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September 17, 2014
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PRI's The World: 9/16/2014 The US carries out airstrikes near Baghdad where a tense sectarian mood is emerging and where the "fear of the other is seeping even to the people you know." Also, a Ukrainian-American author writes about the Ukrainian community in Brighton Beach and muses on the relationships between those who left and those who stayed behind. Plus, the coffee maker that turned James Bond into a coffee snob.
PRI's The World: 9/15/2014 A Minneapolis teen disappears and then surfaces in Syria. Her family fears she may have been recruited by militants. Also, a group of American doctors heads to the Ebola outbreak zone. And Grimms' fairy tales get a new English translation ? darker, but also funnier.
PRI's The World: 9/12/2014 How does the so-called "coalition" expect to tackle the ISIS threat and how exactly does ISIS recruit young Western women to their cause? Plus, a visit to a building in Venezuela that's been dubbed "the world's largest squat," and how the government is now trying to clear it out. And, a look at this weekend's New York dance-fest, Turntables on the Hudson.
World Headlines
Mass rallies mark referendum climax Both sides in the Scottish referendum campaign hold rallies as they make their final efforts to win over undecided voters.
Ebola can 'ruin W Africa economies' The Ebola outbreak could have a catastrophic economic impact on three West African countries, the World Bank says.
Obama to address troops on IS plan US President Barack Obama is to address troops involved in his new strategy to "degrade and destroy" Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria.
How student data improves the lunch line
Tracking students in the cafeteria can make schools more efficient, but at a cost.
New law cracks down on businesses that ban bad reviews
A new law stops businesses from banning customers from posting bad reviews online.
Scottish independence: the cost of uncertainty
Complicated calculations are in store if Scotland votes to separate from the UK.
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