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Scientist says corn ethanol is a transition step (2008-09-24)
The director of a California laboratory that has been researching biofuels says corn-based ethanol is only a transition step.

Conservation programs do well in farm bill (2008-09-24)
The head of the Natural Resources Conservation Service says the 2008 farm bill is good for conservation programs.

School official: $100 million increase welcome, not enough for adeqacy (2008-09-24)
The head of the North Dakota School Boards Association says there won't be enough money to fully implement the idea of education adeqacy.

Ethanol promotion effort begins (2008-09-22)
North Dakota ethanol producers and the American Lung Association are launching an ethanol education campaign.

Armey: Time to move on (2008-09-19)
A former US House Majority Leader says it's time for the Republican Party to get back on track.

Pilot DUI prevention program working (2008-09-19)
A program borrowed from South Dakota to keep DUI offenders off booze is working in central North Dakota.

Meth addiction down slightly (2008-09-19)
A deputy state Attorney General says the latest addiction survey shows a lower rate of meth use among adults.

Advocates say now's the time to invest in kids (2008-09-17)
Representatives of groups that advocate for children's issues say they want the state and federal governments to invest in programs like education, day care and health care.

Mathern proposed billion-dollar tax cut (2008-09-09)
North Dakota's Democratic candidate for governor is proposing a billion dollar package of tax cuts and increased state aid to local governments.

Flakoll says education recommendations to be phased in (2008-09-09)
The vice-chairman of the state Senate Education Committee says he believes it will take some time for a consultant's recommendations for education improvement to be implemented in North Dakota.

University System to study adult services (2008-09-09)
The North Dakota University System will launch a study of services provided to adult learners.

The Hydrogen Future Discussed at UND (2008-09-05)
The future of hydrogen-based power takes center stage at Senator Dorgan's "Hydrogen Economy Action Summit II."

Wife of hantavirus victim speaking out to warn others (2008-09-04)
The wife of a Hettinger man who died from hantavirus wants to warn others to take the necessary preacutions.

Energy infrastructure needed in ND (2008-09-04)
Government and industry officials say the production potential for the Bakken shale formation is being hurt by lack of transportation infrastructure.

Consultant: Enough money is "on the table" for schools (2008-09-04)
A consultant studying North Dakota's schools says there's plenty of money available to provide improvement.

BHE to study college missions (2008-09-02)
The state Board of Higher Education will be doing an in-depth study of the missions of the 11 campuses.

Increased penalties for petition fraud? (2008-09-02)
Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says he wants to up the penalties for someone who forges signatures on initiative and referendum petitions.

ND still sees low jobless numbers (2008-08-29)
North Dakota's unemployment rate remains well under the national rate, at 3.2 percent.

Northwood remembers tornado, looks ahead (2008-08-27)
Residents of Northwood, ND remember the devastation of a tornado one year ago - and look ahead to the future.

Chief justice says he's a "consensus builder" (2008-08-26)
North Dakota Chief Justice Gerald Vandewalle is celebrating 30 years on the state Supreme Court -- 15 of those as Chief.

Petition approved despite faked signatures (2008-08-25)
A ballot measure to cut North Dakota's income tax rates has been approved for the ballot this November -- despite possible petition fraud.

Northwood: One Year Later (2008-08-21)
Last August an E-F-4 Tornado struck the community of Northwood. This weekend the city will look back at events from the past year as the recovery continues.

Draught Continues To Hamper Cattle Production in ND (2008-08-21)
The hot, dry conditions are raising concerns about water supplies for cattle -- both inn terms of quantity and quality.

Fargo doctor recommended for license revocation (2008-08-13)
An investigator for the state Board of Medical Examiners says a Fargo doctor's motives may have been right, but he didn't follow procedure.

Bismarck loves to recycle (2008-08-13)
A new survey shows Bismarck residents are in favor of more recycling options.

Bill to end state Gaming Commission rejected (2008-08-13)
An interim Legislative committee has rejected a proposal to eliminate the state Gaming Commission -- and put gambling regulation under the Attorney General's office.

United Tribes to offer crominal justice training (2008-08-11)
Bismarck's United Tribes Technical College will soon start courses in criminal justice.

European equipment buyers coming to Big Iron (2008-08-11)
The North Dakota Trade Office will be hosting between 100 and 150 equipment buyers at Big Iron this September.

United Tribes project will add more space (2008-08-11)
The president of United Tribes Tecchnical College says plans are moving forward for a campus expansion.

Winter heating season could be expensive (2008-08-08)
Utilities are warning their customers that the winter heating season could mean higher costs for natural gas and fuel oil.

Bank of ND building sold (2008-08-05)
A Minot real estate investment firm has purchased the old Bank of North Dakota building in downtown Bismarck.

ND will see a $1.2 billion surplus (2008-08-05)
North Dakota will have over a billion dollars in the bank by June of 2009.

Cattlemen Seeking USDA Intervention. (2008-07-31)
Emergency Haying and Grazing of CRP land was halted last month, putting North Dakota cattle producers in a bind for feed in drought stricken areas.

Woody Keeble in the Roughrider Hall of Fame (2008-07-24)
A war hero from the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe has been given North Dakota's highest honor -- posthumously.

New web site connects job seekers, employers (2008-07-22)
Job Service North Dakota has launched a revamped Web site to connect people looking for a job with firms that have jobs.

DOT faces continued construction inflation (2008-07-22)
Construction inflation continues to affect North Dakota's Department of Transportation -- and road projects in North Dakota.

"Blue Book" honored (2008-07-22)
The biennial "Blue Book" -- published by the Secretary of State's office -- has won a national award.

Tax initiative could be headed to the ballot (2008-07-22)
A group advocating state income tax cuts has submitted petitions to the Secretary of State to get the initiative on the November ballot.

PSC warns of higher heatng costs this winter (2008-07-17)
The North Dakota PSC is warning of higher natural gas and other heating fuels this winter.

Keystone Pipeline project growing (2008-07-17)
Developers of a crude oil pipeline that will run through eastern North Dakota say it will carry almost twice the oil than originally planned.

New oil pipeline planned for SW North Dakota (2008-07-17)
A new 33 mile pipel,ine would carry crude oil from Killdeer to Dickinson, and eventually to Guernsey, Wy.

State fleet manager looking for conservation measures (2008-07-16)
The manager of North Dakota's state fleet says he's looking at more fuel efficient cars and other things to save fuel, in light of high gas prices.

Prosecutor: State official got a "break" (2008-07-15)
Burleigh County States Attorney Richard Riha says North Dakota Aeronautics Commission director Gary Ness got a break when he was released from jail last week on a felony theft charge.

PSC approves modified power line route (2008-07-14)
The state Public Service Commission has approved a modified route for a new high voltage transmission line in Cass County.

PSC asking for four new staffers (2008-07-14)
Citing an increasing workload, the Public Service Commission will ask Governor Hoeven and the Legislature for four new positions.

Dem-NPL leader says prison spending is not popular (2008-07-14)
The state Senate's Democratic leader says he doesn't hear a lot of support for spending money to upgrade the state penitentiary.

