MICHIGAN Public NewsRoom Archive

Oakland County Wants to Be Medical Destination (2008-09-24)
Oakland County is hoping to become a destination for health care on the scale of the well-known Mayo and Cleveland clinics.

Mediator Starts Work in Grand Rapids Schools (2008-09-24)
Grand Rapids teachers have been working without a contract for more than a year.

U of M Study: Cardiac Arrest & The Trip to the ER (2008-09-23)
A new University of Michigan study finds more lives could be saved if paramedics transported fewer heart attack patients to the hospital.

Schools Get Ready For Count Day (2008-09-23)
Schools pull out all the stops to get students into school, and guarantee state funds.

Count Day Carries Major Consequences for Detroit (2008-09-23)
This year's count day could have dramatic consequences for Detroit Public Schools.

FBI Investigating Financial Crisis (2008-09-23)
The FBI is investigating four major U.S. financial institutions whose collapse helped trigger a 700 billion-dollar bailout plan by the Bush administration.

Chrysler Tries To Charge Up Interest In Future Vehicles (2008-09-23)
Carmaker unveils three new electric vehicles as the industry makes its pitch for $25 billion in federal loans.

Bush to UN: Stand Firm Against Terrorism (2008-09-23)
Although he once expressed disdain for the U.N., Bush now says multinational organizations are "needed more urgently than ever" to combat terrorists and extremists

Singer Clay Aiken Says He's.... (2008-09-23)
Yes, he is. After years of speculation, Clay Aiken is acknowledging he's gay.

Questions Rise About Bailout Plan (2008-09-23)
The discussion in Washington regarding a 700-billion-dollar financial rescue plan continues to be a key issue for investors.

'Bullying Powers' (2008-09-23)
Iran's president, speaking at the United Nations, says the "American empire" is reaching the end of its road.

Pakistan Fires on US Helicopters (2008-09-22)
Two U.S. helicopters reportedly crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan late last night -- and Pakistani troops and tribesmen opened fire on them.

GRPS Offers New Contract Terms For Teacher's Union (2008-09-22)
District officials and the union have been unable to reach an agreement since January 2007.

MSU's Ringer Named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week (2008-09-22)
Michigan State running back Javon Ringer has been named Big Ten offensive player of the week for the third straight week.

Congress About to Approve Great Lakes Compact (2008-09-22)
Southwest Michigan Congressman Fred Upton says the legislation will prevent the diversion of the region's valuable fresh water resource.

Mad Men, 30 Rock Top Emmys (2008-09-22)
"Mad Men" is the first basic-cable show to win the best-drama award. The retro '60s drama centers on an ad agency.

North Korea Wants to Restart Nuclear Reactor (2008-09-22)
The head of the U.N. nuclear agency says North Korea has asked his agency to remove its seals from the Yongbyon nuclear reactor.

Iran Accused of Hiding Nuclear Program (2008-09-22)
IAEA director Mohamed ELBaradei has told the agency's board that he is seriously concerned about Iran's continued stonewalling of his investigators.

Dems Want Help for Homeowners in Big Bailout Plan (2008-09-22)
Senate Democrats are proposing to add government help for homeowners and limits on executive compensation to the government's $700 billion financial bailout of Wall Street.

Gas Prices Drop...For Now (2008-09-22)
Gasoline prices have receded from near record highs earlier this month, but another spike in pump prices may be coming soon.

Metallica, Run-D.M.C. Lead Nominees to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (2008-09-22)
"Queen of Rockabilly" Wanda Jackson, R&B star Bobby Womack, Disco-era groove band Chic, doo-woppers Little Anthony and the Imperials, punk rockers the Stooges and the socially conscious band War are also on the list of candidates.

Detroit Drops Charges Against Raided Art Museum Patrons (2008-09-22)
Detroit will drop charges against people who attended a late-night party last May at CAID.

McCain To Visit Freeland Dow Corning Plant (2008-09-22)
John McCain is back in the swing state of Michigan on Tuesday.

Dow CEO: US Needs Industrial Policy (2008-09-22)
The head of Midland-based Dow Chemical says the U.S. needs a new industrial policy if it's going to remain globally competitive.

Construction Begins at Jean Klock Park (2008-09-22)
Three people were arrested in Benton Harbor this morning as they tried to stop developers from tearing trees out of Jean Klock Park.

Auto Leaders Look To Washington (2008-09-22)
U.S. House could decide this week whether to fund $25 billion in loans for the industry.

New Poll Shows Racial Divide (2008-09-22)
In an election year marked by Barack Obama's historic candidacy, a new poll suggests a wide gap remains between white and black Americans.

A Record Campaign Spending Spree (2008-09-21)
Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain together spent $94 million in August, a record spree mostly aimed at about a dozen states that will probably decide their historic presidential contest.

$700 Billion Bailout (2008-09-21)
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says the nation's credit markets are very fragile and still frozen. And he says Congress must move quickly to pass a 700-billion-dollar rescue package for financial firms.

US, South Korea May Cut Off Aid to North Korea (2008-09-21)
South Korea's Yonhap news agency reports the United States and South Korea plan to cut off energy aid to North Korea if it speeds up its efforts to restore its partially disabled nuclear reactor.

Drummer Travis Barker Expected to Recover (2008-09-21)
The medical director of the burn hospital where former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM are being treated says both men are expected to make full recoveries.

State Retirement Funds Expect Wall Street Rebound (2008-09-21)
Last week's roller coaster ride in the financial world did cost the state retirement funds millions of dollars.

Lions Woes Continue (2008-09-21)
Mike Martz's new offense methodically chewed up his former team's defense in San Francisco's 31-13 victory over the Lions today.

Restoring Faith in Vaccines (2008-09-21)
A new coalition of 22 major medical groups says public confidence in vaccine safety needs to be restored to avoid risks for deadly disease outbreaks.

Midwest May Decide Presidency (2008-09-21)
A new poll of voters in the eight states home to Big Ten universities shows Barack Obama and John McCain in an extraordinarily tight race for the presidency.

Bridging Two Realms (2008-09-21)
The stories of several of people who are hearing, but grew up in the Deaf community. And who culturally live with one foot in each world.

Truck Bomb Kills 40 in Pakistan (2008-09-20)
Police say at least 40 people have died in a massive explosion that destroyed the luxury Marriott Hotel in Pakistan's capital.

Financial System Bailout - Good For Michigan? (2008-09-20)
A University of Michigan expert on banking believes this week's federal intervention in the nation's financial sector may help the state's economy.

MSU Defeats Notre Dame (2008-09-20)
Michigan State gave Javon Ringer the ball all afternoon, and Notre Dame couldn't do much about it.

Mbeki Ousted (2008-09-20)
South Africa's president has agreed to resign after the country's ruling party called on him to step down.

Cockrel: 'Time to Move Forward' (2008-09-19)
Ken Cockrel Jr. was sworn into office this morning. Cockrel was the president of the Detroit City Council, but was elevated to interim mayor by the resignation of Kwame Kilpatrick.

Former Kilpatrick Aide To Face Trial in 2009 (2008-09-19)
Christine Beatty is charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. She refused to accept a plea deal with prosecutors this week that would have given her 60 days in jail.

Feds Act to Solve the Credit Crisis (2008-09-19)
The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve have come up with separate actions designed to shore up the nation's 2 trillion dollars of assets in money market funds.

Final Note for Steinway (2008-09-19)
Henry Z. Steinway, the great-grandson of the founder of the legendary piano-making company his family started in 1853, is dead. He was 93.

Americans and the Ryder Cup (2008-09-19)
Today marks the start of the 37th Ryder Cup, the semi-annual golf tournament played between the Americans and the Europeans. The Americans have not done well in the contest lately.

French 'Picnic Tax' Scrapped (2008-09-19)
France's government has backed away from instituting a tax on common household products - from plastic forks to disposable diapers - that aren't environmentally friendly.

West Nile Virus - on the Decline in Michigan? (2008-09-19)
In all, five people in Michigan have been diagnosed with the potentially deadly, mosquito borne illness this year. That's far less than in previous years.

South Africa's Mbeki Hangs On (2008-09-19)
South Africa's ruling African National Congress has failed to reach a decision on the fate of embattled President Thabo Mbeki.

Obama Better 'Teacher', 'Football Buddy' (2008-09-19)
Fifty-five percent of the people surveyed by the Associated Press and Yahoo News said they'd pick Obama to be their child's teacher. People were also asked which one they'd rather watch a football game with. Obama won that poll too

Beatty To Face Trial in January (2008-09-19)
Former chief of staff for ousted mayor is accused of lying under oath.

Dave Bing Running For Detroit Mayor (2008-09-19)
Businessman and ex-Detroit Pistons star Dave Bing says he's running for Detroit mayor.

British Regulators Halt Some Short-Selling (2008-09-18)
Britain's Financial Services Authority says it is temporarily banning short-selling of shares in publicly-traded financial companies.

McCain, Obama Spar Over SEC Chairman (2008-09-18)
If he were president, John McCain says one thing he'd do in response to the turmoil in the financial markets is fire the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Obama Regains Lead in National Poll (2008-09-18)
The poll of registered voters found 48 percent of those surveyed favoring Obama, while 44 percent preferred John McCain.

Energy Revolution Coming, Author Says In Ypsilanti (2008-09-18)
Thomas Friedman spoke to a crowd of thousands about his new book, which is about the looming energy revolution, and whether America will lead it, or not take part.

State Superintendent Confident Detroit Schools Can Get Back on Track (2008-09-18)
The state has declared a "serious financial problem" in the Detroit Public Schools.

Yemen Embassy Bombing Death Toll Rises (2008-09-18)
Security officials in Yemen say one of the seven civilians wounded in yesterday's assault on the U.S. Embassy has died. That brings the death toll from yesterday's attack to 17, including six of the attackers.

State Sued Over Purging Voter Rolls (2008-09-18)
The lawsuit could affect how many people can vote in this November's presidential election.

Mozart Discovery (2008-09-18)
A researcher says a previously unknown piece of music by Mozart has been found in a French library.

House Passes Oil Speculation BIll (2008-09-18)
President Bush is expected to veto the bill.

President Tries to Reassure Nation on Financial Crisis (2008-09-18)
In brief remarks outside the Oval Office, Bush said he'd canceled his travel plans for the day to focus on the crisis.

DTE Applies For New Nuclear Reactor (2008-09-18)
DTE Chairman and CEO Anthony Earley Jr. says the project will take at least four years to be approved by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Wall Street Rebound (2008-09-18)
Stocks have shot higher, putting the Dow industrials more than 400 points ahead for the day as the closing bell neared.

Legislature OKs Energy Plan (2008-09-18)
The two bills represent a sweeping re-write of Michigan's energy policy that could affect the state's economy, its environment, and its landscape.

Iranian Hackers Shutdown Clerics' Websites (2008-09-18)
Iran's state TV says the hackers were Sunni Muslims based outside Shiite Iran, suggesting a sectarian motive, though it did not say how it knew that.

Airstrike Kills 6 in Pakistan (2008-09-17)
Pakistani officials say at least six people are dead following an airstrike against a militant compound near the country's border with Afghanistan.

Detroit Metro Opens New Terminal (2008-09-17)
The North terminal replaces the nearly half-century old Smith terminal.

Stock Prices Slide Again (2008-09-17)
Stocks continue to see big declines in the aftermath of the AIG bailout. Investors are sending many financial stocks down further with the Dow down more than 300 points.

Livni Wins Party Leadership Vote, Will Lead Israeli Govt (2008-09-17)
TV exit polls say Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has won a clear victory in the party primary election to replace Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Michigan's Unemployment Rate Worsens (2008-09-17)
Michigan's unemployment rate increased to 8.9 percent in August. That's four-tenths of a percentage point higher than in July.

State to Review Detroit Schools Finances (2008-09-17)
The state will be taking a microscope to the books of Michigan's largest school district. It's a move that could ultimately lead to a financial takeover of Detroit Public Schools.

McCain Promises to Help Michigan Workers (2008-09-17)
Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain promises to help workers, and not just Wall Street.

West Michigan Business Leaders To Talk Business This Week (2008-09-17)
The two day conference will focus on improving west Michigan's economic future.

Complaints Rise With Gas Prices (2008-09-17)
The Michigan attorney general's office is sending letters to 16 gas stations across the state inquiring about their fuel prices and costs in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

Death in Yemen (2008-09-17)
Six attackers and ten of their victims are dead after an attack on the U.S. embassy in Yemen. No Americans were hurt

Controversial Autism Study Halted (2008-09-17)
A government agency has dropped plans to test a controversial treatment for autism that critics had called an unethical experiment on children.

White House Defends AIG Takeover (2008-09-17)
Spokeswoman Dana Perino says the current situation is "not clear-cut" because of the many positive and negative economic indicators that sometimes come on the same day.

Ken Cockrel Takes Oath of Office Early (2008-09-17)
Detroit's next mayor has taken the oath of office, but it won't become effective until 12:01 a.m. Friday.

Incoming Detroit Mayor Names Deputy (2008-09-17)
Incoming Detroit Mayor Ken Cockrel today announced he's tapped former U.S. Attorney Saul Green to be his deputy mayor.

McCain/Palin in Grand Rapids Today (2008-09-17)
Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin campaign in Grand Rapids today.

Democrats Urge Obama 'Get Tougher' (2008-09-17)
Worried Democrats want Barack Obama to get tougher, show more passion. Why is he so calm, supporters ask, so close to an election that looks so tight.

McCain Woos Michigan's Republican Faithful (2008-09-17)
It was part of a campaign swing through the state focused on Michigan's economy.

Ike's Toll Rises to 51 (2008-09-17)
Search teams have pulled out of Galveston after having scoured the entire island for survivors.

Obama Announces Great Lakes Restoration Plan (2008-09-16)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama wants to create a five-billion dollar trust fund to protect and restore the Great Lakes.

Democrats File Complaint Over Alleged GOP Foreclosure Vote Plan (2008-09-16)
Republican Party leaders deny a published report that they planned to use foreclosure information to discourage Democratic voters in Macomb County.

Detroit City Council Sets Special Mayoral Elections (2008-09-16)
The Detroit City Council today set special elections to decide who serves out the rest of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's term in office. A special primary will be held February 24 - with a run-off election May 5.

GM Looks To The Future On Its 100th Birthday (2008-09-16)
GM's centennial celebrations include the unveiling of the Chevrolet Volt. But plenty of problems remain at the company.

A Memorial Fifty-eight Years Late (2008-09-16)
Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 crashed in Lake Michigan fifty-eight years ago. At long last the victims have been found.

Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged (2008-09-16)
The Federal Reserve says strains in financial markets have "increased significantly" but it kept a key interest rate unchanged.

Georgia Wants Faster NATO Intergration (2008-09-15)
Georgia's president says he hopes a visit from NATO's chief will accelerate his nation's drive to join the Western alliance.

Financial Giants Fall (2008-09-15)
Lehman Brothers declares bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch Sold

Violent Crime Drops Nationally (2008-09-15)
The Justice Department credits a crackdown on gangs, drug dealers and gun crimes as a reason for a drop in violent crime last year.

Deal in Zimbabwe (2008-09-15)
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has given up nearly 30 years of one-man rule by signing a power-sharing agreement with his political rival, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Biden Slams McCain in Suburban Detroit (2008-09-15)
Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden told Michigan supporters today that electing Republican John McCain would result in four more years of Bush economic policies.

Former Kilpatrick Aide Rejects Deal, Heads to Trial (2008-09-15)
A former aide to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will go to trial, and try to beat seven felony counts related to the text message scandal that cost Christine Beatty's former boss his job.

Catholic Church Closing, Merging Mid-Michigan Churches (2008-09-15)
Lansing Bishop Earl Boyea outlined a plan today to close a half dozen churches and consolidate or merge operations at dozens of others.

Lehman Fallout Could Have Indirect Impact On Michigan Auto Industry (2008-09-15)
Economist says the turmoil on Wall Street means the trouble with credit will continue, and that could drag down auto sales even further.

Civil Rights Crime Bill Could Mean Action in Detroit (2008-09-15)
Detroit could be a focus of efforts to track down information about unsolved civil rights-era murders.

Diocese of Lansing to Announce Church Closings Monday (2008-09-14)
The Bishop of Lansing is expected to announce plans to close and merge Catholic churches and schools across central Michigan on Monday.

Lions Fall to 0-2 (2008-09-14)
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdown passes in the first four drives of his second start, helping Green Bay build a big lead it needed in a 48-25 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Bush Declares Texas Disaster Area (2008-09-14)
Ike ravaged southeast Texas and western Louisiana early Saturday, flooding thousands of buildings and knocking out power for millions.

Voting Rights (2008-09-14)
The Justice Department is pledging to send hundreds of election monitors around the country to help ensure access to the polls in November.

McCain, Palin Campaign in Grand Rapids This Week (2008-09-14)
The Republican presidential ticket is returning to Michigan for the second time this month.

McCain Running Against Obama (and Pres. Bush) (2008-09-14)
Barack Obama isn't John McCain's only opponent. Sometimes McCain sounds like he's running almost as hard against President Bush and the Republican Party as he is against Obama, his Democratic rival for the White House.

Obama Bases Campaign on Stump Speech (2008-09-14)
As Barack Obama paces before 15,000 people with a hand-held microphone, it's easy to assume his 30-minute talk is more or less a free-associating string of talking points and applause lines. In fact, it's a carefully organized four-part argument.

A Violent Day in Iraq (2008-09-13)
Bombs and shootings have killed at least 16 people in Iraq today.

Georgia Wants All Russian Troops Withdrawn (2008-09-13)
Russian forces have met a deadline for a partial pullout from Georgia, but the Georgian Security Council chief says the country still demands a full Russian withdrawal to pre-conflict positions.

Group to Run Ad With Obama's Ex-Pastor (2008-09-13)
An ad reminding voters of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's controversial former pastor is set to run on cable news channels in Macomb County.

Biden Preps For Bigger Role in Campaign (2008-09-13)
The vice presidential nominee you aren't hearing so much about, Democrat Joe Biden, is planning a more prominent role to help validate Barack Obama among white working-class voters.

Cargo Sweeping Causing Controversy (2008-09-13)
Day after day, ships longer than three football fields depart Great Lakes ports after picking up or delivering loads of iron ore, coal and other cargo. Reaching open water, crews wash the decks with high-powered hoses.

Pakistan Seeking Diplomatic Solution to Raids (2008-09-13)
Pakistan is softening its tone over U.S. military raids into its territory in search of Islamic militants.

Irish Top Wolverines, U of M Sidelines Weis (2008-09-13)
Jimmy Clausen threw two touchdown passes and Notre Dame took advantage of six Michigan turnovers to get some revenge for consecutive blowout losses to the Wolverines with a 35-17 victory Saturday.

Manoogian Mansion Moving Day (2008-09-13)
Men have been seen carrying boxes out of the Detroit mayor's official residence five days before Kwame Kilpatrick's resignation becomes official.

MSU Defeats Florida Atlantic (2008-09-13)
Javon Ringer splashed his way to a career-high 282 yards rushing and scored two touchdowns Saturday to lead Michigan State past Florida Atlantic 17-0 in a nearly constant rain.

Saving Lehman Brothers (2008-09-13)
An official from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Saturday deliberations have resumed with leading Wall Street executives and top U.S. financial officials.

Heavy Rains Bring Floods to Parts of Michigan (2008-09-13)
The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids issued a flood warning for counties in the southwest and south-central part of the Lower Peninsula that was scheduled to last until Monday morning.

Ike Weakens (2008-09-13)
Ike has weakened to a tropical storm over eastern Texas, but winds remain near 60 mph and heavy rains and tornadoes are still a threat.

Dale Earnhardt Jr and his search for a Championship (2008-09-13)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. has 18 career victories, more than $52 million in winnings and a perpetual hold on NASCAR's most popular driver award. The only thing missing from his resume is a coveted Cup championship.

Ike Roars Ashore (2008-09-13)
Thousands of homes and government buildings are flooded and roads are washed out. Nearly 3 million people are without power, and utilities are warning that it could be weeks before all the service is restored.

Detroit School Board Disciplines Superintendent (2008-09-12)
The Detroit Board of Education last night reprimanded the district's superintendent for acting unprofessionally, and with poor judgment.

Rapping About Particle Physics (2008-09-12)
An MSU graduate has become an internet sensation with her rap on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

Responding to Hate Crimes (2008-09-12)
While hate crimes do take place in rural areas, most reported hate crimes take place in Michigan's urban centers.

North Korean Leader Recovering (2008-09-12)
North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il is reportedly still suffering occasional spasms, but the reports say he's recovered enough from a stroke to brush his own teeth.

Michigan's Foreclosure Path Improving (2008-09-12)
But, the road may get bumpier in the months ahead.

Texas Readies For Hurricane Ike (2008-09-12)
With the giant-size storm on the way, officials in Houston are telling people who decide to stay to hunker down, board up windows and stock up on drinking water and non-perishable food.

No Federal Bailout for Lehman Brothers (2008-09-12)
A person familiar with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's thinking says Paulson is "adamant" that there should be no government money involved in whatever deal comes together for Lehman Brothers.

More Buyouts At Chrysler (2008-09-12)
The offers going out this month are similar to previous packages and designed to clear out workers who are on indefinite layoff due to slumping sales.

US, Venezuela Expel Ambassadors (2008-09-12)
The U.S. has expelled Venezuela's ambassador and accused two senior Venezuelan government officials of aiding drug traffickers in Colombia. The move comes after Venezuela and Bolivia tossed the American ambassadors out of their countries earlier this week.

McCain Holds Slim Lead in New AP Poll (2008-09-12)
There are some signs of hope for Obama. The Illinois senator has an 18-percentage-point lead among voters who look more to a candidate's values and views than experience.

Taliban Attacks Afghan Convoy (2008-09-12)
An official says the gunfight that followed killed 10 insurgents and five Afghan guards. The governor of Farah province says three other guards are missing and are believed to have been captured by the militiants.

Democrats Denounce Voting Suppression Plan As Republicans Deny It Exists (2008-09-12)
Democrats denounced an alleged plan by Michigan Republicans to use foreclosure lists to challenge voters in November. Republicans say, there is no such plan.

Gas Ike (2008-09-12)
Michigan motorists will feel the wrath of Hurricane Ike this weekend.

Congress To Take Up Energy Bills Next Week (2008-09-12)
Republican leader Mitch McConnell cautioned against taking "half measures." McConnell says conservation alone isn't enough, and it's essential to increase domestic oil production.

Cindy McCain In Michigan Saturday (2008-09-12)
John McCain's wife Cindy is the keynote speaker at the Oakland County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner on Saturday.

Truce Talks with Russia Breakdown (2008-09-12)
A senior Western diplomat says talks with Russia have collapsed on the sensitive issue of sending additional international monitors to two breakaway regions.

Despite Recall Effort, Dillon Wouldn't Change Vote (2008-09-11)
House Speaker Andy Dillon says he would not change vote to raise taxes.

University of Michigan v. Notre Dame Rivalry Continues (2008-09-11)
Tomorrow the Michigan football team takes on Notre Dame for the 36th time, in a rivalry that goes back 121 years. Another tradition that goes back almost as far, is mistrust between the team's leaders.

Obama and Women Voters (2008-09-11)
The Obama campaign tried to restore its standing among Michigan's women voters last night.

Michigan Marks 9/11 Anniversary (2008-09-11)
Small and large ceremonies are taking place around Michigan today to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

No Deal Yet for Beatty (2008-09-11)
A former top aide to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick failed to reach a deal today with the Wayne County prosecutor.

Death in the Oil Fields (2008-09-11)
The Associated Press has found that at least 598 workers have died on the job between 2002 and last year. During that time period, the number of annual deaths rose by around 70 percent.

Alternative Energy Backers Angry With State Lawmakers (2008-09-11)
Supporters of solar and wind energy are expressing frustration at the state legislature's lack of action on a state energy plan.

State Energy Plan Stalled in Lansing (2008-09-11)
Michigan's Democratic governor wanted lawmakers to pass a plan Thursday before she goes on a trade trip to Japan, where she plans to meet with renewable energy companies. But the Republican-led Senate adjourned until next week because a deal hasn't been reached.

US Aviation Still At Risk, 7 Years After 9/11 (2008-09-11)
The nation's top domestic security official says aviation still remains vulnerable to terrorist attack, seven years after 9/11.

NY Mayor Criticizes Pace of Rebuilding World Trade Center (2008-09-10)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he wants Gov. David Paterson to dismantle the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., saying too many agencies are complicating the rebuilding process.

State Witholds $6.2 Million from Detroit Schools (2008-09-10)
The state is withholding millions of dollars in adult education money from Detroit Public Schools.

Michigan Not Faring Well in Federal Spending (2008-09-10)
A public policy think-tank says Michigan is falling behind other states in the competition for federal aid.

North Korean Official Denies Kim Jong il is in Poor Health (2008-09-10)
Kim is 66 and has been out of the public eye for weeks. Yesterday he missed a parade marking the founding of the communist state 60 years ago.

Big Bang (2008-09-10)
The world's largest particle collider has successfully completed its first major test.

Dillon Loses Court Fight Over Recall (2008-09-10)
A question to recall state House Speaker Andy Dillon will appear on the November ballot. That's after the Sixth Circuit U-S Court of Appeals Tuesday refused to take the case.

Study: Speculators Overheated Oil Market (2008-09-10)
An independent study of oil markets concludes that speculation by large investors was a primary reason for the surge in oil prices during the first half of the year and for the more recent price declines.

Pentagon Delays $35 Billion Tanker Fight (2008-09-10)
The Defense Department will wait until the next administration to award a disputed $35 billion contract to build a new fleet of aerial refueling tankers.

Canadian PM Renews Pledge to Remove Troops From Afghanistan (2008-09-10)
Saying 10 years of war is enough, Canada's prime minister today renewed his pledge to pull his country's troops out of Afghanistan as scheduled in 2011.

Lehman Brothers Struggles to Survive (2008-09-10)
Lehman Brothers says it will sell a majority stake in its prized investment management business and spin off its commercial real estate operations.

Chesney Tops CMA Nominations (2008-09-10)
He's nominated for the Country Music Association's entertainer of the year award. He took the top honor last year, in 2006 and in 2004.

Arts Funding Is Up (2008-09-10)
Arts organizations have something to smile about this week. Despite a sluggish economy, state funding for the arts is on the rise.

Flint Lifts Police Gag Order (2008-09-10)
Police Chief David Dicks issued a policy in June barring Flint police officers from talking to the news media, even on issues unrelated to police business.

Profits Increase For Michigan Farmers (2008-09-10)
2007 was a good year for agriculture in Michigan, especially if you're in the dairy business.

Michigan Horse Industry Opposes Equine Cruelty Bill (2008-09-10)
About 100 thousand horses in the U.S. are slaughtered each year. The bill is primarily aimed at preventing the butchering of horse meat for human consumption for shipment overseas.

Pakistan Will Be Defended "At All Costs" Against US (2008-09-10)
In a statement issued Wednesday, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani says the U.S. raid last week killed innocent civilians and was carried out in violation of agreements between Pakistan and the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan.

Russian Bombers Arrive in Venezuela (2008-09-10)
The Interfax news agency is quoting Russia's Defense Ministry as saying that two Russian strategic bombers have landed in Venezuela as part of military maneuvers.

The Drama of Science (2008-09-10)
Why a new play has theater junkies sitting side by side with physicists and mathematicians.

Report: Illicit Sex and Federal Oil Regulators (2008-09-10)
Federal investigators say government officials handling billions of dollars in oil royalties engaged in illicit sex with employees of energy companies, and received improper gifts.

'Lipstick on a Pig' (2008-09-10)
Barack Obama is calling the flack over his use of the phrase "lipstick on a pig" at a campaign stop "the latest made-up controversy by the John McCain campaign."

McCain and the Prius (2008-09-10)
The head of the United Auto Workers union says Republican presidential nominee John McCain lost credibility by first saying he bought his daughter a Toyota Prius, then saying she bought it.

Ike Building Steam (2008-09-10)
Hurricane Ike has become a Category 2 storm as it feeds on warm Gulf waters and makes its way to Texas.

Chrysler Exec: Start of New Era (2008-09-10)
Chrysler LLC Vice Chairman Jim Press says U.S. automakers have reached the start of a new era in which they can be competitive with foreign brands.

Global Cooling? (2008-09-09)
The latest edition of the Old Farmer's Almanac says a study of solar activity and corresponding records on ocean temperatures and climate point to a cooler, not warmer, climate, for perhaps the next 50 years.

Obama: More Money For Charter Schools (2008-09-09)
In a speech to educators in Ohio today, Obama also vowed to replace teachers who aren't up to the job. His speech embraces education proposals normally more popular with Republican candidates.

UN Pulling Out Of Parts of Sri Lanka (2008-09-09)
The United Nations says it will begin withdrawing its staff from rebel-held territory this week following a government decision banning foreign aid workers from the area.

Conyers: I Have Nothing to Fear from Feds (2008-09-09)
Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers says she has nothing to fear in an FBI probe of city corruption that's been linked to her.

Study: Two Michigan Housing Markets Most 'Affordable' (2008-09-09)
Jackson and Grayling rank among the nation's most affordable housing markets, according to a new study.

KFC's Secret Recipe On The Move (2008-09-09)
Colonel Harland Sanders' handwritten fried chicken recipe blending those 11 herbs and spices is going to be moved from its home in a locked file cabinet inside a vault to an undisclosed location.

Democrats Criticize Pres. Bush on Iraq Troop Levels (2008-09-09)
President Bush is being criticized by Democrats over his announcement today that U.S. troop levels in Iraq will remain largely the same until the next president takes over.

Is North Korea's Kim Jong il Dying? (2008-09-09)
A U.S. intelligence official says there is reason to believe Kim Jong Il is sick after he failed to show up at a North Korean national celebration on Tuesday.

Pending Home Sales Plummet (2008-09-09)
The National Association of Realtors says pending U.S. home sales fell more than expected in July as the housing market's struggles continued.

Minority Enrollment Drops At GVSU (2008-09-09)
Administrators say the drop came because of a state constitutional amendment that banned the use of race in university admissions.

Bullies and Childhood Obesity (2008-09-09)
A new University of Michigan study finds parents of obese children are more concerned about schoolyard bullies than their children's potential health problems.

Iraqi Lawmakers Face Tough Decisions (2008-09-09)
Iraqi lawmakers, opening their fall session, are facing decisions on key issues that the U.S. believes are necessary to improving security.

Barbra Streisand, Others to Recieve Kennedy Center Honors (2008-09-09)
Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of the Who will also be honored, along with Morgan Freeman, country legend George Jones and choreographer Twyla Tharp.

Deer Baiting Ban (2008-09-09)
Deer baiting is a common practice among Michigan hunters. But, the state Agriculture Department has made the practice of attracting deer with piles of feed illegal this fall. The reason is because of a single case of Chronic Wasting Disease.

Hurricane Ike Ravages Cuba (2008-09-09)
Hurricane Ike has been tearing across Cuba, and dumping heavy rains on old Havana.

Detroit City Council Debating Special Election (2008-09-09)
The Detroit City Council is debating a resolution to call a special election next spring to decide who serves out the remainder of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's term in office.

NHTSA Urges Owners To Heed Recall Notice (2008-09-09)
Faulty switch on 12 million Ford vehicles can lead to fatal fires. So far, only seven million owners have gotten the problem fixed.

Detroit City Council Delays Special Election Vote (2008-09-09)
The Detroit City Council today (Tue.) delayed a vote on a resolution to schedule a special mayoral primary election next spring.

Lance Armstrong Getting Back on the Bike (2008-09-09)
Lance Armstrong is getting back on his bike, determined to win an eighth Tour de France.

Israeli Cabinet Member Suggests Kidnapping Iranian Leader (2008-09-09)
An Israeli Cabinet minister who helped kidnap Nazi mastermind Adolf Eichmann says the same tactic could be used on Iran's president.<

Don't Tell Anyone... Government Secrecy Growing (2008-09-09)
Oversight groups say government secrecy has risen sharply in the past decade.

AP: Bush to Keep Troop Levels at Current Level (2008-09-08)
The Associated Press has learned that President Bush plans to keep the number of U.S. troops in Iraq near the current level through the end of the year, then bring home up to 8,000 combat and support troops by mid-January.

Obama Makes Fun of McCain In Flint (2008-09-08)
Obama mocked McCain for claiming to be the candidate of change.

Auto Leaders Look To Washington For Help (2008-09-08)
Industry is hoping for up to $50 billion in low interest loans from the federal government to help pay for investments in alternative fuel vehicles.

Study: Few Get Followup Colon Cancer Tests (2008-09-08)
Researchers in Cleveland say many colon cancer patients aren't getting the screenings recommended after surgery to make sure the disease hasn't returned.

Federer Wins US Open (2008-09-08)
Roger Federer has become the first man in tennis history to win five straight titles in two Grand Slam events. Not bad for a guy who seemed to lose his dominance on the court only a month ago.

Cuba Feels Ike's Wrath (2008-09-08)
People along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas are watching the storm's unpredictable path, uncertain of where it is likely to hit.

Digital Billboards to Carry Amber Alerts (2008-09-08)
Amber Alerts have become a staple on local radio and television stations. Now, Michigan's 33 digital billboards will begin posting the missing child warnings along roadways from Detroit to Grand Rapids.

McCain Takes Lead in New National Poll (2008-09-08)
The USA Today-Gallup Poll shows McCain now ahead, 50 percent to 46 percent. That puts the Republican's lead beyond the margin of error.

Olbermann, Other MSNBC Commentators Sidelined by NBC (2008-09-08)
MSNBC says Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews are out as co-anchors of political night coverage.

World Markets Move Higher (2008-09-08)
Stock markets around the world have moved higher after Washington announced a bailout of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Kilpatrick's Move Out Date Set (2008-09-08)
Detroit's mayor has a deadline for moving out of the city's official mayoral residence now that he has pleaded guilty and is resigning.

Russia Will Withdraw Troops From Georgia (2008-09-08)
Russia's president says troops will pull out of Georgian territory outside of South Ossetia and Abkhazia after European monitors deploy next month.

OPEC Oil Production Cut? (2008-09-08)
Iran's oil minister says there's too much oil on the market.

Tom Brady Out For Season (2008-09-08)
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is out for the season with a left knee injury that will require surgery.

Russia Says 'Nyet' to 'South Park' TV Show (2008-09-08)
Russian prosecutors say an episode of South Park is extremist and have issued a warning to a Russian TV station that broadcast it.

Nuclear Dump At Yucca Mountain Under Review (2008-09-08)
Federal regulators have agreed to formally review the government's application for a license to build a radioactive waste dump in Nevada.

Jury Selection Starts in OJ Simpson Robbery Trial (2008-09-08)
Simpson and his remaining co-defendant, Clarence Stewart, have each pleaded not guilty to 12 charges stemming from an encounter with two sports collectibles dealers last year at a Las Vegas hotel-casino.

Michigan Bankers Welcome Fed Takeover of Mortgage Giants (2008-09-08)
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been shaken by the collapse of the subprime loan market.

Michigan Supreme Court Dumps Reform Ballot Proposal (2008-09-08)
The Michigan Supreme Court says the state Court of Appeals was right to decide that a measure rewriting large sections of the state constitution was too big for the November ballot.

Obama Campaigns in Farmington Hills (2008-09-08)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama told a crowd in Farmington Hills tonight (MON) that Republican John McCain is trying to reinvent himself as an agent of change.

Cockrel Begins Transition Into Mayor's Office (2008-09-08)
Detroit City Council President Ken Cockrel Junior today began his transition into the mayor's office.

Al Qaida Leader Accuses Iran Of Working With US (2008-09-08)
Al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri has accused Iran of working with U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq in his latest video message.

Zimbabwe: 'No Deal Better Than Bad Deal' (2008-09-07)
Zimbabwe's opposition leader says no deal is better than making a bad deal to share power with President Robert Mugabe.

Automakers Press For Federal Loans (2008-09-07)
Auto industry allies hope to secure up to 50 billion dollars in federal t loans this month to modernize plants and help struggling car makers build more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Teen Obesity & Liver Disease (2008-09-07)
Some overweight teens have severe liver damage caused by too much body fat. And a few of them have even needed liver transplants.

McCain Denies Knowledge of Obama/Kilpatrick Ad (2008-09-07)
Republican presidential nominee John McCain says he doesn't know anything about an ad tying Barack Obama to Detroit's disgraced mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick.

Lions Fall to Falcons (2008-09-07)
Matt Ryan threw for a 62-yard touchdown with his first NFL pass, Michael Turner set an Atlanta record with 220 yards rushing and the Falcons began a new era with a 34-21 victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Police Seek Olmert Indictment (2008-09-07)
It may have little political consequence, but Israel's police are recommending that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert be indicted in a string of corruption cases.

Georgian President Vows to Retake Provinces (2008-09-07)
Georgia's president is vowing to regain control of two breakaway provinces with the help of "the rest of the world."

Mortgage Giants in Crisis (2008-09-07)
The government takeover of mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which was confirmed today, could cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

Obama Campaigns in Flint, Farmington Hills Monday (2008-09-07)
Barack Obama's campaign says the Democratic presidential candidate will discuss the economy at events Monday in Flint and Farmington Hills.

UN May Cut Food Aid to Darfur (2008-09-07)
A U.N. agency is threatening to suspend food distribution in Sudan's troubled Darfur region due to relentless attacks on its aid convoys.

Don't Like Ike (2008-09-07)
One day after visitors were ordered off the Florida Keys, it's time for the residents to go as well.

Rice: Iraq Relationship 'Very Open' (2008-09-07)
But she's not directly responding to a new report that says the Bush administration spied heavily on Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and others in his government.

Olympic Sized TV Audience (2008-09-06)
Nielsen Media Research says 4.7 billion viewers globally saw at least some of the 17 days of TV coverage last month. This audience was one-fifth larger than the 3.9 billion who watched the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Central Michigan Trounced By Georgia Bulldogs (2008-09-06)
Led by Knowshon Moreno, Georgia responded just fine after being bounced from No. 1. Moreno rushed for 168 yards and tied his career high with three touchdowns, while massive defensive end Demarcus Dobbs rumbled for an improbable 78-yard score after picking off a deflected pass to lead the second-ranked Bulldogs past Central Michigan 56-17 on Saturday.

White House Fires Back At Woodward Book (2008-09-06)
Bob Woodward, a Washington Post editor, writes that Bush was slow to react to escalating attacks on American troops in Iraq and that the vaunted troop surge was only part of the reason for improved security.

U of M Downs Miami of Ohio (2008-09-06)
Rich Rodriguez walked off the field as a winner for the first time at Michigan. Not that he was in a particularly victorious mood.

Michigan State Defeats EMU (2008-09-06)
Michigan State's Javon Ringer rushed for 135 yards and a career-high five touchdowns to lead the Spartans past Eastern Michigan 42-10 this afternoon.

Bhutto Widower New Pakistan President (2008-09-06)
Partial returns from federal and provincial assemblies show Asif Ali Zardari has won an overwhelming majority of lawmakers' votes to succeed Pervez Musharraf as president of Pakistan.

Hanna Makes Landfall in Carolinas (2008-09-06)
Tropical Storm Hanna blew over the beaches of the Carolinas with wind and rain this morning but so far there's been little damage.

Federal Govt To Takeover Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac (2008-09-06)
The Associated Press has learned that the federal government plans to take over embattled mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as soon as this weekend.

The Meaning of Change (2008-09-06)
Invigorated by back-to-back political conventions, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama grappled for the mantle of change Friday as the fall race for the presidency took off in states teeming with the independent voters they needed to win.

McCain, Obama TV Ratings Winners (2008-09-06)
Nielsen Media Research says John McCain attracted roughly the same number of viewers to his convention acceptance speech Thursday as Barack Obama did last week.

Asteroid Fly By Successful (2008-09-06)
Scientists plan to release some pictures today of an asteroid photographed during the Rosetta space probe's successful flyby.

US, India Nuclear Deal OKed (2008-09-06)
Delegates at 45-nation talks say they have approved a contentious U.S. plan to sell peaceful nuclear material technology to India.

Hamas To Deliver Letter to Captured Israeli Soldier (2008-09-06)
A Hamas official says the militant group promises to deliver a letter to captured Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit from his father.

Strike Grounds Boeing (2008-09-06)
Boeing machinists are on strike today after federally mediated contract talks failed to produce an agreement.

Hurricane Ike Creeps Closer (2008-09-06)
Tourists and locals in the Turks and Caicos islands have decided they need to be somewhere else before Hurricane Ike arrives.

RNC: Delegates Head Back to Mich; So Does McCain (2008-09-05)
Michigan's delegates to the Republican National Convention heads back to the state today - and so does their nominee for president, John McCain.

Russia Counters VP Cheney (2008-09-05)
Vice President Cheney is visiting three former Soviet republics to show U.S. support for their attempts to distance themselves from Russia. But the same time, Russia is making its own diplomatic moves.

VP Cheney Pledges Support For Ukraine (2008-09-05)
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has pledged U.S. support for Ukraine following last month's war between neighboring Russia and Georgia.

Jesse Jackson Released From Hospital (2008-09-05)
The Rev. Jesse Jackson has been released from a Chicago hospital, two days after he was admitted for severe stomach pains.

Housing Crisis Deepens (2008-09-05)
An industry group says a record 9.2 percent of American homeowners with a mortgage were either behind on their payments or in foreclosure at the end of June, as damage from the housing crisis continues to mount.

Attorney: 'Deck Stacked Against' Kilpatrick (2008-09-05)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's attorneys say mounting pressure finally convinced the mayor to plead guilty to lying under oath Thursday.

Pres. Bush Expected to Announce Iraq Troop Cut (2008-09-05)
President Bush is expected to follow recommendations from military leaders and announce Tuesday that the number of U.S. troops in Iraq will be cut by up to 8,000 by mid-January.

FOP endorses McCain in Detroit (2008-09-05)
National FOP endorses McCain.

Abbas: Mideast Peace Deal by Year's End (2008-09-05)
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he'll try to reach a final status peace agreement with Israel by the end of the year, but he adds that the goal might not be met.

Asteroid Fly By (2008-09-05)
Scientists at the European Space Agency's Operations Center say the deep space Rosetta satellite has stopped sending its signal.

Special Election for Detroit Mayor Could Be Feb. 24 (2008-09-05)
City Council to vote on special election needed for new Detroit mayor.

Here Comes Hanna (2008-09-05)
Tropical Storm Hanna continues to approach the eastern U.S., with its top sustained winds now near 70 miles an hour.

Canadian PM Calls For Early Elections (2008-09-05)
A spokesman says Canada's prime minister will dissolve Parliament on Sunday and call an early election to be held next month.

Jobless Rate Jumps (2008-09-05)
The Labor Department says the August unemployment rate soared to a five-year high of 6.1 percent. Employers cut some 84,000 jobs, marking the eighth straight month of contraction in payrolls.

Anti-War Protesters March on GOP Convention (2008-09-04)
As John McCain makes his acceptance speech tonight, protesters are planning to march outside the Republican National Convention to call for an end to the Iraq war.

Next Detroit Mayor Calls For Unity (2008-09-04)
Ken Cockrel Jr. will take over as mayor of Detroit when Kwame Kilpatrick's resignation takes effect in two weeks.

RNC: Detroit Three Lobby for Loan Guarantees (2008-09-04)
Lobbyists for the domestic auto industry sees this year's political conventions are fertile ground.

RNC: Palin a Hit With Michigan Delegation (2008-09-04)
Michigan Republicans say they were thrilled to watch last night's speech by Alaska Governor - and vice presidential candidate - Sarah Palin.

Detroit City Council Relieved by Mayor's Guilty Pleas, Resignation (2008-09-04)
Council members say they believe the city will now be able to address several city issues that have been on hold, while the mayor's legal problems expanded in recent months.

Granholm Suspends Mayor's Removal Hearing (2008-09-04)
Governor Granholm puts removal hearing on hold pending Mayor's resignation.

Zimbabwe's Fragile Peace (2008-09-04)
Zimbabwe's state-controlled Herald newspaper says President Robert Mugabe has set a Thursday deadline for the opposition to sign on to a power-sharing deal. Otherwise he will form his own government.

East Coast Readies For Hurricane (2008-09-04)
Virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency as officials and residents along much of the Southeast coast prepare for Tropical Storm Hanna.

News Special: Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pleads guilty (2008-09-04)
Michigan Radio host Charity Nebbe and Jack Lessenberry host a special program about the new developments in the Kwame Kilpatrick case, including the latest news surrounding the mayor's resignation.

Military Suicides Rising (2008-09-04)
So far this year, there are 62 confirmed suicides among active duty soldiers and Guard and Reserve troops called to active duty. Another 31 deaths appear to be suicides but are still being investigated.

Bleak Day on Wall Street (2008-09-04)
Wall Street has ended a dismal day with a huge decline. The Dow Jones industrials are down nearly 350 points after retailers and the Labor Department added to investors' mounting economic worries and prompted a wave of selling.

Kilpatrick Pleads Guilty (2008-09-04)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pleads guilty to two felony counts.

Abu Ghraib To Reopen, With Museum (2008-09-04)
Plans call for the facility to be ready for new inmates in about a year. Another part of the site will contain a museum that will document the crimes of Saddam Hussein, but not the abuses committed at the prison by U.S. guards.

RNC: Macomb County Ground Zero in Battle for White House (2008-09-04)
Many political analysts expect the home of "Reagan Democrats" to be a bellwether for the nation this election year.

VP Cheney Pushes for NATO Membership for Georgia (2008-09-04)
Cheney is on a tour of former Soviet republics. The show of support for pro-Western leaders comes as Russian officials angrily accuse the U.S. of emboldening Georgia to attempt to retake the breakaway province of South Ossetia.

Michigan Congressman's Wife Dies (2008-09-04)
Victoria Levin, the wife of Michigan Congressman Sander Levin, has died at age 74.

John McCain's Big Night (2008-09-04)
Convention workers hurriedly rebuilt the stage where John McCain will formally accept the Republican Party's presidential nomination Thursday night, embarking on his final drive for the White House after a vigorous sendoff boost from running mate Sarah Palin.

Detroit's Police Chief Abruptly Retires (2008-09-04)
Detroit Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings abruptly announced her retirement today. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick appointed Bully-Cummings in November 2003.

Kilpatrick Addresses Detroit on TV (2008-09-04)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on live TV hours after pleading guilty.

John Bacon Remembers Gene Upshaw (2008-09-04)
Last night, before the first N-F-L game of the season, the New York Giants and Washington Redskins paid tribute to Gene Upshaw. Similar tributes will take place before many football games this weekend. Michigan Radio sports commentator John U. Bacon tells us why Upshaw was so important, and so beloved in the N-F-L.

Jesse Jackson Hospitalized (2008-09-04)
The Reverend Jesse Jackson is being treated at a Chicago hospital after experiencing severe stomach pains.

Greek Youths Rob Market, Give Food to Poor (2008-09-04)
Greek police say a group of about 70 youths protesting high consumer prices seized food and household products from a supermarket before handing them out to people on the street.

Detroit Police Chief Retires (2008-09-04)
Detroit Police Chief retires on same day Mayor Kilpatrick pleads guilty.

Granholm Begins Kilpatrick Removal Hearing (2008-09-03)
Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has begun her removal hearing of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick Lawyers Ask Supreme Court to Stop Hearing (2008-09-03)
Breaking News

Governor's Removal Hearing Will Continue (2008-09-03)
Governor Granholm schedules second day of removal hearing for Mayor Kilpatrick.

Auto Sales Drop In August, But Executives See Reason For Hope (2008-09-03)
Compared to a year ago, the numbers were dismal. Compared to earlier this summer, they weren't so bad.

SUPCO hears arguments on Reform Michigan Government Now! (2008-09-03)
Supreme Court must decide quickly if broad measure will appear on November ballot.

Kilpatrick May Plead Thursday Morning (2008-09-03)
Detroit Mayor may accept plea agreement Thursday morning.

Detroit Mayor May Plead Guilty (2008-09-03)
Breaking News

RNC: Romney Urges Mich. Delegates to Back McCain (2008-09-03)
Michigan Republicans gave former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney a rousing welcome this morning.

RNC: Michigan and the Female Vote in '08 (2008-09-02)
Many Republican women from Michigan think Palin could help make sure the state winds up among the "red" states November Fourth.

Kilpatrick Can Remove Tether (2008-09-02)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick can remove his tether, but still must stay in Metro Detroit.

RNC: Mich. Delegation Rallies Behind Palin (2008-09-02)
News that McCain running mate Sarah Palin has a pregnant teenaged daughter does not appear to diminish support among Mich. delegation

Governor Wants Michigan Supreme Court to Rule on Removal Hearing (2008-09-02)
Governor Granholm wants to skip appeals and go straight to Supreme Court for decision.

Judge Says Governor Can Hold Kilpatrick Removal Hearing (2008-09-02)
A judge has ruled that Governor Granholm may proceed with her removal hearing regarding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

August Auto Sales Due Out Tomorrow (2008-09-02)
Analysts expect the numbers to be bad, but not as bad as they were earlier in the summer.

Kilpatrick Removal Hearing To Begin (2008-09-02)
Barring last-minute developments, a hearing on whether Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick should be removed from office for misconduct begins Wednesday.

Gasoline Prices Drop in Michigan (2008-09-02)
AAA says gas prices down 8-cents a gallon.

RNC: Activists In Minneapolis Rally for "Saint Paul" (2008-09-02)
One-time Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul drew thousands of people to a rally in Minneapolis yesterday.

RNC: First Lady Rouses Michigan Delegation (2008-09-02)
First Lady Laura Bush told Michigan Republicans today that the Great Lakes state could decide who succeeds her husband in the White House this November.

RNC: Anti-Tax Crusader Riles Michigan Faithful (2008-09-01)
Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist riled up Michigan's Republican faithful this morning in suburban Saint Paul.

Obama and Biden Visit Battle Creek (2008-09-01)
As part of their "On the Road to Change" tour, the Democrats blanket Michigan.

RNC: Mich. Delegation Far From Convention Site (2008-09-01)
Michigan is something of a bit player at the Republican National Convention.

African American Delegates to GOP Convention Support McCain (2008-09-01)
There are a few African-American members of Michigan's delegation to the RNC. They support McCain.

RNC: AG Ready for Trial If Mayor Won't Deal (2008-09-01)
Michigan AG Mike Cox says Kwame Kilpatrick a huge distraction for region, state.

RNC: Michigan Delegates Arrive to Prime Seats (2008-09-01)
Michigan's delegates to the Republican National Convention arrived for the first session today and found themselves with prime seats.

RNC: Black Republicans Not Swayed By Obama Candidacy (2008-09-01)
Michigan's delegation to the Republican National Convention - like every state's - is overwhelmingly white. But there are a handful of black delegates.

Obama Delivers Subdued Speech, And Sings A Little Aretha Franklin (2008-09-01)
Obama said his visit to Detroit came at a time for unity in the face of Hurricane Gustav, not a time for partisan politics. But the senator did manage to offer a light moment.

Report: Kilpatrick Attorneys Offered Deal (2008-08-31)
A newspaper says lawyers for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick have proposed a deal in which he would plead guilty to two felonies and make at least $100,000 in restitution.

Monsoons Swamp India (2008-08-31)
The Indian government is desperately trying to reach hundreds of thousands of people still trapped after a monsoon-swollen river burst its banks and spilled over the country's vast northern plains.

Obama Lays Out Economic Plan In Toledo (2008-08-31)
Democratic presidential candidate is headed to Detroit today.

Pres. Bush to Skip GOP Convention (2008-08-31)
President Bush will skip the Republican National Convention on Monday and travel instead to Texas to meet with emergency workers and people who evacuated the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Gustav bore down.

The Cost of Electricity (2008-08-31)
Negotiators in Lansing are ironing out differences over wide-ranging legislation on changing Michigan's electricity rate structure.

Russia to Sign Deals with Georgia Separatists (2008-08-31)
President Dmitry Medvedev says Russia will follow the recognition of Georgia's breakaway provinces with agreements on economic and military aid.

New Mission For Old Space Shuttles (2008-08-30)
The space shuttle program is scheduled to end in 2010, but The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that it could get a five-year extension.

New Attack Ad - Grills Hot Dogs (2008-08-30)
The ad shows kids eating hot dogs in a school cafeteria. One little boy says: "I was dumbfounded when the doctor told me I have late-stage colon cancer."

Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing (2008-08-30)
Palestinian officials say Egypt has opened its border crossing with the Gaza Strip, allowing hundreds of people to enter and leave the coastal territory.

Utah Spoils Rodriguez's Debut (2008-08-30)
Rich Rodriguez's debut as Wolverines coach was spoiled when Utah's Brian Johnson threw for 305 yards and a touchdown and Louie Sakoda kicked four field goals, providing enough scoring to hold on for a 25-23 win Saturday.

MSU Falls Against Cal (2008-08-30)
California's Kevin Riley passed for 202 yards and two second-half touchdowns in the Golden Bears' 38-31 victory over Michigan State Saturday night.

Bush Says Economy Improving (2008-08-30)
President Bush says Americans may have cause this Labor Day weekend to start worrying less about the nation's -- and their families' -- economic health.

Explosion Rocks Sri Lankan Capitol (2008-08-30)
A military official says details on casualties were not immediately available after Saturday's blast.

The Value of a HighSchool Diploma (2008-08-30)
A new report says unemployment rates among Michigan workers without a high school diploma are at least four times higher than those of workers with a college degree.

Record TV Audience Watches Obama's Acceptence Speech (2008-08-30)
Barack Obama's audience for his acceptance speech likely topped 40 million people, and the Democratic gathering that nominated him was a more popular television event than any other political convention in history.

Earthquake Rattles China (2008-08-30)
China's state media says three people are dead after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck southwestern Sichuan province today.

Bomb Kills 12 Indian Police Officers (2008-08-30)
Police say a land mine blast has killed at least 12 police officers in an eastern Indian Maoist rebel stronghold.

Judge Approves Ford Health Trust (2008-08-30)
Ford Motor Co. says a federal judge has approved a trust fund set up by the automaker and the United Auto Workers that will pay retiree health care bills for union members.

Little State Fair Guy (2008-08-30)
One Detroit native has seen a lot change at the Michigan State Fair since 1942.

McCain Picks Alaska Governor as Running Mate (2008-08-30)
Republican John McCain introduced first-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate Friday, a stunning selection of a little-known conservative newcomer who relishes fighting the establishment.

New Orleans Braces For Gustav (2008-08-30)
Gustav has swelled into a major Category 3 hurricane south of Cuba with top winds near 120 miles-per-hour. It could strike the U.S. coast anywhere from the Florida Panhandle to Texas by Tuesday.

McCain To Name Alaska Gov. Palin as Running Mate (2008-08-29)
John McCain tapped little-known Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate, two senior campaign officials told The Associated Press on Friday.

Judge to Rule on Removal Hearing Tuesday (2008-08-29)
A judge in Detroit is expected to decide next Tuesday whether to block Governor Granholm from holding a hearing on removing Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Analyst: Palin Will Help McCain in Michigan (2008-08-29)
One political analyst in Michigan says John McCain's selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate should help him in Michigan.

Michigan Not Yet Ready For Harnessing Lakes' Wind (2008-08-29)
Report says the state needs new policies to be ready for new projects that could use the lakes as a renewable source for wind energy.

The Man Behind Frazz (2008-08-29)
Frazz is an elementary school janitor and renaissance man. Jef Mallett is the cartoonist who draws him.

Kilpatrick Sues Governor to Block Ouster Hearing (2008-08-28)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is suing Governor Granholm in an attempt to block a removal hearing scheduled for next week.

Supporters to Celebrate King, Obama in Detroit (2008-08-28)
Supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama will celebrate his acceptance speech tonight with a march and rally in Detroit.

High Wind in Jamaica (2008-08-28)
Gustav is bearing down on Jamaica after leaving 67 people dead in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Iran, Nigeria Sign Nuclear Pact (2008-08-28)
An Iranian commerce official says Iran has signed an agreement to share peaceful nuclear technology with Nigeria to help Africa's biggest oil producer boost electricity.

Bassinet Warning (2008-08-28)
Six major retailers are pulling Simplicity bassinets from their shelves because they've been linked to the deaths of two babies.

GM May Return A Profit By 2010 (2008-08-28)
General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says if all goes according to plan, GM executives hope the automaker will start making money again in 2010.

McCain Picks Running Mate, Won't Say Who (2008-08-28)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain decided on a running mate early Thursday, and top prospects waited to hear from the nominee-in-waiting.

Obama, McCain Both Coming to Michigan (2008-08-28)
Obama will swing thru Michigan this weekend, while McCain will make his stop after next week's Republican national Convention

DNC: The Arab American Vote (2008-08-28)
The Arab-American vote may play a pivotal role in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia.

State Supreme Court to Hear Reform Ballot Appeal (2008-08-28)
Backers of a sweeping proposal to reshape Michigan government will get their day in the state Supreme Court.

Central Asian Nations Rebuff Russia (2008-08-28)
China and several Central Asian nations today issued a statement denouncing the use of force and calling for the respect of every country's territorial integrity.

Obama Accepts Democratic Nomination (2008-08-28)
Before an enormous, adoring crowd, Barack Obama promised a clean break from the "broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of George W. Bush" Thursday night as he embarked on the final lap of his audacious bid to become the nation's first black president.

Michigan Democrats Prep for Fall Campaign (2008-08-28)
Michigan's Democratic Convention delegates are coming home from Denver today. Their mission now is to win the state for Barack Obama in November.

Dean to Michigan Dems: Vote Early, Very Early (2008-08-28)
National Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean wants Michigan Democrats to vote 2 to 3 weeks before the November election.

