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February 27, 2021
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
Nebraska: Kansas demanding too much
(NET Radio) - Nebraska Department of Natural Resources Director Ann Bleed responded Monday to a letter from Kansas water chief David Barfield that demanded that Nebraska stop irrigating on more than 500,000 acres along the Republican River.

Barfield's December letter also said Nebraska should pay Kansas monetary damages for violating the Republican River Compact.

Bleed says she believes the request goes too far.

"We did try to do our best to understand Kansas' proposal, and we believe that it requires us to do more than we have to do," she says. "And we also believe that our plans that we just finished negotiating with the natural resources districts in the Republican basin will put us into the place we need to be to maintain compliance with the compact."

In her response to Barfield, Bleed also raises concerns about how Kansas is calculating the amount of water used by Nebraska. Barfield says the next step is to work with all three states in the Republican River Compact to resolve the dispute.
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