NCPR Playlists

The Bridge with Joel Hurd Dec 15, 2012
9:00PM - 10:00PM
Music and conversation with pianist Jamie Reynolds

NameSong TitleName of CDTrack LabelRelease YearOn-Air TimePurchase
John BeasleyBlack ThunderPositootlyResonance2009 9:00:00PMBuy Now!
Gerald ClaytonSun GlimpseBondEmArcy2010 9:08:18PMBuy Now!
Mary Louise KnutsonSea of QiIn The BubbleMeridian Jazz2011 9:14:46PMBuy Now!
Jamie ReynoldsSinging SchoolTime With PeopleFresh Sound New Talent2012 9:39:11PMBuy Now!
Melissa StylianouSwanseaSilent MovieAnzic2012 9:46:35PMBuy Now!
Ben Webster & Joe ZawinulToo Late NowTravlin' LightMilestone1980 9:52:31PM

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