about growing up in a blue collar family and how that shaped his views on business.

Town hall meeting addresses Panhandle water issues (2008-05-09)
Water shortages in the Panhandle region will be the focus of a town hall meeting in Chadron Saturday.

Ethanol cheaper? Maybe not (2008-05-09)
Drivers may not be saving money at the pump by using fuels that include ethanol.

Guard unit returning from Iraq (2008-05-09)
Soldiers have been providing security for truck conveys over the last nine months; no fatalities.

Project Vote Smart: Politicians not firm on key issues (2008-05-09)
A non-partisan voter education group is having a tough time getting politicians to voice their opinions.

Hagel: Leave ethanol decision up to EPA (2008-05-08)
Senator declines to sign either of two competing letters on question of waiving ethanol requirement.

Scott Kleeb profile (2008-05-08)
The Democratic Senate candidate plays up his overseas upbringing and his Nebraska roots.

Platte River recovery legislation signed (2008-05-08)
The federal Platte River recovery legislation was signed into today law by President Bush.

Bruning goes to Iraq (2008-05-07)
Non-partisan group sends Bruning to shape a brighter, more civil, political leadership for the nation.

Statewide testing system phase on track to implementation (2008-05-07)
Education officials talk about the ramifications of the state's new student testing law.

Mike Johanns profile (2008-05-06)
A glimpse at the personal side of Republican Senate candidate Mike Johanns, based on an interview with NET Television's Mike Tobias

Pat Flynn profile (2008-05-06)
A glimpse at the personal side of Republican Senate candidate Pat Flynn, based on an interview by NET Television's Mike Tobias.

Dems gain voters; GOP loses, but still has large lead (2008-05-06)
Democratic presidential caucuses said to have played a role in attracting more registrations.

Projected Grand Island Kindergarten enrollment at all time high (2008-05-06)
The Grand Island school district is projecting a large spike in next year's entering class.

Nebraska: second most economical state for vacationers (2008-05-05)
AAA survey shows Nebraska is well below the national average for food and lodging costs.

UNMC study investigates anti-gambling drug (2008-05-05)
Center looks for brain activity link between alcoholism and gambling addictions.

High fuel prices strain transportation industry (2008-05-05)
One out of every 11 jobs in Nebraska is tied to trucking, according to the Nebraska Truckers Association.

Nebraska: second most economical state for vacationers (2008-05-05)
AAA survey shows Nebraska is well below the national average for food and lodging costs.

Farmer's net income could drop this year (2008-05-05)
Analysts predict farmers won't fare as well in 2008 as they did last year.

Nebraska Moments - Nebraska history made short and sweet - and accurate (2008-05-03)
People like learning history when the story is good, and they can learn something in one chapter.

'68: The Year Nebraska Mattered (2008-05-03)
Forty years ago the May, Nebraska was in the national spotlight as candidates campaigned in a wide-open presidential race

Voter Diaries project (2008-05-02)
This joint radio, television, and web project focuses on how Nebraskans are deciding who to support for President.

Hagel criticizes proposed gas tax holiday (2008-05-02)
Senator says idea endorsed by McCain and Clinton would do nothing to solve underlying problems.

Winter weather closes parts of I-80 (2008-05-02)
Spring technically started over a month ago. But it doesn't feel like spring in much of western and north-central Nebraska Friday.

Wounded Warriors retreat designs shown (2008-05-02)
Center is to be built in northwest Nebraska, near Crawford.

Native Americans accuse Buffet of polluting river (2008-05-02)
Warren Buffet is being accused of allowing a crucial Northern California river to become toxic.

Nelson expresses doubt over federal gas tax (2008-04-30)
US Senator Ben Nelson is skeptical in getting behind a federal gas tax suspension.

Bio-fuels and large-scale animal production questioned (2008-04-30)
National reports call into question two major pillars of mainstream agriculture.

Ballot measure on community investments touted (2008-04-29)
Backers say proposed state constitutional amendment would produce more money for community services.

ACLU sues Omaha city council (2008-04-29)
The American Civil Liberties Union is suing to restore independent police auditor funding.

Nebraska foreclosure rates faring well (2008-04-29)
While foreclosure rates continue to rise in many parts of the country, Nebraska is remaining steady.

Nebraska soldiers help train Afghan police (2008-04-29)
Nebraska National Guard soldiers are part of training unit.

Auditor faults Office Depot charges to state (2008-04-28)
Foley says firm has charged higher prices than those agreed to in its exclusive contract.

Raimondo and Kleeb debate (2008-04-26)
Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate held their first debate before the May 13th primary election.

Senate candidates meet in forum (2008-04-25)
Two Democratic candidates, two Republican candidates, and the Green Party candidate met in Lincoln to spell out their views.

Climate change could affect public health (2008-04-24)
Nebraska health departments may not be adequately equipped to handle the health implications of climate change.

NEOC seeks outside litigator against Bruning (2008-04-23)
The Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission decides to hire outside council for litigation against Attorney General Jon Bruning.

Nelson criticizes Bush stance on Farm Bill (2008-04-23)
Senator says extending current program would not address increased need for food stamps.

Nebraska food banks cope with sluggish economy (2008-04-23)
Rising prices are putting extra pressure on food banks in the state.

Kansas demands Nebraska pay for Republican River water (2008-04-22)
The state of Kansas is demanding Nebraska pay 72 million dollars for using too much Republican River water.

Nebraska: second in national legal climate assesment (2008-04-22)
U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform releases study on legal climate.

Coalition leads voting push in North Omaha (2008-04-21)
The North Omaha Voter Participation Project is a non-partisan effort to mobilize voters in North Omaha.

EPA offers online water check up tool (2008-04-21)
Toll offers a program to water managers that keeps track of facilities and maintenance.

Enzyme could hold key to more drought-tolerant crops (2008-04-21)
In a new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln document the discovery of an enzyme that plays a role in how plants fix their DNA.

Drug resistant bacteria at critical stage (2008-04-21)
Non treatable bacteria are a major problem in hospitals across the U.S., one strand has been found in solders returning from Iraq.

Think tank releases report on state economic ventures (2008-04-21)
According to a new report the state should hold down taxes and invest more in economic development.

Marlin Briscoe: Omaha's pioneer quarterback (2008-04-19)
Filming is underway on a documentary of Briscoe's rise to become the first Black quarterback in the NFL, and overcoming drug addiction after his football career.

Dems out raise GOP (2008-04-18)
Democratic presidential candidates bring in more campaign cash than Republicans Democratic Presidential candidates have raised more money in Nebraska than Republicans hacve

Legislature finishes some tasks, leaves others undone (2008-04-18)
Elected officials are eager to tick off a list of accomplishments this year. But there's another list of things the Legislature didn't do.

Beef industry leaders hail trade resumption with South Korea (2008-04-18)
South Korea once represented a $200 million annual market for Nebraska beef producers.

Chambers finishes last legislative session (2008-04-17)
Omaha lawmaker has served 38 years, the longest of any legislator in the state's history.

2008 legislative session ends (2008-04-17)
Governor cites lawmakers work on issues including taxes, water payments, school testing, among other issues.

Dems offer free tickets to Raimondo-Kleeb debate (2008-04-17)
Two U.S. Senate candidates will debate at the State Theatre, 1415 O Street in Lincoln on Saturday, April 26 at 1:00 p.m.

Niobrara named to Top 10 list of most endangered rivers (2008-04-17)
Niobrara has been named the nation's 10th-most endangered river by group American Rivers. Officials say they're worried about increasing demand from irrigation.

Complexities of legal immigration (2008-04-16)
With all the attention on illegal immigration, the complexities of legal immigration are not well understood.

Heineman, Bruning say lethal injection bill likely next year (2008-04-16)
A U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding the constitutionality of lethal injection could pave the way for changes to Nebraska's death penalty laws. But it appears those changes may wait until next year.

Bill would impose gas tax and spend cash reserve on roads (2008-04-15)
Gasoline could be taxed at the wholesale level in Nebraska as a way to stabilize future highway construction funding.

How will tax refunds and stimulus checks affect the economy? (2008-04-15)
A look at how this year's tax refunds and stimulus payments might affect the nation's economy.

Physicians recover from living liver transplant (2008-04-15)
A living liver transplant took place in Omaha for two of Nebraska's top physicians.

WealthSpring fund for women (2008-04-14)
A special endowment has been set up to help women gain more economic power.

Historical records online (2008-04-14)
Historical state documents are now available online.

Galson addresses Nebraskans on underage drinking (2008-04-14)
Acting U.S. Surgeon General Rear Admiral Steven Galson addresses Nebraska on his call to action about underage drinking.

Governors from Afghanistan meet with Heineman (2008-04-14)
Gov. Dave Heineman met in Lincoln today with visiting governors from eight Afghanistan provinces.

Property values are up in 2008 (2008-04-11)
The Nebraska Department of Revenue shows property value increases in all 93 counties since last year.

StratCom creates international confrence (2008-04-11)
Conference generates speakers from Germany, Japan, and India.

HHS asks public to report suspected child abuse and neglect (2008-04-11)
Reports of abuse and neglect are up 50 percent in the last five years.

School health clinics could compete for state money (2008-04-10)
A state health fund could give school based health clinics the opportunity to compete for money under an advancing bill.

Fluoridation bill poised for final passage (2008-04-09)
Bill would make cities and villages have to fluoridate water unless voted down.

Nelson calls for Iraqi loans (2008-04-09)
The Nebraska Senator introduced a Sense of the Senate resolution.

Scheme targets illegal immigrants (2008-04-08)
Fake driver's licenses are being sold to illegal immigrants with a promise to give them the ability to drive, buy and sell cars.

Legislature overrides Heineman's gas tax veto (2008-04-07)
Gas taxes could go up by about one point two cents a gallon July first.

Bruning disagrees with NEOC (2008-04-04)
Attorney General Jon Bruning won't file a lawsuit against a citizen of Nebraska on behalf of a non-citizen.

State fair one step closer to Grand Island move (2008-04-03)
A proposal moving the fair to GI got first round approval Thursday.

State education commissioner steps down (2008-04-03)
State commissioner of education Doug Christensen announced his resignation.

Proposed ban on affirmitive action spars discussion (2008-04-02)
State education officials discussed what impact such a ban would have on Nebraska's school system.

Caring for Your Parents, part four (2008-04-02)
Seniors in O'Neil talk about their caregivers and their hopes for the future.

Caring for your parents, part three (2008-04-02)
The challanges of carrying for an aging parent are multiplied when the caregiver lives hundres of miles away.

Senators condemn Republican Party (2008-04-02)
Senators condemn political fallout as an attack on the Legislature's nonpartisan status.

I-300 replacement bill dies in Legislature (2008-04-01)
A bill to replace the state's anti-corporate farming law was voted down today.

South Korean Ambassador visits Nebraska (2008-04-01)
The Ambassador of South Korea discussed trade with Governor Dave Heineman.

Caring for your parents, part two (2008-04-01)
A family in Wayne has ten people under one roof, including an infant grandson and an aging stepfather.

Judiciary Committee head takes on Republican party (2008-04-01)
A leaflet paid for by the Republican party caused controversy in the Legislature Tuesday.

Ag committee sets its sights on Grand Island (2008-03-31)
The Legislature's Ag Committee wants the State Fair moved to Grand Island.

Caring for your parents, part one (2008-03-31)
A look at the sandwich generation, people taking care of younger children and aging parents.

Reflective glass, bright lights can endanger migrating birds (2008-03-31)
Conservationists are warning about dangers from homes and buildings that can threaten migratory birds.

Major labor union backs Kleeb (2008-03-31)
The Nebraska state AFL-CIO's committee on political education has endorsed Democratic senate candidate Scott Kleeb.

Deadlines for early voting approaching (2008-03-28)
Secretary of State John Gale reminds citizens of deadlines for May 13 election.

Filing help offered for non-taxpayers Saturday (2008-03-28)
Many people who don't pay taxes but earn income are still eligible for economic stimulus payments...but a tax return is required.

Gun bill dies (2008-03-28)
A gun bill before the Legislature has been stripped down to nothing.

A tradition of quilting for a cause (2008-03-28)
The Mennonite Central Committee relief sale is expected to raise over $100,000 for hunger relief - party by auctioning homemade quilts.

Statewide testing advances (2008-03-28)
Nebraska students would have to take uniform statewide tests under a bill that advanced in the Legislature.

Deadlines for early voting approaching (2008-03-28)
Secretary of State John Gale reminds citizens of deadlines for May 13 election.

Mail-in ballots will be the only option for some counties (2008-03-27)
Some Nebraska counties will have mail-in only elections this year.

Raimondo announces plans (2008-03-27)
Senate hopeful says something needs to be done about domestic issues neglected by the current administration.

Investigating the Beatrice State Developmental Center (2008-03-27)
Investigation into the troubled Beatrice State Developmental Center was approved by the Legislature Thursday.

Gas taxes could rise (2008-03-26)
A proposal to raise the gas tax was given first round approval Wednesday.

Rise in infant deaths prompts health officials to oppose co-sleeping (2008-03-26)
Six infants in Nebraska have died in the last six weeks.

Death penalty repeal fails to advance (2008-03-25)
Lawmakers defeated a proposal to abolish the state's death penalty.

Ag officials promoting "methane digesters" to livestock producers (2008-03-24)
"Methane digesters" are being promoted as a way to reduce odor from livestock, generate useful byproducts.

Online driver license reinstatement (2008-03-24)
The DMV works to make license reinstatement easier.

Director of Nebraska Department of Natural Resources retires (2008-03-24)
Ann Bleed, The director of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources resigned Monday immediately and unexpectedly.

Democratic candidates foresee debate (2008-03-24)
Two of the Democrats running for senate will likely debate next month in Lincoln.

Groups questions science of wildlife officials' Platte River concerns (2008-03-21)
A new coalition is forming with the goal of reviewing findings that could restrict Platte River water use to benefit endangered wildlife.

Legislature votes $1.5 million more for Beatrice Center (2008-03-20)
Action follows scathing Justice Department report on treatment of developmentally disabled residents, largely due to understaffing.

Farmland values set record for Nebraska (2008-03-20)
Nebraska's agricultural land values have reached a new high.

Five years of war take toll on Nebraska Guard families (2008-03-19)
National Guard families, leaders reflect on five years of war in Iraq.

School Aid bill advances (2008-03-19)
A reworked version of the School Aid bill advanced in the legislature and more changes may be coming.

Gas tax alternative defeated (2008-03-19)
A proposal that would avoid a gas tax increase by using some of the state's cash reserve was denied.

Funding shortfalls for Nebraska early childhood programs (2008-03-19)
State of Preschool report shows Nebraska ranks 35th in the country for state spending on preschool programs.

Iraqi family reflects on war (2008-03-18)
Five years after the Iraq war started, one Lincoln family has seen more than a dozen members killed, but still supports the effort.

Planning the state budget (2008-03-17)
Lawmakers are trying to work out a budget at a time when state revenues are lower than expected.

Five years later, family remembers first Iraq casualty from Nebraska (2008-03-17)
Marine Captain Travis Ford died near Baghdad almost five years ago, just after the war began.

Fixing problems at the Beatrice Developmental Center (2008-03-17)
The state is outlining a plan to address problems at the Beatrice Developmental Center.

Projected rural economy (2008-03-14)
Nebraska's rural economy continues to see growth in the wake of a national downturn.

Restrictions on corporate farming under consideration (2008-03-13)
Agriculture Committee advances bill to replace Initiative 300, which was thrown out by the courts.

Hagel proposes infrastructure bank (2008-03-13)
Senator Chuck Hagel has come up with a new way to pay for repairs for the nation's aging infrastructure.

Corporate farming ban advances (2008-03-13)
A ban on corporate farming has been advanced by the Legislature's Ag Committee, against the wishes of the committee chairman.

Lawmakers look for ways to send water to Kansas (2008-03-12)
Lawmakers are working on a way to pay farmers along the Republican River Basin to send more water downstream to Kansas.

Nelson interested in Iraqi oil revenue (2008-03-12)
Iraqi oil revenue is helping keep that country's budget in the black. A Nebraska Senator wants to know when the U.S. will see some of that revenue.

Standardizing public official recalls (2008-03-11)
A bill establishing standards for public official recalls was debated Tuesday.

Report shows ag runoff from Midwest affects Dead Zone (2008-03-11)
Ag industry leaders are responding to a new report on the environmental impacts of ethanol.

Lawmakers express conern about Beatrice Developmental Center (2008-03-10)
Some lawmakers are complaining that staff shortages at the center are putting patients at risk and could cost the state millions of dollars.

Pharmaceuticals found in water around Omaha, dozens of other US cities (2008-03-10)
A national Associated Press report found that pharmaceuticals had been detected in the watersheds for 28 cities including Omaha.

"Nebraska Man" - A footnote in science and history (2008-03-08)
The story of a fossilized tooth found in Western Nebraska

Omahans discuss new downtown ballpark (2008-03-07)
Omaha residents voiced their opinions on the city's plan for a new downtown ballpark Thursday night.

University examines fire safety (2008-03-07)
A 2006 fire at Nebraska Wesleyan University prompted the University of Nebraska to analyze its fire safety plan.

Legislature may hold special session (2008-03-06)
Gov. Dave Heineman said he would pursue all options to make sure the state has a legal means of execution. A special session may be that option.

Flu season coming to conclusion (2008-03-06)
The worst may be over for Nebraska's flu season.

Legislature advances impeachment policy (2008-03-06)
The Legislature advanced a bill that could tighten impeachment policies for state officials.

State fair's location closer to reaching conclusion (2008-03-05)
The future of the Nebraska State Fair should be decided before the legislative session ends next month.

Switchgrass: A cheaper ethanol source alternative (2008-03-05)
A report looks at the economic effect switchgrass would have as an ethanol energy source.

Debating marijuana penalties (2008-03-05)
Penalties for marijuana possession brought the Legislature to a near standstill Wednesday.

Attempts to bring standardized testing to Nebraska schools (2008-03-04)
The Legislature attempted again today to push Nebraska schools toward standardized testing.

Nebraska Democrats seek 3rd district seat (2008-03-04)
Democrats Jay Stoddard and Paul Spatz are running in the 3rd district congressional race.

Wildlife officials cracking down on feral hogs (2008-03-03)
Feral hogs have long been a problem in places like Texas. But officials with the state Game and Parks Commission say they've seen increasing numbers in Nebraska over the past several years.

Farm Bill moves closer to agreement (2008-03-03)
Congress gave itself mid-March deadline to approve the Farm Bill.

Nebraska's rate of inflation rises (2008-03-03)
Monthly survey of Midwest business leaders and supply managers shows high energy and commodity prices are to blame for state's rising inflation.

What would anti-illegal immigrant bill do? (2008-03-03)
Governor says it would ensure uniform treatment by agencies he doesn't control; critics contend it's unnecessary.

Governor touts state employee wellness plan (2008-03-03)
Heineman wants state employees to participate in a wellness program under a bill before the legislature.

Summit targets young professionals for rural Nebraska jobs (2008-03-03)
Nebraska has a relatively low unemployment rate of around 3-and-a-half-percent. And economic development officials say the state often has more job opportunities than skilled workers.

Heineman blasts senators for killing immigration bill (2008-02-29)
Governor wants Judiciary Committee to reconsider its action.

March spring rise likely on Missouri river (2008-02-28)
Extra water should be available soon for endangered fish in the Missouri River.

Expanding Legislature's impeachment power (2008-02-28)
A bill to expand the Legislature's ability to impeach officials for offenses during campaigns was debated Thursday.

Marijuana possession penalties could stiffen (2008-02-27)
The penalty for marijuana possession could rise to 300 dollars for a first offense, recommended by the Legislature's Judiciary Committee.

State Fair hearing on possible location change (2008-02-27)
Lawmakers heard testimony on many possible futures for the fair, including a move to Grand Island.

Bill would prevent illegal aliens from receiving state benefits (2008-02-27)
Gov. Dave Heineman supports the bill heard in a legislative committee Wednesday.

Stadium Oversight Committee rejects Rosenblatt renovation (2008-02-27)
Omaha's bid to keep the college world series will involve a new downtown stadium will cost around 127 million dollars.

Home school supporters voice opinion (2008-02-26)
The Education Committee took no action on a bill today that would require annual assessments from home school students.

The goose hunt (2008-02-26)
Three friends take part in a ritual that's been repeated hundreds of times over the years.

Tracking plant budding (2008-02-25)
A national project is asking volunteers to track the budding and leafing of dozens of plant species across the country.

Kleeb disagrees with Johanns (2008-02-25)
Kleeb says Johanns shouldn't have walked away from the Farm Bill while serving as U.S. Ag Secretary.

Greater Nebraskans discuss the state fair (2008-02-25)
Central and western Nebraskans raise their voices as to where the state fair should be relocated if the Legislature decides it needs to be moved.

Democrat Scott Kleeb enters senate race (2008-02-25)
Kleeb ran a close second to Adrian Smith for 3rd district US Representative.

Tony Raimondo makes his candidacy official (2008-02-25)
The Democrat made the announcement at the Columbus business Behlen Manufacturing, where he is chairman, Monday.

Nebraska's economic forecast (2008-02-22)
Governor Dave Heineman said today Nebraska taxpayers will have to tighten their belts based on new revenue projections.

Bill could lead to scrap metal dealers increasing seller's records (2008-02-21)
Scrap metal dealers would have record of all transactions, including the seller's finger prints under a bill.

Yashirin weighs in on House race (2008-02-21)
Democrat Max Yashirin cites fiscal discipline among the top issues in his campaign.

Juveniles serving life sentences could be eligible for parole (2008-02-20)
Juveniles would be spared life in prison without parole under a bill before a Legislative committee Wednesday.

Fortenberry wants to change broken budget (2008-02-20)
Nebraska 1st District Representative Jeff Fortenberry is cosponsoring the Biennial Budgeting Act of 2008.

Drinking in college (2008-02-19)
Students who drink could find themselves with a lifelong problem.

Victim rights rally held in Omaha (2008-02-19)
The rally was part of a nationwide protest stemming from a court case in Lincoln last year.

Nebraskans reflect on Pakistani election (2008-02-19)
U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel was in Pakistan Monday to observe parliamentary elections and says big challenges remain.

Lunar eclipse visible for Nebraskans (2008-02-19)
People in the central United States are positioned to view total lunar eclipse on Wednesday.

Visiting author advocates getting kids outside (2008-02-18)
Richard Louv, an author from San Diego, says technology, stress, and fear of danger are several factors that keep kids inside and disconnected from the natural world.

Energy forums planned across Nebraska (2008-02-18)
The Nebraska Wind Working Group is holding workshops in five cities this week to answer questions about wind energy.

