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April 27, 2018
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Prairie Region News
FMCT Lend Me a Tenor
(Prairie Public) - Review: Lend Me A Tenor, Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre

Our Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre celebrates it 65th Anniversary with the farce Lend Me A Tenor, by Ken Ludwig. We can be proud to be home to the largest and longest running community theatre in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. The many directors of the FMCT have found creative solutions to keep the theatre open and running through the years, and their courage and talents are to be commended.

On a nicely executed set, the door-slamming, undergarment-laden story of Lend Me A Tenor unfolds with predictability and humor. Costumes, Hair and Makeup design by Shelly Hurt-Geist give the production the style and time frame necessary for this piece, and lighting and sound complement the work.

Lend me A Tenor includes a strong cast whose buffoonery delights with each character's increasing dilemma. Jeff Rondeau is convincing in the role of father and arts aficionado. Also enjoyable is Kate Stevenson as his daughter, Maggie, who manages to bring some subtlety and interest despite the broadly drawn character typical of a farce. Mark Seeba displays excellent timing and comic sense in the role of Tito the Italian tenor. Sara Ervin is well-cast as his wife Maria, and Jeremy Ellsworth entertains in his role as Frank the Bellhop. This production of Lend Me A Tenor at the FMCT hits the intense level perhaps prematurely, and lacks consistency in the Italian accent portrayal, but finishes well and shows the FMCT's continued commitment to providing theatrical opportunities in our area.

With hard times upon us, our long-standing arts organizations are struggling, and for the Jazz Arts Group, losing the struggle. The Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, The Plains Art Museum, The FM Opera, The Fargo Theatre and the FMCT represent decades of respect for and dedication to the arts. We need these arts, and the artists who give us the music and the pictures and the words, so that we can get up in the morning and know the beauty and the awfulness of our world, and find meaning. To quote Nietzsche, "We have art in order to not die of the truth". With much newness capturing our imaginations now, we are imperiled of losing the experience of being in the presence of art, not filtered through a screen, but alive in front of us, breathing, real and illuminating. I hope you find some art, and I hope it surprises/teaches/enthralls/touches/angers or satisfies you. And I hope it's still around for others to experience.

If you're looking for some art this weekend, the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony takes you to Russia through the music of Nevsky, Kabalevsky and Rachmaninoff. Or the NDSU Theatre Department transports us to another time and place with Tales of the Lost Formicans. Or, the Plains Art Museum has five current exhibitions to see, including Donald Renner: Encoded Solutions'. Look around; we are still rich with art in the Fargo-Moorhead Community, so far.

For Prairie Public, I'm Brandy Lee.
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