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February 9, 2016
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PRI's The World: 02/09/2016 What if New Hampshire weren't the first primary in the nation? Which other state might best reflect the nation's overall demographic make-up? We'll tell you. Also, Marco Werman gives us another quick glimpse of his visit to Iran's capital, Tehran. Today he takes us to a film festival taking place this week in the city. Plus, we get a look at how immigration is rapidly changing London.
PRI's The World: 02/08/2016 Marco Werman checks in from Tehran. He flew into Iran's capital over the weekend, and gives host Carol Hills his first impressions. Plus, one day ahead of the New Hampshire primary, we look at the US presidential race from a Dutch point of view. Also, Carol speaks with Nakkiah Lui, an aboriginal writer and satirist who stars in a show on Australian TV called "Black Comedy."
PRI's The World: 02/05/2016 Cargo ships are taking strange routes to European ports, passing through Syrian, Libyan and Lebanese waters and that's raising serious security concerns. Plus, we hear about the value of Parmesan cheese. It's so valuable that one Italian cheesemaker is issuing bonds backed by the giant aged rounds. Also, Maurice White, founder of the band Earth, Wind & Fire, Died this week at the age of 74. The band blended soul, funk, jazz and a bit of everything else. White himself, though, was heavily influenced by the study of ancient Egypt.
World Headlines
Trump and Sanders win New Hampshire Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders win the New Hampshire primary, the second contest in the race for presidential nominees.
Court halts Obama's key climate plan President Obama's plans to regulate emissions of carbon dioxide from US power plants are stalled by the Supreme Court.
German trains in deadly head-on crash At least 10 people are killed and more than 100 injured as two passenger trains collide in the German state of Bavaria.
Fashion Week is adapting to a changing economy
The future of Fashion Week is much different than what we're used to
How can we tell if a recession is upon us?
New York Times senior economics correspondent Neil Irwin talks about the signs of a recession
What's Janet Yellen thinking?
The Fed Chair prepares to testify before Congress about markets and the economy
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