Nebraska schools receive beef from recall (2008-02-18)
Nebraska schools received around 240,000 pounds of ground beef from meat that's part of the largest recall in the nation's history.

UNL professor in Kosovo amidst independence day (2008-02-18)
College of Journalism and Mass Communications professor Jerry Renaud is in Kosovo teaching a Web journalism class.

Small business lobby day (2008-02-18)
Small business owners from across the state are set to lobby legislators and the governor on Wednesday, February 20th.

Poems on paintings could win prizes (2008-02-16)
Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln is sponsoring a Poetry about Painting contest

Fire drill to prepare fraternity members (2008-02-15)
A drill hosted by fraternity members from two Lincoln universities will use theatrical smoke to simulate fire.

Johanns differs from Hagel on interrogations, stimulus (2008-02-15)
Republican Senate hopeful files as a candidate, says he would have voted differenty from incumbent.

Presidential primary ballot set (2008-02-15)
The slate of candidates for the May 13th primary contains some familiar and not so familiar names.

Fixing Nebraska roads with state reserve money (2008-02-14)
The Legislature's Appropriations Committee heard proposals on using the state's cash reserve for road construction.

The aftermath of removing anti-corporate farming ban (2008-02-14)
Corporate ag comes to northeast Nebraska in wake of I-300

Smoking ban bill advances (2008-02-14)
The bill got second round approval with a provision allowing local governments to opt out if they wanted.

Mexican rodeo hearing today (2008-02-13)
A bill before the legislature would ban certain Mexican rodeo events.

Caucuses generate more Nebraska Democrats (2008-02-13)
The Nebraska Democrats say last weekend's caucuses gained the party more members.

Smoking bill debated (2008-02-13)
Nebraska workplaces, restaurants and bars would not allow smoking under a statewide ban debated Wednesday.

Heineman: Nebraska will have a death penalty (2008-02-13)
In Heineman's first news conference since electrocution was declared unconstitutional, the governor made it clear Nebraska will have means of capital punishment.

Seat belt bill could be tightened (2008-02-12)
Omaha Senator Lowen Kruse wants to step up seat belt laws.

Wheat prices soar (2008-02-12)
The rising price of wheat could lead for consumer food costs to go up.

Electrocution ruling causes political friction (2008-02-12)
Democrats and Republicans are pointing fingers at each other over the state Supreme Court's ruling that electrocution is cruel and unusual punishment.

Replacing corporate farming ban (2008-02-12)
A bill that would replace the state's corporate farming ban was discussed Tuesday at a public hearing.

Earned income tax credit help available (2008-02-11)
Free tax preparation help is available at sites across Nebraska.

Grandaughters of Black homesteader are link to history (2008-02-11)
A Nebraska family traces its roots to a man standing at a crossroads in history... the intersection of Slavery and Homesteading

Debating the state's corporate farming ban (2008-02-11)
The Legislature will revisit the state's anti-corporate farming ban which was thrown out by the courts.

Death penalty reinstatement not likely yet (2008-02-11)
A new bill to replace electrocution will likely not be introduced this Legislative session.

Democrats celebrate caucus (2008-02-10)
State party officials are pleased with the voter turnout.

Obama takes Nebraska (2008-02-09)
The Illinois Senator won by more than a 2 to 1 margin over New York Senator Hillary Clinton

Big turn out for Democratic caucuses (2008-02-09)
The high turnout caught county election officials off guard.

Barack Obama wins big in Nebraska (2008-02-09)
Obama recieved 68 percent of the vote to 32 perrcent for Hillary Clinton

Democratic caucuses Saturday (2008-02-09)
Here are links to information about the caucuses from the Clinton and Obama campaigns and the Nebraska Democratic Party.

Electrocution deemed unconstitutional (2008-02-08)
Nebraska supreme court struck down the state's sole means of execution

Clinton campaign sends Chelsea (2008-02-08)
Not to be outdone by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton sends her daugter to the state.

Barack Obama comes to Nebraska (2008-02-08)
The Democratic presidential hopeful drew thousands to an event in Omaha Thursday.

Obama supporters eager for caucuses (2008-02-08)
Senator Barack Obama left a buzz of excitement in the air two days before the state's Democratic caucuses.

Michelle Obama visits Lincoln (2008-02-08)
Presidential candidate Barack Obama's wife Michelle campaigned for her husband at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.

Heineman: More tax incentives for high-paying companies (2008-02-07)
The bill estimates it would reduce the state revenues by about 13 million dollars.

Assessing Nebraska's home schooled (2008-02-07)
Lincoln Senator DiAnna Schimek wants home schooled children to take evaluations once a year.

Clinton campaign considers Nebraska visit (2008-02-06)
Hillary Clinton has no plans to come, but Bill and Chelsea might stop by before Saturday's Democratic caucuses.

Michelle Obama to visit Lincoln (2008-02-06)
The wife of Barack Obama will be in Lincoln on Friday.

Film subsidies tabled (2008-02-05)
A bill before the Legislature was moved postponed until March.

Obama will visit Nebraska (2008-02-05)
The Democratic presidential candidate will come to Omaha on Thursday afternoon.

Raimondo files to run for Senate (2008-02-04)
Columbus businessman Tony Raimondo decides to enter the race as a Democrat.

Dems practicing for caucuses (2008-02-04)
Twenty four national convention delegates are at stake in Saturday's caucuses.

Tony Raimondo announces run for U.S. Senate (2008-02-04)
Democratic Columbus businessman Raimondo seeks seat vacated by Chuck Hagel.

Former elementary-only school districts debated (2008-02-04)
The legislature heard arguments on what to do about Class One Schools

Nebraska: Kansas demanding too much (2008-02-04)
Nebraska officials say Kansas is asking for too much in a dispute over the Republican River.

African American homesteaders in Nebraska (2008-02-02)
Some African Americans came to Nebraska establishing all Black communities.

Jazz leader Butch Berman dies (2008-02-01)
Berman was a noted rock musician, record collector and tireless jazz promoter.

Ag officials push conservation programs (2008-02-01)
With Congress working to finalize the 2007 Farm Bill, landowners are being encouraged to sign up for the Wetlands Reserve Program

Debating capital punishment in Nebraska (2008-02-01)
Abolishing Nebraska's death penalty was the topic of a bill debated in the Legislature on Friday.

Changes made to Grand Island nature center (2008-02-01)
The Crane Meadows Nature Center in south central Nebraska gets a face-lift.

Safe haven bill altered (2008-01-31)
The bill to safeguard abandoned babies was changed significantly in the Legislature.

Bruning challenges Iowa casino (2008-01-31)
Ponca Indian Tribe wants to build a casino near the Nebraska border.

Lead toys would be made illegal (2008-01-31)
Bill would make it illegal in Nebraska to manufacture items for children containing lead.

Nelson weighs in on stimulus package (2008-01-30)
Senator Ben Nelson supports tax rebates and extending unemployment insurance.

Film production bill stalled (2008-01-30)
The bill would offer movie makers subsidies up to 25 percent of their production costs for filming in Nebraska.

Gas tax would help road construction funding (2008-01-30)
Senator Deb Fisher of Valentine says it would add a 5 percent tax on motor vehicle fuels at the wholesale level.

Obama campaign sets up shop in Omaha (2008-01-30)
Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama has campaign representatives in Nebraska.

Bill would ban hallucinogenic herb (2008-01-30)
The herb known as Salvia would be made illegal if bill passes.

Discipline bill killed (2008-01-29)
A bill to make disciplinary actions against police and teachers failed in the Legislature.

Erdman wants to help young farmers get started (2008-01-29)
Bayard Senator and Agriculture Committee Chairman Phil Erdman wants to exempt young farmers from some property taxes for up to three years.

Top scoring Nebraska students could have incentive to stay in state (2008-01-29)
College bound students who test well in the ACT would be given $2,000 scholarships to go to a college in Nebraska.

Increasing law firms' diversity goal of new initiative (2008-01-28)
In Nebraska, only a little more than 3 percent of practicing attorneys are non-white. Officials with State Bar Association say that's a slight improvement over six years ago, but still far behind representing the state's demographics.

Strong crop prices soften blow of economic slowdown (2008-01-28)
Concerns about the sluggish economy are prompting worries about a possible recession as the mortgage crisis deepens and energy costs continue to rise.

Foster care system improving, report says (2008-01-28)
A new report by the State Foster Care Review Board finds that more than 37 percent of children studied entered the system because their parents used meth.

35 years after Roe, abortion opponents say issue is important in 2008 race (2008-01-28)
Opponents of abortion gathered at the State Capitol Saturday for the annual Walk for Life. Many said they're undecided about whom to support for President, but they'll vote for someone who opposes abortion.

Bill would publicize disciplinary actions (2008-01-28)
The bill is sponsored by Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers, who says he's responding to constituent complaints about the behavior of law enforcement and school personnel.

Heavican says courts overloaded with cases (2008-01-25)
Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Heavican said he wanted to talk about what is often the least understood branch of state government.

Tighter gun regulations subject of hearing (2008-01-25)
The proposal by Omaha Senator Brad Ashford would require gun owners to report thefts of guns within 48 hours.

Bill would restrict NRDs' ability to seize land (2008-01-25)
The bill sponsored by Elkhorn Senator Dwite Pedersen would affect NRDs, the local entities charged with tasks like flood control and water quality protection.

Lawsuit challenges Republican River compliance law (2008-01-25)
The lawsuit before Lancaster County District Court Judge Paul Merritt focuses on LB 701, a law passed last year that gave new taxing authority to Republican River natural resources districts.

Lawmakers debate increasing marijuana penalties (2008-01-24)
Senator Russ Karpisek of Wilber wants to increase penalties for possessing less than an ounce from the current 100 dollar fine to a five hundred dollar fine, with the possibility of up to 90 days in jail, the same as for minors in possession of alcohol.

Hagel has doubts about stimulus bill (2008-01-24)
Senator Chuck Hagel says he supports efforts to boost the national economy like cutting the interest rate charged to banks. But he says handing out rebates to workers could further inflate the national debt without doing much to help the economy.

Harsher speeding penalties proposed (2008-01-24)
The bill by Omaha Senator Pete Pirsch would impose fines of 300 dollars and a loss of four points for speeding more than 35 miles an hour above the limit.

Bill would recriminalize marijuana possession (2008-01-23)
Currently only an infraction, the penalty for possession of less than an ounce could become much stricter.

More disclosure of jailhouse informants' deals needed under bill (2008-01-23)
Nebraska law already requires prosecutors to disclose deals made for the testimony of people in custody. The bill debated Wednesday would expand that requirement to deals made with someone who is detained for questioning, whether they were in jail or not.

Nelson calls for stimulus plan as recession threat looms (2008-01-23)
U.S. Senator Ben Nelson says the nation's economy needs a boost from the federal government, even if it requires going deeper in debt.

Program conserves land for bird habitat (2008-01-22)
More than 22-thousand acres will be preserved for prairie chickens and upland game birds like pheasants and quail to use for nesting and raising young.

Volunteering on MLK Day (2008-01-22)
While many people take a holiday on Martin Luther King, Jr Day, some youth in Omaha took the day "on."

State cemetery funds embezzled, auditor says (2008-01-22)
State Auditor Mike Foley says Todd terMaat, Wyuka Cemetery's accountant until last Friday, allegedly embezzled more than 42 thousand dollars.

Homestead group to gather stories of Great Plains settlement (2008-01-22)
Jerry Davidson, facilitator of the Homestead Congress, says that while residents of the Great Plains are familiar with the role of homesteaders in developing America, those stories are less known outside the Midwest.

Smith seeks re-election in 3rd District (2008-01-22)
The Nebraska Republican wants a 2nd term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Feedlot reporting rules could change (2008-01-22)
The proposal is aimed at getting rules for feedlots in compliance with several pieces of legislation passed by the state in recent years.

Bill would exempt rural areas from federal water rules (2008-01-21)
Federal law requires public water supplies to periodically test for dozens of contaminants, including naturally occurring metals like arsenic and uranium, as well as many chemicals used in agricultural products.

Filmmakers would receive tax incentives under bill (2008-01-18)
Lincoln Senator Danielle Nantkes says 37 other states already give some kind of incentive to filmmakers.

U.S. Forest Service holds hearings on ATVs (2008-01-18)
The Forest Service is taking comment on whether off-road vehicles access should be restricted.

Rural economy continues to do well (2008-01-18)
In Nebraska the main street index rose slightly in December, as the result of higher grain prices, equipment purchases, reduction in debt and increased savings.

Fremont pork plant discontinues harmful technique (2008-01-18)
The plant in northeast Nebraska was using a technique similar to one used at plants in Minnesota and Indiana, where several employees reported unexplained neurological symptoms.

State ombudsman could accept local prison complaints (2008-01-17)
The state Ombudsman's office could handle complaints about county or city jails, or mental health treatment facilities that are not run by the state, under the legislation.

Uranium mine expansion sought in Panhandle (2008-01-17)
Yesterday's public hearing at Chadron State College came after Crow Butte Resources of Lakewood, Colorado requested permission to expand its current uranium mine near Crawford by an additional 2000 acres.

Democrats find candidate for Hagel's Senate seat (2008-01-17)
With the primary less than four months away, Larry Marvin of Fremont is the first to announce he'll run for the Democratic nomination.

Lawmakers debate school bullying bill (2008-01-16)
The bill defines bullying as an ongoing pattern of physical, verbal or electronic abuse on school grounds or vehicles, or at school sponsored activities or athletic events.

Safe haven bill advances in Legislature (2008-01-16)
This year's proposal was already a scaled-back from last year's, which would have allowed babies to be dropped off at fire stations as well.

Property tax cuts proposed in governor's address (2008-01-15)
The governor had previously unveiled some of his proposals, like those for expanded corporate tax incentives and denying illegal immigrants benefits. But, some of them were new, including expanding a property tax relief credit program begun last year.

Heineman takes on immigration in address (2008-01-15)
Governor Dave Heineman had previously said he wants the Legislature to prohibit welfare and other benefits for illegal immigrants. He gave the issue additional prominence by including it in his state of the speech.

Child poverty on the rise, despite high job rate (2008-01-15)
Nebraska's child poverty rate increased 50 percent between 2000 and 2005, with a total of 15 percent living at or below the federal poverty level. That's according to Kids Count in Nebraska, a yearly report by the non-profit group Voices for Children.

Targeting violence subject of Omaha conference (2008-01-15)
People who are likely to turn violent can be identified before they do so. That's according to Marilyn Knight. She's the president and CEO of the Incident Management Team and lectures widely on workplace violence prevention.

Super Advantage change possible (2008-01-14)
The proposal uses average wages to trigger tax incentives, but that could put some counties at a disadvantage.

Super Advantage change possible (2008-01-14)
The proposal uses average wages to trigger tax incentives, but that could put some counties at a disadvantage.

Program helps college grads buy cattle (2008-01-14)
A new program at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is designed to help graduates get a head start on supporting themselves as ranchers in rural Nebraska.

Banks helping immigrants send money home (2008-01-14)
Immigrants working in the United States sent 45-billion dollars to Caribbean and Latin American countries in 2006. But despite the volume of those transactions, few banks are in the business of helping immigrants make the transfers, known as remittances.

Helmet repeal debate begins (2008-01-14)
Proposal would eliminate mandatory helmet use for riders 21 and older.

Independence of state energy agency proposed (2008-01-14)
Fullerton Senator Annette Dubas wants to convert the Nebraska Energy Office to an autonomous state agency called the Nebraska Office of Energy Independence.

Chemist, Artist explore chemistry in the movies (2008-01-12)
Their list of movies with chemistry themes contains over a thousand titles

Super Advantage tax incentives proposed (2008-01-11)
Companies could get more tax incentives to locate and bring jobs to Nebraska.

Bill requires full-time state officers to not have outside work (2008-01-10)
The state's constitutional officers would be required to spend full time at their duties, prohibited from having other employment, and required to put their investment and ownership interests in a business entity over which they have no control during their time in office.

Dam construction considered on lower Platte (2008-01-10)
Concerns about the availability of water for endangered birds and fish have created tension in recent months between conservation officials, and local leaders who would like to see the door left open to additional development.

Legislative session begins with bill introductions (2008-01-09)
The Nebraska Legislature opened its 2008 session Wednesday with a combination of formality and glad-handling that foreshadowed things to come.

Donations still being accepted for Von Maur victims' fund (2008-01-09)
A fund for victims of the last month's shooting spree at an Omaha mall has surpassed $1 million.

Search for Parkinson's vaccine underway at UNMC (2008-01-09)
Researchers in Omaha say they're a step closer to finding a vaccine for Parkinson's disease.

Attorney general promotes ban on hallucinogenic herb (2008-01-08)
The herb called salvia divinorum is native to parts of Mexico.

Ag survey looks at rising farm income (2008-01-07)
Strong commodity prices and good growing conditions have meant rising income for many Nebraska farmers last year.

Death penalty opponents pledge renewed effort (2008-01-07)
Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty brings police officer, victim's relative to speak against capital punishment.

Law would deny illegal immigrants benefits (2008-01-04)
Measure would duplicate federal law, but officials insist it's more than symbolic.

Roads, community corrections among expected hot topics (2008-01-04)
Speaker Mike Flood predicts hot issues for upcoming session.

EPA looks at exempting Ag from some air quality rules (2008-01-04)
The proposal by the US Environmental Protection Agency would exempt livestock operators from certain federal air quality laws that require them to report releases of harmful chemicals found in animal waste.

ATVs could be banned on large swaths of National Forest land (2008-01-03)
Concerns about erosion and disruption to wildlife and their habitat are prompting officials to consider restricting the use of ATVs and similar vehicles on federal forest lands around the country.

Smoking ban set for early debate (2008-01-03)
Supporters will try to eliminate local option; if bill fails, initiative is likely.

Art exhibit pays homage to small family farms (2008-01-02)
The artist Virginia Vaughan moved to her husband's 200 acre farm on the northern edge of Austin, Texas about three decades ago. She decided to document her last year on the farm with a series of 365 impressionist paintings.

Nebraska Democrats plan Iowa-style caucuses (2008-01-02)
Idea is to vote before nomination is decided and try to attract candidates' attention.

Learning Initiative Preview (2008-01-01)
High school students in O'Neil recieve laptop computers this semester.

Hypertension study targets rural women (2007-12-31)
About 30 million Americans suffer from pre-hypertension, or blood pressure that is too high. And researchers have found that women living in rural areas are more likely to be diagnosed with the condition.

New Year's ice storm anniversary (2007-12-31)
Today marks the one-year anniversary of an ice storm that left forty-two thousand Nebraskans without power.

Ag Census going to 60,000 Nebraska farmers this week (2007-12-28)
Thousands of Nebraska farmers will soon be asked to fill out a national survey from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Eagle viewing sites open soon (2007-12-28)
Eagles like to gather just below hydro-electric power plants, where people can watch them feed.

Gun law tightening to be proposed (2007-12-28)
Omaha senator to seek gun locks, trigger locks, and theft notification requirements.

Concealed carry law one year old (2007-12-27)
Initial shortage of trainers; restrictions in law cited for less-than-anticipated usage.

Potato pests in Canada could mean higher US demand (2007-12-27)
A potato pest in Canada could increase demand for seed potatoes from the United States.

Battery jumping safety tips (2007-12-27)
Batteries lose power easier in winter, but jump starting can be dangerous.

Juvenile Crime (2007-12-26)
Can Nebraska's juvenile justice system help provent future shootings?

Vitamin D study finds cancer prevention link (2007-12-26)
A study at Creighton University finds a direct link between vitamin D and cancer prevention

Growing corn with less water key to ethanol success (2007-12-26)
Nebraska produces about a billion gallons of ethanol a year, and that number's expected to double. At the same time, Nebraska is struggling with water shortages in the Republican and Platte Rivers, and is coming out of a lengthy drought.

VA office celebrates 100th anniversary (2007-12-25)
The Hot Springs VA medical center in South Dakota serves Nebrakans, and sometimes they serve back.

School consolidation study (2007-12-25)
Schools in Scotts Bluff counties are exploring the idea of merging into one.

I-80 corridor web survey (2007-12-24)
Residents in 6 southeast Nebraska counties are being asked for input to help develop a regional plan.

Alternative oil seeds gaining popularity (2007-12-24)
Nebraska oil seed producers are finding new opportunities since the government changed regulations on labeling trans fats.

Utility bill help more limited this year (2007-12-24)
As temperatures fall and utility bills go up, low-income households across the state may appeal to the government for help. But the amount of state assistance available this year is down by more than half.

New gas tax proposed for road construction (2007-12-21)
Senator Deb Fischer of Valentine suggests taxing the wholesale price of gas.

Farm income bolstering regional economy (2007-12-21)
Rural towns and cities in the Midwest are faring relatively well, despite a sluggish national economy. That's according to Ernie Goss, an economist at Creighton University in Omaha.

Sudanese in Omaha host refugee Christmas (2007-12-21)
Omaha has an estimated 85-hundred Sudanese refugees, forced to flee their homes in the northeast African country because of a 25-year civil war and the recent violence in the western Darfur region. Malakal Goak with Lutheran Refugee Services in Omaha says Christmas is an important tradition for Sudanese Christians, such as himself.

Hagel: Air service subsidies worthwhile (2007-12-20)
While Congress has agreed to continue funding through February, Senator Chuck Hagel says the Bush administration has proposed eliminating all the funding for the Essential Air Service program nationwide.

Nebraska will likely pay big for Republican River water (2007-12-20)
After years of waiting for Nebraska to meet the terms of the compact, Kansas officials are now asking the state to halt irrigation across large swaths of southwest Nebraska, and pay tens of millions of dollars in monetary damages.

Von Maur reopens after Omaha mall shootings (2007-12-20)
Hundreds of people crowded outside Von Maur waiting for its doors to open. A line of about 50 employees holding hands greeted the shoppers before they parted to let them in.

DIY handmade crafts popular in Nebraska (2007-12-20)
A renaissance is occurring within the world of crafts. The domestic arts, once considered the work of crocheting grandmothers, are being reclaimed by women in their 20s and 30s.

Kansas wants Nebraska to cut water use (2007-12-19)
If water officials in Kansas have their way, irrigation wells would be shut off on 500-thousand acres of southwest Nebraska's Republican River basin.

Group wants budget surplus for teacher raises (2007-12-19)
The latest figures project the State of Nebraska will have a budget surplus of more than $540 Million. NSEA Communications Director Karen Kilgarin says some of it should be used to create an education trust fund.

Lobbyist waiting period proposed (2007-12-19)
Elected officials would have to wait two years after leaving office before registering as a lobbyist, under the proposal by Lincoln Senator Bill Avery.