Key Kilpatrick Witnesses Refuse to Testify (2008-08-28)
An attorney who will represent Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick at a removal hearing next week says three of the witnesses she planned to call will not testify. And the attorney says that will hurt her ability to properly defend the mayor.

Obama Accepts Democratic Nomination Tonight (2008-08-28)
Barack Obama aims to weave the personal with the political Thursday night as he tells 75,000 supporters in a football stadium and millions more at home how as president he would make a difference in their lives.

Obama & Biden Coming to Michigan (2008-08-27)
Michigan will be one of Barack Obama's first stops after he accepts the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday.

Recall Supporters Win a Round in Court (2008-08-27)
A federal judge in Grand Rapids today revived an effort to kick state House Speaker Andy Dillon out of office.

Hillary's Michigan Backers Shifting to Obama (2008-08-27)
Hillary Clinton wowed her Michigan faithful at the Democratic National Convention last night.

Political Conventions and Corporations (2008-08-27)
The politicians and reporters are not the only people in Denver this week. Corporations and other special interests are attending the Democratic National Convention, and making it quite a party.

DTE Announces "Smart Meter" Swap-Out (2008-08-27)
DTE Energy officials say they plan to replace customers' electric meters with new ones that can be read remotely.

Poverty Holds Steady, Uninsured Drops (2008-08-26)
The nation's poverty rate held steady at 12.5 percent, not statistically different from the 12.3 percent in 2006. That meant there were 37.3 million people living in poverty in 2007.

Granholm to Hold Hearing Regarding Kilpatrick (2008-08-26)
Governor Granholm will hold a hearing that could result in the removal of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Russia Recognizes Breakaway Georgian Regions (2008-08-26)
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made the announcement a day after Russia's parliament voted unanimously to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Afghanistan's Poppy Crop Down (2008-08-26)
The U.N.'s anti-drug office says opium poppy production in Afghanistan was down 19 percent this year compared to 2007 due to successful campaigns in the north and east though fields in the south remain awash in the heroin-producing crop.

$100 Million Doll (2008-08-26)
A federal jury in California has awarded toymaker Mattel 100 million dollars in damages in a copyright lawsuit that pitted Barbie dolls against Bratz dolls.

Michigan Senators Tearup as Kennedy Speaks (2008-08-26)
Michigan Delegates to the Democratic National Convention felt both passion and pathos last night. The opening night of the convention brought both cheers and tears.

Home Prices Hit Record Low (2008-08-26)
A government agency says U.S. home prices fell 4.8 percent in the second quarter compared with a year ago, a new record low.

Decision Time For Clinton's Michigan Backers (2008-08-26)
New York Senator Hillary Clinton speaks to the Democratic National Convention tonight. Michigan delegates will be listening with mixed feelings.

DNC: The Facts, The Half Facts (2008-08-26)
The shotgun-style charges Democratic National Convention speakers fired at Republican John McCain Tuesday night weren't necessarily half-truths. But in some instances, they weren't the whole story either.

UN Accuses U.S. in Afghan Civilian Deaths (2008-08-26)
The United Nations says there's "convincing evidence" an American-led operation in Afghanistan resulted in the deaths of 90 civilians.

Russia Issues New Warning on Missile Shield (2008-08-26)
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warns that his country may offer a military response to a U.S. missile shield in Europe.

Aviation Breakdown (2008-08-26)
The aviation computer problem causing flight delays around the country is similar to the outage reported by federal aviation officials less than a week ago.

Cindy McCain Visits Georgian Refugees (2008-08-26)
She's visiting centers where refugees from the recent fighting with Russia are sheltering.

West Michigan Autoworker Speaks to Democrats (2008-08-26)
Robin Golden of Grand Rapids spoke about how the struggles in the auto industry are affecting him and his fellow U-A-W members. "In two weeks, I'll be unemployed," Golden told the Democratic National Convention.

DNC - Kilpatrick Scandal No Distraction (2008-08-26)
The Michigan Democratic Party is trying not to let the problems of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick throw it off message.

Convention Coverage - Networks Struggle Over 'How Much Is Too Much' (2008-08-26)
The tension between convention planners and television news organizations that don't want to be seen as doing the politicians' bidding was obvious at the start of the Democratic meeting that will nominate Sen. Barack Obama for president.

Detroit Mayor Will Face Removal Hearings (2008-08-26)
Governor Granholm announced today (Tue.) that she will hold a hearing to decide whether to remove Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick for misconduct.

Poll: Conservatives Grow Wary of Mixing Church and State (2008-08-25)
Fifty percent of conservatives in the Pew Forum survey say churches and other places of worship should stay out of social and political matters, up from 30 percent four years ago.

Restored (2008-08-25)
Delegates from Michigan and Florida will have full voting rights at the national convention this week, despite violating party rules by holding early primaries.

West Texas Oil Boom (2008-08-25)
High gas prices are forcing many Americans to tighten their belts, dump their SUVs and eat more dinners at home. But in oil-rich West Texas, many folks are living large.

Is It Time To Lower The Legal Drinking Age? (2008-08-25)
Presidents of about 100 of the nation's best-known colleges and universities are calling on lawmakers to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18.

Protests, What Are They Good For? (2008-08-25)
This week the streets of Denver are filled with demonstrators are every age and description. But it raises a question, what good are protests anyway.

McCain Hopes To Crack Democrats Hold on Great Lakes Region (2008-08-25)
Democratic dominance in presidential elections has been the norm for decades throughout much of the country's union-strong industrial Great Lakes region. Republican John McCain hopes to upset that history.

Council Attorney Urges Gov to Act Against Mayor (2008-08-25)
The attorney representing the Detroit City Council today (Mon.) repeated his call for Governor Granholm to use her authority - and decide whether to boot Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

DNC: Who Represents Detroit In Denver? (2008-08-25)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's absence at the Democratic Convention is being noticed. So is who is here talking about the city's interests.

Sheehan: Obama Needs To Be Tougher on War (2008-08-25)
Anti-war activists in Denver say Barack Obama needs to do more to earn their support, if he's going to win battleground states like in Michigan.

State: Graduation Rate 75 Percent (2008-08-25)
State education officials say three out of four students in the class of 2007 graduated on time.

Recall Supporters Scramble to Meet Deadline (2008-08-25)
Organizers of a recall effort against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick are scrambling to get the signatures they need to put the question on the ballot

Property Tax Levy to Go to Pontiac Voters (2008-08-25)
Pontiac voters will decide this November whether to raise their taxes to pay for more police protection, and to reopen the city's recreation centers.

Lansing Mayor, City Council at Odds Over Golf Courses (2008-08-25)
The Lansing city council may decide today whether to take Mayor Virg Bernero to court over the capitol city's public golf courses.

Olympic Farewell (2008-08-24)
A spectacular closing ceremony opened with torrents of fireworks and included a pulsating show-within-a-show by London, host of the 2012 Summer Games.

Wild Michigan (2008-08-24)
One of the steepest gorges in Michigan now is owned by the National Forest Service and will be accessible to the public.

Forging A New Path on the Appalachian Trail (2008-08-24)
The Appalachian Trail is getting something new along its 2,175-mile route from Georgia to Maine - a highway underpass.

Learning Chinese (2008-08-24)
An interest in China among Michigan school children will not end with the conclusion of the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Out and Undercover (2008-08-24)
Britain's domestic spy agency is looking for a few good lesbians and gays to join the service.

Olympics as Public Relations (2008-08-23)
If proof were needed that the Olympic Games are meant to give China an image makeover, look no further than the 10-yuan note: Chairman Mao is out, the Bird's Nest is in.

Obama's VP Pick: Delaware Sen. Joe Biden (2008-08-23)
Barack Obama named Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice presidential running mate early Saturday, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

Automakers Asking Congress for $50 Billion Loan (2008-08-23)
They plan to urge Congress to support funding up to 50 billion dollars in low-interest loans over three years. The money would help them modernize their assembly plants and develop next-generation fuel-efficient vehicles.

Were Chinese Gymnasts Underage? (2008-08-22)
China was asked to provide additional documents proving that five of the six members of its gold medal women's gymnastics team were old enough to compete in the Beijing Olympics, in hopes it will end persistent questions about the girls' ages.

Few Volunteer for 'Self-Deportation' Program (2008-08-22)
U.S. authorities are vowing to track down illegal immigrants at home and at work after only eight people volunteered for a self-deportation program.

Poll: Obama Leading McCain in Michigan (2008-08-22)
The poll conducted by the Detroit Free Press and WDIV-TV shows Obama with 46 percent, McCain with 39 percent, 12 percent undecided and 3 percent backing other candidates.

Granholm to Talk Energy in Denver (2008-08-22)
Governor Jennifer Granholm will moderate a town hall meeting on renewable energy Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Michigan State Fair Opens (2008-08-22)
The 160th Michigan State Fair opens its gates this morning in Detroit.

Kilpatrick Offered Plea Deal in Assault Case (2008-08-22)
A prosecutor has offered a plea deal to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in his assault case, saying during a court hearing that one of two charges would be dropped if the mayor resigns next month.

Michigan State Fair Opens (2008-08-22)
The 160th Michigan State Fair opens its gates this morning in Detroit.

Obama Poised to Name Running Mate (2008-08-22)
Presidential candidate Barack Obama is hours away from naming his running mate, as little-known Texas congressman Chet Edwards is emerging as a finalist.

State Offers Kilpatrick Plea Deal In Assault Case (2008-08-22)
The state Attorney General is offering to drop one of two assault charges against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilaptrick - in exchange for his resignation.

Bush Discusses Troop Withdrawal With Iraqi Leader (2008-08-22)
President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki consulted by phone Friday as work on a plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by 2011 continued.

'Redeem Team' To Play For Gold Medal (2008-08-22)
The U.S. Olympic men's basketball team has advanced to its first major gold-medal game in eight years after a 101-81 victory against Argentina.

Bernanke: Financial Crisis Giving Economy a Pounding (2008-08-22)
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says the financial crisis that has pounded the country - coupled with higher inflation - is taking a toll on the economy

Few Volunteer for 'Self-Deportation' Program (2008-08-22)
U.S. authorities are vowing to track down illegal immigrants at home and at work after only eight people volunteered for a self-deportation program.

Appeals Court Strikes Down "Credit Scoring" (2008-08-22)
Insurance companies can be prevented from using a customer's credit score in setting their rate.

China Planned to Capture the Golds (2008-08-22)
The Chinese are running away with the gold medals at the Olympics. It was part of their plan.

ACLU to Sue Flint Over Police Officer Firing (2008-08-22)
The American Civil Liberties Union plans to sue the city of Flint over a policy that prevents police officers from talking to the media.

Al Qaida #2 Praises Dead Commanders in New Video (2008-08-22)
The terror leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, praises the men in footage posted on a militant Web site.

Russians Withdraw from Gori (2008-08-22)
Georgia's security council chief says Russian troops are leaving the strategic city of Gori.

Unemployment Rises Statewide (2008-08-21)
Unemployment rises because of seasonal downturn, and production cuts from carmakers.

The Sweet Life Getting More Expensive (2008-08-21)
The maker of Snickers bars and M&Ms candies says it is raising prices on various items to offset the higher costs of raw materials, packaging and energy.

Court Tosses Government Ballot Question (2008-08-21)
The Michigan Court of Appeals says the Reform Michigan Government Now proposal cannot go on the November ballot. In a decision released late yesterday, the court says the ballot measure is "of a reach and expanse never before seen" in Michigan constitutional initiatives.

Chinese Police Suppress Protests (2008-08-21)
The government has said it would allow protests in three areas during the games, but no application to hold a demonstration has been accepted.

Replacing Olmert in Israel (2008-08-21)
The Israeli politician with what might be the best chance to replace embattled Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is calling for a unity government to pursue the creation of a Palestinian state living peacefully beside Israel.

NFL Hall of Famer, Union Leader Gene Upshaw Has Died (2008-08-21)
His outstanding 15-season playing career was entirely with the Oakland Raiders and included two Super Bowl wins and seven Pro Bowl appearances. Upshaw's biography was posted on the front page of the Hall of Fame Web site Thursday along with his enshrinement speech from 1987.

Wayne County Prosecutor's Home in Foreclosure (2008-08-21)
County records cited by The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press say that as of July, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy owed more than $7,500 in back taxes and penalties on the house she bought in 2004 for $337,000.

Govt OKs Irradiating Lettuce to Kill E.Coli (2008-08-21)
The government will allow food producers to start zapping fresh spinach and iceberg lettuce with just enough radiation to kill E. coli and other dangerous germs, a key safety move amid increasing outbreaks from raw produce.

Women Golden in Soccer, Silver in Softball (2008-08-21)
The defending champion United States has won the gold medal in women's soccer for the third time in four Olympics, beating Brazil 1-0 in overtime Thursday.

Prescription Drugs and the Insurance Gap (2008-08-21)
Researchers say that when many people who enrolled in Medicare hit what's called the "doughnut hole," they stop taking their medicines.

Women Closing Pay Gap...in Europe (2008-08-21)
A new report says women are narrowing the wage gap with men across the European Union but still earn almost 16 percent less than male workers doing similar jobs.

Man Matched to 1994 Rape Can't Be Charged (2008-08-21)
The Macomb County prosecutor says police have found the man responsible for a rape that put an innocent man in prison.

Measles Cases Jump in US (2008-08-21)
The number of measles cases in the U.S. has reached its highest point in more than a decade.

Reform Campaign to Appeal to Get Place on Ballot (2008-08-21)
Wednesday, the state Court of Appeals ruled the Reform Michigan Government Now proposal is too broad for a simple ballot question. The proposal makes many changes, among them reducing the number of state lawmakers and judges.

Job Protections for Doctors Who Refuse to Perform Abortions (2008-08-21)
The Bush administration is proposing stronger job protections for doctors who refuse to perform abortions because of religious or moral objections.

Report: Michigan Campaign Finance System Broken (2008-08-21)
A new report says Michigan needs to fix its public campaign finance system for gubernatorial campaigns, or scrap it.

Pessism On The Rise In Michigan (2008-08-21)
New survey from Michigan State University says consumer confidence is at its lowest level since the survey started in 1994.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research on November Ballot (2008-08-21)
The Board of State Canvassers unanimously placed the measure on the ballot Thursday.

US, Iraq Agree on Partial Troop Withdrawal (2008-08-21)
Iraq and the United States have reached a preliminary agreement to withdraw American troops from Iraqi cities by June.

Spain in Mourning (2008-08-21)
Spain is holding three days of mourning for those who died in yesterday's jetliner crash in Madrid. Flags in the capital are flying at half-staff and silent vigils were held at noon around the country.

Fewer Americans Dying On The Job (2008-08-20)
A government report released Wednesday shows there were 5,488 fatal work injuries last year. That's the lowest number since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping track in 1992.

Court Orders Drug For Terminally Sick Child (2008-08-20)
A federal judge has ordered a research company to supply an experimental drug to a 16-year-old Minnesota boy who is terminally ill with muscular dystrophy.

Russians Allow Food Aid to Reach Georgians (2008-08-20)
The Russian seizure of Gori and other villages has left thousands of people with scarce and uncertain food supplies. The convoy of aid from the U.N.'s World Food Program could last for only a few days.

All that (Gary) Glitters (2008-08-20)
A Thai immigration official says rocker Gary Glitter has agreed to leave Thailand.

Navistar Dropping Plans to Buy GM Truck Business (2008-08-20)
Navistar International Corp. said the decision was prompted by marketplace and economic changes.

Phelps Going For A Different Kind of Gold (2008-08-20)
Michael Phelps' coach says he and his record-breaking athlete are extending their partnership from training into business

Retailers Expecting Flat 'Back to School' Sales (2008-08-20)
The National Retail Federation predicts parents in Michigan and other Midwest states will spend substantially less than those in other parts of the country on school supplies and 'Back to School' clothing.

Plane Crash in Madrid (2008-08-20)
Officials say 149 people were killed today when a Spanish airliner crashed on takeoff from Madrid's airport.

'Lightning' Bolt Strikes Twice in Beijing (2008-08-20)
Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke the world record by winning the 200 meters in 19.30 seconds Wednesday night, becoming the first man since Carl Lewis in 1984 to sweep the 100 and 200 gold medals at an Olympics.

Crude Oil Prices Tumble (2008-08-20)
Light, sweet crude for September delivery was down $1.32 to $113.21 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Iraq Opens Trade With Lebanon (2008-08-20)
Iraq and Lebanon plan to sign a series of trade agreements in coming weeks, including one to export Iraqi oil to Lebanon.

Widow of Confederate Army Soldier Dies (2008-08-20)
Maudie White Hopkins was a poor teenage housecleaner during the Great Depression when she married the elderly veteran, who'd been 16 when he joined up with Virginia's infantry.

Fighting Crime With Education (2008-08-20)
A law enforcement group says Michigan needs to spend more money on education to reduce crime. 'Fight Crime' is a bi-partisan organization made up of law enforcement professionals and crime victims.

Court: City Workers Can't Sue If Jobs Outsourced (2008-08-20)
The state Court of Appeals says government immunity protects Detroit from being sued by workers who lose their jobs due to privatization.

Bad Air Day (2008-08-20)
Southeast Michigan Officials have declared Thursday an 'Ozone Action Day.' People are being encouraged to carpool, take public transportation and not to mow the lawn.

Oil Companies Bid 1/2 Billion Dollars on Off Shore Leases (2008-08-20)
The lease sale Wednesday was the first to take place since President Bush last month lifted an executive ban on oil drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Small Sport Utilities Improve In Crash Tests (2008-08-20)
Despite improvements for the industry as a whole, Chrysler's Jeep brand still lags behind the pack.

Customer Satisfaction Drops For Detroit Three (2008-08-19)
Latest U of M satisfaction index shows lower numbers for Ford, GM and Chrysler, while satisfaction in overseas brands has grown.

Sebelius Rallies Women to Back Obama (2008-08-19)
Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius was in Macomb County today to rally women to support Barack Obama for president.

Employee Pricing For Everyone Returns At GM (2008-08-19)
Latest widespread incentive offer comes despite strategy to phase out incentives.

Lansing Rolling Out School Enrollment Centers (2008-08-19)
The mobile k-12 student enrollment centers will also provide parents with information about required vaccinations.

Dingell: Kilpatrick Won't Be A Distraction at DNC (2008-08-19)
The dean of Michigan's congressional Democrats doubts the legal troubles of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will affect next week's Democratic National Convention.

Governor Calls for Passage of Energy Bill (2008-08-18)
It's been a topic of debate in Lansing for months, but Democrats and Republicans don't agree on the best path for moving Michigan into an alternative energy economy.

Deadly Fay (2008-08-18)
The death toll from Tropical Storm Fay may have taken a big jump.

Federal Pension Program Underfunded (2008-08-18)
A congressional watchdog says the federal agency charged with backstopping pension benefits for 44 million Americans has understated the risks of its new investment policy.

Musharraf Resigns (2008-08-18)
Some people have been firing automatic weapons into the sky in celebration of today's news in Pakistan.

Judge Says Detroit City Council Can't Oust Mayor (2008-08-18)
Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert Ziolkowski said Monday afternoon that the city charter does not give the council power to force out Kilpatrick.

Power Sharing Talks Continue in Zimbabwe (2008-08-18)
Zimbabwean Minister of Information Sikhanyiso Ndlovu said Monday that President Robert Mugabe is committed to "trying to negotiate a settlement."

Lions Win Second Pre-Season Game (2008-08-18)
Quarterback Jon Kitna threw a 40-yard pass to Calvin Johnson on the game's opening play and later connected with him on 27-yard touchdown as the Detroit Lions beat the Cincinnati Bengals 27-10.

Washington D.C. Gun Ban Ends (2008-08-18)
The man whose lawsuit overturned Washington's handgun ban has successfully registered his revolver, ending a more than 30-year wait to keep the weapon in his home.

Home Builders Pessimistic About Future (2008-08-18)
The Washington-based trade association says its builder sentiment index was unchanged at 16. Readings higher than 50 indicate a positive view of the market.

Russian Troops Withdrawing from Georgia (2008-08-18)
But officials haven't said exactly where troops and tanks will continue to operate under the cease-fire that's ended days of fighting in Georgia.

China Blocks Protest Applications (2008-08-18)
China says there have been 77 applications from people wanting to protest in designated demonstration areas during the Beijing Olympics.

Wanted: Ugly Women (2008-08-18)
Ugly women are wanted for the bachelors in the Australian Outback mining town of Mount Isa.

Student Loan 'Crunch Time' (2008-08-18)
Michigan college students are getting a lesson this summer in the nation's credit crisis.

Student Loan 'Crunch Time' (2008-08-18)
Michigan college students are getting a lesson this summer in the nation's credit crisis.

Judge Shuts Down Council's Ouster Effort (2008-08-18)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick won a legal victory today.

Mich. Dems Prep for Next Week's National Convention (2008-08-18)
One major issue should be settled the day before the convention starts. On Sunday, the party rules committee is expected to reinstate full voting rights to Michigan's delegation.

AAA: Michigan Gas Prices Up A Penny (2008-08-18)
AAA Michigan says gas prices have increased a penny over the last week, putting the statewide average at $3.87 a gallon.

Fay Bears Down on Florida (2008-08-18)
Some stores in Key West, Florida, are closed but others remain open as rain and wind gusts from Tropical Storm Fay begin to lash at south Florida.

Delphi Laying Off 600 White Collar Workers (2008-08-18)
The Troy, Mich.-based company blamed lower orders for electronic components stemming from drops in consumer demand for new vehicles and shift in preferences toward smaller cars.

Flood Prompts Grand Canyon Evacuation (2008-08-18)
The area has been hit by flooding from heavy weekend rains and a breached earthen dam.

Palisades Plans Safety Upgrade (2008-08-18)
The operators of the Palisades Nuclear power plant are making some safety changes in the wake of an incident earlier this month. Five workers were trapped in the containment building in the west Michigan power plant for 90 minutes.

Judge to Rule on Kilpatrick Removal Hearings (2008-08-18)
The Detroit City Council could start removal hearings against Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick as early as tomorrow - depending on how a judge rules today.

Looking For A Job? Try IT. (2008-08-18)
State is facing a shortage of IT workers. One recruiter says many potential workers don't know about the opportunities in Michigan.

Stronger Warning for Diabetes Drug (2008-08-18)
Federal regulators are working on a stronger warning label for a widely used diabetes drug after new deaths were reported despite earlier warnings.

Joe Mockbee: Recovery Through Art (2008-08-18)
Artist Joe Mockbee has struggled with paranoid schizophrenia for many years, now he reveals how his brain works through his art.

Student Loan 'Crunch Time' (2008-08-18)
Michigan college students are getting a lesson this summer in the nation's credit crisis.

Edwards Wins At MIS (2008-08-17)
Look out Kyle Busch, here comes Carl Edwards.

Poll: 43% of Voters Undecided (2008-08-17)
For all the passion this year's presidential campaign has stirred, a new poll suggests that more than four in 10 voters are still up for grabs.

A Warning Against Genetically Modified Crops (2008-08-17)
Britain's Prince Charles says increased use of genetically modified crops to help solve world food shortages could lead to environmental disaster.

Clinton Supporters To Make Voicers Heard at DNC (2008-08-17)
For some supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, it won't be over till it's over.

Phelps - The Greatest Olympian of All Time (2008-08-16)
Michael Phelps captured his eighth gold medal of these Olympics to set an all-time single Olympics record. Phelps swam the third leg of the victorious American squad that won the four-by-100 meter medley relay.

New Threat to Great Lakes (2008-08-16)
Scientists are worried about Lake Michigan, now that a tiny invasive snail has been found there.

BIG TEN PREVIEW: Nittany Lions (2008-08-16)
A year ago, Evan Royster wasn't sure that he would even see the field. But as the 2008 season approaches, Penn State's sophomore tailback says he expects - and welcomes - more responsibility.

A Fish Story (2008-08-16)
A Pennsylvania lawmaker is fighting to preserve a tradition of visitors tossing bread crumbs to the carp at a park in the state's northwest corner.

BIG TEN PREVIEW: Northwestern Wildcats (2008-08-16)
It was a whirlwind offseason for Northwestern football coach Pat Fitzgerald.

BIG TEN PREVIEW: MSU Spartans (2008-08-16)
The Michigan State football team is trying for back-to-back winning seasons.

BIG TEN PREVIEW: Indiana Hoosiers (2008-08-16)
Indiana is setting its sights a bit higher this football season.

White Americans Will Become Minority in 2042 (2008-08-16)
New government projections find white people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2042. That's eight years sooner than previous estimates.

Kilpatrick Attorney Still Seeking Immunity or Pardon (2008-08-16)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's legal counsel says Governor Granholm cannot hold a hearing on removing the mayor without allowing him to speak in his own defense.

Harry Potter and the Slipping Release Date (2008-08-16)
Warner Bros. says it's bumping "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" from its planned November release into next summer.

BIG TEN PREVIEW: Fighting Illini (2008-08-16)
In two weeks, Illinois will begin life without Rashard Mendenhall.

BIG TEN PREVIEW: Purdue Boilermakers (2008-08-16)
Purdue wants to send coach Joe Tiller out on a special note.

R&B, Rock Record Producer Jerry Wexler is Dead (2008-08-15)
Among the standards produced by Wexler: Franklin's "Respect," a dazzling, feminist reworking of an Otis Redding song; Sledge's deep ballad "When A Man Loves A Woman" and Pickett's "In the Midnight Hour," with a horn vamp inspired by Wexler's admittedly rhythmless dancing.

Kilpatrick to Stand Trial On Assault Charges (2008-08-15)
A judge in Detroit today ruled that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick must stand trial on charges of assault.

Kilpatrick Back in Court (2008-08-15)
This time it's for a preliminary hearing to determine if he'll stand trial on assault charges.

Mississippi Mud (2008-08-15)
Less than eight weeks ago, sections of the river were running way above flood stage, but that's nowhere near the case there now.

Sir Nils Olav - Penquin (2008-08-15)
Nils Olav must be the envy of his fellow penguins at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. The 3-foot-tall king penguin has been knighted.

Kilpatrick to Stand Trial On Assault Charges (2008-08-15)
A judge in Detroit today ruled that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick must stand trial on charges of assault.

Thursday Was A Long Day for Kwame Kilpatrick (2008-08-15)
The world of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick swirled yesterday amid a series of court hearings, immunity requests and even a comment from the campaign of Barack Obama.

They call it THE MONSTER for a reason (2008-08-15)
John plays The Monster and lives to tell the tale.

Industrial Output Rose in July (2008-08-15)
The Federal Reserve says the nation's industrial output rose sightly in July. The two-tenths-of-a-percent increase was because of increasing manufacturing that offset plunging utility activity.

One Party Rule Ends in Paraguay (2008-08-15)
Leftist ex-bishop Fernando Lugo has been inaugurated as Paraguay's president, ending six decades of one-party rule in a key step in the poor South American nation's democratic transformation.

Pakistani Military, Militants Clash (2008-08-15)
Pakistan's top civilian security official has vowed to "wipe out" Islamic militants in a volatile tribal region where he says more than 460 insurgents and 22 troops have died in 10 days of fighting.

Gas Prices Shifting Auto Industry (2008-08-15)
This week, as leaders in the auto industry gathered for a conference in Traverse City, there was a lot of talk about how to deal with the sudden and severe rise in gas prices.

Michigan's Oldest Lighthouse At Risk (2008-08-15)
The Coast Guard has closed the historic Fort Gratiot Lighthouse to visitors over concerns about the 179-year-old building's structural integrity.

Judge Rules There's Enough Evidence To Try Kwame Kilpatrick on Assault Charges (2008-08-15)
A judge has ruled that there's enough evidence for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to stand trial on assault charges stemming from a confrontation with two investigators.

Bush Accuses Russia of 'Bullying' Georgia (2008-08-15)
President Bush on Friday accused Russia of "bullying and intimidation" against Georgia, saying that the people in the former Soviet republic chose freedom and "we will not cast them aside."

A Stunning Olympic First - Blue Skies Over Beijing (2008-08-15)
The first day of Olympic track-and-field competition has been welcomed by picture-perfect blue skies and white clouds that have taken the place of smog-filled air in Beijing.

Is It Bigfoot or A Hoax? (2008-08-15)
Two Georgia men say a hairy corpse they claim to have stumbled upon in the state's northern woods is Bigfoot.

John McCain Raises $27 Million in July (2008-08-15)
It was his biggest one-month fundraising haul since clinching the Republican presidential nomination.

Kilpatrick Skipping Democratic Convention (2008-08-15)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's spokesman says the mayor will not be attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver at the end of this month.

US: Shiite 'Hit Squads' Target Iraqi Leaders (2008-08-15)
A Military Intelligence officer says Shiite assassination teams are being trained in Iran to go back to Iraq to kill government officials, as well as U.S. and Iraqi troops.

Michigan's Foreclosure Rate Dips (2008-08-14)
The number of foreclosures declined compared to the month before and July 2007.

Rice: Russia Must Honor Cease Fire (2008-08-14)
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has called on Russia to honor a cease-fire with Georgia.

Iraqi President Undergoes Heart Surgery (2008-08-14)
Two Iraqi Kurdish politicians say Iraq's President Jalal Talabani has undergone heart surgery in a U.S. hospital.

Kilpatrick Will Still Have to Wear An Electronic Tether (2008-08-14)

A judge today partially lifted the travel restrictions placed on Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. But, a few hours later, a different judge reinstated the electronic tether.

Governor: No Pardon for Kwame Kilpatrick (2008-08-14)
Governor Granholm says there will be no pardon, and no immunity from criminal prosecution if Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick testifies at an upcoming hearing on whether he should be removed from office.

US Aid Reaches Georgia (2008-08-14)
A U.S. Air Force cargo jet has landed in Tbilisi, delivering medical supplies, tents, sleeping bags and cots for Georgians wounded or made homeless in recent fighting with Russia.

President Bush Signs Toy Safety Bill (2008-08-14)
The measure, approved by Congress two weeks ago, strengthens rules for the Consumer Product Safety Commission concerning toy safety and restricting marketplace practices used by the tobacco industry to target children.

Consumer Prices Jumped in July (2008-08-14)
Between food and energy costs, the Labor Department says the July Consumer Price Index rose eight-tenths of a percent, twice the size of the gain that was expected.

US Traffic Deaths at Decade Low (2008-08-14)
The government says traffic deaths in the United States declined last year, reaching their lowest level in more than a decade. Still, more than 41,000 people were killed in highway crashes.

Where Were You When The Lights Went Out? (2008-08-14)
The 2003 blackout left 50 million customers in seven states and portions of Ontario without power.

Julia Child: French Chef, Spy? (2008-08-14)
Before Julia Child became known to the world as a leading chef, she admitted to being impulsive when she applied for a job as a spy.

'Batman' Will Not Face Criminal Charges (2008-08-14)
Batman star Christian Bale will not face charges relating to an alleged assault on his mother and sister at the Dorchester Hotel on July 20

Myanmar Loses Cyclone Cash (2008-08-14)
The Myanmar government is insisting it's committed to addressing concerns that more than 1.5 million dollars in cyclone aid has been lost because of the country's antiquated currency controls.

2 Dozen Iraqis Die in Suicide Bombing (2008-08-14)
Police in Iraq say a female suicide bomber has struck Shiite pilgrims south of Baghdad, killing at least 26 people and wounding dozens.

Council Hearings Delayed Pending Court Ruling (2008-08-14)
Removal hearings planned by the Detroit City Council for next week will be delayed by at least one day - while a judge decides whether the process is legal.

Libya Settles Terror Lawsuits (2008-08-14)
Libya and the United States have signed a deal settling all outstanding terror-related lawsuits between the two nations, clearing the way for the restoration of full diplomatic relations.

The Right Motivation to Exercise (2008-08-14)
Some of us can stick with an exercise program and some of us can't, Michelle Seger is trying to find out why.

Kilpatrick Attorneys: Assault Charges Trumped Up (2008-08-14)
Attorneys for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick say evidence in the assault case contradicts the claims made by the deputy.

US Attorney Moving On (2008-08-14)
Detroit's U.S. Attorney is stepping down to become a federal judge.

Workers Protest Chrysler Plans to Close Plant (2008-08-14)
Several hundred Chrysler manufacturing workers are protesting the automaker's decision to lay off people in St. Louis.

Golden Boy (2008-08-13)
Michael Phelps is now the winningest Olympic athlete ever with 11 career gold medals.

Calls Grow For Kilpatrick To Resign (2008-08-13)
More people are calling on Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to resign.

Most American Companies Don't Pay Income Tax (2008-08-13)
A congressional report shows that most American corporations -- about two-thirds -- paid no federal income taxes between 1998 and 2005.

Russian Tanks Roll On, Despite Truce (2008-08-13)
Russian tanks have been seen rolling into and out of the strategic Georgian city of Gori, despite a truce brokered by the European Union.

Dog Disease Hits Michigan (2008-08-13)
The Michigan Department of Agriculture says several dogs in Michigan tested positive for canine brucellosis.

Bush Demands Russia Honor Truce with Georgia (2008-08-13)
President Bush is expressing concern that Russia might be violating the cease-fire in Georgia.

Obama Officials Interview Voters for Convention (2008-08-13)
Officials with Barack Obama's campaign were in Detroit today to videotape voters' questions for the Democratic convention later this month.

McCain Declines to Endorse Loan Guarantees for Carmakers (2008-08-13)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain downplays speculation about the failure of one the Detroit Three automakers.

Nathaniel Abraham Back Behind Bars (2008-08-13)
The man convicted of committing a murder at age 11 has been sent to Oakland County jail after violating his bond in a drug case.

Chrysler To Spend $1.8 Billion On Plant Expansion, New Vehicles (2008-08-13)
Chrysler executive says the move will preserve 400 jobs.

McCain in Michigan (2008-08-13)
John McCain is visiting Michigan hoping to add to his bottom line.

Americans Driving Less (2008-08-13)
The Federal Highway Administration says driving by Americans dropped sharply in June, just as the summer travel season was beginning.

World's Tallest Woman Dies (2008-08-13)
A 7-foot-7 Indiana woman considered the world's tallest female died today at age 53.

Aid Workers Killed in Afghanistan (2008-08-13)
An Afghan official says five gunmen armed with assault rifles opened fire as the women's vehicle passed through a small village south of Kabul.

Michigan's Unemployment Holds Steady at 8.5% (2008-08-13)
Manufacturing continues to drag down Michigan's employment numbers.

Steinbeck Kin Loses Publishing Rights (2008-08-13)
A federal appeals court has reversed a ruling that awarded John Steinbeck's son and granddaughter publishing rights to 10 of the author's early works, including "The Grapes of Wrath."

Retail Sales Weaken in July (2008-08-13)
With consumers putting the brakes on auto sales, retail sales in July posted the weakest performance in five months.

Pirates Hijack Ship Near Yemen (2008-08-13)
Yemeni authorities say pirates have attacked and possibly hijacked a British-flagged commercial ship off the Gulf of Aden.

Union Files Suit to Cancel Sludge Contract (2008-08-13)
A Detroit union is suing to void a controversial sludge disposal contract that's at the center of an FBI probe.

Kilpatrick Attorney Seeks Delay of Governor's Hearing (2008-08-13)
Kilpatrick spokeswoman Denise Tolliver says a Wednesday letter from Sharon McPhail says the mayor's testimony at a Sept. 3 hearing could violate his Fifth Amendment rights in criminal cases.

John McCain Supporter Injures Candidate's Wife (2008-08-13)
McCain and his wife Cindy are in southeast Michigan today for a series of fundraising events. A campaign spokesman says a supporter at one event shook Cindy McCain's hand so aggressively, that it exacerbated an old carpal-tunnel injury.

'The Who' Raising Money For Detroit Charities (2008-08-13)
Don't be fooled: The Who won't make a cent off their Detroit-area concert this fall.

Ford Sees Bigger Profits In Smaller Vehicles (2008-08-13)
Company needs to improve profitability of cars as customers shy away from big trucks and SUVs.

'Free Tibet' Protesters Arrested in Beijing (2008-08-13)
An activist group says up to eight pro-Tibet protesters have been detained by police near an Olympics venue.

Olympic-Sized Photo Gaff (2008-08-13)
Players on Spain's Olympic basketball team are defending a photo that's created quite an international media stir.

Plea Bargain? (2008-08-13)
One of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's defense attorneys is refusing to comment on a possible plea bargain with county prosecutors.

U.S. Not Prepared To Put Fuel Efficient Technology On The Road (2008-08-12)
Executive for battery-maker says U.S. needs more collaboration between companies and researchers - similar to what's already done in Japan.

Pastors Ask Kwame Kilpatrick to Consider Resigning (2008-08-12)
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick met and prayed with Detroit's Council of Baptist Pastors, when he first ran into trouble over allegations of infidelity and misuse of office.

Judge: Kilpatrick Did Not Violate Bond (2008-08-12)
A judge decided today that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick did not violate the terms of his bond when he met with his sister over the weekend.

CAID Raid Unconstitutional, Says ACLU (2008-08-12)
Patrons of a Detroit art gallery should not have been ticketed at a late-night event, says the ACLU of Michigan.

Ford Executive: "We Have To Surprise People" (2008-08-12)
Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields says convincing people to consider new Ford cars will be a challenge.

Granholm Won't Grant Kilpatrick Immunity (2008-08-12)
Her attorney says the governor lacks authority to grant immunity to Kilpatrick if he chooses to testify in his removal case.

Wow! Phelps Gets 2nd Gold (2008-08-11)
By a fingertip, Michael Phelps is still on course for eight gold medals. He can thank Jason Lezak for getting him No. 2.

Robots Strut Their Stuff In Ann Arbor (2008-08-11)
The latest robotic technology took center stage on North Campus at the University of Michigan.

Russian Troops Seize Georgian City (2008-08-11)
The head of Georgia's national security council says Russian forces have taken the strategically key city of Gori.

Auto Industry Leaders Head To Traverse City (2008-08-11)
It's the annual Management Briefing Seminars, hosted by the Center for Automotive Research.

Governor Will Soon Release Kilpatrick Removal Process (2008-08-11)
Gov. Jennifer Granholm's office soon will outline how she will conduct a hearing to decide whether Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick should be removed from office.

Banks Tighten Lending (2008-08-11)
The Federal Reserve is reporting that more banks are tightening lending standards on home mortgages, consumer and business loans as a deepening credit crisis exerts a heavier toll on the economy.

Hurricane Katrina Housing Probe (2008-08-11)
Federal agents have descended on a nonprofit organization in New Orleans hired by the city to run a home cleanup program after Hurricane Katrina.

Court Hears 'Reform' Ballot Proposal Challenge (2008-08-11)
The Michigan Court of Appeals is considering whether judges should be disqualified from hearing a challenge to a sweeping ballot measure that would cut judges' pay and cost some their jobs.

Report Predicts More Bankruptcies For Parts Suppliers (2008-08-11)
Report released at auto industry's annual Management Briefing Seminars says one in three auto parts suppliers is at risk of bankruptcy.

McCain Coming Back to Michigan Wednesday (2008-08-11)
John McCain is scheduled to visit Michigan on Wednesday for three campaign fundraisers and one other stop.

Study: Hybrid Owners Most Loyal (2008-08-11)
Hybrid car owners are some of the most loyal in the U.S. market, with nearly half purchasing a vehicle of the same make when they buy another car.

American Family Still Reeling From Fatal Olympic Attack (2008-08-11)
That's according to Hugh McCutcheon, coach of the U.S. men's volleyball team and son-in-law of the slain man.

Supplier CEO Blasts Carmakers For Failing To Prepare For High Gas Prices (2008-08-11)
Rebuke comes at annual industry conference in Traverse City.

Americans Evacuated From WarTorn Georgia (2008-08-11)
The State Department says it has evacuated more than 170 U.S. citizens from Georgia as the conflict over separatist areas there intensifies between Georgia and Russia.

Escalating Escalator Accident Rate (2008-08-11)
Malls, subway stations and airports have started posting warning signs after a surge of incidents last year.

Campaign Against 'Embryonic Stem Cell Research' Takes Shape (2008-08-11)
Opponents of a ballot proposal to lift restrictions on embryonic stem cell research in Michigan have named the leaders of their campaign.

Law Clinic Seeks to Overturn Wrongful Convictions (2008-08-10)
The University of Michigan will be home to a new student law clinic with the aim of freeing wrongfully convicted inmates.

Higher Oil and Natural Gas Royalties for Michigan (2008-08-10)
A lawmaker wants oil and gas companies to pay Michigan higher royalty fees when leasing state-owned land.

Robots Take Over Part of Ann Arbor (2008-08-10)
People can see all sorts of robots at today's conference hosted by the University of Michigan College of Engineering.

Singer Isaac Hayes Has Died (2008-08-10)
Pioneering singer, songwriter and musician Isaac Hayes has died in Memphis. He was 65.

Minority Population Shift May Aid Obama (2008-08-10)
Minority Americans have been flocking to the nation's "swing counties," hotly contested areas that could play a crucial role in this year's election.

Russia Ready To Make Peace With Georgia (2008-08-10)
Russia says it's ready to make peace with Georgia.

Naked in Driveway (2008-08-10)
Too much partying left a 19-year-old woman standing naked in Ernest Kramer's driveway and left the 65-year-old wondering why his wife didn't question him when he escorted the college student inside.

Overseas Business Booming for A2 Safety Company (2008-08-10)
As more products are imported to the U.S., demand for proof they are safe is growing.

Harbor Shores Defends Project (2008-08-08)
Supporters say the Harbor Shores development is in the best interest of everyone.

More Legal Trouble for Kwame Kilpatrick (2008-08-08)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was charged with two additional felonies today. What does his future hold?

To Dip the Flag at the Olympics? (2008-08-08)
Tonight, the U.S. Olympic team will enter Beijing National Stadium, led by Lopez Lomong, the American flag bearer. If you watch the ceremony you probably won't see Lomong dip the American flag, like all the other flagbearers will. The US tradition has been on the mind of sports commentator John Bacon.

Kilpatrick Freed from Jail, Booked on New Charges (2008-08-08)
The mayor of Detroit was released from jail today after spending the night behind bars. But Kwame Kilpatrick was quickly booked on new charges.

Detroit Judge Jails Kilpatrick (2008-08-07)
A judge in Detroit today sent the city's mayor to jail for violating the terms of his bond in a criminal perjury case.

City Reacts to Jailed Mayor (2008-08-07)
Detroit's mayor will spend the night behid bars tonight. Tomorrow morning, Kwame Kilpatrick finds out whether he'll be released from the Wayne County Jail.

City Reacts to Jailed Mayor (2008-08-07)
Detroit's mayor will spend the night behid bars tonight. Tomorrow morning, Kwame Kilpatrick finds out whether he'll be released from the Wayne County Jail.

City Reacts to Jailed Mayor (2008-08-07)
Detroit's mayor will spend the night behid bars tonight. Tomorrow morning, Kwame Kilpatrick finds out whether he'll be released from the Wayne County Jail.

Analysis: Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in Jail (2008-08-07)
Charity Nebbe talks with Jack Lessenberry about the jailing of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

City Reacts to Jailed Mayor (2008-08-07)
Detroit's mayor will spend the night behid bars tonight. Tomorrow morning, Kwame Kilpatrick finds out whether he'll be released from the Wayne County Jail.

Kilpatrick Defeats Competition in Tough Race (2008-08-06)
Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick survived a tough primary challenge against two rival politicians yesterday.

Cash-Flow Problems Force DPS to Delay Paychecks (2008-08-06)
Detroit Public Schools employees' paychecks will be delayed by one day this month because of the district's cash-flow problems.

Nancy Pelosi: From Housewife to House Speaker (2008-08-06)
Nancy Pelosi went from being a stay at home mom to a member of congress. She reflects on that journey and the position of women in US politics.

Livonia to Decide Controversial Annexation Plan (2008-08-05)
A controversial ballot measure in Livonia will decide whether the city annexes a part of Northville Township.

Second Lawsuit Seeks To Halt Harbor Shores Project (2008-08-05)
Opponents of a golf course and condo development in Benton Harbor have filed a lawsuit to try to stop it.

Nobel Prize Winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn Has Died (2008-08-04)
His books exposed and chronicled the vast network of Josef Stalin's slave labor camps, earning him 20 years of bitter exile and international renown.

Annexation Anxiety (2008-08-04)
A bitter annexation dispute goes before voters in Livonia and part of Northville Township this week. It's a vote other communities around the state may want to watch.

United Way Seeks $10 M to Fix Dropout Problem (2008-08-04)
The United Way for Southeastern Michigan plans to raise $10 million to help boost graduation rates in several metro-Detroit high schools.

GRPS In Talks To Land Samuel L. Jackson Film (2008-08-04)
The star of Snakes on a Plane could bring added revenue and attention to the Grand Rapids Public Schools district.

SOS Expects 20 % Turn-Out in Primary (2008-08-04)
The Secretary of State is expecting a 20 percent turn-out at polling places across Michigan.

Ingham Voters Consider Farmland Millage (2008-08-04)
The ballot proposal would create a 10 year millage, which would raise about a million dollars a year. Ingham County officials would use the money to buy development rights to farmland and other open spaces.

Detroit Zoo's Future Hangs on Tuesday's Vote (2008-08-04)
Voters in 3 counties are being asked to support a millage that would raise 15 million dollars a year for the zoo.

Some Polls Going Electronic (2008-08-04)
Dozens of municipalities across Michigan will be piloting electronic technology that will streamline the voting process.

Kent County Voters Decide Jail Millage (2008-08-04)
Kent County voters will decide whether to renew a millage for the county jail tomorrow.

Low Voter Turnout Expected Tuesday (2008-08-03)
Michigan's chief elections official predicts fewer than one in five registered voters will cast ballots in Tuesday's primary.

Chinese Complain About Olympics....quietly (2008-08-03)
A blog that took on the games directly "Beijing Olympics: I Do Not Support It" was shut last year after just six days.

Kilpatrick Casting Shadow Over Mother's Re-Election (2008-08-03)
Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick faces a serious challenge in a three-way congressional primary

Beatles Tape Recording to be Auctioned This Week (2008-08-03)
A British auction house says it will sell a tape recording of The Beatles chatting and breaking into giggles during an early recording session.

Obama Says Seat Full Michigan Convention Delegation (2008-08-03)
Now that Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for president, he wants convention delegates from Florida and Michigan to have full voting rights at the party's national convention.

Study: Type of Pre-Alzheimer's Decline More Common (2008-08-03)
New research shows that a milder type of mental decline that often precedes Alzheimer's disease is much more common than thought.

Favre's Retirement Ends (2008-08-03)
Brett Favre will be reinstated and added to the Green Bay Packers' active roster Monday

Temple Stampede Kills Dozens (2008-08-03)
Police say the death toll in the deadly stampede at a Hindu temple in northern India has risen to 145.

Car Sharing - Parisian Style (2008-08-03)
Parisians and tourists so eagerly embraced a citywide bike-sharing plan launched a year ago, the mayor is now setting his sights on electric cars.

Changes to Visa Screenings (2008-08-02)
Europeans and others who travel visa-free to the U.S. started registering Friday. The security screening becomes mandatory for entry to the U.S. next year.

New Harry Potter Book....sort of (2008-08-02)
A book of wizard fairy tales written and illustrated by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is going to be published for charity.

More Local Races Contested (2008-08-02)
More local races are being contested in part due to people's frustrations over tax issues and feeling an economic pinch.

Saving Social Security (2008-08-01)
An influential group of actuaries is proposing a way to prevent the Social Security System from going bankrupt.

Roadside Bomb Kills 5 in Afghanistan (2008-08-01)
It was a bloody start to the month in what's already been a deadly year for U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Michigan Supreme Court Says No to Kilpatrick Prosecutor (2008-08-01)
The Michigan Supreme Court has denied a prosecutor's request to disqualify judges in Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's criminal case.

GM Loses $15 Billion in 2nd Quarter (2008-08-01)
GM says North American sales plummeted and it faced expenses due to labor unrest and its massive restructuring plan.

More Buyouts and Layoffs at GM? (2008-08-01)
GM's chief financial officer says the automaker might offer its U.S. hourly workers another round of buyout and early retirement offers.

PEOPLE Magazine Scores Brangelina Twin Photos (2008-08-01)
The magazine will feature Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, in its Monday issue, People spokeswoman Nancy Valentino said Friday.

Hung Jury in London Bus Bombing Trial (2008-08-01)
A jury in the trial of three British Muslims alleged to have aided the 2005 London subway bombings has failed to reach verdicts.

Anthrax Suicide (2008-08-01)
A top U.S. biodefense researcher whose brother says was being aggressively pursued by the FBI in connection with a series of anthrax mailings after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks apparently committed suicide.

Humane Society Takes Pet Care on the Road (2008-08-01)
The Humane Society of Kent County is starting a new program to help pet owners take care of their pets.

GM Loss Comes In Higher Than Expected (2008-08-01)
Everyone who follows the industry expected GM to lose money in the second quarter. But few thought it would be this bad.

Ford Sales Tumble (2008-08-01)
Fitch Ratings says it downgraded its rating on Ford Motor Co. and its credit arm further into junk status.

Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Widows' Land Rights (2008-08-01)
The Michigan Supreme Court has decided against ruling on whether a woman's right to inherit her husband's land is constitutional.

Federal Judge Says Congress Can Compel Bush Aides to Testify (2008-07-31)
The House Judiciary Committee wants to question the president's chief of staff, Josh Bolten, and former legal counsel Harriet Miers, about the firing of nine U.S. attorneys.

US Senator Pleads Not Guilty (2008-07-31)
Alaska Senator Ted Stevens has pleaded not guilty to charges he lied about accepting more than a quarter of a million dollars worth of gifts from a powerful oil field contractor.

EXXON Posts $11 Billion Profit in 2nd Quarter (2008-07-31)
Lifted by record crude prices, Exxon Mobil says its second-quarter earnings rose nearly 14 percent to $11.68 billion, the biggest quarterly profit ever by any U.S. corporation.

Playing 'the Race Card' (2008-07-31)
John McCain's campaign is accusing Barack Obama of playing racial politics.

McClendon Signals Sale Possible of Former Denison Land (2008-07-31)
Aubrey McClendon has indicated a willingness to discuss a possible sale of part of the former Denison property with Lake Michigan access to the city of Saugatuck.

GMAC Posts Huge Loss (2008-07-31)
GMAC Financial Services says it swung to a steep second-quarter loss as slumping vehicle sales and a weak credit and consumer environment weighed on its results.

Exercise in a Pill (2008-07-31)
Scientists report there is such a drug -- if you happen to be a mouse.

Detroit Mayor May Face New Travel Restrictions (2008-07-31)
Prosecutors will ask a judge if Kwame Kilpatrick gave notification before visiting Canada to push the sale of the city's half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

China Blocking Internet Access at Olympics (2008-07-31)
An Olympic official says he feels like the "fall guy." He promised reporters at the games they would have uncensored Internet access, only to find the Chinese are blocking certain Web sites.

Beijing's Pollution Problem (2008-07-31)
China says more factory closings and traffic restrictions could be coming, under an emergency plan to clear the pollution from Beijing's air for the Olympic Games.

Kellogg's Profits Rise (2008-07-31)
Kellogg says its profit rose 3.7 percent in the second quarter as a result of product innovation and raising prices to offset higher costs.

Details Of Invest Michigan Unveiled (2008-07-31)
About half a percent of the state's pension funds will provide the capital for a new small-and medium-business investment program in Michigan.

Governor, Penske, Comment On Kilpatrick (2008-07-31)
Governor Granholm and Detroit businessman Roger Penske both commented on the controversies surrounding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Karadzic Refuses To Enter Plea to War Crimes (2008-07-31)
The former Bosnian Serb leader told the judge he would defend himself against charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. Prosecutors say Karadzic masterminded atrocities including the Srebrenica massacre and the siege of Sarajevo during Bosnia's war in the 1990s.

Goodbye Pudge (2008-07-30)
The Detroit Tigers have traded veteran catcher Ivan Rodriguez to the New York Yankees for hard-throwing reliever Kyle Farnsworth.

Wayland Casino Opponents Promise Further Legal Fight (2008-07-30)
A gambling opposition group to the Gun Lake Tribe's plans for a Wayland casino is trying to get the case heard before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Olmert Stepping Down (2008-07-30)
His announcement signals the end of his term in office and could stall U.S.-backed Mideast peace efforts.

Governor Applauds Harbor Shores (2008-07-30)
Governor Granholm applauded a controversial development project called Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor yesterday.

Former US Attorney Says False Rumor About Her Sexuality Led To Her Firing (2008-07-30)
Margaret Chiara, former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan, may have been fired because of a rumor she was romantically involved with a female employee.

President Bush Calls For Swift Adoption of Great Lakes Compact (2008-07-30)
President Bush says Congress should ratify a Great Lakes protection agreement.

Economist Says Whirlpool Actions on Maytag Retiree Benefits Mainstream (2008-07-30)
A West Michigan economist says Whirlpool's suit to change Maytag workers' retiree benefit plan is in line with what other companies do after acquiring another entity.

Turf War May Cost Detroit Millions of Federal Dollars (2008-07-29)
At issue is who decides where the city of Detroit will spend 37 million dollars in grants from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Detroit City Council Keeps 'Dirty' Sludge Contract (2008-07-29)
Federal agents suspect that bribery may have played a role in the company getting the contract.

Granholm Visits BH, Applauds Harbor Shores (2008-07-29)
Governor Granholm toured Benton Harbor and reiterated her support for Harbor Shores.

Nationalists Riot in Belgrade (2008-07-29)
They're angry over the Serbian government's plans to extradite former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic to the U.N. war crimes tribunal.

Tiger Stadium Gets Another Last Minute Reprieve (2008-07-29)
But, the clock is still ticking on the old ballpark.

Powerful US Senator Indicted (2008-07-29)
Alaska Senator Ted Stevens says he's "innocent of these charges" and he intends to prove that.

Budget Deficit Hits Record (2008-07-28)
A senior Bush administration official says the budget deficit for this year will set a record in dollar terms, approaching $490 billion.

Flint Looking for Surveillance Camera Sponsors (2008-07-28)
The city hopes to set up more than a dozen surveillance cameras to remotely monitor high crime neighborhoods. However, the cash strapped city is having to get creative to raise part of the 420 thousand dollar price tag.

Deadly Pilgrimage (2008-07-28)
Two separate bombing incidents in Iraq have killed more than 50 people and wounded dozens more today.

Det. City Council Moves Forward With Ousting Mayor (2008-07-28)
Council attorney William Goodman says he met with council members in a closed session Monday to talk over strategies to fight a lawsuit aimed at stopping forfeiture proceedings.

American Linked to Weekend Bombings in India (2008-07-28)
Police investigating deadly weekend bombings in India have raided a home rented by an American citizen and seized his computer.

Pump Price Plummets (2008-07-28)
AAA says gas prices have now declined for three straight weeks, after hitting a record high the week of the Fourth of July.

Report: Politics Influenced Justice Dept Decisions (2008-07-28)
A new Justice Department report concludes that politics illegally influenced the hiring of career prosecutors and immigration judges

Lights! Camera! Ann Arbor! (2008-07-28)
More cameras are rolling into Michigan as film crews set up scenes around the state.

Florida Top College 'Party' School (2008-07-28)
Just call 'em the Guzzling Gators: The University of Florida is the nation's No. 1 party school. The school tops the annual list of party campuses compiled by the Princeton Review.

Harbor Shores Faces Lawsuit Deadline (2008-07-28)
Harbor Shores faces a legal deadline tomorrow to answer a lawsuit filed by a group opposed to their golf resort.

Cambodia and Thailand Back Down (2008-07-28)
But the Southeast Asian neighbors have failed to end the long-running border dispute that has stirred up nationalist anger on both sides.

Obama Meets with Economic Advisors (2008-07-28)
Democrat Barack Obama is telling economic advisers he would move "rapidly and vigorously" to put in place new incentives to revive an economy that's losing jobs and ailing on almost every front.

3Teens Arrested in Istanbul Bombing (2008-07-28)
A newspaper says police have detained three teenagers in connection to bomb blasts in a crowded Istanbul square that killed 17 people.

Vacant Iraqi Prison a '$40 Million Failure' (2008-07-28)
A vacant prison north of Baghdad is being held up as a symbol of waste and contractor shortcomings in rebuilding Iraq.

Shooter Targetted Church for Its Liberal Views (2008-07-28)
The police chief in Knoxville, Tennessee, says the man accused of a gun attack at a church that killed two people and seriously wounded five others apparently selected the congregation because of its liberal social stance.

Dearborn Police Chief Dies of Heart Attack (2008-07-28)
49-year-old Michael Celeski became chief in 2005 after spending his entire career in his native Dearborn.

Spectrum Apologizes to Same Sex Couple (2008-07-28)
Spectrum Health has apologized to Ashleigh Haberman and Erica Schaub for an incident the couple says subjected them to anti-gay discrimination.

Columnist Bob Novak Has Brain Tumor (2008-07-28)
Syndicated columnist and former "Crossfire" host Robert Novak has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is suspending his journalistic work.

Toyota Cuts Sales Outlook (2008-07-28)
Automaker says it expects to struggle in the U.S. even as sales in other markets expand.

HMOs, Hospitals Show Distress (2008-07-28)
An annual report on HMOs and hospitals in Michigan says the poor state economy is making cracks in the health care system even bigger.

Inventors of Gas-Saving Devices: Come To Michigan (2008-07-28)
Jack Hoogendyk thinks Michigan should try to attract inventors who are working on gas-saving devices.

Park West Gallery Accused Of Misleading Bidders At Cruise Auctions (2008-07-28)
Park West Gallery of Southfield is being accused by some customers of giving them inaccurate estimates of the value of the art they bought.

Pumping Money Into The Mortgage Market (2008-07-28)
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson unveiled a set of best practices Monday designed to encourage banks to issue a debt instrument known as a covered bond.

