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February 21, 2018
Prairie Region News
Prairie Region News
NDSCS - Meeting Housing Demands for Campus and Community
(Prairie Public) - The North Dakota State College of Science was given the go-ahead this week to embark on a $9-Million renovation of two residential halls. College President John Richman says the project will not only bring the rooms up to modern standards, it will also help continue the growth of the student population. Richman says a goal has been set to not only grow the school's enrollment but have 1,300 of those students living on campus. He says at that level, the newly renovated Forkner and Riley residence halls would have additional space...

"...The City has a need for Senior living quarters -- they're short on that piece. They're hearing from a number of seniors that reach a certain age -- 55 and older -- that their kids are all gone, they sell their home, and they want to stay in the community, but there isn't the appropriate senior living environment for that age group. And so they are having to leave the community and move to Fergus Falls or to Fargo. So, they have that need, we have the space, and Lutheran Social Service will be the funding and operating arm of that project."

Richman says the partnership with Lutheran Social Service will be a good match for the school and the residents...

"...Obviously, we have a full fledged kitchen... they may cater for meals, they may cater for I-T services, they may cater for maintenance and custodial services. We won't operate it. We will be, for lack of a better term, a land-lord for Lutheran Social Service to function. And, just so we've clear, this is not assisted living. This would be just Senior living."

Richman says while it's a new approach for the school, there are about three-dozen colleges in the U-S that offer a similar service.
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