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May 24, 2018
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Prairie Region News
Theatre B does Midsummer Night's Dream
(Prairie Public) - Review: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Theatre B

As welcome as the finally warm spring sun on our long-wintered bones and the return of green to our senses, comes a delicious tale of fairies and forests, lovers and actors in Theatre B's production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

With a nod to his former college professor, director Brad Delzer creates a Midsummer Night's Dream reminiscent of the magnificent version staged in 2003, by Dr. Paul Lifton of the NDSU Theatre Department. With 4 actors, 2 costume designers, 2 lighting designers, 1 director, 1 scenic designer, 1 stage manager, 1 props designer and 1 backstage crew member all from NDSU, the contributions from their Theatre Department to our arts community are apparent. Consistent with their philosophy that a theatrical production includes trained, talented artists as designers of costumes, set, lighting and props, this production of Midsummer' is a sumptuous feast perfect for our rite of spring.

Delzer has created a production of Midsummer Night's Dream that floats and flows through time, space and realities and leaves us with a wonderful sensation of magic mixed with lust, the interesting weaving of ethereal and earthy. At times a classic farce, Delzer finds every bit of humor in this script and makes good use of the space with characters coming and going from all four corners.

A beautiful, anytime-anywhere angular set designed by Todd Johnson provides a striking background for this excellent cast to tell their story. Because this rendition is told by 9 actors doubling in roles, the rich, neutral costumes are an integral part of the concept, and are exquisitely designed by Cindy Roholt and Annie Rupprecht. Of equal interest is the lighting design by Jeffrey Gion and Frank Clemens, brilliantly creating each scene's place and tone.

Music by Concordia alum and Minneapolis composer Josh Clausen provides the perfect framework for this production-- leading, punctuating and finishing the piece with a quirky & gentle electronic sound that meshes seamlessly with the show's style.
All of this artistic collaboration is wrapped around a cast of skilled actors, creating a truly enjoyable play. Stunning and powerful in his dual roles as Oberon and Theseus, we are treated to a mesmerizing performance from Doug Hamilton. Still, the play would not be the thing if not for strong performances from several in the cast. Carrie Wintersteen's compelling and brook-no-fools Titania and Hippolyta are deliberate and artfully played. Amy Bouthilet brings a Helena right out of the modern woman scorned handbook, with attitude and physicality that surprise and delight. Colin Froeber's Puck, both mischievous and menacing, twines his way through the piece as a vine in the forest, with meddlesome sprouts popping up in everybody's business. Ultimately, to complete this excellent production, the group of Thespians, centered around the inimitable Scot Horvik as Bottom, present their hysterically goofy take on Pyramus & Thisbe, and all is lost, and won; the lovers are matched and the fairies are in the forest.

Every so often, a really good Shakespeare production happens in our community--- and this is one of them. I'd go if I were you. A Midsummer Night's Dream runs at Theatre B through May 22nd.

For Prairie Public, I'm Brandy Lee.

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