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September 1, 2015
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PRI's The World: 08/31/2015 President Barack Obama goes to the Arctic to visit Alaska. He's there for a global get-together looking at issues facing the region, including energy production and climate change. We'll give you a preview of the president's trip. We also hear about a chef from France who was in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. He served pastries to guests at a five-star hotel there before the levees broke. Even though Katrina ended his career in the Big Easy, now he's started over with a new restaurant in New Mexico.
PRI's The World: 08/28/2015 We hear exactly how smugglers are trafficking migrants through Europe. One reporter was interviewing a Syrian family in Serbia when a smuggler named Alex walked up to them and started negotiating. We'll hear some of that recorded conversation. Also, the majority of medical school students in Pakistan are female, but the majority of practicing doctors are male. Why do so few women who graduate from med school end up practicing their profession? Plus, we speak with one of the twins at the heart of the documentary, "Twinsters."
PRI's The World: 08/27/2015 In the wake of the televised killing of two journalists in Virginia yesterday, and the spread of the grisly images via social media, we turn to someone who studies the role of the Internet in society and the similarities with the way ISIS militants have used video and social media. We also hear why news sites in China went big with the Virginia shooting story. Plus, a toucan in Brazil gets a replacement beak ? using a 3D printer.
World Headlines
Migrants stranded amid EU asylum chaos Hundreds of migrants are stranded outside a major railway station in Budapest after police seal off the terminal to stop them travelling through the EU.
US murder rate soars in 2015 Murder rates are soaring in many US cities after years of decline, with at least 30 major cities reporting a rise in violence.
Google updates main company logo Google has made a series of changes to the main logo it uses for its core services.
PODCAST: Consumers love coupons
Arctic competition, medical debt collection, and post-recession consumer habits.
Medical debt collectors up in arms over FCC ruling
Companies could face fines of up to $1500 per faulty call.
Stop thinking Netflix is a movie service
Parting ways with Epix won't be a big blow. It's focusing on its own programming.
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