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November 24, 2017
Prairie Region News
Prairie Region News
The Seafarer at Theatre B
(Prairie Public) - I have been an unwilling participant in many a standing ovation----rising out of politeness to join the people around me. So it was a rare and wonderful sensation to be pulled to my feet by genuine awe and appreciation for the artist in front of me.

Audiences in the FM area can count on one hand the opportunities to see professional Equity actors perform in recent years. To have a yardstick, to know what we measure by, you will have to see The Seafarer at Theatre B. The dream team cast that includes Equity actor Doug Hamilton, NDSU Theatre Professor Hardy Koenig, and Theatre B Founder Scot Horvik, makes for an excellent production. The Seafarer, by Conor McPherson, bounces along through the harsh and lilting lives of two brothers in northern Dublin. Set during the Christmas season, the play offers us a sip---well, a gulp really, of Dublin working class culture, soaked in whiskey and told with the coarse verse of everyday Irish poets. Koenig, Horvik and Hamilton give stunningly powerful performances; Koenig is the blind brother of the perpetually down-on-his-luck-o-the-Irish Sharkey', played by Scot Horvik, and I'm not going to tell you the character Doug Hamilton plays, because that would ruin your Christmas surprise. These three men, aided by Mark Dillon and Jeffrey Rondeau, take us from chuckles to gasps to guffaws with skill and talent that astound. Hardy Koenig's brilliance as Richard shows an untidy, demanding and loving man --- complexity played through consistent and flawless technique. It is through riveting, haunting stillness that Horvik reveals the resignation of Sharkey caught in his own terrible mistake. The gritty edge of a hard life in Dublin is established with the set and costumes, and provides the piece with the feel and look we need to be completely drawn in. This production is suggested for mature audiences due to an abundance of crude language. The Seafarer runs weekends at Theatre B through December 26th. It is with delight that, as a reviewer, I get to say You must see this play', and mean it. For Prairie Public, I'm Brandy Lee.
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