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March 23, 2018
Prairie Region News
Prairie Region News
Ballot bills defeated in ND Legislature
(Prairie Public) - Two proposals to order closer checking of voter qualifications have been defeated in the North Dakota House.

Both bills would have instituted a new "provisional" voting system. If a voter's eligibility was challenged at the polling place, the voter's ballot would have been set aside. The voter would have had to provide proof of eligibility later. If the voter was not eligible, the ballot would have been thrown out.

"There is no evidence of fraud in North Dakota," said Rep. Stacey Dahl (R-Grand Forks). "At the risk of repeating an oft-repeated cliche around here, this is a bill looking for a problem."

Supporters disagreed.

"In 1999, if you would have asked people in Florida what a 'hanging chad' or a 'dimpled chad' was, they probably would have had no clue," said Rep. Kim Koppelman (R-West Fargo). "We don't want that to happen in North Dakota. We need to look only as far as the state of Minnesota to see the problems that can happen in what was considered a secure system."

Both bills failed on the House floor. One of the bills did get a majority of the votes cast -- but fell short of the Constitutional majority.

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