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March 2, 2021
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
A proposed pipeline through Nebraska
(NET Radio) - A proposal to build a new crude oil pipeline through Nebraska is the focus of discussions planned next week in three communities. The proposed Keystone X-L Pipeline by the Alberta-based company TransCanada would span nearly 2000 miles from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Project representative Jeff Rauh says concerns about potential damage to a scenic area along the Niobrara River prompted the company to adjust the proposed route:

"We've moved our crossing point east, beyond the area where it's designated as wild and scenic," Rauh said. "It will still be an area that we need to treat with great care and concern, but we're out of the area where it's got that specific designation."

TransCanada is already working on construction of the more than 5-billion-dollar Keystone Pipeline, which will run through eastern Nebraska. That project begins in Alberta, Canada and splits off in two directions, one terminating in Oklahoma and the other in Illinois. The new proposed X-L pipeline would connect with that project and expand its reach down to the Gulf Coast. Rauh says preliminary estimates put the cost of the X-L at another 7-billion (B) dollars. Public meetings to discuss the proposal are planned Tuesday in Fullerton, Wednesday in York and Thursday in Fairbury. Company officials also held meetings in Atkinson and Burwell earlier this week.

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