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March 2, 2021
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
Materials Exchange Program
(NET Radio) - A recycling program started in 1998 by the Keep Nebraska Beautiful organization is helping to divert waste from landfills in a unique way. The program is called the Materials Exchange, which works to connect companies trying to rid of recyclable waste with companies who are interested in reusing it. Executive Director Jane Polson says since the program began it has saved more than 1.25 million dollars in landfill tipping fees alone. She says each month about 1.5 million pounds of materials are diverted from landfills, with an average savings of at least $100,000 a month
The program's particular focus for 2007 is pallets and wood waste. Polson says the reasoning for the focus is that the farther one moves west the less likely there it is to have a pallet recycler's collection route. Polson started the program using a 2-year grant from the Environmental Protection Agency and continues with a grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. The Exchange program encourages anyone who is interested in the exchange to contact them through their website.

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