McCain Has Spot Removed (2008-07-28)
Three-time melanoma survivor John McCain had a spot of skin removed from his right cheek early Monday.

Lawmakers Hold Hearing on Film Incentives (2008-07-28)
State lawmakers are holding a hearing in Traverse City today to help determine how the state's new film incentives are working.

Spectrum Eyeing Neighborhood for Landing Site (2008-07-28)
Spectrum Health officials are meeting with residents who live near its Butterworth Hospital about a temporary landing site for its emergency trauma helicopter.

GM Cutting Truck Production (2008-07-28)
GM spokesman Tony Sapienza said Monday that the Detroit-based automaker will achieve the cuts by eliminating one shift each at its Moraine, Ohio, and Shreveport, La., plants.

Military Suicides (2008-07-28)
A special suicide hot line set up for veterans has been pretty busy in its first year -- and the government says it has saved some lives.

Shiite Pilgrims Killed in Iraq (2008-07-27)
Seven Shiite pilgrims traveling to a shrine in Baghdad are dead after being ambushed in a Sunni town south of the capital today. The gunmen attacked as authorities tightened security ahead of a major religious festival.

Fixing Detroit's Schools (2008-07-27)
The Legislature's top Republican is prodding state officials for more information on plans to fix a dire financial mess in Michigan's largest district.

Blacks and The Military (2008-07-27)
Sixty years after President Truman desegregated the military, senior black officers are still rare, particularly in the highest ranks.

Yosemite Wildfire (2008-07-27)
An out-of-control wildfire near an entrance to Yosemite National Park has destroyed eight homes. It's threatening thousands more as flames forced authorities to cut power to the park.

Actor Shia LaBeouf Arrested for DUI (2008-07-27)
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says the "Indiana Jones" star was involved in a wreck which occurred as he tried to make a left turn at an intersection.

Florida's Palm Trees Are Dying (2008-07-26)
Florida's state tree is under attack by a microscopic killer.

Top VA Official Takes Heat Over Voter Registration Policy (2008-07-26)
A top Veterans Affairs official took questions and some heat today from dozens of Secretaries of State from across the country over the new policy.

Foreclosures Remain on Strong Pace (2008-07-25)
One in every 137 homes in Michigan was in some part of the foreclosure process between April and June, a 73 percent increase over the same period last year.

Kilpatrick Accused of Possible Assault (2008-07-25)
The Wayne County sheriff says Michigan State Police will investigate a confrontation involving Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and a process server.

Forclosing on the American Dream
A Michigan Radio Documentary
This documentary takes an in-depth look at what the foreclosure crisis means for our state, our communities and all of us.

Michigan Attorney General To Investigate Kilpatrick 'Assault' (2008-07-25)
The incident occurred Thursday as the deputy accompanied a court official attempting to serve a subpoena at a home owned by Kilpatrick's sister. The deputy claims Kilpatrick 'threw' him into the other officer.

Early Child Initiative Launches in Kent County (2008-07-25)
Officials announced the start of "First Steps" today to better prepare kids for successful lives.

Foreclosing on the American Dream: Working Hours (2008-07-25)
The wild west of the mortgage industry might go back further than you think.

Pelosi Pledges Quick Action on Great Lakes Compact (2008-07-25)
The agreement would restrict water diversions from the Great Lakes region.

Iraq Appeals Olympic Ban (2008-07-25)
The spokesman for the banned Iraqi Olympic Committee says he still hopes that Iraq can take part in next month's Beijing games.

Foreclosing On the American Dream: Jump-Starting the Housing Market (2008-07-25)
The mortgage meltdown has left Michigan and the nation littered with unfinished housing developments. Annapolis Pointe in Inkster is one of those developments. But the company behind the project isn't waiting for the market to bounce back. It's trying to engineer a rebound - by building up home values in the neighborhoods surrounding the unfinished subdivision.

California Bans Trans-Fats (2008-07-25)
California is joining the health crusade against artery-clogging trans fats.

Speaker Pelosi Campaigns With Cheeks Kilpatrick (2008-07-25)
As Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick battles to stay out of jail, his mother is fighting to hold on to her job in Washington. Congresswoman Carolyn Cheek Kilpatrick's facing two challengers in next month's Democratic primary.

Countdown to The Michigan State Fair Begins (2008-07-24)
The Michigan State Fair is hoping a mix of family friendly attractions and discounts will lure people to the annual end of summer tradition in Detroit.

Ford Posts Big Loss, Plans Small Car Push (2008-07-24)
Company says it will reconfigure three truck plants to build cars instead.

Foreclosing on the American Dream: State Government Reacts (2008-07-24)
The state's foreclosure crisis not only threw thousands of people out of their homes -- it also stalled Michigan's long-hoped for economic rebound.

Minnesota Guv Mum on VP Question (2008-07-24)
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was tight-lipped over the speculation he's on Senator McCain's short list for a vice president running mate.

Airport Authority Sidelines Talk of New Runway (2008-07-24)
Detroit Metro Airport officials today decided to put plans for a controversial new runway on the backburner. But, the delay may only be temporary.

Still No Agreement in Kent County-Cities Dispute (2008-07-24)
The mayors of six of Kent County's largest cities sent back a counter offer this week in a dispute with the county over daily jail fees.

"Foreclosing On the American Dream" (2008-07-24)
People across Michigan want to find solutions to the foreclosure crisis. In Benzie County, one group is doing everything from helping people get their finances in order to actually buying foreclosed properties.

Rice Meets With North Korean Counterpart (2008-07-23)
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says a meeting today with North Korea's foreign minister "was actually very good."

Columnist Bob Novak Is A Hard Hitting Driver As Well (2008-07-23)
Syndicated columnist Robert Novak says he has been issued a $50 citation after hitting a pedestrian while driving in downtown Washington.

President Bush Drops Opposition to Housing Bill (2008-07-23)
The White House says President Bush has dropped his opposition to a Democratic version of a major housing bill and will sign it despite his opposition to a $3.9 billion provision.

'Shock' n Brawl (2008-07-23)
Los Angeles's Candace Parker scored 21 points and DeLisha Milton-Jones added 19 before both were ejected as the Sparks held on to beat the host Detroit Shock 84-81.

Pontiac Firefighters Lose Fight in Supreme Court (2008-07-23)
The state's highest court has lifted an injunction preventing the city from laying off 28 city firefighters.

Michigan Retailers Gloomy About Future (2008-07-23)
Most state retailers expect to see their sales drop or struggle to stay where they are between now and September.

Here Comes Dolly (2008-07-23)
Hurricane Dolly is almost a Category-2 storm now, as it gets ready to make landfall along the Gulf coasts of Texas and Mexico.

Iraq Debating Election Law (2008-07-23)
Iraq's president says he'll reject a draft law that would pave the way for provincial elections, saying the measure would only worsen sectarian rifts among Iraqis.

Rapper DMX Indicted (2008-07-23)
Rapper DMX has been indicted on felony charges by a grand jury in Arizona for allegedly trying to get out of paying a hospital bill.

Poll: Economy Is The Nation's Top Problem (2008-07-23)
But the Associated Press-Ipsos poll finds that anxiety about energy has grown more since spring than any other issue, while the focus on Iraq continues to fade.

Amtrak Ridership Rising (2008-07-23)
But not as much as other parts of the country.

Chrysler to Lay Off 1 Thousand Salaried Workers (2008-07-23)
The automaker announced the cuts Wednesday in a letter to employees.

Silverdome Deal Vetoed (2008-07-23)
Pontiac Mayor Clarence Phillips today vetoed the 20 million dollar deal. The city council approved the deal with local developers earlier this month.

Nigeria's Oil Pipelines Threatened (2008-07-23)
Nigeria's main militant group is threatening to destroy the country's major oil pipelines within 30 days.

House Passes Mortgage Aid Bill (2008-07-23)
The House has passed legislation that aims to help 400,000 strapped homeowners who are facing foreclosure and prevent troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from collapsing.

Foreclosures Hurt Regular Home Sales (2008-07-23)
Foreclosures are making it harder for regular homeowners to sell their homes.

Foreclosing on the American Dream: The Family Pet Faces Foreclosure (2008-07-23)
When a family loses their home pets often lose a family.

Pickens Pushes for Wind Power (2008-07-23)
Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens is asking Congress to "clear the path" for his plan to boost use of wind and natural gas for U.S. energy needs.

Obama Meets With Palestinian Leaders (2008-07-23)
Barack Obama has left the West Bank without comment after meeting with Palestinian leaders. But the Palestinians report that Obama promised to immediately be a "constructive partner" in the peace process

GM's Sales Set Record Overseas, Struggles In U.S. (2008-07-23)
The mixed results led to an overall sales decline for GM, as Toyota took the lead in the race for sales leadership.

Strong Quake Shakes Northern Japan (2008-07-23)
A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 has struck off the northern Japanese coast.

Legal Moves in Kilpatrick Removal Fight (2008-07-23)
A judge has ruled that attorneys hired by the city are representing Detroit residents in a lawsuit to block forfeiture of office efforts against Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Foreclosing On The American Dream: How Seniors Fall Into Foreclosure (2008-07-23)
People usually lose their house to foreclosure after the loss of a job, an illness, or another financial hardship. But for senior citizens, the reasons for foreclosure are often much different.

BH Officials Hope to Change City Charter (2008-07-22)
Benton Harbor officials hope to amend its charter to allow their meetings to take place twice monthly.

Air Force Shake-Up (2008-07-22)
The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee says the job of the new secretary of the Air Force and its new chief of staff "will be to fix the underlying problems" of the service and "not just the symptoms."

Study: GM Improved for Toxic Chemicals (2008-07-22)
A study says General Motors is the most improved among domestic automakers for 2008 and 2009 models and toxicity.

Foreclosing on the American Dream: Where do the People Go? (2008-07-22)
When people lose their homes to foreclosure where do they go?

Hello 'Dolly' (2008-07-22)
Tropical Storm Dolly is gaining strengthm and people along the Texas Gulf Coast are getting ready.

Remembering the Fallen (2008-07-22)
A memorial service today in Novi will remember a Michigan soldier who was missing in Iraq for 14 months.

Top Al Qaida Leader Asks Pakistanis to Fight US (2008-07-22)
In a rare on-camera interview given to Pakistan's Geo TV, the al-Qaida commander praised the Pakistani tribesmen helping the Taliban-led insurgency next door.

Serbian Leader to Face War Crimes Charges (2008-07-22)
Serbia's war crimes prosecutor says a judge has ordered ex-Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic's transfer to the U.N.'s war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands.

U of M Study: Online Banking Presents Security Risk (2008-07-22)
According to the study, 75 percent of banks don't have adequate security protocols to keep hackers from accessing your files.

Kilpatrick Strikes Back Against Prosecutor (2008-07-22)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says the local prosecutor is carrying out a personal vendetta against him.

Actress Estelle Getty Has Died (2008-07-22)
Her son says the co-star of the TV show "The Golden Girls" died early Tuesday at home in Los Angeles. Gettleman says she suffered from advanced dementia.

Foreclosing on the American Dream: Guardians of the Block (2008-07-22)
A vacant home can blemish a tidy block almost overnight with fast-growing weeds and front porches littered with handbills. Some neighbors ignore those signs of abandonment. But others pull the weeds, and pick up the trash.

Foreclosing On The American Dream: Reasons For The Foreclosure Crisis (2008-07-22)
As part of Michigan Radio's series "Foreclosing on the American Dream," we hear from an economist about what lead up to the foreclosure crisis.

4 US Soldiers Charged With Killing Iraqi Detainees (2008-07-22)
The U.S. military says four soldiers have been charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice with conspiracy to commit murder, in the deaths of detainees in Iraq in 2007.

Attack in Jerusalem (2008-07-22)
Officials say a Palestinian attacker rammed a construction truck into a series of vehicles in busy downtown Jerusalem today, injuring four people. The attack came near the luxury hotel where Barack Obama is supposed to stay tonight.

A Dark Day for 'The Dark Knight' (2008-07-22)
British media say 'Batman' actor Christian Bale was arrested after his mother and sister complained they were assaulted by him at London's Dorchester Hotel on Sunday night.

State Allowed Sex Offenders to be Day Care Providers (2008-07-22)
A state audit shows Michigan put thousands of children at risk by authorizing sex offenders and other "unsuitable" day care providers between 2003 and 2006.

Bank Posts HUGE Loss (2008-07-22)
Wachovia says it lost nearly 9 billion dollars in the second quarter. It substantially cut its dividend and and will cut more than 6,300 jobs.

India's Government Survives 'No Confidence' Vote (2008-07-22)
India's government has survived a confidence vote, clearing the way for it to finalize a landmark nuclear energy deal with the United States.

$25 Billion- Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac Bailout Price Tag (2008-07-22)
Congress' top budget analyst says a federal rescue of troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could cost taxpayers as much as $25 billion.

GM Partners With Electric Utilities To Bring Plug-In Hybrids To Market (2008-07-22)
The partnership will help figure out how to power millions of cars through the nation's power grid.

Council Delays Vote to Void Sludge Contract (2008-07-22)
The Detroit City Council is holding off on a decision to void a sludge disposal contract that's at the center of an FBI probe.

Mexico To Stop Jailling Illegal Immigrants (2008-07-22)
A measure that takes effect today eliminates jail times for illegal immigrants caught in Mexico. Most are crossing the country from Central America en route to the U.S.

First Gitmo Trial Underway (2008-07-21)
Osama Bin Laden's former driver has entered a plea of not guilty to war-crimes charges in the first trial at Guantanamo Bay.

McCain Says He's Been Right on Iraq, Obama Wrong (2008-07-21)
John McCain says he's been consistently right on both Iraq and Afghanistan, while his Democratic rival "has been completely wrong." The Republican spoke as Barack Obama makes a war-zone tour of both countries.

Travelling Overseas, Get Your Measles Vaccination (2008-07-21)
There have been more measles cases in the U.S. this year than any year since 2001. The rise in measles cases is being tied to outbreaks in Israel, Japan, China and India.

Portugal Ends Investigation of Girl's Disappearence (2008-07-21)
Officials in Portugal are halting their investigation into the case of a 4-year-old British girl who vanished last year.

'Dark Knight' Lights Up Movie Box Office (2008-07-21)
Two days after opening, "The Dark Knight" has set a box-office record. The film has taken in more than 155 million dollars on its debut weekend.

Township May Ban Jumping Off Pier (2008-07-21)
A West Michigan township is considering whether to ban jumping off its pier, per a request from the local Sheriff's Department.

Judge to Define Kilpatrick's Role in Forfeiture Challenge (2008-07-21)
A Wayne County judge could bring some clarity this week to a confusing legal showdown involving Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Gasoline Rollercoaster Goes Down (2008-07-21)
AAA Michigan says gas prices have dropped 9 cents since last week, putting the statewide average at $4.09 a gallon.

Iraqi Govt Wants US Troops Out by 2010 (2008-07-21)
Iraq's government apparently shares Barack Obama's hope that U.S. combat forces can leave in 2010. An Iraqi government spokesman commented on a U.S. troop pullout following Obama's meeting today in Baghdad with Iraq's prime minister and president.

Levin: Obama's Foreign Trip Positive (2008-07-21)
Foreign policy is one area where American voters favor presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain over his Democratic rival.

Crude Oil Prices Creep Higher (2008-07-21)
Oil prices have risen today on concerns that potential new sanctions against Iran may escalate tensions in the Middle East.

Deadly Intersections (2008-07-21)
In 2007, 28 percent of auto accidents in Michigan took place in intersections. These crashes led to 288 fatalities and more than 23 hundred serious injuries.

Foreclosing On The American Dream: The Foreclosure Process Explained (2008-07-21)
Thousands of families in Michigan have already gone through it. Here's what to expect if you fall behind on your mortgage payments, and you can't catch up.

Accident Closes Part of I-75 (2008-07-21)
Police report at least one fatality.

Sludge Contractor Asks Det. City Council To Wait (2008-07-21)
The president of a company whose $47 million sludge recycling deal with Detroit is under federal investigation is asking the City Council to wait for the facts before taking any action on the contract.

Study: Medically Unfit Truckers On The Road (2008-07-21)
Over half a million tractor-trailer and bus drivers who have commercial licenses also have medical conditions that qualify them for full federal disability payments.

Singer Amy Winehouse's Husband Going To Prison (2008-07-21)
Blake Fielder-Civil has admitted beating up a pub manager in a 2006 barroom brawl and then offering him $400,000 to keep quiet about it.

Power Sharing in Zimbabwe? (2008-07-21)
Zimbabwe's president and opposition leader have signed an agreement calling for formal talks on sharing power.

Court Dumps 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Fine (2008-07-21)
CBS won't have to pay the $550,000 indecency fine leveled against it by federal regulators for Janet Jackson's breast-baring "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

Ford Plans Another Buyout Offer (2008-07-21)
Latest offer comes as company cuts production plans to deal with slower sales.

Prosecutor Files Charges in Escape Case (2008-07-21)
The Wayne County prosecutor filed charges today against a woman who escaped from prison 32 years ago.

Obama in Iraq (2008-07-21)
Barack Obama is getting his first on-the-ground inspection of Iraq since 2006.

B52 Crashes Near Guam (2008-07-21)
The Air Force says at least two crew members are dead after the crash of a B-52 bomber off Guam.

Foreclosing on the American Dream: A Young Person's Perspective (2008-07-21)
A teenager talks with her dad about what losing the family home meant to her.

Michigan Becoming A Presidential Campaign Pitstop (2008-07-20)
Senator Carl Levin expects both the Republican and Democratic contenders will continue to keep Michigan high on their travel itineraries.

Poll: Food Safety Worries Change Buying Habits (2008-07-20)
Nearly half the people questioned in a new Associated Press-Ipsos poll say they've stopped buying things they used to because they're afraid of getting sick.

Stealing From Retirement (2008-07-20)
A new study finds people are using their 401(k) retirement plans to cover financial hardships such as a job loss or medical emergencies.

Olympics Prompting Chinese Govt to Responsive (2008-07-20)
Communist leadership in China has told local leaders to be on alert for public grievances, and to find ways to resolve them.

Better Health at $10 Per Person (2008-07-20)
Researchers say that the price of a six-pack of beer and some chips could fuel community programs that get couch potatoes moving, prevent smoking and improve nutrition.

Mandela at 90 (2008-07-19)
Nelson Mandela is celebrating his 90th birthday by calling on the wealthy to share with the poor.

Teens and Tobacco (2008-07-19)
Harvard researchers say tobacco companies used lower levels of menthol in cigarettes to attract young smokers, and higher levels to "lock in lifelong adult smokers."

Indian Man Divorces Wrong Woman (2008-07-19)
An Indian man who had a woman impersonate his wife in court so he could obtain a divorce had the judge fooled -- until his real wife of seven years found out.

Flint Celebrates GM's 100th Birthday (2008-07-19)
Cars shows and a parade highlight the weekend festivities marking the automaker's 100th anniversary. Flint is the birthplace of GM.

Audio Postcard from Ann Arbor Arts Fair (2008-07-18)
An audio postcard from the Ann Arbor Arts Fair collected by Michigan Radio intern Ryan Kartje.

Concerns, Investigation of Trash Pileup on Michigan Shore Continue (2008-07-18)
The investigation on what caused hundreds of pounds of trash to come ashore on Lake Michigan is continuing and so are beach-goer's concerns.

Report: Fewer Iraqis Displaced (2008-07-18)
The International Organization for Migration says the displacement of people in Iraq has slowed to a trickle this year. And it says some of the 2.8 million Iraqis who have been uprooted are being encouraged to go home.

Stabenow Critical of McCain Record on Auto Industry (2008-07-18)
Michigan Democratic Senator says McCain a late-comer to auto issues.

FBI Looking For Bank Robbery Suspect (2008-07-18)
The FBI is trying to identify a suspect in seven Macomb County bank robberies since April.

Foreclosing on the American Dream (2008-07-18)
All next week Michigan Radio will be exploring the foreclosure crisis, we'll get a preview.

McCain Woos Voters in Warren (2008-07-18)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain tells General Motors employees that reviving the struggling auto industry would be of utmost importance in his administration.

Authorities Still Investigating Trash on Lake Michigan Shore (2008-07-18)
Congressman Pete Hoekstra was briefed today on the investigation of trash that washed ashore on Lake Michigan this week.

Pop Art Theft (2008-07-18)
Officials say one or more thieves broke into a Swedish museum and stole work done by American pop icons Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

California Wildfires Winding Down (2008-07-18)
After weeks of battling the single largest fire event ever recorded in California, firefighters have whittled the state's more than 2,000 blazes down to 38.

Olympic Security (2008-07-18)
"Stay calm, don't fight back and try to send a text message to the police." That's how Chinese police are advising people to respond if captured by terrorists during next month's Olympic Games.

Citigroup Loses ONLY $2.5 Billion (2008-07-18)
Citigroup says it posted a 2.5 billion dollar loss and laid off more employees in the second quarter as it struggled with surging loan defaults.

Dangerous Games for Kids (2008-07-18)
John discusses the smallest sports of all, the games kids used to make up.

Oil Drilling Bill Dies in Congress (2008-07-18)
House Republicans have killed a tactical move by Democrats to hold off GOP demands to expand drilling for oil offshore.

Govt. Reform Ballot Question Headed to Court (2008-07-18)
The Michigan Chamber of Commerce and other groups are preparing to go to court to stop a ballot proposal that would make sweeping changes to state government. A lawsuit is expected to be filed next week with the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Tightening the Iraq-Iran Border (2008-07-18)
U.S. forces in Iraq are launching a new crackdown on weapons-smuggling from Iran.

McCain: State Emission Standards OK (2008-07-18)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain had some good news and some bad news for General Motors executives today.

US Army, PETA and Pigs (2008-07-18)
The Army will not abandon plans to conduct a training exercise with live pigs, despite protests from PETA.

'Mad Men' Rule Emmy Nods (2008-07-17)
"Mad Men" and "Damages" are the first basic-cable programs to be nominated for Emmy awards as best series.

Scandals, Rumors Bring Detroit to Near Standstill (2008-07-17)
Scandals real and rumored threw Detroit's city government into disarray today.

NATO Airstrike Kills 15 Taliban Fighters (2008-07-17)
They say the raid targeted a militant cell involved in kidnappings, roadside bombings and other attacks, and that 15 hostages being held by the group were freed.

Plea for More Myanmar Aid (2008-07-17)
A U.N. food agency is appealing for $33.5 million to help small farmers and fishermen in cyclone-hit Myanmar.

Tony Snow Remembered (2008-07-17)
President Bush has paid tribute to Tony Snow at his former press secretary's funeral, telling mourners that Snow will be remembered for "his wry sense of humor and abundant goodness."

Red Wings 2008-2209 Schedule Released (2008-07-17)
The Detroit Red Wings will face off at home against the rest of the Original Six as they seek to defend their league title.

The Hunt For 'Dr. Death' (2008-07-17)
The world's top Nazi-hunter says he's made progress in his search for "Doctor Death," a former concentration camp physician accused of torturing Jewish prisoners as they died.

Campaign to Change Michigan Constitution Linked to State Democratic Party (2008-07-17)
A Powerpoint presentation posted on a Web site shows the Michigan Democratic Party and some unions are behind an effort to make sweeping changes to state government through a ballot proposal.

Tax Havens Under Siege By Congress (2008-07-17)
Michigan Senator Carl Levin says the tax havens relied on "secrecy and deception" and "engaged in economic warfare against the United States and honest, hardworking American taxpayers."

More Oil & Gas Exploration in Michigan? (2008-07-17)
A leading Michigan environmental group supports a move in Congress to force oil companies to use existing oil and gas exploration leases.

IndyMac Woes (2008-07-17)
The frustration continues for some IndyMac customers who are having trouble depositing the failing bank's checks at other institutions. The Southern California bank was seized last week by federal regulators.

Goldilocks and the 3 Art Fairs (2008-07-17)
From mainstream to indie to avant-garde, discover what type of art fair fits you best.

Det. City Council Dumps Tunnel Deal (2008-07-17)
Deputy Mayor Anthony Adams was asked to leave Thursday's meeting after arguing with Councilwoman Sheila Cockrel over the tunnel deal.

Big Day For Wind Power (2008-07-17)
Texas utility officials have given preliminary approval to building billions of dollars worth of transmission lines to bring wind energy from gusty West Texas to urban areas.

Israeli PM Bribery Case Moves Forward (2008-07-17)
Lawyers representing Israel's prime minister have spent several hours grilling an American businessman in hopes of undermining his bribery allegations.

Obama's Fundraising Soars in June (2008-07-17)
Barack Obama raised 52 million dollars, more than twice as much as his Republican rival John McCain.

Judge Won't Stop First Gitmo Trial (2008-07-17)
The Navy judge's ruling comes as a civilian judge in Washington considers a separate bid to stop the trial of Salim Hamdan.

Merck to Fund Vioxx Settlement Fund (2008-07-17)
Drugmaker Merck says that it will fund a nearly 5-billion-dollar settlement involving thousands of lawsuits alleging harm from Vioxx.

Judge Rules Against Kilpatrick in Text Case (2008-07-17)
A judge has barred lawyers for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his ex-chief of staff from questioning reporters from the Detroit Free Press about sexually explicit text messages.

Double JJ Ranch Faces More Legal And Financial Troubles (2008-07-17)
The host of the Rothbury Music Festival has been ordered to turn over all the money it made from the event.

Muskegon Tribal Casino Plans Announced (2008-07-17)
The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians are trying to develop a former horse track into a $100 million casino near Muskegon.

Granholm Takes Bus To Work (2008-07-17)
It was a typical morning bus ride in Lansing. Except, that is, for this one unusual passenger who was being followed by a horde of reporters and photographers.

American League Wins Marathon All Star Game (2008-07-16)
Major League Baseball held its own version of the New York City Marathon last night while giving Yankee Stadium a lengthy sendoff. But the end result was another victory for the American League

Pain and Joy (2008-07-16)
Israeli defense officials are confirming that the remains Hezbollah handed over today are a pair of Israeli soldiers kidnapped two years ago. That sets the stage for completion of a swap with Hezbollah.

Poll: New Lows for Congress, President Bush (2008-07-16)
In addition, never have fewer people in the survey said they think the U.S. is heading in the right direction.

Parole Denied to 'Helter Skelter' Killer (2008-07-16)
Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins stabbed pregnant actress Sharon Tate to death nearly 40 years ago. Today she is dying of brain cancer.

Report: US Withdraws From Remote Afghan Base (2008-07-16)
Afghan police say U.S. troops have pulled out of a remote base where militants killed nine American soldiers earlier this week.

Consumer Price Jump (2008-07-16)
Consumer prices shot up in June at the fastest pace in 26 years with two-thirds of the surge blamed on soaring energy prices.

How Safe Are Michigan's Banks and Credit Unions? (2008-07-16)
Finance industry analysts predict as many as 150 small and mid-size banks will fail during the next 12 to 18 months in the United States.

Michigan's Jobless Rate Holds Steady at 8.5% (2008-07-16)
Michigan's unemployment rate is the highest in the nation.

Bush Asserts Executive Privilege in Plame Case (2008-07-16)
He's trying to keep Attorney General Michael Mukasey from having to comply with a House panel's subpoena. The panel wants material on the leak of Plame's identity as a CIA operative.

US Attends Iran Nuclear Talks (2008-07-16)
The White House press secretary says an American envoy taking part in a weekend meeting with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator will be there to listen, but not to negotiate.

Oil Prices Collapse (2008-07-16)
Oil prices are tumbling, extending a massive sell-off the previous day, after of the government reported that U.S. crude supplies unexpectedly jumped last week.

Michigan Supreme Court Rules in FOIA Cases (2008-07-16)
The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled in two Freedom of Information Act disputes affecting universities and when personal information becomes public.

Art & ER in Ann Arbor (2008-07-16)
university Hospital spokeswoman Kara Gavin says more than 40 people suffered heat related illnesses while attending the first day of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs.

Fired Detroit Teachers Sue District (2008-07-16)
Two fired math teachers are suing Detroit Public Schools. They say they were targeted for their political activism.

Court: Golf Course Can't Be Developed (2008-07-16)
The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled today that Detroit cannot sell a city-owned golf course to a housing developer.

Ottawa Indians Want to Open a Muskegon Casino (2008-07-16)
The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians is expected to announce plans to open a casino near Muskegon today.

Feds Investigate Alleged Pension Fund Kickbacks (2008-07-16)
Federal authorities say they have evidence of a kickback scheme in a Michigan pension fund's investment in a Mississippi casino.

Lawsuit in Joe Louis' Sister's Death (2008-07-16)
A lawsuit has been filed in the death of the sister of Detroit boxing hero Joe Louis, five months after she froze outside a suburban assisted-living center.

Levin Holds Big Fundraising Lead (2008-07-16)
Democratic U.S. Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan continues to have a large fundraising advantage over Republican challenger Jack Hoogendyk.

Car Bombing Kills 12 in Iraq (2008-07-16)
A local police official says a parked car rigged with explosives struck late afternoon shoppers in Tal Afar, about 260 miles northwest of Baghdad.

Comedian Andy Dick Arrested (2008-07-16)
Comedian Andy Dick has been arrested in Riverside County, California, for investigation of drug use and sexual battery.

"Dead Zone" in Gulf of Mexico (2008-07-16)
Scientists say the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast is likely to be the largest since they began keeping records in 1985.

Iraq's New Flag (2008-07-15)
Iraq has announced a competition to design a new national flag and is calling on Iraqis and artists and designers inside and outside of the country to take part.

Obama, McCain Say Afghanistan Should Be A Priority (2008-07-15)
Democrat Barack Obama says his top priority is to fight al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. In a speech before his trip to Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama says he remains committed to ending the Iraq war.

AAA: Gas Prices Set Record (2008-07-15)
Triple-A's daily fuel-gauge report shows the national price of a gallon of regular this morning remains at a record high of just under $4.11. That's a dollar, six cents higher than a year ago.

China Winning Battle With Algae Bloom (2008-07-15)
The site of the Olympic sailing competition is now clear of bright-green algae that was covering the sea off the city of Qingdao.

Garbage Washes Up on Lake Michigan Shoreline (2008-07-15)
Hundreds of pounds of garbage have washed onto a 10-mile stretch of Lake Michigan beaches in Manistee and Mason counties.

FAA & Airlines: A Too Cozy Relationship? (2008-07-15)
A bipartisan group of lawmakers is taking steps to end the Federal Aviation Administration's sometimes cozy relationship with the U.S. airline industry.

Bush Defends Iraq Policy (2008-07-15)
But the president calls the situation in Afghanistan as "a tough fight."

Former Red Wing Being Sued (2008-07-15)
A Michigan bank is taking NHL veteran Sergei Fedorov to court after it says payments stopped on more than 2 million dollars in loans.

Drake Retires From Red Wings (2008-07-15)
Detroit Red Wings forward Dallas Drake has announced his retirement after 16 years in the NHL.

Hundreds of Jobs Coming to Southwest Michigan (2008-07-15)
Hundreds of jobs are on their way to southwest Michigan as part of a round of state tax credits announced today.

FDIC Chief: America's Banks Are Safe (2008-07-15)
Sheila Bair, the FDIC chairman, says people worried about their money should not be overly concerned because the FDIC is their safety net.

GM Cutting Jobs, Getting Cash (2008-07-15)
General Motors Corp. plans to lay off salaried workers, cut truck production, suspend its dividend and borrow $2 billion to $3 billion as it adjusts to a declining U.S. market.

Bernanke: Economy Faces "Numerous Difficulties" (2008-07-15)
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says rising prices for energy and food are fanning inflation risks.

GM To Cut White Collar Staff, Benefits (2008-07-15)
General Motors says it plans to reduce salaried jobs, accelerate truck production cuts, and borrow money to help it survive plummeting sales and a weak economy.

7 Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan (2008-07-15)
The statement says the clash on Monday happened in Wanat, a village in Nuristan province where nine U.S. soldiers were killed Sunday when militants breached their remote base.

Dow Agrees to Clean Homes (2008-07-15)
Dow and EPA reach agreement on cleaning up dioxin contaminated homes.

VW Picks Tennessee For New Auto Plant (2008-07-15)
Chattanooga, Tenn., beat out bids by Alabama and Michigan for the plant, which is part of the Wolfsburg-based company's strategy to increase its presence in America.

Supporters of GR Bar Fight Back After Shooting and Robbery (2008-07-15)
Business owners, neighbors and patrons of a Grand Rapids bar are coming out to show their support today after a late-night shooting and robbery took employees and one patron by surprise.

Hoekstra Blames Unfriendly Business Environment In State For VW Decision (2008-07-15)
The Republican congressman from West Michigan says Governor Granholm's administration isn't doing enough to lure new auto plants.

Bailout For Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (2008-07-14)
A key Democratic senator says the actions taken by the Bush administration to support two troubled mortgage giants are "probably the right steps."

McCain Coming Back to Campaign in Michigan (2008-07-14)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain plans to campaign later this week in southeast Michigan at an invitation-only town hall meeting.

Bush Lifts Presidential Ban on Offshore Drilling (2008-07-14)
President Bush has lifted an executive ban on offshore drilling -- and he's trying to pressure Congress to do the same. Otherwise, Bush's action won't have any effect.

Sputtering Economy Forces Carmakers To Kill New Products (2008-07-14)
Auto companies shifting to smaller cars, and canceling plans for gas guzzlers. One analyst warns that companies could be taking the changes too far.

Former Federal Prosecutor on Terrorist Watch List (2008-07-14)
This terrorism-era roster, which likely has caused thousands of innocent Americans to be questioned or searched, popped up with the name of former Assistant Attorney General Jim Robinson.

Pfizer Cutting More Jobs in Kalamazoo (2008-07-14)
Pfizer is cutting 275 jobs at its biggest manufacturing plant in Michigan in its latest restructuring move.

Muskegon Lake Slated for Habitat Restoration (2008-07-14)
Muskegon Lake is the first of dozens of areas in the Great Lakes that could receive funding for habitat restoration.

Iranian Leader Pledges No Deals on Nuclear Program (2008-07-14)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells state TV he will not accept any conditions on his country's disputed nuclear program during talks with European Union officials this weekend.

US Reinforces An Outpost Overrun By Taliban (2008-07-14)
U.S. troops have reinforced a remote military outpost in Afghanistan after well-armed militants got inside and killed nine American soldiers. Fifteen other soldiers were wounded.

Darfur Genocide Charges Filed (2008-07-14)
The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has filed genocide charges against Sudan's president.

More Text Messages to be Released (2008-07-14)
But a judge says he has decided not to make public a number of text messages in the criminal case against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former top aide.

Judge to Rule on New Kilpatrick Texts Today (2008-07-14)
Hundreds of not-yet-seen text messages involving Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick could be made public today.

Manson Follower Seeking Early Release (2008-07-14)
Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley has asked the California parole board to deny Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins' request for compassionate release from prison.

Women's Health Center Opens (2008-07-14)
A private practice women's health center opened today in Grand Rapids -- and is the first in the area to offer women's health services all in one place.

Sheriffs' Unions Urge Public Support of Jail Millage (2008-07-14)
Supporters of a jail renewal millage in Kent County weigh in as the debate over daily jail charges between some cities and the county continue.

An Apology for Racial Harassment Investigation (2008-07-14)
A university has apologized to a janitor who was accused of racial harassment for reading a historical book about the Ku Klux Klan on his break.

New Yorker Criticized For Obama Cover (2008-07-14)
Barack Obama and John McCain agree on at least one thing: they both think New Yorker magazine has gone too far

Bertha Batters Bermuda (2008-07-14)
People in an area stretching from Bermuda to the East Coast of the United States are feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Bertha.

ACLU Criticizes Flint's "Saggy Pants" Enforcement (2008-07-14)
The American Civil Liberties Union is calling on the Flint Police Department to ratchet back its enforcement of a new policy targeting a ubiquitous urban fashion trend.

GM Restructuring (2008-07-14)
General Motors Corp. is planning to announce some restructuring moves Tuesday in response to falling U.S. sales.

Laughing Without an Accent (2008-07-14)
Funny tales of an Iranian American family help us understand what we all have in common.

Michigan Gas Prices Dip (2008-07-14)
AAA Michigan says gas prices have dropped seven-tenths of a cent since last week, putting the statewide average slightly below $4.18 a gallon.

Army, Militants Clash in Pakistan (2008-07-13)
A top official in Pakistan says the death toll from a militant ambush and shootout with security forces has reached at least 16.

Firefighters Gaining Ground on California Wildfires (2008-07-13)
Another California town appears to have been spared by a wildfire amid an unprecedentedly bad fire season that's still in its early stages.

Alaskan Volcano Erupts (2008-07-13)
A volcano has erupted on a remote island in Alaska, sending residents fleeing from volcanic rock and falling ash.

Suicide Bomber Kills 24 in Afghanistan (2008-07-13)
At least two dozen people are dead in southern Afghanistan after a suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew himself up next to a police patrol.

Mich. Democrats Launch 2008 Ad Campaign (2008-07-13)
The ad, which will go up on broadcast and cable stations across the state on Sunday, is the first in both the campaign against current Republican chief Justice Cliff Taylor

'Cell' Phones (2008-07-13)
Corrections officials nationwide are trying to get cell phones out of prison cells.

Higher Gas Prices = Fewer Highway Deaths? (2008-07-13)
Two researchers say today's high gas prices could cut auto deaths by as much as a third as driving decreases.

Life is Literally Worth Less These Days (2008-07-13)
The folks at the Environmental Protection Agency have decided that an American life isn't worth what it used to be. Nearly a million dollars less, if EPA calculations are to believed.

Actress Angelina Jolie Gives Birth to Twins (2008-07-13)
Angelina Jolie gave birth to a girl and a boy through Cesarian section last night at a hospital in southern France.

This Bud's Por Vu, InBev (2008-07-12)
It appears the board of directors at Anheuser-Busch will soon agree to a buyout offer from a Belgian brewer.

Former Yankee Star Bobby Murcer Dead (2008-07-12)
Former All- Star outfielder and longtime Yankees broadcaster Bobby Murcer has died at 62.

Fmr. White House Spokesman Tony Snow is Dead (2008-07-12)
Fox News is reporting that conservative commentator and former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has died of cancer.

Granholm in Philadelphia This Weekend (2008-07-12)
Governor Granholm will spend the weekend in Philadelphia, where she is meeting with the nation's other governors.

Favre Unretiring (2008-07-12)
The Green Bay Packers want to do the right thing in response to Brett Favre's latest round of flip-flopping on his future in football.

Stopping Teen Dating Abuse (2008-07-12)
Top state legal officers are moving to stop dating abuse of tweens and teens.

Heart Surgeon Michael DeBakey Has Died (2008-07-12)
Doctor DeBakey pioneered such now-common procedures as bypass surgery and invented a host of devices to help heart patients.

Michigan Soldier's Body Found in Iraq (2008-07-11)
The stepfather of a Michigan soldier missing in Iraq for more than a year says military officials came to his Oxford home on Thursday afternoon and told him the body of 19-year-old Pvt. Byron W. Fouty of Waterford was found in Jurf as Sakhr.

UofM Ranks High on 'Best Hospitals' List (2008-07-11)
U.S. News and World Report is releasing its annual rankings of the nation's Best hospitals. The magazine ranks U of M 13th.

White House Secrecy (2008-07-11)
A federal appeals court has rejected the White House's bid to keep its visitor log secret in a case filed by a watchdog group.

Rough Sailing (2008-07-11)
More than 250 sailboats will set sail tomorrow in the annual Port Huron to Mackinac race. But even this test of wind and sail is not immune to the ill-winds of Michigan's economic doldrums.

Dog Meat Off The Menu (2008-07-11)
Dog meat has been struck from the menus of officially designated Olympic restaurants. And Beijing tourism officials are telling other eateries to discourage people from ordering dishes made from dogs.

Hezbollah Gains Political Power in Lebanon (2008-07-11)
Lebanon's prime minister has formed a national unity Cabinet in which Hezbollah and its allies have veto power over government decisions.

Stolen Shakespeare Volume Found (2008-07-11)


Who steals my purse steals trash; 'tis something, nothing;
'Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him, And makes me poor indeed.

Othello Act 3, scene 3

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Fears (2008-07-11)
President Bush is among administration officials trying to calm the nerves of investors in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Judge Stops Drilling Project (2008-07-11)
A federal judge has overturned a decision by the U.S. Forest Service to allow oil and gas drilling in an environmentally sensitive area near the Au Sable River

More Trucks Using Lake Michigan Carferry (2008-07-11)
The S. S. Badger is seeing an increase in its commercial trucking business likely due to spiking diesel prices.

The Best Tennis Match of All Time (2008-07-11)
Sports commentator John U. Bacon says last weekend's Men's Wimbledon championship was the best tennis ever played.

Bush Administration Says 'No' To Regulating Greenhouse Gases (2008-07-11)
The Bush administration has rejected regulating greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, saying it would cause too many job losses at a time when the economy is in trouble.

Wildfire Burns in Paradise (2008-07-11)
A wildfire along the scenic Big Sur coast of California has burned some outbuildings at the historic Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.

Hoekstra Surveys Drivers' Concerns on Gas Prices (2008-07-11)
Congressman Peter Hoekstra (R-Holland) talked to drivers about their concerns at a Holland gas station today.

Flint Jail Closing, Crime Rising? (2008-07-11)
The Flint city jail is closing today. City leaders agreed to close the lock-up as a budget cutting move.

Lawmaker Wants Rules Against Flushing Drugs (2008-07-10)
Michigan Congresswoman Candice Miller is the sponsor of a bill to try and cut down on the amount of prescription drugs in drinking water.

Three Michigan Authors Come Home (2008-07-10)
Thomas McGuane, Jim Harrison, and Richard Ford will be talking books on stage tonight in East Lansing.

Zimbabwe Talks May Resume (2008-07-10)
South Africa's presidential spokesman says talks aimed at resolving Zimbabwe's violent political crisis have resumed in Johannesburg.

Iran Testing Long Range Missles (2008-07-10)
State television says Iran has test-fired medium and long-range missiles in the Persian Gulf for a second day.

Rove Ignores Subpeona (2008-07-10)
Former White House adviser Karl Rove has ignored a subpoena from congressional Democrats to testify about allegations of political pressure at the Justice Department.

Toyota Retools (2008-07-10)
Toyota Motor Corp. is adjusting its U.S. manufacturing operations to meet customer demands for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

John McCain Campaigns in Michigan (2008-07-10)
The presumptive Republican presidential nominee is in Michigan to talk about his economic policies. McCain talked about the need to encourage new technology as the auto industry struggles.

Suspects Arrested in Embassy Attack (2008-07-10)
A Turkish news agency says four suspects have been detained in connection with yesterday's attack on the U.S. consulate in Istanbul.

President Wins Victory in Domestic Spying (2008-07-10)
President Bush is poised to sign a bill that overhauls the bitterly disputed rules on secret government eavesdropping and grants immunity to telecommunications companies

Bulls Get Some Revenge in Pamplona (2008-07-10)
A Spaniard has been gored, an American has been knocked unconscious and five other people have been hurt during today's running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Nation's Foreclosure Rate Jumps 53% (2008-07-10)
Filings were up in all but 11 states. The highest rates continued to be in Nevada, California, Arizona, Florida and Michigan.

Dow Buying Competitor for $15 Billion (2008-07-10)
Dow Chemical says it has agreed to buy specialty chemicals maker Rohm and Haas for $78 per share, or more than $15 billion.

OPEC: Oil Production Will Keep Pace With Demand (2008-07-10)
OPEC says world energy needs will spike by more than 50 percent by 2030. But the oil cartel also says energy supplies will keep pace with demand.

Congresswoman Predicts Compact Passage (2008-07-10)
Michigan Congresswoman Candice Miller is predicting speedy approval of a new interstate compact designed to prevent raids on Great Lakes water.

AMA Apologizes for Past Racism (2008-07-10)
The apology from the group long considered the voice of U.S. doctors grows out of initiatives to reduce racial disparities in medicine.

President Signs Domestic Spying Bill (2008-07-10)
President Bush has signed a bill that overhauls rules about government eavesdropping and grants immunity to telecommunications companies that helped the U.S. spy on Americans in suspected terrorism cases.

Kent County Cities Upset Over Jail Fees (2008-07-10)
Six of Kent County's largest cities are upset over county jail fees they say amount to double taxation. They spoke out in front of Grand Rapids City Hall today.

Petraeus Gets Promotion (2008-07-10)
The Senate has confirmed Gen. David Petraeus as the top commander in the Middle East and Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno to replace Petraeus as the chief military officer in Iraq.

John McCain Backs Great Lakes Compact (2008-07-10)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain says Michigan and other Great Lakes states are right to protect their water from dry regions such as his home state of Arizona.

McCain Has Best Fundraising Month (2008-07-10)
Campaign officials say Republican John McCain raised more than $22 million in June for his presidential bid.

Californians Flee Wildfires (2008-07-10)
A wildfire in Butte County, California, has forced the evacuation of as many as 10,000 residents.

Retail Sales Improve in June (2008-07-10)
Rebate checks and fat discounts gave a boost to June retail sales.

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down.... (2008-07-09)
The walls are coming down at old Tiger Stadium in Detroit.

Demolition crews today tore a hole in the north end of the stadium, giving passersby a glimpse of a green baseball diamond inside.

'Epicenter of the Nation's Mortgage Crisis' (2008-07-09)
The nation's top housing official came to Detroit today, which he referred to as the 'epicenter of the nation's mortgage crisis.'

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Steve Preston spoke to the Detroit Economic Club.

Michelle Obama: Barack is Right on Women's Issues (2008-07-09)
Michelle Obama was in Pontiac today to talk about economic issues with a crowd of mostly women.

The Great Lakes Compact Heads to Congress (2008-07-09)
Governor Jennifer Granholm became the last of the eight Great Lakes governors to sign the Great Lakes Compact. What does this mean for the lakes?

Bridge to the Future? (2008-07-09)
Oakland County executive L. Brooks Patterson is hoping to move plans forward to build a new bridge across the Detroit River to Ontario.

The bridge plans have been snarled by competing interests on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border.

Supermarket Prices Rise on High Fuel Costs (2008-07-08)
The Michigan Farm Bureau reports supermarket prices are up three point five percent since March.

Shaky Truce (2008-07-08)
The Israeli military says Gaza militants have fired a mortar shell into Israel in another violation of a shaky truce.

Delta Airlines Drops Lansing Airport (2008-07-08)
The Atlanta-based airline said Monday it will end service through its Comair Inc. commuter carrier at the end of August.

Kilpatrick Could Face More Charges (2008-07-08)
Text messages obtained by the Wayne County prosecutor could lead to an amended perjury charge against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Oil Prices Falling (2008-07-08)
Sweet crude for August delivery fell $2.32 to $139.05 a barrel in electronic trade on the New York Mercantile Exchange by noon in Europe.

2 Concert Goers Died at Rothbury Festival (2008-07-08)
A man and a woman died at the Rothbury Music Festival in Oceana County. State police Lt. Dave Roesler says the two people were in separate groups and had separate medical emergencies on Sunday.

Delta Dropping Flights in Lansing & Toledo (2008-07-08)
More cuts may be coming.

Delta also flies out of Detroit, Grand Rapids and Flint.

G8 Agreement on Limiting Greenhouse Gases (2008-07-08)
Critics say today's statement from G-8 leaders about cutting greenhouse gases falls far short of what's really needed.

Time to Repeal The War Powers Act? (2008-07-08)
A new study is calling for a repeal of the 1973 War Powers Resolution, replacing it with a measure that would require U.S. presidents to consult Congress before going to war.

Pending Home Sales Dip (2008-07-08)
The National Association of Realtors says pending U.S. home sales dipped in May as the housing market continues to struggle.

Iraqis Want Withdrawal Timetable (2008-07-08)
Iraq national security adviser Mouwaffak al-Rubaie says his country won't agree to any security deal with the U.S. without such a timetable.

Bush Administration Fighting Gitmo Lawsuits (2008-07-08)
Bush administration lawyers are heading to court to begin defending an estimated 200 lawsuits by Guantanamo Bay detainees.

In This Poll, McCain Is The Top Dog (2008-07-08)
A new Associated Press-Yahoo News poll finds that pet owners favor McCain 42 to 37 percent over Barack Obama, with dog owners especially high on the Arizona senator.

Antibiotic Warning (2008-07-08)
Federal drug safety officials have imposed the government's most urgent warning on Cipro and similar antibiotics

Hot Weather Spurs California Wildfires (2008-07-08)
Forecasters say a high-pressure system will keep moist marine air from coming ashore, and hot temperatures aren't helping either.

G8 Leaders Critical of Zimbabwe's Mugabe (2008-07-08)
Leaders of the Group of Eight industrial powers, meeting in Japan, expressed grave concern about Zimbabwe. Violence and intimidation there prompted the opposition candidate to pull out of the race with Mugabe.

Consumers Relying Heavily on Credit Cards (2008-07-08)
The Federal Reserve reported Tuesday that consumer credit increased at an annual rate of 3.6 percent in May, roughly the same pace as logged in the prior month.

Obama Fundraising Under Investigation (2008-07-08)
Minnesota's top gambling official says he wants the state to investigate whether Barack Obama's campaign is using an illegal raffle to raise money.

Tigers' Willis Headed Back to Lakeland (2008-07-08)
An MRI exam has revealed that Tigers pitcher Dontrelle Willis has tendinitis in his right knee.

Sewage Workers Demand City Rescind Sludge Deal (2008-07-08)
Workers picketed outside Detroit's sewage treatment plant this afternoon. They're demanding the city rescind a sludge recycling contract that's at the center of an FBI probe.

Heroin Shipments To Michigan Increase (2008-07-08)
Heroin is more available this year than last, and law enforcement officers say that's sure to increase the number of drug addicts and related crimes.

Coalition Launches Health Care Reform Campaign (2008-07-08)
A coalition of labor, religious, and grassroots groups launched national campaign for health care reform today.

Kevorkian Gets Spot on November Ballot (2008-07-08)
Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian has collected enough signatures to be on the November ballot as a congressional candidate.

Running With The Bulls (2008-07-07)
The first sprint at the annual running-of-the-bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain, has gone in the books as messy, dangerous and a bit slower than usual.

Top Soldier Optimistic About Iraq War (2008-07-07)
The Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Admiral Michael Mullen, said on a visit to Iraq that it appears "the security conditions are holding," and that violence is down to a level not seen "in over four years."

Report: GM Eyes More Cuts (2008-07-07)
General Motors Corp. may get rid of some brands, speed the introduction of small cars from other markets and make further white-collar job cuts as it tries to deal with a shrinking U.S. auto market.

Car Bomb Kills 40 in Kabul (2008-07-07)
The massive bomb detonated at the Indian embassy entrance, damaging two embassy vehicles near where dozens of Afghan men line up every morning to apply for visas.

Aid to Africa Highlights G8 Summit (2008-07-07)
It was the main topic of the summit three years ago, and African aid has been the focus of the first day of talks at this year's G-8 summit in northern Japan.

McCain Criticizes Obama, Bush (2008-07-07)
John McCain says Congress and the Bush administration have failed to meet their responsibilities to manage the government.

So, while criticizing his Democratic rival's economic plan as expensive and unwise, McCain also sought to distance himself more from President Bush.

Red Wings at Wrigley Field? (2008-07-07)
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings plan to participate in the National Hockey League's third outdoor game on New Year's Day, and want to use the North Side ballpark as the site.

Dictionary Adds 'Fanboy', 'Netroots' and Other New Words (2008-07-07)
Merriam-Webster Inc. has added more than 100 new entries to its new edition of the Collegiate Dictionary.

Yankee Slugger Strikes Out in Marriage (2008-07-07)
The wife of New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez has filed for a divorce.

Meeting This Week on Zoo Property Tax (2008-07-07)
This week, voters in southeast Michigan can attend a town hall meeting in Farmington to get information about a ballot measure to support the Detroit Zoo.

Detroit Charters Part of School Aid Negotiations (2008-07-07)
Negotiations over state aid for schools are expected to resume this week at the state Capitol. One of the issues tied up in those talks is whether to allow more charter schools in Detroit.

Big Bertha (2008-07-07)
The National Hurricane Center in Miami reports Tropical Storm Bertha passed the threshold this morning when its maximum sustained winds increased to nearly 75 miles-an-hour.

Stem Cell Research Petition Filed (2008-07-07)
Supporters of allowing stem cell research in Michigan have submitted more than 570-thousand signatures to put the issue before voters in November.

Michigan Schools Win Funding Fight (2008-07-07)
The Michigan Court of Appeals says the state is illegally failing to help school districts pay for additional data reporting requirements required under the law.

McCain to Campaign in Michigan (2008-07-07)
John McCain's campaign says he'll visit Michigan this week as part of a swing through five battleground states to focus on the economy.

Orphan Child of the Arts (2008-07-07)
How dance companies in the state are dealing with funding cuts and a poor economy

Granholm Tapped to Defend Obama on Energy Policy (2008-07-07)
The Republican National Committee started running a TV commercial today attacking Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Energy issues.

The Obama campaign got Governor Jennifer Granholm and several other state party leaders to attack the 'attack ad'.

Critics: Measure Would Hurt Minority Representation (2008-07-07)
The sweeping ballot measure billed as Reform Michigan Government Now is attracting plenty of critics. Among them are minority members of the state House and Senate.

String of Bomb Blasts Kills 18 in Karachi (2008-07-07)
Police say a string of explosions in the Pakistani city of Karachi has wounded at least 25 people.

Sing While You Weed (2008-07-07)
Gardeners at an Ann Arbor farm believe that singing to your plants isn't just an old wives tale...it actually works.

Obama Campaign Grounded (2008-07-07)
Barack Obama isn't going to North Carolina today after all. His plane had to make an unscheduled landing in St. Louis due to a mechanical problem.

Campaign to Change State Governemnt Submits Petitions (2008-07-07)
Organizers have turned in nearly 500,000 signatures to get a proposal on the Michigan ballot that would cut the number of state lawmakers and Court of Appeals judges.

It Isn't Easy Being Green (2008-07-07)
Organizers pushed a message of environmental responsibility at the massive Rothbury Music Festival. But 30 thousand people create a big mess.

U of M Study: Sexual Behavior No Guide for HPV Vaccine (2008-07-07)
A new University of Michigan study finds no reason for parents to wait to have their daughters vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease that causes cervical cancer.

Londoners Mark Anniversary of Subway Bombings (2008-07-07)
Londoners are solemnly marking the third anniversary of the suicide bomb attacks that killed 52 bus and subway passengers and injured more than 700 others.

Wimbledon Reign Ends (2008-07-06)
Rafael Nadal has ended Roger Federer's reign at Wimbledon, beating the Swiss star in a marathon men's final

Afghans Investigate US Attack (2008-07-06)
Afghanistan's president has ordered an investigation into allegations that missiles from U.S. helicopters struck civilians Friday.

'Young Gun' Out Spits Father for Title (2008-07-06)
Brian "Young Gun" Krause has out-spit his father to claim his seventh championship at the International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship in Eau Claire, Michigan.

Penguins in Trouble (2008-07-06)
A new paper says about two-thirds of penguin species are in trouble.

Gas Prices Hit New Record (2008-07-06)
Triple A says gasoline prices have risen slightly this holiday weekend to yet another record high.

4 Day Work Week (2008-07-06)
Are you getting a four-day work week this week? A lot of folks in Utah will be getting one every week.

6,000 Still Without Power (2008-07-06)
Thousands of customers remain without power after thunderstorms swept across Michigan's Lower Peninsula during the past week. Consumers Energy says Sunday morning that those homes and businesses were expected to have power back by the end of the day.

G8 Protests Turn Violent (2008-07-05)
Four people have been arrested at an occassionally violent rally in Japan today protesting next week's G-Eight summit

Poll: Voters Don't Know Presidential Candidates' Wives (2008-07-05)
Cindy McCain shows up as something of a mystery. Nearly six in 10 of those polled say they don't know much about her. Only about a-third are clueless about Michelle Obama.

Williams Wins Wimbledon (2008-07-05)
Venus Williams beat sister Serena 7-5, 6-4 Saturday for her fifth Wimbledon title and seventh Grand Slam championship.

Fire Destroys Toledo Apartment Complex (2008-07-05)
Authorities in Toledo, Ohio, say a fast-moving fire at an apartment complex has destroyed eight buildings and left more than 100 people homeless. No injuries have been reported.

Psychedelic Study (2008-07-05)
A rare study of the drug contained in "magic mushrooms" is providing some interesting results that could lead to better treatment for addicts and others.

Unhappy Independence Day? (2008-07-05)
Despite the fun and fireworks of Friday's Independence Day celebrations, numerous surveys show Americans are glum and worried.

Grand Rapids Boxing Champ Makes Racism Accusation (2008-07-05)
Recently retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Junior accuses HBO's announcers of bias against him and other black fighters.

Texas Tea in North Dakota (2008-07-05)
Some people in western North Dakota say it's easier to strike it rich from oil than win the lottery.

A Different View of Breast Exams (2008-07-05)
The same 3-D concept behind the classic kids' toy the Viewmaster is being used to improve breast exams.

Wax Hitler Beheaded (2008-07-05)
Officials in Berlin say a man tore the head off an Adolf Hitler wax figure at Madame Tussauds' new branch in what appeared to be a symbolic protest on the museum's opening day.

Detroit Cityfest Goes Green (2008-07-04)
As many as a half- (m) million people are expected to head to Detroit's New Center area this weekend for food and music at the 20th-annual Comerica Cityfest, and festival organizers are trying to make the five-day party a little greener.

Great Lakes Compact a Step Closer to Reality (2008-07-04)
A landmark agreement designed to protect Great Lakes water is expected to be sent to Congress soon - after Pennsylvania lawmakers approved it this week.