Wind farm test of ND'ans approval (2008-07-07)
A large wind farm proposed for Oliver and Morton Counties could test North Dakotans' receptiveness to wind farm expansion.

New pest could affect millions of ND trees (2008-07-07)
A new pest called the "emerald ash borer" has North Dakota officials worried -- even though it's not in North Dakota yet.

Grahams Island park flourishing (2008-07-03)
The one state park remaining in the Devils Lake region is doing very well.

Sully's Hill destination for birders, wildlife enthusiasts (2008-07-03)
A National Wildlife Preserve near Devils Lake works on preserving natural wildlife habitat -- and on teaching visitors about wildlife.

Bakken formation promising -- but still a few years away (2008-07-03)
The state's mineral resources director says it will be several years before oil in the Bakken formation makes a difference on supply and price.

Wind energy continues to grow in ND (2008-07-03)
A Florida-based wind power company wants to add another 1,150 megawatts to North Dakota's wind power inventory.

North Dakota's lone national park celebrating anniversaries (2008-07-01)
It's a year of celebrations for the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

ND Tourism director still optimistic, despite high gas prices (2008-07-01)
North Dakota's tourism director says so far, the 2008 tourist season is looking good, despite $4/gallon gas.

PSC considering more staff (2008-07-01)
The Public Service Commission says an increasing work load could lead it to ask for an increase in staffing.

PSC considering electric rates (2008-07-01)
Public Service Commissioners say they have lots of issues to sift through -- as they consider Xcel Energy's 15-percent rate increase request.

"Not on My Campus" holds rally (2008-06-26)
A group that promotes divserity and tolerance on the UND campus held a rally Wednesday (6-25).

Xcel electric rate increase hearing complete (2008-06-26)
A three day hearing on Xcel Energy's proposed 15 percent electric rate increase has wrapped up.

Task force proposes major changes in custody, visitation (2008-06-25)
A State Bar Association task force is recommening changes in North Dakota's custody and visitation laws.

Public Employees say they face a salary squeeze (2008-06-23)
The executive director of the North Dakota Public Employees Association says Governor Hoeven and the next Legislature will be asked to take a hard look at state workers' salaries.

PSC hearing Xcel Energy rate increase request (2008-06-23)
The North Dakota Public Service Commission is hearing on Xcel Energy's proposed 14 percent electric rate increase.

Dems to pay $200 fine for reporting violation (2008-06-19)
The state Democratic Party will pay a fine for failing to meet a political registration deadline.

WSI Survey: Clients, employers satisfied (2008-06-19)
A survey conducted for North Dakota's workers compensation agency shows general satisfaction among injured workers and employers.

Basin to continue carbon-capture project (2008-06-19)
Basin Electric Power Cooperative has picked a company to retrofit one of its power plans to capture CO2.

Lawmakers question unused vacation payment (2008-06-19)
Members of the Legislature's Budget Section are questioning an unusual payment of unused vacation time.

Border crossing options considered (2008-06-19)
The issue of allowing border crossings without passports was discussed at an international legislators' forum in Bismarck.

World War Two bomber on display in Bismarck (2008-06-17)
A World War Two-vintage bomber from Arizona is on display this week in Bismarck.

Sierra Club files suit against Big Stone One plant (2008-06-12)
Environmentalists have filed suit against the owners of the Big Stone power plant in South Dakota over pollution control.

Race track manager says Racing Commission necessary (2008-06-12)
The manager of the North Dakota Horse Park in Fargo says North Dakota needs a separate Racing Commission.

Farmers frustrated with high fertilizer costs (2008-06-10)
Farmers are frustrated -- they're making more money, but paying more for fertilizers. And they want a federal investigation into why input costs are rising.

"Emptied Prairie" author loves North Dakota (2008-06-10)
THe author of a National Geographic article that some viewed as critical of North Dakota says he loves the state.

Gas stations hurt by high gas prices (2008-06-10)
Motorists aren't the only ones complaining about high gas prices. Gas station owners say they, too, are being hurt by four dollar a gallon gas.

Pipeline expansion project to bring more ND oil to market (2008-06-05)
State regulators have given the go-ahead to most of a project by Enbridge Pipeline to upgrade pumping stations along an oil pipeline which runs from northwest North Dakota to Clearbrook, Minnesota.

Truckers pushing for lower speed limits (2008-06-02)
National and state trucking associations are asking Congress to lower the speed limit to 65 MPH.

Wheat Stem Rust: New Strain, New Concerns (2008-06-02)
Officials at NDSU are watching the development and spread of U-G-99.

Oil Can Tower Finds Temporary Home (2008-06-02)
A community rallies around piece roadside nostalgia. Instead of having a local landmark destroyed, area residents take action to preserve the oil can tower.

Scooter sales up (2008-06-02)
The high prices at the gas pump mean scooter sales are up.

"Dino digs" scheduled for summer (2008-05-27)
Western North Dakota will host four public "dinosaur digs" this summer.

PSC says it prefers "arms length" relationships (2008-05-27)
The North Dakota Public Service Commission is not represented in some advocacy groups set up by state government. And PSC members say that's fine with them.

Rig count up in ND's oil patch (2008-05-27)
The state department of mineral resoures says 70 drilling rigs are working in the oil patch.

Transmission remains an issue in developing wind power (2008-05-20)
More wind power projects are proposed for North Dakota. However, developers say transmission is still an issue.

Researcher: current ethanol production a "transitional" step (2008-05-20)
A Nobel Prize winner and California laboratory director says corn-and-sugar-based ethanol is only a transition step as biofuels production changes and becomes more efficient and economical.

Self-defense class taught in Fargo (2008-05-20)
More than 100 Fargo-area women were on hand for a recent workshop on self defense.

ND voters have election day choices (2008-05-13)
Voters in North Dakota will have several different ways to cast their ballots on Election Day.

"YES" program helps youth just released from prison (2008-05-13)
The founder of a program to help young people return to the community after prison says she's had great success.

Woman sentenced in baby death case (2008-05-13)
A woman accused of leaving her newborn in a suitcase and abandoning him 10 years ago will be going to prison.

Farm BIll Finalized! (2008-05-08)
After months of negotiations, a House-Senate Conference Committee has comes to terms on the next Farm Bill.

Indemnity fund at cap (2008-04-30)
A fund to help grain farmers who have what are called "credit sale" contracts with elevators has reached its cap.

Call for donations a success (2008-04-30)
Every spring, the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch sends out post-cards, asking for donations of clothing and other items, to be sold at Ranch thrift stores.

Legislators, consultants say too much emphasis on four-year colleges (2008-04-24)
Some members of a legislative interim committee say parents and high schools place too much emphasis on four-year colleges.

ND ahead of the game in ending homelessness (2008-04-24)
A federal official is commending North Dakota and several of its cities for their efforts to end homelessness.

"Tree Hug-In" at Bismarck State College (2008-04-22)
Bismarck State College students joined in a tree-hug-in" on campus to celebrate Earth Day.