Nelson: Shift troops from Iraq to Afghanistan (2007-12-19)
U.S. Senator Ben Nelson says the current level of about 160 thousand troops in Iraq is unsustainable. At the same time, Nelson says more troops might be needed elsewhere.

Farmers paying more for health care (2007-12-18)
More than a third of farm families surveyed in a new national report purchased health coverage on the individual market. On average, those families spent more than 43-hundred-dollars more for health care per year than those covered by an off-farm employer's policy.

Senator wants to use motor-vehicle taxes for roads (2007-12-18)
With gas tax revenues flat and construction costs increasing at double digit rates, the state Department of Roads projects that shortfall at 48 million dollars.

Changes sought for juvenile justice, mental health care services (2007-12-18)
Voices for Children calls for a sustainable positive change.

High corn prices spells bad news for ethanol (2007-12-17)
Corn prices are up and for Nebraska corn growers, that's great news. For the state's ethanol industry, it's not so great.

Police face challenges serving people who don't speak English (2007-12-17)
Nebraska Police Departments are facing the tough challenge of serving people in their communities who don't speak English.

Von Maur to reopen Thursday (2007-12-17)
The store plans to hold a brief ceremony for the victims of the December 5th shooting.

Concerned parents bring toys to Lincoln lead screening (2007-12-17)
Mike and Amy Tinius of Lincoln brought their three-year-old daughter Nicole, holding a colorful wooden bracelet and a necklace made of heart-shaped beads.

Legislature hears State Fair proposals (2007-12-14)
Officials with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln want to move the fair to make way for a research park. That idea has mostly been opposed by State Fair Board members.

Record-breaking farm income projected (2007-12-14)
The boost in farm income across the country is the result of high commodity prices.

Free lead testing brings in children's toys (2007-12-14)
Lincoln resident Ying Li came with her five-year old son Brenton and a pile of metal airplanes and plastic dinosaurs.

Humboldt sees severe tree damage (2007-12-13)
The weight of the ice on branches is too much for many trees to take. Limbs are falling on power lines and scarring the landscape.

NJ vote on death penalty hailed in Nebraska (2007-12-13)
The New Jersey Assembly approved a bill that would replace that state's death penalty with life in prison without parole. That move has provided hope to death penalty opponents in Nebraska.

Safety urged when cleaning up storm damage (2007-12-13)
Forestry officials are urging homeowners to take caution when dealing with storm-damaged trees.

Swift raids in Grand Island, one year later (2007-12-12)
One year ago, immigration officials raided the Swift and Company meatpacking plant in Grand Island, arresting 261 suspected illegal immigrants.

Power outages continue in southeast Nebraska (2007-12-12)
Nebraska Public Power District crews will be working all night to get power back to the towns of DuBois and Barada.

Lobbyist waiting period proposed (2007-12-12)
Elected officials would have to wait two years after leaving office before registering as a lobbyist, under the proposal by Lincoln Senator Bill Avery.

Boys Town changes name, again (2007-12-12)
The organization was known as "Boys Town" for more than 70 years before changing its name to "Girls and Boys Town" in 2000. But now, the organization is going back to its former moniker.

Strains exposed in Omaha police and community relations (2007-12-11)
Minority groups want more respect and trust. OPD says that works both ways.

Rodriguez might stay in Mexico during trial (2007-12-11)
It's not known yet whether 13-year-old Fernando Rodriguez will be allowed to testify against his former teacher, 25-year-old Kelsey Peterson. Attorneys for Rodriguez are urging the U.S. attorney's office to bring the boy back to Nebraska.

Southeast Nebraska hit hardest by ice storms (2007-12-11)
Richardson and Nemaha counties have been hard hit by a storm that slickened roads and closed schools across the state.

Oil refinery could impact northeast Nebraska (2007-12-11)
The proposed oil refinery would be in Union County, South Dakota, about eight miles from the northeast Nebraska town of Newcastle.

Local Christmas trees available at more than 100 Nebraska farms (2007-12-10)
There are lots of places to buy Christmas trees this time of year. But many Nebraska tree farmers are hoping Nebraskans will purchase trees grown right here.

Westroads victims laid to rest (2007-12-10)
Hundreds of people crowded into Saint Leo Catholic Church on Monday morning to say farewell to 53-year-old Dianne Trent. Her nieces and nephews read a series of prayers for her.

Transplant patients fare better when planning ahead (2007-12-07)
Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center found that patients who do not plan for the possibility of dying after a risky transplant were twice as likely to die.

Dispatchers field hundreds of calls after Westroads shooting (2007-12-07)
In newly released tapes, hundreds of callers both inside and outside Westroads Mall report the shootings to 911 dispatchers.

911 tapes offer horrific glimpse into shooting (2007-12-07)
In many calls, 911 dispatchers can be heard trying to coax potentially life-saving information from frightened callers hiding inside the mall.

Prayer services held at church near Westroads (2007-12-07)
Hundreds of people crowded into a large auditorium at Saint Leo Catholic Church - just blocks away from the Westroads mall.

911 tapes show dispatchers trying to hone in on shooter's location (2007-12-07)
Newly released 9-1-1 tapes give a horrific glimpse into the moments following Wednesday's shooting at Omaha's Westroads Mall.

Nearby shoppers describe scene at Westroads (2007-12-06)
Shoppers ran from the mall and many were stranded, unable to get to their cars. Some headed to surrounding stores, whose own customers had fled.

Norfolk looks back on multiple slayings five years ago (2007-12-06)
Norfolk Mayor Gordon Adams says the city had to work through tremendous grief in the aftermath a multiple murder in 2002.

Faith community responds to mall slayings (2007-12-06)
Religious leaders in Omaha say their congregations are in shock after yesterday's shootings.

Bystanders describe confusion, fear after Omaha shooting (2007-12-06)
Nearby store owners describe the scene at Omaha's Westroads Mall yesterday.

Westroads shootings recall past violence in Nebraska (2007-12-06)
Before yesterday, the most recent mass killings most people could remember in Nebraska were those committed almost 50 years ago by Charley Starkweather.

UNO professor examines Westroads shooting (2007-12-06)
A UNO criminology expert says the Westroads shootings are a different phenomenon from the ongoing problem of gun violence in Omaha.

Omaha slayings bring back solemn memories for Norfolk (2007-12-06)
Norfolk Mayor Gordon Adams knows firsthand what it feels like to lose several members of a community in one sudden, horrible event.

Winter weather visits Nebraska (2007-12-06)
Expect more rain, snow, and sleet heading into the weekend.

Violence hard to predict in troubled teens (2007-12-06)
It's rare even for teens with ongoing mental health problems to commit violence on the scale of Wednesday's mass shootings.

Omaha reels from shock of shootings (2007-12-06)
Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey appeared emotional as he addressed reporters Wednesday morning. He says the city is shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic shootings, and called the event "evil" and "an ugly act of cowardice."

Church leaders reach out after Omaha slayings (2007-12-06)
Religious leaders say now is the time to listen and offer words of comfort to the Omaha community.

Gunman was state ward for several years (2007-12-06)
Robert Hawkins lived away from home, in residential treatment programs and foster care, from 2002 through 2005.

Advocacy group charges state with neglect of disabled people (2007-12-05)
The report by Nebraska Advocacy Services speaks of residents being left in their own urine and feces and in some instances being abused by staff.

Nebraska students' performance lags behind Canada (2007-12-05)
When it comes to the percentage of citizens getting associates and bachelors degrees, Nebraska is ahead of the national average. But the state is still behind countries like Canada in educational attainment.

Nine dead in Omaha mall shooting, including gunman (2007-12-05)
A law enforcement official speaking on the condition of anonymity has identified the gunman in a deadly mall shooting today as Robert Hawkins of Bellevue.

North Platte latest state fair candidate (2007-12-04)
Government and business leaders gathered in North Platte's City Hall on Tuesday afternoon to tout their community as the ideal site for the fair.

Lincoln students help make school bullying film (2007-12-04)
Eighth-graders at Lincoln's Irving Middle have spent the past six weeks helping Australian filmmaker Chris Faull write and film a short feature about bullying in the classroom.

Water conservation focus of Farm Bureau meeting (2007-12-03)
Farmers and ranchers from around the state are gathering in Kearney this week to discuss water issues at the Nebraska Farm Bureau's annual conference.

Pelini named head coach (2007-12-03)
LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini is taking over as Nebraska's new head football coach.

Women face workplace leadership hurdles (2007-12-03)
Nebraska ranks third in the country for the rate of women in the workplace, but the state lags behind in 49th place for women occupying managerial or leadership roles.

DHHS failed to collect millions in services (2007-12-03)
State Auditor Mike Foley's report involves services provided to people with developmental disabilities in the state's Regional Centers, the Beatrice State Developmental Center, and community programs.

Children's behavioral health report delayed (2007-12-03)
A task force on children's behavioral health was supposed to report to the Legislature and the governor Tuesday on issues including how best to help children in need of behavioral health and substance abuse services.

Rural recording studio is inspiring, relaxing (2007-11-30)
It might be the last thing you'd expect to find on a family farm but a farm just outside the Northeastern Nebraska town of Wisner is home to a high tech recording studio.

White House official says food aid proposal too costly (2007-11-30)
Nancy Montanez-Johner, a U.S. Department of Agriculture Undersecretary working on food and nutrition issues, says the amount of nutrition funding in the Farm Bill currently before the U.S. Senate is not sustainable in the long-term.

USDA official: Senate Farm Bill nutrition programs too expensive (2007-11-30)
Anti-hunger groups say many people's needs aren't being met in Nebraska, despite more than $100 million in food stamp aid coming to the state each year.

Nebraskan with HIV says problem isn't going away (2007-11-30)
Saturday is World AIDS Day. The government estimates that over a million Americans have HIV or AIDS, though about a quarter of them don't know it. In the last two decades nearly two-thousand Nebraskans were diagnosed HIV positive, and a third of them have since died. Avishay Artsy spoke with one Nebraska man who refuses to become another victim of AIDS.

Planned Parenthood national head urges political action in 2008 (2007-11-29)
Planned Parenthood National President Cecile Richards urged students to get involved in the 2008 election.

Nebraskans less obese than the average American (2007-11-29)
Over a third of Americans age 20 and older are obese. That's compared to nearly one in four Nebraskans.

Cattlemen push for control of beef check-off (2007-11-29)
Increasing the check-off fee charged to beef producers was a key issue discussed this week by the Nebraska Cattlemen.

Omaha researcher played role in stem cell study (2007-11-28)
Dr. Warren Sanger, a geneticist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, was a co-author on a study showing how embryonic stem cells can be made from skin cells.

Report on child deaths issued for 2004 (2007-11-28)
The report shows that the number of deaths of children from birth to age 17 has remained stable in recent years.

Report: 42 Nebraska bird species at risk (2007-11-28)
42 Nebraska bird species made a list of at-risk species published by two leading national bird groups.

Kearney residents hope to house State Fair (2007-11-27)
Roger Jasnoch, president of the Kearney Chamber of Commerce, says public and private sector officials there are considering making a pitch for the fair.

Groups weighs future of Lower Platte (2007-11-27)
Lower Platte water users worry endangered species concerns will threaten the water supply available for economic development.

UNO economists examining immigration (2007-11-26)
Researchers at UNO are trying to better understand how immigration affects the state's economy.

Holiday expectations and stress (2007-11-26)
Now that Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror, it's full speed ahead into Christmas, Hannukah, and the New Year.

Europe looks at banning certain GMO corn seeds (2007-11-26)
About 85 percent of the corn grown in Nebraska is genetically modified. European Union officials have proposed banning certain types of GMO corn seeds in Europe.

Medicare forums exam reimbursement concerns (2007-11-26)
The AARP has scheduled free public forums on Medicare funding in Grand Island on Thursday and in Lincoln and Omaha on Friday.

UNL grad views devastation in Bangladesh (2007-11-26)
Several organizations are collecting funds to help those still recovering from the cyclone that killed more than 3,000 people and displaced millions more in Bangladesh.

Nebraska's deer season finishes strong (2007-11-23)
Hunting season means extra cash for many small Nebraska communities.

Nebraska retailers expect strong shopping season (2007-11-23)
A strong Ag economy should make for a solid holiday shopping season around the state this year.

Bruning drops out of Senate race (2007-11-21)
Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning has dropped out of the race for Senate. Bruning is throwing his support behind former U-S Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns.

Gas prices near record for Thanksgiving weekend (2007-11-21)
Industry observers say fuel costs will probably go up before they come down, and their longer-term future is cloudy.

Clay Anderson getting down to earth (2007-11-21)
Rehab and reflections follow five months in space.

Farmers worry about farm bill's slow progress (2007-11-20)
The Senate failed to get to a vote on its version of the Farm Bill before leaving for Thanksgiving break last week. That has some farmers wondering how to plan for next year's planting season.

Committee's closed meetings policy questioned (2007-11-20)
The Performance Audit Committee has met in closed session for their last eight meetings, dating back to July 2006, meaning the meeting was closed to both the public and the press.

Opening of Norfolk midwife center put on hold (2007-11-19)
Nebraska law requires certified nurse midwives to be registered nurses with additional training, and to have an agreement with a collaborating doctor in order to practice.

Heineman: Climate change not a priority (2007-11-19)
Nebraska was among the three states not signing off on an agreement to set goals for tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lead cleanups underway in Omaha (2007-11-19)
The EPA has cleaned up 4,000 residential sites in Omaha, and has measured a decline in childhood blood lead levels, from 9.1 percent in 2000 to 3.9 percent in 2006. But an environmental activist says she fears the soil cleanups could create a false sense of security.

Plans for UNL research park unveiled (2007-11-19)
University officials want the State Fair moved to another location in Lincoln so the University can turn the 251-acre fairgrounds into a research park.

The journey that saved Curious George (2007-11-17)
The little monkey from children's literature had a narrow escape as his creators fled the Nazi invasion of Paris

Outlook for rural economy improves (2007-11-16)
The Rural Mainstreet Index's outlook has improved for the first time since August, reflecting higher grain prices being paid to farmers.

Nebraska opts out of carbon emissions pact (2007-11-16)
The resolution calls for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases that most scientists say contribute to global warming. Of the association's 12 member states, only Nebraska, North Dakota and Missouri declined to sign.

Retired educators mentoring young Chadron teachers (2007-11-15)
The program beginning this semester pairs education majors with former school administrators who help oversee the students' semester of student teaching.

Seniors seek Medicare enrollment aid (2007-11-15)
Harriet Robinson is one of 267-thousand Medicare beneficiaries in Nebraska who qualify for Part D, the federally subsidized prescription drug insurance program.

Consultants : Fixing up state fair less costly than moving it (2007-11-15)
Consultants said building an ideal State Fair would cost $175 million. Thursday, they said it would cost $31 million to adapt the existing State Fairgrounds to approach that ideal.

Depicting the Great Plains, in film (2007-11-15)
From "Boys Town" to "Boys Don't Cry," movies set in Nebraska can range from funny to terrifying, and show very different images of our state.

Affirmative action ban proposed (2007-11-14)
The initiative is modeled on similar efforts to prohibit affirmative action programs that have passed in California, Washington State and Michigan.

Wells seen as water shortage solution (2007-11-14)
Nebraska's legal problems with Kansas are largely due to heavy pumping of water that's connected to the river underground. But paradoxically, it looks like more pumping might actually be part of the solution.

Helping farmers survive urban sprawl (2007-11-14)
Farms and ranches in metropolitan areas are increasingly threatened by population growth and the expansion of cities into rural areas.

Omaha mayor Mike Fahey won't run for Senate (2007-11-13)
In his announcement Tuesday, the Omaha mayor said he wants to remain focused on issues facing the state's largest city.

Bruning to address Minutemen group (2007-11-13)
The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps is best known for its armed patrols on the U.S.-Mexican border to apprehend those trying to cross into the country illegally.

Virology grant awarded to UNL (2007-11-13)
UNL Virology Professor Peter Angeletti says translating scientific knowledge about viruses into terms lay people can understand could have important health benefits.

Hagel: No glory in war (2007-11-12)
Hagel said Americans should learn from the experiences of veterans, who know the horrors of war firsthand. Hagel also spoke 25 years ago at the groundbreaking of the Vietnam Memorial.

La Nina could spell a cold winter (2007-11-12)
Nebraskans are used to changeable weather, and it looks like big temperature swings will be the theme this winter.

Geriatrics center coming to Omaha (2007-11-12)
The University of Nebraska Board of Regents has approved the construction of a geriatrics center on the University of Nebraska Medical Center campus in Omaha.

Roads funding sees budget crunch (2007-11-09)
The state could increase the funds available for roads, but that could involve politically unpopular measures like increasing the gas or property taxes, or diverting money from elsewhere.

Chadron lockdown hasn't changed community (2007-11-09)
Last month five escaped prisoners were spotted in Chadron, and the city was locked down. Residents seem to agree that the town hasn't changed. But law enforcement and community leaders are using the lockdown as an opportunity to plan for other possible emergencies.

Hagel: U.S. needs to work with Musharraf (2007-11-09)
Hagel says the United States needs to work with Pakistan's president and head of the Army, General Pervez Musharraf.

Staph infection widespread, but easily treatable (2007-11-09)
A study by Nebraska Medical Center physicians shows that while MRSA is thriving in Nebraska, most patients have relatively mild skin and soft tissue infections that can be treated fairly easily.

Chadron lockdown hasn't changed community (2007-11-09)
Last month five escaped prisoners were spotted in Chadron, and the city was locked down. Residents seem to agree that the town hasn't changed. But law enforcement and community leaders are using the lockdown as an opportunity to plan for other possible emergencies.

Chadron lockdown hasn't changed community (2007-11-09)
Last month five escaped prisoners were spotted in Chadron, and the city was locked down. Residents seem to agree that the town hasn't changed. But law enforcement and community leaders are using the lockdown as an opportunity to plan for other possible emergencies.

UNL physicist solves cosmic rays mystery (2007-11-08)
UNL physicist Greg Snow and an international team of more than 350 scientists have been looking for the source of cosmic rays that carry the greatest amount of energy.

Economist worried about weak dollar and high gas (2007-11-08)
Creighton University economist Ernie Goss warns of serious consequences unless federal interest rates are lowered or oil consumption is cut.

Hagel: Iran should be handled with diplomacy (2007-11-08)
Sen. Chuck Hagel has long argued that instead of just threatening to punish Iran for its nuclear program, the United States should negotiate directly with that nation.

Omaha meeting focuses on needs of homeless (2007-11-08)
One homeless advocate says a more long-term solution to prevent homelessness would involve focusing on affordable housing and increasing services for those struggling with mental illness and substance abuse.

Nelson pushes for ethanol mandate in Farm Bill (2007-11-07)
Senator Ben Nelson wants to put a proposal to expand ethanol mandates to 36 billion gallons by 2022 into the Farm Bill, which is currently being debated on the Senate floor.

Ashland students watch Anderson's landing (2007-11-07)
Sixth graders from Ashland-Greenwood Middle School watched as the Ashland native landed in Florida aboard the space shuttle Discovery.

Nelson pushes for ethanol mandate in Farm Bill (2007-11-07)
Senator Ben Nelson wants to put a proposal to expand ethanol mandates to 36 billion gallons by 2022 into the Farm Bill, which is currently being debated on the Senate floor.

Forensic science students solve crimes at "Murder House" (2007-11-07)
Students at Nebraska Wesleyan use forensic science to solve murder mysteries. That's in the new NET Television documentary "Murder House." NET Radio's Avishay Artsy spoke with writer and producer Bill Kelly about the making of "Murder House" and the science behind crime scene investigations.

Hay shortages creates possibilities for Nebraska producers (2007-11-07)
Extreme drought has hampered the hay crop in many parts of the country this year, especially the southeastern U.S.

Nelson pushes for ethanol mandate in Farm Bill (2007-11-07)
Senator Ben Nelson wants to put a proposal to expand ethanol mandates to 36 billion gallons by 2022 into the Farm Bill, which is currently being debated on the Senate floor.

Hay shortages creates possibilities for Nebraska producers (2007-11-07)
Extreme drought has hampered the hay crop in many parts of the country this year, especially the southeastern U.S.

Historic ranch auctions for over $8 million (2007-11-07)
The Lee family has held the Holt County ranch, hailed as one of the finest in Nebraska, for five generations.

Hay shortages creates possibilities for Nebraska producers (2007-11-07)
Extreme drought has hampered the hay crop in many parts of the country this year, especially the southeastern U.S.

Fewer Nebraska high schoolers going on to college (2007-11-06)
While graduation rates have improved, State Education Commissioner Doug Christensen says Nebraska has slipped from first in the nation for college attendance to 13th.

Leftover medication disposal guidelines changed (2007-11-06)
It used to be the recommended method for getting rid of excess medication was to flush it down the toilet.

Hagel calls for measured response to Pakistan (2007-11-05)
Senator Hagel said Pakistan has been a critical ally to the U.S. in the fight against terrorism.

Hagel calls for measured response to Pakistan (2007-11-05)
Senator Hagel said Pakistan has been a critical ally to the U.S. in the fight against terrorism.

Low lead levels still dangerous, study finds (2007-11-05)
Omaha has spent the past decade treating higher-than-average lead levels as a result of lead paint in older homes and soil contamination from a lead refinery.

Childhood obesity tool for healthcare providers (2007-11-02)
The first of its kind program is designed to help kids develope healthy eating and excersise habits.

State fair meeting closed to public (2007-11-02)
The chairman of the Legislature's Agricultural Committee said he wanted the session closed because the consultant's report was a "work in progress."

Beetle threatens state's ash trees (2007-11-02)
The emerald ash borer hasn't been detected here yet, but a state forester says it could destroy nearly all of Nebraska's ash trees.

Young farmers optimistic about ag economy (2007-11-01)
In a recent survey of mostly young and middle-aged Nebraskans from the Ag-industry, respondents overwhelmingly said they expect agricultural production to become increasingly concentrated.

Economic report warns of possible recession (2007-11-01)
The warning is based on a survey of supply managers and business leaders of conditions in a nine-state region that includes Nebraska.

Report charts state's population changes (2007-11-01)
Many of Nebraska's rural counties are losing their population, and figures compiled by University of Nebraska-Omaha researchers dating back to 1860 show just how much.

Native American speaker calls for rethinking education (2007-11-01)
Speaking at a news conference at Nebraska's ninth annual Native American Education Conference at Wayne State College, a noted American Indian educator said adults who work with children are not highly valued in American culture.

Turning to goats to weed out invasive plants (2007-11-01)
U.S. Department of Agriculture officials say they're making plans to offer some Nebraska landowners financial help with opening up cattle ranches to grazing by goats as part of a larger plan to control invasive plants.