Fmr. Senator Jesse Helms Dead (2008-07-04)
Former North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms died early today of natural causes at the age of 86. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Fireworks Send Off (2008-07-04)
One of the fireworks bursting above Indianapolis for tonight's 4th of July fireworks will include the cremated remains of Meredith Smith.

How WUOM Saved Public Radio (2008-07-04)
The story of three men from Michigan Radio who fought to include public radio in the Public Broadcasting Act.

Testing Tour Guides (2008-07-04)
Three Philadelphia tour guides are challenging an ordinance that will require guides in the city to pass a history test and be licensed.

Happy 4th of July (2008-07-04)
On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation.

US Employers Cutting Payrolls (2008-07-03)
Employers cut payrolls by 62,000 in June. It's the sixth straight month of nationwide job losses, underscoring the economy's fragile state. The unemployment rate held steady at 5.5 percent.

Family Affair in Wimbledon Women's Final (2008-07-03)
Saturday's women's final at Wimbledon will be a family affair. Venus and Serena Williams will play for the ladies title at the All England Club for a third time. Serena won both previous meetings in 2002 and '03.

Paulson: No Quick Fix To World's Oil Prices (2008-07-03)
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says he expects high oil prices to keep the world in an economic slowdown. Oil is selling at record levels again today.

The Day After A Dark and Stormy Night (2008-07-03)
Severe thunderstorms that swept across Michigan's Lower Peninsula have caused power outages to about 185,000 homes and businesses and flooded streets.

The New Walter Reed (2008-07-03)
President Bush has turned a shovel of dirt to start construction of a replacement for the troubled Walter Reed Army hospital.

WUOM's 60th Anniversary (2008-07-03)
WUOM went on the air for the first time on July 5th, 1948. Join us as we celebrate our 60th anniversary.

Thousands in the Dark After Storms (2008-07-03)
Thousands of people across Michigan are still waiting for power to be restored after yesterday's storms.

Judge Delays Decision on Sealing Text Messages (2008-07-03)
A judge in Detroit today handed at least a temporary victory to Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Green Light For Solar Power (2008-07-03)
The Bureau Of Land Management says there won't be a moratorium on applications to build solar plants on public lands.

Judge Orders Manslaughter Trial in Plane Crash (2008-07-03)
A French judge has ordered Continental Airlines and five people to stand trial for manslaughter in the 2000 crash of a Concorde jet that killed 113 people.

Iraqi Govt Election Ban Targets Anti-American Cleric (2008-07-03)
The Iraqi government has banned candidates in upcoming provincial elections from using pictures of people not running for office in their campaign materials.

Layoffs at American Airlines (2008-07-03)
Many more job cuts are likely at American Airlines as the nation's biggest carrier struggles to survive soaring fuel costs.

Nobel Laureate Calls For Peace Between Iran and US (2008-07-03)
Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi is calling on Iran and the U.S. to find a peaceful resolution to the standoff over Tehran's nuclear program.

State Settles Foster Care Lawsuit (2008-07-03)
Under today's agreement, a federal court will oversee Michigan's child welfare system.

D-H-S has also agreed to improve its investigation of claims of abuse and neglect.

Rothbury (2008-07-03)
Today, the Rothbury Music Festival gets under way. About 30 thousand people are expected to show up for four days of music from some big names - Dave Matthews Band, and Snoop Dogg, to name a few.

Jordan's King to Visit Iraq (2008-07-03)
Iraqi officials say Jordan's King Abdullah II plans to visit Iraq next week in the first trip by an Arab head of state since Saddam Hussein was deposed in 2003.

Freedom (2008-07-03)
A joyously tearful Ingrid Betancourt has embraced her children for the first time in six years after her dramatic rescue yesterday from her rebel captors.

Courting the Middle (2008-07-03)
With their parties' nominations secured, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are courting those elusive voters in "the middle."

Bulldozer Attack (2008-07-02)
At least three people are dead after a Palestinian heavy equipment driver smashed his machine into vehicles and pedestrians in Jerusalem.

Kent County Locked in Jail Fee Dispute with Cities (2008-07-02)
Kent County and six of its largest cities are locked in a dispute over a county per-diem charge for jailing offenders charged with breaking local ordinances.

Catfish Dies Trying To Eat A Soccer Ball (2008-07-02)
German police say the 6 1/2-foot-long fish was found dead Monday, floating on the surface of the water with a blue-and-white soccer ball in its mouth.

Red Wings Ink Hossa (2008-07-02)
After losing to Detroit in the Stanley Cup finals, Marian Hossa is leaving the Penguins to play for the Red Wings.

Attorney General Sues Blue Cross/Blue Shield (2008-07-02)
The AG on Wednesday accused the Detroit-based nonprofit of illegally using money from health care customers to help its for-profit subsidiary buy an insurance company.

RNC Ad Targets Obama on Energy Policy (2008-07-02)
The ad will run in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin beginning this weekend.

Busy G8 Conference Ahead for President Bush (2008-07-02)
Outlining his goals for the Japan meeting, Bush says he'll urge other nations to make good on pledges to help alleviate malaria, HIV-AIDS and other deadly diseases.

Taliban Shoots Down NATO Helicopter (2008-07-02)
Gunfire brought down a Black Hawk helicopter in a district south of Kabul. But the U.S.-led coalition crew managed to escape without serious injury.

Michigan Hotels See Slight Increase in Business (2008-07-02)
Hotels and resorts closer to large urban areas and established tourism destinations are doing better this year than last year.

Though Michigan hotels, motels and resorts are reporting a dip in the number of get-a-way weekend bookings.

Michigan - All Wet (2008-07-02)
If you thought it was wet in Michigan last month, the numbers back you up.

Appeals Court Denies Prosecutor's Motion in Kilpatrick Case (2008-07-02)
The state Appeals Court has denied a motion to disqualify the 36th District Court bench from hearing the criminal case against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Justice Delayed in Georgia (2008-07-02)
Investigators have been digging for two days at a property in rural northeast Georgia. They're hoping to solve one of the nation's most notorious unsolved lynchings after receiving what they call recent information.

Detroit Schools Chief to Form Finance Commission (2008-07-02)
Detroit Public Schools Superintendent Connie Calloway says she's setting up a commission of outside finance experts to advise the troubled district. As Michigan Radio's Sarah Hulett reports, she plans to put together a panel of outside experts to review the district's finances.

US Calls for Sanctions Against Zimbabwe (2008-07-02)
A U.S. draft resolution calls for sanctions against Zimbabwe's president and demands that his government immediately begin talks with the opposition.

Auto Stock Slide (2008-07-02)
Shares of General Motors have plunged to their lowest level since September 1954.

Hostages Freed in Columbia (2008-07-02)
Colombia says its military has rescued former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, three U.S. military contractors and 11 other hostages from leftist rebels.

NAACP Looking for Plaintiffs In Discrimination Suit (2008-07-02)
The NAACP is looking for plaintiffs to join a discrimination lawsuit against some of the nation's largest mortgage lenders.

McCain Campaigns in Colombia (2008-07-02)
McCain is also promoting free trade deals like NAFTA. He says they'll benefit the U.S. economy over time, even though such agreements have been deeply unpopular in several general election swing states like Ohio and Michigan.

Search for Missing Girl Ending in Portugal (2008-07-01)
Three Portuguese newspapers say the prosecutor's office will call off its search for Madeleine McCann by mid-August. Reports say the case is being dropped for lack of evidence.

Pavarotti's Family Settles Estate Dispute (2008-07-01)
Pavarotti had drafted two wills near the end of his yearlong battle with cancer. One divided his assets by Italian law, giving half to his second wife, Nicoletta Mantovani, and half to his four daughters. The second left the tenor's U.S. holdings to Mantovani.

State Police Investigate Recall Campaign (2008-07-01)
Former Republican legislator Leon Drolet led the drive to try and recall state House Speaker Andy Dillon for his role in winning approval for last year's tax increases to help balance the budget.

Abu Ghraib Lawsuits Filed (2008-07-01)
Two American defense contractors are facing lawsuits filed by four former inmates of Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison who claim they were tortured.

Unemployed Workers Speak About Pain of Joblessness (2008-07-01)
Michigan Congressman Sander Levin asked a group of unemployed people to speak at a roundtable in Roseville Tuesday.

MPSC Concludes Hearings On Outages (2008-07-01)
The Michigan Public Service Commission will soon issue a report on how DTE Energy and Consumers Energy handled recent storm outages.

Auto Sales Drop 18 Percent In June (2008-07-01)
It's the worst June for the U.S. auto industry in over a decade.

Lansing Looks Ahead to Next Year's State Budget (2008-07-01)
Though work still isn't completed on the state's budget for the 2009 fiscal year, lawmakers and interest groups are already eyeing the way Michigan will spend money in 2010.

Detroit Council Approves First Step in Tunnel Sale (2008-07-01)
The Detroit City Council today reversed course, and approved the first step toward selling the city's half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Hamas Holds Line on Israeli Soldier Release (2008-06-30)
Hamas officials spoke after Israel's decision yesterday to trade a Lebanese prisoner for the bodies of two other Israeli servicemen.

Chrysler Cutting Truck and SUV Production (2008-06-30)
A slowing economy and gasoline prices above $4 per gallon have cut U.S. car sales. Those who are buying are picking more fuel-efficient models.

Oil Trading Higher (2008-06-30)
Oil prices have surged above $143 a barrel for the first time ever today.

Congress Freezes Medicare Fee Cut (2008-06-30)
The Bush administration is freezing a scheduled 10-percent fee cut for doctors who treat Medicare patients. That gives Congress time to stop the cuts after the July 4th recess.

Poll: 9 in10 Expect Financial Toll From Rising Gas Prices (2008-06-30)
To cope, most are driving less, easing off the air conditioning and heating at home and cutting corners elsewhere. Half are scaling back vacation plans; nearly as many are considering buying cars that burn less gas.

President Bush Signs War Funding Bill (2008-06-30)
The 162 billion-dollar plan funds operations through the end of his presidency and beyond.

AAA: Gas Prices Curbing 4th of July Travel Plans (2008-06-30)
In Michigan, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is just under 4 dollars-20 cents.

Mugabe Attends African Summit (2008-06-30)
An African Union summit has opened in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik with longtime Zimbabwe ruler Robert Mugabe in attendance.

Feds Investigate Detroit City Council (2008-06-30)
Published reports say a federal investigation into possible public corruption in Detroit includes the City Council's awarding of a 47 million dollar sludge recycling contract.

Flint's Ongoing Budget Battle (2008-06-30)
Flint's new city budget is set to take effect Tuesday.

But, negotiations on the city spending plan will continue into next week.

Tunnel Deal Fails, Layoffs Loom in Detroit (2008-06-30)
The City of Detroit is preparing to lay off potentially hundreds of workers and cut services after the City Council voted against a planned sale of the city's half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Army Report Admits Mistakes in Post-War Iraq (2008-06-30)
A U.S. Army report on Iraq after the invasion says most commanders were expecting to move into stability and support operations, like they had in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Cockrel: Probe Won't Distract Council (2008-06-30)
Detroit City Council President Ken Cockrel says an FBI probe into a city council contract should not derail efforts to remove the mayor from office.

Dingell Supports Clean Water Restoration Act (2008-06-30)
Michigan Democrat John Dingell supports expanding the Clean Water Act.

Detroit Approves Budget With Hundreds of Layoffs (2008-06-30)
In Detroit tonight, the school board approved a two-year budget that calls for more than a half-billion dollars in spending cuts.

U.S. Aid Reaches North Korea (2008-06-30)
The State Department says there's no connection. But a U.S. ship carrying thousands of tons of food has arrived in North Korea, a couple of days after Pyongyang made good on promises concerning its nuclear program.

Tunnel Deal Deadline Is Today (2008-06-30)
Today is the last day of the fiscal year in Detroit. And officials in the mayor's office are hoping to convince the city council to approve a plan to sell the city's half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Tiger Stadium Demolition Begins (2008-06-30)
Crews have begun the process of tearing down historic Tiger Stadium in Detroit. Most of the demolition work being done Monday involved the removal of trash and other debris from the interior of the old ballpark.

Michigan School Districts Tighten Belts (2008-06-30)
Michigan schools begin their new fiscal year tomorrow.

Most are starting off the new year with deep spending cuts.

Light Rail Link Feasible, But Cost May Be More (2008-06-30)
A new study says a commuter train linking Ann Arbor and Howell is feasible.

However, the report also says it may cost four times as much as originally planned.

Mugabe Declares Victory in Zimbabwe (2008-06-29)
An international rights group says supporters of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe used batons and sticks to beat people who couldn't prove they had voted in Friday's presidential runoff.

Son's Legal Troubles Causing Problems for Detroit Congresswoman (2008-06-29)
Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick says polling shows a text-messaging sex scandal involving her son, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, has impacted her re-election try.

Millionaires Club Growing, Rich Getting Richer (2008-06-29)
The World Wealth Report shows the number of people around the globe with at least 1 million dollars in assets has jumped by 6 percent to 10.1 million.

Americans and Religion (2008-06-29)
A new survey finds that about 70 percent of Americans with a religious affiliation, and more than half of evangelicals, believe that many religions can lead to eternal life

Happy Campers? (2008-06-29)
This is another busy summer weekend for campground operators in Michigan. Just how busy depends on where the campground is located.

Changes Coming to Catholic Mass (2008-06-29)
A papal aide says Pope Benedict XVI intends to return to the old way of distributing Communion at Masses.

Legislature Adjourns (2008-06-28)
No government shutdown will occur this year mainly because the heavy lifting of raising taxes was done last year.

Fire Shuts Down Detroit City Hall (2008-06-28)
A lightning strike damaged transformers and caused a fire on the structure's lower level.

Is It Time For 'The Electric Car'? (2008-06-28)
The man who once led the world's largest computer-chip maker has spent 18 months studying how to shift the nation's fleet of vehicles away from gasoline.

Horse Power and $4 a Gallon Gas (2008-06-28)
With gas prices above $4 a gallon, a dental staff in Washington state has decided to pony up in a different way.

Pentagon: Taliban Has Regrouped in Afghanistan (2008-06-28)
The new report offers a rather dim view of progress in the nearly 7-year-old war, declaring that the Taliban has "coalesced into a resilient insurgency."

Missing Link? (2008-06-28)
Scientists have unearthed a skull of the most primitive four-legged creature in Earth's history.

Toyota June Sales May Outpace GM's (2008-06-28)
That could be a hollow victory as the weak economy continues to pummel the auto industry.

Court Backs Cable TV Competition (2008-06-27)
A federal appeals court has upheld the Federal Communications Commission's authority to make rules intended to increase cable television competition.

A Trashy Italian City (2008-06-27)
Actress Sophia Loren is imploring people to clear the garbage off the streets of Naples, Italy.

Polls Closed in 'Meaningless' Zimbabwe Election (2008-06-27)
The polls are closed in Zimbabwe's one-candidate presidential election, and world leaders are condemning the vote.

Happy 90th Birthday, Nelson Mandela (2008-06-27)
South Africa's Parliament is marking Nelson Mandela 's 90th birthday with a special sitting filled with tributes to the country's first black president.

Financial 'Contagion' (2008-06-27)
The Federal Reserve says it was trying to avoid a financial "contagion" when it took unprecedented actions to back a Bear Stearns rescue package and provide emergency loans to big Wall Street firms.

Poll: Schools Teaching Wrong Things (2008-06-27)
Most people think American youngsters are either just keeping up with kids in the rest of the world or are falling behind.

Flint Police Crackdown on Saggy Pants (2008-06-27)
Police Chief David Dicks has ordered officers to arrest those they see walking around with their buttocks exposed.

Fiery Petrol Protest (2008-06-27)
A German man is so upset over the high price of gas that he poured some of it on his Beemer today and set it on fire.

Anti-Tobacco Lawyer Sentenced to Prison (2008-06-27)
Famed anti-tobacco lawyer Richard "Dickie" Scruggs is headed to prison for five years for conspiring to bribe a judge. Scruggs was sentenced Friday in a Mississippi federal court. He was also fined $250,000.

State OKs Greektown Casino Financing Plan (2008-06-27)
Michigan's Gaming Control Board has given final approval to $150 million in debtor-in-position financing for Greektown Casino to finish its permanent casino and hotel expansion.

Long Day Ahead at the State Capitol (2008-06-27)
The Legislature is at the state Capitol for a rare Friday session as lawmakers try to wrap up work on the state budget.

Lawmakers have settled in for a long day as the final and most-difficult-to-resolve issues are negotiated behind closed doors.

Bin Laden's Driver to Stand Trial (2008-06-27)
Navy Captain Keith Allred delayed Salim Hamdan's trial once before and says the defense has enough time to study a recent Supreme Court decision to see how it might apply to the case.

Saving Michigan's Water (2008-06-27)
The final bills that will make up Michigan's new water protection law are on their way to Governor Granholm.

Iacocca: Chrysler Will Survive (2008-06-27)
Ex-Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca says the struggling automaker will survive its current woes, just as it did when he helped save it from bankruptcy in the early 1980s.

Final Touches on Budget Deal (2008-06-27)
The Legislature will return to the state Capitol today for a rare Friday session.

'Body Snatcher' Sentenced to Prison (2008-06-27)
The bodies, including that of "Masterpiece Theatre" host Alistair Cooke, were carved up without permission and were not medically screened. They were sold around the country for dental implants, knee and hip replacements, and other procedures.

New Flu Plan (2008-06-27)
Fears of bird flu are slumping and so have sales of the anti-flu drug Tamiflu. Now its maker is offering a deal to U.S. employers: Pay an annual fee and reserve enough to protect every worker if a new super-flu strikes.

Steelcase Profit Drops 34 Percent (2008-06-27)
Furniture maker says sales declined in North America, and it had to spend more on restructuring costs.

George Carlin and Sports Commentary (2008-06-27)
Michigan Radio sports commentator John U. Bacon remembers the "Baseball v. Football" routine of George Carlin. Carlin died earlier this week.

Obama, Clinton Campaign Together (2008-06-27)
Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are trying to bring the Democratic party together

Court: 'No' Unsolicited Absentee Ballots for The Elderly (2008-06-27)
Four plaintiffs recruited by the Michigan Republican Party sued Macomb County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh, a Democrat, after her office mailed absentee ballot applications to residents 60 and older in 2006.

Detroit Schools Budget Vote Tonight (2008-06-27)
The Detroit Board of Education meets tonight to come up with a plan for closing a deficit that tops a quarter- billion dollars.

US Supreme Court Affirms the 'Right to Bear Arms' (2008-06-26)
The court's 5-4 decision is the first major ruling on gun rights in U.S. history. The decision went further than even the Bush administration wanted, but probably leaves most gun control laws intact.

Court: No Rush For EPA Rules on Greenhouse Gases (2008-06-26)
A federal appeals court has ruled that the Bush administration doesn't have to speed up a decision on whether greenhouse gases blamed for global warming threaten public health.

Study: Cost, Quality of Health Insurance Varies (2008-06-26)
The study marks the first time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has compared different regions of the country by health insurance status.

US Military Claims Top Al Qaida in Iraq Leader Killed (2008-06-26)
In a statement, the military says he was killed along with two other extremists in a gunbattle Tuesday.

Making Stores Honor Gift Cards (2008-06-26)
Michigan lawmakers have voted to make stores accept gift cards and certificates for at least five years after selling them.

Unemployment Rises Across The State (2008-06-26)
Rise in unemployment rate affects 80 of 83 counties in the state.

GM Exec to Obama: We Need Help (2008-06-26)
A top auto executive told Senator Barack Obama today that American automakers need the government's help to stay ahead in research and manufacturing as the industry tries to become more environmentally friendly.

UN Report Links Illegal Drugs and Insurgents (2008-06-26)
The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime warns that insurgent groups are protecting the illicit cultivation of opium and coca which are used in heroin and cocaine.

Abraham Gets Warning, Not Jail (2008-06-26)
Convicted murderer Nathaniel Abraham got a stern warning and another chance today in a Pontiac courtroom.

Oil Price Soars, Stocks Fall (2008-06-26)
Oil prices are soaring further into record territory, breaking past $140 a barrel after OPEC's president said prices could rise well above $150.

Scaled-Down Cobo Plan Floated (2008-06-26)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is expected to announce a scaled-down plan for expanding Cobo Hall in the coming weeks.

Alien UFOs or Wedding Lanterns? (2008-06-26)
Britain's Ministry of Defense has received numerous reports of a squadron of mysterious rotating, cube-like UFOs this month

Zimbabwe Vote Tomorrow (2008-06-26)
Just ahead of tomorrow's much-condemned one-candidate election, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe says he's "open to discussion" with the opposition.

Global Warming Blamed for Plant Retreat (2008-06-26)
Faced with global warming, plants are heading for the hills. A study of 171 forest species in France shows that most of them are shifting their favored locations to higher, cooler spots.

GM Stock Price Sinks to 33-Year Low (2008-06-26)
Investors sell as Wall Street analyst warns that the company is burning through its cash reserves.

Alzheimer's Gene ID'ed? (2008-06-26)
Scientists have identified a gene that may raise the risk of getting the most common form of the disease by about 45 percent.

Openness & Presidential Fundraising (2008-06-26)
Eight political watchdog groups are asking John McCain and Barack Obama to be more forthcoming about their campaign fundraising.

Gas Prices Drive Down Vehicle Satisfaction (2008-06-26)
New buyers say they're less happy with their vehicles because of high gas prices.

Chrysler Denies Bankruptcy Rumors (2008-06-26)
The rumors were so prevalent Thursday that the company was forced to issue a statement.

Pres. Bush Lifts Sanctions on North Korea (2008-06-26)
Conservative Republicans are splitting with President Bush over his decision to lift trade sanctions against North Korea.

Chrysler Going Wi-Fi, in Hopes of Boosting Sales (2008-06-26)
Next week, Chrysler is going to announce its sales figures for this month. There's little to suggest the numbers will be much different from May's sales figures, which were dismal.

Poll: Voters Favor McCain on Handling Iraq War (2008-06-25)
The Associated Press-Yahoo News poll says a strong majority of those surveyed think the Iraq war was wrong, but more find McCain better suited to deal with it than Obama, by a margin of 39 to 33 percent.

Crib Recall (2008-06-25)
Government safety advocates have announced a recall of about 320,000 Jardine cribs, after four children became trapped.

Flint's Budget Battle (2008-06-25)
The battle over Flint's city budget goes back before the city council this afternoon.

It's a battle that may still end up in the courts.

Tiger Stadium's Last Days? (2008-06-25)
Crews have begun encircling Tiger Stadium with fencing to prepare for the demolition of the former home of the Detroit Tigers.

Indian Casino Proposal Rolls Snake Eyes (2008-06-25)
The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected legislation this afternoon to authorize a land swap to give two tribes land in southeast Michigan where they could build casinos.

Violence Grips Mexican Border Town (2008-06-25)
Police say 20 people have been killed in less than three days in a wave of violence in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Obama and the Evangelicals (2008-06-25)
Barack Obama says evangelical leader James Dobson was "making stuff up" when he accused the presumed Democratic presidential nominee of distorting the Bible.

US Supreme Court Slashes Exxon Valdez Punitive Damages (2008-06-25)
The Supreme Court on Wednesday cut the $2.5 billion punitive damages award in the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster to $500 million.

Saudis Arrests Hundreds of Al Qaida Suspects (2008-06-25)
Some of those arrested are suspected of plotting attacks against the kingdom's oil and economic installations.

Zimbabwe Edges Closer to Election, Chaos (2008-06-25)
Zimbabwe's opposition leader has left the Dutch Embassy for the first time since fleeing there over the weekend.

Bookmark Recall (2008-06-25)
About 60 bookmarks made from reclaimed circuit boards were distributed during the Ann Arbor Green Fair may have higher than acceptable lead levels.

Analyst Expects More Auto Supplier Bankruptcies (2008-06-25)
Suppliers are struggling to survive as carmakers cut their output.

President Speaks to GOP Donors in Livonia (2008-06-25)
President Bush told a crowd of Republican Party faithful today that America needs a president who's tested - and who will do what it takes to defeat the nation's enemies.

Retailers Report Slightly Better Sales (2008-06-25)
The number of Michigan retailers who say they're seeing better sales increased slightly in May. But the news was still bleak for many businesses.

Mixed News on the Economy (2008-06-25)
Two new economic reports out today provide no immediate reason for optimism.

Climate Change & National Security (2008-06-25)
A report by U.S. intelligence agencies warns about the national security implications of global warming.

Israel May Exchange Prisoners with Hezbollah (2008-06-25)
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says his Cabinet will vote Sunday on a proposal to exchange prisoners with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

Its Now 'Sir' Salman Rushdie (2008-06-25)
Queen Elizabeth has conferred a knighthood on "The Satanic Verses" author Salman Rushdie. A year ago, announcement of knighthood provoked protests from the Muslim world.

Fed Holds the Line on Interest Rates (2008-06-25)
The Federal Reserve has left its benchmark interest rate unchanged. As result, the federal funds rate, the rate that banks charge each other, remains at 2 percent.

State Budget Deal (2008-06-25)
Top lawmakers and Gov. Jennifer Granholm say they have tentatively agreed on how much to spend on state government next budget year.

School Report Card Error (2008-06-25)
A new audit says Michigan's annual school progress reports from 2004-05 and 2005-06 contained some errors that might have artificially inflated some schools' results.

Mandela Laments Failure of Leadership in Zimbabwe (2008-06-25)
It is the first time the former South African president has spoken publicly about Zimbabwe's political crisis.

Report: Global Energy Demand Expected to Soar (2008-06-25)
The Energy Information Administration says despite persistently high oil prices, global energy demand will grow by 50 percent over the next two decades.

President to Honor Ann Arbor Woman for Volunteer Service (2008-06-25)
Jean Peirce has been a volunteer with the county's Shelter Association for the past three years. Peirce says she's honored to work with the homeless.

US Supreme Court Strikes Down Death Penalty in Child Rape Case (2008-06-25)
In a 5-4 vote, the court says the law allowing the death penalty to be imposed in cases of child rape violates the Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Mississippi River Cresting, Danger Persists (2008-06-24)
Officials say the only things in danger from the latest Mississippi River levee break are a soccer field and a sod farm. To anxious Midwesterners, though, it's a reminder that the high water is still a threat.

Insurgent Attacks on the Rise in Afghanistan (2008-06-24)
The top U.S. general in Afghanistan says insurgent attacks have increased 40 percent this year over last year in the east of the country.

Freed From Prison, Exoneree Seeks Reforms (2008-06-24)
A state House committee will hold a hearing tomorrow on a bill that calls for compensating people who've been wrongfully imprisoned. The hearing comes one week after the release of a scathing report on Michigan's system for providing court-appointed lawyers to criminal defendants.

Buyouts at Detroit News, Free Press (2008-06-24)
The partnership operating Detroit's two major daily newspapers wants to cut about 7 percent of its staff through buyouts.

Imus Defending Latest Comments (2008-06-24)
Don Imus says his remarks about Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones were misunderstood.

Warming US-Iranian Relations? (2008-06-24)
Iran's official news agency says Tehran would consider any U.S. request to set up a diplomatic presence in the Islamic Republic.

Consumer Confidence Declines (2008-06-24)
An industry group says U.S. consumer confidence fell unexpectedly sharply in June, sinking to the fifth-lowest level ever.

Fed Holding The Line on Interest Rates? (2008-06-24)
Borrowing costs are likely to hold steady as the Federal Reserve tries to avoid both stirring inflation and stifling a fragile economy.

Water Bills Flow Thru State Capitol (2008-06-24)
Legislative committees have passed bills strengthening Michigan's regulation of large-scale water withdrawals. The votes Tuesday follow Monday's announcement of a deal, ending more than two years of work.

4 Americans Killed in Baghdad Bombing (2008-06-24)
Officials say two soldiers and two U.S. government civilian employees are among the dead. At least six Iraqi civilians were also killed.

Anti-Smoking Groups Lobby for Workplace Ban (2008-06-24)
At the state Capitol, anti-smoking groups want the Legislature to vote this week on a workplace smoking ban before lawmakers begin a summer break.

The Case of the Pilfered Iraqi Cigar Case (2008-06-24)
British police are studying an Iraqi cigar case that belongs to London's mayor to determine if it's a looted artifact from Iraq.

Detroit Home Prices Lead National Downward Trend (2008-06-24)
Detroit is among the 20 city real estate markets tracked by Standard & Poor's. The investment monitoring firm says home values dropped in all 20 cities in April.

Dow Chemical Raising Prices, Again (2008-06-24)
Surging oil prices are forcing Dow Chemical to hike its prices, again.

The Midland-based chemical industry giant is also scaling back production.

Shooting Disrupts Sarkozy-Olmert Ceremony (2008-06-24)
An Israeli official says a policeman committed suicide at an airport farewell for French President Nicolas Sarkozy, setting off panic at the ceremony.

Political Ties Key to Justice Dept. Hiring (2008-06-24)
A new audit concludes that rookie attorneys with Republican roots got interviewed for plum Justice Department jobs while their liberal-leaning counterparts got passed over.

Congress Backs More Money for Medicare (2008-06-24)
The legislation passed despite a veto threat by President Bush and protests from the insurance industry.

Kilpatrick Attorney Compares Mayor to Rosenbergs (2008-06-23)
An attorney for Kwame Kilpatrick is appealing to the governor to delay consideration of the city council's request that she remove the Detroit mayor from office.

Demand For Hybrids Is Up, But Supply Can't Keep Pace (2008-06-23)
Gas prices are causing many people to consider fuel efficient hybrids. But good luck finding one.

Grand Rapids Terminates Union Contract (2008-06-23)
Grand Rapids city managers will terminate a contract for its largest union today.

Deadline Today for Feedback on Mayoral Review (2008-06-23)
Today (Mon.) is the deadline for lawyers to weigh in on how Governor Granholm proceeds with a request to remove Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

"Green Commute Week" on West Michigan Lakeshore (2008-06-23)
A West Michigan inter-governmental planning group is encouraging commuters to use their bicycles instead of cars.

Calorie Counting (2008-06-22)
The court challenge continues, but next month, New York City will start fining restaurant chains that don't post calorie counts on their menus.

Midwest Floods Crest Below '93 Levels (2008-06-22)
Despite rising water levels that surpassed forecasts yesterday, Midwest emergency officials are optimistic that the worst of the Mississippi River flooding is behind them.

US Embassies at Risk (2008-06-22)
At least 150 American diplomatic missions abroad fall short of security standards put in place after the 1998 bombings of U.S. Embassies in Africa and the Nine-Eleven attacks.

Typhoon Slams Philippines (2008-06-22)
More than 150 people are dead in a typhoon battering the Philippines and there's concern the toll could go significantly higher because of a capsized ferry.

Plugging In (2008-06-22)
One of the state's largest utilities is joining a U-S Department of Energy partnership that hopes to boost the chances of a plug-in hybrid vehicle becoming reality.

Dogs and Inmates Get Second Chance (2008-06-22)
Rescued and stray dogs who are facing euthanasia in Branch County are getting a second chance at a happy life, thanks to a unique prison training program. The inmates in the program say it's giving them a second chance, as well.

Governor Defends Economic Policies (2008-06-22)
The governor is responding to the news that Michigan's worst-in-the-nation jobless rate reached eight-point-five percent in May. The unemployment rate has not been that high in nearly 16 years.

$9.09 a Gallon - OOPS (2008-06-22)
Motorists hope one Ohio service station's mistake wasn't a sign of the future.

Comedian George Carlin Rembered (2008-06-22)
"He was one of the greats," says actor Ben Stiller of George Carlin. Reacting to word of comedian's death yesterday from heart failure, Stiller called Carlin a hugely influential force in stand-up comedy.

German Bars Get Around 'No-Smoking' Rules (2008-06-22)
They're reinventing themselves as smoking clubs, and it hardly takes any effort at all.

Detroit Area Gun Smugglers Indicted (2008-06-20)
The U.S. Attorney's Office announced a grand jury has indicted five Detroit-area residents in a gun smuggling case.

Ford Cuts Production (2008-06-20)
Executives say the market for trucks and SUVs is the worst its been in decades.

Levin Hails Passage of Jobless Benefits Extension (2008-06-20)
Michigan unemployed workers who have exhausted their unemployment benefits will get another 13 weeks soon.

U.S. Attorney in Detroit Announces Mortgage Fraud Crackdown Results (2008-06-20)
U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy announced the results of a major crackdown on mortgage fraud, Thursday.

Play Sports - Be Tough (2008-06-20)
Some recent events in sports and politics show how sports can teach you to be tough.

Zimbabwe Braces for Runoff Election (2008-06-20)
Zimbabwe's opposition leader is urging his backers to take part in next week's runoff election and ignore the "wave of brutality" he says the government has unleashed.

Pres. Bush Coming to Michigan Next Week (2008-06-20)
President Bush will travel to Michigan next week to headline a Republican fundraising dinner in Livonia.

Model Campbell Sentenced for 'Air Rage' Incident (2008-06-20)
Prosecutors say the incident happened after Naomi Campbell was told that one of her bags had not been loaded onto a flight from London to Los Angeles. After the captain came out to explain the situation, they say Campbell became abusive

President Pushes for Updated Domestic Spying Bill (2008-06-20)
At the White House this morning, Bush said a compromise deal worked out among key lawmakers would give law enforcement a vital tool in the war on terrorism.

Taliban Driven From Southern Villages (2008-06-20)
Afghanistan's Defense Ministry says a combined NATO and Afghan force has driven Taliban insurgents out of 10 villages in a valley near Kandahar.

Nude Idea for Chilly Real Estate Market (2008-06-20)
A Florida housing complex has hit on a new idea for selling units in a slumping market, a clothing-optional pool.

Ford Delays Rollout of New F-150 (2008-06-20)
Ford Motor Co. says it will delay introduction of its new F-150 pickup truck by two months because of the declining market for the vehicles.

Obama, Clinton to Campaign Together for First Time (2008-06-20)
Former Democratic rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama will campaign together next week.

State OKs Marathon Refinery Expansion (2008-06-20)
State environmental regulators have given the final go-ahead to an expansion project at Michigan's only oil refinery.

Mich. ACLU Objects to Domestic Spying Deal (2008-06-20)
The Bush Administration and Democratic Congressional leaders agreed this week to extend the program. President Bush says the program is needed to combat terrorism.

Fired Teachers Expected to Sue Detroit Schools (2008-06-20)
The attorney for two Detroit teachers who were fired last night says a lawsuit could be filed against the school district as early as next week.

Analyst: Dropping SUV Sales Will Cost GM & Ford (2008-06-20)
An auto industry analyst says General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. will lose a combined $1.6 billion during the next 18 months due to plummeting sport utility vehicle and pickup truck values.

Pitcher Curt Shilling's Career May Be Over (2008-06-20)
The 41-year-old Red Sox right-hander tells Boston's WEEI radio he'll have surgery on his injured shoulder next week.

VA Chief Promises Better Care for Women Vets (2008-06-20)
The secretary of Veterans Affairs is promising to improve the health care women veterans receive. James Peake told the National Summit on Women Veterans' Issues today that the agency will make a "full-court press" to deliver the highest quality of care.

Teen Pregnancy Pact (2008-06-20)
A friend of the Massachusetts teens who may have made a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together says they seemed "curious" about her own pregnancy.

Clearing the Air in Beijing (2008-06-20)
China is detailing plans to get cars off the road and try to clear Beijing's notoriously sooty air during this summer's Olympics.

Gay Couple Alleges Discrimination by Spectrum Health (2008-06-20)
A gay couple says they were discriminated against by a physician at Spectrum Health who forced his anti-gay marriage views on them.

Big Ten Network, Comcast Strike Deal (2008-06-20)
Comcast subscribers in Michigan will finally be able to see the Big Ten Network, starting August 15th.

Iraqi Troops Target Shiite Stronghold (2008-06-19)
Iraqi troops have launched a crackdown in the Shiite militia stronghold of Amarah in southern Iraq.

Caterpillar Infestation Invades West Michigan Neighborhoods (2008-06-19)
In worst hit areas, if it sounds like rain, don't look up.

Sub Prime Lenders Arrested (2008-06-19)
Federal authorities in New York say two former Bear Stearns managers have surrendered to face criminal charges in the wake of the collapse of the subprime mortgage market.

Critics Call for More Campaign Sunshine on Supreme Court (2008-06-19)
Critics call for change on the way Michigan Supreme Court justices get elected.

A Revolution In Wind Power? (2008-06-19)
A company in Muskegon says it has the answer for cheap, portable wind-generated electricity.

US Supreme Court Sends Message to Insurance Companies (2008-06-19)
The Supreme Court says courts should consider an insurance company's potential conflict of interest when reviewing the denial of an employee's health or disability benefits claim.

Mortgage Fraud Arrests (2008-06-19)
The FBI says it has arrested about 300 real estate brokers since March - including dozens over the last two days

Mystery a Feet (2008-06-19)
The human feet continue to wash up along the shoreline of British Columbia. The second foot this week and the sixth within a year has been found, adding to a bizarre mystery that has confounded police.

Refugees (2008-06-19)
A new survey says Iraq was the source of the world's worst refugee problem last year.

McCain Opening Michigan Campaign Office (2008-06-19)
The campaign of Republican presidential candidate John McCain will open a regional campaign office for Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana on Monday in the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills.

Granholm Pledges to Keep Pushing for Jobs (2008-06-19)
The latest unemployment numbers show Michigan lost 56 thousand jobs in May, and its jobless rate hit eight-point-five percent. That's the highest it's been in nearly 16 years.

Investigation in June Storms (2008-06-19)
Michigan's utility regulators have ordered an investigation into how the state's two main utilities responded to widespread power outages caused by this month's storms.

Tighter Rules For Mortgage Brokers (2008-06-19)
The state House has passed legislation that puts tighter regulations on mortgage brokers in Michigan.

The legislation is modeled on laws now in effect in about half of the states.

US Supreme Court Rules Mentally Ill Can Be Prevented From Representing Themselves in Court (2008-06-19)
The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that criminal defendants with a history of mental illness do not always have the right to represent themselves, even though they have been judged competent to stand trial.

Governor Agrees Public Defender System Needs Repair (2008-06-19)
The report says Michigan's county-based system is too fractured, and too poorly funded to provide defendants their constitutionally guaranteed right to counsel.

Hula Hoop Turns 50 (2008-06-19)
It may be hard to believe in an age of high-tech gadgetry and video games, but the Hula Hoop used to be the coolest toy around.

Gas Price Gouging Bill - Politically Motivated? (2008-06-19)
Michigan gasoline dealers don't understand Governor Jennifer Granholm's proposal to investigate price gouging at Michigan gas stations.

Cindy McCain Has Harsh Words for Myanmar's Leaders (2008-06-19)
The wife of the presumed Republican presidential nominee says Myanmar leaders are a "terrible group of people" who don't value human life.

Levin: Congress Soon To Act On Housing Bill (2008-06-19)
Several Republican senators are fighting the bill. They claim it benefits people who bought homes they couldn't afford.

Treasury Secretary Says More Financial System Regulation Needed (2008-06-19)
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says the government must move quickly to give the Federal Reserve more powers to regulate the financial system.

Obama Won't Take Matching Funds (2008-06-19)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he'll bypass the federal public financing system in the general election, abandoning an earlier commitment to take the money if his Republican rival did as well.

Detroit Schools Struggle with Budget Problems (2008-06-19)
A public hearing is under way to discuss the budget right now.

Afghan, NATO Troops Ousting Taliban (2008-06-19)
Afghan officials say a swift offensive targeting the Taliban in villages outside Kandahar has left 56 militants dead.

DPS Officials Announce Deficit Reduction Plan (2008-06-19)
Detroit Public Schools officials today called for 1,600 layoffs - including hundreds of teachers - to balance next year's budget.

Age Discrimination Prevails in U.S. Supreme Court (2008-06-19)
In a 7-1 ruling, the court says that when older workers are disproportionately affected by an employment decision, the employer bears the burden of explaining whether there was a reasonable explanation other than age for the company's action.

Kellogg's Corn Pops Losing Weight (2008-06-19)
More than a dozen Kellogg's cereal brands are shrinking in size as part of a profitability move.

U of M Hikes Tuition 5.6% (2008-06-19)
U of M is not alone in increasing tuition this fall. Michigan State University and Saginaw State University have also approved tuition hikes.

Rock Fight (2008-06-19)
A Kentucky grand jury has charged an Ohio historian who led efforts to pull an 8-ton boulder from the Ohio River.

Detroit School Board Balks at Budget Plan (2008-06-19)
School board members in Detroit told the district's superintendent last night to go back to the drawing board, rather than approving a budget plan that called for 1,600 layoffs.

More Pre-Election Violence in Zimbabwe (2008-06-19)
Zimbabwe's opposition party says four more of its activists have been killed in a firebombing near the capital, Harare.

Torture and Terrorism (2008-06-18)
A human rights group says medical examinations of former terrorism suspects held by the U.S. military show evidence of torture and abuse.

Obama Head Scarf Scandal (2008-06-18)
A Muslim woman says she and another woman were refused seats directly behind Barack Obama and in front of TV cameras at a Detroit rally because they wear head scarfs.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton says in a statement that such actions are "offensive and counter to Obama's commitment to bring Americans together." An apology has been issued by Obama's staff.

10 Cent Deposit on Water, Juice Bottles? (2008-06-18)
The Michigan United Conservation Clubs says within a few years, sales of non-carbonated drinks will exceed soft drink sales.

Midwest Floods Flow Downstream (2008-06-18)
There has been another levee breach in the Midwest and this one has forced the evacuation of the western Illinois town of Meyer.

CelticsWin NBA Championship (2008-06-18)
The most successful franchise in NBA history is on top of the mountain again.

Obama Meets With College Students In Taylor (2008-06-18)
Barack Obama commiserated with community college students about the high cost of higher education on Tuesday.

President Bush Calls for Offshore Oil Drilling (2008-06-18)
President Bush is calling on Congress to lift the ban on offshore oil and gas drilling that has been in place for 1981, saying it could eventually yield 18 billion barrels of oil.

Tiger Woods Will Miss the Rest of the Golf Season (2008-06-18)
Tiger Woods will miss the rest of the season because of a left knee that will require more surgery, a person with knowledge of the decision said Wednesday.

US Envoy Stoned in Lebanon (2008-06-18)
Witnesses say Hezbollah's Shiite supporters have attacked a U.S. envoy's motorcade with stones in southern Lebanon, protesting her first visit to the militant group's stronghold.

China Promises 'Clean' Olympics (2008-06-18)
To that end, Beijing is aggressively cracking down on the illegal production and distribution of performance-enhancing drugs.

Suspected Serial Killer Sentenced (2008-06-18)
A man suspected of murdering as many as 7 women in Lansing will spend the rest of his life in a Michigan prison cell.

Rare Books - High Prices (2008-06-18)
A 16th-century, first edition of the book in which Nicolaus Copernicus puts forth his theory that the sun - not the earth - is at the center of the universe has fetched more than 2.2 million dollars at an auction.

Tempered Hope for Gaza Truce (2008-06-18)
Israel's prime minister says he hopes a truce can succeed with the radical Palestinian group Hamas, but he's keeping the Israeli army ready just in case.

Michiganders Upset at Canadian Nuke Waste Dump (2008-06-18)

Today is the final day for Michigan residents to file objections to a planned nuclear waste dump near Lake Huron.

8.5 - Michigan's Employment Earthquake (2008-06-18)
Michigan's unemployment rate jumped in May to 8.5 percent.

It's highest rate since October, 1992.

Israeli-Hamas Ceasefire (2008-06-18)
An Israeli defense official says a cease-fire with the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip will begin Thursday.

Obama Draws 20,000, Secures Gore Endorsement (2008-06-17)
Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama drew a capacity crowd at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit last night.

Justice for All? (2008-06-17)
A new report offers a scathing indictment of how criminal defendants in Michigan who cannot afford attorneys are represented in court.

Price Pinch at Farmer's Markets (2008-06-17)
West Michigan growers say they might have to raise the prices they charge for their produce at farmer's markets.

Mason County Copes With Flooding And Ruined Roads (2008-06-17)
Up to 12 inches of rain came down within a matter of hours in Mason County last Thursday. The cleanup effort is still far from over.

DNR approves Benton Harbor Golf Course (2008-06-17)
DNR approves development plan of Jean Klock Park without public comment.

State, Wyoming Woo Priceline (2008-06-17)
Michigan and city of Wyoming officials are hoping a package of incentives will help lure Priceline.com to open a call center in West Michigan.

Power Restored.........Finally (2008-06-16)
This is the first morning in 10 days that Detroit Edison crews are not trying to restore electricity to someone.

Severe storms caused more than 400 thousand D-T-E customers to lose power during the past week and a half.

Chicago Law School critical of Michigan Supreme Court (2008-06-16)
University of Chicago Law School ranks Michigan Supreme Court last among 50 states.

Rich Dog Loses Million$ (2008-06-16)
Leona Helmsley's dog isn't quite as well-heeled as she used to be. Manhattan Surrogate Judge Renee Roth has reduced the trust fund for the little dog, named Trouble, from 12 million dollars to 2 million dollars.

Floodwaters Inundate Iowa (2008-06-16)
More than 36,000 residents in 26 Iowa towns are out of their homes this morning. Most are from around Cedar Rapids.

Aero Med Back in the Air (2008-06-16)
Aero Med transport services are operational again after a fiery crash that grounded flights two weeks ago.

The Cost of Rebuilding Mason County - "Its Gonna Be Millions" (2008-06-16)
Officials are still assessing the damage from severe storms in Mason County.

The series of storms last week dumped nearly a foot of rain, washing out roads and overwhelming local sewer systems.

Oil Reaches New Heights (2008-06-16)
Oil futures are hitting a new milestone near $140 a barrel, a dramatic surge analysts attributed to the weakening dollar.

U of M Study: Abortion Drug Safe, Despite Deadly Problem (2008-06-16)
Since 2000, 8 otherwise healthy women have died from a normally harmless bacterial infection. The connection they all used RU-486 to terminate a pregnancy.

Ford Closing Wayne Truck Plant Temporarily (2008-06-16)
Ford Motor Co. says it will temporarily close a Michigan sport utility vehicle plant for nine weeks starting June 23 due to sagging demand for the trucks.

Grand Rapids to Talk "Green" (2008-06-16)
Grand Rapids leaders will hold a public forum to come up with priorities for a greener city.

Mr. PTA (2008-06-16)
For the first time in more than 100 years, a man has been chosen to head up the national Parent Teachers Association.

Taliban Takes Control of Southern Afghan Villages (2008-06-16)
A government leader in Kandahar province says around 500 Taliban fighters moved into his district today and took over the villages.

Tiger Woods Wins the US Open (2008-06-16)
He and Rocco Mediate completed the scheduled 18 hole playoff tied at even par. On the first and only hole of sudden death, Woods shot a par four while Mediate settled for a bogey.

Study Aims for Better Management of Muskegon Watershed (2008-06-16)
Scientists are completing a study on the health of the Muskegon River watershed.

Time to Reform Michigan's State Government? (2008-06-16)
The Reform Michigan Government Now campaign has 3 weeks to collect 380 thousand signatures. The proposal would reduce the number state lawmakers and judges.

President Bush Visits Northern Ireland (2008-06-16)
President Bush has been visiting Northern Ireland, and hailing its Catholic-Protestant leaders for their example of peace after years of violence.

Detroit Council to Vote Friday on Ouster Rules (2008-06-16)
The Detroit City Council is expected to vote Friday on its rules for hearings to decide whether to remove Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

Singer Amy Winehouse Hospitalized (2008-06-16)
Singer Amy Winehouse has been taken to a hospital after she fainted at her home in London.

EU Nations Agree to Freeze Iranian Bank Assets (2008-06-16)
A British official says European Union nations have agreed in principle to freeze the assets of Iran's largest bank. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's spokesman, Michael Ellam, said Monday an agreement is in place over the assets of Bank Melli.

Obama: "Its Good To Be In Flint." (2008-06-16)
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd in Flint today.

Obama Returns to Michigan (2008-06-16)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will be back in Michigan today for two rallies and a fundraiser.

Report on Pubic Defender System Out This Week (2008-06-16)
A new report due out tomorrow will look at Michigan's trial court public defender system.

Mugabe Hints of Change in Zimbabwe (2008-06-15)
President Robert Mugabe says he will only hand over power to those who share his ideology.

'Flag Burning' Story Final Straw For Newspaper (2008-06-15)
A high school principal in Redding, Calif., says there will be no student newspaper next year after its front page featured a photo of a burning American flag.

Study: Internet Ending 'Sound Bite' News (2008-06-15)
A new study suggests Americans are dissatisfied with sound bites and turning to the Internet to get a more complete picture of this year's presidential campaign.

Pope Renews Call for Middle East Peace (2008-06-15)
Pope Benedict today renewed his call for cooperation and peace, especially among people in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries.

Obama Calls on Black Men to be Better Fathers (2008-06-15)
Speaking at a largely black church in Chicago, Obama criticized black fathers who -- quote -- "have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men."

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor High Gas Prices.... (2008-06-15)
You think gas is costing you a lot of money? Consider the pain at the pump for the Postal Service.

Newspaper: Metro Airport Execs Well Paid (2008-06-15)
A newspaper says the authority that runs Detroit Metropolitan Airport has 46 executives making more than $100,000 a year.

Earnhardt Wins in Brooklyn (2008-06-15)
Dale Earnhardt Junior ended his 76-race winless string today by coasting to victory at Michigan International Speedway under a caution flag.

Oldest Christian Church? (2008-06-15)
Archaeologists in Jordan say a cave discovered under an ancient church could be the oldest Christian worship site in the world, but another expert is urging caution.

Saudi Arabia May Help Restore Oil Prices to 'Appropriate' Level (2008-06-15)
The official Saudi News Agency is quoting the U.N. secretary-general as saying the kingdom is ready to help restore soaring oil prices to more "appropriate" levels.

Afghan Leader Threatens to Chase Taliban into Pakistan (2008-06-15)
Afghan President Hamid Karzai is threatening to send his country's troops into Pakistan to fight militants if cross border attacks don't stop.

Study: CEO Pay Rising, Despite Slowing Economy (2008-06-15)
There are some signs companies are pulling back on executive pay. Of the 316 companies in the AP survey that had the same CEO two years running, about two-fifths lowered the total pay package for their CEOs.

Tea with the Queen (2008-06-15)
President Bush and first lady Laura Bush have kicked off their visit to the United Kingdom by having tea with Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip.

Bin Laden Family Fortune (2008-06-15)
As the United States continues its long manhunt for Osama bin Laden, victims of September 11th are focusing on their own target: the bin Laden family fortune.

Reaching 'The Heights' on Broadway (2008-06-15)
"In the Heights," a joyous celebration of Latino life in the upper reaches of Manhattan, has been named best musical at the Tony Awards. "August: Osage County," the tale of a dysfunctional Oklahoma family, took best play.

McCain Takes Shot at Obama on Iraq Policy (2008-06-15)
John McCain has used a meeting with Iraq's foreign minister to criticize Barack Obama's position on Iraq.

Happy Father's Day (2008-06-15)
The idea of Father's Day was conceived by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Wash., while she listened to a Mother's Day sermon in 1909.

Rare Book Sale (2008-06-15)
Christie's auction house says the single-owner collection spans six centuries and contains works by Nicolaus Copernicus, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Sir Isaac Newton and Johannes Kepler.

Flood Waters Recede in Iowa (2008-06-15)
The widespread damage from record flooding is finally being revealed by receding floodwater in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Pres. Bush to Headline Michigan GOP Fundraiser (2008-06-14)
President Bush will be the keynote speaker at a Michigan Republican Party fundraiser in Livonia on June 25.

Pomp and Circumstance (But No Applause) (2008-06-14)
Authorities say seven people attending high school graduations in Rock Hill are facing charges after police say they cheered while students' names were being called.

Who Has The Right To Use The Word 'Lesbian'? (2008-06-14)
Three people from the Greek island of Lesbos have told a court that gay women are insulting the island's identity when they refer to themselves as lesbians.

Space Telescope Launched (2008-06-14)
The Glast, which stands for Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope, lifted off Tuesday from Cape Canaveral on board a Delta rocket.

Governor Vetoes Abortion Bill (2008-06-14)
Gov. Jennifer Granholm as expected has rejected a proposed ban on a late-term procedure that opponents call partial-birth abortion. Granholm announced Friday she vetoed the bill recently passed by the state Legislature.

Ingham County Judge Removed From Bench (2008-06-14)
The Michigan Supreme Court has unanimously decided to remove a Lansing-area judge from office. Justices issued their ruling Friday after hearing arguments Wednesday in the case of Ingham County Circuit Judge Beverley Nettles-Nickerson.

Governor Vetoes Motorcycle Helmet Bill (2008-06-14)
Gov. Jennifer Granholm as expected has vetoed a bill that would have let motorcyclists ride without helmets in Michigan. She announced the veto Friday. Granholm vetoed a similar bill in 2006.

Governor Declares States of Emergency (2008-06-14)
Governor Jennifer M. Granholm Friday declared a state of emergency in Allegan, Eaton, and Mason counties and the cities of Lansing and Saginaw.

Foreclosures Jump in Michigan (2008-06-13)
It's unclear if the increase is a sign of things to come or an echo of past problems.

The number of foreclosure filings in Michigan increased by 25 percent last month.

Inflation Shot Up in May (2008-06-13)
Inflation shot up in May at the fastest pace in six months, pushed higher by soaring costs for gasoline and other types of energy.

At MIS, When It Rains, It Pours (2008-06-13)
Today's rain has delayed qualifying for this weekend's NASCAR race at Michigan International Speedway.

High gasoline prices and the bad economy are also dampening things at the racetrack.

Going Beyond No Child Left Behind (2008-06-13)
Congress is wrangling over the future of the "No Child Left Behind" law, but a bi-partisan task force believes the future lies in a different direction.

Afghan Prison Break (2008-06-13)
Taliban militants have attacked the main prison in southern Afghanistan, helping hundreds of suspected insurgents escape.

Sportscaster Charlie Jones has Died (2008-06-13)
Charlie Jones, the deep-voiced sportscaster whose career as a play-by-play announcer spanned 38 years for ABC and NBC, has died. He was 77.

Severe Storms Rumble Thru Michigan (2008-06-13)
Violent thunderstorms have rattled Michigan's Lower Peninsula, bringing widespread flooding to Mason and Manistee counties that authorities say left some roads and bridges unstable or impassable.

The End of a Rough Weather Week (2008-06-13)
Storms that hit last night and continued today brought widespread flooding to Mason and Manistee counties that washed away parts of some roads and left some bridges unstable or impassable.

Women Vets Not Well Served by VA (2008-06-13)
A review by the Department of Veterans Affairs finds that women veterans aren't receiving the same quality of outpatient care as men at about one-third of its facilities.

Journalist, Author Tim Russert Has Died (2008-06-13)
NBC's Tim Russert has died of an apparent heart attack.

The network says its Washington bureau chief and host of "Meet the Press" collapsed and died at work today.

Russert was 58.

Bush: West Must Stand With Afghanistan (2008-06-13)
President Bush has focused on Afghanistan in a speech the White House billed as the centerpiece of his European trip. Bush says Europe and the United States must work together to ensure Afghanistan never again becomes a base for terrorists.

Singer R. Kelly Acquitted in Sex Tape Case (2008-06-13)
Kelly dabbed his face with a handkerchief and hugged each of his four lawyers after the not-guilty verdicts were read. He had faced 15 years in prison if convicted.

Irish Voters Reject European Union Pact (2008-06-13)
Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern says substantial referendum returns show that Ireland has rejected the European Union reform treaty.

Zimbabwean Opposition Leader Faces Treason Charge (2008-06-13)
An opposition lawyer says a Zimbabwean judge has ordered police to bring the No. 2 opposition leader to court Saturday. Lawyer Selby Hwacha said Friday the High Court order came in response to an opposition court plea.

Foreclosures Jump 48% in May (2008-06-13)
RealityTrac says more than 261,000 homes received at least one foreclosure-related filing in May. That's from 176,000 in May of last year. It's also a seven-percent jump over April.

Macomb Commissioner Wants 25% Pay Cut (2008-06-13)
A Macomb County politician is pushing a proposal for a dramatic reduction in commissioners' salaries - and an end to their benefits.

Energy Plan Moving Forward (2008-06-12)
A state Senate panel has approved legislation to create a new energy policy for Michigan.

The bills adopted by the Senate energy committee are very similar to the policy called for by Governor Granholm.

Foreclosed Art (2008-06-12)
How one artist was inspired to look at the foreclosure crisis through the eyes of a child.

Port Security (2008-06-12)
The Bush administration says a 2012 deadline to start screening all shipping cargo coming into the U.S. for radiological and nuclear materials is unrealistic.

Art Thieves Steal Picassos (2008-06-12)
A museum spokeswoman says heavily armed robbers have stolen two engravings by Pablo Picasso from an art museum in downtown Sao Paulo.

Ottawa Residents Must Act To Get Federal State Of Emergency Declaration (2008-06-12)
Ottawa County has declared a state of emergency. Now it's up to the state and feds.

Mackinac Bridge To Turn Off The Lights After 1 a.m. (2008-06-12)
The Mackinac Bridge Authority says "lights off" on the Mackinac Bridge, after 1 a.m.

Governor Promises Veto of Abortion BIll (2008-06-12)
Gov. Jennifer Granholm says she will veto a proposed ban on a late-term procedure that opponents call partial-birth abortion.

Fewer Black, Hispanic Students at U of M (2008-06-12)
The University of Michigan continues to see a decline in the number of blacks and Hispanics applying and being admitted as students.

New Women's Health Center in West Michigan (2008-06-12)
A new women's health care center is opening in West Michigan.

