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February 24, 2021
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
Nebraska lags in organic beef production

The organic industry has grown 20 percent each year for the past 5 years, and according to the Organic Trade Association, is expected to continue at an even more rapid rate. The group estimates organic sales could from range 30 to 120 (b) billion in the next 15 years. And within that exploding market, the Organic Trade Association cites organic beef as the fastest growing segment. Organic Monitor, a global organic research company, reports meat sales in North America increased by 51 percent in 2005. But, Nebraska is missing out. The Beef State had just over 800 organic beef cows in 2005, according to the U-S-D-A. One reason for this is the state has no organic processing facilities.

CORRECTION: We would like to clarify a point in a story we ran earlier this morning on Organic Beef Farming in the state. In the story, we stated there were no organic processing facilities in Nebraska. However, we have since heard of a facility in Omaha: O'Neill J-F and Packing Company, which does do some organic processing. A call to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture helped shed some light on why this facility, and potentially others, has been difficult to track down. Currently, there is no network or database of shared information where a complete list could be found.
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