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September 22, 2017
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Puerto Rico's recovery, Facebook's election pledge, history of Tiki bars Puerto Rico faces a long road to recovery after being battered by Hurricane Maria. Also, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un continue to trade insults and threats. Plus, a conversation with South African body positive activist Lesego Legobane.
Trump tightens the economic noose on 'Rocket Man' and encourages his friends to go to Africa 'to get rich' President Donald Trump announces a new set of sanctions on North Korea, while South Korea says it?s resuming aid to the North. We hear how Africans are reacting to Trump?s comment that his friends are going to the continent to get rich. Plus, the global effort to get more girls interested in shark science.
Mexico City reeling from earthquake, Miami immigrants help neighbors after Hurricane Irma Central Mexico is still reeling after Tuesday's major earthquake. We hear how immigrant communities are trying to put their lives back together after Hurricane Irma. And a new statue in Moscow pays tribute to the inventor of the AK-47.
World Headlines
Russia: Trump and Kim are like 'children in a kindergarten' Russia's foreign minister says Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are acting like fighting schoolchildren.
McCain torpedoes Republican Obamacare repeal plan again The senator says he "cannot in good conscience" approve the plan, which is backed by President Trump.
Puerto Rico dam failure 'imminent' after Hurricane Maria More than 70,000 people who live near the dam are warned they face "a life-threatening situation".
Ask A Manager: What should you do if you're overqualified?
Alison Green answers your questions on being overqualified and credit checks.
Meet Gucci Mane, hustling since he was 9 years old
Rapper and author Gucci Mane takes the Marketplace Quiz.
Reconciliation budget rule may not help GOP repeal Obamacare in time
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