Kilpatrick Gives Tiger Stadium One Last Reprieve (2008-06-12)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is giving a group that wants to save a portion of Tiger Stadium until August First to come up with a viable plan.

Pulte To Pay Fine For Stormwater Violations (2008-06-12)
Pulte has reached a settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for stormwater runoff violations.

Gitmo Detainees Can Appeal to Civilian Courts (2008-06-12)
The Supreme Court has ruled that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts.

Revamping the Business Tax (2008-06-12)
Senate Republicans say a new report outlining businesses' problems with the new Michigan Business Tax makes the case for some adjustments.

US to Attend Saudi Oil Summit (2008-06-12)
President Bush says the United States is going to send a high-level official to a summit on oil prices that was recently announced by Saudi Arabia.

Mixed News for Michigan's Children (2008-06-12)
The 2008 Kids Count study says fewer teens are dying, getting pregnant, or dropping out of school. But it also says more children are living in poverty and in households where no adult has a full-time job.

Olmpics Visitors, Beware Of Cyber-Espionage (2008-06-12)
A Michigan Congressman is warning people who plan to visit the Olympics in Beijing to beware of cyber-espionage.

New Rules On Pilot Fatigue May Come From Traverse City Plane Accident (2008-06-12)
Pilot fatigue was a factor in a plane accident last year at Traverse City's airport.

Metro Detroit Still In the Dark After Storms (2008-06-12)
Tens of thousands of electric customers in southeast Michigan remain without power today - days after last weekend's devastating storms.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Underwater (2008-06-12)
The Linn County, Iowa sheriff says people in his county and in Cedar Rapids "need a lot of prayers" and "a lot of patience and understanding" to make it through the flood that's battering the area.

Obama Plans Busy Trip to Michigan Next Week (2008-06-12)
Campaign officials say the Illinois senator will host free events Monday at Kettering University in Flint and at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. Obama also plans a Tuesday event in Wayne County, but details were not immediately released.

McCain Holds Town Hall Meeting - Sans Obama (2008-06-12)
John McCain has held a town hall meeting in New York even though Barack Obama wasn't there. The Republican nominee-apparent was hoping it would be the first of 10 town hall appearances he's suggesting for the two of them.

Nepal's Deposed King Leaves Palace for Last Time (2008-06-12)
He has no plans to leave the Himalayan country.

Former King Gyanendra says he wants to stay to "help establish peace" as the country moves from a monarchy to a republic.

Brits Will Hold Terror Suspects Without Charge (2008-06-12)
British lawmakers have voted to back tougher terror laws that will allow police to hold suspected terrorists for up to six weeks before charges are filed.

Tiger Stadium Closer to Demolition (2008-06-12)
The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News report Thursday that MCM Management Corp. of Bloomfield Hills and the Farrow Group of Detroit will tear down the old ballpark and could make an estimated $1 million by selling scrap from it.

Art Patrons Go To Court (2008-06-11)
Police raided an art gallery in Detroit last month and charged over 100 people with misdemeanors. Now, the American Civil Liberties Union is involved.

Michigan Gets OK to Change School Performance Measures (2008-06-11)
The U.S. Department of Education is allowing Michigan to change the way it measures student achievement under the controversial No Child Left Behind law.

Removing Kwame Kilpatrick from Office (2008-06-11)
A tentative plan for the Detroit City Council's hearing on ousting Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says members would have to attend every session to vote.

Bush Says Diplomacy is 'First Option' with Iran (2008-06-11)
President Bush says diplomacy is the first choice but not the only option in persuading Iran to halt enrichment of uranium.

Midwest Floods (2008-06-11)
While a levee has held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this morning, the story is not so promising in Indiana.

Still Powerless (2008-06-11)
About 153,000 Michigan homes and businesses remain without power, five days after the first of a wave of severe thunderstorms struck the state.

China Accused of Hacking More US Computers (2008-06-11)
A Virginia congressman says the FBI has found that four of his government computers have been hacked by sources working out of China.

Pakistan Protests US Airstrike (2008-06-11)
Pakistan's army says the U.S.-led coalition has killed 11 Pakistani paramilitary troops in an airstrike along the volatile Afghan border.

Space Shuttle Starts Its Journey Home (2008-06-11)
The shuttle left the international space station this morning.

Granholm Travels to Tout Alternative Energy Plan (2008-06-11)
Governor Granholm says a renewable energy portfolio will bring jobs to Michigan.

Actor Paul Newman Battling Cancer (2008-06-11)
A longtime neighbor and business partner of Paul Newman has told The Associated Press the 83-year-old actor is battling cancer.

GR Airport Makes Hearing Easier (2008-06-11)
The airport in Grand Rapids is the first in the nation to try a new hearing system for its announcements.

4 Day Work Week (2008-06-11)
The Oakland County Board of Commissioners tomorrow (Thursday) is expected to approve a 4 day work week for county government employees. The move is intended reduce gasoline use in the county.

Americans Are Living Longer (2008-06-11)
The government says Americans' life expectancy has surpassed 78 years. While that is a record, the U.S. still lags behind 30 other countries in longevity.

Amtrak Funding (2008-06-11)
The House is expected to consider a 14.4 billion-dollar Amtrak funding bill today under a White House veto threat.

White House Threatens Veto of Jobless Benefits Extension (2008-06-11)
The House on Wednesday is expected to pass legislation that would guarantee unemployed jobseekers an extra three months of benefits on top of their regular 26 weeks.

Another Lawyer Added to Kilpatrick Mix (2008-06-11)
Yet another attorney is being brought into the legal morass surrounding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Revising Michigan's Endangered Species List (2008-06-11)
The Bald Eagle and Gray Wolf maybe leaving Michigan's Endangered and Threatened Species List and more than sixty new species may be added.

GVSU Announce $50 M Capital Campaign (2008-06-11)
Grand Valley State University trustees announce a $50 million capital campaign to build a modern a library complex.

Israel-Hamas Truce Talks (2008-06-11)
Israel's point man for truce talks with the militant Palestinian group Hamas will head to Egypt in the next few days to try to advance cease-fire efforts.

Airstrikes Kill 31 in Afghanistan (2008-06-11)
An Interior Ministry spokesman says most of the 31 who died were foreign fighters, but a local Afghan lawmaker says at least nine civilians were also killed.

Bush Rejects Govt Intervention to Bolster Dollar (2008-06-10)
Speaking in Slovenia at his final European Union-U.S. summit, he said that he believes in a strong-dollar policy, but that world economies will end up setting the value of the dollar.

Beach Warnings (2008-06-10)
Last weekend's heavy rains created the need for health warnings on opposite sides of the state.

Allegan County posted five no-swimming advisories for beaches along Lake Michigan and an inland lake.

Assessing Myanmar After the Cyclone (2008-06-10)
Hundreds of experts have begun assessing the needs of Myanmar's cyclone victims as the country's military junta finally gives them access, five weeks after the disaster.

Powerless (2008-06-10)
Hundreds of thousands of Michigan homes and offices remain without power today as a result of five days of thunderstorms that claimed at least eight lives.

China's Quake Lake Draining (2008-06-10)
A top Chinese Communist party official is declaring a "decisive victory" after solders were able to blast away debris blocking a huge earthquake-formed lake.

The Warm Wait for Electricity (2008-06-10)
Many Michiganders who lost power over the weekend will likely have to wait until sometime Wednesday before their electricity is restored.

Some people may have wait until Thursday.

Kenyan Leader Killed in Plane Crash (2008-06-10)
The plane carrying Roads Minister Kipkalya Kones and Assistant Home Affairs Minister Lorna Laboso went down Tuesday in southwestern Kenya.

Judging a Judge (2008-06-10)
A controversial Ingham County judge will make her case to the state supreme court tomorrow as to why she should not be removed from the bench.

The hearing before the high court is Beverly Nettles-Nickerson's last chance to hold onto her job as an Ingham County circuit court judge.

Some Raw Tomatoes Linked to National Salmonella Outbreak (2008-06-10)
Michigan's first case of salmonella infection linked to the consumption of raw, red tomatoes was discovered last month.

Jack Nicklaus Golf Course in BH One Step Closer (2008-06-10)
A Jack Nicklaus signature golf course got a step further last night when Benton Harbor leaders approved a development proposal that leases part of Jean Klock Park.

Organizations Regroup in Wake of United Way Changes (2008-06-10)
The United Way's funding changes are forcing many organizations to regroup.

GOP Senators Block Big Oil Tax Bill (2008-06-10)
Senate Republicans have blocked a bill that would have imposed a tax on any "unreasonable" profits made by the five largest U.S. oil companies.

Unity Government in Zimbabwe? (2008-06-10)
Zimbabwe's opposition presidential candidate says talk of a unity government with President Robert Mugabe's party is premature.

Steelcase Launches New Products at NeoCon (2008-06-10)
Steelcase and other manufacturers showcase upbeat and colorful new products at this year's NeoCon.

High Water in Wisconsin (2008-06-10)
Engineers in Wisconsin are keeping a close watch over the state's dams after a major collapse nearly emptied one lake.

Deadly Plane Crash in Sudan (2008-06-10)
A plane has burst into flames after apparently veering off a runway at an airport in Sudan. About 200 passengers are thought to be aboard, but it is unclear how many might be casualties.

UAW Endorses Barack Obama (2008-06-10)
Bill Ballenger is the editor of Inside Michigan Politics. He says for the U-A-W's endorsement to mean anything, the union will have to put its muscle into the Obama campaign.

John McCain Pledges Help for Small Businesses (2008-06-10)
The likely Republican presidential nominee says Democratic rival Barack Obama's policies would increase taxes on small businesses and add even more to their costs of doing business.

Oil Prices Decline (2008-06-09)
By midday in Europe, crude for July delivery was down $1.21 to $137.33 a barrel. The contract was volatile, trading between $135.27 and $138.25 so far in the session.

Bernanke: Danger of 'Downturn' Fading (2008-06-09)
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says the danger that the country has fallen into a "substantial downturn" appears to have faded - despite a big jump in the unemployment rate.

Is New Bridge Needed, Asks State Senator (2008-06-09)
State Senator Alan Cropsey says the Michigan Department of Transportation may be mishandling the International Border Crossing study.

Report: Kilpatrick Friend Gets $109 Milllion in Contracts (2008-06-09)
A newspaper reports a longtime friend of embattled Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has received $109 million in contracts from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department with Kilpatrick in office.

Storms Batter Michigan (2008-06-09)
Crews are working to restore power to about 250,000 customers across Michigan following thunderstorms across Michigan's Lower Peninsula that were blamed for the deaths of at least six people.

Crime Declines in Michigan's Largest Cities (2008-06-09)
The FBI reports violent and non-violent crime rates declined in Michigan's 7 largest cities.

Japanese Knife Control Laws (2008-06-09)
The Japanese government is seeking to impose tighter controls over large knives and provide better security in the wake of a lunchtime attack in a crowded Tokyo shopping district that left seven people dead.

Nation's Crime Rate Down (2008-06-09)
In preliminary figures for crimes reported to police, the bureau says the number of violent crimes declined by 1.4 percent from 2006, reversing two years of rising violent crime numbers.

President Bush's European Farewell (2008-06-09)
President Bush is on his way to Europe on a farewell trip to major capitals, expressing both concern and long-term confidence in the U.S. economy.

Flooding, Power Outages Across Michigan (2008-06-09)
Emergency Management workers and power companies are trying to fix outages and flooding problems caused by last weekend's storms.

Detroit Historical Society Plans Museum Improvements (2008-06-09)
The Detroit Historical Museum is planning a major expansion. The non-profit group that runs the museum wants to tap the remainder of a $20 million bond measure voters authorized several years

Obama Attacks McCain on Economy (2008-06-09)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is sharply criticizing Republican John McCain on economic matters, saying his rival would continue President Bush's failed policies.

Tomatoes Off the Menu (2008-06-09)
McDonald's says it has stopped serving sliced tomatoes in its restaurants over concerns about Salmonella food poisoning linked to uncooked tomatoes.

Pres. Bush Concedes Europeans Don't Like Him (2008-06-09)
President Bush says Europeans may not necessarily always like the U.S. president, "but they like America."

Poll: Michiganders Back New Utility Legislation (2008-06-09)
The poll did not ask who should build the new plants. Opponents of the legislation say smaller power companies are already building them without a guaranteed customer base.

East Coast Heat Wave (2008-06-09)
The calendar may say spring but the temperatures in the East definitely say summer.

Lehman Bros. Posts Nearly $3 Billion Loss (2008-06-09)
Shares of the nation's fourth-largest investment bank were down 10 percent in morning trading.

Dominik Hasek Retires (2008-06-09)
The celebrated goaltender has announced his retirement from the NHL. Hasek established himself as one of the best in the business, racking up six Vezina trophies as the league's top goalie and twice winning the Hart Trophy as the NHL's most valuable player.

Detroit's Mayor Cited in Mother's Congressional Race (2008-06-09)
A challenger to Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is set to run an ad citing the criminal charges against Kilpatrick's son, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Ice Cream and Gasoline (2008-06-09)
Ice Cream may be popular on a hot day like today.

But high gasoline prices have ice cream truck drivers' profits melting faster than a two scoop cone on a 90 degree day.

Spanish Fuel Protests (2008-06-09)
Gas stations in Spain are running dry as truckers carry on an indefinite strike over soaring fuel costs.

Actress Jessica Alba Has Daughter (2008-06-09)
The 27-year-old actress gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Honor Marie Warren, on Saturday, her publicist Brad Cafarelli said Monday in an e-mail to The Associated Press. Cafarelli didn't provide further details.

Aftershock Rattles, Doesn't Break Dam (2008-06-09)
Another aftershock today in China doesn't appear to have damaged an already tenuous dam.

Oil Summit (2008-06-09)
Saudi Arabia says it will call for a meeting of oil producing countries and consumers to discuss soaring oil prices and work to prevent unjustified rise in prices.

Stupak Presses For Regulation Of Oil Speculators (2008-06-09)
Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak says oil futures speculation, not supply and demand, is driving the rise in gasoline costs

250 Thousand Still Without Electricity (2008-06-09)
Utility officials hope to restore power to everyone by late Wednesday or early Thursday.

Though they say it all depends on the weather.

Pistons Hope Curry Will Add Spice As Coach (2008-06-09)
Michael Curry is the new head coach of the Detroit Pistons, according to team president of basketball operations Joe Dumars. Dumars says Curry will be introduced at a news conference tomorrow.

Bald Eagles, Gray Wolves May Soon Be Off State Endangered List (2008-06-09)
State officials will hold the first of a series of public hearings this week into whether the bald eagle and the gray wolf should be removed from Michigan's endangered species list .

Catalytic Converter Theft Could Become A Felony (2008-06-09)
More people are stealing catalytic converters as the price of metal increases.

Shroud of Turin (2008-06-08)
The Shroud of Turin will go on rare public display again -- in two years. The strip of linen that some believe was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ was last shown to the public in 2000.

Wax Hitler (2008-06-08)
Madame Tussauds is defending its decision to include a wax likeness of Adolf Hitler at its new Berlin museum.

Famed Broadcaster Jim McKay is Dead (2008-06-07)
Jim McKay, the veteran and eloquent sportscaster thrust into the role of telling Americans about the tragedy at the 1972 Munich Olympics, has died. He was 86.

Big Brown Big Dud (2008-06-07)
Big Brown jockey Kent Desormeaux said he ``had no horse'' and decided not to press the colt unduly as he failed to become the 12th horse to win the third jewel of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes.

Veepstakes (2008-06-07)
Women are top contenders to be Barack Obama's running mate this fall.

Clinton Ends Campaign, Endorses Obama (2008-06-07)
In a speech to supporters at the National Building Museum in Washington, Clinton congratulated Obama saying, ``I endorse him and throw my full support behind him.''

Pringles Can Designer Interred in Unique Way (2008-06-07)
Fredric Baur, the man who designed the Pringles can, is taking his work with him. Baur's family says, according to his wishes, they have buried a portion of his cremated remains in a Pringles can. His son says his father was extremely proud of his invention.

Obama and the Women (2008-06-07)
Many white Democratic women are angry that he's beaten Hillary Rodham Clinton. Some say they'll stay home in November, or even vote for John McCain.

Obama & Clinton - Behind Closed Doors (2008-06-06)
A day after what's termed a productive meeting between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, a top Clinton backer says she'd accept running-mate status.

Grand Rapids Teachers Wait And Worry (2008-06-06)
GRPS teachers worked this entire school year with no labor contract. The teacher's union and the district's administration are still far apart in negotiations.

Nation's Unemployment Rose in May (2008-06-06)
The government reports the nation's unemployment rate jumped to 5.5 percent in May - the biggest monthly rise since 1986

Two Shiite Militia Leaders Surrender (2008-06-06)
The U.S. military says raids south of Baghdad have led to the capture of two suspected Shiite militia leaders. One of the men is suspected of ordering attacks on U.S. troops

China Denies Hacking US Govt Computer (2008-06-06)
China is denying allegations that its operatives tried to hack into Commerce Department computers using data from U.S. government laptop.

Big WW2 Bomb Found in London (2008-06-06)
The 2,200-pound bomb was found Monday as construction workers began preparing a site for the 2012 Olympic games.

Oil Price Surges to New Record High (2008-06-06)
A Morgan Stanley analyst predicted prices could hit $150 by the Fourth of July.

A falling dollar and growing tensions in the Middle East are also pushing prices higher.

Wall Street Tumble (2008-06-06)
Wall Street has plunged, with the Dow Jones industrials closing down more than 400 points, after oil prices shot higher and neared $140 for the first time.

Mistake at 9/11 Trial? (2008-06-06)
U.S. military officers responsible for defending Guantanamo detainees will investigate why five men accused in the 9/11 attacks were allowed to talk among themselves at their arraignment.

Starvation in Zimbabwe (2008-06-06)
The U.N.'s top humanitarian official says at least 2 million people in Zimbabwe are facing a greater risk of starvation, homelessness and disease.

Red Wings Fans Pack Downtown for Victory Parade (2008-06-06)
Downtown Detroit was jam-packed with Red Wings fans this afternoon for a parade and rally to celebrate the team's Stanley Cup victory.

Impressionist Degas' Sculptures on Display (2008-06-06)
A rare collection of bronze sculptures by noted Impressionist Edgar Degas are on display in West Michigan through the summer.

Graduation Day for Detroit's Pink Panthers (2008-06-06)
All over Michigan, high school seniors are picking up their graduation gowns and figuring out how to wear a mortar board. This afternoon, about 40 seniors will get their diplomas from a relatively new kind of public high school - where all the graduates are girls.

Ending Discrimination Could End MHSAA (2008-06-06)
The trial expenses of Michigans gender equity lawsuit in high school sports could bankrupt the MHSAA.

EMU Agrees to Pay Federal Fine in Dickinson Murder (2008-06-06)
Eastern Michigan University has agreed to pay a 350 thousand dollar fine for trying to cover-up a murder on campus.

22 year old Laura Dickinson was murdered in her E-M-U dorm room in December 2006, but university officials did not immediately inform students.

Senate Republicans Ice Global Warming Bill (2008-06-06)
Republicans have blocked efforts to bring a global warming bill up for a final Senate vote after a bitter debate over its economic costs and whether it would push gasoline prices higher.

HOCKEYTOWN! (2008-06-05)
The Detroit Red Wings celebrated their Stanley Cup win at a party thrown at an airport hangar. The party started about 3 a.m. Thursday, shortly after the plane carrying the team landed at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus.

Detroit, Grand Rapids Win Health Grants (2008-06-05)
Metro Detroit and West Michigan are part of a $300 million grant to improve health care in their regions.

CBS Poll: Obama Leads McCain (2008-06-05)
The poll shows the Democratic Party remains divided after Obama's five-month primary fight with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Unfriendly Skies (2008-06-05)
Continental Airlines is cutting 3,000 jobs and reducing capacity in the fourth quarter by 11 percent, citing record fuel costs and an industry in "crisis."

Asia Fuel Protests Spread (2008-06-05)
Protests broke out in India and Malaysia today as consumers reacted angrily to sharp fuel price hikes.

Space Station Spruce Up (2008-06-05)
Two astronauts are on a spacewalk to spruce up the international space station's new Japanese lab. Discovery crew members Michael Fossum and Ronald Garan set up two TV cameras around the Kibo lab's robotic arm. They also plan to do some advance work for a nitrogen-gas tank replacement scheduled for their third and final spacewalk this weekend.

'Jesus' Found in Detroit (2008-06-05)
The pastor of a church in the city says its stolen 8-foot Jesus statue was recovered from bushes in an alley about two blocks away.

British Knife Control Laws (2008-06-05)
Britain is toughening laws on carrying knives in an attempt to halt a rise in violent stabbings among teenagers.

Victory Parade (2008-06-05)
The Red Wings victory parade will kick off tomorrow at 11 am.

The parade down Woodward will end with a rally in Hart Plaza.

US, British Diplomats 'Detained' in Zimbabwe (2008-06-05)
Officials detained in Zimbabwe have now been released.

Dillon Recall Effort Falls Short (2008-06-05)
The Secretary of State's office today rejected a recall petition aimed at ousting state House Speaker Andy Dillon.

The petition drive organizer has been accused of fraud.

"I Wish To Be A Martyr" (2008-06-05)
Alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has told a judge at his arraignment on war-crimes charges that he would welcome being put to death for organizing the terrorist attacks on America.

Bush Warns Against US Becoming "Isolationist and Nervous." (2008-06-05)
He says America should never hesitate to confront world problems.

Detroit High School to Start Drug Testing (2008-06-05)
A public high school in Detroit could begin random drug tests for some students next fall.

Ominous Signs in Zimbabwe (2008-06-05)
Zimbabwe's social welfare minister says aid groups must stop field work in his country.

This on the same day US and British diplomats were attacked.

End of the Road (2008-06-05)
A campaign official says Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to end her historic presidential campaign.

Greektown Casino Seeking $45 Million Loan (2008-06-04)
Greektown Casino is seeking approval in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for an about $45 million loan to pay contractors and continue construction of its permanent hotel and gambling complex in downtown Detroit.

United Airlines Grounds Part of Fleet, Blames Fuel Prices (2008-06-04)
Its unknown how Michigan airports will be affected. United serves a half dozen airports in Michigan

Survival Flight Crash - One Year Later (2008-06-04)
The Survival Flight team was flying from Wisconsin back to Ann Arbor with a set of donor lungs, when the plane inexplicably crashed into Lake Michigan. The cause of the crash is still under investigation

World Food Crisis Summit (2008-06-04)
U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon says 15 billion to 20 billion dollars is needed each year to boost food production to combat hunger.

Poll: Obama, McCain Have Weaknesses (2008-06-04)
Exit polls suggest Barack Obama or John McCain will have a lot of doubts to overcome to win the White House

US Navy Gives Up Myanmar Relief Effort (2008-06-04)
Admiral Timothy Keating, the top commander in the Pacific, has ordered the USS Essex and accompanying vessels to depart. He says there have been 15 separate attempts in recent weeks to get the Myanmar government's authorization to help survivors of last month's killer cyclone.

Paradigm Shift - From Hummer to Volt (2008-06-04)
Auto industry analysts say it's an example of what's happening across the board with the SUV and large pick-up sector.

California Court Rejects Bids to Delay Gay Marriage Ruling (2008-06-04)
Conservative religious and legal groups had asked the California Supreme Court to stop its order from becoming effective until voters have the chance to weigh in on the issue.

Obama Woos Jewish Leaders (2008-06-04)
Democrat Barack Obama is assuring Jewish leaders he would steadfastly safeguard Israel's security if he is elected president this fall.

Chicago Finalist for 2016 Summer Olympics (2008-06-04)
The IOC has picked four finalists in the bidding for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Making the cut are Chicago; Tokyo; Madrid, Spain, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Motorcyclists Rally Against Helmet Law (2008-06-04)
Gov. Jennifer Granholm likely will veto a bill that would allow motorcyclists to ride without helmets in Michigan.

The House gave final legislative approval to the bill Wednesday by a 70-38 vote. The bill soon could arrive on Granholm's desk.

The Future of Mid-Michigan's Catholic Churches (2008-06-04)
Nearly a quarter million Catholics live in the ten county Lansing Diocese, and attend mass in the diocese's 97 parishes. But population shifts and concerns about aging priests prompted diocesan leaders to reassess the diocese' future.

Election Year Budget (2008-06-04)
The Senate has voted by a narrow margin to adopt an election-year Democratic budget blueprint that leaves to the next president the task of sorting out a host of fiscal problems.

One Race from Immortality (2008-06-04)
Big Brown will begin his bid to complete the Triple Crown by breaking from the No. 1 post in the Belmont Stakes. The Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner drew the inside position against nine rivals Wednesday. Big Brown is listed at 2-5 odds.

Michigan Won't Recognize California's Gay Marriages (2008-06-04)
California Supreme Court rejects requests to hold same sex marriage ruling.

Gay couples can start marrying legally in the Golden State June 17th.

Court OKs Greektown Casino Loan (2008-06-04)
Greektown Casino has received approval in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for a $51.3 million loan to pay contractors and continue construction of its permanent hotel and gambling complex in Detroit.

Iranians Oppose US-Iraqi Security Pact (2008-06-04)
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani says the deal is an effort by the United States "to turn the Iraqis into slaves" of U.S. interests.

Zimbabwe Police Detain Opposition Leader (2008-06-04)
Morgan Tsvangirai and a group of about 14 party officials were being detained Wednesday at a police station in Lupane, north of Bulawayo.

Late Spring Cold Snaps Take Toll On Michigan Fruit Crop (2008-06-04)
Farmers in some areas of the state devastated by freezing temperatures.

Delphi CEO Predicts Industry Changes (2008-06-04)
The outspoken head of the Delphi Corporation predicts continued transformation - but not decimation - in the auto industry.

Oil Prices Fall, Amid Inflation Worries (2008-06-04)
Oil prices have fallen below $124 a barrel today, selling for its lowest price since May 15th. By midday in Europe, light, sweet crude for July delivery was down 52 cents at $123.79 a barrel.

Banning Food Coloring (2008-06-03)
The Center for Science in the Public Interest claims that the dyes can lead to hyperactivity and behavior problems in children.

Two Step Process to Remove Detroit's Mayor (2008-06-03)
Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm's lawyer proposes a two-stage process for considering whether to remove criminal defendant Kwame Kilpatrick as Detroit mayor.

Will She or Won't She? (2008-06-03)
AP is reporting Hillary Clinton will concede the Democratic Presidential Nomination to Barack Obama tonight.

Her Campaign Manager Says NO! She Won't!

Fuel Protests Spreading in Europe (2008-06-03)
The rising cost of fuel has prompted demonstrations in France and England.

GM Changes Course (2008-06-03)
General Motors Corp. Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner says the company plans to close four pickup truck and sport utility vehicle factories

It Takes a Village (2008-06-03)
A film program uses the community to put the power of media in the hands of the underdog

Pistons Fire Flip Saunders (2008-06-03)
The Detroit Pistons say Flip Saunders won't be back next season after leading the team to three straight appearances in the Eastern Conference finals.

GM's Future (Hummer Out, Volt In) (2008-06-03)
With gas prices rising, GM wants to move away from gas guzzlers and towards....what?

Obama Claims Victory (2008-06-03)
Barack Obama claimed victory in the race for Democratic delegates in the same St. Paul, Minnesota, hall where the Republican convention will take place in September. He declared that ``America, this is our moment.''

Gay Crackdown in Gambia (2008-06-03)
Officials say two Spanish men were arrested Friday after being accused of making what were termed "homosexual proposals" to taxi drivers.

Borders Eliminates 156 Jobs in Ann Arbor (2008-06-03)
The cuts are part of Borders efforts to trim 120 million dollars from its bottom-line.

Assessing the Health of Presidents (2008-06-03)
Presidents haven't always been honest with the public about their health, but a new proposal may change that.

Charles Moskos is Dead (2008-06-03)
Who was he? Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Bernanke Signals No More Rate Cuts (2008-06-03)
With inflation worries running high, don't look for more rate cuts from the Federal Reserve.

The Presumptive Democratic Nominee.... (2008-06-03)
Barack Obama has effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, based on an Associated Press tally of convention delegates.

GR Commission Approves Budget; Makes Cuts to Non-Profits (2008-06-03)
Grand Rapids city commissioners approved an operating budget today that cuts revenue-sharing to non-profit groups by 75 percent this year before phasing out aid altogether.

Tainted Tomatoes (2008-06-03)
Seventeen people have been hospitalized in a salmonella food poisoning outbreak that was initially linked to uncooked tomatoes.

Grieving Parents Protest (2008-06-03)
Parents have been dragged away by Chinese police from outside a courthouse in a city that was badly damaged in last month's earthquake.

So Close (2008-06-03)
The Detroit Red Wings' road to the Stanley Cup has another stop to make.

Against all odds, the Pittsburgh Penguins stayed alive in the Stanley Cup finals with a 4-3 victory in Game 5 that ended on Petr Sykora's goal 9:57 into the third overtime.

Senate Action Expected on Energy Legislation (2008-06-02)
The state Senate is expected to begin voting this week on bills that would overhaul Michigan's energy policy.

GR Real Estate Heavies Form Partnership (2008-06-02)
Three Grand Rapids businessmen with extensive commercial real estate experience join forces.

Car Bomb Kills 6 in Pakistan (2008-06-02)
The blast echoed through Islamabad and left a crater more than three feet deep in the road in front of the embassy. The embassy itself was also damaged, but is still standing.

Medal of Honor (2008-06-02)
President Bush on Monday presented the nation's highest military award to a young soldier killed in Iraq when he threw himself on a hand grenade tossed into a Humvee where four other soldiers sat.

Kennedy Undergoing Brain Surgery (2008-06-02)
Senator Ted Kennedy's brain surgery today is expected to last about six hours.

Environmentalists: 40K Ash Trees in GR in Danger (2008-06-02)
A West Michigan environmental group is planning an awareness campaign to try and save 40,000 ash trees in Grand Rapids they say are now at risk.

Major League Baseball Strikes Out In Supreme Court (2008-06-02)
The Supreme Court has declined to hear a case on a dispute between a fantasy sports business and professional baseball.

Supreme Court Deals Blow in Money Laundering Decisions (2008-06-02)
The Supreme Court has dealt a blow to the government's efforts to prosecute two money-laundering cases.

Obama Holds Town Hall in Troy (2008-06-02)
Barack Obama is in Michigan today (Mon.). The Democratic presidential candidate is appearing at a town hall meeting at Troy High School, north of Detroit.

Construction Spending Fell in April (2008-06-02)
The Commerce Department says construction spending fell again in April with home building continuing its more than two-year slide. Weakness was offset somewhat by an increase in non-residential spending activity which climbed to a record level.

Actress Tatum O'Neal Busted for Crack Cocaine (2008-06-02)
Police say the 44-year-old actress was seen making the illicit purchase at about 7:30 last night. She is charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Kennedy Out of 'Successful' Brain Surgery (2008-06-02)
According to his spokeswoman, Senator Ted Kennedy says he feels "like a million bucks."

7 Killed in Iraq Bombing (2008-06-02)
An Iraqi police officer says at least seven people have been killed and 25 wounded in a suicide car bombing targeting police in the northern city of Mosul.

Report: Michigan's Tourism Industry Drifting (2008-06-02)
Comerica Bank's latest Michigan Tourism index shows the industry saw little growth during the first three months of 2008.

Muskegon Leaders Fight Drop-Out Rates (2008-06-02)
A group of community leaders in Muskegon are forming a steering committee to reduce the number of the city's high school drop-outs.

Intl. Inspectors to look at Syrian Nuclear Reactor (2008-06-02)
The International Atomic Energy Agency will send inspectors to Syria later this month to look into allegations that that the country was building a nuclear reactor.

Rock N' Roll Pioneer Bo Diddley is Dead (2008-06-02)
A spokeswoman says Diddley died of heart failure today. He had suffered a heart attack in August 2007, three months after suffering a stroke while touring in Iowa.

Healing the Wounds of War (2008-06-02)
The picture book "One Thousand Tracings: Healing the Wounds of World War II" is showing children how they can make a difference.

Fieger Acquitted (2008-06-02)
A federal jury in Detroit has found prominent attorney Geoffrey Fieger not guilty of violating campaign finance laws.

West Michigan Ash Trees in Danger (2008-06-02)
An environmental group is taking action against the emerald ash borer in Grand Rapids.

Flint City Council to Pass City Budget Today (2008-06-02)
But, the question is whether Mayor Don Williamson will veto part of the spending plan.

Cerberus Denies its Cutting its Chrysler Holdings (2008-06-02)
The Financial Times reported this week that Cerberus has sold half its equity in Chrysler and G-M-A-C financial services.

The newspaper suggested the move showed concern about changes in the auto industry.

Obama Returns to Michigan on Eve of Final Primaries (2008-06-02)
Barack Obama campaigned in Oakland County today (Mon.) - two days after a Democratic Party panel handed him a strategic victory in the race for the nomination, and one day before the nation's final two primary contests.

Aussies Leave Iraq (2008-06-02)
With Australia's combat role in the Iraq war over, its prime minister is blasting his predecessor for getting the country involved in the first place.

Half Vote, Wholly Dissatified (2008-06-01)
Members of Hillary Clinton's campaign remain outraged over the way delegates from Michigan will be allocated at this summer's convention.

Raising Residential Electric Rates (2008-06-01)
State lawmakers plan to raise residential electric bills by as much as 15 percent so businesses and schools can pay less.

Red Wings One Win Away From Stanley Cup (2008-06-01)
The Red Wings wrecked the Pittsburgh Penguins' home-ice advantage and gave themselves a shot to hoist the Stanley Cup in Hockeytown.

Stroke and Depression (2008-06-01)
New reasearch suggests doctors may want to give stroke victims antidepressants right away instead of waiting until they develop depression, which is a common complication.

'Sex' Appeal (2008-06-01)
The big-screen version of ``Sex and the City'' brought in 55.7 million dollars on its opening weekend. The weekend results are nearly twice what distributor Warner Brothers had hoped.

Afghanistan - Always Opium, Always (2008-06-01)
The government of Afghanistan is asking international donors for 4 billion dollars in an effort to wean its farmers off opium. Another bumper crop is expected this year.

Mackinac Conference A Lavish Affair (2008-06-01)
One reporter's thoughts on the party-first, solve-problems-later culture at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference.

Fashion Designer Yves Saint Laurent is Dead (2008-06-01)
A longtime friend and associate of Yves Saint Laurent says the famed couturier has died at his Paris home at the age of 71.

Pistons' Season Ends (2008-05-31)
Boston's Paul Pierce scored 27 points and the Celtics downed the Pistons 89-81 Friday night in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

G-U-E-R-D-O-N. (2008-05-31)
The new National Spelling Bee champion is 13-year-old Sameer Mishra who aced ``guerdon,'' a word that appropriately means ``something that one has earned or gained.''

The Great Kazoo (2008-05-31)
Nearly 100 years and several owners later, The Original Kazoo Company, southwest of Buffalo, New York, stays true to its name. Original is the keyword.

Spanish, Portuguese Fishermen Strike Over Fuel Prices (2008-05-31)
In Madrid, Spain, about 10,000 protesters are handing out 20 tons of free fish to win public support.

Children Returning to Polygamist Sect (2008-05-31)
Texas authorities and a polygamist sect have reached a tentative agreement to begin returning children taken by the state starting Monday.

Myanmar Cyclone Refugees Forced From Camps (2008-05-30)
The U.N. says Myanmar is forcing people out of refugee camps and dumping them back near their devastated villages with virtually no supplies.

Report: Angelina Jolie Has Given Birth to Twins (2008-05-30)
"Entertainment Tonight" is reporting that Angelina Jolie has given birth to twins in France. No other details about the birth were immediately available. The television show reported the news on its web site

Democrats Close to Choosing Presidential Nominee (2008-05-30)
Democrats are getting close to choosing a presidential candidate. Party leaders say they want undecided delegates to make up their minds soon after Tuesday's final primaries.

Detroit's Greektown Casino Rolls Snake Eyes (2008-05-30)
Greektown Casino has filed for bankruptcy protection, but says its gambling operations in Detroit and ongoing expansion project that includes a permanent hotel won't be disrupted.

Historic U of M Frat House Destroyed by Fire (2008-05-30)
The Ann Arbor News reports the Delta Upsilon house went up in flames Friday morning. There were no reported injuries.

Consumer Spending Edges Higher (2008-05-30)
Consumer spending barely budged in April while growth in personal income slowed sharply, even though the government started sending out billions of dollars in economic stimulus payments.

Vatican Says NO! to Women Priests (2008-05-30)
It has strongly reiterated in a decree that anyone involved in ordination ceremonies for women is automatically excommunicated.

Nathaniel Abraham Arrested (2008-05-30)
Pontiac police say the man charged with murder as an 11-year-old a decade ago has been arrested on drug charges in the city where he grew up.

Hassle Detering Fliers (2008-05-30)
An industry survey says nearly half the American air travelers questioned would fly more except for all the hassle.

Kerkorian Sweetens Deal for Ford Shares (2008-05-30)
Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian's investment arm has waived a condition on its $170 million cash tender offer for Ford that would have given it an out if shares fell 10 percent.

The Champion Voice Behind the Red Wings (2008-05-30)
The story of Bud Lynch, the voice behind the Red Wings.

Crane Collapse Kills 2 (2008-05-30)
The New York City medical examiner says a second person has died as a result of the construction crane collapse on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Obama's New Pastor Problem (2008-05-30)
The head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago says comments a Chicago priest made about Hillary Rodham Clinton "are both partisan and amount to a personal attack."

Kilpatrick Plans Low-Profile Campaign Role (2008-05-30)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says he does not expect to campaign with Barack Obama in Detroit - if Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee.

Michigan's Bottom Line: Careers After Cars (2008-05-30)
An hour long look at the careers after cars. Sarah Hulett and Rick Pluta host this special broadcast from the Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference.

Spectrum Health Hospitals Returning to Normal (2008-05-30)
Spectrum Health Systems says its Grand Rapids hospitals affected by yesterday's helicopter crash are returning to normal operations today.

Ford's Mexican Fiesta (2008-05-30)
Ford Motor Co. plans to build its new Fiesta subcompact at a factory near Mexico City for sale in the U.S.

WHO: Tobacco Companies Target Asian Youth (2008-05-30)
The World Health Organization is accusing tobacco companies of targeting a half billion young people in the Asia Pacific region.

NTSB: Too Soon to Determine Cause of Crash (2008-05-30)
A federal investigator says they're still collecting facts surrounding a helicopter crash on top of a Grand Rapids hospital yesterday.

Fieger Jury Breaks for Weekend (2008-05-30)
A federal jury in Detroit deliberated for a third day in the campaign finance violations trial of high-profile attorney Geoffrey Fieger without reaching a verdict. The jury was scheduled to resume deliberations Monday.

China Ponders Evacuating Earthquake Victims (2008-05-30)
An earthquake official in China now says a mass evacuation reported by a Chinese news agency earlier today is just a drill.

GM to Furlough Entire Shifts to Slow Truck Production (2008-05-29)
General Motors Corp. says it will furlough entire shifts at some truck plants as it adjusts to a changing U.S. market brought on by four-dollar per gallon gasoline.

Dow Ordered to Clean Up Homes in Saginaw (2008-05-29)
EPA tells Dow to clean up nearly a dozen homes after unsafe levels of dioxin found.

1/4 of GM Hourly Workers Take Buyout (2008-05-29)
The automaker said Thursday that 19,000 workers had agreed to take the buyout offers and leave the company by July 1. GM offered buyouts to all 74,000 of its U.S. hourly workers in February.

U of M Professor presented with Millikan Award (2008-05-29)
Professor who started enviornmental justice movement honored by Michigan Environmental Council.

Kilpatrick Sells Stimulation Plan (2008-05-29)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says his economic stimulus plan is not dead.

Carol Drake Wins Petosky Prize (2008-05-29)
Benton Harbor activist wins one of Michigan Environmental Council's highest awards.

1 in 4 GM Hourly Workers Take Buyout Offer (2008-05-29)
19 thousand General Motors workers have agreed to take buyout and early retirement offers from the automaker.

Naomi Campbell Facing 'Luggage Rage' Charge (2008-05-29)
It happened last month at London's Heathrow Airport. Witnesses say Campbell was aboard a British Airways jet about to take off for Los Angeles when she became involved in a dispute with the crew over her bags.

Still No Verdict in Fieger Trial (2008-05-29)
A federal jury in Detroit deliberated for a second day in the campaign finance violations trial of high-profile attorney Geoffrey Fieger without reaching a verdict.

Pressure Building on Olmert (2008-05-29)
Calls are increasing for the ouster of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is caught up in a growing corruption investigation. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is the first senior member of Olmert's Kadima Party to question his fitness to stay in office.

World Food Crisis (2008-05-29)
The World Bank says it is making available $1.2 billion to help overcome the global food crisis.

US Economy Struggles On (2008-05-29)
The plodding economy did a bit better than predicted in the first quarter, with the latest statistic falling short of actual recession. The Commerce Department says first-quarter growth was nine-tenths of a percent, underscoring caution by consumers and businesses walloped by housing, credit and financial problems.

Ashlee Simpson Pregnant (2008-05-29)
Newlyweds Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are expecting. The celebrity couple got married this month in Los Angeles a year and a-half after they began dating.

More Misery in China (2008-05-29)
You can add a chemical fire to the miseries of the people living in an earthquake-shattered town in China. State-run TV says the blaze broke out today, injuring 61 soldiers.

Obama May Soon Travel to Iraq (2008-05-29)
Barack Obama is considering his first visit to Iraq since becoming a presidential candidate. Revealing his plans to The New York Times, he declined John McCain's offer of a joint trip saying he doesn't "want to be involved in a political stunt."

Michigan Airports in Holding Pattern (2008-05-29)
Airport administrators in Michigan are growing frustrated with the legislature's failure to approve funding for dozens of airport projects.

The money is being held up as the House and Senate debate other issues.

Helicopter Crash On Top of GR Hospital (2008-05-29)
Aviation officials are sorting through a helicopter crash on top of a Grand Rapids hospital today.

Penguins Take Game 3 (2008-05-29)
Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins found their offense right where they left it - home in the Igloo.

Al Gore - THE OPERA (2008-05-29)
First it was a film and a book. Now the next stop for Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" is the opera. Officials of Italy's La Scala opera say Italian composer Giorgio Battistelli has been commissioned to produce an opera based on the international multi-format hit.

Pistons Drop Game 5 (2008-05-29)

Ray Allen found his shooting touch just in time to put the Boston Celtics within one win of the NBA finals for the first time since the original Big Three.

Bush Book Battle Rages On (2008-05-29)
He went along with what he now says was an effort to sell the Iraq war to the U.S. public by ignoring the facts. And former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was on the talk-show circuit this morning, to explain why.

Military Suicides On the Rise (2008-05-29)
Two defense officials who asked to remain anonymous say 108 troops killed themselves in 2007, an increase of six from the year before. About a quarter of the deaths occurred in Iraq.

Helicopter Crashes Atop Grand Rapids Hospital (2008-05-29)
Fire officials confirm a chopper went down around 11 a.m. this morning at the Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital in the heart of downtown. Federal aviation officials say there were two people on board.

More Cuts Coming to GM? (2008-05-29)
A source says General Motors is working on more restructuring measures to deal with a declining U.S. market and a faster shift to more fuel efficient vehicles.

Comedian Harvey Korman is Dead (2008-05-29)
Comedian Harvey Korman may be best remembered for his work on TV's ``The Carol Burnett Show'' and the big screen's ``Blazing Saddles.''

Recall Targets Flint Mayor Don Williamson (2008-05-29)
The Genesee County Election Commission yesterday approved language for the recall petition.

New Hope for Moshka (2008-05-29)
A new procedure in West Michigan is giving children with spinal and rib deformities new hope.

9/11 Trials and Presidential Politics (2008-05-29)
Defense lawyers say the government is rushing 9/11 defendants to trial at Guantanamo to influence the U.S. presidential elections, and are asking the military judge to dismiss the case.

Oil Prices Tumble (2008-05-28)
Oil prices are below 127 dollars a barrel today, extending a decline of more than 3 dollars in the previous session.

Hoekstra: Al-Qaeda Weakened in Iraq (2008-05-28)
Michigan Congressman Peter Hoekstra says Al-Qaeda's presence is diminishing in Iraq.

Former Spokesman Slams President Bush in Book (2008-05-28)
Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has written that President Bush relied on a propaganda campaign to sell the Iraq war in the place of honesty and candor.

War Zones and Child Abuse (2008-05-28)
A new report says there's evidence of widespread child sexual abuse at the hands of peacekeepers and aid workers in war zones and disaster areas.

Human Rights Report Faults US, China (2008-05-28)
In its annual report on human rights around the world, Amnesty International is criticizing America for supporting a state of emergency last year in Pakistan that led to the sacking of judges and a clampdown on the media.

The Naked Tourist Strikes Again (2008-05-28)
An Israeli tourist is now in a mental health unit after exhibiting some bizarre behavior while on vacation in New Zealand.

Ally to Olmert: Time to Step Down (2008-05-28)
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says the country's embattled prime minister must step down to battle corruption allegations.

Allegations of Criminal Activity in Recall Campaign (2008-05-28)
Opponents of recall efforts against House Speaker Andy Dillon say they have evidence that even more of the petition signatures gathered by anti-tax advocates are invalid.

Careers After Cars: Retooling For Renewable Energy (2008-05-28)
Auto parts suppliers are retooling to meet the needs of the growing alternative energy industry. But without a renewable portfolio standard, Michigan may not get all the jobs it could.

Health Care for Detained Immigrants (2008-05-28)
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is responsible for housing immigrants who are being detained for a variety of reasons. The agency spends about 100 million dollars a year on health care.

But critics charge immigrants are still not getting basic health care.

Death Row Limbo (2008-05-28)
A federal judge has given Tennessee until June 17 to retry or free a death row inmate who the U.S. Supreme Court said two years ago likely isn't guilty.

Bush: US Must Not Lose Its Nerve in Iraq (2008-05-28)
He's acknowledging that rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan while battles rage is difficult. But President Bush is asking Americans to be patient -- saying that "we're learning as we go."

Report: Ford Plans to Cut 10% of Salaried Workers (2008-05-28)
The Detroit News reported today the cuts would not be voluntary.

Fieger's Fate in Jury's Hands (2008-05-28)
A federal jury in Detroit has received instructions from a judge before starting deliberations in the campaign finance violations trial of high-profile attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

Poll; Most Californians Now Support Gay Marriage (2008-05-28)
Field Poll says 51 percent of respondents backed legalizing same-sex marriage and 42 percent opposed it. The survey was conducted in the days after the state Supreme Court said banning gay marriage was unconstitutional.

Space Plumbers (2008-05-28)
NASA is rushing to get a special pump on board shuttle Discovery to fix a toilet at the international space station.

Smoking Ban Still Stalled in Lansing (2008-05-28)
The House version of the legislation picked up nine additional votes from when it passed in December. But unlike a version approved by the Senate last month, the House exempts places like the Detroit casinos, union and bingo halls, and tobacco shops.

Partial Birth Abortion Ban on Way to Governor (2008-05-28)
The state House has sent Governor Granholm legislation that bans a controversial abortion procedure.

The legislation mirrors federal language that bans the procedure known as dilation and extraction.

Supreme Court Allows Discrimination Suits (2008-05-27)
The court says in a 7-2 ruling that retaliation is another form of intentional, unlawful discrimination that is barred by the Civil Rights Act of 1866. It was enacted to benefit newly freed blacks.

New McCain Ad Focuses on Economy (2008-05-27)
A new McCain ad hits the television airwaves tomorrow and focuses on the economy.

US, North Korea Reopen Nuclear Talks (2008-05-27)
The U.S. and North Korea are talking again about Pyongyang's long-delayed nuclear declaration, and about promised political concessions from Washington.

Careers After Cars : Learning the Skills of Tomorrow (2008-05-27)
Michigan's children will need new skills for the changing jobs in the state's future.

A program in Lansing aims to teach these skills to children in elementary school.

New Home Sales Rose in April (2008-05-27)
Sales of new homes rose in April for the first time in six months although the unexpected increase still left activity near the lowest level in 17 years.

London Fuel Protest (2008-05-27)
Anger over high fuel prices is being seen and heard today in London. Hundreds of trucks today jammed a major route into the British capital in protest of skyrocketing fuel prices.

Making the Case to Seat Michigan's Democratic Delegates (2008-05-27)
The effort to have Michigan delegates seated at the Democratic National Convention may be resolved this week.

The state was stripped of its delegates for holding its presidential primary too early. Hillary Clinton won the primary, but Barack Obama was not on the ballot.

A Plan for Energy Independence (2008-05-27)
Brighton congressman Mike Rogers says the U.S. must put greater emphasis on nuclear power and domestic oil drilling to wean itself from foreign oil.

Manufacturing for the Military (2008-05-27)
Manufacturers who used to build products for the auto industry are finding new life in military contracts.

Production Resumes At GM, American Axle (2008-05-27)
The three-month long strike is over, but production is not expected to fully return to previous levels.

China Rattled by Aftershocks (2008-05-27)
More aftershocks have rocked China's earthquake disaster zone today, collapsing hundreds of thousands more houses.

A 'Promise'-ing Conference (2008-05-27)
Officials from more than 50 communities across the country will convene in Kalamazoo next month to talk about scholarship programs inspired by The Kalamazoo Promise.

Borders Posts Wider Loss (2008-05-27)
Borders reported a wider loss in the first quarter because of one-time costs and slow sales at established U.S. stores.

Food Banks Hurting (2008-05-27)
Demand is up while supplies and donations are down as more and more people turn to food banks for help feeding their families.

Banning Cross Border Gas Fill Ups (2008-05-27)
The government of Malaysia is moving to keep motorists from Thailand and Singapore from driving across the border to fill up on Malaysia's cheaper gas.

GM Speeding Up Production Cuts in Flint (2008-05-27)
General Motors Corp. says it will speed up production cuts at a pickup truck factory in Flint that had been closed due to a strike at a parts supply company.

Myanmar Extends Aung San Suu Kyi's House Arrest (2008-05-27)
The Nobel-peace prize winner won a landslide election victory in 1990 but the generals ignored it and have kept her under house arrest for 12 out of the last 18 years.

Prosecutor: Geoffrey Fieger "Thinks He's Smarter Than You Are." (2008-05-27)
A government prosecutor says high-profile lawyer Geoffrey Fieger went to extraordinary lengths to circumvent existing federal campaign finance laws.

Consumer Confidence at 16 Year Low (2008-05-27)
A private research group says that soaring gas prices and weakening job prospects left shoppers gloomier about the economy in May, sending a key barometer of consumer sentiment to its lowest level in almost 16 years.

Detroit Home Prices Below 2000 Level (2008-05-27)
Detroit's housing market has now slipped below where it was nearly a decade ago.

A Standard and Poors survey of 20 metropolitan areas shows home prices dropped by 14 percent in the first three months of the year.

Beyond Gasoline: The Other Rising Auto Costs (2008-05-26)
From oil changes to parking lot fees, sticker shock will make this summer even stickier.

Outhouse Dispute (2008-05-26)
Members of a small Amish community in western Pennsylvania have to decide by tomorrow whether to challenge a state order over their school's outhouses.

Libertarians Choose Bob Barr as Presidential Nominee (2008-05-26)
Barr left the GOP in 2006 over what he called bloated spending and civil liberties intrusions by the Bush administration.

Libertarians Choose Bob Barr as Presidential Nominee (2008-05-26)
Barr left the GOP in 2006 over what he called bloated spending and civil liberties intrusions by the Bush administration.

Director Sydney Pollack Has Died (2008-05-26)
An agent for Sydney Pollack says the Academy Award winning director has died. He was 73.

Libertarians Choose Bob Barr as Presidential Nominee (2008-05-26)
Barr left the GOP in 2006 over what he called bloated spending and civil liberties intrusions by the Bush administration.

Hockey Interest Down, But Finals Still Bring Cash (2008-05-26)
Economist says each home game probably means $2 million for Detroit.

Red Wings Up 2 in Cup Final (2008-05-26)
Four new lines, same old result for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Holland Veterans March Downtown for First Time in 50 Years (2008-05-26)
Holland veterans will march through the city's downtown this Memorial Day.

U of M Study: Diabetes and Blood Pressure (2008-05-26)
New University of Michigan research finds doctors need to do a better job of monitoring high blood pressure among people with diabetes.

Memorial Day (2008-05-26)
Michiganders paused today to remember those who died in the service of their country.

Riding High Despite The Weak Economy (2008-05-26)
The state's only roller coaster park expects strong attendance this year despite economic gloom.

Detroit Council to Map Ouster Strategy (2008-05-26)
The Detroit City Council is scheduled to meet with its attorney tomorrow to discuss the strategy for removing Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

Red Wings Take Game One (2008-05-25)
Penguins stumble out of gate.

Final Honors (2008-05-25)
Funerals for U.S. military veterans are taking place in national cemeteries more than 100 times a day.

The Sound of Controversy (2008-05-25)
Angry Austrians living near a Salzburg villa that once belonged to the Von Trapp family immortalized in the blockbuster hit movie "The Sound of Music" are fighting plans to turn the home into a hotel.

Presidential Grandfathers (2008-05-25)
The presidential candidates often talk about their humble roots and their grandfathers -- a sailor, a bookkeeper and a factory worker.

Spacecraft Lands on Mars (2008-05-25)
NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has landed near Mars' north pole for a 90-day digging mission.

Is It Art, Science or Abuse of Human Rights? (2008-05-25)
Some members of Congress think there ought to be a law against a popular but controversial exhibit of plasticized human cadavers.

Say Good Night Dick (2008-05-25)
Comedian Dick Martin, part of the team of Rowan & Martin, is dead. He was 86.

Chrysler Chief: Watching Gas Prices (2008-05-24)
Chrysler LLC's chief says the automaker is monitoring rising gas and steel prices but hasn't been forced to cut production or make additional layoffs.

Costly Memorial Day Weekend Cook Out (2008-05-24)
Americans are about to fire up their barbecues for the start of what promises to be costlier summer cookout season.

The World's Most Peaceful Country Is.... (2008-05-24)
A British group says Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world.

State Withholding Money From Detroit (2008-05-24)
State officials have confirmed holding back nearly $34.7 million in revenue sharing to Detroit the same day Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick asked the City Council to borrow $171 million.

Israeli PM Questioned by Police (2008-05-23)
Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been interrogated by police for a second time in a corruption probe. No charges have been filed. But authorities are looking into the possibility Olmert may have taken bribes, violated campaign funding laws and laundered money.

McCain's Health (2008-05-23)
Three-time melanoma survivor John McCain is apparently cancer-free and otherwise healthy. The Republican presidential candidate has allowed The Associated Press to review eight years of his medical records.

$4 (2008-05-23)
Regular unleaded gasoline is now selling for over 4 dollars a gallon in much of Michigan.

State gas station owners are feeling the pain from the high gasoline prices too.

Michigan Economy at 8 Year Low (2008-05-23)
Comerica Bank Chief Economist Dana Johnson says the index is at its lowest point since December 2000.

However, Johnson says Michigan's economy is poised to rebound.

American Axle Strike Over (2008-05-23)
Workers from the largest union local at American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. have approved a new contract, ending a nearly three-month-old strike.

Grand Rapids School Board Casts Vote Of No Confidence Against Teacher's Union (2008-05-23)
Board says it will also stop collecting union dues from teachers' paychecks. Those dues are worth $57,000 each pay period.

Kent County Sheriff Clarifies Statements (2008-05-23)
Kent County Sheriff Lawrence Stelma clarified statements about an educational program that targets young men after receiving criticism from a state civil rights official.

How to Deal With Bad Calls (2008-05-23)
Politicians could learns some lessons from bad calls in the sports world this week.

Major Piece of Detroit Budget in Jeopardy (2008-05-23)
Officials in Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's administration are hoping to resurrect a deal to sell the city's half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - after the city council rejected it this week.

Fuel Protest (2008-05-23)
They are calling it "Operation Snail." French fishermen are expressing their anger over oil prices with protests that are blocking two refineries and disrupting shipping in the English Channel.

Careers After Cars: Opportunity Abroad (2008-05-23)
To many people, globalization a bad word. It brings to mind lost jobs, foreign cars, and people with accents answering customer service lines. But the flattening of the globe also creates opportunities for homegrown businesses.

Myanmar Junta Allows More Disaster Aid (2008-05-23)
Aid agencies say they are ready to step up relief to cyclone victims in Myanmar following today's announcement of new openness by the country's rulers.

Ford Clears Way For Kerkorian (2008-05-22)
Ford Motor Co. says its board has determined that the automaker is neutral about billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian's offer to purchase up to 20 million shares of Ford's common stock.

Airport Authority to Vote on Expansion Plan (2008-05-22)
The board that oversees Detroit Metro Airport is scheduled to vote today on a master plan that includes a new runway.

Careers After Cars: College Graduates (2008-05-22)
Michigan's emerging jobs in life sciences and hi-tech fields may not be expanding fast enough to retain students graduating college now.

Electrcity Demand Expected to Rise This Summer (2008-05-22)
The state Public Service Commission expects electricity demand will top last year's record demand.

Chinese Earthquake Death Toll: 80,000 (2008-05-22)
The toll of dead and missing from last week's powerful earthquake in China has climbed to more than 80,000. A Cabinet spokesman says the number of dead rose nearly 10,000 from the day before -- to more than 51,000, with another 29,000 people missing and nearly 300,000 hurt.

UN Leader Tours Myanmar (2008-05-22)
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has surveyed devastated sections of Myanmar's Irrawaddy Delta and says he was very upset by the conditions of cyclone survivors.