Art Exhibit Arrives in Fargo -- With Some Controversy (2008-04-21)
Questions are brought up over Rodin exhibit, and whether or not the sculptures on display are "fakes"

Curling Event Energizes the Englestad (2008-04-11)
International travelers are getting a good sample of North Dakota flavors as the 2008 World Men's Curling Championships go into the final weekend.

Clinton tries to pick up North Dakota delegate support (2008-04-07)
Some delegates to the North Dakota Democratic NPL convention were wondering why Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addressed the meeting.

Hillary Clinton stumps for votes in ND (2008-04-05)
Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to the ND Democratic Convention Friday

Dems endorse candidate for Governor (2008-04-05)
It was a close race, but the Democratic-NPL has chosen their candidate for governor.

Obama speaks in Grand Forks (2008-04-05)
17,000 people filled the Alerus Center in Grand Forks to hear Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama give the keynote address at the state convention.

Project Meadowlark Unveils New Initiatives (2008-03-28)
Striving toward the year 2050 with energy and ideas from local sources.

Basin Electric working on emissions capture projects (2008-03-24)
Two projects that could help reduce power plant emissions begin this summer at power plants owned by Basin Electric.

War protest in Grand Forks (2008-03-24)
UND students walked out of classes Thursday morning to attend an Iraq War protest.

The Future of Energy takes Centre Stage in Fargo (2008-03-19)
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is holding four discussions about the future or energy and its environmental and economic impacts.

Cramer: Expect higher energy prices (2008-03-18)
A North Dakota Public Service Commissioner says higher prices paid by one utility's electric customers could be a sign of things to come.

Basin workers "go bald" for cancer research (2008-03-18)
Employees at Basin Electric Power Cooperative of Bismarck celebrated "St. Baldrick's Day" with a fundraiser -- and a lot of bald heads.

Fargo Bus Rider Numbers Increase (2008-03-18)
Gas prices and improvements to bus routes help spur activity on Fargo buses.

Financing new coal plants could be difficult (2008-03-18)
Rural electric cooperatives may find it harder to find financing for coal-fired power plants.

More Communities to Receive AEDs (2008-03-12)
The Dakota Medical Foundation continues to grow its Automated External Defibrillator program.

Three WSI "whistleblowers" fired (2008-03-12)
Three employees of North Dakota's workers compensation agency have been fired. And at least one says he will sue.

22 ND counties to use vote-by-mail (2008-03-11)
Twenty-two North Dakota counties will be using vote-by-mail this year in either the June primary or the November general election...and most of the counties will be using vote-by-mail for both elections.

Combination dairy and ethanol plant planned (2008-03-11)
A Fargo man is proposing a combined dairy and ethanol operation.

RECs, IOUs cooperate on electric service areas (2008-03-11)
The state association of rural co-ops says it hopes more investor-owned utilities and electric co-ops will reach service area agreements.

Education commission tacking "adequacy" (2008-03-07)
The Governor's Commission on Education Improvement says a goal is to make sure North Dakota students can compete nationally and internationally. And the Commission says that will drive the definition of an "adequate" education.

Wind power continues to explode in ND (2008-03-04)
Public Service Commissioner Tony Clark says the wind power revolution has arrived in North Dakota.

Oil exploration and production poised to break records (2008-03-04)
North Dakota is poised to set records in the Williston Basin oil patch.

ND to host national intergovernmental meeting (2008-02-29)
North Dakota is hosting a meeting of elected officials from the three branches of state governments this summer.

"Quiet zone" now in place in Fargo-Moorhead (2008-02-26)
Train whistles will not be heard in a so-called "quiet zone" in Fargo-Moorhead.

UND AgCam to go to the International Space Station (2008-02-26)
After years of design and construction, refining and then waiting, AG-CAM is set to be deployed to the International Space Station.

"First time" homebuyer program remains popular (2008-02-25)
North Dakota's "first time" homebuyer program -- which provides lower interest rates to new homeowners -- remains very popular.

Keystone ruling includes outside inspector (2008-02-25)
One part of the Public Service Commission's order on the route of the Keystone Pipeline will allow the PSC to hire an outside inspector -- to make sure the order is carried out.

Hemp suit appealed (2008-02-21)
Two North Dakota farmers who want to grow industrial hemp are appealing a federal judge's decision upholding the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Energy development increases housing needs (2008-02-21)
The director of the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency says a major issue is helping develop new housing in areas that are seeing economic growth -- especially in the energy areas.

Dorgan pusing EPA to solve arsenic problem (2008-02-19)
Recent tests show a number of water wells in southeastern North Dakota have arsenic contamination. And Senator Byron Dorgan says he's now trying to get the federal Environmental Protection Agency to act.

Refinery task force starts its study (2008-02-19)
A task force looking at North Dakota's oil refining capacity has begin meeting.

Dalrymple: More money for schools (2008-02-19)
North Dakota Lieutenant Governor Jack Dalrymple says based on current revenue projections, schools can expect another substantial infusion of cash in the 2009 Legislature.

TB in northwest Minnesota (2008-02-19)
Another case of bovine tuberculosis has been found in northwest Minnesota - this time in a beef cattle herd in Beltrami County.

Sanstead to seek seventh term (2008-02-19)
State superintendent of public instruction Wayne Sanstead is running for re-election. It would be his seventh term.

BSC to step up recruiting efforts (2008-02-19)
THe president of Bismarck State College says he expects BSC to increase its recruiting efforts nationally and internationally.

Gulleson not seeking re-election (2008-02-19)
A 16 year veteran of the North Dakota Legislature will not seek re-election.

Auditor: Potts should not have been paid (2008-02-11)
A state audit of the North Dakota University System says the former chancellor of higher education should not have been given a year's salary as severance.

Wind projects multiplying in ND (2008-02-11)
North Dakota is benefitting from an increased interest in wind power.

Berg: Solve problems at WSI, don't point fingers (2008-02-08)
The chairman of an interim Legislative committee looking at the troubled workers' compensation agency says he wants to find solutions, and not to fix blame.

With Romney out, what happens to his delegates? (2008-02-08)
Now that Mitt Romney has suspended his Presidential bid, what happens to the 8 delegates he won in ND Super Tuesday?

Romney, Obama winners (2008-02-06)
Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama are the winners in North Dakota's Presidential preference caucuses.

Caucus versus primary? (2008-02-06)
The state Republican chairman says he prefers a primary to a caucus. But the Democrats aren't sure they agree.

Chapman: NDSU growing, gaining reputation (2008-02-04)
The president of N-D-S-U says the school is becoming THE "University of choice" in the region.

Ducks Unlimited concerned about CRP losses (2008-02-04)
As crop prices increase, land is coming back into production -- and that means a loss of wildlife habitat.

ND Congressional delegation disappointed in State of the Union (2008-01-29)
North Dakota's all-Democratic Congressional delegation is disappointed in President Bush's final State of the Union address.

Music and Magic in South Fargo (2008-01-28)
The recipe for musical magic: Five conductors, 760+ musicians, one gymnasium.

Bergian running for PSC (2008-01-17)
She ran two years ago for the Public Service Commission. And Cheryl Bergian says she will try again.

