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December 13, 2017
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
Lunar eclipse visible for Nebraskans
(NET Radio) - Nebraskan stargazers will have the opportunity to see a total lunar eclipse Wednesday night. The eclipse begins at 7:40 central and will be complete shortly after 9. Jack Dunn of the Mueller Planetarium in Lincoln said at that point the moon will be totally covered. Dunn said a lunar eclipse is quite different from its solar counterpart.

"A moon eclipse is not like a solar eclipse, so there is no warnings about looking at it or anything like that," Dunn said. "You don't need a telescope you can use binoculars."

He said you don't have to worry about light pollution to see the eclipse. However, the forecast is predicting partly cloudy skies Wednesday night so the eclipse might not be visible.

Click for schedule of lunar eclipse
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