Living Downstream from Dow Chemical (2008-05-22)
It's been more than 50 years since Dow Chemical Company stopped dumping large amounts of dioxin into the river flowing past its plant in Michigan. But the company and government regulators are still arguing over how to clean it up.

Mediator Helps Along Negotiations At Grand Rapids Public Schools (2008-05-22)
Despite the progress, there's still a $4 million divide between what administrators propose and what the teacher's union wants.

Economy, Gas Prices Force Ford Production Cuts (2008-05-22)
Ford Motor Co. says it is cutting North American production for the rest of the year as high gas prices and the weak economy depress its sales. The Dearborn-based company said Thursday it also expects to break even in 2009, scaling back its goal of returning to profitability by that time.

Lansing Riverfront Project Steps Forward (2008-05-22)
The city has agreed to sell the site of Lansing's City market to Developer Pat Gillespie for 1 point 6 million dollars.

Gillespie plans to turn the site overlooking the Grand River into a 30 million dollar mix of retail, residential and office space.

New Bhutto Assassination Investigation? (2008-05-22)
Pakistan's government says it is ready to ask the United Nations to investigate the assassination of former premier Benazir Bhutto.

Releasing Oil from the US Emergency Stockpile (2008-05-22)
Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman is rejecting a call by some members of Congress to release oil from the government's emergency stockpile. Bodman today told a House hearing that oil is needed to respond to future supply emergencies and not to influence prices.

OC Chief Says Flexible Work Week Would Save Gas (2008-05-22)
Oakland County Executive L Brooks Patterson wants to offer county employees the chance to work four-day work weeks so they can save on gasoline costs

Court: State Shouldn't Have Taken Sect's Children (2008-05-22)
A state appellate court has ruled that child welfare officials had no right to seize more than 400 children living at a polygamist sect's ranch.

New Oil Worries (2008-05-22)
A top global energy monitor says there are new worries that the soaring demand for oil will outstrip supply and it is now preparing a landmark revision of its supply forecast.

Airport Board Delays Vote on Expansion (2008-05-22)
The board that oversees Detroit Metro Airport has again delayed approval of a development plan that includes a controversial runway.

Congress Overrides Veto, Enacts Farm Bill (2008-05-22)
Brushing aside a veto by President Bush, Congress today enacted a massive election-year farm bill. The 82-13 vote in the Senate followed a 316-108 vote in the House last night.

Veepstakes (2008-05-22)
Likely Republican and Democratic presidential nominees are reportedly starting the process of choosing a running mate.

House Committe Subpoenas Karl Rove (2008-05-22)
The House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed former White House adviser Karl Rove as part of its inquiry into whether the Bush administration politically meddled at the Justice Department. Accusations of politics governing decisions at the agency led to the resignation of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Sherpa Reaches Everest Peak for 18th Time (2008-05-22)
The Nepal Mountaineering Association says the climber, known as Appa, reached the 29,035-foot summit along with several team members early Thursday.

Macomb Opposes Ontario Plan To Store Radioactive Waste Near Lake Huron (2008-05-22)
An Ontario nuclear power company wants to build a deep geologic repository for storage of radioactive waste near Lake Huron. Macomb County officials say it's a bad idea.

DEQ Wants Voters to Pass a Bond for Cleanup (2008-05-22)
The state Department of Environmental Quality is putting together a proposal to ask voters to approve a $1.3 billion bond to clean up the state's polluted sites.

Office Furniture Index Down (2008-05-22)
An industry index shows a downward trend for 2008.

Grounded (2008-05-21)
Rising fuel prices are forcing many private pilots from Michigan's skies.

Manufacturers Not Pleased With Presidential Candidates (2008-05-21)
Survey asked people who work in manufacturing to say how they felt about the campaign.

GR's Peninsular Club Closing Facility (2008-05-21)
The private Peninsular Club will be shutting its doors at the end of the month, though there is talk of keeping the membership together somehow.

Wrongfully Convicted Man Walks Free (2008-05-21)
A 47-year-old man is free after serving 25 years in prison for the rape of a pregnant woman in her Detroit home. Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Vera Massey Jones today ordered a new trial for Walter Swift, but prosecutors say they will not try him again.

Pentagon Shelves Afghan Plan (2008-05-21)
A Pentagon spokesman says the U.S. military's plan to take greater control of Afghanistan regions now under NATO command has been shelved, at least for now.

Lost Parrot Goes Home (2008-05-21)
When the little guy got lost, he did just what he had been taught - recite his name and address to a stranger willing to help. This isn't a lost child story -- it's about a parrot.

Zimbabwe Inflation Rate - 1 Million Percent (2008-05-21)
A loaf of bread in Zimbabwe now costs as much as a dozen new cars did 10 years ago. The annual inflation rate in the African nation has risen to more than 1 million percent.

Democrats Split Oregon, Kentucky Primaries (2008-05-21)
Barack Obama has split another couple of primaries with Hillary Clinton and now has an insurmountable edge in the number of pledged delegates.

Congress Poised to Override Farm Bill Veto (2008-05-21)
Congress is not expected to accept President Bush's veto of the 300 billion-dollar farm bill. Bush calls it a tax increase on regular Americans at a time of high food prices.

Pandas and the Earthquake (2008-05-21)
Eight pandas from China's earthquake zone are headed for the safety of a Beijing Zoo display. Their reserve was severely shaken by the quake, leaving some of the pandas still acting nervous.

Genetic Discrimination Illegal (2008-05-21)
President Bush has signed legislation to protect people from losing their jobs or health insurance when genetic testing reveals they are susceptible to costly diseases.

Kenyan Mob Kills Suspected Witches (2008-05-21)
Officials in Kenya say a mob has killed 11 people accused of being witches and wizards, in some cases slitting their throats or clubbing them to death before burning their bodies.

Court: Dog Sniff from Front Porch Legal Search (2008-05-21)
The Michigan Court of Appeals says police can use dogs to sniff for drugs inside a person's house from the front porch without a warrant.

House Passes Big Tax Break Bill, Veto Threatened (2008-05-21)
The House has passed a $54 billion tax package that provides breaks for millions of people and businesses and incentives for development of renewable energy.

Teacher's Union, Administrators Head To Mediation In Grand Rapids (2008-05-21)
The two sides have been trying to negotiate a new labor contract for more than a year.

Obama, Clinton Campaign in Florida (2008-05-21)
Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are campaigning today in Florida. Obama, in a reference to Florida's discredited January primary, told a rally in Tampa, "It's good to be back. I know you guys have been holding down the fort."

Knocking On Doors To Keep Kids In School (2008-05-20)
The superintendent of Grand Rapids public schools says he'll go door-to-door to convince parents to keep their children in school.

Military: Iraq Better, Afghanistan Worse (2008-05-20)
The top U.S. military officer has told Congress that violence in Afghanistan is increasing, as security in Iraq has improved.

NFL Owners Dump Labor Deal (2008-05-20)
The league's owners have voted unanimously to shorten their labor agreement, meaning the current contract with the union will end in 2011 instead of 2013.

New Rules for Sick Cows (2008-05-20)
Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer has announced a more comprehensive ban on meat plant slaughter of cows too sick or weak to stand.

Survivor Pulled from Earthquake Rubble (2008-05-20)
Chinese media is reporting that rescuers have freed a 60-year-old woman who survived for more than 8 days buried in the rubble caused by last week's earthquake.

Grand Rapids Decency Ordinance Upheld (2008-05-20)
A federal appeals court says Grand Rapids can pass an ordinance to place restrictions on adult entertainment.

Livingston County To Destroy Stray "Bully Breeds" (2008-05-20)
The county's Animal Control has been directed not to place for adoption four breeds known for fighting, after two shocking maulings last year.

Religious Clash Causes Three Professors To Leave Calvin College (2008-05-20)
African-American professor says she felt more comfortable attending a predominantly black church. The Calvin College board says the church did not meet its standards.

SW Michigan Sees Increase in Some STD Cases (2008-05-20)
Some counties in southwest Michigan are experiencing an increase in some cases of sexually-transmitted diseases.

Council Attorney Requests Governor Remove Mayor (2008-05-20)
Attorney Bill Goodman hand-delivered the Detroit City Council's request that Gov. Granholm remove Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

Detroit Council Overrides Kilpatrick Veto (2008-05-20)
All outside legal contracts with the city will now be reviewed by the city council.

A West Michigan Philanthropist Dies (2008-05-20)
Philanthropist Emajean "Pat" Cook died today. She was 93.

Israel and Arabic (2008-05-20)
An Israeli lawmaker wants to eliminate Arabic as one of Israel's two official languages.

US Carbon Footprint Growing (2008-05-20)
The Energy Department reports that carbon dioxide emissions increased by 1.6 percent last year with most coming from residential and commercial energy use.

More Help for Stressed Home Owners (2008-05-20)
A key Senate panel has approved a homeowner rescue plan to give cheaper, government-backed mortgages to up to 500,000 strapped borrowers.

'A Critical Moment for Myanmar' (2008-05-20)
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he's heading to Myanmar hoping to meet the country's military leaders to press for speedy relief for cyclone victims. Ban told reporters before heading to the airport on Tuesday that "this is a critical moment for Myanmar."

Sen. Kennedy Has Malignant Brain Tumor (2008-05-20)
Doctors say Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor. Doctors say tests conducted after Kennedy suffered a seizure this weekend show a tumor in his left parietal lobe.

Fieger v. United States (2008-05-20)
A federal judge in Detroit has denied requests of directed verdicts of not guilty in the campaign finance trial of high-profile Southfield attorney Geoffrey Fieger and law partner Ven Johnson.

Crude Oil Spikes Again (2008-05-20)
The June contract for light, sweet crude traded as high as $129.31 in pre-opening trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Pontiac Schools Protest (2008-05-20)

A bitter labor dispute hits the streets in Pontiac this afternoon.

Several hundred teachers plan to picket after school.

Court: Paper Money Discriminates Against the Blind (2008-05-20)
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has upheld a ruling that could force the U.S. to redesign its money so blind people can distinguish between values.

Bush: Government Should Help 'Creditworthy' (2008-05-19)
President Bush says the government should be helping "creditworthy" people stay in their homes and not bailing out lenders.

Small Town Of Three Rivers Braces For Lower Wages At Its Largest Employer (2008-05-19)
The strike may be over soon, but a new contract will mean less spending power for workers.

Gone Phishing (2008-05-19)
Nearly 40 people are facing charges of stealing personal information from unsuspecting Internet users as part of a global crime ring.

Supreme Court Rules in Terrorism Case (2008-05-19)
The Supreme Court has ruled against an Algerian convicted of conspiring to detonate explosives at Los Angeles International Airport during the millennium holiday travel rush.

Palestinians Shy Away From Osama Bin Laden (2008-05-19)
In his latest message to the world, Osama bin Laden portrays himself as the only true defender of the Palestinians.

Chinese Earthquake's Financial Toll (2008-05-19)
The financial toll from China's massive earthquake is mounting a week after the tremor struck. The Chinese government says companies in central China suffered 9.5 billion dollars in damage.

China Mourns Earthquake Deaths with Silence (2008-05-19)
China has marked one week since its massive earthquake, with people observing three minutes of silence and sirens and horns wailing in memory of the dead.

Judge: 36th District Bench OK to Hear Mayor's Case (2008-05-19)
Attorneys for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff scored a legal victory today.

Blackwater Worldwide Founder Speaks in GR (2008-05-19)
Blackwater Worldwide Founder Erik Prince addressed a sold-out luncheon crowd at the Grand Rapids Economic Club today.

French Leaders talk with Hamas (2008-05-19)
Both French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner and the group that rules the Gaza Strip have confirmed the contacts. Hamas says France isn't the only country that has been seeking to talk with the group.

Gas Prices Rising (2008-05-19)
AAA Michigan says gas prices are 7 cents higher than last week, with a statewide average of $3.91 per gallon.

Lebanese Talks Hit Bumpy Road (2008-05-19)
Top-level crisis talks between feuding Lebanese factions in Qatar are still not going smoothly. The U.S.-backed government and the Hezbollah-led opposition still have not been able to agree on how to go forward.

Supreme Court Upholds Child Porn Penalty (2008-05-19)
The court, in a 7-2 decision, is brushing aside concerns that the law could apply to mainstream movies that depict adolescent sex, classic literature or innocent e-mails that describe pictures of grandchildren.

Primaries in Kentucky, Oregon Tuesday (2008-05-19)
A new poll suggests it will be much closer race in Oregon tomorrow between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton than the one that's shaping up in Kentucky.

Advice to Heart Patients - Stay in Touch With Your Doctor (2008-05-18)
A panel of heart specialists says people with implanted pacemakers, defibrillators and other heart devices need to stay in touch with their doctors -- with checkups every 3 to 12 months.

UAW, American Axle reach deal that could end strike (2008-05-17)
About 3,600 workers at American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. will find out soon whether a new contract was worth 80 days without a company paycheck.

A Hockey Hero in Detroit (2008-05-16)
There's a great hockey story happening in Detroit, and lots of people are missing it.

Smart Commuting (2008-05-16)
'Smart Commuting' includes walking and biking, instead driving a car.

Sheffield Drops Challenge to Conyers (2008-05-16)
The Reverend Horace Sheffield appeared at a Detroit union hall today with Congressman John Conyers to announce he's pulling out of the race against the veteran lawmaker.

Recount Coming on Tulip Airport Tax (2008-05-16)
Officials will recount the close votes in Zeeland.

Ladies of Liberty by Cokie Roberts (2008-05-16)
Most history books focus on the men who built our nation, but Cokie Roberts' history books are about the women.

Workers Vote To End Strike At GM Lansing Plant (2008-05-16)
The strike started a month ago, hurting production of popular GM crossover vehicles.

Detroit Schools Face $45 Million Deficit (2008-05-16)
Detroit Public School officials say they need to close a $45 million deficit between now and June 30.

Obama comes to Michigan (2008-05-15)
Michigan hasn't seen much of the Democratic candidates for Michigan so far in this campaign, but now Barack Obama has set his sights on the state.

State AG Charges 12 With Stealing from Relatives (2008-05-15)
A dozen people were charged today with stealing from their elderly relatives.

DMC Announces Children's Hospital Expansion (2008-05-15)
Children's Hospital of Michigan plans to build a $34 million pediatric center across the street from its Detroit hospital.

Obama in West Michigan (2008-05-15)
Democratic candidate Barack Obama picked up a key endorsement from former Senator John Edwards in Grand Rapids.

Obama Campaigns in West Michigan (2008-05-15)
About 12,000 Barack Obama supporters filled a Grand Rapids arena to hear the Illinois Senator during his first campaign day in Michigan.

Union Members To Vote On Ending Strike Near Lansing (2008-05-15)
Strike against GM's Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant started last month.

Edwards to Endorse Obama (2008-05-14)
Democrat John Edwards has given his long-awaited endorsement to Barack Obama. It's a major boost from a former presidential rival as Obama tries to shrug off Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is determined to press ahead.

Obama Courts Working-Class Vote in Macomb Co. (2008-05-14)
Obama laid out a manufacturing agenda that he says will help people in Michigan who desperately need it. And he also promised help for the domestic auto companies who employ those workers.

Cindy McCain Selling off Sudan-Linked Investments (2008-05-14)
Cindy McCain, whose husband has been a critic of the violence in Sudan, is selling off more than $2 million in mutual funds whose holdings include companies that do business in the African nation.

McCain Campaigns in Ohio (2008-05-14)
While the Democrats sort through what West Virginia's results mean, John McCain is planning on spending time raising cash in Ohio.

American Tourists Found Safe in China (2008-05-14)
The World Wildlife Fund says the 12 have made contact by satellite phone from Sichuan province. They had been visiting the Wolong panda preserve when the 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit the province on Monday.

Myanmar Death Toll - Unknown (2008-05-14)
The Red Cross says the death toll in Myanmar's cyclone may be between 68,833 and 127,990.

EMU, Wayne State Hire New Presidents (2008-05-14)
Boards at Eastern Michigan and Wayne State University officially hired new leaders this morning.

Ford Recalling F150's & Lincoln Mark LT Trucks (2008-05-14)
The automaker is issuing the recall of 2005-2006 versions of the trucks with 5.4 liter 3-valve engines. That's according to a posting Wednesday on the Web site of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Car Bomb Kills 1 in Spain (2008-05-14)
Spain's interior minister says the bombing is the work of the Basque separatist group ETA. This is the first such attack linked to the group in two months.

House Passes $290 Billion Farm Bill (2008-05-14)
The 318-106 vote for the five-year bill came despite President Bush's promised veto. He says the measure is too expensive and gives too much money to wealthy farmers.

President Bush Praises Israeli Democracy (2008-05-14)
Bush spoke at a ceremony in Jerusalem at which he was clearly moved after receiving praise and a raucous ovation. He's there to mark Israel's 60th anniversary.

Obama Talks About Saving Manufacturing Jobs (2008-05-14)
Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama says the heavy loss of manufacturing jobs is one of the nation's greatest struggles. But he offered hope that attention and investment from Washington can help turn around the troubled industry.

Protecting Polar Bears (2008-05-14)
Government officials say the Interior Department has decided to protect the polar bear as a threatened species because of global warming.

A Plea For More Money For Alzheimer's Research (2008-05-14)
A cause that hits very close to home has brought retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor back to Washington. She's lobbying for more research and funding for Alzheimer's disease.

State Dealing With Budget Deficit (2008-05-14)
The deficit is smaller than last year, but lawmakers will start negotiations on the 2009 budget trying to figure out how to close a gap.

Michigan Jobless Rate Declines (2008-05-14)
The state actually lost jobs in April, but since many people gave up looking for a job in Michigan , the unemployment numbers declined.

U of M Study: Blacks Less Likely to Survive Rectal Cancer (2008-05-14)
A new University of Michigan study finds African-Americans are 20 percent less likely to survive after being treated for rectal cancer.

This despite having equal access to treatment as whites.

Corn: Biofuel or Food (2008-05-14)
The Bush administration is disputing the International Monetary Fund's claim that increased production of biofuels is the biggest factor in rising food prices.

China - Fading 'Miracles' in the Rubble (2008-05-14)
Rescuers digging through the rubble of collapsed buildings in China have had little to cheer about until today, when they pulled a 34-year-old pregnant woman and her elderly mother from what used to be their apartment building. One local fire official describes the rescue as "a miracle brought about by us all working together."

Smoking Ban Stalled in Lansing (2008-05-13)
A measure to ban smoking in almost every indoor workplace in Michigan appears to be in limbo at the state Capitol. The state Senate approved the bill last week, but still has not sent it back to the House to be voted on.

Consumer Spending Down (2008-05-13)
Consumers, who are battling soaring gasoline prices and a slumping economy, cut back further on their spending in April.

UN: Myanmar Military Hoarding Disaster Aid (2008-05-13)
The U.N. says only a tiny portion of international aid is reaching Myanmar's cyclone victims amid reports the military regime hoards the best for itself. The reports say rotten food is being doled out to victims.

Detroit Council to Try to Remove Kilpatrick (2008-05-13)
The Detroit City Council voted today to take steps that could lead to his removal from office. They also asked the governor to force him out.

Epicenter (2008-05-13)
Emergency workers have reached the epicenter of China's massive quake, but the scene that will greet them at daylight is a grim one.

Vatican: It's OK to Believe in Extraterrestrials (2008-05-13)
The Vatican's chief astronomer says that believing in aliens does not contradict faith in God.

Detroit City Council Takes Step to Remove Mayor (2008-05-13)
The Detroit City Council has voted 5-4 to begin a process aimed at removing Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office for his role in a text-messaging sex scandal.

Senate Battles President over Oil Reserve Shipments (2008-05-13)
Both Democrats and Republicans said such shipments make no sense when oil is costing more than $120 a barrel and could better be used to add supplies to a tight market and possibly lower prices.

Fewer Fliers This Summer in the Skies over America (2008-05-13)
Flying isn't getting any cheaper, but one trade group says that isn't going to mean less crowded flights this summer.

WSU to Officially Pick President Wednesday (2008-05-13)
The Wayne State Board of Governors is expected to formally vote on its pick for president tomorrow.

Fighting ID Theft (2008-05-13)
A bipartisan group of state lawmakers has unveiled legislation they say will help cut down on identity theft in Michigan.

Nissan Aims For Environmental Leadership (2008-05-13)
Company plans to be the first major automaker to mass-produce an electric car.

60 People Killed in India Bombings (2008-05-13)
A state police official says the seven explosions in markets and other areas of Jaipur were "a terrorist plot" esigned "to cause the maximum damage to human life."

Searching for Survivors in China (2008-05-13)
The official death toll in the magnitude 7.9 quake is now more than 12,000. Thousands more are missing

Golfer Annika Sorenstam Retiring (2008-05-13)
Annika Sorenstam will retire after the season, ending an LPGA Tour career in which she has won 72 tournaments to date and produced a defining moment when she teed it up against the men on the PGA Tour.

Pop Artist Robert Rauschenberg Has Died (2008-05-13)
The gallery representative for Robert Rauschenberg says the pop artist has died in Florida at 82.

Marines Find MoreThan 'A Few Good Men' (2008-05-13)
The Marine Corps far exceeded its recruiting goal last month. And it could eventually be more than a year ahead of schedule, as it tries to grow the force to 202,000 members.

Obama in Michigan Wednesday (2008-05-13)
State and local Democratic Party leaders are gearing up for Barack Obama's visit.

Meijer Fined for Violating State Campaign Laws (2008-05-13)
The Secretary of State's office is slapping retail giant Meijer with a 190 thousand dollar fine for violating state campaign laws.

Floods Strike Maryland's Eastern Shore (2008-05-12)
Officials on Maryland's Eastern Shore say the heavy rains there have brought that area what might be its worst flooding since Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

State GOP Lawmakers Propose Cutting Sales Tax (2008-05-12)

State House Republicans are calling for a Memorial Day-to-Labor Day break from paying some gasoline taxes.

Detroit Council to Vote on Kilpatrick Censure (2008-05-12)
Council will vote on censure, asks attorney to draft resolution to start removal process.

ATF Chief Warns of Rising Violent Crime Rates (2008-05-12)
The director of the ATF says violent crime has increased in some cities in part because local police are too cash-strapped to fight it.

Barr Enters Presidential Race as Libertarian (2008-05-12)
Former congressman Bob Barr says voters are hungry for an alternative candidate who would dramatically cut the federal government.

Pump Pain (2008-05-12)
AAA Michigan says gas prices are 19 cents higher than last week, with a statewide average of $3.84 per gallon. It surpasses the previous record of $3.65 a gallon set a week ago and is the fourth record high in as many weeks.

Obama Campaigns in Florida and Michigan (2008-05-12)
It announced a five-state tour over the next two weeks, one that has Obama stopping in two states holding primaries -- South Dakota and Oregon. But the schedule is dominated by swing states, where the Democrat hopes to run strong against John McCain.

Death Toll Climbs in Myanmar (2008-05-12)
Myanmar is raising the official death toll from a powerful cyclone to nearly 32,000.

Report: Wind Energy Could Produce 5th of US Electricity Need (2008-05-12)
An Energy Department report concludes that wind turbines can produce a fifth of the nation's annual electricity needs within about two decades. That is about the same share of electricity produced today by nuclear power.

Obama Campaigns in Michigan This Week (2008-05-12)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is scheduled to be in Grand Rapids and Macomb County on Wednesday.

Earthquake Kills 5 Thousand in China (2008-05-12)
The numbers are from just one county in Sichuan province. The official Xinhua News Agency says another 10,000 people are believed hurt

Ceasefire in Baghdad (2008-05-12)
A four-day cease-fire between representatives of cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and lawmakers from Iraq's main Shiite political bloc has been signed in an effort to end weeks of fighting in Sadr City.

GM To Close Plant In Windsor (2008-05-12)
GM says its working on a transmission plan for the plant's 14 hundred workers.

Levin, Hoogendyk File For U.S. Senate Race (2008-05-12)
Democratic Senator Carl Levin and his likely Republican challenger are a step closer to a general election match-up.

Levin and Republican state Representative Jack Hoogendyk today both submitted 30-thousand signatures to the Secretary of State. That's more than double what either needs to get on the August primary ballot.

Tomorrow is the filing deadline.

McCain: Free Market Solution to Global Warming (2008-05-12)
John McCain says global warming is undeniable, and he's arguing that the country must take steps to bring it under control.

Cindy McCain Won't Release Tax Returns (2008-05-11)
Cindy McCain says she won't make her tax returns public even if her husband wins the White House. She tells NBC that it's a privacy issue. John McCain's wife says the two have filed separate tax returns throughout their 28-year marriage.

RV Summer & Rising Gas Prices (2008-05-11)
A survey by the national Recreation Vehicle Industry Association found 93 percent of RV owners planned to go camping this summer, but more than half said high fuel prices would keep them closer to home.

It's Mother's Day (2008-05-11)
The National Retail Federation says it expects people to spend slightly less on Mom this year, compared to last.

Oh Momma! Woman Pregnant with 18th Child (2008-05-10)
Her 18th child is due January 1st, 2009. Michelle Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob, say they're looking forward to the new baby.

Jenna Bush Wedding Today (2008-05-10)
It will be a private affair for 200 guests.

Push to Remove Detroit Mayor from Office (2008-05-10)
A state lawmaker says its time for Governor Jennifer Granholm to remove Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

Republican state representative David Law has proposed a non-binding resolution calling on the governor to use her powers to remove Kilpatrick.

More Rain Predicted for Myanmar (2008-05-10)
The U.N. weather agency says its forecasts indicate a strong chance of heavy rains in Myanmar toward the end of next week. The Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization says two of its prediction models point to three days of strong rain beginning Thursday or Friday.

Kerkorian Makes His Ford Bid Official (2008-05-09)
Billionaire investor has plans to control 5.5 percent of all Ford stock.

Rice: Hezbollah 'Killing Innocent Civilians' (2008-05-09)
In Lebanon Friday, Shiite Hezbollah gunmen seized control of key parts of Beirut from Sunnis loyal to the U.S.-backed government. The move capped three days of street battles and gunfights that have killed at least 14 people and wounded 20.

Obama Closes Superdelegate Gap (2008-05-09)
Hillary Rodham Clinton's once-imposing lead among Democratic superdelegates has all but vanished, as Barack Obama continues to pick up support.

Kill the Horse Races, Not the Horses (2008-05-09)
Horse raceing isn't a sport, and not that many people would miss it.

US Trade Deficit Narrows (2008-05-09)
The U.S. trade deficit narrowed sharply in March as demand for imports fell by the largest amount since the last recession was ending.

Edwards Edges Closer to Presidential Endorsement (2008-05-09)
He's still not making a Democratic presidential endorsement. But former candidate John Edwards seemed to stop just short of it this morning.

Poland Says US Can Place Missle System Elsewhere (2008-05-09)
Poland and the U.S. have been locked in protracted negotiations over a U.S. request to place 10 interceptor missiles in northern Poland as part of protection for Europe and North America against possible attacks from unpredictable nations.

Still No Date For Delphi Bankruptcy Emergence (2008-05-09)
The troubled supplier is reporting a $589 million dollar loss in the first quarter. Executives are still trying to put together financing to emerge from bankruptcy.

'Al Qaida in Iraq' Leader Still at Large (2008-05-09)
Last night, Iraqi army and police officials said al-Masri had been captured in the northern city of Mosul.

Disaster in Myanmar (2008-05-09)
The United Nations is blasting Myanmar's military rulers for refusing to let foreign aid workers into the country to help cyclone survivors.

Oakland County Exec Race is On (2008-05-09)
Southfield mayor Brenda Lawrence formally launched her campaign today to be Oakland County's next county executive.

Republican L. Brooks Patterson is running to hold on to the seat he's held for the past 16 years.

Hurricane Katrina Victim Wins Lottery (2008-05-09)
Finally, some good luck for a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Carl Hunter, who lost two homes in the storm, has won a 97-million-dollar Powerball jackpot.

GM Buys Renaissance Center (2008-05-09)
GM revealed the May 1 purchase in a filing Thursday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. GM says it paid $626 million cash for the headquarters and $200 million cash for two office properties in nearby Pontiac, Mich.

US Museum To Return Stolen Italian Art (2008-05-09)
A lawyer for Italy says the country has a verbal agreement with the Cleveland Museum of Art for the return of artifacts that Rome says have been looted or smuggled out of the country.

State Hearings on Teen Drop-out Rate (2008-05-09)
Educators are holding hearings across the state to focus on ways of solving Michigan's drop-out crisis.

Surging Crude Oil Pushing Gasoline Price (2008-05-09)
The surge in the price of oil continues to push gas prices higher. A survey of stations by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service finds that the price of a gallon of regular gas jumped 2.6 cents overnight to a record of $3.67.

Mystery Illness Stalks Canadian Train (2008-05-09)
Canadian authorities have a train in northern Ontario under quarantine after one person died and several others came down with an undetermined illness.

Jury Selection Starts in R. Kelly Child Porn Case (2008-05-09)
R&B singer R. Kelly has arrived at an Illinois courthouse to face child pornography charges filed after a videotape allegedly showed him having sex with a girl as young as 13.

Investors Speak Out At Ford Meeting (2008-05-08)
Shareholders question executive pay at the company, and the Ford family's added clout in shareholder votes.

Clinton Says No To Michigan Delegate Compromise (2008-05-08)
Clinton camp says she should get all the delegates she earned in primary.

Iraq Claims to Have Captured Al Qaida Leader (2008-05-08)
The Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman says the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq has been arrested in the northern city of Mosul.

New Lebanese Civil War? (2008-05-08)
The leader of Hezbollah says the Lebanese government has declared war on the Shiite militant group. In a televized speech, Hassan Nasrallah says the group will fight any attempt to disarm its fighters and will arrest those who try to arrest them.

Senate OKs Complete Workplace Smoking Ban (2008-05-08)
The Michigan Senate has voted to ban smoking in all bars, restaurants and workplaces. Today's 25-12 vote came after smoking-ban legislation sat five months in a committee where bills traditionally have gone to die.

Fmr. Congressman David Bonior Endorses Obama (2008-05-08)
Former Michigan lawmaker David Bonior is switching his allegiance to Barack Obama. Bonior was John Edwards' campaign manager until Edwards dropped out of the Democratic race.

GM Will Spend $200 Million To Help Settle American Axle Strike (2008-05-08)
The strike started 10 weeks ago. One analyst says the move could mean a deal is close.

Lansing Man Convicted of Murdering 2 Women (2008-05-08)
Matthew Macon is suspected in the deaths of 7 women in the Lansing area.

NY Congressman Admits Fathering Child (2008-05-08)
Rep. Vito Fossella of New York has acknowledged fathering a 3-year-old daughter with a woman outside his marriage. In a statement Thursday Fossella said he is "truly sorry" for the pain he has caused his loved ones.

Singer Eddy Arnold Has Died (2008-05-08)
Arnold's mellow baritone on songs like "Make the World Go Away" - a crossover hit on the pop charts in 1965 - made him one of the most successful country singers in history.

Myanmar Still Blocking Disaster Aid (2008-05-08)
Five days after a devastating cylone, a United Nations official is appealing to Myanmar's military rulers to finally give permission so a "major international relief effort" can get under way.

Israel at 60 (2008-05-08)
Israel is marking its 60th anniversary with fireworks, air force flyovers and a birthday bash for anyone born on the day the Jewish state was founded.

Judge Threatens to Halt Gitmo Trial (2008-05-08)
A military judge at Guantanamo Bay is threatening to suspend the trial of a Canadian detainee unless the government provides defense lawyers with day-to-day records of his confinement.

Ford Shareholders Meet (2008-05-08)
On the agenda: 10 shareholder proposals. On everyone's mind: Kirk Kerkorian.

Violence Forcing Baghdad Residents From Homes (2008-05-08)
There's word that several sections of a Baghdad slum have been nearly abandoned by civilians. Aid agencies say thousands of Sadr City residents have been fleeing clashes between U.S. and Iraqi forces and Shiite militias.

House Approves Foreclosure Bailout Bill (2008-05-08)
President Bush says he'll veto the bill. It passed 266-154 with support from 39 Republicans.

Israeli PM Denies Taking Bribes (2008-05-08)
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says he never took illegal campaign contributions, denying allegations in a police investigation. But he says if he's indicted, he'll resign.

President to Veto Iraq War Funding Bills (2008-05-08)
The White House again says President Bush will veto rival House and Senate Iraq funding bills, even after Democrats made spending concessions designed to win the president's signature.

Union Official 'Happy' With GR School Board Election Results (2008-05-07)
Grand Rapids teachers' union president Paul Helder says he's happy with yesterday's election results.

Former Gitmo Detainee Linked to Iraq Bombing (2008-05-07)
The U.S. military is confirming that a former Guantanamo detainee from Kuwait carried out a recent suicide attack in northern Iraq. A spokesman for U.S. military's Central Command told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Abdallah Salih al-Ajmi took part in an attack in Mosul.

Now What? (2008-05-07)
Barack Obama is less than 200 pledged delegates shy of the number needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. He won the most delegates Tuesday night.

Earthquake Rattles Tokyo (2008-05-07)
A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has hit Japan about 100 miles northeast of Tokyo. The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the quake struck at 1:45 a.m. Thursday.

Disaster Aid Slowly Reaching Myanmar (2008-05-07)
Myanmar's state-run media report that the cyclone death toll is now almost 23,000. Another 42,000 people are still missing since the storm hit last Saturday.

Windfall Profits and Oil Companies (2008-05-07)
Senate Democrats called Wednesday for a limited windfall profits tax on the largest oil companies and a rollback of $17 billion in oil industry tax breaks as part of an energy package that also would impose federal penalties on energy price gouging.

Credit Card Use Up (2008-05-07)
The Federal Reserve says consumer borrowing rose at an annual rate of 7.2 percent in March. It was the fastest pace in four months. The gain is larger than economists expected.

Former EMU Student Sentenced To Life (2008-05-07)
A former Eastern Michigan University student was sentenced to life in prison today (Wed.) for killing a fellow student. The case attracted unwanted publicity for the University last year, because officials did not disclose the crime for weeks after it happened.

Singer Amy Winehouse Arrested Again (2008-05-07)
A spokesman says Amy Winehouse has been arrested on a drug-related charge. The singer's spokesman says the arrest is connected to a video that allegedly shows her taking drugs at a party in her north London home.

McCain Promises No Great Lakes Diversion (2008-05-07)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain fielded questions about the economy, veterans assistance, and his temper at a town hall meeting in Michigan today. And he told the audience Great Lakes states should control Great Lakes water.

Putting Pressure on Hillary (2008-05-07)
It's been a day off from the campaign trail for Barack Obama -- but his staff is still trying to boost the pressure on Hillary Rodham Clinton to bring the nominating race to a close.

Michigan Supreme Court Says Public Employers Can't Offer Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits (2008-05-07)
Gay employees who work for public employers can't be offered health insurance or other benefits for their domestic partners.

Local Election Results (2008-05-07)
Click on the following links to get the latest local election returns

American's Rank Last in 'Green-dex' (2008-05-07)
Americans are getting a last-place ranking when it comes to being environmentally friendly. U.S consumers are at the bottom of the National Geographic Society's new "Greendex" survey.

2 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan (2008-05-07)
NATO has not yet released the soldiers' nationalities, but most foreign troops in that area are American. Two other NATO soldiers wounded in the explosion have been evacuated to a military hospital for treatment.

State Supreme Court Rules Against Same Sex Benefits (2008-05-07)
The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that governments and state universities can't offer health insurance to the partners of gay workers.

Court of Appeals Ponders Absentee Ballot Case (2008-05-07)
The Michigan Court of Appeals is considering whether to prevent Macomb County from sending absentee ballot applications to senior citizens.

It's a case raising questions of discrimination and partisan politics.

Macomb County Voters Say 'Go Ahead' to County Exec (2008-05-07)
The vote approves the election of a charter commission to draft an overhaul of Macomb County's government structure. The new structure also requires voter approval, and it will be at least two years before Macomb County gets an executive.

War Crimes in Somalia (2008-05-06)
A human rights group is accusing Ethiopian forces of war crimes against civilians in Somalia. Amnesty International says the troops committed a number of atrocities that include gang-raping women, mutilating men and stabbing children.

Lions' Kitna Promises 10 Win Season....Again (2008-05-06)
Detroit Lions quarterback Jon Kitna is at it again. A season after he predicted 10 wins for a franchise that hasn't been to the playoffs since 1999, Kitna says he expects double-digit victories in 2008.

'High'er Education (2008-05-06)
Authorities say nearly 100 students have been arrested at San Diego State University on drug-related charges.

The Last 'Super' Tuesday? (2008-05-06)
North Carolina and Indiana are looking like the last chance for the Democratic candidates to take in a big chunk of pledged delegates.

NCAA Penalizes Schools for Poor Academic Performance (2008-05-06)
Central Michigan University's football program was the only Michigan college program cited by the NCAA.

Senate GOP Leader Signals Tribal Compact May be Approved (2008-05-06)
Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop is signalling a tribal compact for the Gun Lake tribe may be imminent.

Detroit Council Weighs Options in Text Scandal (2008-05-06)
A vote could come as early as next Tuesday on whether the Detroit City Council will act to remove Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

Hemingway's Michigan (2008-05-06)
The Great Michigan Read turns the whole state into one, giant book club

Iraq Vets and Suicide (2008-05-06)
A House committee chairman is accusing the Veterans Affairs agency of criminal negligence in its handling of data on suicides among U.S. veterans.

Myanmar Death Toll Passes 20 Thousand (2008-05-06)
Myanmar state radio reports another big jump in the number of people killed by a cyclone on Saturday. The latest figure is over 22,000. Thousands more are missing, according to a news broadcast.

Possible Airstrike in Somalia (2008-05-06)
Islamic fighters say an overnight U.S. airstrike blasted a remote area of central Somalia, but no one was hurt. The U.S. military denies the report.

Cult Leader Arrested (2008-05-06)
State police have arrested the leader of an apocalyptic church in northeastern New Mexico. A spokesman says Wayne Bent was arrested today on three charges of criminal sexual contact.

Future of Freedom Hill Amphitheatre (2008-05-06)
Macomb County may end its relationship with the company that runs the Freedom Hill Amphitheatre. This after a federal jury in Detroit ruled Monday in the county's favor in a long-running contract dispute.

McCain to Campaign in Michigan Tomorrow (2008-05-06)
The presumptive Republican presidential nominee will be at a campaign event in suburban Detroit tomorrow.

Fixing Michigan's Foster Care System (2008-05-06)
Republican state lawmakers say they want to get the private sector more involved in fixing Michigan's troubled foster care system.

Infant Mortality Dropping in Michigan (2008-05-06)
But, African-American infants born in Michigan are three times more likely than white infants to die before the age of one.

'Torture Memo' Showdown (2008-05-06)
The House Judiciary Committee has voted to compel Vice President Cheney's chief of staff to testify about U.S. military interrogation practices.

World's Worst Human Rights Abusers (2008-05-06)
A new survey by a democracy watchdog organization concludes that 90 countries respect a broad array of basic human rights and political freedoms, while 103 countries fail to some degree to observe standards of liberal democracy.

Food Crisis Grips Asia (2008-05-05)
The Asian Development Bank says a billion poor people in Asia need food aid and sound fiscal policies to cope with skyrocketing food prices.

Macomb Voters Decide Whether To Begin Change Of Form Of Government (2008-05-05)
Supporters of a county executive style of government say Macomb is being left behind economically because of an outdated form of government.

Choice for New VW Plant Narrows (2008-05-05)
An official says the Wiregrass area of Alabama won't be getting the new Volkswagen plant.

Clinton Leads in Latest Indiana Poll (2008-05-05)
A Suffolk University survey of 600 likely Democratic voters in Indiana found Clinton to be the choice of 49 percent of those interviewed. Obama was backed by 43 percent, while six percent say they are still undecided.

Detroit City Council Considers Mayor's Future (2008-05-05)
A Detroit City Council attorney has delivered a report of recommendations on issues including whether the group can proceed with efforts to remove Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office.

Is Suspending The Federal Gas Tax A Good Idea? (2008-05-05)
The nation's chief road builder is refusing to take a position on proposals to suspend the federal tax on gasoline this summer.

Death Toll Rises in Myanmar (2008-05-05)
State radio in Myanmar says the death toll from a weekend cyclone is nearly 4,000 and the country's foreign minister says it could be more than twice that.

Indian Politicians Blast Bush Over Food Comments (2008-05-05)
President Bush is drawing sharp criticism for comments he made Friday and the rising price of food around the world. Politicians in India are blasting him for suggesting the South Asian country's increasing prosperity is partly to blame.

Lansing Serial Killing Murder Case Opens Today (2008-05-05)
Opening statements are expected Monday in Lansing in the trial of a suspect in the killings of up to seven women.

Too Much Iron May Be Unhealthy for Infants (2008-05-05)
A new study suggests giving extra iron to newborns who don't need it, could slow the development of certain brain functions.

Roger Clemens Apologizes (2008-05-05)
For what, he will not say.

Detroit's Nursing Homes Getting Help (2008-05-05)
Detroit's nursing homes are getting one point seven million dollars in state funds to improve staff training.

The program could eventually become a blueprint for others around the state.

GR School Board Election Contentious (2008-05-05)
Thousands of dollars is being poured into mailings and billboard ads backing and opposing union-backed candidates for the Grand Rapids' school board.

Board to Rule on Detroit Council Election Changes (2008-05-05)
An elections board in Detroit will decide today whether to allow a petition drive to go forward that would change the way city council members are elected.

Fugitive Robert Vesco Has Died (2008-05-05)
Vesco is perhaps best known for a bit part in the Watergate scandal, but he was allegedly behind schemes involving the Libya government, Colombian drug lords and Soviet spies, among others.

Iran Calls Off Iraqi Security Talks (2008-05-05)
Iran is calling off talks with the U.S. on Iraqi security, as U.S. military officials make fresh accusations that Tehran is training Iraqi extremists.

The Military Vote (2008-05-04)
The Pentagon is urging more states to update their voting technology before November so tens of thousands of U.S. troops serving overseas can get their ballots in on time.

Gas Prices Rise 15 Cents in Last Two Weeks (2008-05-04)
The average price of self-serve regular gasoline on Friday was $3.62 a gallon, up 15 cents from two weeks ago. Mid-grade was at $3.74 and premium was $3.85. That's all according to the Lundberg Survey of 7,000 stations nationwide released today.

Indiana, North Carolina Primaries Tuesday (2008-05-04)
Both Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are focusing the bulk of their campaigning today on Indiana, where polls show the race to be extremely close.

Study: Breast Feeding at 20 Year High (2008-05-04)
A new report says 77 percent of new mothers breast-feed their babies, at least briefly. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman says the number may even be an "all-time high," based on surveys since the mid-1980s.

Flint Police Mistakenly Sell Stolen Car (2008-05-04)
A Flint-area man paid about $3,800 for a Buick Regal only to find out a few days later that it was stolen.

Swimming the Huron River (2008-05-04)
Improved technology is clearing up the mystery of what lurks beneath the murky waters of the Huron River.

Govt. Leaders Take Input on Great Lakes Levels (2008-05-04)
Government officials took public input on a massive Great Lakes water levels study this weekend. They were told during a meeting in Muskegon to tread lightly when tinkering with the lakes.

Goin' Postal Over 'Forever Stamps' (2008-05-03)
The Forever stamp is a hot item these days. Postal rates go up in this month, and the Postal Service says Americans are buying 30 million of them a day.

Triumph and Tragedy (2008-05-03)
Pre-race favorite Big Brown, charging out of the outside post, won the 134th Kentucky Derby. The excitement of the victory was tempered though as runner-up Eight Belles had to be euthanized after breaking both front ankles at the finish line.

Coaching Legend Will Robinson Dies at 96 (2008-05-02)
Will Robinson was the first African American to coach a Division 1-A college team.

EPA's Midwest Boss Forced Out Over Dow Cleanup (2008-05-02)
EPA Regional Director too tough on Dow, told to resign or be fired.

Canadian Govt Investigates Deadly Oil Sands (2008-05-02)
The Canadian government is investigating an oil sands company following the deaths of hundreds of ducks that landed on a partially frozen pond filled with toxic waste.

Tulip Time in Bloom Again (2008-05-02)
One of the nation's largest flower festivals kicks off this weekend in Holland.

Canada Proposes Highway-to-Bridge Plan (2008-05-02)
The Canadian government has released its plan for connecting Ontario's Highway 401 with I-75 in Detroit.

Plastic Bag Ban in Chelsea? (2008-05-02)
Plastic shopping bags could get the boot in one Michigan community.

Canada Proposes Highway-to-Bridge Plan (2008-05-02)
The Canadian government has released its plan for connecting Ontario's Highway 401 with I-75 in Detroit.

GR Parking Meter Fines Could Go Up (2008-05-02)
Grand Rapids' city manager wants to increase parking meter fines to help shore up the upcoming budget.

Holocaust Rememberance Day in Israel (2008-05-01)
Sirens pierced the air throughout the country today in a mournful wail in tribute to the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis.

Flint's Mayor Running for Governor? (2008-05-01)
Flint Mayor Don Williamson is expected to announce this afternoon that he may run for governor in 2010

More People Seeking Jobless Benefits (2008-05-01)
The Labor Department reported Thursday that claims for unemployment benefits rose by 35,000 to 380,000. Private economists had expected claims would rise by a smaller 18,000.

Pentagon Urges Iraq Vets to Get Mental Health Counseling (2008-05-01)
The Pentagon is urging troops to get psychiatric counseling for wartime mental health problems, saying it will not be used to deny them security clearances for sensitive jobs.

Hispanic Influence Growing in US (2008-05-01)
As of last July, there were 45 and a-half million Hispanics in the U.S. That's an increase of nearly one and a-half million in just one year.

Al Qaida Leader in Somalia Dies in Airstrike (2008-05-01)
A U.S. airstrike in Somalia has killed the head of that nation's branch of al-Qaida. The military confirms he was the target and an insurgent group confirms he was killed. Aden Hashi Ayro died when the airstrike hit his house about 300 miles north of Mogadishu.

Flint's Controversial Mayor Wants To Be Governor (2008-05-01)
Flint's controversial mayor says he wants to be the Democratic nominee for governor in 2010.

Don Williamson's tenure as Flint's mayor has been rocky at best.

Child Advocates Win a Round in Legal Battle (2008-05-01)
Attorneys for a child welfare group won a legal victory in a lawsuit against the state today.

May Day Rally Draws Hundreds in Detroit (2008-05-01)
Hundreds of people marched through the streets of southwest Detroit today in support of immigrant rights.

Auto Sales Expected To Be Down Again For April (2008-05-01)
Automakers release the official numbers later today.

Iraq-Iran Talks (2008-05-01)
Iraqi officials say the government has dispatched a delegation to Iran to discuss concerns about the arming and training of Shiite militias in Iraq.

U of M & Minority Enrollment (2008-05-01)
University of Michigan officials should learn in the next few weeks how well their efforts to attract minority students without affirmative action are doing.

But early indications are not as good as they may have hoped.

Palestinian President Undergoes Angioplasty (2008-05-01)
A spokesman says Mahmoud Abbas underwent the procedure today and will return to the West Bank tomorrow. He says a doctor recommended the procedure during what was a routine medical exam.

More Work To Do For GM (2008-04-30)
The restructuring at General Motors has yet to lead to sustainable profits for the company. GM posted a $3.3 billion loss for the first quarter.

Farmers Assess Damage to Fruit Crops (2008-04-30)
Farmers in southwest Michigan sustained damage to their fruit crops from this week's cold snap.

'Father of LSD' is Dead (2008-04-30)
Albert Hofmann was 102 when he died of a heart attack at his home in Switzerland yesterday. The chemist discovered the mind-altering drug in 1938 while studying the medicinal uses of a fungus found on wheat and other grains.

Daytime Emmy Nominations Announced (2008-04-30)
The women of "The View" have another chance to break their long Daytime Emmy losing streak. They're up for best entertainment talk show hosts, an award they've lost 10 times. The View will compete against Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, and Ellen DeGeneres, who's won three times.

Fire Guts Hollywood Celebrity Hangout (2008-04-30)
A celebrity hangout in Hollywood has been damaged by fire. It's a nightclub at Hollywood and Vine where Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 21st birthday and Kanye West partied just last week.

GM Posts $3 Billion Loss (2008-04-30)
The automaker blames the slide in part to a weak U.S. market, the strike at American Axle and plummeting truck and SUV sales.

Refinery Hearing in Detroit Tonight (2008-04-30)
A public hearing will be held tonight on an air pollution permit for an expansion at the state's only oil refinery.

The Fate of the Last Czar's Children (2008-04-30)
New tests on bone fragments found in Russia last year show they belong to children of Russia's last czar. DNA tests confirm the fragments came from Crown Prince Alexei and his sister, Maria. Their remains had been missing since the family was murdered in 1918.

Governor Granholm Goes Under The Knife (2008-04-30)
Governor Jennifer Granholm has undergone emergency surgery to treat a bowel obstruction, postponing a planned investment trip to Israel and Kuwait.

Fed Cuts Interest Rate as Expected (2008-04-30)
The Federal Reserve is still giving some medicine to the economy, only in a smaller dose this time.

Jury Selection Underway in Lansing Serial Killer Case (2008-04-30)
Jury selection is under way in Lansing in the trial of a suspect in the killings of up to seven women.

Enviros Unhappy About Reduced Permit Reviews (2008-04-30)
Environmental groups are unhappy about the state's plan to ratchet back regulation of Michigan's wetlands, lakes and streams.

Olympic Torch Reaches Final International Stop (2008-04-29)
The Olympic flame has ended its international tour before waving, cheering crowds in Vietnam'slargest city.

Michigan Retailers Hoping For Stimulus Boost (2008-04-29)
The federal government is expected to give Michigan taxpayers more than 3 billion dollars over the coming days, weeks and months.

Democrats Propose New Primary Fix (2008-04-29)
Top Michigan Democrats working to get Michigan's delegates seated at the Democratic National Convention have suggested splitting the delegates 69-59 between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Kilpatrick Text Messages Released (2008-04-29)
Excerpts of text messages revealed in an 18-page document show Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former top aide engage in graphic sex talk.

President Bush Talks About 'Tough' Economy (2008-04-29)
Bush adds that he's open to "any ideas," including a proposal to suspend gas and diesel taxes this summer. That plan is backed by both Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Democratic hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Gun Lake Tribe Wins Legal Round in Casino Battle (2008-04-29)
A federal appeals court today approved a plan to give the Gun Lake Tribe 147 acres for a casino in southwest Michigan.

Aziz Trial on Hold in Baghdad (2008-04-29)
The Baghdad trial of a former top official under Saddam Hussein has been adjourned until May 20th. Tariq Aziz's trial is being postponed because one of his co-defendants -- a Saddam cousin known as "Chemical Ali" -- is too sick to be in court.

More Time For Public Comments On Controversial Beach Plan (2008-04-29)
People in Benton Harbor will have two extra weeks to have their voices heard on the plan to develop Jean Klock Park.

Army Recruits With History of 'Bad Behavior' Excel (2008-04-29)
Soldiers who get into the Army despite a history of bad conduct are promoted faster and earn more medals for valor. They also may go AWOL more and face more discipline problems.

Stimulus Check in the Mail (2008-04-28)
Those long-promised tax rebates are now on their way to U.S. taxpayers. People who chose to have their rebates directly deposited into their bank accounts will see the money there beginning today.

Boating & Terrorism (2008-04-28)
Michigan boaters are being asked to be on the outlook for possible terrorists this summer.

The federal Homeland Security department leaders today said the nation's waterways are at-risk.

Taliban Steps Up Attacks in Afghanistan (2008-04-28)
The military says U.S. and Afghan troops managed to fight off coordinated insurgent attacks on five military outposts in eastern Afghanistan yesterday.

Supreme Court OKs Voter ID Laws (2008-04-28)
The Supreme Court has ruled that states can require voters to produce photo identification without violating their constitutional rights.

Vietnam Ending US Adoptions (2008-04-28)
The move comes after a report from the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi alleged pervasive corruption and baby-selling in Vietnam's adoption system.

Fake Blood - Real Danger (2008-04-28)
A new study finds that the Food and Drug Administration allowed human testing of experimental blood substitutes even after it was shown that they increased the risk of heart attack and death.

Captive Daughter (2008-04-28)
Austrian authorities say the case of the man who allegedly imprisoned his daughter for 24 years and fathered all seven of her children is one of the nation's worst-ever crimes.

Rockets Hit Baghdad's Green Zone (2008-04-28)
The U.S. embassy says there are no reports of serious injuries or deaths from the attack launched by Shiite extremists in Sadr City.

Israelis Kill 4 in Gaza Raid (2008-04-28)
The Israeli army says it used tanks and aircraft to target a group of gunmen in the northern Gaza Strip, but that a tank shell apparently veered off target and struck a house.

Basketball Pioneer Dies (2008-04-28)
Pioneering basketball icon Will Robinson has died at the age of 96.

Robinson was the first black coach of a Division I college program, leading Illinois State in the 1970s.

He joined the Pistons as a scout in 1976.

Kerkorian Makes Offer for Ford Shares (2008-04-28)
Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian's company says it plans to make a cash offer of $8.50 per share for up to 20 million shares of Ford Motor Co. The offer price represents a 13.3 percent premium over Ford's closing price on Friday.

Sweet Deal: Mars Candy Buying Wrigley Gum (2008-04-28)
Candy maker Mars Inc. says it's buying confectioner Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. in an all-cash deal valued at almost $23 billion.

Scalia Opens Up (2008-04-28)
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia sees himself as a social conservative and "a law-and-order guy" whose views do not impact his interpretation of the Constitution.

Meisner Seeks Oakland Treasurer Post (2008-04-28)
Andy Meisner needs a new job next year. He'll seek to become Oakland County's next Treasurer.

Pontiac Edges Closer to State Takeover (2008-04-28)
Today, the governor's office announced a committee has been appointed to review the city's finances.

Vacant Homes at Record Level (2008-04-28)
The Census Bureau says the percentage of vacant homes in the U.S. has hit a record high in the first quarter of this year. The report, released Monday, shows that 2.9 percent of U.S. homes - excluding rental properties - were vacant, compared with 2.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Kerkorian Takes A Stake In Ford (2008-04-28)
Billionaire investor has a history of pushing for change, but this time he's sending signs that he's pleased with Ford's management.

Michigan Gas Prices at Record High, Again (2008-04-28)
AAA Michigan says gas prices are 12 cents higher than last week, with a statewide average of $3.64 per gallon. It surpasses the previous record of 3.52 a gallon set a week ago.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Speak in Detroit (2008-04-27)
The controversial former pastor to Barack Obama is the keynote speaker at the NAACP's annual fundraising dinner in Detroit tonight.

Rev. Wright Speaks to Detroit NAACP (2008-04-27)
The controversial Chicago minister Jeremiah Wright told a sold-out crowd in Detroit last night that he's a preacher - not a politician.

Don't Waste Time with NFL Draft (2008-04-25)
The NFL draft takes place this Sunday. Sports commentator John U. Bacon says spend the time doing something else.

Education Leaders Talk Dropouts (2008-04-25)
Education leaders from southeast Michigan wrapped up a two-day summit about the dropout problem today.

No Strike For Now At GM Plant Near Grand Rapids (2008-04-25)
UAW local says progress has been made in negotiations; workers at a GM plant near Lansing remain on strike.

American Axle Posts $27 Million Loss (2008-04-25)
The auto parts company blamed the loss on the ongoing strike by the UAW.

Levin says Senate still wants Fair Pay Act (2008-04-25)
Michigan Senator Carl Levin says Democrats in the Senate will continue fight for Fair Pay Act.

Ford Posts Surprise Profit (2008-04-24)
Company says it made $100 million in the first quarter. Executives don't expect to turn a profit for the full year.

Michigan Drops Popular Student Loan Program (2008-04-24)
The FFELP is no longer available to students in Michigan.

New State Business Tax Worse Than Old Tax For Some (2008-04-24)
The state legislature is starting to heed the cries for help from Michigan businesses, who've just sent in their first quarterly payment of the new state business tax.

Detroit Judge OK'd to Hear Kilpatrick Case (2008-04-24)
A judge in Detroit today denied prosecutors' request to disqualify the 36th District Court bench from hearing the perjury case against Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Fieger Trial Gets Underway (2008-04-24)
The federal government has begun its prosecution of Geoffrey Fieger and his law partner for alleged campaign contribution violations.

Detroit to Host Fugitive Surrender Project (2008-04-24)
A Detroit church will become a courthouse in June - when it hosts a project to encourage fugitives to turn themselves in.

Services Industry May Benefit from MPI Jobs (2008-04-23)
An economist says the services industries stand to gain from this week's MPI jobs announcement.

Report: More Michigan Schools in Restructuring (2008-04-23)
A new report says 63 low-income schools in Michigan were in federally mandated restructuring last year under the No Child Left Behind law.

What Does Pennsylvania Mean For Michigan Delegates? (2008-04-23)
The race for the Democratic nomination continues... which means there's still no clear answer as to whether or not Michigan's Democratic delegates will be seated.

GM Falls Behind Toyota In Sales Race (2008-04-23)
GM has claimed the title of world's top selling automaker for 77 years.

Airport Holds Open House To Discuss Controversial Plan (2008-04-23)
City leaders in Romulus say the plan will displace 3,500 people.

Kalamazoo Area Research Firm Expected To Create Thousands of Jobs (2008-04-22)
Thirty-three-hundred jobs are expected for the Kalamazoo area, in MPI Research's expansion.

Group Raises Money for Beatty Defense (2008-04-22)
Unify Detroit Coalition says they raised about $25,000 for Mayor's former chief of staff.

Fundraiser for Beatty Tonight (2008-04-22)
Group to raise legal defense money for Christine Beatty

The Electric Kalimba (2008-04-22)
An ancient percussive instrument from Africa gets an upgrade.