Pipeline expanding capacity (2008-01-17)
A pipeline that transports North Dakota crude oil to refineries in Minnesota and Wisconsin is expanding to carry more crude.

Co-ops, IOUs bury hatchets (2008-01-17)
Two North Dakota co-operative power companies and two investor-owned utilities have agreed to divvy up their service areas.

Supreme Court asked to reinstate charges against former WSI chief (2008-01-16)
A Burleigh County prosecutor says a district judge made a mistake by throwing out felony charges against the former head of the state's workers compensation agency.

ND, MN at odds over greenhouse gases (2008-01-09)
North Dakota's Industrial Commission wants Minnesota regulators to reconsider an order that would make coal-generated power more costly.

"No Child" flunks court test (2008-01-09)
A federal appeals court says the Bush Administration can't force local school districts to spend their own money to enforce the federal No Child Left Behind law.

AARP: "Think twice before you sign" (2008-01-09)
AARP North Dakota wants people to ask some questions before they sign petitions dealing with state spending.

Rare albino bison calf named (2008-01-09)
First there was White Cloud, now the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown will also be home to Dakota Miracle.

Obama To Visit ND? (2008-01-07)
North Dakota Democrats are waiting word on a potential visit by Illinois Senator -- and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

North Dakotans for Romney (2008-01-04)
After seeing Mitt Romney place second in the Iowa's Caucus, a group of North Dakotans are rallying for the former Massachusetts Governor.

ND gets more money from abandoned mine program (2008-01-02)
North Dakota will be receiving $3 million through the federal Abandoned Mine Lands program.

Teacher uses GPS technology in the classroom (2008-01-02)
A fifth and sixth grade teacher in the Fessenden-Bowdon school has come up with a new idea for using technology in the classroom.

Goetz: Technology getting better (2007-12-27)
The Chancellor of the North Dakota University System says he believes improving technology will lead to some efficiencies.

ND School Boards say "No Child" is still flawed (2007-12-27)
The executive director of the North Dakota School Boards Association says he's frustrated by a lack of effort in Congress to change the federal No Child Left Behind law.

NDDES wants you to "Resolve to be Ready" (2007-12-27)
The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services wants people to "Resolve to be Ready."

Hillsboro couple take pride in their Christmas decorations (2007-12-25)
A Hillsboro couple's home brightens the day of travelers on Interstate 29 between Fargo and Grand Forks.

Chancellor to talk nickname with tribes (2007-12-21)
North Dakota University System chancellor Bill Goetz will begin talks with the state's Sioux tribes about the University of North Dakota's Fighting Sioux nickname.

Fargo man wants to "send a message" to governments (2007-12-21)
It started with plans to demolish two buildings near the Cass County Courthouse -- and ended with a dispute over attorneys' fees.

Canadians coming to ND, thanks to looney at par (2007-12-17)
North Dakota Tourism Director Sara Otte Coleman says her department plans to spend about a half-million advertising dollars in Canada in 2008.

PSC has final say on pipeline route (2007-12-17)
Even though developers of the Keystone crude oil pipeline have been talking with Fargo city officials about their concerns, the PSC will still have final say on the pipeline route.

Lawmaker wants WSI to review denied workers' comp claims (2007-12-13)
The chairman of the House Industry, Business and Labor Committee is suggesting a review of some workers compensation benefit denials.

Medicare funding crunch hits ND (2007-12-11)
North Dakota health care providers say they're on the short end of the stick -- when it comes to federal Medicare payments.

WSI CEO Sandy Blunt fired (2007-12-06)
The board overseeing North Dakota's workers compensation agency has voted to fire Sandy Blunt as the agency's chief executive.

WSI fires "whistleblower," suspends another (2007-12-06)
North Dakota's workers compensation agency has fired an employee who asked for "whistleblower" protection, and a suspended employee is asking for criminal charges against management.

ND "whistleblower" law passed in 1985 (2007-12-06)
The 1985 Legislature passed a state employees "bill of rights" -- including the "whistleblower" law.

WIC program facing reductions (2007-12-06)
The state director of the Women, Infants and Children program says there could be cuts in that program -- because of federal appropriations issues and the rising cost of groceries.

Garages gettin work, based on early snowstorm (2007-12-05)
Area body shops are reporting more business, due to crashes resultinng from slippery and snow-covered roads.

WSI outside review will start in January (2007-12-05)
The board of directors of the state's workers' compensation agency will hire an outside consultant to review the agency's management and claims processing.

ND Senators say President has credibility problem (2007-12-05)
North Dakota's two Senators say President Bush has a credibility problem on the issue of Iranian nukes.

Med School dean: A leader sometimes makes unpopular decisions (2007-12-04)
The dean of the University of North Dakota's medical school says he has had to make some tough decisions -- and some may be unpopular.

Higher education continues to push "roundtable" (2007-12-03)
When the Board of Higher Education meets with legislators this week, it plans to push for a revitalization of the Higher Education Roundtable.

ND Governor: Too early to talk about tax reform (2007-12-03)
Gov. John Hoeven (R-ND) says while he supports tax relief, it's too early to say what form that will be.

LRCC president looking forward to retirement (2007-11-26)
Dr Sharon Etemad has been at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake for 25 years, and will retire this spring.

PSC to hold one more hearing on Keystone Pipeline (2007-11-26)
When the North Dakota Public Service Commission holds its latest hearing into the Keystone Pipeline -- a uniformed Highway Patrol officer will be there to provide security.

Conrad: Budget loggerheads (2007-11-26)
A number of appropriations bills are still pending in Congress -- stalled by disputes between the Bush Administration and Congress over spending priorities.

Keystone Pipeline gets first ND permit (2007-11-22)
North Dakota regulators have decided a proposed oil pipeline is in the public interest. But developers of the Keystone pipeline don't have permission to start construction yet.

Fargo-Moorhead students "fill the Dome" with food (2007-11-22)
Students in the Fargo-Moorhead area decided to help the hungry by "filling" the Fargodome.

Medicare Part D signup starts (2007-11-16)
As the annual sign-up for Medicare Part D prescription coverage begins, concerns are being raised about the so-called "donut hole."

Giuliani holds ND fundraiser (2007-11-15)
Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani becomes the first major Republican candidate to stump in North Dakota.

Hemp suit heard in federal court (2007-11-15)
Lawyers argued in federal court in Bismarck over whether farmers should have the right to grow industrial hemp.

Higher ed board delays response to Med School audit (2007-11-14)
A Boardof Higher EDucation subcommittee will not make its formal response to a Medical School performance audit at this time.

Audit shows continued problems with Connect ND (2007-11-14)
A performance audit says the UND Medical School is still using what auditors call "shadow systems" -- software packages that aren't a part of the "Connect-ND" program.

Regulator still hopes for a quick decision on Keystone Pipeline (2007-11-12)
A North Dakota Public Service Commissioner says he still hopes for a quick resolution of the issues surrounding the Keystone Pipeline.

