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February 27, 2021
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
Leftover medication disposal guidelines changed
(NET Radio) - Concerns about illicit drug use and the impact on the environment has prompted the federal government to issues new guidelines for disposing of prescription drugs.

To see the federal guidelines for disposing of prescription drugs, click here.

There are no state guidelines or regulations for disposing of prescription drugs but possible solutions are being considered at the local level. The Nebraska Pharmacists Association is currently working with the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department to develop a take back program. The program is just in the planning stages, and there is at least one legal hurdle: Nebraska law does not allow pharmacists to accept narcotics and controlled substances once they've been dispensed. Kevin Borcher is President of the Nebraska Board of Pharmacy, which is giving guidance in this matter to the Nebraska Pharmacists Association. Borcher says several states already have prescription take back programs. He says prescriptions collected by pharmacists with the help of law enforcement officials are usually sent to hazardous waste facilities.
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