Activists say G.I. raid split Hispanic families (2007-10-31)
Emotional testimonials were given about last December's raid at Grand Island's Swift meatpacking plant, when 261 suspected illegal immigrants were arrested.

Energy efficiency promoted with light bulb discounts (2007-10-31)
A new campaign by the Nebraska Public Power District is offering coupons to customers in dozens of communities to help with the cost of purchasing compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs.

Nebraskan plays basketball in Lebanon (2007-10-30)
A North Platte native has been playing professional basketball around the world. Joe Vogel now lives in Beirut and plays for Lebanon's national basketball team.

High school dropouts costly to state (2007-10-30)
Students who dropped out of high school and failed to graduate this past spring will cost the state $1.3 billion over their lifetimes.

Tyson chair warns of beef plants' overcapacity (2007-10-30)
When asked about the company's plants in Nebraska, John Tyson warned that there is overcapacity in the beef packing industry in the United States.

Nelson calls for Iraq benchmark progress (2007-10-30)
The American security firm Blackwater is on the hot seat following the shooting of 17 Iraqis in September. Sen. Ben Nelson says that's allowed the Iraqi government to downplay its failure to meet the 18 benchmarks for success.

State fair meeting likely closed to public (2007-10-29)
Agriculture Committee Chairman Senator Phil Erdman of Bayard says he wants to close the meeting to ensure the information that's eventually released is accurate.

UNL looks at "Pentagon Papers" and whistleblowers (2007-10-29)
The 7,000-page U.S. government report was leaked to the New York Times in 1971 by Daniel Ellsberg, a former State Department official.

Public input sought for I-80 corridor study (2007-10-29)
The Nebraska Innovation Zone Commission has hired a team of consultants to look at population trends in the area known as the I-80 corridor.

Democratic candidates outraise GOP in state (2007-10-26)
According to the Federal Election Commission, by the end of September Democrats put together $281,000 for their candidates, compared to the Republicans' $192,000.

Smoking ban angers Fremont public housing residents (2007-10-26)
Public housing officials in the eastern Nebraska community are banning smoking for new residents of the city's two apartment towers beginning November 1st.

Forecasting board raises revenue estimate (2007-10-26)
Board members talked about high grain prices and nearly 30 percent projected rise in farm income. But they also talked about a drop in home construction due to the mortgage crisis.

"Fusion Center" supposed to combat terrorism, crime (2007-10-25)
Federal Homeland Security grant being used to share data and start cooperative effort between law enforcement agencies; private industry also expected to be involved; civil liberties advocate expresses concern.

Lead screenings conducted in Nebraska (2007-10-25)
State health officials are collaborating with local health departments to hold lead screening clinics around Nebraska.

Hagel says Iran sanctions won't work (2007-10-25)
Nebraska U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel says unilateral sanctions rarely work, and instead, are likely to increase internal support for Iran's hard-line president.

State officials consider tighter Capitol security (2007-10-25)
In the wake of an up-tick in reported crimes, members of the State Legislature and officials with the Nebraska State Patrol have discussed stepping up security in and around the Capitol.

Kerrey won't run for Senate in 2008 (2007-10-24)
The former Nebraska governor and senator says now is not the time.

Mobile computer classes being offered (2007-10-24)
Nebraskans can learn more about computers from a mobile lab traveling around the state.

Kerrey out, no Democrats in Senate race (2007-10-24)
Bob Kerrey, who had been promising an announcement for months, said Wednesday that for him and his family, now is not the right time to re-enter elective politics.

Migrant labor restrictions don't harm Nebraska sugar beet industry (2007-10-24)
Crackdowns on illegal immigration have some sectors of the Ag industry worried about finding enough workers to plant and harvest labor-intensive crops like fruits and vegetables.

Republican River basin residents sue state over water (2007-10-23)
The lawsuit targets a law passed by the State Legislature earlier this year aimed at helping Nebraska meet its obligations to Kansas under the Republican River Compact.

Engineers target silt clogging Lewis and Clark Lake (2007-10-23)
A pipeline system would move the sediment from the west end of the lake to below Gavins Point Dam. The plan includes a device that would automatically scoop up sand and sediment.

Rain delays soybean harvest (2007-10-23)
The state's soybean harvest is almost 12 days behind where it should be for this time of year, according to the U-S Department of Agriculture.

Malcolm X birthsite cleanup underway (2007-10-23)
For the past seven years, the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation has attempted to transform the birthsite, and the surrounding ten acres into a fitting memorial.

Federal effort underway to protect migrating birds (2007-10-22)
The plan proposed by President Bush over the weekend would offer tax incentives to landowners who take steps to preserve migratory bird habitat.

Staph infections garner statewide response (2007-10-22)
There's been an increasing drumbeat of publicity about infections from methecillin resistant stafphocyloccacus aureus, or MRSA.

Program helps rural preschool students (2007-10-22)
The program is focused on helping rural, low-income children from the Grand Island area be more prepared to learn reading and writing in kindergarten.

Desmond Tutu calls for halt to Omaha violence (2007-10-22)
As a tireless fighter for the dismantling of apartheid in his native South Africa, Desmond Tutu is familiar with the repercussions of racism and exclusion.

Staff Sergeant Lillian Clamens remembered (2007-10-19)
The Omaha native was getting ready to come home when she was killed in Iraq.

Schools limiting junk food access (2007-10-19)
The study by the Center for Disease Control looks at school health policies and practices around the country. Overall, it says, schools are making progress in restricting access to junk foods.

Ethanol oversold to public, economists say (2007-10-19)
Creighton Economist Ernie Goss says bankers feel ethanol isn't all it's been cracked up to be.

Nebraska delegation opposes SCHIP veto override (2007-10-18)
First District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Second District Congressman Lee Terry, and Third District Congressman Adrian Smith were among the minority that successfully blocked the override.

New ads counter ethanol critics (2007-10-18)
A commercial that began airing on radio stations across Nebraska this week touts this year's record corn production and the recent high corn prices driven largely by the explosion of the ethanol industry.

Nelson: Extend terrorism insurance bill (2007-10-17)
Nelson says the Terrorism Risk Reinsurance Act should be extended. The legislation originally passed after the attacks of September 11, 2001 makes the federal government the insurer of last resort for terrorist attack damages too big for private insurers to handle.

Jail time likely for illegal immigrant hiring (2007-10-17)
David Wortman has pleaded guilty to charges connected to the hiring of 19 suspected illegal immigrants for his business, Cloudburst Lawn and Sprinkler in Grand Island.

Osborne named NU athletic director (2007-10-17)
Former coach tapped to replace fired Steve Pederson amidst turmoil in football program.

Religious leaders combat north Omaha crime (2007-10-16)
The Concerned Clergy of North Omaha is calling for churches, community groups and individuals across the city, to come together and tackle the problem of rising violence.

Pederson firing brings athletic department full circle (2007-10-16)
Some donors are unhappy, but many fans rejoiced at the firing of Steve Pederson who declared he would not let the football program slide into mediocrity.

Pederson firing brings athletic department full circle (2007-10-16)
Some donors are unhappy, but many fans rejoiced at the firing of Steve Pederson who declared he would not let the football program slide into mediocrity.

Water officials limit Niobrara irrigation (2007-10-16)
The decision means a large stretch of the river in north-central Nebraska would be off-limits to new irrigation and other water uses.

Osborne named interim Athletic Director (2007-10-16)
Tom Osborne takes over for Steve Pederson, who was fired Monday.

Perlman to name interim AD today (2007-10-16)
No word on who it might be, but a famous former head coach is among the names being mentioned.

UNL athletic director Steve Pederson fired (2007-10-15)
UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman announced Monday that Athletic Director Steve Pederson has been asked to step down.

Auditor: Historical Society not trustworthy (2007-10-15)
Monday's critical audit comes on the heels of last month's arrest of the society's chief operations officer, Tony Schmitz, on charges of embezzling nearly $73,000.

High schoolers can now send transcripts online (2007-10-15)
The program, known as the Nebraska E-Transcript Initiative, lets high schools electronically send their students' transcripts to college admissions offices.

Changes to state tax structure considered (2007-10-12)
The commission studying the state's tax structure has been working since last year on what it will recommend to the Legislature.

Spalding native remembered as hard-working soldier (2007-10-11)
Christopher Pfeifer's parents live in a small home and friends and family are crowded into it, amid several birdcages filled with songbirds.

Johnny Carson's comedy-writing audio thesis (2007-10-11)
Using recordings of the famous comedians of the day, Johnny Carson, then a UNL student, explained the techniques and devices used by comedy writers.

Johanns announces candidacy for Senate (2007-10-10)
Former Ag secretary and governor Mike Johanns was introduced and endorsed by Governor Dave Heineman, who called him the clear choice for the job.

Town of Spalding turns out for soldier funeral (2007-10-10)
Hundreds turned up today to pay their final respects to Private First Class Christopher Pfeifer, whose funeral was held at St. Michael's Catholic Church in the northeast Nebraska town of Spalding.

Report: ethanol could pollute water, hurt supply (2007-10-10)
Communities across the Corn Belt could see increased pressure on water resources and more problems with agricultural runoff if expansion of corn-based ethanol keeps up with projections.

Schuyler passes bond for new schools (2007-10-10)
Schools in the city of Schuyler in northeast Nebraska have had to cope with overcrowding and new demands on the educational system.

Red Cross lowers minimum blood donor age (2007-10-09)
Starting Monday, the American Red Cross will begin accepting blood from 16-year-olds who have their parents' permission.

Eppley air traffic increases (2007-10-09)
Passenger traffic has jumped 5.3 percent since 2006, with nearly 3 million people using the airport so far this year.

Petition seeks public telecom service (2007-10-09)
Nebraska law bans government bodies like public power districts and municipalities from offering telecommunications services. The sponsors of the initiative want to change the law.

Indian tribes take on global warming (2007-10-08)
A new resolution by the Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association calls on members to take steps to help stave off climate change.

Missouri River navigation season shorter (2007-10-08)
Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River year Yankton will scale back water releases next week dropping the water level below what is needed for barge traffic.

School religious diversity topic of training (2007-10-08)
The "separation of church and state" doctrine has led many public school teachers to assume that religion is a taboo topic in the classroom. But the Anti-Defamation League says religion can be discussed.

Presidents praised by history for defying the people (2007-10-06)
Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss delivered this year's Governor's Lecture in the Humanities on Presidential Bravery.

Creighton study offers Cuba payment plan (2007-10-04)
The U.S. government is looking for ideas on how to handle property claims once a new Cuban government takes over.

SCHIP supporters target Fortenberry (2007-10-04)
The demonstration's goal is to get Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, a Republican, to support expanding the so-called SCHIP, or state children's health insurance program.

Hagel criticizes Senate inaction on Farm Bill (2007-10-04)
The House has passed its version of the Farm Bill but the Senate version is going nowhere fast.

Combating poverty and crime in north Omaha (2007-10-03)
A new plan for north Omaha's revitalization includes building minority-owned retail centers and implementing a workforce development strategy.

Nelson: Farm Bill disaster fund needed (2007-10-03)
Senator Ben Nelson says such a permanent disaster fund is better than having to get special legislation passed to respond to floods, drought, and other disasters.

Norfolk ethanol spill not hazardous, officials say (2007-10-03)
Up to 12-thousand gallons could have spilled during the transfer of ethanol to the storage tanks at the Elkhorn Valley Ethanol Plant.

Hastings fire shouldn't pose health threat (2007-10-02)
The fire early Saturday morning took place at a Marshalltown Instruments building in Hastings, on a portion of a hazardous waste site containing contaminated soil and groundwater.

Livestock producers may defer taxes in 50 Nebraska counties (2007-10-02)
This story contains a link to an IRS website that lists the counties and outlines the program rules.

Ethanol boom may be over, researchers say (2007-10-02)
Neil Harl is an economics professor emeritus with Iowa State University. He says the ethanol industry is going through a reality check.

Fair study comes with hefty price tag (2007-10-01)
Consultants say additional revenue and visitors could come with new facilities, estimated at $175 million dollars.

Lincoln doctors seeking patients for prostate cancer trial (2007-10-01)
Doctors in Lincoln are looking for patients to participate in a clinical trial of a new drug aimed at preventing prostate cancer from spreading to patients' bones.

State urged to expand recycling (2007-10-01)
Only a little more than a third of the nation's trash is currently recycled or composted. But in Nebraska, officials estimate the number is even smaller, somewhere around 25 percent.

Lincoln doctors seeking patients for prostate cancer trial (2007-10-01)
Doctors in Lincoln are looking for patients to participate in a clinical trial of a new prostate cancer drug.

State no longer charging contract labor tax (2007-10-01)
The change is part of a tax reduction packaged proposed by Governor Dave Heineman and passed by the state Legislature last year.

Daub withdrawal still leaves heated field (2007-09-28)
In announcing his withdrawal, Daub said it was clear from conversations in Washington that "the system" had decided Johanns would be the frontrunner.

Daub drops out of Senate race (2007-09-28)
The former Nebraska Congressman denies being asked to step aside for Mike Johanns.

Nebraska soldier dies from wounds (2007-09-28)
21-year old Private First Class Christopher Pfiefer, a native of Spalding, died a week after being wounded in Afghanistan.

Senators say war funding debate limited (2007-09-27)
Like previous funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the current proposal for 190 billion dollars comes in the form of an emergency supplemental spending bill.

Tax benefits of ethanol boom unknown (2007-09-27)
Nebraska farmers are harvesting about 30 percent more corn than last year. Add to that the high grain prices of a few months ago, and experts are predicting the state and the nation should see a spike in farm income.

Combat post traumatic stress disorder conference (2007-09-27)
Help is available for veterans and their families.

UNL researchers head back to Antarctica (2007-09-26)
The researchers are part of a project called ANDRILL that's searching deep within Antarctic ice for clues about global climate patterns millions of years ago.

Thousands of endangered fish to be killed (2007-09-26)
Routine testing has found abnormal cells and external lesions in the endangered fish being raised at Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery at Yankton, South Dakota.

House votes on children's health care (2007-09-26)
All three Nebraska congressmen voted Tuesday against expanding the state children's health insurance program.

Health care access concerns rural residents (2007-09-25)
86 percent of rural Nebraskans surveyed in a recent poll said they consider health care during their retirement years an important concern.

Minority students lag behind whites in school testing (2007-09-25)
Nebraska 4th and 8th-graders taking the reading and math tests mostly outperformed the national average. But officials are concerned about a persistent gap in performance between minority and white students taking the tests.

Nebraska WWII Vet: Lessons Learned (2007-09-24)
Roger Peters was an Army Corporal serving in Europe as WWII ended. He tells two stories, and the lessons he learned from his interaction with a German soldier and concentration camp survivor.

Ethanol demand impacting aquifer, study finds (2007-09-24)
Environmental groups are worried about how the demand for irrigated corn created by the booming ethanol industry is affecting the water supply in the Ogallala Aquifer.

Gas prices could come down in the Midwest (2007-09-24)
As crude oil prices have topped eighty dollars a barrel, gas prices have remained below three dollars a gallon.

Kansas says conserve more Republican River water (2007-09-24)
Governor Heineman says water conservation efforts are paying off, but Kansas officials say more needs to be done.

A Nebraska Tuskegee Airman Remebers Racism, and WWII (2007-09-22)
Air Force Lt. Col. Charles Lane started his career as a Tuskegee Airman. Now an Omaha resident, he looks back at his WWII experiences, and the racism he faced when he returned home.

State praised for low food stamp excess (2007-09-21)
While officials celebrated keeping ineligible people off the food stamp rolls, others maintain that many people who are eligible are not getting help from the federally-funded program.

NCAA pushes for downtown stadium (2007-09-21)
Rosenblatt fans have resisted plans for a new stadium. But Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey says this is about the future of Omaha.

Farm price bubble projected (2007-09-21)
Almost half of Midwestern bankers questioned in a monthly survey by Creighton University said they strongly agree that the Ag real estate market is seeing a price bubble that can't be sustained.

Farm price bubble projected (2007-09-21)
Almost half of Midwestern bankers questioned in a monthly survey by Creighton University said they strongly agree that the Ag real estate market is seeing a price bubble that can't be sustained.

Farm price bubble projected (2007-09-21)
Almost half of Midwestern bankers questioned in a monthly survey by Creighton University said they strongly agree that the Ag real estate market is seeing a price bubble that can't be sustained.

Marathon contestants to run barefoot (2007-09-21)
The Omaha Marathon is the first of three Rick Roeber will be running barefoot this year, as part of a fundraising effort for the Kansas City Rescue Mission.

Nissen recants in triple murder (2007-09-20)
In a signed affidavit, Tom Nissen reversed earlier testimony that pinned the blame on John Lotter. Both men were convicted of the 1993 murders which targeted 21-year-old Teena Brandon.

Johanns resigns as Agriculture Secretary (2007-09-20)
President Bush praises Mike Johanns and says he would make a good U.S. Senator. Johanns has not yet announced his political plans.

Lincoln students rally in support of "Jena Six" (2007-09-20)
About two dozen students staged a silent rally Thursday afternoon on UNL's campus in support of the so-called "Jena Six."

Nelson: Johanns shouldn't resign now (2007-09-19)
In his weekly conference call with reporters, Senator Ben Nelson, a Democrat, was asked about published reports that Mike Johanns will resign as secretary of agriculture and enter the Republican Senate primary.

Program helps immigrants learn to farm (2007-09-19)
A Nebraska program is part of a national effort to train immigrants to become farmers.

Law change allows Canadian beef imports (2007-09-19)
Under a rule published this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is opening up imports of most live Canadian cattle and beef products.

NU Regent says he won't run again (2007-09-18)
Charles Wilson says it's time to move on and make room for a fresh face and new ideas on the board.

Storage space needed for high corn harvest (2007-09-18)
Officials are forecasting an extra 300-million bushels will be produced across the state compared to one year ago.

Fed cuts may have less impact in Midwest (2007-09-18)
Creighton University economics professor Ernie Goss says he believes the Fed made the larger cut because the fallout from the housing downturn and the problems in the credit market was beginning to affect the overall market.

Iraqi family in Lincoln feels war's toll (2007-09-18)
Come inside Haifaa Al-saadon's house in southeast Lincoln and spend some time talking her family about their relatives in Iraq. Suddenly, you feel a close connection to the turmoil there.

Lincoln Iraqis fear loss of more relatives (2007-09-18)
So far, 14 have been killed, 12 kidnapped, and others are refugees in Syria.

Lincoln man consulting on troop sensitivity (2007-09-17)
Bob Holbert's job was to advise soldiers on how to deal with the civilian population, which the U.S. is trying to convince to side with the Afghan government against the Taliban.

Daub announces candidacy for U.S. Senate (2007-09-17)
Daub kicked off his campaign with a two-day, 11-city fly around beginning in Scottsbluff.

Bruning backs brand inspector audit (2007-09-17)
In his legal opinion requested by the brand committee, the Attorney General backs up reasons that state Auditor Mike Foley cited when he concluded in June that the Nebraska Brand Committee paid inspectors more than $170,000 dollars for more than 10,000 hours of work they never performed.

Preparedness planning for multicultural communities (2007-09-17)
Citizen Corps groups across the state will establish eight regional coalitions to connect members of minority and immigrant populations with emergency response professionals and volunteers.

"Muslim Refusenik" to speak at Doane College (2007-09-17)
Irshad Manji has gained both ardent supporters and vociferous detractors for her sharp criticism of Islam and her call for reforming the faith.

Lincoln activists march for peace (2007-09-16)
Cars honked in support as about 75 demonstrators marched up and down "O" Street, chanting "Huskers for Peace" and waving handmade signs.

Encouraging Family Reading Time With Prime Time (2007-09-15)
Prime Time coaches parents on how reading and talking about reading makes a diffeence in family life, and in their child's education

Mortgage broker sued for predatory lending (2007-09-14)
The suit targets Advantage Mortgage Service, Incorporated, which brokered sub-prime mortgages.

TD Ameritrade customer database hacked (2007-09-14)
The company says it recently launched an investigation after a small number of customers reported receiving stock-related e-mail spam.

Panhandle cities look to join forces (2007-09-13)
If they want to become one city, the Panhandle cities of Scottsbluff, Gering and Terrytown at least have geography in their favor.

Lexington arrests part of nationwide sweep (2007-09-13)
An ICE spokesman says the arrests were part of a national effort to crack down on illegal immigrants who refused to leave the United States after being ordered to by a court of law.

Hagel: Iraq troop cut inevitable (2007-09-13)
Hagel spoke to reporters Thursday morning, hours before Bush's speech to the nation on Iraq.

Kerrey holding off on campaign decision (2007-09-13)
Kerrey's been flirting for months with moving back to Nebraska and running for Senate. But interest in his plans intensified following Senator Chuck Hagel's announcement this week that he won't seeks reelection.

9/11 demonstration at UNL marks dead in US, Iraq (2007-09-12)
College students in Lincoln chose the sixth anniversary of 9/11 as a date to remember lives lost to both war and terrorism.

Omaha cop killing retrial denied (2007-09-12)
District Judge Russell Bowie rejected the request for a new trial for former Black Panthers Ed Poindexter and David Rice, now known as Mondo we Langa.

Husker Harvest Days rolls on (2007-09-12)
The 30th annual farm show in Grand Island continues to draw big crowds.

Rape case appeal questioned (2007-09-12)
The suit is a follow-up to a case involving defendant Pamir Safi and alleged victim Tory Bowen.

Nelson: Military progress made in Iraq (2007-09-12)
The Nebraska Democrat, who's on the Senate Armed Services Committee, commented the day after General David Petraeus testified about progress and remaining challenges in Iraq.

9/11 sculpture unveiled in Omaha (2007-09-12)
The 16 foot steel and bronze structure curves skyward, and in the center is a sphere of bronze sculpted hands.

Lincoln commemorates 9/11 attacks (2007-09-11)
Relatives and officials speak on the sixth anniversary of terrorist attacks.

DUI penalties would rise for drivers refusing test (2007-09-10)
A new law going into effect this month lets prosecutors charge repeat drunk drivers with an aggravated DUI if they refuse a breathalyzer test.

Senator Chuck Hagel announces retirement (2007-09-10)
The two-term Republican says he will not seek any elected office in 2008.

Hagel to retire from politics, for now (2007-09-10)
Hagel says he will not run for reelection to the Senate next year. He made the announcement Monday at the Omaha Press Club.

Senator Chuck Hagel announces retirement (2007-09-10)
The two-term Republican says he will not seek any elected office in 2008.

Fortenberry says Iraq progress encouraging (2007-09-10)
As General David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker present their Iraqi progress report, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry says there are signs that things are looking up in that country.

