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The Folk Show with Mike Alzo Aug 11, 2013
8:00PM - 9:00PM

NameSong TitleName of CDTrack LabelRelease Year
Anna [Roberts-Gewalt] and Elizabeth [LaPrelle]Here to get my baby out of jailSun To SunAaE2012
Anna [Roberts-Gewalt] and Elizabeth [LaPrelle]PaterollerSun To SunAaE2012
Putnam SmithThe lion tamer is the cruelest creatureKitchen, Love...Itchy Sabot2013
Jim Patton & Sherry BrokusGlen Oak bluesThe Great UnionBerkalin2013
Matt StoneLand of broken dreamsNorthern LightsFolkmuse Songs2012
EllisHow would it beWherever You AreSinging Crow Music2013
Switchback [Martin McCormack & Brian Fitzgerald]Van TasselKanokaWay Good2013
MatutoThe devil's handThe Devil and the DiamondMotema Music2013
Glowing House [Jess Parsons & Steve Varney]RiverstobeDays Run OutGH2012
Frank Solivan & Dirty KitchenGoneOn the EdgeCompass2013
Ivan RosenbergRed rocking chairOldies and Old TimeVole-O-Tone2013
Cara LuftHe moved through the fairDarlingfordBlue Case Tunes2013
The Mosstins [Marc Moss & Ency Austin]Cold rain and snowHardscrabbleWild Turkey2013
The Barn Birds [Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh]We used to be birdsThe Barn BirdsWaterbug2013
The Barn Birds [Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh]Desert roseThe Barn BirdsWaterbug2013

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