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December 5, 2021
Nebraska News
Nebraska News
White Nose Syndrome Confirmed in KY
(WEKU) - Kentucky's first case of white-nose syndrome in bats has been confirmed in the commonwealth. State Fish and Wildlife officials recently removed sixty of the infected animals from a cave in Trigg County. The deadly fungus affects six of cave bats and has killed an estimated one million bats since 2006. State Wildlife Diversity Program Coordinator Sunni Carr says officials are acting to limit the spread of white-nose syndrome.

"We have put up some physical barriers to keep bats from going back into known infected sites within this cave. And, uh, just again, we want to reiterate that we've done a sixteen mile radius check of all known caves to verify that they were in fact clean," said Carr.

Since bats eat insects that damage crops, studies show the loss of bats could hurt agriculture. So far, there is so far no known cure for White Nose Syndrome. Scientists believe the fungus spreads through contact between bats and by cave explorers. White-nose does not infect humans. Officials have not released any plans to close other caves.
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