Lincoln Right to Life asks for state scrutiny of Planned Parenthood clinic (2007-09-10)
In a lawsuit filed in Lancaster County court last week, a Nebraska woman says she suffered severe pain and life-threatening injuries during an abortion procedure performed at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Lincoln last month.

Sandbars to help Missouri River birds (2007-09-10)
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is building sandbars upstream and downstream from the Missouri River bridge, which links South Dakota and Nebraska.

Oh say, can you sing? (2007-09-10)
The chance to sing the national anthem at Cornhusker sporting events brought out dozens of hopefuls.

Program to test for lead in low-income children in Kearney, Omaha (2007-09-10)
Young children are especially susceptible to lead poisoning, a serious condition that can cause developmental delays, seizures and even death.

Hagel set to announce future plans (2007-09-09)
Senator Chuck Hagel could retire from politics at the end of his term. An announcement comes Monday morning.

University fire safey policy approved (2007-09-07)
All University owned housing will be required to have sprinkler systems by 2017.

Report: farmers and ranchers often lack health care despite insurance (2007-09-07)
Health care costs may force farmers to cut back on basic health services - even if they're covered by health insurance.

Ethanol boom could go bust without help from Congress (2007-09-07)
A UNL Ag economist says the ethanol boom won't last without more Congressional intervention.

Democrats seek to gain greater election influence (2007-09-05)
Nebraska Democrats are trying to increase their influence by holding presidential primary county caucuses on February 9th.

UNL students battle file sharing lawsuits (2007-09-05)
The student senate plans to educate students on the consequences of illegal downloading, improve access to legal services for students, and build a coalition with other schools to fight the lawsuits.

"Safe haven" laws re-examined (2007-09-05)
The discovery of an abandoned infant in Omaha is giving new momentum to legislative proposals that would give mothers a safe, legal way to abandon their newborns.

State researchers develop robot curriculum (2007-09-04)
The "TekBots" don't have the slick appeal of hi-tech design. But seeing the robot's insides helps educate kids and get them excited about how it all works.

Electrocution debated in state Supreme Court (2007-09-04)
The Court began its fall term hearing an appeal of Raymond Mata, Jr.'s death sentence for kidnapping and murdering a three-year old.

Case challenges death penalty law (2007-09-04)
Raymond Mata Jr.'s case raises the question of whether Nebraska's reliance on the electric chair for executions violates the constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Neo-Nazi rally in Omaha met with counter-protest (2007-09-04)
The Minneapolis-based National Socialist Movement's demonstration of about 50 people was met with an equal number of counter-protestors. And several civic groups gathered for a diversity rally just a few miles from the anti-immigration protest.

Omaha meteorologist planned Fossett trips (2007-09-04)
Missing aviator Steve Fossett asked Lou Billones, formerly a meteorologist at the College of Saint Mary in Omaha, to help plan several solo balloon flights.

Website tracks state government spending (2007-09-03)
Members of the public can use to search state expenditures and revenues, as well as the budgets of various state agencies.

Free dental care for low-income residents (2007-09-03)
Low-income families in northeast Nebraska will get the chance to have their toothaches checked in Norfolk this week.

Music, film and discussion look back on Katrina impact (2007-09-03)
Remembering and learning from Hurricane Katrina is the goal of events beginning in Lincoln this week.

The Only Resident of Monowi Nebraska (2007-09-01)
Elsie Eiler talks about being the only resident of her town, and the five thousand volume lending library there.

Gay activists hail Iowa same-sex marriage ruling (2007-08-31)
Judge Robert Hanson said Thursday the Iowa law allowing marriage only between a man and a woman violates the constitutional rights of due process and equal protection.

Beer sales to reservation protested (2007-08-31)
Allegations that most of the 4.5 million cans of beer sold in Whiteclay annually make their way to the "dry" Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have been an issue for years.

Court: Legislature must set sentencing guidelines (2007-08-31)
The ruling involves the community corrections program authorized by the Nebraska Legislature in 2003. The Supreme Court said the guidelines for sentencing offenders need to be set by the Legislature, not the Court.

Nebraska farmers should see income hike (2007-08-30)
Driven by major jumps in crop prices in recent months, the nation's net farm income is expected to surpass 87 billion dollars for the year.

DHHS public health language examined (2007-08-30)
Just how state agencies should go about talking about sex, depends on who you ask.

Asia trade trip record-largest for Nebraska (2007-08-30)
The 12-day trip includes stops in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

UNL enrollment, budget outlook positive (2007-08-30)
UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman says enrollment is up this semester. And he says that means the university will not "face major budgetary issues this year."

Wounded vets center proposed (2007-08-29)
Sen. Chuck Hagel and former Sen. Bob Kerrey were both wounded in Vietnam. On Wednesday they talked about the retreat center proposed for 80 acres near Crawford, with a lodge bearing their names.

Astronaut speaks to hometown students (2007-08-29)
Ashland native Clayton Anderson took ten minutes to answer two dozen questions, ranging from how he sleeps and what he eats, to what the sunrise looks like in space.

Gavin's Point Dam turns 50 (2007-08-29)
The northeast Nebraska dam itself is in excellent condition. However, there is a growing problem of silt building up at the west end of Lewis and Clark Lake.

Katrina evacuees still struggle in Nebraska (2007-08-29)
166 people from New Orleans were brought by plane to Omaha. Officials say many evacuees have stayed in the city because they're concerned about news of lingering problems in the New Orleans area.

UNL professor returns after two-year effort (2007-08-28)
After a 2005 visit to Bolivia, Department of Homeland Security officials blocked Waskar Ari from re-entering the United States. The department finally granted Ari's work visa in May.

Obesity rates on the rise in Nebraska (2007-08-28)
Nebraska, like the rest of the country, is seeing an increase in obesity.

NPPD fluorescent lighting program (2007-08-28)
The utility wants to offer incentives to get consumers to make the switch from incadescent bulbs.

Corporate farming ban replacement considered (2007-08-28)
Nebraska's corporate farming restrictions were ruled unconstitutional in 2005. The Legislature is looking into what, if anything, should replace the measure.

Number of kids without health care rises (2007-08-28)
The number of Americans without health insurance went up half a percent, to 47 million nationally. An estimated 194-thousand Nebraskans, or about 11 percent, lack health care.

Minority health conference to be held (2007-08-27)
The annual minority health conference is being held in Lincoln Monday and tomorrow.

Corporate farm ban hearings this week (2007-08-27)
The Legislature's Agriculture Committee is considering what - if any - legislation should be drafted to replace the state's corporate farming ban.

Ponca Powwow Preserves, Teaches Tradition (2007-08-27)
The Powwow is the 14th held by the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska near Niobrara.

Guard troops welcomed home from Iraq (2007-08-24)
A huge American flag hung suspended from a fire department ladder truck outside the helicopter maintenance hanger where troops and their families gathered for the welcoming ceremony.

Somali Swift workers proposed prayer time (2007-08-24)
The dispute revolves around the religious requirement that Muslims pray at sundown, which comes at different times over the course of the year.

State fair kicks off in Lincoln (2007-08-24)
Fairgoers helped themselves to corn dogs and peaches on a stick on the fair's first day.

Governor's residence turns 50 (2007-08-24)
The public is invited to stop by for tours and other special events.

Schedule of Sandoz Book Events at State Fair (2007-08-24)
Click for Sandoz schedule information - events each day

Student writing scores improving (2007-08-23)
89 percent of Nebraska students tested this year were proficient in writing, according to the test - which is administered and scored mostly by educators within the state.

Gas station owner says sign has changed (2007-08-23)
Attorney General Jon Bruning has said the Conoco Station off Interstate 80 in North Platte appeared to be engaging in deceptive trade practices.

Storms affect much of Nebraska (2007-08-23)
In much of the northeast, streams and creeks are reported to have flooded out of their banks.

Huskers volleyball seeks fourth national title (2007-08-23)
During Thursday's practice at the Qwest Center, the Huskers looked confident and strong. N-U plays Tennessee Friday night as part of the American Volleyball Coaches Association Showcase.

Program to fill ethanol industry jobs (2007-08-22)
A new program starting this fall is designed to help fill ethanol industry jobs by training community college students in marketing, science, management, and other aspects of the industry.

Bomb-sniffing dogs at Omaha airport (2007-08-22)
Niko is a 7-year-old German Shepherd. Rearing to go, he checks out three suitcases, and quickly finds the fake hidden explosives.

Nebraska A.G. alleges deceptive gas pricing (2007-08-22)
Bruning says signs at two stations advertise gas for $2.89 a gallon, but charge $3.39 a gallon.

Health care plan dropped at Omaha hospital (2007-08-22)
Thirty-eight-thousand letters have been sent out to patients and former patients, letting them know the Nebraska Medical Center and UNMC Physicians won't be in the United Health Care network starting next year.

Fire damage cleared in Broken Bow (2007-08-21)
Remains of block destroyed by April fire have been carted away.

Fire damage cleared in Broken Bow (2007-08-21)
Rubble from April fire removed from historic city square.

Conservation lands opened to haying and grazing (2007-08-21)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved emergency haying and grazing on Conservation Reserve Program land.

Nuclear plant getting more oversight (2007-08-21)
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has ordered closer oversight by onsite inspectors for a low to moderate safety problem.

Big Mac water levels down (2007-08-20)
Western Nebraska's Lake McConaughy was at just over 3,200 feet above sea level going into this week.

Lawsuit to limit Republican River water use (2007-08-20)
LB701 was intended to addresses the shortage of water in the Republican River as it flows from southwest Nebraska into Kansas.

Wheelchair softball team going for gold (2007-08-17)
The Nebraska Barons, the state's only softball team for people in wheelchairs, will try to take back their national title this week.

School funding lawsuit will go on (2007-08-17)
The suit was filed in 2003 by the Nebraska Schools Trust, a coalition of school districts including Omaha, Grand Island, Lexington and South Sioux City.

Higher satisfaction in rural Nebraska (2007-08-16)
More rural residents say they are optimistic about their community and their future.

Swift workers allege mistreatment (2007-08-16)
The workers say during the raids they rights were violated, and they suffered intimidation and humiliation.

Soldier Creek fire close to contained (2007-08-16)
Around 3000 acres have burned, but firefighters are getting the upperhand.

Omaha housing agency bans weapons (2007-08-15)
The OHA will not be conducting a gun sweep, or confiscating weapons. But they will be notifying residents they will face eviction if guns are found in their home.

California business moves to small Nebraska town (2007-08-15)
Giant's move to Laurel was a fortuitous blend of a welcoming town, a positive economic development climate, and family connections.

Nebraska's ACT scores continue inching up (2007-08-15)
Nebraska high school students' ACT scores are ahead of the national average and continuing to improve.

Firefighters battle Panhandle blaze (2007-08-15)
Firefighters are battling blazes that are about 12 miles east of the town of Crawford, and a mile to half a mile from Fort Robinson, moving eastward.

Firefighting efforts continue in panhandle (2007-08-15)
Single Engine Air Tankers from the South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression Division have been taking off regularly from the airstrip outside Hot Springs, South Dakota. Their destination is the approximate 2,750-acre fire still blazing on the Nebraska panhandle.

Kansas ready to enforce water rights (2007-08-15)
At the Republican River Compact Administration's annual meeting Wednesday, Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison told officials from Nebraska and Colorado that Kansas is looking at several options to enforce its rights under the compact.

Yazidi attack in Iraq worries Lincoln relatives (2007-08-15)
Members of Lincoln's Yazidi community are reeling after the attack by suicide bombers, which killed at least 250 people and wounded hundreds more.

Summer takes toll on homeless shelters (2007-08-13)
With a forecast calling for dangerously hot weather, shelters say they are in need of supplies, especially for children.

State considers banning large school vans (2007-08-13)
Under the proposal, schools would have three years to phase out the use of the vans.

Nebraska's water use likely too high (2007-08-13)
Officials from Kansas are concerned because Nebraska has been using more than its share of Republican River water for the past several years.

Bison herding on the Great Plains? (2007-08-12)
Some people want to see bison herds roam free on large tracts of land.

Guard troops welcomed home (2007-08-10)
A statue of a Civil War hero overlooked the Museum of Nebraska Art parking lot, as a crowd of over two thousand people cheered the 48 soldiers of the 734th.

Farmers planting more corn, less soybeans (2007-08-10)
Record corn prices driven by the ethanol boom prompted many farmers to plant more corn this spring.

Bloody summer prompts Omaha response (2007-08-10)
Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey wants to beef up security and increase police presence in crime hot spots.

Immigrants target of citizenship scam (2007-08-10)
Joining an American Indian tribe does not mean automatic U.S. citizenship. But, Hispanic immigrants in the state say in recent weeks that's the offer they have received.

Nelson's earmarks under fire (2007-08-09)
The 7-point-5 million dollar request for funding would have gone to two projects of the defense company 21st Century Systems.

Hispanic growth reverses state depopulation (2007-08-09)
Without the influx of minorities, Nebraska's population growth would be a meager point-two percent over the years 2000 to 2006, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Schools group wants stay in lawsuit (2007-08-09)
The Nebraska Schools Trust coalition says delaying the legal proceedings would allow talks about a possible legislative solution to continue.

Bridge funding key to public safety (2007-08-08)
Weather conditions and poor maintenance can combine to overwhelm a bridge's ability to withstand wear and tear.

Flu fears cause bird blockade (2007-08-07)
A Chinese newspaper is reporting the Philippines has blocked imports of poultry from Nebraska and Virginia over concerns about bird flu in both states.

New hotline for drug and alcohol abuse (2007-08-07)
The methamphetamine crisis is what brought the nationwide pilot program to the Omaha-Lincoln area.

West Nile under the microscope (2007-08-06)
When West Nile was first seen in Nebraska, the rates of infection were in the thousands. For the last few years those numbers have stabilized to two to three-hundred annual cases.

Farm spending rising faster in Nebraska (2007-08-06)
Farmers and ranchers spent about 9 percent more money last year to run their operations than they did in 2005.

Dogfighting crackdown intensifies (2007-08-03)
Rumors of dog-fighting in the Omaha area are prompting the Nebraska Humane Society to up the ante in its efforts to track down people who participate in the illegal sport.

UNL engineers building safer bridges (2007-08-02)
Dr. Atorod Azizinamini's lab tests bridge designs, which other states will then use to build safer and cheaper bridges.

Hagel calls nation's infrastructure in "very bad shape" (2007-08-02)
Hagel proposes creating a national bank to seek out private investors in infrastructure projects.

Oil prices, housing push down economic index (2007-08-01)
A Midwest economic index has fallen to its lowest level in six months.

Tour promotes irrigation efficiency (2007-08-01)
Researchers from the University of Nebraska extension service are traveling the state to help crop producers learn how to make the most of their water.

State to shut down Niobrara irrigators (2007-08-01)
Officials with the Department of Natural Resources are sending out letters shutting off some 400 water rights to farmers along the Niobrara River.

Pat Flynn announces Senate candidacy (2007-07-31)
An insurance agent and investment advisor from Schuyler, announced his candidacy for next year's Republican Senate nomination Tuesday.

Chadron State College fire marker (2007-07-31)
A marker now stands at the site where firefighters turned back a wildfire that threatend Chadron State College one year ago.

Ethanol's environmental impact measured (2007-07-31)
Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have just released a new computer program designed to measure how much new energy ethanol plants create, and what levels of greenhouse gases they generate in the process.

Nelnet to pay $2 million settlement (2007-07-31)
The Lincoln-based company has agreed to further reform its practices as part of a settlement with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office.

New multi-state group aims for Republican River solutions (2007-07-30)
The newly-formed Republican River Riparian Partnership includes representatives from all three Republican River states, who want to see the river cared for as a holistic system.

Jeff Chaney remembered (2007-07-30)
Petty Officer First Class Jeff Chaney died in Iraq on July 17th.

Jacob Schmuecker remembered (2007-07-30)
The Nebraska Army National Guard soldier was laid to rest in Norfolk. He was killed on July 21st in Iraq

Funeral held for Jacob Schmuecker (2007-07-30)
Many blocks away from Community Bible church you could see the colorful honor guard ahead.

UNL scrambles to accomodate incoming freshmen (2007-07-30)
U-N-L officials say they're expecting 300 to 350 more students living on campus this fall semester than last year.

Jeff Chaney honored in Bellevue (2007-07-30)
A single bell rung outside the Bellevue Christian Center, as family, friends, neighbors and military personnel gathered to honor Jeff Chaney.

Marker commemorates Panhandle fires (2007-07-30)
The Spotted Tail Fire came onto the south end of the campus, dangerously close to the college, but firefighters won the day.

Somali Meatpackers Claim Unfair Treatment (2007-07-28)
The Grand Island Swift plant employees say they're not being allowed to take a break to pay, while others can take bathroom or smoke breaks

Filmstreams theater to open in Omaha (2007-07-27)
Preparing for opening night has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the Filmstreams crew.

U.S. House passes new Farm Bill (2007-07-27)
Just before voting for a House version of the Farm Bill, Third District Congressman Adrian Smith, who bills himself a fiscal conservative, acknowledged criticism of the measure.

Alternative energy on the farm (2007-07-27)
Farmers in northeast Nebraska look to wind power to generate their own electricity.

Report cites Nebraska's "dirty" power plants (2007-07-27)
A new report from the Environmental Integrity Project, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit, lists Nebraska's largest generating plant among the top fifty "dirtiest" power plants in the country.

Pine Ridge recovering, one year after wildfires (2007-07-25)
Last summer's blazes burned 68,000 acres near Chadron and Harrison.

Child poverty rising in Nebraska (2007-07-25)
The percentage of Nebraska children living in poverty climbed from 10 percent to 15 percent over the five-year period beginning in 2000.

Language poses health barrier (2007-07-24)
For patients who don't speak English, access to quality medical and mental health care can be more difficult.

Scottsbluff-Lincoln flights may stop (2007-07-24)
Valley Airways began offering three round-trip flights a week between western and eastern Nebraska in April. But low interest in the flights, combined with high fuel costs, may force the Scottsbluff-based airline to shut down that service.

New study targets cancer patients' depression (2007-07-23)
While about 15 percent of cancer patients suffer from depression, a much higher percentage - about half - of patients with head and neck cancer became depressed.

Demand for detasselers up as more corn planted (2007-07-23)
An estimated 93 million acres of corn were planted this year. That's up 19 percent from last year.

Somali workers say Swift denies prayer (2007-07-23)
Eleven Somali workers at the Swift plant are filing an Equal Opportunity Employment Commission complaint. A national Muslim rights organization, The Council for American-Islamic relations, is helping the workers file the complaint.

Ag lenders look to expand farm credits (2007-07-23)
As Congress works on the next farm bill, agricultural lenders are asking for permission to take a larger role in financing rural home mortgages and loaning to Ag-related corporations.

Family of slain soldier united in love, divided over war (2007-07-20)
Petty Officer First Class Jeff Chaney was killed Tuesday in Iraq.

Growing market for native seeds (2007-07-20)
Native plantings can be used to stabilize ground that's vulnerable to erosion, restore landscapes destroyed by fire or development, and provide ground cover along roadsides. But to grow those plants, you need seeds.

Guard members headed to Kosovo (2007-07-20)
A farewell ceremony is being held Friday for eight members of the 111th Public Affairs detachment, which is going to Kosovo for 10 months after two months training in Indiana.

Nebraska runoff feeds "Dead Zone" (2007-07-19)
Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting the area known as the Dead Zone could be larger this year than any year since 1985, when the agency started measuring it.

Teacher training for at-risk Indian students (2007-07-19)
When teens bring emotional problems into the classroom, it's sometimes hard to know how to respond.

Hagel says U.S. can't wait for Iraq policy shift (2007-07-19)
Hagel was one of four Republicans to push for a vote Wednesday on a bipartisan bill to begin pulling troops out of Iraq next April.

Group warns cops don't solve gang problem (2007-07-18)
Andrea Belgau, the attorney for Platte County, is organizing a community meeting in Columbus next week to look at what she describes as an emerging gang problem.

Nelson: Intelligence on al Qaeda supports Iraq redeployment (2007-07-18)
Senator acknowledges Iraq War may have diverted resources, but says his support was not a mistake, considering the intelligence at the time.

Remembering Ernie Kucera, Nebraska's Polka King (2007-07-18)
Kucera and his band toured for 50 years, and he had a daily polka radio show for over 40 years.

The changing face of cattle fraud (2007-07-18)
Cattle thieves have come up with new ways of stealing from cattle owners.

Broken Bow dealing with aftermath of April fire (2007-07-18)
After delay while new landfill was readied, debris is to be carted away soon.

Organic crops may absorb livestock antibiotics (2007-07-17)
Researchers at the University of Minnesota tested what happened when corn, lettuce, and potatoes were grown on soil treated with liquid hog manure containing a common veterinary drug. They found that the plants did absorb a small amount of the drug.

NPPD won't disclose wind developers (2007-07-17)
The law passed unanimously by state senators this session is designed to allow rural communities to join together to develop wind projects.

Heineman, Foley focus on state hiring (2007-07-17)
Pair announce initiatives in light of auditor's complaints about nepotism in the Department of Labor.

Ethanol, energy costs among factors driving up milk prices (2007-07-17)
Milk prices are expected to rise above record levels this summer.

Rural kids most susceptible for obesity (2007-07-16)
A new study finds that overweight and obese children are about 25 percent more likely to come from rural areas.

Distribution of school aid questioned (2007-07-16)
State Auditor Mike Foley is questioning the distribution of twenty one and a half million dollars to 250 Nebraska school districts.

EPA close to finalizing cleanup for Grand Island Superfund site (2007-07-16)
Groundwater in an area of southwestern Grand Island are polluted with solvents and volatile chemicals left behind by industrial activity.

Allergy warnings are confusing, study says (2007-07-16)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln food scientist Steve Taylor says consumers see the label on so many products, they often decide to ignore it.

Palau festival attracts crowds, controversy (2007-07-14)
The internationally famous Christian evangelist Luis Palau is bringing his two-day festival to Omaha this weekend.

New program aids high-risk startups (2007-07-13)
The program is intended to address the lack of capital for high-risk and potentially high reward startup companies in Nebraska.

Farmer advocates lobbying for reform (2007-07-13)
Congress is in the process of drafting the next Farm Bill, and a variety of interest groups - from farmers to environmentalists to anti-hunger advocates - are scrambling to make sure their piece of the pie is big enough.

Farmer advocates lobbying for reform (2007-07-13)
Congress is in the process of drafting the next Farm Bill, and a variety of interest groups - from farmers to environmentalists to anti-hunger advocates - are scrambling to make sure their piece of the pie is big enough.

Hagel says Iraq change unlikely (2007-07-12)
The Republican leadership has used Senate rules to require at least 60 votes for an amendment to go forward. Sen. Hagel says that makes a change unlikely, at least for now.