Medical Research Firm To Expand In Kalamazoo (2008-04-22)
Kalamazoo is celebrating the announcement of a major expansion of a Matewan-based medical research contractor.

New Fuel Economy Rules To Be More Aggressive Than Expected (2008-04-22)
U.S. Department of Transportation sets targets for the first seven years of new fuel economy rule.

Officials Break Ground on MSU's Grand Rapids Medical School (2008-04-22)
Donors came to celebrate the groundbreaking of the new MSU medical school campus in Grand Rapids yesterday.

WALLY Study To Begin (2008-04-21)
A feasibility study will get underway on a proposed Ann Arbor-Howell railroad commuter route.

Detroit One Step Closer To New Public Transit Line (2008-04-21)
Officials have decided to build a light rail line along Woodward Avenue. They say the project could be completed by 2013.

Gas Prices In State Hit New Record High: More Records To Come (2008-04-21)
The statewide average for a gallon of gasoline hit a new record high this weekend. And it isn't even summer yet, when gas prices are typically at their highest.

Why Moms and Daughters Don't Get Along (2008-04-21)
Mothers and their adult daughters often have conflicts. The new book "Making Up With Mom" explains why and what to do about the problem.

Michigan Greens Go With McKinney (2008-04-21)
The Green Party of Michigan chose its delegates who will go to the party's presidential nominating convention in Chicago this July.

Hybrid Sales Up, But Michigan Hybrid Owners Still Harder To Find (2008-04-21)
Fuel efficient hybrids are less popular in Michigan than in most states, but interest is growing.

Kzoo May Increase Curfew Age (2008-04-21)
Kalamazoo may take up the issue of increasing the age of its midnight curfew from 16 to 17 years tonight.

Dalai Lama Draws Protests (2008-04-20)
Hundreds of Chinese students chanted and waved signs Sunday outside the University of Michigan's Crisler Arena to protest the Dalai Lama's appearance.

Chanting Olympics GO!' the protesters voiced support for China's plans to host this summer's Olympic Games.

McCain Rising (2008-04-20)
An Associated-Press-Yahoo news poll indicates Republican John McCain is no longer the underdog in the presidential race.

DASH Diet May Help in the Long Run (2008-04-20)
A diet the government recommends for lowering high blood pressure may also save people from heart attack and stroke. The plan is called the DASH diet, and it favors fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk and plant-based protein over meat.

'Inner Peace' Our Goal (2008-04-20)
>The Dalai Lama spoke to thousands of admirers this weekend in Ann Arbor.

He delivered lectures on Tibetan Buddhism before a near capacity crowd at the University of Michigan's Crisler Arena.

Study: Older is Happier (2008-04-20)
The study by a University of Chicago sociologist concludes that the happiest Americans are the oldest, and older adults are more socially active than the stereotype of the lonely senior suggests.

Dalai Lama and Environmental Sustainability (2008-04-19)
The co-director of U of M's Center for Sustainable Systems insists says the Tibetan spirital leader is not an odd choice for a lecture on the environment.

Workplace Stress and Sleeplessness (2008-04-18)
The workplace has changed a lot in the past decade.

But, a new University of Michigan study finds no change in the reason why some workers can't get a good night's sleep.

A Hockey Education (2008-04-18)
Between talk of steroids, outrageous salaries and professional athletes acting more like children, commentator John U. Bacon says there is good in sports

Upton Bill Would Pay for K-12 School Emergency Alerts (2008-04-18)
Congressman Fred Upton (R-St. Joseph) is introducing a bill that would allow schools to use federal telecommunications money to pay for upgraded emergency alert systems.

Dalai Lama in Ann Arbor (2008-04-18)
He's in Michigan to discuss spirituality, but the violence in his homeland of Tibet is also on his mind.

Are The Strike Threats Against GM Really About American Axle? (2008-04-18)
Some analysts see a connection between the UAW's strike threats against important GM plants, and the ongoing strike at parts supplier American Axle.

Early Morning 'Quake' Up Call (2008-04-18)
A 5.2 magnitude earthquake shook the region just after 4:30 a.m. It was centered six miles from West Salem, Illinois, and was strong enough to rattle skyscrapers in Chicago's Loop and homes in Cincinnati.

Testimony Mixed at Jean Klock Park Hearing (2008-04-18)
Public testimony was mixed at a hearing that could help decide the fate of Benton Harbor's Jean Klock Park.

Dalai Lama In Ann Arbor This Weekend (2008-04-18)
The visit coincides with unrest in his Tibetan omeland.

Parkland Activists Still Trying to Block Harbor Shores Development (2008-04-17)
Park land activists will try and show a developer-driven project to convert part of a Benton Harbor park into a golf resort doesn't meet federal environmental standards.

Fundraising Gets Creative (2008-04-17)
A poor economy and cuts in state funding for the arts have forced non-profit organizations to get creative with their fundraising.

Study: More Iraq Vets Suffer From Depression (2008-04-17)
A new independent study says that about 300,000 U.S. troops are suffering major depression or post traumatic stress from serving in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 320,000 have brain injuries.

Rove on the Hot Seat? (2008-04-17)
The House Judiciary Committee is taking Karl Rove up on an offer to testify about claims that he influenced a federal corruption case against former Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama.

Rice to Iran: Stop Helping Shiite Militias (2008-04-17)
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is calling on Iran to end its backing of Shiite militias in Iraq. She says such actions undermine Iraq's government -- and end up hurting or killing innocent Iraqis.

Kenyan Opposition Leader Now Prime Minister (2008-04-17)
Raila Odinga took the oath of office today, calling for talks with gang members terrorizing parts of the capital. Hours later, they agreed.

EMU's Next President Is....? (2008-04-17)
The four finalists for Eastern Michigan University's president's job have very different backgrounds.

China vs CNN (2008-04-17)
China's foreign ministry spokeswoman says an apology from CNN over remarks by one of its commentators is insincere. The spokeswoman today rejected CNN's explanation that commentator Jack Cafferty was referring to China's leaders, not the Chinese people, when he described them as "goons and thugs."

Pope Benedict Celebrates Mass in Washington (2008-04-17)
Pope Benedict is praising America as a land of opportunity, where hope is "part of the American character." The German-born pontiff has been celebrating his first public Mass in the U.S.

Air Force Generals Accused of Steering Contract (2008-04-17)
The Associated Press has learned that a Pentagon investigation scheduled for release this week will be highly critical of Air Force leadership in connection with efforts to steer a $50 million contract.

GRPS Disputes Mailing Calling Schools 'Unsafe' (2008-04-17)
Grand Rapids Public School officials blasted a mailing today they say creates a false impression the district's schools are unsafe.

UAW Strikes GM's Delta Township Plant (2008-04-17)
Workers are on strike at one of General Motors major assembly plants.

UAW members walked off the job just after 10am this morning.

Tibetan Protests Stifled in Nepal, India (2008-04-17)
Police in Nepal say they have detained more than 500 Tibetan exiles who were protesting near the Chinese Embassy in the capital.

In India, runners carried the Olympic flame along a heavily guarded route through central New Delhi. It was protected by about 15,000 police who kept away Tibetan exiles and other anti-China protesters.

Michigan Congressmen Back Jobless Benefits Extension (2008-04-17)
A benefits extension would be greeted warmly in Michigan. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 7 point 2 percent.

Clinton, Obama Debate in Philly (2008-04-17)
After 21 Democratic presidential debates,Hillary Clinton has made a concession she'd been trying to avoid. She says Barack Obama can win in November.

Virginia Tech Massacre - 1 Year Later (2008-04-16)
A sea of people wearing orange and maroon flowed onto Virginia Tech's main campus lawn and listened as the names of the victims of worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history were read.

Gov. Granholm Headed to Middle East (2008-04-16)
Governor Jennifer Granholm plans leave in two weeks for a trade trip to Israel and Kuwait. The meetings with Middle East business leaders are designed to lure more jobs to Michigan.

Crude Oil Prices Shoot Up (2008-04-16)
More record highs for crude oil today as the weakening U.S. dollar drove up investments in commodities.

Govt., Shiite Forces Clash in Iraq (2008-04-16)
The military says an unmanned U.S. drone fired two missiles at militants attacking Iraqi soldiers in the southern city of Basra today, killing four of the gunmen.

British Prime Minister in US (2008-04-16)
Britain's prime minister is in the U.S. for talks on the economy, trade and shoring up U.S.-British relations. It's Gordon Brown's second U.S. visit since replacing Tony Blair last June.

Mistrial in Terrorism Case (2008-04-16)
A federal judge in Miami has declared another mistrial against six men accused of plotting to spark an anti-government war by toppling Chicago's Sears Tower and bombing FBI offices.

Iranian Leader Doubts 9/11 Attacks Happened (2008-04-16)
In a speech on Iranian television, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussed what he calls a "suspicious event" involving a building collapse in New York. Among other things, he said 3,000 people were reported killed but that their names have never been published.

Carter Rejects Criticism, Meets With Hamas (2008-04-16)
Former President Jimmy Carter is rejecting an appeal from an Israeli lawmaker who asked him today to stop meeting with the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

US Supreme Court Approves Lethal Injection (2008-04-16)
By a 7-2 vote, the Supreme Court has upheld the way Kentucky carries out executions by lethal injection. The justices turned back a constitutional challenge to the procedures in place in Kentucky, which uses three drugs to sedate, paralyze and kill the condemned.

US Economy Stumbles (2008-04-16)
A new Federal Reserve report says the country's economic health deteriorated further in the early spring.

Michigan's Unemployment Rate Holds Steady (2008-04-16)
Michigan's unemployment rate remained at 7.2 percent in March for the second month in a row. It was affected by layoffs related to the United Auto Workers strike at American Axle

Study: Great Lakes Clean-Up Would Bring $4B Sparkle to Detroit (2008-04-16)
A new Brookings Institution analysis released today shows federal clean-up of the Great Lakes would benefit major cities by 2 to 1 over the cost.

Specter Downplays Cancer Recurrence (2008-04-16)
The five-term Republican says he learned of the early recurrence of Hodgkin's disease on Tuesday and will begin chemotherapy next week. Hodgkins is a cancer of the lymphatic system.

Pope Benedict 'Deeply Ashamed' of Sex Scandal (2008-04-15)
He pledges to work to make sure that such abuse won't happen again and that pedophiles don't become priests.

Airline Merger to Benefit Detroit Metro, Michigan (2008-04-15)
An airline analyst says the proposed merger means good news for Michigan travelers.

Sleeping Bear Among Parks that Could Lose Land (2008-04-15)
Congress is underfunding a program to buy privately held land in national parks, says a conservation group.

Poll: Clinton Holding Lead in Pennsylvania (2008-04-15)
With a week to go before the Keystone State primary, the Quinnipiac University poll shows Clinton leading by six points, with the support of 50 percent of those surveyed to Obama's 44 percent.

Delta-Northwest Announce Merger Plans (2008-04-15)
Atlanta will be home to the world's largest airline if Delta and Northwest consolidate as planned. The boards of both companies gave the stock-swap deal the go-ahead last night.

Inflation Soars (2008-04-15)
Inflation at the wholesale level soared in March at nearly triple the rate that had been expected as the costs of energy and food both climbed rapidly.

Detroit Airport Officials Optimistic About Northwest-Delta Merger (2008-04-15)
Officials for Detroit Metro Airport say a financially stable airline could lead to more investments in the years to come.

Car Bombs Kill 60 in Iraq (2008-04-15)
Car bombs exploding today in Baghdad and cities to the north and west have killed nearly 60 people. They blasted crowded areas of the capital, as well as Baqouba in the north and Ramadi to the west.

Pope Benedict in US (2008-04-15)
Benedict arrived Tuesday on his first papal journey to the U.S. He was greeted off the plane by President Bush, first lady Laura Bush and their daughter, Jenna.

Looming Medicaid Cuts Worry State Leaders (2008-04-15)
Congress blocked the spending cuts last year, but that moratorium expires in June.

The Bush administration claims the cuts are needed to reduce costs and Medicaid fraud.

Study Finds Support For Statewide Smoking Ban (2008-04-15)
A new study says compelling evidence exists to support eliminating smoking in bars and restaurants across the Michigan.

"When You Wish Upon A Star...." (2008-04-15)
Walt Disney Studios says legendary animator Ollie Johnston has died at age 95.

He contributed animation and direction to classics such as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," and "Pinocchio".

Bush, Granholm Get Poor Grades in Poll (2008-04-15)
Michigan voters aren't very happy with either President Bush or Governor Granholm.

Pollution and the Olympic Games (2008-04-15)
Environmental officials in Beijing say they have an aggressive plan to keep the city's air clean during this summer's Olympic Games.

Tax Season: Costing Time and Money (2008-04-15)
A National Taxpayers Union report based on Internal Revenue Service figures says the average person is spending more than a day and more than $200 calculating and compiling numbers for his or her returns.

GM Faces Strike Deadlines This Week (2008-04-15)
Workers at three GM plants in Michigan say they'll walk out if new contracts can't be finalized.

Band Pushes for Smoke Free Shows (2008-04-15)
The next time you go out to see live music, the air in the club may be a little cleaner. You may want to thank the band.

Detroit Lions '08 Schedule Set (2008-04-15)
The Detroit Lions will kick off their regular season at the Atlanta Falcons Sept. 7.

Tax Day Battle in Lansing (2008-04-15)

State Senate Democrats have blocked an effort by Republicans to build a firewall against expanding of the state's sales tax.

Granholm Hopeful for a $50M Tourism Bill (2008-04-15)
Governor Granholm says she hopes to sign legislation this week that would pay for the most aggressive tourism advertising campaign in the state's history.

Deadly Plane Crash in Congo (2008-04-15)
Government officials say there are only six known survivors out of the 85 people who were onboard a DC-9 plane that crashed in eastern Congo.

Kilpatrick to Deliver Budget Plan (2008-04-14)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick delivers his budget address for the coming fiscal year today.

Detroit City Council Refuses to Hear Mayor's Budget Speech (2008-04-14)
Members of the Detroit City Council have refused to allow Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to outline his budget proposal before them. Kilpatrick had planned to present his budget to the Council Monday morning, but he was rebuffed.

Immelmen Wins Masters (2008-04-14)
Trevor Immelman has experienced his greatest thrill as a golfer, four months after getting the scare of his life.

Democrats and Religion (2008-04-14)
Senator Hillary Clinton says the notion held by some that the Democratic Party is elitist needs to be recognized and overcome.

Poll: Concerns About Housing Prices Grow (2008-04-14)
How much is the nation's sputtering real estate market weighing on the minds of Americans? Quite a bit, according to a new poll.

Zimbabwe in Limbo (2008-04-14)
A Zimbabwean opposition lawyer says a court has rejected a demand for the immediate release of results from last month's presidential election.

Low Income Tax Break (2008-04-14)
>Tomorrow is the deadline for taxpayers to send in their state and federal returns.

Advocates for low-income families say thousands of taxpayers will give up millions of dollars in money back from the government because they refuse to file.

State Tourism Industry Forecasted to Decline by 2 Percent (2008-04-14)
Researchers predict the state's tourism industry will decline by 2 percent this year.

Suing For Wrongful Convictions (2008-04-14)
The Supreme Court will decide if a man wrongly convicted of murder can sue a former Los Angeles County district attorney and a top deputy prosecutor for violating his civil rights.

Fmr. President Carter Condemns Attacks on Israel (2008-04-14)
Former President Jimmy Carter is condemning Palestinian militant attacks on Israel as a "despicable crime."

Auto Engineer Conference Starts In Detroit (2008-04-14)
Annual conference has technical talks, and new ideas that could change how you drive.

Retail Sales Post Minor Gain (2008-04-14)
Consumers are still being bothered by a severe credit crunch, rising energy and food costs and a prolonged housing slump. They stayed away from the malls again in March, with retail sales rebounding only slightly after a big drop in February.

Grand Rapids' League of Women Voters Revitalizing (2008-04-14)
A Grand Rapids group concerned with voter participation is seeing a rebirth.

Medical Marijuana On The Ballot (2008-04-14)
Last night was the deadline for the Legislature to act on the proposal to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. It would allow people in Michigan to grow and use marijuana to relieve pain and nausea from treating cancer, AIDS and H-I-V, multiple sclerosis, and other illnesses, but only with a doctor's approval.

Berlusconi Leads Italian Election Returns (2008-04-14)
Exit polls show Conservative leader Silvio Berlusconi locked in an extremely close battle for power with his main rival Waltern Veltroni.

Cubans Line Up For Cell Phone Permits (2008-04-14)
The cell phone contracts cost about US$120. That's more than six times the average state salary and doesn't include a phone or cards with credit to make and receive calls. Still, hundreds of Cubans are lining up to buy the service.

Anti-US Cleric Demands Reinstatement of Mutinious Iraqi Troops (2008-04-14)
Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is demanding the Iraqi government reinstate all security forces fired for deserting during fighting in Basra.

Poll: Obama Leads McCain in Michigan (2008-04-14)

The poll by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA shows 43 percent of the 600 likely voters polled back Barack Obama, while 41 percent back John McCain.

John McCain leads Hillary Clinton 46 percent to 37 percent in the same poll.

Can You SEE Me Now? (2008-04-13)
Forget about passing notes in study hall. Central Ohio school officials say teens are now using their cell phones to send nude pictures of themselves.

Poll: Catholics Embrace Faith, Not Mass (2008-04-13)
On the eve of Pope Benedict's first papal visit to the United States, a new survey suggests most American Catholics are pleased with his leadership of the church.

Broken Pipes (2008-04-13)
A hidden, but very real problem, is growing beneath the ground: Aging water pipes and tunnels that are showing their age.

Judge Tosses Meijer Investigation (2008-04-13)
Judge Phillip Rodgers says the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor cannot investigate campaign finance violations by retail giant Meijer.

Next Victim of Climate Change - - - BEER DRINKERS (2008-04-13)
Climate scientist Jim Salinger says climate change will likely cause a decline in the production of malting barley, a key ingredient in beer, in parts of Australia and New Zealand.

American Axle Makes New Offer (2008-04-13)
Striking United Auto Workers union members are considering a new contract offer from American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. as bargaining continues through the weekend.

Rental Cars Go 'Green' (2008-04-12)
But it has been a cautious transition, since there's no telling whether consumer demand will meet the supply.

Hospice Struggling to Meet Growing Need (2008-04-12)
More than a third of Americans use hospice services in the final months of their lives.

But a new University of Michigan study says there are gaps in the system.

American Airlines Still Grounded by Repairs (2008-04-11)
At least one more nightmarish day for travelers scheduled to fly Friday on American Airlines.

American Axle Talks Continue (2008-04-11)
American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. says a new contract proposal from the striking United Auto Workers is a little better but falls far short of giving the company the concessions it needs to compete in the auto parts business.

Climate Change - Floods and Drought (2008-04-11)
Experts meeting in Hungary say the coming weather changes could bring more flooding to the Northern Hemisphere, droughts in some southern and arid zones, and water shortages in areas around the Mediterranean, parts of southern Africa, northeastern Brazil and the western U.S.

Heartbreak in Denver (2008-04-11)
Michigan has Notre Dame's number on the football field, but not on the ice. The Fighting Irish defeated the top-ranked Wolverines in the Frozen Four semifinals.

US Drone Kills 6 Gunmen in Baghdad (2008-04-11)
The military says an unmanned aerial vehicle spotted a group carrying rocket-propelled grenades and mortars last night. The drone fired a Hellfire missile, killing six of the suspected militants.

Credit Crisis Talks (2008-04-11)
The finance ministers and central bank presidents of the seven richest industrial democracies are exploring ways to restore confidence in the world's badly battered money markets. Among the ideas is better cooperation between their regulators.

Advocates for 'Michigan Fair Tax' Speak in Kzoo (2008-04-11)
Representative Fulton Sheen spoke to the Kalamazoo Regional Chamber of Commerce about replacing most state taxes with a higher sales tax. The chamber has not yet taken a position.

Top Al-Sadr Aide Killed (2008-04-11)
Iraqi officials say gunmen have killed a senior aide to anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in the Shiite holy city of Najaf. Riyadh al-Nouri was the director of al-Sadr's office there. He was shot to death as he drove home after attending Friday prayers in the nearby city of Kufa.

Another Airline Files For Bankruptcy (2008-04-11)
Frontier Airlines is filing for bankruptcy. It's the fourth U.S. airline to file for Chapter 11 in recent weeks, along with ATA, Skybus and Aloha. But unlike the others, it plans to continue passenger service while it reorganizes.

Poll: McCain Gains on Democrats (2008-04-11)
A new national poll suggests John McCain is gaining ground regardless of which Democratic candidate ends up with the nomination. In an Associated Press-Ipsos national poll, McCain has erased Barack Obama's 10-point advantage in a head-to-head matchup.

Somali Pirates Captured (2008-04-11)
France says its troops have captured six pirates after they released 30 hostages who were aboard a French tourist yacht off Somalia's coast.

End of Space Tourism (2008-04-11)
Russia says trips to space may no longer be for sale in 2010 because of the planned expansion of the international space station's crew.

Detroit City Council Investigates Text Message Deal (2008-04-11)
A third day of Detroit City Council hearings into dealings behind an $8.4 million whistle-blowers' lawsuit settlement involving Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has started with testimony from a legal expert.

Intentionally Bringing Deadly Disease to US (2008-04-11)
Concerns are being raised over a Bush administration effort to move research on foot-and-mouth animal disease from an isolated island laboratory to the U.S. mainland near herds of livestock.

Virginia Tech Massacre Settlement (2008-04-10)
Lawyers for families of victims of the Virginia Tech shootings say they have agreed to a settlement the state proposed to prevent lawsuits.

Colombia Trade Deal Stalled (2008-04-10)
The Democratic-led House of Representatives has changed its rules to put off a vote on a free trade agreement with Colombia and thwart President George W. Bush's effort to reward a key South American ally.

Red Wings Start NHL Playoffs (2008-04-10)
The Detroit Red Wings host the Nashville Predators tonight in the opening round of the NHL playoffs.

Hot Air Jubilee Cancelled (2008-04-10)
The annual Hot Air Jubilee in Jackson has been canceled this year. Chairman Dean Anderson tells the Jackson Citizen Patriot that the committee wants to reorganize the event following years of financial problems and poor weather.

Poll: Many People Will Use Tax Refunds to Pay Bills (2008-04-10)
In the latest sign of how the economic slowdown is affecting consumers, more than a-third of those surveyed in the latest Associated Press-AOL Money-and-Finance poll say they'll use their tax-refund money to pay bills, including their utility and credit-card bills.

Federal Budget Deficit Reaches All-Time High (2008-04-10)
The federal deficit through the first half of this budget year is at an all-time high, underscoring the pressure the budget is coming under as the overall economy slumps.

Controversial Minister to KeynoteDetroit NAACP Event (2008-04-10)
The civil rights organization says the Rev. Jeremiah Wright will speak April 27 at the event, whose past speakers have included Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton.

Iraq - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? (2008-04-10)
President Bush today ordered an indefinite halt in U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq after July. He also said he'll reduce the length of combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan to 12 months, down from the current level of 15 months.

La Nina Staying Put (2008-04-10)
La Nina is a periodic cooling of the tropical Pacific sea surface which reduces rainfall in the region and can affect weather around the world. Its primary effect over the United States in spring and summer is below-average rainfall over parts of the Southwest, extending from Texas to Nevada.

McCain Calls for Federal Aid for Troubled Homeowners (2008-04-10)
Speaking today in New York McCain sketched out a plan to help 200,000 to 400,000 homeowners trade burdensome mortgages for manageable loans. Aides say the plan could cost from 3 billion dollars to 10 billion dollars.

Tigers FINALLY Win (2008-04-10)
Detroit beat the Red Sox 7-2 in Boston after scoring just 15 runs in losing its first seven games.

Selling 'The Pause' on Capitol Hill - Day Two (2008-04-09)
The top two Americans in Iraq will be back on Capitol Hill today. General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker are defending last year's troop surge and making the case for pressing on.

Chrysler Health Care Plan Gets Preliminary Approval (2008-04-09)
A federal judge has given preliminary approval to a deal that would require Chrysler hourly retirees pay more for health care.

The agreement between Chrysler LLC and the United Auto Workers would also shift the company's retiree health care obligations into a union-administered trust.

Al Qaida Figure Dead (2008-04-09)
A U.S. counterterrorism officials says that Abu Obeida al-Masri, an Egyptian al-Qaida chief who was responsible for attacks on U.S. forces in Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan, is dead.

16 Killed in Sadr City Combat (2008-04-09)
Police said seven of the victims were killed when projectiles slammed into a house in the sprawling slum. It's a stronghold of the Mahdi Army militia of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Reaching the Summitt for the 8th Time (2008-04-09)
Winning never seems to get old for the Tennessee women's basketball team. The Lady Vols beat Stanford 64-48 for their eighth national championship under coach Pat Summitt. That places her just two behind legendary UCLA men's coach John Wooden on the all-time titles list in college basketball.

Pilots to Picket at Detroit Metro Airport (2008-04-09)
Authorities in Michigan and Minnesota have given Delta Air Lines pilots permits to picket at Northwest Airlines hubs amid a dispute over seniority between the two airlines' unions. The dispute has held up a combination of the carriers.

Michigan Businesses Hurt by Lack of Visas (2008-04-09)
Businesses who use foreign seasonal workers are stuck without them this summer, due to disagreements over immigration reform in Congress.

Deadly Riot in Pakistan (2008-04-09)
A protest involving a group of lawyers has set off deadly rioting in Pakistan's largest city. Authorities say clashes between supporters of Pakistan's government and its opponents have left at least seven people dead in Karachi.

Poll: Middle Class Not Better Off (2008-04-09)
Are you better off now than you were five years ago? Growing numbers of middle-class Americans say they are not.

Fire at West Bloomfield Nursing Home (2008-04-09)
Firefighters on ladders are helping senior citizens evacuate from a fire at a Michigan apartment complex.

2 Israelis Killed in Gaza Border Attack (2008-04-09)
Israeli officials say at least four militants participated in the attack. Two were killed on the spot, while the others fled back to the Gaza Strip.

Recession Fear Pushed Fed to Cut Interest Rates (2008-04-09)
According to minutes of a March Fed meeting made public Tuesday, some members thought a "prolonged and severe economic downturn" could not be ruled out in view of tight credit and the slumping housing market.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin (2008-04-09)
The NHL's second season starts tonight. Playoff hockey is on tap at four sites

Wayne County Prosecutor Facing Possible Investigation (2008-04-09)
A Bingham Farms lawyer says Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy should be investigated for actions involving a suspended aide.

Insurance Companies Win Katrina Lawsuit (2008-04-09)
A major victory for insurance companies in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled an insurer isn't obligated to pay for water damage from the failure of New Orleans area levees after Katrina.

Kilpatrick Downplays Casino Losses (2008-04-09)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says revenue decreases at two of the city's three casinos are not expected to impact his economic stimulus plan.

MHSAA May Seek Protection from Creditors (2008-04-09)
A court recently ruled the association must pay the legal bills accumulated during a ten year fight over girls' sports.

The ruling could cost the association more than its annual budget.

Chrysler Health Care Plan Gets Preliminary Approval (2008-04-09)
A federal judge has given preliminary approval to a deal that would require Chrysler hourly retirees pay more for health care.

The agreement between Chrysler LLC and the United Auto Workers would also shift the company's retiree health care obligations into a union-administered trust.

Pope Benedict Preparing for US Trip Next Week (2008-04-09)
During the trip, Benedict will seek to heal wounds left by the clergy sex abuse crisis.

American Airlines Grounded (2008-04-09)
American Airlines has canceled 850 more flights as it reinspects the wiring on its MD-80 jets.

WHO: Climate Change Spreading Disease, Hunger (2008-04-08)
The World Health Organization warns that rising temperatures and changing rainfall could mean poverty, disease and hunger for millions of people living in the world's poorest countries.

Bi-Monthly Food Stamp Bill Passes State House (2008-04-08)
Michigan is closer to becoming the first state in the nation to issue food stamps twice a month.

Legislation to make the change passed the House 87-19 on Tuesday and is headed to Governor Jennifer Granholm's desk.

GRPS MEAP Scores Up (2008-04-08)
Grand Rapids Public Schools are showing progress or maintaining levels at most grade levels and subjects.

Zimbabwe Plagued by Post-Election Violence (2008-04-08)
Movement for Democratic Change official Tendai Biti said Tuesday that the violence has broken out in traditional ruling party strongholds that voted for the opposition.

Car Ban in Baghdad (2008-04-08)
Unauthorized vehicles will be banned in Baghdad from 5 a.m. to midnight on Wednesday, the fifth anniversary of the city's capture by U.S. troops.

New Middle East Pace Summit (2008-04-08)
An Israeli lawmaker says President Bush plans to hold a summit with Israeli and Arab leaders in Egypt next month.

Iran Stepping Up Nuclear Program (2008-04-08)
Iran says it is expanding uranium enrichment -- installing 6,000 new centrifuges at its facility in Natanz.

Cellphones on Airplanes Approved...in Europe (2008-04-08)
I'll call you back when I get into European airspace. That's what air travelers may soon be saying now that the European Union has opened the way for passengers to use mobile phones to talk, text or send e-mails on planes over Europe.

No Recession for Online Sales (2008-04-08)
Internet spending is expected to rise 17 percent this year, according to an annual survey being released Tuesday.

Chrysler Recalling 212 Thousand Cars (2008-04-08)
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the recall involves 2007-2008 Sebrings and Avengers with standard tire pressure monitoring systems.

Poll: Clinton/Obama Gap Narrows in PA (2008-04-08)
Two weeks before the Keystone State primary, the Quinnipiac University poll shows Hillary Rodham Clinton still out front among Democratic voters there. Fifty percent of those surveyed favored Clinton, while 44 percent said they were backing Obama.

Prediction: Gas Prices Will Peak at $3.60 a Gallon (2008-04-08)
The Energy Department predicts that gasoline prices will peak at around $3.60 a gallon in June. The government thinks that high prices will help curb demand.

Pending Home Sales at Record Low (2008-04-08)
The National Association of Realtors says pending U.S. home sales fell to the lowest reading on record in February, signaling the housing market distress is not yet over.

Petraeus on Capitol Hill (2008-04-08)
Senate hearing on Iraq is briefly interrupted by a protester shouting "bring them home" as Gen. David Petraeus was questioned about whether suspending U.S. troop withdrawals would mean an open-ended commitment in Iraq.

Kansas Wins NCAA Title in Overtime (2008-04-08)
It could be a long time before Mario Chalmers ever has to buy another meal in Lawrence, Kansas.

MEAP Scores Mixed (2008-04-08)
Michigan's elementary and middle school students generally improved their scores on standardized math tests, but some scores slipped in other subject areas.

Muzzle Awards - Free Speech Isn't Free (2008-04-08)
A fake news conference, Don Imus' former bosses, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, police are among this year's winners of the dubious Muzzle awards for free-speech violations.

March Madness Peaks Tonight (2008-04-07)
It's a men's final that has college basketball buffs almost drooling with anticipation.

Community Colleges & 4 Year Degrees (2008-04-07)
Michigan's community colleges support a proposal that would allow them to give 4 year degrees in very specialized tech fields.

School Buses Torched in Battle Creek (2008-04-07)
Suspicious fires in Battle Creek have destroyed two school buses and slightly damaged two others. Authorities say estimate the damage at $162,000.

Tensions Grow in Zimbabwe (2008-04-07)
The situation in Zimbabwe is intensifying as invasions of white-owned farms by militant supporters of President Robert Mugabe's ruling party grow worse.

16 Killed in US-led Strike in Afghanistan (2008-04-07)
A local official says the attack was in response to a report that an infamous insurgent leader was in the area.

Olympic Torch, Protesters in Paris (2008-04-07)
Some 80 athletes are jogging it through heart of the French capital, starting with a colorful ceremony at the Eiffel tower. And security is massive. There were some problems during the torch relay in London yesterday from protesters angry over China's human rights record.

Shake Up in Clinton Campaign (2008-04-07)
He left the campaign Sunday after it was disclosed he'd met with representatives of the Colombian government to help promote a free trade agreement that Clinton opposes.

Waiting for Petraeus (2008-04-07)
Congress is awaiting tomorrow's in-person report on the war in Iraq from the two people in charge of carrying it out. It's expected that General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker will be telling lawmakers that it's too early to cut the number of troops there back to pre-surge levels. Petraeus has been calling for a pause this summer to assess the overall security situation.

Childhood Obesity and the School Lunch (2008-04-07)
Five Philadelphia elementary schools replaced sodas with fruit juice. They scaled back snacks and got rid of candy. The number of kids who got fat during the two-year experiment was half the number of kids who got fat in schools that didn't make those efforts.

Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Meet (2008-04-07)
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hope to put their troubled peace efforts back on track during Monday's summit.

Toothless Tigers (2008-04-07)
Nick Swisher homered on the game's second pitch, Carlos Quentin had four RBIs and the Chicago White Sox handed the Detroit Tigers their sixth straight loss, 13-2.

Airline Service Gets Poor Rating (2008-04-07)
The annual Air Quality Rating survey released Monday found that overall the industry did a poor job last year. There were more lost bags, more bumped passengers

UAW, American Axle Meeting (2008-04-07)
United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger and American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. CEO Richard Dauch planned to meet in an effort to end a nearly 6-week-old strike at the auto parts maker.

Jury Verdict: Taylor Guilty of Murdering Dickinson (2008-04-07)
A second trial against Orange Amir Taylor, the EMU student accused of murdering fellow student Laura Dickinson, has resulted in a guilty verdict.

Judge Reverses Tether Order for Beatty (2008-04-07)
Christine Beatty will not be required to wear an electronic tether.

Early Childhood Spending (2008-04-07)
Governor Granholm will announce this week that grants totaling 780 thousand dollars will be used to expand Head Start and Great Start programs in Michigan

Gas Prices Up A Nickel (2008-04-07)
AAA Michigan says statewide the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in three dollars 38 cents. That's 60 cents higher than this time last year.

Governor to Sign Film Tax Bill (2008-04-07)
The legislation will give film studios a 42 percent tax credit on production costs, the most lucrative in the country.

EMU Murder Trial Goes To Jury (2008-04-07)
Jury deliberations are scheduled to begin today in the trial of an Eastern Michigan University student accused of murdering another student in her dorm room. Orange Taylor arrested two months after Laura Dickinson was found dead in her dorm room in December of 2006.

Kalamazoo Mayor Calls for More Youth Mentoring (2008-04-07)
Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell addresses the Kalamazoo Rotary Club today.

Reckless Driver, Paparazzi Killed Princess Diana (2008-04-07)
A coroner's jury has ruled that Princess Diana and boyfriend Dodi Fayed were unlawfully killed through the reckless actions of their driver and the paparazzi in 1997.

Levin - Michigan Will Have Voice at Convention (2008-04-07)
Senator Carl Levin says he and other top Democrats will find a way for Michigan Democrats to get fair representation at the party's national convention.

Actor Charlton Heston Has Died (2008-04-06)
He was a commanding figure on the screen and a commanding figure in real life. Charlton Heston has died. The Oscar-winning actor was 84.

MSU Party Ends With Tear Gas (2008-04-06)
East Lansing police say they made 52 arrests and ticketed 48 people at a party near the campus of Michigan State University where fights broke out and officers were pelted with bottles and cans.

Snuffing Out the Olympic Torch (2008-04-06)
Unscheduled changes to the relay route and demonstrators trying to snuff out the Olympic torch are what police have been dealing with in London during today's torch relay.

The Violent Romantic Life of an Octopus (2008-04-06)
Marine biologists studying wild octopuses have found a kinky and violent society of jealous murders and gender-bending tricks.

20 Killed in Baghdad Fighting (2008-04-06)
The exchanges of fire erupted a day after the Iraqi government relaxed security measures around Sadr City and another neighborhood that is also a stronghold of Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army militia.

Internet Gambling Ban- No Sure Bet (2008-04-06)
Federal officials trying to write regulations to implement a congressional ban on Internet gambling say they're having trouble because of ambiguities in the law.

A 'Titanic' Auction (2008-04-06)
A collection of artifacts owned by a Titanic survivor - including a ticket for the ill-fated voyage - will be sold at a London auction later this month.

The Power Lobby (2008-04-06)
Utilities that want a rewrite of Michigan's eight-year-old electricity law are outspending their opponents when it comes to lobbying lawmakers and giving to their campaigns.

Showdown Looming in Zimbabwe (2008-04-05)
Zimbabwe's opposition leader wants current President Robert Mugabe to step down, saying that he "cannot hold the country to ransom."

'Heal the City' (2008-04-05)
Crowds turned out for a "Heal the City Rally" rally in Detroit aimed at showing support for the Wayne County prosecutor and City Council amid a text-messaging sex scandal involving Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Judge May Rule Soon On Meijer Investigation (2008-04-05)
A judge plans to rule in the coming week on whether the Grand Traverse County prosecutor has jurisdiction to investigate retailer Meijer Inc.'s role in a failed recall election.

The Accidential Attorney General (2008-04-05)
"Sometimes interesting things happen to boring people." That's how Attorney General Michael Mukasey describes what happened to him five months ago when he took the helm of the Justice Department.

Detroit City Lawyer Changes Text Deal Statement (2008-04-05)
A city of Detroit lawyer who told a judge she wasn't aware of any confidential agreements in a text-messaging sex scandal involving Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has changed her recollection. The Detroit Free Press reports Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel Valerie Colbert-Osamuede wrote Friday to Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert Colombo Jr. saying she now recalls signing an agreement.

World's Oldest Person Dies (2008-04-05)
Kaku Yamanaka was 113. The cause of death, old age. Yamanaka lived in a nursing home in central Japan. She was born on December 11th, 1894, and had become Japan's oldest person just this February.

MSU Loses WNIT Final (2008-04-05)
Marquette ran away from Michigan State 81-66 this afternoon to win the Women's National Invitation Tournament championship.

Tigers Drop to 0-5 (2008-04-05)
Jim Thome hit an RBI double in the sixth inning for the White Sox's only hit off Dontrelle Willis, and Chicago beat Detroit. The Tigers, one of the favorites to win the American League pennant, are 0-and-5.

The $16 Million Loaf of Bread (2008-04-04)
To keep pace with skyrocketing prices, the Zimbabwe government has had to take repeated action. Today, authorities introduced a new 50-million-dollar bank note -- enough to buy three loaves of bread, and get some change back. Until prices rise again.

Oakland Co. Prosecutor Faces Misconduct Probe (2008-04-04)
The state Attorney Discipline Board is looking into Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca's conduct during the 2006 trial of kindergarten teacher James Perry.

Congress Expanding Housing Crisis Bill (2008-04-04)
A bill aimed at easing the housing crisis is getting some additions. The Senate has added two amendments offering tax breaks to Rust Belt manufacturers and Gulf Coast residents.

Iraqi Troops Mutiny (2008-04-04)
Military and police officials in Basra say a full infantry battalion, including about 500 troops and some 400 policemen, were involved in the mutiny last week. They say some simply refused to engage militants loyal to Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Primary 'Do-Over' Dead (2008-04-04)
Members of the state Democratic Party's executive committee issued a statement Friday saying "we have concluded that it is not practical" to conduct a party-run primary or caucus as a way to get the state's Democratic National Convention delegates seated.

Britain's Prince Philip Hospitalized (2008-04-04)
Buckingham Palace says Queen Elizabeth II's husband has been admitted to the hospital with a chest infection.

Bush Meets With Putin at NATO Summit (2008-04-04)
The get-togethers come at a time of new tensions between Washington and Moscow tensions. Today's talks came a day after Bush won NATO backing for installing a missile shield system in Poland and the Czech Republic despite Russia's strong objections.

Ford's Mulally Making Less Money (2008-04-04)
A federal regulatory filing shows Ford chief Alan Mulally earned 22.8 million dollars last year -- down nearly 42 percent from 2006 when he joined the company.

New Violence in Tibet (2008-04-04)
Chinese state media says new violence has broken out in a volatile Tibetan region, leaving at least one government official seriously injured.

Administration Claims Right to Detain Non-US Enemies (2008-04-04)
Authorities made that case Friday as they defended the six-year detention of a Chinese Muslim at Guantanamo Bay. Huzaifa Parhat was captured in Afghanistan, but says he considers China, not the United States, the enemy.

Izzo Rules in Big Ten Basketball (2008-04-04)
They may be out of the NCAA tournament, but the Michigan Spartans are winners, and they have coach Izzo to thank for that.

Delphi Loses Financing (2008-04-04)
An investment group says it has terminated its agreement to invest $2.55 billion in auto parts supplier Delphi Corp., which has been trying to emerge from bankruptcy protection.

Poll: 81% Think America Headed in Wrong Direction (2008-04-04)
More than 80 percent of people surveyed in a CBS News-New York Times poll think things have "pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track." That's the most dissatisfaction since the poll began in the early 1990s.

40th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination (2008-04-04)
On the 40th anniversary of his assassination, the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior is being honored as a champion of peace in the city where he was slain.

Woe and Four (2008-04-04)
For the Detroit Tigers, 2008 is starting to resemble 2003

Model of Bad Behavior (2008-04-04)
Naomi Campbell is free on bail after being arrested at London's Heathrow Airport last night on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

MSU in WNIT Final (2008-04-03)
Michigan State will play for the Women's National Invitation Tournament championship. Mia Johnson scored 17 points and Allyssa DeHaan had 15 to help the Spartans beat North Carolina State 58-57 last night at the Breslin Center.

Rodriguez, WVU in Court Today (2008-04-03)
Attorneys for U of M head football coach Rich Rodriguez and his old employer, West Virginia University, will be back in court today.

Today's hearing could be merely a step in a long legal battle over what Rodriguez owes West Virginia University for leaving the school's football program before the end of his contract.

NATO Not Expanding in Eastern Europe (2008-04-03)
Despite a U.S. drive to bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, the alliance has decided to delay putting the two Black Sea nations on track to join. Holding up the process for the two countries is vehement Russian opposition.

Woman Bites Dog (2008-04-03)
Amy Rice was trying to save her own dog, after a pit bull jumped a fence into her yard and began attacking her Labrador. Rice was afraid her dog was being killed, and she fought to pry the pit bull's jaws away. When that didn't work, she started biting the attacker on the nose.

Army Body Armor Doesn't Meet Safety Standard (2008-04-03)
A Defense Department audit concludes the Army can't be sure all of its body armor meets safety standards. The department's inspector general reviewed more than five billion dollars worth of Army and Marine Corps body armor contracts from 2004 to 2006.

US Missle Shield Expands in Eastern Europe (2008-04-03)
President Bush won NATO's endorsement Thursday for his plan to build a missile defense system in Europe over Russian objections. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called it a "breakthrough agreement."

Inside The GM Wind Tunnel (2008-04-03)
Reporter Dustin Dwyer goes inside GM's wind tunnel, where the company is testing a model version of its upcoming Volt.

Rodriguez, WVU Win Legal Victories in Suit (2008-04-03)
Both sides in a lawsuit involving former West Virginia football coach Rich Rodriguez' 4 million-dollar buyout clause have scored key victories in court.

More NATO Troops for Afghanistan (2008-04-03)
French President Nicolas Sarkozy says he is sending a battalion of extra troops to Afghanistan, declaring that they are "engaged for the long term."

Livonia Man Claims $136 million Mega Millions Jackpot (2008-04-03)
David Sneath already has quit his job as a warehouse driver and says he hopes to buy a cottage on Mullett Lake and maybe a fishing boat or two.

Midwest Recieves Least Disease Control Aid (2008-04-03)
The Midwest is receiving the least federal funding for public health research and programs. The news comes from a report by the D.C.-based Trust for America's Health. It says Michigan ranks 38th in dollars received from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New Crackdown on Iraqi Shiite Militias (2008-04-03)
Iraq's prime minister plans to expand his crackdown on Shiite militants from Basra to Baghdad. Iraqi forces launched a major operation to rid Basra of criminal gangs and Shiite extremists last week.

Cities to Lansing - Give Us More Money (2008-04-03)
Michigan's mayors and city council members have been holding their annual conference in Lansing for the past two days. They used the event to call on the state to end a pattern of under-funding aid to Michigan's cities.

City Attorney Warned Against Settling Whistleblower Case (2008-04-03)
The warning came a month before the Kilpatrick administration settled the case for nearly 9 million dollars.

Little Change in Middle School Writing Ability (2008-04-03)
More and more middle- and high-school students have the basics of writing down, but there's been no increase in the ranks of top-performing teenage writers.

Congressional Conflicts of Interest on Iraq (2008-04-03)
A new study finds that members of Congress have as much as $196 million collectively invested in companies doing business with the Defense Department, earning millions since the onset of the Iraq war.

WMU on Meningitis Watch (2008-04-03)
Western Michigan University is on alert after one of its students recently died from bacterial meningitis.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Wins in Court (2008-04-03)
A judge has ruled the mayor can have a say on whether his private text messages can be made public.

Tigers - Oh (My) For 0-8 (2008-04-03)
Zack Greinke allowed one run in seven innings, and Alex Gordon and Mark Teahen homered to lead the Kansas City Royals over the Detroit Tigers 4-1 Thursday for a season-opening three-game sweep.

Budget Crunch Opening Prison Gates (2008-04-03)
Lawmakers across the country are considering releasing inmates -- even violent ones -- to save money. An Associated Press analysis finds at least eight states are thinking about freeing inmates or sending some to rehab instead of prison.

Jobless Claims at 2 Year High (2008-04-03)
The number of new people signing up for unemployment benefits last week shot up to the highest level in more than two years. It's fresh evidence of the damage to the national economy clobbered by housing, credit and financial crises.

Fed Chief: Recession 'is Possible' (2008-04-02)
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is warning lawmakers that a recession "is possible," adding that the economy may shrink over the first half of this year.

Detroit Mayor Lays Out Economic Stimulus Plan (2008-04-02)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick today provided city council members with details of his $300 million economic stimulus plan.

Competition Costing Michigan DEQ? (2008-04-02)
Michigan's legislative watchdog is recommending the state Department of Environmental Quality abolish a program that would have allowed private labs to compete with the state facility.

Weather Keeping Michigan Farmers From Fields (2008-04-02)
The cold, wet start to spring across the country is setting back the usual planting schedule.

Iraq Themed Shows Top Peabody Awards (2008-04-02)
Two war-wounded TV journalists with stories about wounded Iraq veterans are among the 35 recipients of the Peabody Awards. One Peabody went "Wounds of War - The Long Road Home for Our Nation's Veterans," which was a series of reports by ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff.

Michigan to Help in Home Foreclosure Crunch (2008-04-02)
Governor Granholm signed into law today a package of bills that provide relief to people facing home foreclosures.

U of M Study: Pregnancy and Seat Belts (2008-04-02)
Some pregnant women don't wear seat belts for fear the strap may injure their unborn child in the event of an accident.

But the U of M study found just the opposite.

Mariah Carey Tops Elvis (2008-04-02)
Mariah Carey has passed Elvis with her 18th number-one hit. Her record label says "Touch My Body" debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by selling 286,000 copies in its first week.

McCotter: President Should Not Attend Olympic Opening Ceremony. (2008-04-02)
A Republican congressman from Michigan doesn't want President Bush attending the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics this summer.

And he's submitted a bill banning any U.S. official from attending.

Clinton Talks Jobs in Pennsylvania (2008-04-02)
Hillary Rodham Clinton is proposing seven billion dollars a year in tax incentives to encourage companies to keep jobs in the U.S.

Christmas Store Founder Wally Bronner Is Dead (2008-04-02)
Wally Bronner, whose Christmas retail empire made Frankenmuth one of Michigan's most popular tourist destinations, has died. He was 81.

Crean New Head Coach at Indiana (2008-04-02)
New Indiana University basketball coach Tom Crean says he will not be overwhelmed by the challenges of rebuilding IU's reputation.

Senator Stabenow's Husband in Prostitution Investigation (2008-04-02)
The husband of U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow told police he used the Internet to make a date with a prostitute and paid her $150 for sex at a hotel in Troy. A police report says Troy officers stopped 46-year-old Thomas Athans on February 26th during a stakeout of the hotel.

Violence Mars Efforts To Showcase Peacekeeping (2008-04-02)
An Iraqi commander and senior defense official have escaped injury after their armored vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. They were entering a Shiite militia stronghold that's been a white-hot center of battles in the southern city of Basra.

Anthrax Scare at California Port (2008-04-02)
Authorities at the Port of Long Beach in California are investigating a cargo container marked with graffiti saying "Anthrax a gift from Osama."

Zimbabwe Opposition Wins Control of Parliament (2008-04-02)
Official election results from Zimbabwe show the country's longtime leader has lost control of parliament. That word comes hours after the country's opposition party declared victory in the presidential race.

Ehlers Blasts FEMA for Floodplain Remapping (2008-04-02)
Congressman Vernon Ehlers (R-Grand Rapids) criticized FEMA before a House subcommittee today.

Obama-Gore 08? (2008-04-02)
Barack Obama says he'd consider putting Al Gore in a Cabinet-level position -- or higher. The Illinois Democrat was asked about Gore during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania today. But he added that it's still too early in the Democratic campaign to be discussing vice presidential candidates.

China Shares Iranian Nuclear Intelligence (2008-04-02)
Diplomats say that China has given the U.N. nuclear watchdog intelligence linked to Tehran's alleged attempts to make nuclear arms.

Torture Memo Released (2008-04-01)
The Pentagon has released a now-defunct legal memo that approved the use of harsh interrogation techniques against terror suspects.

Sak Wants to Toughen Cemetery Laws (2008-04-01)
State Representative Michael Sak (D-Grand Rapids) announced a bill that would toughen laws for new cemetery owners in the state.

New Life for Old Corneas (2008-04-01)
A government funded study tracked about 1,000 people in their 60s and 70s who had cornea transplants. Half of the group received corneas from donors ages 12 to 65. The others got corneas from people 66 to 75 years old.

Never Too Late to Treat High Blood Pressure (2008-04-01)
Two new studies are providing good news to people with high blood pressure. Both outline how cheap drugs already on the market can lower the risk of heart attacks, stroke and even death.

'Thumbs Up' for Film Critic Roger Ebert (2008-04-01)
Movie critic Roger Ebert is going to resume writing reviews later this month, but he is not going to be back on his syndicated TV show. In a letter being published in the Chicago Sun-Times today, the Pulitzer-prize winning writer says complications from surgery in January have left him unable to speak.

Taliban Leader Captured for 3rd Time (2008-04-01)
Mullah Naqibullah has been captured twice before, including just two months ago, but he escaped from prison both times.

Pelosi: Let Clinton-Obama Race "Run Its Course" (2008-04-01)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she believes the ongoing primary presidential battle between fellow Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama should be allowed to "run its course."

Toyota to Invest $100 Million in Washtenaw County (2008-04-01)
Toyota Motor Corp. says it's establishing a North American research institute in Washtenaw County and plans to spend $100 million during the next four years on advanced research activity.

Text Messages End Political Career (2008-04-01)
...of Finland's foreign minister. Who did you think this story was about?

Bush Backs NATO Membership for Georgia, Ukraine (2008-04-01)
Russia, along with France and Germany, oppose allowing former Soviet states to begin the NATO admission process. And relations between Washington and Moscow are already strained because of U.S. plans to set up missile defenses in Europe.

2.8 Million Iraqis Refugees in Their Own Country (2008-04-01)
Iraqi authorities, the Red Cross and U.N. agencies working in Iraq say they have recorded an increase of 300,000 displaced people so far this year, largely due to better methods for registering displacement.

Michigan Democrats Still Waiting on a Primary Plan (2008-04-01)
Michigan Democrats have been in limbo since the national party barred the state from sending delegates to its national convention. The exclusion is punishment for Michigan holding its state presidential primary too early.

Several proposals to settle the dispute have gone nowhere.

Grand Rapids Public Schools, Teachers Talks Stalled (2008-04-01)
Negotiators for Grand Rapids Public Schools left contract talks with its teacher's union because of an informational picket.

Oil Company Executives Defend Profits (2008-04-01)
Skeptical House committee members have been demanding explanations today from oil company executives about their huge profits during a time of high oil prices and record gasoline costs.

Federal Foreclosure Deal (2008-04-01)
Senators in both parties are agreeing on a plan to fix the nation's home foreclosure crisis.

Report Puts Detroit's Grad Rate Lowest in US (2008-04-01)
Detroit schools have the lowest high school graduation rate of 50 U.S. cities, according to a report released today.

FEMA Trailer Warnings Ignored (2008-04-01)
A federal scientist says his bosses ignored pleas to alert Gulf Coast hurricane victims about formaldehyde dangers in government-issued trailers and urged him not to go public with warnings.

Tourism Declining in Michigan (2008-04-01)
Tourism has decreased in Michigan. Data compiled by Comerica Bank says Michigan tourism is at its lowest rate in almost five years.

The Wait for Election Results in Zimbabwe Goes On (2008-04-01)
Zimbabwe's opposition party is claiming victory as official election results from Saturday's vote continue to trickle in.

Truckers Diesel Protest (2008-04-01)
Some truckers have been pulling off the highway. Others are slowing down to a crawl, with some getting tickets for holding up traffic. It's all to protest high fuel prices.

Auto Sales Dropped In March (2008-04-01)
Total U.S. sales were down 12 percent compared to a year ago.

Final Four (2008-03-31)
It's the year of the favorites in college basketball. For the first time in NCAA men's tournament history, all four Number-1 seeds have reached the Final Four.

Detroit to Break Some Schools Into Smaller Ones (2008-03-31)
Detroit's schools superintendent says the district plans to break some of its large schools into smaller ones in an effort to boost student achievement.

GR Catholic Diocese Sells Campus to Arts School (2008-03-31)
The Grand Rapids Catholic Diocese agreed late last week to sell a 17-acre campus to a planned, new performing arts school.

Physician Survey Shows Looming Shortage (2008-03-31)
Michigan may not have enough doctors soon. State officials say a plan to keep medical residents is needed.

Iraq Calmer (2008-03-31)
A key adviser to Iraq's prime minister says things are going well enough that military operations in Basra will wrap up by the end of the week.

Absolut & Pernod Martinis? (2008-03-31)
French liquor group Pernod Ricard is buying Vin & Sprit, the Swedish maker of Absolut vodka, for more than nine billion dollars.

Zimbabwe Awaits Presidential Election Results (2008-03-31)
Independent election monitors in Zimbabwe say riot police and other security forces have been deployed as tensions simmer in the African nation. No official results have been released from yesterday's elections, although the opposition party is claiming an early lead against President Robert Mugabe.

Census Bureau Kicks Off 2010 Count in Detroit (2008-03-31)
Preparations for the 2010 Census count officially get under way today, with the opening of one of the bureau's 12 regional offices in Detroit.

More Pain at the Pump (2008-03-31)
Michigan drivers are spending about 3 dollars-33 cents a gallon for unleaded gasoline.

That's up about 8 cents from last week.

Tigers Lose Home Opener (2008-03-31)
The Detroit Tigers lost their season opener to the Kansas City Royals 5-4 in extra innings.

Wayne State Launches Social Work Research Center (2008-03-31)
Wayne State University today launched a new center to do research on some of the most pressing social issues in Detroit.

Poll: Iran is Top Enemy of US (2008-03-31)
Iran topped the list -- with 25 percent naming it as the number-one enemy. Running second is Iraq. Twenty-two percent said Iraq is the greatest enemy to the United States. And China now ranks third, with 14 percent naming it.

Supreme Court to Consider Religion and Public Property (2008-03-31)
Officials in Pleasant Grove City, Utah, asked the court to step into the lawsuit brought by the religious group known as Summum, saying that if the group prevails, governments would be inundated with demands to display donated monuments.

Analyst Says March Was A Tough Month For Auto Sales (2008-03-31)
Automakers officially report their sales results Tuesday.

Farmers Plan to Plant Less Corn (2008-03-31)
Plans could lead to lower supply, and higher prices.

Tigers Drop Opener (2008-03-31)
Tony Pena Junior singled home the go-ahead run in the top of the 11th inning and the Kansas City Royals beat the Tigers 5-4 on Opening Day in Detroit.

Gitmo Detainee Charged with Tanzania Bombing (2008-03-31)
A Guantanamo detainee who allegedly helped plan the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania has been charged with war crimes that carry a possible death penalty.

Retrial Starts This Week in EMU Murder Case (2008-03-31)
Orange Taylor's first trial last fall ended with the jury deadlocked on a verdict.

Orange Taylor is accused of murder in the death of Laura Dickinson.

Dickinson was found dead in her EMU dorm room in December 2006.

Truckers Protest Diesel Fuel Prices (2008-03-31)
The one day grassroots job action is only expected to draw a handful of truckers off the road.

State Civil Rights Commission to Hear About Hate on Campus (2008-03-31)
Hate speech and hate crimes and the freedom of speech will be the topic of a forum in West Michigan today.

Overhauling the Nation's Financial Industry (2008-03-31)
The Bush administration is out with a 218-page plan to overhaul financial regulation. It contains the most far-reaching changes since the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed.

HUD Secretary Resigns (2008-03-31)
Alphonso Jackson is under criminal investigation and has been fending off allegations of cronyism and favoritism involving HUD contractors for the past two years. He did not mention the probe in his statement today.

Distillery Tours Could Join Winery Tours in Michigan (2008-03-31)
Boutique distilleries could help Michigan's economy diversity, says a State Representative.

Tigers Home Opener Today! (2008-03-31)
It's opening day for the Detroit Tigers' 2008 baseball season.

A Voice From The Past (2008-03-30)
It's a scratchy, high-pitched, almost ghostly warble, but scientists say it may be the earliest known recording of the human voice.