School boards want teacher contract negotiations to change (2007-11-12)
The North Dakota School Boards Association has passed a resolution -- asking that compensation be taken off the table in teacher contract negotiations.

Supreme Court considers "tire fence" (2007-11-06)
A Tolna man says his fence -- which is made up of 300-thousand used tires -- is not "sham recycling."

Fargo speeding fines challenged (2007-11-06)
An attorney is arguing that North Dakota's cities cannot charge higher traffic fines than the state does.

Former ND governor tapped for Agriculture Secretary (2007-10-31)
Former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer has been nominated to be the next US Agriculture Secretary.

Lawmakers approve UND, NDSU presidents' homes (2007-10-31)
Legislators have approved building new homes for the presidents of North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota.

Use of private funds at UND, NDSU questioned (2007-10-31)
Some members of the Legislature's Budget Section are raising questions about the use of private monies by some of the state's colleges.

WSI director reinstated (2007-10-23)
The head of the state's workers compensation agency is back at work.

ND bridge inspections completed (2007-10-23)
The state Department of Transportation has completed its inspection of more than 700 state bridges.

Drive through flu shots (2007-10-23)
Grand Forks held a drive-through flu shot clinic Sunday.

Bringing ND to the Silver Screen (2007-10-19)
Could a co-op styled venture put North Dakota back on the map of today's cinema?

Counties struggling with property tax relief measure (2007-10-09)
Some North Dakota county officials say they're struggling with the Legislature's property tax relief plan.

Grand Forks conference explores Norwegian heritage (2007-10-09)
The core of your family history starts with where you come from. A conference in Grand Forks is exploring Norwegian Heritage.

Parking meters in ND? (2007-10-09)
A Fargo traffic planner says cities should decide whether to have parking meters -- and not have a state law prohibiting them.

NDSU Professor looking at mummies (2007-09-27)
An NDSU professor is trying to solve a mummy mystery.

ND still on right track with higher education, says consultant (2007-09-27)
A nationally-known expert in higher education says the North Dakota University System is doing well in educating students -- and working to meet the needs of businesses.

UND Wellness Center honored (2007-09-27)
It's been one year since the doors opened at the University of North Dakota Wellness Center, and since its completion it's made some remarkable strides.

Students learn about science at UND open house (2007-09-27)
Middle school kids in the Grand Forks and surrounding areas were exploring science at UND.

No Child Left Behind should be changed, task force says (2007-09-14)
Senator Byron Dorgan says the idea behind the "No Child Left Behind" act is noble. But Dorgan says it needs to be revamped.

UND becomes "iPod" University (2007-09-14)
iPods and other mp3 players have a high entertainment value among college students now, students at the University of North Dakota have the option to use their iPod as a study tool.

ND needs pipelines to transport oil to and from the state (2007-09-13)
North Dakota's director of mineral resources says the state's oil industry needs more pipelines to transport crude to refineries and to bring refined product back.

"Roadeo" prepares snowplow drivers (2007-09-13)
State snowplow operators are competing in the annual "roadeo" competition.

MSU-Bottineau considering name change (2007-09-11)
Minot State University - Bottineau is looking for students. And to help it do that -- college officials are considering a name change.

Big Stone II partners need more emission controls, and need more wind power (2007-09-10)
A spokesman for one of the partners in the proposed Big Stone Two power plant says customers in the Dakotas will not be affected by conditions required by the Minnesota Commerce Department -- for the construction of a high-voltage power line.

NDUS Chancellor says improvements needed in counseling, financial aid (2007-09-10)
North Dakota University System chancellor Bill Goetz says he believes there needs to be more student career counseling in high school and college. And he says there needs to be new thinking on financial aid.

Church leaders say campus ministry is a challenge (2007-09-10)
The college years are known to be among the most formative times of someone's life. One man has set out to help students find themselves on a moral path one campus at a time.

Power Slowly Returns in Northwood (2007-08-30)
Days after a devestating tornado, crews are getting some basic services restored.

USF&W Service Monitors Migratory Bird Treaty Complaince In ND (2007-08-30)
North Dakota's oil field is getting good marks in a recent inspection.

States Waits on Federal Disaster Word (2007-08-30)
Governor Hoeven says the response by the federal government could determine if there would be the need for a special legislative session.

Tornado Hits Northwood (2007-08-27)
Clean-up Begins in Storm Struck Grand Forks Community.

Northwest Airlines promising to do better for ND (2007-08-23)
Officials with Northwest Airlines say they know it's been a bumpy flight since the airline emerged from bankruptcy -- and they're promising to do better.

Northwest Airlines adding seats back in Bismarck (2007-08-21)
Beginning today (Tuesday), Northwest Airlines is adding back some of the seats it cut earlier this month.

UND kicks off 125th birthday celebration (2007-08-21)
The first of several events scheduled to celebrate UND's 125th Anniversary was held Monday afternoon.

Cass County Ethanol Plant Generates New Hope for the Region (2007-08-17)
State, local and federal leaders help break ground on the $200-Million Tharaldson Ethanol plant.

13 Nations Assemble for Spring Wheat Talks (2007-08-16)
Growers meet the users to discuss Hard Red Spring Wheat and qualities the market is looking for.

"Unique" ethanol plant up and running (2007-08-15)
Its owners call the Blue Flint ethanol plant the most efficient plant of its type in the U-S.

"World's Largest Buffalo" spruced up (2007-08-15)
A North Dakota landmark has been given a facelift.

SW Pipeline gets more cash (2007-08-15)
A project to bring Missouri River water to southwest North Dakota received another financial boost.

Hostage negotiators hold competition (2007-08-15)
The next time you have a stressful day at work, try and imagine that part of your job involves persuading someone to release innocent hostages.

Judge delays decision on trial for WSI director (2007-08-08)
A judge has put off a decision on whether the director of North Dakota's workers compensation agency should go on trial for allegedly mis-spending agency money.

Conrad: Money will be tight for bridges and highways (2007-08-07)
The chairman of the US Senate Budget Committee says although there's a lot of support for infrastructure spending, finding money could be a problem.

Young writers learning the craft at UND (2007-08-07)
This week a handful of high school students are diving deep into the world of words at UND's Summer Writing Camp.

Minnesota restrictions could affect ND coal plants (2007-08-06)
The Lignite Energy Council is studying the implications of a Minnesota Legislative initiative to reduce greenhouse gases.

UND gets funding for more research (2007-08-06)
UNDakota's Research Enterprise and Commercialization Park received a large check from the Federal Government

Journalist comes to ND to talk about conditions that led to Bush election (2007-07-31)
Former journalist Louise Montgomery is gathering research for what she hopes will be a groundbreaking book, and she's asking ordinary people for their input.

Northwest Airlines cutting seats in Bismarck (2007-07-31)
Next week, the number of available seats on Northwest Airlines out of Bismarck will be temporarily cut by more than a third.

Airline board drop "not a big concern" (2007-07-24)
North Dakota's Aeronautics Commission director says he's not very concerned about a slight drop in passenger plane boardings in June.

EERC planning Air Quality conference (2007-07-24)
UND's Energy and Environmental Research Center is planning its sixth Air Quality Conference, which is currently the premier event addressing air quality - globally.