Alleged rape victim says she'll try to obey judge's language restrictions (2007-07-12)
A Lancaster County District Court judge has backed off requiring a woman who says she was raped to sign a statement agreeing not to use words like sexual assault in court.

Mistrial declared in controversial rape case (2007-07-12)
On the fourth day of jury selection, District Judge Jeffre Chevrount ruled that getting an impartial jury would be impossible given the publicity surrounding the case.

Five arrested at G.I. Swift plant (2007-07-12)
Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials conducted the arrests as part of a return to Swift and Company plants in six states.

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Nelson calls for Iraq policy shift (2007-07-12)
The Nebraska Senator spoke as the Senate continued to debate the Defense authorization bill.

Omaha surveys high on racist mortgage loans (2007-07-12)
The report shows over 55 percent of mortgage loans to blacks in Omaha were high-cost, compared to about 20 percent for whites.

Troubles with alcohol on Pine Ridge go beyond Whiteclay (2007-07-12)
Some say legalization would provide revenue for treatment; others say that would worsen the problem.

Heineman says more HHS layoffs to come (2007-07-10)
Three top Medicaid administrators are already being let go as part of restructuring and budget tightening.

Lawyers appeal ruling on rape trial language (2007-07-10)
Lancaster County District Court Judge Jeffre Chevrount has banned witnesses in the case from using terms like rape and sexual assault, over concerns those words could bias the jury.

Grass-feeding cattle a possiblity in Nebraska (2007-07-10)
Grazing on open land is considered by many to be healthier for animals, humans and possibly the environment than corn and grain-feeding on feedlots. And Nebraska farmers are facing volatile corn prices.

Rape trial draws demonstrators from national and local groups (2007-07-10)
Victims-rights advocates gathered in downtown Lincoln Monday, on the first day of jury selection in a controversial rape trial.

Trial begins today in controversial rape case (2007-07-09)
A case before a Lancaster County court is raising controversy over language used in sexual assault cases.

Accidental death rate up (2007-07-09)
The accidental death rate has jumped from fifth place in 1998, but the reason for it isn't clear.

Research could help treat emphysema (2007-07-09)
Doctor Stephen Rennard of the University of Nebraska Medical Center says the hope is that the retinoid would cause the damaged parts of the lung to grow back.

Greenwood soldier remembered as happy, fun (2007-07-07)
The funeral for Army Specialist Dustin Lee Workman of Greenwood, Nebraska will be held in Lincoln this morning (Saturday). Workman was killed in Iraq last month when a roadside bomb exploded near his patrol in southern Baghdad.

Cuba sanctions opponents rally in Lincoln (2007-07-06)
A religious caravan that donates goods to Cuba and opposes the U-S trade embargo on the country will make a stop in Lincoln Friday.

State Supreme Court upholds term limits (2007-07-06)
State constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2000 prohibits legislators from serving more than two consecutive terms.

Adrian Smith hosts export-boosting forum (2007-07-05)
The University of Nebraska-Kearney is the site of a seminar called Export 101, to be hosted by 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith.

Cattle numbers up despite corn prices (2007-07-05)
Livestock producers say rising corn prices, driven by ethanol demand, are making it more expensive to feed cattle. But that hasn't stopped growth in the number of cattle being fed in Nebraska this year.

New bridge to connect Yankton, SD; northeast Nebraska (2007-07-05)
The new bridge will be 74 feet wide, with two lanes in each direction, shoulders, and a median in between.

Hospice care boosted in Nebraska (2007-07-05)
Hospice care is not just about care-giving, but about educating patients and their families in dealing with the end of life.

White wheat gaining popularity in Nebraska (2007-07-04)
Hard white wheat makes bread that's sweeter and smoother, and the grain is popular with international trading partners.

Fireworks can bring back veterans' combat memories (2007-07-03)
Psychiatrists encourage veterans to prepare themselves, be around supportive people and get help if needed.

Farm groups: tainted Chinese fish show need for more labeling (2007-06-29)
Leaders of two Nebraska farm groups say the incident highlights the need for more information about where meat and fish are coming from.

Malayan tiger pregnant at Omaha zoo (2007-06-29)
The rare tiger is carrying at least two cubs, possibly more.

Blood banks concerned about shortages this summer (2007-06-28)
Officials with the American Red Cross in Omaha say they're down to less than one day's supply for some blood types.

Nebraska HIV Testing Week begins (2007-06-27)
Nebraska Health and Human Services is encouraging those most at risk of getting the disease to seek testing.

National report ranks Nebraska at bottom for policies to improve teacher quality (2007-06-27)
Nebraska ranks among the worst-performing states in a new national look at policies that affect school teachers.

Kleeb raising funds for another run (2007-06-27)
Scott Kleeb says he'll run for office again at some point, possibly for the House or Senate in 2008.

Drowning in Noise, Part Three: Noise, stress and society (2007-06-27)
Is peace and quiet just enjoyable, or is it actually a human need?

Nepotism questioned at Labor Department (2007-06-26)
The state auditor's office is looking at possible cases of nepotism at another state agency.

Congress weighing changes to farm subsidy system (2007-06-26)
Nebraska farm groups differ on how the next Farm Bill subsidy system should be set up.

Drowning in Noise, Part Two: Hearing loss and young people (2007-06-26)
From mp3 players to rock concerts to car stereos, many young people are putting their hearing at risk.

New director of HHS kids division named (2007-06-26)
The newly-created Division of Children and Families at H-H-S has a new director.

NU volleyball player wins high honors (2007-06-26)
A Nebraska volleyball player has received the nation's top award for a female college athlete.

State flag-desecration statute to see challenge (2007-06-26)
The Nebraska law against flag desecration will face a challenge in court.

Former Sen. Kerrey speaks in Omaha (2007-06-25)
Former governor and senator gives keynote address to Democratic Party's annual Morrison-Exon Dinner.

Heineman announces new vets home administrators (2007-06-25)
Governor says new appointees will help focus services for veterans.

Drowning in Noise, Part One: Noise in the workplace (2007-06-25)
As the world becomes a noisier place, hearing loss is becoming more common among younger people.

Extended Guard unit returns from Iraq after 21-month mission (2007-06-25)
Hundreds of families were reunited in Lincoln Sunday after 250 Nebraska National Guard troops returned from an almost two-year deployment.

Meth and women: the toll on families (2007-06-22)
Methamphetamine abuse cuts across all demographics, but almost half of its users are women.

After 20 years, Carhenge goes from junk to treasure (2007-06-22)
Local artist Jim Reinders thought up the idea for Carhenge after visiting Stonehenge in England.

Friends remember Spc. V. John Borm (2007-06-22)
Friends and family will honor the 21-year-old Army Specialist who died in Iraq last week during funeral services in his hometown of Sidney Saturday.

Experts differ on viability of ethanol goals (2007-06-22)
Meeting the Senate energy bill's ethanol standards would require a third to a half of the nation's corn crop.

Nebraska's adjutant general retiring (2007-06-22)
Maj. General Roger Lempke has headed Nebraska National Guard since 2000.

Soldier from Valentine remembered (2007-06-21)
Josiah Hollopeter, an Army sniper killed in Iraq, played the part of an outsider but could be counted on in the clutch, friends and family say.

South Dakota communities working to prevent meth use first (2007-06-21)
Experts say communities need to work together on several levels to prevent meth use.

Omaha doctor brings care back to Sudan (2007-06-21)
A Sudanese-born doctor who practices in Omaha returned recently from a medical trip to his home country.

Sierra Club criticizes public power's coal use (2007-06-21)
Activists with the Sierra Club say Nebraska's public utilities could be doing more to reduce coal-related emissions.

Hagel expresses concerns about increased ethanol mandate (2007-06-21)
Bill under consideration in Senate would double corn ethanol and rely heavily on cellulosic in next 15 years.

Valentine soldier remembered (2007-06-21)
Josiah Hollopeter, an Army sniper, was killed in Iraq.

Soldier from Valentine remembered (2007-06-21)
Josiah Hollopeter, an Army sniper killed in Iraq, played the part of an outsider but could be counted on in the clutch, friends and family say.

PETA calls for Zoo Nebraska's closure (2007-06-21)
A national animal rights group is stepping up its efforts to see a troubled Nebraska zoo shut down.

South Dakota communities working to prevent meth use first (2007-06-21)
Experts say communities need to work together on several levels to prevent meth use.

Meth and kids: one family's story (2007-06-20)
When parents use methamphetamine, their children all too often suffer the consequences.

Disaster help in process from May storms (2007-06-20)
Preliminary estimate for losses in southeast and north central Nebraska were about 3.5 million.

Funeral held for Omaha native killed in Iraq (2007-06-20)
A funeral for U-S Army Specialist Adam Herold was held in Omaha on Wednesday. He was killed in Iraq earlier this month.

Power utility asking irrigators to pay for right to use Niobrara water (2007-06-20)
For the first time in memory, the Nebraska Public Power District is offering to sell irrigators the right to use Niobrara river water.

Storm damage assessments underway (2007-06-19)
Efforts are underway to assess and repair damage from storms across Nebraska this spring.

Omaha native Adam Herold remembered (2007-06-19)
U.S. Army Specialist Adam Herold was killed in Iraq earlier this month. The 23-year-old from Omaha is remembered as a determined young man who found his sense of purpose in the military.

Omaha native Adam Herold remembered (2007-06-19)
U.S. Army Specialist Adam Herold was killed in Iraq earlier this month. The 23-year-old from Omaha is remembered as a determined young man who found his sense of purpose in the military.

Fighting meth: the strain on law enforcement (2007-06-19)
The evolving methamphetamine epidemic has forced law enforcement officials to find new ways of dealing with the drug.

Omaha native Adam Herold remembered (2007-06-19)
U.S. Army Specialist Adam Herold was killed in Iraq earlier this month. The 23-year-old from Omaha is remembered as a determined young man who found his sense of purpose in the military.

Beef export problems raise concerns about USDA inspections (2007-06-19)
For the third time in less than a month, agricultural officials report an American company has mistakenly exported beef that did not meet South Korea's standards.

Ethanol plant safety effort launched (2007-06-18)
Concerns about hazards at ethanol plants in Nebraska are prompting a new workplace safety initiative launched Monday.

Breast cancer study seeks sisters of affected women (2007-06-18)
More information is available at 1-800-474-7837, or on the internet at

Meth on the brain: Why the drug is so addictive (2007-06-18)
The physical effects of meth use vary from person to person. But the drug often causes long-term damage to key parts of the brain.

Another ethanol plant opening in Nebraska (2007-06-18)
As Congress prepares to again discuss energy this week, another Nebraska ethanol plant is celebrating its opening.

Meth on the brain: Why the drug is so addictive (2007-06-18)
The physical effects of meth use vary from person to person. But the drug often causes long-term damage to key parts of the brain.

Meth and the brain: why the drug is so addictive (2007-06-18)
The physical effects of meth use vary from person to person. But the drug often causes long-term damage to key parts of the brain.

Fighting meth: the strain on law enforcement (2007-06-18)
The evolving methamphetamine epidemic has forced law enforcement officials to find new ways of dealing with the drug.

Heart disease detection improved (2007-06-15)
Omaha researchers are developing technology to do a better job of finding heart disease.

Environmental action tour stops in Nebraska (2007-06-15)
A group of four young environmental activists arrive in Nebraska this weekend as part of a nationwide tour.

Water officials look to flush Missouri River silt (2007-06-15)
Years of collected sand and sediment are filling up reservoirs along the Missouri River system. Now the U-S Army Corps of Engineers is studying the possibility of washing the silt downstream.

Smith not convinced on immigration (2007-06-15)
President George Bush's latest push for an immigration bill hasn't persuaded Nebraska Third District Congressman Adrian Smith, at least so far.

Nebraska Chautauqua in Kearney (2007-06-15)
Five famous Nebraskans come to life in a family learning experience.

Cattlemen among critics of new ethanol mandates (2007-06-14)
As Congress considers a new energy bill, the Nebraska Cattlemen are joining a growing chorus urging caution on requiring more use of ethanol.

Thousands of feedlots, including dozens in Nebraska, temporarily exempt from air quality laws (2007-06-14)
Twenty-four sites were chosen nationwide for a study aimed at better understanding air pollution from feedlots.

Housing agency sues state for discrimination (2007-06-14)
A state agency has been named in a lawsuit alleging discrimination against Native American residents of a Chadron trailer park.

Guide to Nebraska fresh produce now available (2007-06-14)
A guide to farmers' markets, roadside stands and other places for fresh produce across the state is now available from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. The guide, titled "Your Guide to Nebraska Fresh Produce," is available online at or by phone at 800-422-6692.

Healthcare reports offer different views of Nebraska's system (2007-06-13)
Two separate studies rank Nebraska's health system for overall quality, private ownership.

Regulators to look at health effects of pesticide exposure (2007-06-13)
The Environmental Protection Agency has published a draft list of 73 chemicals, including some used in agriculture, to examine more closely for their impact on humans.

Nelson defends proposal to increase ethanol mandate (2007-06-13)
New energy bill would raise production mandate from 8.5 billion gallons in 2008 to 36 billion in 2022.

State Offers Assistance to Flood Victims (2007-06-12)
The assistance is in the form of grants of up to $7,500 - accepted on a first come-first approved basis. Residents of 34 counties are eligible.

Soldier killed in Afghanistan memorialized in Omaha (2007-06-12)
Chief Warrant Officer Chris Allgaier went to school in Omaha before leaving to learn how to fly and join the Army.

Chris Allgaier remembered as caring, humble (2007-06-12)
A memorial service will be held today in Omaha for Chief Warrant Officer Chris Allgaier. Allgaier was killed when the helicopter he was piloting went down in battle in Afghanistan May 30th.

Auditor says Brand Committee paid inspectors for work not done (2007-06-11)
Director of cattle inspection agency says employees were on call, but says new procedures will be used.

GOP may be losing rural voters (2007-06-11)
A new national poll suggests support for Republicans may be slipping among voters from rural areas. But political party leaders from Nebraska are divided on whether that's true here.

Coffee farmers look to U.S. Farm Bill for help (2007-06-10)
The plight of coffee bean farmers in developing countries sparked a movement to bring fair trade coffee to the United States, the world's largest coffee consumer. One coffee farmer from the Dominican Republic is touring Nebraska to talk about the U-S farm bill and what Americans can do to help.

ACLU to represent Westboro Baptist member in flag-desecration case (2007-06-08)
ACLU attorneys say they will provide legal help in a free-speech case involving a controversial church group that opposes gay rights and the ACLU.

Black soldiers recognized at Lincoln monument (2007-06-08)
A monument honoring two historic groups of African-American servicemen will be unveiled at a ceremony in Lincoln Saturday morning.

Immigration debate divides Nebraskans (2007-06-08)
As an immigration proposal languishes in a divided Congress, Nebraskans are arguing the pros and cons of change as well.

Archeological Dig Yielding Artifacts, Insight (2007-06-07)
The dig sits on a present flood control dam site. It's also land once used as a hunting outpost

Bruning enters U.S. Senate race (2007-06-07)
Attorney General says he's disappointed in Republican incumbent Chuck Hagel's dissent on the Iraq war and support of "amnesty" for illegals.

Effect of term limits examined (2007-06-06)
Some senators say the move has shifted power from the Legislature to the governor; others say it's brought fresh ideas and the possibility for change.

Constitutionality of flag desecration charges questioned (2007-06-06)
A county prosecutor says he's considering more charges against a member of a church group that protests at soldiers' funerals. But a civil-liberties attorney says the charges might not pass constitutional muster.

Women's commission kept poor records, audit says (2007-06-06)
A state agency that has already lost its funding is now being criticized for poor recordkeeping.

PSC hits dead end in robocalls investigation (2007-06-05)
Attempt to trace source of calls in Smith-Kleeb congressional race ends with apparent disguising of numbers from which calls originated.

Bellevue soldier killed in Iraq laid to rest (2007-06-05)
Fallen guardsman is remembered in an emotional ceremony as someone who would do anything for his comrades.

Hagel: President should appoint Mideast envoy (2007-06-04)
Senator says U.S. has "taken its eye off the ball" by not putting greater emphasis on resolving Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

History Hides in Homestead Records (2007-06-04)
Some experts say that tapping the Homestead Records could rewrite the history of the US

Platte River boat journey finally ends (2007-06-01)
Ron Snell had his flatboat "The Plattepus" have finally finished the journey down the length of the Platte.

Legislature sustains Heineman's veto of small schools bill (2007-06-01)
Governor and small school supporters say provisions for re-establishing districts are too complicated.

Demonstrations center on Lincoln bishop (2007-06-01)
Bruskewitz targeted, defended for his stances including resistance to sexual abuse audits.

Legislators look back on accomplishments, disappointments (2007-06-01)
Lawmakers are not scheduled to return to session until next January.

Expanding Art in the classroom (2007-05-31)
The Nebraska Arts Council wants art taught across the curriculum.

Creighton switch pitcher gives Bluejays an edge (2007-05-31)
Pitcher Pat Venditte throws equally well with his right and left arm.

Poindexter's hearing concludes (2007-05-30)
A defense lawyer is expressing outrage about evidence withheld at the murder trial of black radicals in Omaha 36 years ago. A hearing for a possible new trial concluded Wednesday.

State to track West Nile progress (2007-05-29)
The state is once again asking residents to assist in monitoring for West Nile virus.

Small school districts could be reestablished (2007-05-29)
Over the strenuous objection of some rural senators, the Legislature passed a bill Tuesday setting out new procedures for reestablishing small schools.

Integrating art and education (2007-05-29)
An effort is underway to integrate arts education into other aspects of school curriculum.

End in sight for "The Plattepus" (2007-05-29)
The end is in sight for The Plattepus - Ron Snell's hand-made boat he's poling down the Platte River.

Sandhills focus of ecological study (2007-05-28)
There's concern that global warming could endanger the future of Nebraska's Sandhills. But, researchers are discovering the grass covered dunes are hardier than they once thought.

Materials Exchange Program (2007-05-28)
The program connects companies trying to get rid of recyclable waste with companies who are interested in reusing it.

Supporting the Troops: Two Men's Story (2007-05-26)
A well known author and a Nebraska WWII veteran talk about what it means to them to support the troops.

State's largest utility to look for wind power investors (2007-05-24)
Nebraska state ranks sixth in wind-generation potential, but only 18th in actual wind-generating capacity. That's prompted developers to ask to invest in wind power.

Hagel calls for more U.S. aid to Lebanon (2007-05-24)
As Lebanese troops and Islamic militants continue fighting inside a Palestinian refugee camp, U-S Senator Chuck Hagel says the United States needs to increase its assistant to the Lebanese government.

Omaha-area schools bill passes (2007-05-24)
The latest plan for Omaha area schools was approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Dave Heinman. But, questions remain about how it will work, and who will pay for it.

Shark delivers virgin birth at Omaha zoo (2007-05-23)
Tests have confirmed a shark at an Omaha zoo produced baby shark... without ever mating with a male.

Teen drinking bill advances (2007-05-23)
Adults who give or sell alcohol to minors could be held civilly liable for injuries or deaths they cause, under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

InfoUSA attempts to clear its name (2007-05-23)
An Omaha-based company is firing back against accusations of turning a blind eye to telemarketing fraud.

Teen drinking bill advances (2007-05-23)
Adults who give or sell alcohol to minors could be held civilly liable for injuries or deaths they cause, under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

Teen drinking bill advances (2007-05-23)
Adults who give or sell alcohol to minors could be held civilly liable for injuries or deaths they cause, under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

Platte River boat trip update (2007-05-23)
Ron Snell and his boat "The Plattepus" are attempting to boat the entire length of the Platte River.

Rural Development offices to close (2007-05-22)
The Rural Development arm of the U-S Department of Agriculture announced plans Tuesday to close over half of its offices in Nebraska.

Homestead Heritage Center Opens (2007-05-22)
The doors are now open at the new Heritage Center at The Homestead National Monument.

Swift raids leave fear in G.I. (2007-05-22)
Last December's raids on Swift and Company meatpacking plants in six states have shaken Hispanic communities across the country, including Grand Island's.

Taxpayer advocate provides help to taxpayers across the state. (2007-05-22)
Most people don't know the free service is available.

Omaha schools bill debated (2007-05-22)
The Legislature resumed debate today on a bill that would change schools in the Omaha area and, potentially, throughout Nebraska.

Hagel on Iraq: is it costing him political capitol? (2007-05-21)
Senator Chuck Hagel's criticism of President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq is making some Republicans angry. Other Republicans say he's doing the right thing.

Gretna soldier Matthew Alexander remembered (2007-05-18)
The funeral for 21-year old U-S Army Corporal Matthew Alexander will be held in his hometown of Gretna in southeast Nebraska Friday afternoon. Corporal Alexander was killed in Iraq on May 6th.

Funeral held for Matthew Alexander (2007-05-18)
Over 500 people attended the funeral for U-S Army Corporal Matthew Alexander Friday.

Standardized testing bill advances (2007-05-18)
Nebraska took a step toward more standardized testing of students Friday, under a bill that got first round approval in the Legislature.

Gold Star plates under debate (2007-05-17)
A proposal to create Gold Star license plates for family members of people who die during military duty ran into objections Thursday in the Legislature.

Homestead National Monument opens new visitors center (2007-05-17)
In conjunction, a symposium on the Homestead Act at UNL has invited Gerard Baker, head of Mt. Rushmore National Monument and a Hidatsa-Sioux to address the effects of homesteading on Native people.

"Plattepus" will traverse the state by river (2007-05-17)
Starting Friday, a North Platte man will set out on an unusual fundraising drive. He's taking a 570-mile trip across the state. But he's doing it on the Platte River, using a homemade flatboat.

Senators weigh in on AG resignation calls (2007-05-16)
U-S Senator Chuck Hagel is the latest Republican to call for the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

School tests spark fiery rhetoric (2007-05-16)
A proposal to require statewide tests of students in reading and math sparked heated debate Wednesday in the Legislature.

Daub dips toe in Senate pool (2007-05-15)
Another possible challenger to Republican U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel is testing the waters. Hal Daub, the former Omaha Mayor and Congressman said Tuesday he might throw his hat in the ring.

Confusion reigns over Niobrara River water rights (2007-05-15)
A recent public meeting with Nebraska Public Power Distrit officials answered some questions and raised others.

Muslim workers resign over prayer times (2007-05-15)
A Grand Island meatpacking plant that saw immigration raids last year is now the focus of a new controversy involving foreign-born workers.

Activists again organizing Pine Ridge beer blockade (2007-05-14)
Organizers say this year's blockade will go forward.

