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August 13, 2020
Prairie Region News
Prairie Region News
Federal loan pending for carbon capture project
(Prairie Public) - Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer says he's excited about Basin Electric Power Cooperative's plans to install carbon dioxide capture on its Antelope Valley Station power plant.

Basin is working with a company to launch a demonstration project at the plant. It already captures CO2 from its Great Plains Synfuels Plant -- and that CO2 is pumped to a Canadian oil field for enhanced oil recovery.

Basin has applied for a federal loan from the Rural Utilities Service -- which is under the US Department of Agriculture.

"You know, I certainly can't guarantee that we will approve the loan application," Schafer told the Basin annual meeting in Bismarck. "We are excited about the project, and we're inclined to approve the loan."

The loan is pending before the Rural Utilities Service, which is a part of USDA. Basin general manager Ron Harper says while the application must be approved by the RUS before Schafer sees it. But he says he's encouraged by Schafer's remarks.

"We're feeling good that there's such a strong showing of support for our concept and our thought process," said Harper. "It's a valuable partnership."

Schafer says he hopes the loan application will reach his desk before the end of the year. Schafer will likely leave office when the new administration takes over January 20th.

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