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February 28, 2021
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
Raimondo files to run for Senate
(NET Radio) - Columbus businessman Tony Raimondo laid out four reasons for running in a written statement released Monday. "Washington doesn't work anymore, the middle class is being squeezedm economic polices are a mess, and national security demands a fresh approach." Raimondo, a long time Republican, switched parties months ago and has been testing the waters. He acknowledges his campaign faces an uphill battle against former governor and agriculture secretary Mike Johanns.But Raimondo appears to be relying on his business credential, pointing out that he took over the then-bankrupt Behlen Manfacturing 25 years ago and turned into a industry leader. He's also playing the outsider card, saying he's not a slick career politician with all the answers. Along with Johanns, Pat Flynn is also running as a Republican. Larry Marvin is the other Democrat in the race, and Steve Larrick is running as the Green Party candidate.

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