StoryCorps to record Nebraska narratives (2007-05-14)
A traveling national history project has arrived in Omaha to collect the extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

Poindexter's request for new trial underway (2007-05-12)
Convicted police-killer's defenders contend he was framed for his radical political views.

Nebraska's Title IX Champ: Dr. Barbara Hibner (2007-05-11)
Dr. Hibner lead Nebraska women's athletics to a new era.

Supreme Court rejects school funding lawsuit (2007-05-11)
The suit says the state fails to meet the needs of small schools.

Watershed controls ease flood impact (2007-05-11)
The flooding in southeast Nebraska could have been much worse if not for the dams and other watershed control structures put in place.

Defense expert says voice on 911 tape not Peak's (2007-05-10)
Authenticity of prosecution's star witness account is key to request for new trial for Edward Poindexter.

Peak's voice now compared to 911 tape (2007-05-10)
Identity of voice on tape key to requested new trial for Ed Poindexter in old, racially-charged case.

Lawmakers begin debate on OPS bill (2007-05-09)
Legislators began debate Wednesday on a bill designed to address ongoing problems in Omaha-area public schools.

Tape of 911 call in Poindexter hearing (2007-05-09)
The defense says this is a copy of the original 911 call that Duane Peak made on August 17th, 1970.

Same sex issues taboo for state diversity committees (2007-05-08)
HHS employees in Omaha and Lincoln say the state is barring them from talking about same-sex relationships as part of a discussion of diversity.

OPS compromise bill presented (2007-05-08)
State senators say they're ready to take discussions of the future of Omaha's schools back to the floor of the Legislature.

Gretna soldier killed in Iraq (2007-05-08)
U.S. Army Corporal Mathew Alexander's death in Iraq is hitting hard in the southeast Nebraska town of Gretna. Monday night, students at the high school played a musical tribute to the 2004 graduate.

Defense-supplied recording of 911 call in Poindexter case (2007-05-08)
This is a recording supplied by an attorney for Edward Poindexter in his request for a new trial in the 1970 killing of Omaha Police Officer Larry Minard.

Poindexter request for new trial underway (2007-05-08)
Allegations of unfairness in 1971 trial being used as basis for new request. Supporters have long contended Poindexter was framed for holding radical political views.

Community for disabled adults in the works in Omaha (2007-05-07)
The organization is making plans to build a 50-acre gated community called the Nebraska Village of Promise as a home for people with disabilities.

Tornado hits rural northeast Nebraska (2007-05-07)
Over 60 miles of roads are closed in northeast Nebraska because of this weekend's storms, including a tornado that hit the tiny village of Springview.

Legislative pay hike considered (2007-05-07)
There's renewed interest in giving state senators a raise.

Farmers upset about FSA cutbacks (2007-05-04)
Over 170 farmers and ranchers packed a meeting in southwest Nebraska on Friday to hear about proposed closings and consolidations of Farm Service Agency offices in the state.

Funeral in Hastings for Lt. Kevin Gaspers (2007-05-04)
A funeral was held Friday for Army Lieutenant Kevin Gaspers. He was killed in Iraq last week.

Locker buried in hometown of Burwell (2007-05-03)
Sgt Keneth Locker Jr. was buried Thursday morning with full military honors in his hometown of Burwell in his Locker was one of two Nebraska soldiers killed in the April 23rd suicide bombing in Iraq.

Lawmakers continue tax debate (2007-05-03)
Who will get tax cuts made possible by higher-than-expected state revenues? That was the argument, as the Legislature continued its tax debate Thursday.

Lawmakers continue tax debate (2007-05-03)
Who will get tax cuts made possible by higher-than-expected state revenues? That was the argument, as the Legislature continued its tax debate Thursday.

Stay of execution not unheard of (2007-05-03)
Legal experts say a decision by the Nebraska Supreme Court on Wednesday to hold off on executing a man who had requested to be put to death is unusual... but NOT unheard of.

Lawmakers continue tax debate (2007-05-03)
Who will get tax cuts made possible by higher-than-expected state revenues? That was the argument, as the Legislature continued its tax debate Thursday.

Endangered species definition questioned (2007-05-03)
A group of scientists from across the country is objecting to a change in how the federal government defines endangered species.

Gaspers to be laid to rest in Hastings (2007-05-03)
A funeral will be held Friday in Hastings for Army Lieutenant Kevin Gaspers. He is being remembered as a quiet, well-mannered student and athlete. He mentored young cadets in college, loved watching action movies, and dreamed of being a paratrooper since elementary school.

Legislature looks at tax cut options (2007-05-02)
Major changes were made to proposed tax reductions in the Legislature on Wednesday.

Tribal groups to protest at Buffet meeting (2007-05-01)
At issue are dams operated by PacifiCorp, which is owned by a subsidiary of Warren Buffet's company Berkshire Hathaway.

Report looks at minority college attendance, cost (2007-05-01)
High school graduation rates are generally improving for all ethnic groups in Nebraska. That's one of the findings of a progress report that examines factors affecting higher education.

Attempt to revive Class One districts fails (2007-05-01)
The Legislature Tuesday rejected an attempt to restore elementary-only Class One school districts.

Reviving "class one" schools under fire (2007-04-30)
On the eve of renewed legislative debate about reviving small, "Class One" schools, there seems to be some movement to make it easier - but not as much as supporters would like.

Niobrara water use could see limits (2007-04-30)
A federal agency is asking the state to hold off on allowing new surface water uses on the Niobrara River.

Darfur rally set in Omaha (2007-04-27)
A rally in Omaha this weekend will bring attention to the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Sidetraked 2 Elsewhere: These Girls Rock (2007-04-27)
The all-girl combo of 14 year olds is playing dances and coffeehouses in Northeast Nebraska

Giving Latinos a helping hand (2007-04-27)
A program in south Omaha is teaching middle school students how to educate their parents on the basics of financial literacy. Many of the kids are from working-class Latino families, who may not have any knowledge of how the banking system works.

Cell research promises stronger antibiotics (2007-04-26)
Nebraska medical researchers are learning how to make bacteria less resistant to antibiotics. It could lead to advances in the treatment of cancer and other illnesses.

Teens banned from chatting and driving (2007-04-26)
Overriding a veto by Governor Dave Heineman, the Legislature on Thursday passed a law to prohibit some teen drivers from using cell phones.

Burwell soldier killed in Iraq (2007-04-26)
The second Nebraska soldier to die in Iraq this week was already a decorated war hero. Sgt Kenneth Locker of Burwell received the Purple Heart for injuries he sustained in a battle last fall. Locker was killed on Monday.

Legislature passes water solution (2007-04-26)
A bill aimed at addressing pressing water issues in the Republican River basin was passed by the Nebraska Legislature Thursday.

Bargain Buyway a hit in north central Nebraska (2007-04-25)
16 communities band together to show their wares and hope to attract travelers and tourists.

Breast cancer and fatigue subject of UNMC study (2007-04-25)
New research out of Omaha suggests many breast cancer patients are fatigued even before starting chemotherapy.

"Medical apology" bill advances in Legislature (2007-04-24)
Doctors could apologize to patients or their families for bad outcomes without fear that those statements could be used against them in court, under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

Omaha church sees rash of art thefts (2007-04-24)
Six valuable works of art have been stolen from churches in Omaha over the last year. Omaha Police are investigating if the thefts as related, and have sought assistance from the F.B.I. A church in west Omaha was the scene of the most recent crime.

Students react to social security report (2007-04-24)
An annual review of Social Security says the program's Trust Fund will be empty in less than four decades - about the time many of today's younger workers are likely to be nearing retirement.

Hastings soldier killed in Iraq (2007-04-24)
A Hastings man was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq on Monday.

Omaha church sees rash of art thefts (2007-04-24)
Six valuable works of art have been stolen from churches in Omaha over the last year. Omaha Police are investigating if the thefts as related, and have sought assistance from the F.B.I. A church in west Omaha was the scene of the most recent crime.

Omaha church sees rash of art thefts (2007-04-24)
Six valuable works of art have been stolen from churches in Omaha over the last year. Omaha Police are investigating if the thefts as related, and have sought assistance from the F.B.I. A church in west Omaha was the scene of the most recent crime.

Poll shows Bruning leads Hagel in '08 primary (2007-04-23)
Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning released a poll Monday which shows him leading Senator Chuck Hagel if the two were to oppose each other in the 2008 Republican primary.

Diary of Nebraska Civil War Vet Published (2007-04-23)
The diary gives an inside view of life with the Nebraska 1st Cavalry - and what the Civil War looked like to a German immigrant.

Nebraskans at War, part two (2007-04-23)
Nebraska National Guard soldiers talk about their 18 months away from home, and how their adusting to their return.

Bruning rejects death penalty challenge (2007-04-23)
Attorney General Jon Bruning has declined a request from Senator Ernie Chambers that he challenge the state's method of execution for having been improperly adopted.

Nebraskans at War in Iraq - Part One (2007-04-20)
These days the National Guard has a much different role than the stereotyped "weekend warriors" of old.

Bruning settles with Nelnet (2007-04-20)
NY Attorney General tells AP he's still investigating Lincoln student loan firm.

South-central Nebraska to get more cancer trials (2007-04-20)
A hospital in Grand Island will take part in a National Cancer Institute initiative designed to improve rural access to clinical trials.

Hagel responds to Bruning's criticism of war views (2007-04-19)
Bruning now says he's considering a run for Senate, regardless of Hagel's plans.

Bargain hunters to travel Nebraska's "Bargain Buyway" (2007-04-19)
This weekend 16 communities will be featuring their wares along a route they're calling the Bargain Buyway.

McSween remembered by people at York College (2007-04-18)
Sailor killed in Iraq impressed staff and friends with faith, friendship.

McSween remembered by people at York College (2007-04-18)
Sailor killed in Iraq impressed staff and friends with faith, friendship.

McSween remembered by people at York College (2007-04-18)
Sailor killed in Iraq impressed staff and friends with faith, friendship.

Campaign urges donating to charities, not panhandlers, in Lincoln (2007-04-18)
Students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are partnering with several local groups in an effort to encourage giving to charities that help the homeless, rather than to homeless people asking for money.

Tax reductions don't make the cut (2007-04-18)
Attempts to increase the size of proposed property tax cuts, and to reduce the sales tax, were beaten back in the Legislature Wednesday.

Creighton students honor shooting victims (2007-04-18)
Over one-hundred students gathered at Creighton University on Tuesday to pray and express their solidarity for the students of Virginia Tech.

Legislature begins tax debate (2007-04-18)
Competing plans for reducing property taxes focus of first day's debate.

Nebraska groups react to Supreme Court abortion ruling (2007-04-18)
The Court says the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act passed by Congress and signed by President Bush in 2003 does not violate a woman's Constitutional right to an abortion.

McSween, killed in Iraq, laid to rest (2007-04-17)
Funeral services were held today in York for Petty Officer First Class Adam McSween, a York College graduate killed in Iraq.

Chambers challenges electrocution procedure (2007-04-17)
Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers says the state's current protocol for conducting executions is invalid, because it was put in place without a public hearing.

School breakfast bill advances through first round (2007-04-16)
Senators gave first-round approval to a bill that would increase state funding for school breakfasts.

Chambers blocks convention center subsidies (2007-04-16)
A bill to increase state funding for Omaha's convention center, arena and hotel ran into a filibuster Monday from Senator Ernie Chambers.

NPPD stalls wind farm project (2007-04-12)
Proponents of a wind farm project in north central Nebraska say they're ready to work out a deal to sell energy to the Nebraska Public Power District, but NPPD is not ready to commit yet.

Death penalty measure fails to advance (2007-04-12)
A measure that supporters say would narrow the death penalty, and opponents say would repeal it, fell two votes short of adoption in the Legislature Thursday.

Father of Oklahoma City victim speaks out against Nebraska's death penalty (2007-04-12)
Bud Welch, who lost his daughter in the Oklahoma City Bombing, opposes capital punishment.

Nelson denounces withdrawal deadlines (2007-04-11)
U-S Senator Ben Nelson says it's unlikely the Senate's version of a bill calling for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq will pass.

Nebraska lags in organic beef production (2007-04-11)
The organic industry is booming around the country, with sales now comfortably in the billions. Within that exploding market, the demand for organic beef and meat is estimated to be one of the fastest growing segments. But demand is far exceeding supply. (CORRECTION APPENDED)

Water solution gets first go-ahead (2007-04-11)
Legislators gave first-round approval Wednesday to a major water package that proponents hope will help stave off legal battles with Kansas.

FSA office closings upset farmers (2007-04-11)
Many farmers across rural Nebraska are upset about the planned closure of 12 of the state's 81 Farm Service Agency offices.

State standards could replace local testing (2007-04-10)
Teachers could spend less time developing tests, and it would be easier to compare results between school districts, under a proposal being shaped by a legislative committee.

Fort Calhoun safety meeting set for April 16th (2007-04-10)
Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Omaha Public Power District will answer questions from the public.

Sailor with Nebraska ties killed in Iraq (2007-04-10)
A York College graduate was one of three sailors killed in Iraq on Friday.

Water issue under debate in Legislature (2007-04-10)
Legislators discussed how rural and urban Nebraskans should share the cost of the state's water problems during floor debate Tuesday.

Wheat farmers worried after cold snap (2007-04-09)
The colder temperatures of the last several days have come just as the state's wheat crop is entering its rapid growth stage.

Anti-smoking ads debut this week (2007-04-09)
One Nebraskan's diagnosis of lung cancer caused by smoking will be told in a television ad to begin airing this week.

Downturn in mortgage market affects homeowners (2007-04-06)
Nebraska is not immune to the national nosedive in the subprime mortgage market. But credit counselors say the problem seems less acute here than in some other areas.

Gandhi's grandson delivers peace message (2007-04-06)
The grandson of the Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi spoke at the University of Nebraska on Friday about the importance of social action.

Pollen count drops with temperature (2007-04-06)
The cold snap that began Wednesday may help those who suffer from allergies. This season's unusually high pollen count has affected many Nebraskans, including one allergic 12 year old.

State may stop teens driving and chatting (2007-04-05)
Nebraskans under age 17 would not be allowed to use cell phones while driving, under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

Missouri River outlook good, for now (2007-04-05)
Parts of the Missouri River Basin saw higher-than-normal runoff last month, despite the ongoing drought

Organ donations sought in Nebraska (2007-04-04)
Donate Life Nebraska has teamed up with other organizations to have 800-thousand registered donors in the state by this time next year.

Nelson: Brain injured soldiers need private care (2007-04-04)
U-S Senator Ben Nelson toured a rehabilitation facility in Lincoln Wednesday and met with a soldier being treated for injuries suffered in Iraq.

Tax hikes could be cure to water woes (2007-04-04)
Irrigators and other residents of the Republican River basin could see increased property taxes under a proposal advanced by the Legislature's Natural Resources Committee Wednesday.

Kiewit employees in line for tax break (2007-04-03)
Bill would extend capital gains tax breaks to extraordinary dividends paid by employee owned companies.

Microbusinesses get boost from state program (2007-04-02)
Businesses in Nebraska with five or fewer employees are continuing to receive loans, training and technical assistance from state programs.

Holstein soldier remembered as quiet, well-liked (2007-04-01)
Twenty-six-year-old Wayne Cornell will be laid to rest Sunday following a service in south-central Nebraska. The Army Sergeant and former National Guard member was killed in Iraq earlier this month.

Death penalty restrictions considered (2007-03-30)
Supporters and opponents of proposed changes to Nebraska's death penalty law argued their case in a hearing before the Legislature's Judiciary Committee Friday.

State senators unveil water plan (2007-03-30)
The plan - which includes state and local funding contributions - is aimed at averting crises in the Republican River basin and other areas.

Chris Edwards Trial Blog (2007-03-29)
NET Television Reporter Bill Kelly attends the Edwards murder trial and submits a daily blog.

Chris Edwards murder trial begins (2007-03-29)
Prosecutors will try to win a conviction without a body, which would be a first in Nebraska history.

Future needs of biofuels industry could outpace Ag production capabilities (2007-03-27)
Experts say producing enough materials for the ethanol industry will be a major challenge in the future.

Brain injury conference set (2007-03-26)
For more information: or call 888-806-6287.

Chris Edwards trial first week (2007-03-23)
In a sensational murder trial underway in Omaha, it took the first half of the week just to select a jury. As testimony opened in the case of Christopher Edwards, the Douglas County attorney had to carefully make the case that a murder had occurred, even if the murder victim has never been found.

Nebraska could be one of worst-hit states by flu pandemic (2007-03-22)
A new study estimates a bird flu epidemic could cost Nebraska $4.4 billion in workforce and industry losses.

VA survey shows minor problems at Nebraska facilities (2007-03-22)
Dusty shelves, chipped tiles, water damage, and even cockroaches and other dead bugs were among problems found at facilities in Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island.

Moore's execution date set (2007-03-22)
After 27 years of fighting off his planned execution, death-row inmate Carey Dean Moore now is requesting he be killed.

Ethanol driving increase in value of Ag land (2007-03-21)
Ag land in Nebraska is up by an average of 14 percent an acre - the biggest increase in 19 years.

Death penalty ban fails by one vote (2007-03-20)
The bill sponsored by Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers would have changed the maximum punishment for murder from the death penalty to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Chris Edwards murder tial begins (2007-03-20)
Prosecutors will try to win a murder convction without a body, which would be a first in Nebraska history.

First counseling, then the altar? (2007-03-20)
Getting a marriage license in Nebraska could take longer and cost more unless couples agree to take classes first.

Heineman calls on Ag to share water funding burden (2007-03-19)
Governor Dave Heineman says convincing taxpayers in urban areas to help pay for the problem will require rural, agricultural areas to pay their fair share.

Research and innovation topic of conference (2007-03-19)
The third annual Nebraska Research and Innovation Conference will be held at the Qwest Center in Omaha on Wednesday.

Antibiotics overprescribed, UNMC researchers say (2007-03-19)
Doctors are over-prescribing antibiotics for sinus infections, and that can lead to more resistant strains of the bacteria.

Lincoln churches remember war deaths (2007-03-18)
Services mark fourth anniversary of U.S. invasion.

Lincoln demonstrators protest four years of war in Iraq (2007-03-17)
Roughly 300 people gathered near the State Capitol to call for an end to the war.

School bully guilty of stalking (2007-03-16)
State Supreme Court overturns Court of Appeals in Omaha case.

Non-candidate Hagel speaks at candidate forum (2007-03-14)
U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel spoke at a Presidential candidate forum in Washington, DC on Wednesday, even though he's put off a decision on whether or not to be a candidate.

Global warming could intensify Nebraska's droughts (2007-03-13)
Climate change could mean more than just hotter temperatures for Nebraska - it also could mean dryer weather.

Food stamp policy revised (2007-03-13)
When families that receive food stamps receive more than their fair share it can take months to sort out the mistake, and families sometimes suffer in the meantime. That could change soon.

Safe haven bill debated (2007-03-12)
A proposal to allow parents to abandon unwanted infants in designated places was debated in the Legislature Monday.

Hagel to decide later whether to run for President (2007-03-12)
The Nebraska Republican said a decision wil come "later this year."

Hagel announcement brings befuddled responses (2007-03-12)
For more on Hagel's announcement this morning, Avishay Artsy spoke with some veteran political watchers, who all seem to be scratching their heads.

Cattlemen's ball set for June 2nd (2007-03-10)
The 10th annual fundraiser will be held at Sand Point Cattle Company near Lodgepole.

Proposed tax breaks for feedlots under fire (2007-03-09)
Livestock owners could get help in meeting new environmental rules, under a bill introduced by Congressman Adrian Smith. But opponents of large feedlots say tax incentives are a waste of public dollars.

Wind farm draws promoters, critics (2007-03-09)
A 100 megawatt wind farm near Atkinson is being proposed by a Chicago area developer. If the Nebraska Public Power District agrees to buy electricity from it, it would become the first investor-owned utility to build in Nebraska since the state moved to all public power in the 1940s.

NU Regents criticize tax-cut proposals (2007-03-09)
A University of Nebraska Regent is criticizing tax-cut proposals by the governor and other state leaders.

Clean water, halt to drilling eyed (2007-03-08)
Concerns about Nebraska's water quality and quantity were discussed by state legislators Thursday.

Soldiers cope with war's emotional wounds (2007-03-08)
Helping soldiers overcome the invisible scars of war was the goal of a gathering of physicians and counselors in Omaha Thursday.

Immigration forum looks at conflicting views (2007-03-08)
A forum on conflicting views Nebraskans hold about immigration was briefly interrupted Wednesday by a small group of anti-immigration activists.

Health learning centers seek funding (2007-03-07)
A program to bring more health care professionals to underserved communities in Nebraska is in danger of losing its federal funding. The state would provide the needed funds under a bill considered in the Legislature's Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

Communities could opt out of smoking ban (2007-03-06)
Cities and towns would be able to exempt themselves from a proposed statewide ban on smoking in public places, under a bill advanced by the Legislature today.

Racism, violence seen in east Omaha (2007-03-06)
Residents of east Omaha gathered Sunday to talk about the robbery and arson of a shop that police are investigating as a hate-based crime.

Veterans' services in Nebraska scrutinized (2007-03-06)
Congressional investigations into alleged abuses at Walter Reed Medical Center have drawn attention to other veterans' services agencies across the country, including here in Nebraska.

Weather suggests incoming dry spell (2007-03-05)
Nebraska may be entering another period of drought.

Compromises over statewide smoking ban debated (2007-03-05)
A proposed ban on smoking in public places would not apply to smoke shops or home-based businesses. But whether entire communities could opt out is still up in the air.

CraneCam: Sandhill Cranes on Your Computer (2007-03-05)
A live webcam from the Rowe Sanctuary showing pictures of the crane migration.

Telling a Native American's Story through Opera: Wakonda's Dream (2007-03-02)
The Chairman of the Northern Ponca Tribe says Opera Omaha's decision to commission an opera with Native American characters is good for Poncas.

Omaha storytelling festival on Saturday (2007-03-02)
Story tellers spin their yarns, and workshops help beginners.

Opera Omaha Premiers Wakonda's Dream (2007-03-01)
The Opera features a contemporary Native American struggling to find his identity

Interstate 80 open after winter storm (2007-03-01)
Interstate 80 re-opens in Nebraska after heavy snow and high winds caused its closure.

Committee would focus on tribal-state relations (2007-02-28)
The state's relations with Indian tribes would be the focus of a special legislative committee under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

More resignations at Status of Women Commission (2007-02-28)
Several more members of the Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women have resigned, signaling a crisis in confidence within the agency.

Iraqi immigrant group protests at the Capitol (2007-02-27)
Iraqi immigrants from a little-known religious minority group called on the US government Tuesday to do more to protect their community in Iraq.