Pomeroy: Farm bill supporters have a lot of work ahead (2007-07-24)
Now that the House Agriculture Committee has passed its version of the farm bill, Congressman Pomeroy says there's still work to do.

EERC seeing record number of projects (2007-07-24)
The Energy and Environmental Research Center submitted a record number of research proposals in its last fiscal year, and has plans to expand even more in the coming year.

Minimum wage going up (2007-07-24)
The federal and state minimum wage is now set at $5.85 an hour. And North Dakota's state minimum wage is following suit.

Drivers ed "refresher" courses offered (2007-07-13)
AARP is offering drivers education classes for those who may want a refresher course.

PSC commissioners concerned about power plant siting (2007-07-13)
Members of the North Dakota Public Service Commission say the state may need to rethink a power facility siting law.

A Christian hockey camp? (2007-07-13)
Sharpening skills -- hocke and lifestyle -- is the focus of a Christian hockey camp held in Fargo.

Beer has a "colorful" history in ND (2007-07-09)
A new exhibit at Bismarck's Camp Hancock traces the history of beer in North Dakota.

UND program helps children read (2007-07-09)
The University of North Dakota is continuing a program to help children find a love for reading.

Gas shortage in upper Midwest (2007-07-09)
A shortage of gasoline in the Upper Midwest is causing higher prices.

Eagles Soar In Upper Midwest (2007-06-29)
U.S Fish and Wildlife officials in North Dakota and Minnesota reflect on the American Bald Eagle and its recovery

Ag Cam Countdown Continues (2007-06-29)
After years of wait, researchers at UND are seeing "space" at the end of the tunnel.

PSC to pay farmers who contracted with a defunct elevator (2007-06-28)
Nine farmers who contracted with an insolvent elevator in Rhame will ge some of their money back.

PSC refuses to delay pipeline hearing (2007-06-28)
The North Dakota Public Service Commission will not delay a siting hearing on an international pipeline project.

Chase Lake preparing for centennial (2007-06-26)
Chase Lake -- near Medina -- is one of the largest North American rookeries for the white pelican. The wildlife refuge is also 99 years old. And plans are being developed for the centennial celebration.

UND physical terapy program re-accredited (2007-06-26)
UND's Physical Therapy Program has been given another ten-year accreditation.

UNDmedical training program expanding (2007-06-26)
A medical training program through the University of North Dakota will now expand to train ten students in five different sites across the state.

Dance teams flourish while cheer teams struggle (2007-06-26)
The region is seeing growth in dance and drill teams, while the number of cheerleaders is on the decline.

No "silver bullet" for energy independence (2007-06-21)
Representatives of one of the "big oil" companies say the idea of "energy independence" is unrealistic, at least for now.

Fargo remembers devastating 1957 tornado (2007-06-21)
What has been described as an "F5" tornado ripped through Fargo 50 years ago, killing 13 people.

Using computer games in the classroom (2007-06-20)
Teachers are learning how to use computer games to teach life skills.

Teachers learn about wind energy (2007-06-20)
North Dakota is number one in the nation for wind energy potential, and North Dakota teachers are learning how to use wind energy as a teaching tool in their classrooms.

Gardner man asks ND Supreme Court to overturn his murder conviction (2007-06-20)
A Gardner, North Dakota man convicted of murder wants the state Supreme Court to overturn the conviction.

Industrial hemp dispute goes to federal court (2007-06-18)
A federal court in Bismarck is being asked to prevent the federal Drug Enforcement Administration from stopping two North Dakota farmers who want to grow industrial hemp.

Wind power exploding in many countries (2007-06-18)
As North Dakota embraces more wind energy, it isn't alone.

Hettinger County celebrates centennial with a "box opening" (2007-06-11)
To celebrate the Centennial, Hettinger County residents opened a copper box that was stored in the courthouse cornerstone

Foster grandparents program celebrates 40 years (2007-06-11)
A foster grandparent program that serves children in eastern North Dakota is celebrating 40 years.

Wet Spring Adds Water To Devils Lake (2007-06-11)
The State Water Commission looks at the need to operate the water outlet at Devils Lake

Bismarck Senator says Governor should call special session on the prison (2007-06-11)
A Democratic State Senator says Governor Hoeven should call a special session to determine what to do with the state penitentiary.

AG's opinion doesn't rule out spending on prison this biennium (2007-06-08)
Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says his opinion on a mechanism for funding prison construction does not mean the $41-million can't be spent during the upcoming two year period.

State mill to use Canadian wheat -- temporarily (2007-06-08)
The North Dakota Mill and Elevator will temporarily be using Canadian organic wheat to produce organic flour.

Nurses shortage not as severe in ND (2007-06-04)
Researchers say even though North Dakota's shortage of nurses is not very significant, that will change over the next ten years.

PSC cutting weights and measures staff (2007-06-04)
The North Dakota Public Service Commission is reducing its weights and measures staff.

New wind farm location approved (2007-06-01)
The Public Service Commission has given the go-head to North Dakota's largest wind project to-date.

Lawyers researching constitutionality of Legislative power delegation (2007-06-01)
A Bismarck state Senator says he's asked a group of eight Democratic attorneys to look into a possible state Supreme Court case on the issue of delegation of power.

Bismarck hospital trying to keep new nurses (2007-05-31)
In the third part of his series, Dave Thompson reports on a Bismarck hospital with its own program to "grow their own" nurses.

Northwest Airlines not reducing seats into Grand Forks (2007-05-31)
Officials say no seats were lost when the late morning flight was pulled at Grand Forks International Airport by Northwest Airlines.

Prosecutor says WSI charges not political (2007-05-31)
Some WSI supporters argue charges against the agency's executive director are politically motivated. But a Burleigh County Assistant States Attorney says no.

WSI officials appear in court (2007-05-31)
Two officials with North Dakota's workers compensation agency made their first appearance in court.

Rural health care facilities trying to "grow their own" nurses (2007-05-30)
In the second part of a series on the nurses' shortage, Prairie Public's Dave Thompson reports on a "grow your own" program.

Pipeline Authority director hired (2007-05-30)
The North Dakota Industrial Commission has named Mark Makelky as the director of the state Pipeline Authority.

Safe Behind Bars #1 -- Women in Prison (2007-05-29)
The number of women meth addicts in North Dakota continues to grow.

Safe Behind Bars #2 -- women meth addicts (2007-05-29)
Meth addiction has reached epidemic proportions, and it's leading to other crimes.

ND elected leaders criticizing federal CMS (2007-05-29)
North Dakota's Insurance Commissioner and lone U-S House member say federal Medicare insurance regulators aren't doing their jobs.

Jaeger: Presidential primary season too "front-loaded" (2007-05-29)
Too much, too soon -- that's how North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger describes the two parties' Presidential candidate selection process in 2008.

Safe Behind Bars #3 -- women meth addicts recovering (2007-05-29)
Meth addicts can be treated -- but standard treatment schemes often don't work.

