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February 27, 2021
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
Peanut Butter recall to cost ConAgra
(NET Radio) - Omaha-based ConAgra's peanut butter recall is estimated to cost the company between $50 and 60 million dollars. The company's Georgia plant remains closed today while an investigation continues in a 39-state salmonella outbreak linked to the plant. ConAgra spokesman Chris Kircher says so far they don't know how much peanut butter will be involved in the recall. But Nebraska State Epidemiologist Tom Safranek says the contamination appears to have been widespread. However, he says there are far fewer cases of salmonella than would be expected for such a pervasive contamination. Two cases of salmonella have officially been reported in the state. Neither required hospitalization. ConAgra Chief Executive Gary Rodkin says he is proud of the way his company handled the concerns, and that he is confident of the safety of ConAgra's products
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