HHS reorganization held up in debate (2007-02-27)
Governor Dave Heineman's proposed reorganization of the Health and Human Services System was held up in the Legislature Tuesday.

Proposal to re-establish Class One school districts killed in Legislature (2007-02-27)
The Legislature's Education Committee killed a proposal to re-establish small, Class One school districts Tuesday.

Senators nix new state song (2007-02-27)
A Legislative committee Monday voted 6-0 to kill a proposal to replace the current state song, Beautiful Nebraska, with a new song, I Love Nebraska.

Legislature nixes new state song (2007-02-26)
A Legislative committee Monday killed a proposal to replace the current state song, Beautiful Nebraska, with a new song, I Love Nebraska.

Support for smoking ban polled (2007-02-26)
Supporters of a statewide smoking ban say the idea enjoys widespread public support, but a leading opponent says that's just one more reason to let local communities decide the issue.

Evangelicals and Environmentalism (2007-02-26)
The environmental movement is gaining strength among evangelical Christians. An expert in the field, Dr. Janel Curry of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, talks about evangelicals, the Bible, and the environment.

Women's agency chief resigns (2007-02-23)
The chairwoman of the Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women resigned Friday amid accusations of political maneuvering and unethical behavior.

Bush's budget no reflection of Nebraska values, critics say (2007-02-23)
Advocates for children and low-income families says President Bush's budget reflects the wrong priorities for Nebraska.

Unclaimed property searchable online (2007-02-23)
People can now search for unclaimed property held by Nebraska and other states on a national online database.

Niobrara depletion concerns officials (2007-02-22)
A proposal to halt diversions of water from the Niobrara River is being considered by a group charged with overseeing the scenic northern Nebraska river.

Mental health center slated for Omaha (2007-02-22)
A new mental health care facility is set to open this year in Omaha. The plans were announced at the University of Nebraska at Omaha on Thursday.

More prisoners could go to McCook camp (2007-02-22)
Prisoners convicted of nonviolent felony crimes could be placed in the McCook work ethic camp on their way to parole, under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

Senator Nelson tours U.S.-Mexico border (2007-02-21)
The Nebraska Democrat says enhanced border security has lead to few people crossing illegally.

Peanut Butter recall to cost ConAgra (2007-02-21)
Omaha-based ConAgra's peanut butter recall is estimated to cost the company between $50 and 60 (m) million dollars.

UNL third in illegal music downloads (2007-02-21)
The music industry says UNL is number three on its list of universities where illegally music downloading is taking place.

StratCom role in planning Iran attack examined (2007-02-21)
The group Nebraskans for Peace says it's concerned that Omaha-based StratCom is helping the U.S. prepare a preemptive strike against Iran.

Animal identification bill considered (2007-02-20)
Nebraska's two main cattlemen lobbies are split on the issue of mandating animal identification. The Legislature's Agriculture Committee will study the issue Tuesday.

Restoring "Class One" schools stirs debate (2007-02-20)
Supporters of restoring small Class One schools argue such a move is needed to keep faith with voters. But opponents argue against turning back the clock.

Students react to Congress' resolution debate (2007-02-19)
UNL students share their thoughts about Congress' debate over a non-binding resolution opposing the President's troop increase in Iraq.

Military mom asks for public support (2007-02-19)
The mother of three servicemen, and wife to another, says our military needs the public's support. Terri O'Brien says she's frustrated with the media attention given to people who are against the war.

Farm bill hearings set across Nebraska (2007-02-19)
The new federal farm bill is the topic of four meetings to be held across the state, beginning later this month.

Lincoln High takes Emmett Till Play to Lied Center (2007-02-17)
The play, written by Lincoln High theater teacher Chris Maly, tells the story of a pivotal event in the civil rights movement.

Omaha school sexual assault case proceeds (2007-02-16)
The Nebraska Supreme Court says school districts are not necessarily immune from being sued, in a case where one student says she was raped by another.

Alzheimer's discovery at UNMC (2007-02-16)
An important discovery in the cause and progression of Alzheimer's Disease has been made by researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Sgt Randy Matheny laid to rest in McCook (2007-02-16)
The community of McCook said goodbye to Nebraska National Guard Soldier Randy Matheny Friday.

Four new severe flu cases (2007-02-15)
Four Nebraskans with flu are showing similar symptoms to those experienced by a Lincoln girl, who died of the illness on Saturday.

Some in Omaha black community oppose Chambers on schools. (2007-02-15)
Parents and head of African American achievement council say district should stay together.

Funding for energy development explored (2007-02-15)
The development of renewable energy holds the future for rural Nebraska. That's what a top federal agriculture official told a Lincoln audience Thursday.

Providing medical coverage for autistic children proposed in the Legislature (2007-02-14)
Expanding medical coverage for children with autism is on the table at the Capitol Wednesday.

Developing wind energy in rural communities, Legislature debates (2007-02-14)
Efforts to develop wind energy in rural communities were discussed in the Legislature's Natural Resources Committee Wednesday.

Smoking ban delayed (2007-02-14)
A proposal to ban smoking in bars, restaurants and workplaces across the state has been put on hold for two weeks while supporters and opponents try to work out a compromise.

Smoking ban in foster homes debated (2007-02-13)
Debate over a statewide smoking ban focused Tuesday on amendment to prohibit smoking in homes where foster children are present.

Girl dies from flu in Lincoln (2007-02-13)
A girl from Lancaster County has died from influenza. The strain which attacked her is widespread across the state, but the manner in which it affected her was very rare.

State Fair's location under scrutiny (2007-02-13)
Approving a study to move the Nebraska State Fair was considered in the Legislature on Tuesday.

Driving privileges for illegal immigrants debated in legislature (2007-02-12)
A proposal to allow illegal immigrants to get driving privilege cards ran into strong opposition in a legislative hearing today Monday.

Enron whistle blower speaks in Lincoln (2007-02-12)
A Former Enron executive spoke to college students in Lincoln Monday about integrity in corporate America.

Renewable energy funding focus of conference (2007-02-11)
Finding funding for renewable energy projects is the focus of a conference in Lincoln this week.

Higher contamination found in northern Ogallala Aquifer (2007-02-09)
Pesticides were three times more prevalent in water samples taken from the Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska than from Texas, according to a new study.

Family of fallen soldier appears at news conference (2007-02-09)
The family of slain Nebraska Army National Guard soldier Randy Matheny appeared at a news conference in McCook Friday.

Chambers, Bruning spar over Omaha schools law (2007-02-09)
Attorney General shifts tactics on defending breakup law.

Major ethanol forum planned for March (2007-02-08)
The Emerging Issues Ethanol Forum will be held in Omaha, March 29th and 30th. For more information, visit

'Terror-Free' gas for sale in Omaha (2007-02-08)
A new gas station in Omaha offers a little foreign policy with its regular unleaded. The creators of the "terror-free oil" gas station hope to convince Americans to stop purchasing Middle Eastern oil.

Hagel defends Iraq resolution vote (2007-02-08)
U-S Senator Chuck Hagel Thursday defended his vote to block debate on the President's policy in Iraq.

Robotic competition in the classroom (2007-02-08)
Educators say the use of robotics is one way to get more science and technology in the classroom

Making it harder to amend the constitution, bill dies in legislature (2007-02-08)
It looks like a proposal to make it harder to put constitutional amendments on the election ballot is dead for the year.

Drug company marketing eyed (2007-02-07)
A pair of bills that would reduce the power of drug companies to influence the prescribing practices of physicians was discussed at the Capitol Wednesday.

Governor calls for freeze on Omaha school lawsuits (2007-02-07)
Governor Dave Heineman expanded his call for a moratorium on lawsuits over school issues in Omaha and around the state Wednesday. But a leading figure in at least one of those lawsuits rejected the governor's plea.

Making it harder to amend the constitution, debated in the legislature (2007-02-07)
A proposal to make it harder to amend the constitution, but easier to put statutes on the ballot is being debated in the legislature Wednesday.

Fed chairman speaks on resolving nation's income gap (2007-02-06)
The chairman of the U-S Federal Reserve told an Omaha audience Tuesday that education and training is the key to resolving the nation's growing income gap.

Heineman and Bruning spar over OPS redistricting (2007-02-06)
The governor wants to go slow on legal action to defend the reorganization of Omaha area schools. But the attorney general says he can't do that, and is moving ahead.

Amber Harris murder suspect charged (2007-02-05)
An arrest has been made in the case of a 12-year-old Omaha girl whose remains were found in a heavily wooded park last spring.

U.S. flu plans similar to Nebraska's (2007-02-05)
Federal plans for a pandemic flu outbreak are in line with plans already in place in Nebraska, officials say.

Hospice survey (2007-02-05)
Most Nebraskans won't recieve their wishes when it comes to end of life care.

Bill could stamp out smoking at work (2007-02-02)
A statewide ban on smoking in the workplace was the subject of a Legislative hearing Thursday.

Education Dept. breaks student testing laws (2007-02-02)
The state Department of Education is not obeying the law with regard to student testing, a legislative report says.

1st Lt. Jacob Fritz laid to rest (2007-02-01)
First Lieutenant Jacob Fritz was buried Wednesday. The twenty-five year old from rural Verdon in southeast Nebraska was killed last month in Iraq.

Plan to cut property taxes (2007-02-01)
Major farm organizations supported a plan designed to cut property taxes in a public hearing today. But a state tax official warned that previous, similar efforts had not impressed the public.

Proposal could deter aggressive petition circulators (2007-02-01)
A watered-down proposal supporters say could make initiative petition circulators less aggressive advanced in the Legislature today.

Sudan divestment bill retracted (2007-01-31)
A bill to divest public funds from companies providing support for the genocide in Sudan has been retracted from the Nebraska legislature Wednesday.

Clashes over Governor's tax plan (2007-01-31)
Advocates and opponents of Governor Dave Heineman's proposed tax cuts clashed in a public hearing Wednesday.

Middle class, then upper brackets look to benefit most from governor's tax cuts (2007-01-30)
Tax Commissioner estimates lower and middle brackets get 56 percent of benefits over first four years; in fourth year and thereafter, upper bracket gets over half.

Jacob Fritz recalled as athletic, ambitious (2007-01-30)
First Lieutenant Jacob Fritz of rural Verdon died in Iraq during a sophisticated and bloody attack on U-S troops that killed four others. His family says they would rather focus on the twenty-five-year-old's life, including his high school athletic achievements and his graduating from West Point.

Producing crops with less water, UNL researches (2007-01-30)
Helping Nebraska farmers and ranchers deal with using less water is the purpose of a new research project conducted by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

New low vision clinic coming to UNMC (2007-01-30)
About 45 percent of people age 65 and older suffer from some form of low vision.

Storm grant deadline February 6th (2007-01-29)
FEMA grants help communities pay for damage to public entities.

Kansas: Water cuts are not enough (2007-01-29)
A top Kansas water official says Nebraska is not doing enough to meet a water agreement between the two states.

Bill to give Nebraska courts jurisdiction over international custody case advances (2007-01-29)
Measure would create "rebuttable presumption" in cases of alleged abuse.

Tax credit help is available (2007-01-29)
Nebraskans lost millions of dollars in federal tax credits last year simply because they didn't ask for them.

Over 350 Cather Letters Donated to University of Nebraska (2007-01-29)
The gift makes UNL's the largest collection of correspondence from Nebraska's most famous author

Bio-energy focus of statewide conferences (2007-01-28)
Developing bio-energy is the focus of a series of agricultural conferences being held across the state this week.

Hundreds protest war in Lincoln (2007-01-27)
Religious, political, student leaders denounce Bush Administration policies in Iraq.

Robots teach kids about science (2007-01-26)
Using robots in Nebraska classrooms is part of a new program to get kids interested in science.

Child support for state wards will not be ordered (2007-01-26)
A proposal that could have force parents to pay child support when their children become state wards was killed by a legislative committee today.

Nebraska a high tax state? Depends on the study. (2007-01-26)
Tax Foundation, NCSL, Census, Small Business Survival, DC Tax Study rankings range from 6th to 33rd.

Legislature considers mercury ban (2007-01-26)
Banning mercury from vaccines was discussed in the Legislature Friday.

Infant medical screening challenged in Legislature (2007-01-25)
A bill allowing religious exemptions for infant blood screening was discussed in the Legislature Thursday. The measure is sponsored by Senator John Synowieki of Omaha.

Ban on corporate farming cannot be enforced (2007-01-25)
Nebraska will not be allowed to enforce its ban on corporate farming, while the court review a decision that the ban to be unconstitutional.

Ballot amendments would require more signatures (2007-01-25)
People who want to put state constitutional amendments on the ballot would have to collect more signatures, under a proposal moving in the Legislature.

Ranking taxes in Nebraska (2007-01-25)
How do taxes in Nebraska stack up against those in other states? The answer, perhaps not surprisingly, depends on who's doing the figuring.

Anti-war activists thank Hagel (2007-01-24)
A group of anti-war demonstrators gathered in front of U-S Senator Chuck Hagel's office in downtown Lincoln Wednesday.

Ethanol push meets some resistance (2007-01-24)
President Bush's call Tuesday night for higher ethanol production is being met in Nebraska with some skepticism.

Officials seek private donations for ice storm victims (2007-01-24)
Donations may be mailed to Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska, Rural Response Emergency Network, 215 Centennial Mall South, Suite 300, Lincoln, NE 68508-1888; Christian Charity Fund, 1419 East Ave, Holdrege NE 68949; or the Phelps County Community Foundation, 701 4th Ave. Suite 2A, Holdrege, NE 68949

Rare heart surgery performed at Nebraska Medical Center (2007-01-24)
A rare and complicated heart procedure has been successfully performed at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, reportedly the first of its kind in North America.

Bruning criticized as having broken plea agreement (2007-01-24)
Attorney General's office cites brief to refute accusation.

Donations for storm victims requested (2007-01-24)
State senators and the governor are asking people to donate to charity to help victims of the recent ice storm in central Nebraska.

Make teachers state employees? (2007-01-23)
Proposal could cut property taxes 20%, but raises questions of control.

Heineman asks NRDs for cooperation, input (2007-01-23)
Governor Dave Heineman called on water officials Tuesday to support his proposed solutions to the state's water shortage.

State would fund community colleges (2007-01-23)
Community colleges would no longer be able to use property taxes under a proposal heard by the Legislature's Education Committee Tuesday.

Lincoln students hold anti-war rally (2007-01-23)
A small anti-war protest was held at Wesleyan University in Lincoln today.

Falls City soldier killed in Iraq (2007-01-22)
Another Nebraska soldier died in Iraq on Saturday.

Nelson sponsors U.S. Senate resolution on Iraq (2007-01-22)
Nebraska Democratic Senator Ben Nelson joined two Republican colleagues Monday to present a Senate resolution opposing President Bush's plan to increase the number troops in Iraq.

State would pay for teachers' salaries (2007-01-22)
School teachers in Nebraska would have their salaries paid by the state, under a bill heard Monday by the Education Committee. If passed it would possibly result in a major drop in property taxes.

Haythorn Ranch Series, Part Two (2007-01-19)
A look at the Labor Day sale of some of the finest American Quarter Horses in the country.

Survey looks at lives of women in the workplace (2007-01-19)
A nonprofit organization wants Nebraska women who are working or seeking work to tell them about their work lives.

Ethanol adds demand on water (2007-01-19)
Water shortages in Nebraska present a challenge to the booming ethanol industry. Researchers and industry leaders gathered today Friday to discuss possible solutions.

Proposal would tighten rules in recalling public officials (2007-01-19)
Efforts to recall public officials could be undertaken only for specific reasons having to do with their performance in office, under a proposal heard by a legislative committee today.

Delivering disaster aid (2007-01-19)
Meetings were held around the state this week for public entities and certain non-profit organizations to receive federal disaster assistance from recent ice storms.

Cervical cancer vaccine not covered by insurance (2007-01-19)
A cervical cancer vaccine has been approved by the F-D-A and is now available. But insurance companies have not yet agreed to cover the new drug.

Hagel won't seek more support on Iraq resolution (2007-01-18)
U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel says he will not try to persuade fellow Republicans to join him in opposing the president's plan to send more troops to Iraq.

Nebraska National Guard copes with extended missions (2007-01-18)
The commander of Nebraska National Guard soldiers in Iraq says the shock of learning they'll be staying an extra four months is wearing off, and they're coming up with some creative ways to cope with the stress.

Haythorn Ranch Series, Part One (2007-01-18)
Just north of Interstate 80 near Ogallala, you'll find the Haythorn Ranch. Although it's only 16 miles north of town, it's about a hundred years back in time.

Repeal of Omaha schools breakup proposed (2007-01-17)
Plan reflects meetings between city and suburban superintendents.

Hagel joins Democrats in opposing Iraq troop increase (2007-01-17)
The non-binding Senate resolution reads in part "it is not in the national interest of the United States to deepen its militaryt involvement in Iraq."

Children's study reports higher child abuse rates (2007-01-17)
Reports of child abuse and neglect are on the rise in the State, according to a new study released today

Accounting of arrests made at immigration raids (2007-01-17)
More than a month after raids at six meatpacking plants across the nation, an immigration official is providing a rough accounting of what's happened to those arrested.

Bills would restrict signature gathering (2007-01-17)
The use of petition circulators would be restricted under a pair of bills introduced Wednesday in the Legislature.

Stories of Home Documentary Debuts (2007-01-17)
The project matches 12 families with 12 artists who create art from the families'stories

Statewide ban proposed on smoking in public places (2007-01-16)
Sponsor says adoption of bans in Lincoln, Omaha has increased chances for passage.

Flu cases higher in Grand Island than in rest of state (2007-01-16)
Grand Island-area hospitals are reporting a higher number of flu cases than other areas of the state, though this year has been relatively mild.

Property tax credit on income taxes proposed (2007-01-16)
Proposal is consponsored by 28 senators in the 49-member Legislature.

MLK Day of Service in Omaha (2007-01-15)
All are welcome to volunteer in a UNO sponsored service event in observance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

Cattle, Corn & Ethanol Meetings (2007-01-12)
As the corn industry undergoes significant changes, Nebraska's cattle producers face new challenges that will be discussed at meetings across the state this month.

Omaha's annexation of Elkhorn upheld (2007-01-12)
State Supreme Court says city did not violate Open Meetings Act in race to annex.

Heineman water proposal criticized (2007-01-12)
Governor Dave Heineman set out a plan Thursday to meet the state's water challenges. But one critic says farmers are being asked to carry too much of the burden.

Senator Hagel critical of Iraq surge, won't discuss power of the purse (2007-01-12)
The Nebraska Republican says he'll respond at the appropriate time to questions about voting against funding the war.

Irrigation ban proposal reaction mixed (2007-01-11)
The proposed statewide well moratorium gets mixed reaction from Natural Resource Districts.

MLK , Jr. Birthday commemorated across Nebraska over next several days (2007-01-11)
King's birthday will be observed across the state beginning in Omaha and Kearney Thursday and continuing next week across the state.

MLK , Jr. Birthday commemorated across Nebraska over next several days (2007-01-11)
King's birthday will be observed across the state beginning in Omaha and Kearney Thursday and continuing next week across the state.

Historian: Bush plan won't solve Iraq problems (2007-01-11)
NU History Prof. Tim Borstelman says small troop increase won't make much difference.

Hagel critical of Iraq plan, others more supportive (2007-01-11)
President Bush new strategy for Iraq draws mixed reviews the Nebraska Congressional Delegation.

Heineman's State of State stresses tax cuts, spending restraint (2007-01-11)
Governor's goals please Appropriations Committee chairman.

Death penalty discussed in Lincoln (2007-01-11)
The death penalty became a deeply personal topic at a community meeting on the issue Thursday.

Some Medicare Part D Late Sign-up Fees Waived (2007-01-10)
Penalties have been waived for low income seniors who missed the deadline to sign up for the Medicare prescription drug program, or Medicare Part D.

Security exception proposed for public records (2007-01-09)
Fulton wants to exempt infrastructure plans from public disclosure requirements.

What to do in Darfur? (2007-01-09)
Some critics say the U.S. needs to do more, others says much is already being done.

Nebraska Guard leader expresses concerns about Bush troop plan (2007-01-09)
Major General Roger Lempke says most of Nebraska's combat troops already are in Iraq or scheduled to be deployed.

UNL study of using state fairgrounds proposed (2007-01-09)
Lincoln groups have been pushing for Fair to move to 84th Street

UNL scientists look at climate change in prominent journal article (2007-01-08)
A UNL Geosciences professor discusses the similarities and differences between climate change millions of years ago and today.

Noted Nebraska-born author Tillie Olsen dies (2007-01-08)
Olsen, a labor organizer and mother of four, championed the life of working people

Power suppliers continue work in central Nebraska (2007-01-05)
Power companies continue working to restore power, while many residents of the area get by with generators or in makeshift shelters.

Power suppliers continue work in central Nebraska (2007-01-05)
Power companies continue working to restore power, while many residents of the area get by with generators or in makeshift shelters.

Nelson talks Iraq with Bush (2007-01-05)
U.S. Senator Ben Nelson met with President Bush and other top administration officials Friday to discuss changes in military strategy in Iraq.

Bruning unveils legislative agenda (2007-01-05)
Bills dealing with online harassment, stalking, sexual assault, public records and grand juries on tap.

Power suppliers continue work in central Nebraska (2007-01-05)
Power companies continue working to restore power, while many residents of the area get by with generators or in makeshift shelters.

Heineman touts income tax cut proposal (2007-01-04)
Governor underlines need for cuts in inaugural address, but senators may want different emphasis.

New Legislature includes 22 newcomers (2007-01-03)
Due mostly to term limits that take effect this year, nearly half of this morning's roll call was comprised of the names of new senators who were NOT in office last session.

New Legislature includes 22 newcomers (2007-01-03)
Due mostly to term limits that take effect this year, nearly half of this morning's roll call was comprised of the names of new senators who were NOT in office last session.

Flood elected speaker in new Legislature (2007-01-03)
With 22 new senators, change is the order of the day.

UNL expert oversees exit polls (2007-01-02)
McCutcheon, statistician, consults with networks to avoid mistakes that marred previous years.

Winter storms cause widespread blackouts (2007-01-02)
An ice storm this weekend has left tens of thousands of central Nebraska residents without electricity.

Storm hotline set up for generators (2007-01-02)
A hotline has been set up for Nebraska farmers and ranchers who need, or can donate, a generator for those still without power: 800-422-6692.

Sand and gravel mining project addresses business, environmental concerns (2007-01-02)
A growing coalition of conservation groups and sand and gravel companies are working to restore old mining sites to wildlife-friendly conditions.

Proposal would ban industries from contributing to regulators (2007-01-02)
Common Cause Nebraska says companies can try to buy influence through campaign contributions.