Nursing school grads in demand (2007-05-29)
In the first of a three-part series, Prairie Public's Dave Thompson explores the shortage of nurses.

ND to require brucellosis test of Montana cattle (2007-05-24)
North Dakota is putting restrictions on cattle from Montana, after a disease in a herd there.

Australian biking the US (2007-05-24)
An Australian man is riding his bicycle across the US to create awareness of the disease called lupus.

Children's safety focus of efforts (2007-05-21)
Accidental deaths of children increase during the summer months. Safe Kids Worldwide is working on how to reduce unnecessary deaths by spreading awareness.

Dispute between Chancellor, NDSU President (2007-05-21)
The president of NDSU has asked the Chancellor of the North Dakota university system to recuse himself from his performance evaluation.

Pandemic flu planning underway in ND (2007-05-14)
North Dakota health care workers and government leaders are preparing to deal with a potential pandemic flu.

Poolman encouraging health insurance competition (2007-05-14)
North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jim Poolman says the Legislature made some changes in state law that will make it more open to competition in the health insurance market.

ND Red Cross Volunteers in Aberdeen, SD (2007-05-09)
Volunteers with the Burleigh-Morton Red Cross Chapter are in Aberdeen this week to help respond to the flooding from heavy rains that happened last weekend. Executive Director Jutta (U-ta) Hopkins is there assessing the damage. She says it will be a long-term recovery for the people of Aberdeen who have had extensive damage to their homes

Celebrating the Chaplain (2007-05-07)
After 20-years with the North Dakota Army National Guard, Monsignor Brian Donahue is entering the ranks of the "retired reserve."

Heart Monitors Bring New Twist To Gym Class (2007-05-07)
Technology is giving students in the Fargo School District a new level of understanding of how to benefit from exercise...

North Dakota Nurse Hero Award Given to Mohall Woman (2007-05-07)
A registered nurse from Mohall is being honored for saving the life of a young man last December.

UND med school near the top in training family docs (2007-05-07)
The American Academy of Family Physicians says the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences is one of the top institutions in the country for producing family medicine physicians.

Flood of the Century: A Region Pulls Together (2007-04-23)
The flood waters of the Red River impacted many lives in 1997, both along its shores and miles away from its reaches.

Flood Of The Century: A Celebration of Resiliency. (2007-04-23)
Marking the revival of a community with a serving of barbeque ribs and the music of Los Lobos.

Flood of the Century: Guard (2007-04-20)
The fromer adjutamt general of the North Dakota National Guard remembers the Red River Valley flood of '97.

Flood of the Century: Stauss (2007-04-20)
East Grand Forks mayor Lynn Stauss remembers the flood of 97.

Flood of the Century: Leaders (2007-04-20)
Former Grand Forks mayor Pat Owens and former ND Governor Ed Schafer remember the 1997 flood.

Flood of the Century: GF Remembers (2007-04-20)
As a part of the commemoration of the "flood of the century," Grand Forks held a luncheon -- and rang church bells.

Fargo Middle School "Pushes The Envelope" (2007-04-19)
6th Graders at Carl Ben Eielson look at people who have helped shape history and today's communities.

"Flood of the Century" Remembered in Fargo (2007-04-17)
Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker looks back at the flood of 1997, and how the city has responded to the "near-miss."

East Grand Forks Mayor wants permanent state disaster fund (2007-04-10)
The mayor of East Grand Forks thinks the Minnesota Legislature should set aside some money in a permanent disaster fund.

New hospital causing controversy in Grand Forks (2007-04-10)
A proposed for-profit hospital in Grand Forks has become very controversial.

Fargo senator glad he sponsored "peace resolution" (2007-04-10)
The Legislature has passed a resolution supporting U-S troops in Iraq -- and urging Congress and President Bush to continue to pursue peace.

Pre-kindergarten program defeated (2007-04-10)
The state Senate has defeated a proposal to provide state money for local pre-kindergarten programs.

Prison plan changed by Senate (2007-04-10)
The state Senate has set aside $42 million for prison construction -- to be spent by a later legislature.

Democrats trying to restore money for human service centers (2007-04-02)
House Democrats are hoping to restore money for regional human service centers, cut by the full House.

MDU says it's committed to renewable fuels (2007-04-02)
The president and CEO of MDU Resources Group says the utility is committed to renewable resources. But Terry Hildestad says wind power development in North Dakota has stalled.

Regional Employer Restoring Confidence With Company and Community (2007-03-26)
I-R Bobcat officials are rebuilding confidence in the company after a series of layoffs this past winter.

Broken "Promise" (2007-03-23)
The North Dakota House has turned down the so-called "North Dakota Promise" bill.

Medical School for the Public launches (2007-03-23)
The University of North Dakota's Medical School for the Public will focus on women's health issues for the next six weeks at four locations in North Dakota.

Social worrk program at UND re-accredited (2007-03-23)
March is nationally recognized as Social Work Month and the Social Work Program and the University of North Dakota has another reason to celebrate this month.

EERC hoping to educate on biofuels (2007-03-23)
The Energy and Environmental Research Center in Grand Forks is hoping to educate people in the Dakotas on the benefits of biodiesel fuel.

Native American stressers real (2007-03-23)
A Native American psychiatrist from Colorado is sharing his findings on how common trauma is in Native American communities and the consequences that follow.

"Centers of Excellence" touted (2007-03-14)
North Dakota college representatives and business leaders want funding for the "Centers of Excellence" program reinstated.

"Drinkless" booze machine not welcome (2007-03-14)
The Legislature has voted to ban a device called "AWOL" -- or "Alcohol Without Liquor."

House rejects in-state housing and food allowance (2007-03-14)
State and local officials will continue to receive $24 a day for food and $50 a day for lodging in-state.

Water conference underway in Grand Forks (2007-03-14)
The International Water Institute is hosting its third International Water Conference this week at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks.

Legislators, local governents at odds over caps (2007-03-09)
Local government representatives are telling state lawmakers that putting caps on their ability to raise property taxes is a bad idea.

Senate has little support for a new prison (2007-03-09)
The chairman of the state Senate Appropriations Committee says he doesn't think there's much support in the Senate for any building project for the state penitentiary.

UND professor says global climate change is real (2007-03-09)
Scientists around the world agree the overall temperature of the earth is climbing. An associate professor at the University of North Dakota is among them

Norwegian officials visit UND (2007-03-09)
Two prominent Ambassadors visited the University of North Dakota campus to explore educational opportunities and exchanges between the United States and Norway

House studying overhaul of education funding formula (2007-03-06)
The House Education Committee has begun work on a rewrite of the way the state funds local schools.

UND readying for 125th anniversary (2007-03-06)
UND is preparing to celebrate a milestone -- 125 years of higher learning in North Dakota.

Law students do your taxes (2007-03-06)
UND law students are helping people with their tax returns -- on a first-come-first-served basis.

Supporters say proposed Red River Valley water project needed (2007-02-28)
Supporters say the proposed project to bring water to eastern North Dakota in times of drought is cost-effective -- and won't hurt the west.

