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The Folk Show with Mike Alzo Jun 23, 2013
8:00PM - 9:00PM
Performers at the 33rd Old Songs Festival, Altamont, New York (28-30 June) featured on tracks 1-8

NameSong TitleName of CDTrack LabelRelease Year
GenticorumLe 25 de MaiEnregistre LiveLes Productions du Moulin2013
Claire LynchButtermilk Road & The ArboursDear SisterCompass2013
Joe JencksLove is the reasonBrother SunBSM2011
Pete SutherlandTime's not upA Clayfoot's TaleEpact Music2005
Archie FisherThe great North RoadSunsets I've Galloped Into...Red House1995
Sally Rogers & Claudia SchmidtTree of lifeWhile We LiveRed House1992
Gordon BokApples in the basketApples In the BasketTimberland2005
Magpie [Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino]Swimming to the other sideSeed On the PrairieLong Tail1993
Slaid CleavesStill fighting the warStill Fighting the WarMusic Road2013
Patty GriffinGo wherever you wanna goAmerican KidNew West2013
Buddy MondlockStone in my pocketThe Memory WallSparking Gap2013
Karine PolwartSalters RoadTracesM2 Music/Borealis2013
Steve EarleThe low highwayThe Low HighwayNew West2013
Iris DeMentThere's a whole lotta heavenSing the DeltaFlariella2012
Sarah AldenNiz banju idemFists Of VioletsSA

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