Board of Higher Ed needs to mend fences, say lawmakers (2007-02-27)
Some state lawmakers say the Board of Higher Education needs to repair some damaged relationships with the Legislature and the public.

Grand Forks leaders given honorary Air Force titles (2007-02-27)
Grand Forks community leaders have been named honorary commanders at Grand Forks Air Force Base.

New Bismarck-Rapid City bus route saves time, money (2007-02-27)
Four transit companies have launched an express shuttle bus route between Bismarck and Rapid City.

Senate Committee Gives Do-Pass On War Resolution (2007-02-23)
A Senate committee heard emotional testimony today (Thursday) on a resolution that supports American troops in Iraq and urges Congress and the President to withdraw combat forces from Iraq. Supporters say the country can support their troops by bringing them home. Opponents say the resolution is the wrong message for North Dakota to send to President Bush and the troops. The Senate Political Subdivisions Committee added amendments to the resolution and gave it a do-pass recommendation.

Goetz named chancellor of ND University System (2007-02-23)
The state Board of Higher Education has hired Governor Hoeven's chief of staff as the new chancellor for North Dakota's university system.

Red River basin mapping project proposed (2007-02-21)
North Dakota and Minnesota legislators are working on funding for a digital elevation map of the Red River basin.

Uranium mining to resume in ND? (2007-02-21)
There's a rekindled interest in potential uranium mining in western North Dakota.

Dorgan: Missouri River communities may lose water supplies (2007-02-21)
Sen. Byron Dorgan says he's concerned about what effect continued drought will have on community water supplies.

Crookston, MN students take a stand against violence (2007-02-21)
The story of the murder of UND student Dru Sjodin inspired Crookston high school students to work to stop violence.

UND students to help pay for move to Division I (2007-02-21)
UND will ask its students to pay part of the school's move to Division I.

Using waste salt water to clear roadways stopped (2007-02-21)
The state Department of Health...the Department of Transportation and the Department of Mineral Resources will conduct environmental assessments of using waste salt water from oil wells to clear highways of ice and snow.

Native American Researcher Applauds Tribal Colleges and Students (2007-02-14)
A Native American researcher from the University of Montana is speaking about the cultural factors that support student success. Dr. Iris Pretty Paint says all indigenous people are miracle survivors that have journeyed down the pathway of higher education.

"Castle" bill passes in House (2007-02-13)
The North Dakota House says you can shoot an intruder without fear of prosecution or civil suit.

House rejects WSI reforms (2007-02-13)
The North Dakota House has turned down a proposal to revamp the state's workers compensation agency.

Researcher looks at eating disorders in rural America (2007-02-12)
A University of North Dakota professor is involved with a research project -- looking at eating disorders in rural parts of the country.

Theater to re-open in Walhalla (2007-02-12)
The community of Walhalla is coming together to re-open the city's movie house.

Rodriguez Sentenced To Death. (2007-02-08)
After being convicted last fall for murdering a University of North Dakota student. A Crookston, Minnesota man has been ordered to die by lethal injection.

Students protest "noise ordinance" (2007-02-07)
The Grand Forks City Council's public safety committee heard arguments at its latest meeting from a group organized against the city's controversial noise ordinance

Pay plan on its way to Governor (2007-02-06)
North Dakota legislators have finished their work on a pay-and-benefit package for state employees.

Senate Committee Looks At Smoking Ban Bill (2007-02-06)
The North Dakota Senate Judiciary Committee heard emotional testimony today on a bill that would ban smoking in all public places. Supporters of the bill say it is a health issue and opponents of the bill say businesses should decide whether or not they want to go smoke-free.

Renewable energy bill changed (2007-02-06)
A comprehensive renewable energy bill has been changed -- and advocates are unhappy.

Webb jurist-in-residence (2007-02-06)
The University of North Dakota School of Law is hosting its Inaugural Distinguished Jurist-in-Residence this week.

Tribal Colleges May Get Compensated for Non-Native Students (2007-02-02)
The North Dakota Legislature is considering a bill that would compensate tribal colleges for non-Native students in the same way other colleges and universities in the state are given grant assistance for Native students.

WSI bill changed; sponsor not happy (2007-01-31)
The state Senate has passed a bill that would overhaul the way the board of directors for the state's workers compensation agency is selected. But it wasn't what the bill's sponsor wanted.

Windows Vista unveiled in Fargo (2007-01-31)
Software giant, Microsoft has launched retail sales of its new operating system - Vista.

New proposal for tax relief combines property, income tax breaks (2007-01-29)
Bismarck Democratic State Senator Tracy Potter has a bill that combines property tax relief with income tax relief.

Chancellor finalists named (2007-01-29)
The list of people being considered for the job of state university system chancellor has been narrowed from five to three.

Curling growing in Devils Lake (2007-01-29)
North Dakota is one state known for winter activities such as hockey or skiing A winter athletic club in Devils Lake has seen a recent surge in membership, making the sport of curling even more known in the community.

ND Senators Endorse Petraeus (2007-01-26)
North Dakota's two U-S Senators vote in the affirmative for Petraeus' to lead America's troops in Iraq.

Fargo lawmaker wants to ban sugared, carbonated drinks in elementary and middle schools (2007-01-25)
North Dakota child doctors want soda pop and other carbonated drinks taken out of elementary and middle schools.

Bill to reform Workers Comp changed (2007-01-25)
The sponsor of a measure that would have the Governor appoint the head of the state's workers compensation agency is angry, after a committee gutted and changed his bill.

EERC working on biofuels (2007-01-24)
The Energy and Environmental Research Center in Grand Forks has taken on a new project to demonstrate the production of hydrogen at ethanol facilities.

House not yet ready to pass pay plan (2007-01-24)
The House Majortity Leader says he doesn't yet know if the state employee pay bill will be "fast-tracked."

Biomass and ethanol -- a good marriage? (2007-01-24)
The Energy and Environmental Research Center in Grand Forks is developing new biomass technologies to further advance the future of ethanol.

"Slack" for underage drinkers who call "911" to help ill friends (2007-01-24)
A state Senate committee has approved a measure to prevent minors who have consumed alcohol from prosecution -- if they call "911" for sick friends.

Troop call-up can mean doctor and nurse shortage (2007-01-15)
The call-up of National Guard and reserve troops means a shortage of workers in many professions, including medicine.

Fargo-Moorhead honors Dr. King (2007-01-15)
NDSU and the Fargo-Moorhead community honored Dr. Martin Luther King in a unique way.

Legislature begins work on state employee pay (2007-01-15)
A state Senate committee is looking at Governor Hoeven's proposal for state employee raises.

Sen. Dorgan takes helm of Senate Indian Affairs Committe (2007-01-05)
North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan will replace Arizona Senator John McCain as chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee beginning this month.

Sitting Bull Grave Site Given Back To Standing Rock Tribe (2007-01-05)
The land containing the original grave site of Chief Sitting Bull has been given back to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe from the state of North Dakota.

Bill pending to legalize growing and processing of industrial hemp (2007-01-05)
A bill that would allow a person to grow or process industrial hemp is pending in the Legislature's Senate Agriculture Committee.