Compensation for the Wrongfully Convicted (2008-03-30)
Legislation pending in the state House would allow the exonerated to sue the state for at least 50-thousand dollars for each year they spent locked up.

Frozen Four (2008-03-30)
Notre Dame will play Michigan in the national semifinals on April 10th. The top-ranked Wolverines advanced by blanking Clarkson 2-0 in the East Regional final in Albany, New York. North Dakota and Boston College face off in Thursday's other semifinal. The winners play for the national championship on April 12th.

Farmers Fear Worker Shortage (2008-03-30)
Farmers in Michigan could face worker shortages this year. The Michigan Farm Bureau says farmers are struggling to find enough legal immigrant workers to harvest their crops.

Legal Battle Over 'The King Of Cool' (2008-03-30)
A legal battle is under way in New York over the use of the likeness of the late actor Steve McQueen.

Airlines Lighten Up, To Save Fuel (2008-03-30)
Jet fuel prices have doubled since the start of last year. To use less fuel, airplanes have been getting lighter.

And even the little items add up.

Hamlin Wins At Martinsville (2008-03-30)
Denny Hamlin finally broke through at Martinsville Speedway after two close calls, and it wasn't Hendrick Motorsports he had to beat.

Memphis Routs MSU (2008-03-29)
Top-seeded Memphis roared to a 50-20 halftime lead and then coasted to a 92-74 win over the fifth-seeded Spartans in the NCAA South Regional.

Swan (Love) Song (2008-03-29)
Petra the black swan has been reunited with her beloved swan-shaped paddleboat after a failed romance with a real bird.

Obama Takes Lead in National Poll (2008-03-29)
The latest nationwide Gallup poll shows Barack Obama with an 8-point lead over Hillary Rodham Clinton among Democratic voters.

It's the first statistically significant lead he's held in the Gallup survey since the controversy arose over sermons by the candidate's longtime pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Kilauea Erupts (2008-03-28)
Explosions and toxic fumes aren't keeping visitors from flocking to witness the spectacular eruption at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano.

McCain Launches General Election Ad Campaign (2008-03-28)
John McCain is launching his first TV ad for the general election. The spot shows him imprisoned in Vietnam and calls him "the American president Americans have been waiting for."

US Warplanes Bomb Southern Iraq (2008-03-28)
A British military spokesman says U.S. warplanes carried out at least two airstrikes overnight in Iraq's southern oil port city of Basra.

Judge Orders Test of Lead Bullets in Lake Michigan (2008-03-28)
U.S. District Judge wants test to determine if lead bullets are being shot into Lake Michigan. The FBI has a shooting range in North Chicago and environmentalists are worried that lead bullets ricochet off an earthen bern into the water. Judge Ronald Guzman wants to use luminescent trace bullets to see if that is true.

Michigan Lags Nation in Personal Income Growth (2008-03-28)
Michigan posted one of the lowest increases in personal income last year.

Economists disagree if the state's two decade long decline is nearing a turnaround.

Dutch Film Enrages Muslims (2008-03-28)
A Dutch lawmaker's film setting verses of the Quran against images of terrorist attacks has protesters taking to the streets in at least three Pakistani cities.

Audit: DEA Losing Fewer Laptops, More Guns (2008-03-28)
The Justice Department's inspector general says the Drug Enforcement Administration is losing fewer laptops these days, but more guns. The report finds that some of the same problems cited in a 2002 audit remain.

UAW Membership Shrinks Below Half Million (2008-03-28)
The UAW's membership peaked at just over a million and a half members in 1969, but has been slowly declining since the late 70's.

Detroit Mayor's Mom Faces Potential Challenge (2008-03-28)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's mother could face some competition for her seat in Congress.

Bush Aide Resigns (2008-03-28)
The White House says an aide to President Bush has resigned because of the alleged misuse of grant money from U.S. Agency for International Development.

Consumer Sentiment Drops to 16 Year Low (2008-03-28)
The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment survey for March saw the overall index decrease to 69.5, from 70.8 in February -- in line with analysts' expectations.

Bill Would Allow Cities to Recover Settlement Money (2008-03-28)
Cities in Michigan would be able to sue their elected officials in certain situations - under a bill introduced at the state Capitol.

Ann Arbor News Critical of UM Athletics and Academics (2008-03-28)
Michigan Radio sports commentator John U. Bacon is critical of a four part news series published in the Ann Arbor News.

Steelcase to Cut 250 Jobs, Close Plants (2008-03-28)
Steelcase announced this week it's cutting up to 250 white-collar jobs in North America and closing several plants.

The Wolves of Isle Royale (2008-03-28)
Wolves and Moose live together in an island wilderness in Lake Superior, the perfect laboratory for ecologists.

GM Shutting Down Hamtramck Assembly Plant (2008-03-28)
General Motors Corp. says it will be forced to idle its Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant because of a parts shortage from American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc.

Hariri Assassination Investigation (2008-03-28)
The chief investigator says former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated by a criminal network that is linked to some other killings in Lebanon.

Judge: Kilpatrick Has No Say in Release of Text Messages (2008-03-28)
A judge has ruled that lawyers for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former top aide can't intervene in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking the release of text messages between the pair.

North Korea Fires Short Range Missles (2008-03-28)
South Korea says North Korea's latest missile launches appear to be a part of routine training.

Iraqi Security Official Kidnapped (2008-03-27)
An Interior Ministry official says the civilian spokesman for the Baghdad security operation has been kidnapped and three bodyguards killed.

Protests in the Streets of Baghdad (2008-03-27)
Tens of thousands of Iraqi Shiites have taken to the streets of Baghdad to protest the government's crackdown on Shiite militias, primarily in the southern oil city of Basra.

Mumia Abu-Jamal (2008-03-27)
A federal appeals court has ordered a new penalty hearing for celebrity death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Bush Defends Pace of Progress in Iraq (2008-03-27)
The president spoke today before a military audience in Dayton, Ohio. He says calls from Congress for troop withdrawals or deadlines so that the military could focus more on the anti-terror battle elsewhere don't make sense.

Puerto Rico's Governor Indicted (2008-03-27)
U.S. authorities have announced an indictment charging Puerto Rico's governor with 18 counts in a long-running campaign finance probe.

Flint Budget Cuts and Layoffs (2008-03-27)
Flint Mayor Don Williamson says Friday he'll announce massive layoffs and budget cuts.

Granholm Extends Child Booster Seat Age (2008-03-27)
Governor Granholm signed into law today a bill that extends the minimum age a child is required to ride in a car booster seat.

Singulair and Suicide (2008-03-27)
The Food and Drug Administration says it's investigating a possible link between the allergy drug Singulair and suicide.

Kilpatrick Supporters to Set Up Legal Defense Fund (2008-03-27)
A team of high-powered businessmen and politicians are expected to form a legal fund to help pay for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's criminal defense.

M-14 Closed between Ann Arbor and Plymouth (2008-03-27)
Both directions of M-14 at the Gotfredson Road overpass in Washtenaw County have been closed due to a crane accident.

Detroit City Council Votes to Release Mayor's Text Messages (2008-03-27)
That is if the city council can get them.

New Law Allows Detroit Zoo to Get Tax Support (2008-03-27)
The Detroit Zoo would be allowed to raise money through property taxes - under a new law signed today by Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Controlling the Credit Crisis (2008-03-26)
Citing the crash of Bear Stearns, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says the government needs to bring investment houses under the kind of federal oversight that has long been given to commercial banks.

GVSU Study Suggests Jobs if International Ships Banned from Great Lakes (2008-03-26)
A study co-authored by a Grand Valley State University professor finds 1000 domestic jobs would be created if ocean-going vessels were banned from the Great Lakes.

Israel Captures Bombing Suspect (2008-03-26)
The Israeli military says it has captured the mastermind of the deadliest suicide bombing of the Palestinian uprising.

China, Taiwan and ICBM Fuses (2008-03-26)
China is demanding that Washington explain how electrical fuses for intercontinental ballistic missiles were mistakenly delivered to Taiwan.

New Orleans Chef Shot, Keeps On Cooking (2008-03-26)
Getting hit with a bullet couldn't stop celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme from cooking at a golf course near New Orleans yesterday morning.

U of M Strikes Deal With Grad Students (2008-03-26)
Part time student teachers walked picket lines Tuesday.

Unemployment Edges Higher (2008-03-26)
The state on Wednesday reported a seasonally adjusted jobless rate of 7.2 percent. That's up from 7.1 percent in January, which already was the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

Basketball Star Chris Webber Retires (2008-03-26)
Chris Webber has announced his retirement from the NBA. The best-known member of Michigan's Fab Five team and former Detroit Piston has an ongoing knee injury that is cutting short is comeback attempt with Golden State.

Civil Rights Organization Regroups as It Turns 40 (2008-03-26)
A Detroit organization dedicated to overcoming racism and poverty following the 1967 riots in the city is revamping its job training programs.

Tibet (2008-03-26)
A group of foreign journalists allowed into Tibet is being closely watched by Chinese authorities, who apparently are trying to show life is back to normal after rioting earlier this month.

Afghanistan - 'Can You Hear Me Now?' (2008-03-26)
Cell-phone companies in southern Afghanistan are shutting down service. And that's bad news for an estimated quarter of a million customers who have no other telephones.

Remote Control Fish (2008-03-26)
Call them Pavlov's fish: Scientists are testing a plan to train fish to catch themselves by swimming into a net when they hear a sound that means feeding time.

Basra (2008-03-26)
Iraq's prime minister has given gunmen in Basra a three-day deadline to hand over weapons and renounce violence amid this week's fierce fighting.

Fewer Nursing Homes Using Restraints (2008-03-26)
The federal government, states and the nursing home industry are working at reducing what once was common. The use of physical restraints is down 40 percent in recent years.

Primary Law Ruled Unconstitutional (2008-03-26)
A federal judge today ruled that the state can not give the Republican and democratic Parties exclusive ownership of the list of voter names from the primary.

John McCain Draws Contrasts With Bush (2008-03-26)
Speaking today in Los Angeles, McCain called for the United States to work more collegially with democratic allies and to live up to its duties as a world leader.

Workers At American Axle Struggle As Strike Enters Second Month (2008-03-26)
Workers living off $200 per week in strike pay. One analyst says the strike could go on for another four weeks.

Governor Dodges Questions About Kilpatrick (2008-03-26)
Governor Granholm is dodging questions about the scandal surrounding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Rally Against Bullying (2008-03-26)
Parents, educators, and students were at the state Capitol today to lobby the Senate to pass an anti-bullying bill.

The bill would require every school to have an anti-bullying policy, and to back it up with action.

Actor Richard Widmark is Dead (2008-03-26)
The wife of Hollywood actor Richard Widmark says he has died at his home after a long illness.

Ford Sells Jaguar, Land Rover to Tata (2008-03-26)
Ford is selling its Jaguar and Land Rover businesses to India's Tata Motors in a deal worth 2.3 billion dollars. That's less than half what the struggling automaker paid for the two British luxury brands.

Who Killed Yuri Shchekochikhin? (2008-03-25)
Russian authorities are reportedly planning to reopen a probe into the mysterious death of a journalist and parliament deputy in 2003.

Play Ball! (2008-03-25)
Manny Ramirez' two-out, two-run double in the 10th inning lifted the defending World Series champions past Oakland 6-5 in the Tokyo Dome.

Kilpatrick Indictment: What Now? (2008-03-25)
What's in store for Detroit and Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, now that federal charges have been filed against the mayor and his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty.

WMU's New President Inaugurated (2008-03-25)
Jon Dunn was officially inaugurated as Western Michigan's eighth president yesterday.

Praying for Detroit's Embattled Mayor (2008-03-25)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has plenty of detractors.

But he has supporters too.

Fed Auctions $50 Billion in Short Term Loans (2008-03-25)
The Federal Reserve has auctioned another $50 billion in short-term loans to cash-strapped banks to help them overcome credit problems.

UM Teachers Walk Out Over Contracts (2008-03-25)
Graduate Student Instructors at the University of Michigan are holding a walkout to demand pay increases.

Herman Miller Settles with 3 States on Anti-Trust Suit (2008-03-25)
Zeeland-based Herman Miller announced today it settled with New York, Michigan and Illinois over an anti-trust lawsuit stemming from 2003.

Kilpatrick and Beatty Plead Not Guilty (2008-03-25)
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff both pleaded not guilty to perjury and other charges.

Consumer Confidence Sinks (2008-03-25)
Consumer confidence sank to a five-year low as tight credit markets, rising prices and worsening job prospects made many worry that the economy is falling into recession.

Good News in Michigan's Housing Industry? (2008-03-25)
There may be good news on the real estate front.

And its coming from the sale of foreclosed homes.

AZ Sheriff Loses Bid to Prevent Inmate Abortions (2008-03-24)
The Supreme Court has turned down an appeal from a county sheriff who objects to transporting jail inmates for elective abortions.

Prosector To Announce Decision on Detroit Mayor (2008-03-24)
The Wayne County prosecutor is expected to announce this morning whether she'll bring criminal charges against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick: Should He Stay or Should He Go? (2008-03-24)
Politicians on both sides of the aisle are reacting cautiously today to the news that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is facing felony charges.

4,000 (2008-03-24)
Military officials say a roadside bomb has killed four U.S. soldiers in Baghdad. The Associated Press says the deaths push the overall American death toll in the five-year war to at least 4,000.

Efforts Are Underway to Change High School Graduation Requirements (2008-03-24)
State lawmaker introduces legislation to change high school graduation requirements.

Kilpatrick Charged with Perjury and Conspiracy (2008-03-24)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's says he will be completely exonerated of multiple criminal charges filed against him today.

Prosecutor to Announce Decision on Detroit Mayor (2008-03-24)
Jack Kevorkian is expected to announce this morning that he plans to run for Congress.

Kevorkian to Announce Congressional Bid (2008-03-24)
Jack Kevorkian is expected to announce this morning that he plans to run for Congress.

Dead Man Says He Feels 'Pretty Good" (2008-03-24)
Four months after he was declared brain dead and doctors were about to remove his organs for transplant, an Oklahoma man says he feels "pretty good."

Olympic Torch Lit (2008-03-24)
The Olympic Torch has been lit in Greece at the start of a circuitous, 85,000-mile journey to Beijing for the summer Olympics.

Complete Press Conference by Kym Worthy (2008-03-24)
Hear the entire press conference as Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announces charges against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty.

U of M Grad Student Teachers to Picket (2008-03-24)
The typical grad student spends more than 15 hours a week teaching in U of M classrooms.

17 hundred part time instructors have been negotiating a new contract since November.

Pakistan's Power Politics (2008-03-24)
Pakistan's incoming prime minister is set to slash the powers assumed by President Pervez Musharraf.

Some in West MI Call for Kilpatrick Resignation (2008-03-24)
Some people in West Michigan think the embattled Detroit mayor should resign.

Kevorkian Makes Bid For Congress (2008-03-24)
Dr. Jack Kevorkian, known as "Dr. Death" for his assisted suicide activities, plans to run for Congress.

GR Symphony Improves Diversity (2008-03-24)
The Grand Rapids Symphony is trying initiatives to increase its audience outreach and diversity.

Detroit Mayor, Aide Face 12-Count Indictment (2008-03-24)
Detroit's mayor is being charged with eight felonies - including perjury, obstruction of justice, and misconduct in office.

Supeme Court Upholds Cutting Retiree Benefits (2008-03-24)
The Supreme Court has upheld a federal policy that allows employers to reduce their health insurance expenses for retired workers once they turn 65 and qualify for Medicare.

MSU in Sweet 16 (2008-03-23)
Drew Neitzel and Kalin Lucas went on a late ballhandling and scoring spree to help Michigan State hold off Pittsburgh 65-54 victory in the NCAA South Regional.

Granholm's Budget Hits GOP Roadblocks (2008-03-23)
Her proposals include making daylong kindergarten mandatory, offering two years of free community college tuition to laid-off workers and setting up smaller high schools.

Border Bottlenecks Hurting Economy (2008-03-23)
A new report says bottlenecks along the U.S.-Canadian border are hampering economic growth in the Great Lakes region.

Early Spring (2008-03-23)
Biologists and other scientists say you can blame global warming for earlier and earlier springs.

Living With Parents (2008-03-23)
Moving back home isn't just for Generation Xers anymore.

College and Stress (2008-03-23)
A poll of undergrads from coast to coast finds four in 10 students say they endure stress often. Nearly one in five say they feel it all or most of the time.

Dinosaur Mummy (2008-03-23)
Meticulous work is under way in the basement of North Dakota's state museum to free a dinosaur from a 65-million-year-old rock tomb. Unlike almost every other dinosaur fossil ever found, the Edmontosaurus named Dakota is covered by fossilized skin that is hard as iron.

Nice Guys Finish First? (2008-03-23)
Harvard researchers say the old adage "Nice guys finish last" is not just old, it might be wrong.

Presidential Passport Scandal (2008-03-21)
The State Department admits staffers have been snooping through passport records for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain

X Prize Announces $10 Million For Best 100mpg Car (2008-03-21)
Competition for high mileage car would be similar to the race for the first private space flight.

Richardson Backs Obama (2008-03-21)
He had warm words for Hillary Rodham Clinton, but Bill Richardson has enthusiastically thrown his support behind Barack Obama.

New Headache for Home Buyers, Sellers (2008-03-21)
Home buyers in parts of Michigan may have trouble getting something they had not even heard of before.

Mortgage Insurance.

Mozzarella and Dioxin (2008-03-21)
Full-page ads in Italian newspapers today are touting not the flavor -- but the safety -- of Italy's prized buffalo mozzarella.

Good Friday (2008-03-21)
Christians today are observing Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus heading toward Easter and its celebration of rebirth.

Spring Snow (2008-03-21)
This week's arrival of spring hasn't brought an end to the forecasts for still more snow in Detroit and much of the rest of Michigan's southern Lower Peninsula.

More Help for Credit Crisis (2008-03-21)
The Federal Reserve, seeking to ease a painful credit crisis, will be making $75 billion of much-in demand Treasury securities available to big investments firms next week.

Flood Waters (2008-03-21)
Thousands of people across the Midwest are staying in shelters or with relatives as floodwaters ravage neighborhoods from Arkansas through Ohio.

Gun Battles South of Baghdad (2008-03-21)
Iraqi security forces are clashing with Shiite militia fighters southeast of Baghdad for a second day.

Multi-Billion Dollar Loophole (2008-03-21)
House Democrats are demanding documents about a multibillion-dollar overseas contracting loophole to track down how - and why - the Bush administration slipped it into plans to protect taxpayer money.

Why UM Basketball Stinks (2008-03-21)
The Michigan State Spartans are in the NCAA tournament, but the Wolverines are stuck at home.

Crackdown in Tibet (2008-03-21)
China's official news agency says the casualty toll from riots in Tibet has risen to 19 dead and more than 600 injured.

France Reducing Nuclear Arsenal (2008-03-21)
President Nicolas Sarkozy says France will cut its total nuclear arsenal to less than 300 warheads.

Mitch Ryder: It's All Right (2008-03-21)
Forty three years after his first hit Mitch Ryder is still going strong.

China's Deadly Roads (2008-03-21)
If you have a chance, stay off the roads in China or be very, very careful if you drive there. A report today says they are the most dangerous roads in the world.

Borders Pins Turnaround Hopes On New High-Tech Stores (2008-03-20)
The Ann Arbor-based bookstore chain is in trouble, and could end up sold to a new owner. But company leaders say a new approach to bookstores could turn the company around.

American Axle Workers Prepare for Lengthy Strike (2008-03-20)
American Axle employees are digging in for what's turning into a protracted strike against the company.

Oscar Winning Actor Paul Scofield Is Dead (2008-03-20)
The distinguished Scofield was one of Britain's most respected actors, appearing in the theater and in movies. He won the Academy Award for his portrayal of statesman Thomas More in the 1966 movie, "A Man for All Seasons."

Economic Signs - 'Flashing Yellow' (2008-03-20)
An index designed to forecast future economic activity is signaling a rough patch ahead.

Michigan To Apply For No Child Left Behind Pilot Program (2008-03-20)
The federal government plans to ease No Child Left Behind requirements, but for ten states only as part of a pilot program.

China Sending Reinforcements to Tibet (2008-03-20)
At least 80 trucks carrying hundreds of Chinese paramilitary police are headed toward Tibet, with more headed to other restive areas of China.

EPA Proposes Lifting Emissions Rule For Farms (2008-03-20)
The U.S. EPA wants to lift a requirement that farms report their emissions.

Making Criminal Politicians Pay (2008-03-20)
Michigan politicians who break the law might have to pay their local government for any lost money.

State Representative Brian Calley says towns and cities need a way to recoup money lost when a local elected official breaks the law, and its costs the taxpayers.

Scooter Libby Disbarred (2008-03-20)
Former top White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been barred from practicing law in the nation's capital following his perjury conviction in the case of a CIA operative's leaked identity.

Bin Laden Accuses Pope of 'New Crusade' (2008-03-20)
In his latest audio message, Osama bin Laden says Pope Benedict played a "large, lengthy role" in an effort against Islam that included cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that were published in Europe.

U.N. Expanding Role in Afghanistan (2008-03-20)
The U.N. Security Council has authorized an expanded U.N. political mission in Afghanistan to work with the international community to strengthen support for the Afghan government as it confronts increasing insurgent activity.

Crumbling Roads (2008-03-20)
Communities are having to spend much more to repair crumbling roads, or are considering letting the roads just crumble.

Michigan Woman Killed By Stingray (2008-03-20)
Officials say a Michigan woman died after a stingray jumped out of the water and struck her in the upper body in the Florida Keys.

Jailed Bride (2008-03-20)
Something old, something new, something borrowed, and an orange jumpsuit too

Cheney Makes Surprise Stop in Afghanistan (2008-03-20)
Vice President Cheney has met with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai during an unannounced visit to the country.

Tibet Violence Spreads, Dalai Lama Offers Talks (2008-03-20)
The Dalai Lama says he's willing to meet Chinese leaders, including President Hu Jintao, for talks on the unrest over Tibet. He repeated that he's not seeking independence for Tibet, but only autonomy under China's control.

Believe It or Not, But It's Spring (2008-03-20)
Spring has sprung. The vernal equinox is the moment at which the sun passes directly over the Equator. It happened at 1:48 a.m. Eastern time.

Flood Waters Spreading in Midwest (2008-03-20)
The National Weather Service said that record rainfall and melting snowpacks will continue to cause rivers to overflow in large areas of the country.

Borders Says Selling The Company Is An Option (2008-03-20)
Bookstore chain executives say they need more cash to keep their plans on track.

Wayne Loses More Residents Than Any County in U.S. (2008-03-20)
More people left Wayne County last year than any other county in the nation. The news comes from the most recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics. Michigan lost residents throughout the state, including Macomb and Oakland counties.

MSU Advances (2008-03-20)
Spartans defeat Temple Owls in today's first round game in the NCAA tournament

Stabenow Disappointed Re-Do is a No-Do (2008-03-20)
U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow says a primary redo was the fairest way to resolve the issue about the state's Democratic delegates.

GRCC President Resigns (2008-03-20)
Grand Rapids Commmunity College President Juan Olivarez resigns to take a new post.

Detroit Scrambles to Fix Charity Funding (2008-03-20)
The Detroit City Council is giving more than a hundred charities a second chance to apply for millions of dollars in federal grants.

Detroit Scrambles to Fix Charity Funding (2008-03-20)
The Detroit City Council is giving more than a hundred charities a second chance to apply for millions of dollars in federal grants.

'Do-Over' Primary Dead (2008-03-20)
There will be no early June "do-over" Democratic primary in Michigan.

Today was the deadline for the Legislature to act on a plan to make Michigan count in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Five Years Later - Antiwar Protest (2008-03-19)
The fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq is stirring up protests in many parts of the country.

Five Years Later - Iraq (2008-03-19)
Fresh off a visit to Iraq, Vice President Cheney is claiming he's not concerned about the strong opposition to the continuing war.

Five Years Later - Staying the Course (2008-03-19)
President Bush says he won't accept additional troop withdrawals from Iraq beyond those already planned if they would jeopardize recent security gains.

"Hogan's Heroes'" Star Dies (2008-03-19)
He directed hundreds of episodes of shows including "The Waltons," "The Rockford Files," "Magnum, P.I." and "In the Heat of the Night." But Ivan Dixon will be remembered most for his role as Staff Sergeant James Kinchloe on the 60's TV series "Hogan Heroes."

Pryor Decision Due Today (2008-03-19)
Pennsylvania prep standout Terrelle Pryor plans to finally announce his college choice at a news conference today. Pryor is widely considered the best unsigned high school football player in the country.

Clinton Calls on Obama to Back Primary Do-Over (2008-03-19)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in Michigan today to pressure the Obama campaign to agree to a re-do of the state's January primary.

Unemployment Creeps Higher (2008-03-19)
Seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates increased in all of Michigan's 17 regional labor markets in January.

Kalamazoo River Cleanup (2008-03-19)
The EPA hopes to remove more than 170 thousand tons of PCB contaminated sediment along a 2 mile stretch of the river during the 2 year project.

Primary Scramble (2008-03-19)
There appears to be no end in sight for a standoff that's pitted the state against the national Democratic Party.

China, Tibet and the Olympic Torch (2008-03-19)
China says it's going ahead with plans for the Olympic torch to be carried through Tibet and to the top of Mount Everest, despite recent protests against Chinese rule.

Pryor Headed to Columbus (2008-03-19)
Terrelle Pryor, the highly touted western Pennsylvania prep quarterback, says he will go to Ohio State. Pryor was picking Ohio State over Michigan, Penn State and Oregon.

Saginaw County Ordered to Pay Inmates (2008-03-19)
Four former Saginaw County jail inmates were each left naked in a holding cell for hours.

Tuesday a federal jury says the county owes them 145 thousand dollars.

Federal Judge Rejects Affirmative Action Ban Challenge (2008-03-19)
In 2006, Michigan voters approved the ban on preferential treatment based on race and gender.

Tuesday, U.S. District Judge David Lawson rejected a challenge to the law by the NAACP and a group named 'By Any Means Necessary' or BAMN.

Five Years Later - Iraqi Refugees (2008-03-19)
The U.N. refugee agency says asylum applications rose by 10 percent in rich countries last year, due to a surge of Iraqis seeking refuge in Europe and North America.

Detroit City Council Calls on Mayor to Resign (2008-03-18)
The Detroit City Council has approved a resolution that asks Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to resign. The resolution passed on a 7-1 vote Tuesday afternoon.

German Chanceollor Apologizes for Holocaust (2008-03-18)
Germany's chancellor told Israel's parliament that Germans are filled with shame over the Nazi Holocaust and that she bows before the victims.

Detroit Council Votes to Ask for Mayor's Resignation (2008-03-18)
The Detroit City Council voted seven-to-one today to call for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's resignation.

High Court Hears 2nd Amendment Debate (2008-03-18)
A majority appears to support the view that the amendment protects an individual's right to own guns, rather than somehow linking right to service in a state militia. But it is less clear what that means for the District's 32-year-old ban on handguns, perhaps the strictest gun control law in the nation.

Obama says Race is an Issue America Cannot Ignore (2008-03-18)
The Democratic senator is trying to stem damage from divisive comments delivered by his pastor, while also bluntly addressing anger between blacks and whites in the most racially pointed speech yet of his presidential campaign.

Granholm to Approve Replacement Primary, if Necessary (2008-03-18)
Governor Granholm says she would sign a bill authorizing a replacement Democratic primary if the legislation reaches her desk.

Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate (2008-03-18)
President Bush says the government will take further action - if necessary - to help the sagging economy.

Delta Airlines Offers Buyouts to 30,000 Employees (2008-03-18)
Delta Air Lines says it will offer voluntary severance payouts to roughly 30,000 employees - more than half its workforce - and cut domestic capacity by an extra 5 percent this year as part of an overhaul of its business plan to deal with soaring fuel prices.

Director Anthony Minghella Has Died (2008-03-18)
Minghella's agent Judy Daish confirmed the director's death. Further details were not immediately available Tuesday. Minghella, who was 54

Director Anthony Minghella Has Died (2008-03-18)
Minghella's agent Judy Daish confirmed the director's death. Minghella, who was 54

US, Russia Still At Odds Over Arms Treaty (2008-03-18)
Defense Secretary Robert Gates says a missile defense system for central Europe "would not constitute a threat" to Russia. But Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Washington and Moscow still don't see eye-to-eye on it.

Olympic Boycott? (2008-03-18)
France's Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says the European Union should consider boycotting the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics if violence continues in Tibet.

Post Traumatic Stress -Genetic? (2008-03-18)
Emory University's Kerry Ressler says a study of adults who suffered childhood abuse has found that there was a greater rate of PTSD among the adults who also had specific variations in a stress-related gene.

Deadline Approaches For Ford Buyouts (2008-03-18)
Workers have until midnight to sign up, most say they aren't interested.

Author Arthur C. Clarke Is Dead (2008-03-18)
Rohan De Silva says Clarke died early Wednesday after suffering from breathing problems. He was 90.

Director Anthony Minghella Has Died (2008-03-18)
Minghella's agent Judy Daish confirmed the director's death. Further details were not immediately available Tuesday. Minghella, who was 54

Workers Taking On New Challenges After Ford (2008-03-18)
Some workers who left during Ford's last round of buyouts say they wish they'd never left. Others say they've found new freedom.

Michigan Among Ten Dirtiest Coal Plant States (2008-03-18)
Michigan had one of the greatest carbon dioxide emissions last year compared to other states. That news comes from the Environmental Integrity Project. It says Michigan is one of the ten states with the dirtiest coal operated power plants.

South Africa Struggles To Tell Its History (2008-03-17)
Universities in South Africa are working to make sure the entire history of black South Africans is told.

WSU Lays Off 26 From Medical School (2008-03-17)
Wayne State University's School of Medicine has begun the first round of layoffs as a result of a contract dispute with the Detroit Medical Center.

Detroit Shuts Non-Profits Out of Federal Money (2008-03-17)
More than a hundred non-profits have been notified they are no longer eligible for federal grants because a majority of their board members live outside the city.

Hamtramck Mayor to Sign Lead Testing Law (2008-03-17)
Hamtramck is about to become the first Michigan city to require landlords to check for lead hazards before they rent a place to tenants.

Detroit Officials Mull Future of Incinerator (2008-03-17)
A debate is shaping up in Detroit over how to deal with the city's trash.

Lawmaker Wants Recorder's Court Restored (2008-03-17)
A bill in the state House calls for the restoration of the criminal court that used to handle felony cases in Detroit.

Saving Money vs Losing Teeth (2008-03-17)
The state dental association is worried cash strapped Michigan cities might consider saving money by no longer adding fluoride to their water supplies.

Prosecutor Holds Off On Kilpatrick Decision (2008-03-16)
Michiganders will have to wait a little longer to find out whether or not Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will face perjury charges.

Pryor Decision Time (2008-03-16)
Terrelle Pryor says he'll announce this week where he will play college football.

Awake During Surgery (2008-03-16)
A study has found that a special brain wave monitor designed to prevent the nightmare of people waking during surgery doesn't work any better than older protocols and technology.

America's Spies Have an Image Problem (2008-03-16)
The number-two official in the Office of National Intelligence thinks spies are getting a bum rap. Donald Kerr says it might be time to roll back the curtain of secrecy and let Americans see the good things agents do.

America's Endangered Battlefields (2008-03-16)
Many Civil War sites that have been paved over or just have a little plaque designating the site.

Spartans in NCAA Tourney (2008-03-16)
Michigan State will face 12th-seeded Temple on Thursday in Denver in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Artist Spotlight: Jeanne Leiby's Downriver (2008-03-15)
A collection of short stories about life just south of Detroit.

Prosecutor Decides on Kilpatrick Perjury Charge (2008-03-15)
Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says she has made her decision about whether Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will face perjury charges in a text message scandal. Worthy tells WDIV-TV in Detroit that her team is wrapping up its review and drawing up papers but wouldn't reveal details.

Macomb County Goes Green (2008-03-15)
Macomb County is going green. Commissioners are pushing efforts to conserve energy in county buildings to protect the environment and save tax dollars.

Golden Ring (2008-03-15)
Michigan jewelers are reporting brisk business these days.

The soaring price of gold is driving Michiganders to buy and sell jewelry.

Primary Concerns (2008-03-15)
Democrats are expected to negotiate into the weekend in an effort to find a compromise that would allow Michigan to be seated at the party's presidential nominating convention. The talks are focused on a do-over primary on June third.

A Wordsmithing Battle, for the Ladies Only (2008-03-15)
In Detroit tonight, a champion will be made. A dozen contenders will settle who is queen of the microphone.

Verdict in John Ritter Trial (2008-03-15)
A California jury has cleared a cardiologist and a radiologist of negligence in the diagnosis and treatment of actor John Ritter, who died of a torn aorta in 2003.

House Approves Terrorist Surveillance Bill (2008-03-15)
The House bill approved Friday doesn't grant immunity to telecommunications companies that helped the government spy on Americans after September 11th without warrants. The Senate has passed its own version, and it includes that immunity.

President Bush: Optimistic About Economy (2008-03-14)
President Bush says the U.S. economy is obviously "going through a tough time" but urged the country to be optimistic about the future.

It's a 'Do-Over' Deal (2008-03-14)
Michigan Democrats will formally propose this afternoon that the state hold a "do-over" presidential primary on June 3rd.

The results of that election would replace the results of the state's January 15th primary that violated Democratic National Committee rules.

U of M Bounced From BIG 10 Tournament (2008-03-14)
Joe Krabbenhoft scored 12 points and Michael Flowers keyed No. 8 Wisconsin offensively and defensively in the Badgers' ugly 51-34 victory

Violent Protests in Tibet (2008-03-14)
Protests in Tibet have turned violent, as Buddhist monks lead demonstrations against Chinese rule. A Western traveler tells BBC World television that police have attacked monks and that military convoys carrying heavily armed troops have moved into Lhasa.

Warhol Gets More Than '15 Minutes' at GRAM (2008-03-14)
The Grand Rapids Art Museum is opening a show on Andy Warhol's paintings and screen prints today -- the largest collection to open in Michigan in decades.

Popular Saugatuck Art Event Ends Over Squabble With City Council (2008-03-14)
Art 'Round The Town organizer Gayle Lipsig says she's ending the popular annual event because of lack of city government support.

Bear Stearns Bailout (2008-03-14)
Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns has been bailed out by the federal government and JPMorgan Chase in a surprise, last-ditch effort to save the 86-year-old institution.

Battery Engineers Finally Get Respect In The Auto Industry (2008-03-14)
Michigan Radio's Dustin Dwyer sits down with two people who could shape the future of the auto industry. They're battery experts.

Gold Mining in Michigan? (2008-03-14)
Michigan's last operating gold mine closed nearly 20 years ago.

But one expert says there may be renewed interest in Michigan's elusive gold reserves. Now that the precious metal is worth a thousand dollar an ounce.

Top Al Qaida Figure Captured (2008-03-14)
The Pentagon says authorities have captured a high-level al-Qaida figure who helped Osama bin Laden escape from Afghanistan in 2001.

Sen. Howard Metzenbaum has Died (2008-03-13)
A man who had a long career in the U.S. Senate fighting big business has died. Howard Metzenbaum, a proud liberal Democrat, was 90 and died at his home in Florida.

Rising Diesel Prices Putting Brakes on Truckers (2008-03-13)
Diesel fuel prices in Michigan topped 4 dollars a gallon this week.

That's a hefty price for truck drivers. About 700 dollars per fill-up.

Suicide Bomber Strikes US Convoy in Afghanistan (2008-03-13)
Meantime, a regional governor says Afghan and international forces have killed more than 40 Taliban militants in a battle in southern Afghanistan.

Gold Soars to Record High, While Inventories Rise (2008-03-13)
Gold futures hit $1,000 an ounce for the first time Thursday morning as the dollar continues to decline and crude oil prices rise.

Oil At $110 a Barrel (2008-03-13)
Light, sweet crude for April delivery has reached $110.48 in early afternoon European electronic trading Thursday on the New York Mercantile Exchange and prices were expected to keep rising.

Deaths Tied to Lack of Health Coverage (2008-03-13)
Two people die each day in Michigan because they have no health coverage. The figure comes from a recent study linking a lack of health insurance to health-related deaths in the state.

Michigan's Foreclosure Rate Holding Steady (2008-03-13)
Michigan's home foreclosure rate stayed relatively flat in February.

But it's still among the worst in the country.

Asian Markets Plunge, Dollar Also Down (2008-03-13)
The dollar's drop to a 12-year low hammered stocks of Japanese exporters such as Toyota and Sony, whose overseas earnings are eroded by a stronger yen. The Nikkei index tumbled three-point-three percent.

Singer Aretha Franklin Could Lose Home (2008-03-13)
Aretha Franklin could lose her home to tax collectors. The singer says an attorney's mistake caused her $700,000 mansion in Detroit to slip into foreclosure over $445 in 2005 taxes and late fees.

Wyoming GM Plant Layoffs to Total 507 (2008-03-13)
A General Motors metal stamping plant in Wyoming will lay off nearly 300 more workers this month in a second round this month due to the ongoing strike at American Axle.

Overtime Hockey Game Makes Everyone A Winner (2008-03-13)
The longest Michigan High School Hockey game ever.

Suppliers Play Bigger Role In Vehicle Development (2008-03-13)
Despite their financial troubles, parts suppliers are picking up a larger part of the tab for research into new technology.

U of M, WMU Advance in Conference Play (2008-03-13)
The win over Iowa sends the ninth-seeded Wolverines into tomorrow's quarterfinals against top-seeded Wisconsin.

Western Michigan (20-11) never trailed and led by 16 points in the first half of today's game against Eastern Michigan.

Lowering the Age to Donate Blood (2008-03-13)
A bill approved today by a state House committee would lower the age when a person can legally donate blood.

Currently, a person must be at least 17 years old to donate blood.

The bill would lower the age to 16.

Chrysler Imposing Company-Wide Shutdown in July (2008-03-13)
It's common for automakers to shut down plants in July, but this also would affect salaried workers.

Salvia Could Be Banned in Michigan (2008-03-13)
A legal and popular drug among teens might be banned in Michigan. Salvia is a plant whose leaves can be chewed or smoked to produce hallucinations. It is currently legal in Michigan. The House passed a bill last week that would ban the LSD-like drug.

FBI Continued Improper Snooping in 2006 (2008-03-13)
The Justice Department's Inspector General says the FBI continued to improperly obtain personal information about Americans in terrorism investigations during 2006.

Florida Takes Step Toward Revote (2008-03-13)
Still no deal in Michigan

9th US Soldier Dies in 2 Days in Iraq (2008-03-12)
Bloodshed in Iraq has increased recently, despite the military's claim of a 60 percent drop in attacks since June.

Can CO2 Be Turned Into Fuel? (2008-03-12)
One analyst says the harmful pollutant could be converted into methanol to power tomorrow's cars.

The Automobile Industry's 'Green' Future (2008-03-12)
A major automotive conference is underway in Vancouver British Columbia.

The conference may help lead to major changes in the way Michigan and the rest of the world make cars and trucks.

Ford Wins Rollover Lawsuit (2008-03-12)
A lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. on behalf of a girl who was badly hurt in the rollover of a Bronco II has been rejected by a jury in Spokane, Wash.

Kilpatrick Defines Agenda, Lashes Out at Critics (2008-03-12)
Detroit's embattled mayor spoke optimistically about his accomplishments, and his plans for the future in his State of the City address last night. But Kwame Kilpatrick's bright message about job growth and investment in the city was at odds with the cloud of scandal hanging over his administration.

Kilpatrick Perjury Decision On Hold (2008-03-12)
The Wayne County prosecutor says she will announce in two weeks whether to bring perjury charges against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former top aide.

White House Denies Pushing Out Middle East Commander (2008-03-12)
The White House has rejected charges that it quashes dissenting views in the military, an accusation brought to light by the resignation of Navy Admiral William J. Fallon as commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East.

No Place Like Nome (2008-03-12)
Lance Mackey has won his second consecutive Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race in Alaska. The 37-year-old throat cancer survivor and his 11 dogs completed the 1,100-mile journey across Alaska in just under nine and a half days, crossing the finish line early this morning.

Kevorkian for Congress? (2008-03-12)
Assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian is planning a run for Congress. Kevorkian was released from prison last year and remains on parole. But the 79-year-old told The Oakland Press for an article published Wednesday that he plans to run for office as a candidate with no party affiliation.

Race and 'The Race' (2008-03-12)
Barack Obama says Geraldine Ferraro is participating in "slice and dice politics," and that America is tired of it.

Iraq Govt. Defends Spending (2008-03-12)
Iraq says it regrets complaints by U.S. officials that it's not spending much of its own money, even as America's getting squeezed by record oil prices.

Obama Says No to Michigan 'Mail-In' Primary (2008-03-12)
Michigan Democrats are trying to resolve a dispute with the national party that will allow its delegates to be seated at the presidential nominating convention. Michigan broke the national party rules by jumping ahead of other states with its January 15th primary.

Border Drug Bust (2008-03-12)
Mexican authorities say they've captured a U.S. citizen alleged to be a top member of a major drug cartel. They say he will be sent back to the U.S. immediately.

Fewer Americans Following Iraq Death Toll (2008-03-12)
In a new poll by the Pew Research Center, fewer people than before correctly answered when asked how many U.S. troops have died in the Iraq war.

NY Governor Resigns in Disgrace (2008-03-12)
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has resigned. The first-term Democrat says he will leave office on Monday, clearing the way for Lieutenant Governor David Paterson to take over.

Kilpatrick SOC Analysis (2008-03-12)
Analysis of the content and context of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's State of the City address Tuesday night.

Meth Use Drops in Michigan, US (2008-03-12)
Methamphetamine or Meth was a growing problem across Michigan and the rest of the country at the beginning of the decade. The peak of the crisis appeared to be in 2005

AutoFutureTech Summit Gets Under Way (2008-03-12)
Conference begins with a call by a Belgian Prince for greater responsibility on the environment.

Obama Wins Mississippi Primary, Rejects VP Label (2008-03-12)
Barack Obama has won Mississippi's Democratic primary, grabbing at least 17 delegates to Hillary Clinton's 11 with 5 delegates still to be awarded. Obama's latest win comes on the heels of yet another squabble between the campaigns or their supporters.

Belgian Govt., Banks to Pay Holocaust Victims (2008-03-11)
The Belgian government and banks have agreed to pay $170 million to Holocaust survivors, families of victims and the Jewish community for losses during World War II.

Cox: AlternativeEnergy Bills 'Uncompetitive' (2008-03-11)
Attorney General Mike Cox is blasting legislative bills he says would significatnly raise electricity rates by requiring more alternative energy and decreasing competition.

South Africa Working With Affirmative Action (2008-03-11)
South African government trying to raise economic level of blacks.

Anti-Gay Rights Group Ends Ford Boycott (2008-03-11)
Ford said in a statement Tuesday that its principles haven't changed and that it is committed to treating everyone fairly. But the company says it has decreased overall advertising and charitable spending in recent years because of losses in North America.

White House Has No Answers For Soaring Oil Prices (2008-03-11)
The White House says that soaring oil prices are "not going to be solved overnight" and that "it would be wrong" of President Bush to promise otherwise.

Michigan Girl Scout Councils To Consolidate (2008-03-11)
Michigan's thirteen Girl Scout councils will soon be consolidated as part of a national overhaul.

Public Transit Use Up in Michigan (2008-03-11)
Michigan residents are increasingly turning to public transportation. A recent national survey from the American Public Transportation Association suggests that crowded roads and high gas prices have caused an increased demand for mass transit.

Calls for NY Governor's Resignation (2008-03-11)
Several New York newspapers are calling for Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation. In editions that hit the streets today, the New York Daily News, New York Post and Newsday are all demanding that he step down.

Ex-Clerk Says Slain Stripper Filed Police Report (2008-03-11)
A former Detroit police clerk says she read a report in 2002 saying exotic dancer Tamara Greene assaulted by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's wife.

Gettelfinger: No Movement in American Axle Strike (2008-03-11)
United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger says there's no movement toward settling a two-week strike at American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc.

Madonna, Mellencamp Inducted into Rock Hall of Fame (2008-03-11)
A new class is being welcomed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Among the newcomers: Madonna, John Mellencamp, Philly soul producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff. Oldies mainstays the Dave Clark Five and the Ventures are also in.

State Senate School Aid Budget More Than Last Year But Less Than Governor Wants (2008-03-11)
A proposed school aid budget that is to be taken up by the State Senate is about 500-million dollars less than a budget proposed by the Governor.

Kilpatrick to Deliver Seventh State of the City (2008-03-11)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick plans to talk about jobs, infrastructure improvements, and an economic turnaround tonight. But the ideas in his State of the City address could be overshadowed by the continuing controversy over the text message scandal.

Protecting the Home Front (2008-03-11)
The state senate Tuesday approved legislation protecting active-duty servicemen and women from losing their homes to foreclosure.

Oil Prices Keep Climbing (2008-03-11)
Oil prices have hit another all-time high today as an anemic dollar continues to plunge.

Bomb Attack Kills 16 in Southern Iraq (2008-03-11)
Iraqi police say at least 16 civilians are dead after a roadside bomb hit a bus in southern Iraq. More than 20 others have been wounded in the attack.

Arsons Go Up As Michigan Economy Slides (2008-03-11)
More people are setting fires in Michigan. Many are trying to get out of house mortgages and car loans.

Afghanistan - Too Dangerous for Aid Workers (2008-03-11)
A report released today says attacks by Taliban insurgents are blocking the delivery of humanitarian help in the hot spots. Afghan officials says it's not that bad, estimating that only eight of the country's 364 districts are not under government control.

Kenyan Refugees (2008-03-10)
A Red Cross official says up to 30,000 people have fled their homes because of an army operation in western Kenya.

Report: Act Now on Climate Change or Face Consequences (2008-03-10)
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says in two decades, environmental damage could leave half the world's population without adequate drinking water.

Michigan Dems: Still on Hold (2008-03-10)
Michigan Democrats are still talking with national party leaders about how the state can seat its delegates at this summer's Democratic National Convention.

UK: Longer Pub Hours, More Drunk Violence (2008-03-10)
The British government had hoped to decrease alcohol-related problems and curb violence by allowing some places to stay open beyond the traditional closing time of 11 p.m.

Kyle Busch, Toyota Win in Atlanta (2008-03-10)
It was like the good old days for Joe Gibbs Racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway when newcomer Kyle Busch put the Number-18 in the Winner's Circle.

Shopping Malls Losing Niche Retailers (2008-03-10)
The signs that smaller retailers are struggling are unavoidable at malls across America.

John McCain: On the Road, Raising Money (2008-03-10)
John McCain will be on the road all week. The likely Republican presidential nominee isn't stumping for votes, he's looking for cash. Starting today in St. Louis, McCain has a series of fundraising events mapped out as he tries to replenish his campaign account.

Wolverines - An Endangered Species? (2008-03-10)
The wolverine may be placed this week on the federal Endangered Species list.

Wolverines can be found in the most remote regions of North America, Europe and Asia. That is, when they can be found.

U of M, Disabled Vets Strike 'Big House' Deal (2008-03-10)
U of M and the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America announced today an agreement to increase handicapped seating and other improvements to the football stadium's renovation.

Spring Break Worries (2008-03-10)
College students visiting one spring-break hot spot in Texas are avoiding crossing the Mexican border this year.

Darfur Aid Hijacked (2008-03-10)
Truck hijackings are delaying the delivery of food aid to the troubled Darfur region of Sudan. The delay comes at a time when a funding crunch could force the U.N. food agency to halt air deliveries.

Painful Pump Prices (2008-03-10)
Michigan's gasoline prices are up 19 cents during the past week. AAA Michigan says the statewide average is $3.28 per gallon. That's 74 cents higher than last year at this time.

Another Headache for Kwame Kilpatrick (2008-03-10)
A former police desk clerk says she read a report filed by stripper Tamara Greene claiming she was assaulted by the wife of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick during a party at the Manoogian Mansion.

'Crusader' Laid Low By Prostitution Scandal (2008-03-10)
An announcement is expected shortly from New York Governor Eliot Spitzer -- after a published report linking him to a prostitution ring.

Southern Baptists & Climate Change (2008-03-10)
In a major shift, some Southern Baptist leaders say their denomination has been "too timid" on environmental issues and has a biblical duty to stop global warming.

Online Predator Sting (2008-03-10)
Twenty-seven people have been nabbed in an Internet sex sting in Wayne County. All but one of those arrested is from Michigan. They range in age from 19 to 57.

House Files Suit Against Bush Administration Officials (2008-03-10)
The House Judiciary Committee has filed suit to force former White House Counsel Harriet Miers and White House chief of staff Joshua Bolten to provide information about the firing of U.S. attorneys, including former US Attorney for West Michigan Margaret Chiara.

US Iraqi Ally Assassinated (2008-03-10)
A sheik who headed a group of Sunni fighters who had turned against al-Qaida has been killed in his home by a female suicide bomber.

Blackwater USA Probe (2008-03-10)
A senior House Democrat is calling for a wide-ranging federal investigation into private security contractor Blackwater Worldwide.

State Lawmakers Debate Economic Stimulus Bills (2008-03-10)
Democrats claim their Homeownership Stimulus bill would boost existing home sales, which have been stagnant for the past few years.

A spokeswoman for Senate Republicans describes the House Democrats' plan as a short-term' solution, with little chance of working.

More GM Plants To Close Today (2008-03-10)
Strike at parts company has affected a total of 28 General Motors plants so far.

Detroit's Economic Dvpt. Chief Defends Bid Process (2008-03-10)
The head of Detroit's economic development organization is defending the way it awards city contracts.

Rough Weather Batters England, Northern Europe (2008-03-10)
British authorities have issued severe flood warnings for England, and they're urging people to stay away from coastal areas as rain and strong winds pummel the area.

RX Drug Prices Rose 7.4% in 2007 (2008-03-10)
The AARP says the increase was about 2.5 times overall inflation. It affects medicines most commonly prescribed to the elderly.

China's Death Penalty (2008-03-10)
China's top judge says there has been some success in the effort to limit executions in his country. The chief justice says only "extremely vile criminals" were put to death last year.

Levin Would Support 'Mail in' Primary (2008-03-09)
U-S Senator Carl Levin says mail-in balloting is probably the most practical way of re-doing Michigan's presidential primary. But Levin says an agreement to replay the January primary is still a long way off.

Reconstructing Johann Sebastian Bach (2008-03-09)
Johann Sebastian Bach was a strong-jawed man with a slight underbite and short silver hair. That's according to a modern reconstruction unveiled this week in Berlin.

EMU Hopes to Launch Doctoral Nursing Program (2008-03-09)
Eastern Michigan University is asking the state for $1.5 million to help it get a doctoral nursing program off the ground.

Assassin's Gun Up For Auction (2008-03-09)
The .38-caliber Colt Cobra revolver Jack Ruby used to kill accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is going up for auction this month in Las Vegas.

Former Foster Kids Hope to Improve System (2008-03-09)
There's a new social movement building across the U.S. Former foster care kids are taking a look at the system that raised them, and they're asking for more of a say in how it's run.

More People Seeking Help To Keep Warm (2008-03-09)
Requests for help paying home heating bills in Michigan have increased.

Rising Property Taxes (2008-03-09)
Tax assessor offices around Michigan are bracing for a big increase in challenges to property tax assessments.

Many homeowners are finding their property tax assessments are rising, even though home values are falling.

Iraq War Vets '#1 Health Problem' - Hearing Damage (2008-03-09)
That's according to figures from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Soldiers caught in roadside bombings and firefights in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming home in epidemic numbers with permanent hearing loss and ringing in their ears.

New Warning for Anemia Drug (2008-03-09)
The new warnings approved by the Food and Drug Administration warn that the company's drugs increased death and accelerated tumor growth in patients with several types of cancer, including breast and cervical.

Poll: Clinton, Obama Tied (2008-03-08)
A new poll suggests Hillary Clinton's wins in Tuesday's Democratic primaries in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island have evaporated Barack Obama's national lead in the polls.

Spring Forward (2008-03-08)
This is the weekend that we have to trot out that old saying about ``spring forward, fall back.''

Report: Climate Change to Cause Unexpected Problems (2008-03-08)
A report from the European Union says tensions between countries competing for water, arable land and other resources will only worsen because of climate change.

Ron Paul Bowing Out? (2008-03-08)
John McCain's last theoretical challenger for the Republican presidential nomination is apparently calling it quits.

Clinton-Obama Ticket? (2008-03-08)
Both Democratic candidates have yet to rule it out, and Hillary Rodham Clinton hinted at the possibility again Friday as she campaigned in Mississippi.

Window to the Past (2008-03-08)
A large cash donation to Oxford University's famed Bodleian Library will allow many of its rare books to be put on public display for the first time.

Colombia Claims FARC Rebel Leader Killed (2008-03-08)
Colombia's defense minister says a top rebel leader was killed by his own chief of security.

Last World War One Vet Honored (2008-03-08)
At the age of 107, America's last known surviving World War I veteran has been honored with his picture on the walls of the Pentagon.

Trouble at DHS (2008-03-08)
A newly released audit finds the Michigan Department of Human Services needs to do a better job of making sure its clients are properly receiving federal assistance.

Playing it Safe (2008-03-07)
When it comes to playing sports injuries are part of the game. But Commentator John Bacon wonders if the people overseeing sports are getting over protective these days. At least of coaches

Chavez Calls For Calm in Border Conflict (2008-03-07)
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is calling for tensions between his country and Colombia to cool down. Chavez is among the leaders attending today's summit of Latin American presidents in the Dominican Republic. He says he thinks the meeting is "going to be positive" and people should "chill out their nerves."

Poll: More Voters Favor Democrats (2008-03-07)
In The Associated Press-Ipsos poll, 52 percent of those surveyed called themselves Democrats. That's up from 45 percent in an AP-Ipsos survey in mid-December. Thirty-five percent say they are Republicans, about the same as December's number.

CEO Pay Too High? (2008-03-07)
Lawmakers are questioning how three corporate executives were able to make millions while their companies took financial nosedives because of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Seeking the 'Merchant of Death' (2008-03-07)
41-year-old Viktor Bout is accused of running weapons to al-Qaida, the Taliban and both sides in Angola's civil war.

McCain Calls for Tax Cuts, Job Training (2008-03-07)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain says the country needs tax cuts and job training to lift the economy out of a possible recession. McCain says American families are "hurting very badly," particularly in Midwestern states that relied on manufacturing jobs that eventually disappeared.

O.J. Simpson Trial Delayed (2008-03-07)
Defense lawyers say a Nevada judge has agreed to delay O.J. Simpson's trial on armed robbery and kidnapping charges to Sept. 8.

Fmr. Congressman John Mackie Dead (2008-03-07)
John Mackie, a Democrat, served as state highway commissioner from July 1, 1957, to Jan. 1, 1965, when he resigned after winning a congressional seat representing Genesee and Lapeer counties.

Beaumont Hospital Adding New Cancer Treatment (2008-03-07)
Beaumont Hospital plans to team up with an Indiana company to build a $159 million radiation center for treating cancer.

Doctors at the proposed center in Royal Oak will use proton beam therapy to treat cancer patients.

Iraq-Turkey Summit (2008-03-07)
Iraq's president is meeting with his Turkish counterpart today, a week after Turkish forces ended a ground operation against Iraq-based Kurdish rebels.

Solar Energy Shines in Electrolux Shadow (2008-03-07)
The governor toured a solar power plant in Greenville and learned how it's providing hope to a city hit hard by manufacturing lay-offs.

Ford Holds Job Fair To Convince Its Workers To Leave (2008-03-07)
Vendors set up shop at a union hall in Dearborn to show the opportunities outside Ford.

Wheat Shortage Creates Price Crunch for Bakers (2008-03-07)
Skyrocketing wheat prices are hitting bakeries and other businesses that use flour in their products.

Priest Abuse Reports Decline (2008-03-07)
But total payouts to victims have nearly doubled, reaching their highest level ever.

Obama Advisor Quits (2008-03-07)
A Barack Obama adviser has resigned after calling rival Hillary Rodham Clinton "a monster." A campaign official told The Associated Press Friday that Samantha Power's resignation is effective immediately.

Still No 'Do-Over' Primary Deal (2008-03-07)
Proposals and rumors of proposals are flying. The ideas include a 'do-over' primary, balloting by mail or Internet, or throwing the question to a state party convention.

Sliding Property Values Have Schools Worried (2008-03-07)
Sinking property values could mean smaller state aid increases for schools over the next few years. And school finance officials are worried about it.

Mandating Mental Health Coverage (2008-03-06)
The House has voted to require equal insurance coverage for mental and physical illnesses when policies cover both. The 268-to-148 vote was cheered by advocates who have been fighting for what's called "mental health parity."

Layoffs Expected at WSU Medical School (2008-03-06)
Layoffs are expected at the Wayne State University School of Medicine next week.

Seeking a Diplomatic Solution in South American Crisis (2008-03-06)
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the United States wants to see a diplomatic solution to the tension surrounding Colombia.

Home Sales Stabilize (2008-03-06)
The National Association of Realtors says its index of pending sales for existing homes came in at 85.9 -- the same reading as December -- and just shy of a revised record low of 85.8 in August.

Michigan Democrats Say 'How About a Do-Over?' (2008-03-06)
Michigan's Democratic leaders are considering a May or June do-over of the January 15th primary in an effort to get their delegates counted in a very tight presidential contest.

Times Square Explosion (2008-03-06)
Investigators are trying to find out who set off a small bomb early today outside a military recruiting station in New York's Times Square.

Super Delegates - Casting the Deciding Vote (2008-03-06)
They're various party officials, including all Democratic governors and members of Congress, who are not bound by any primary or caucus votes. This year, the decision could be up to them

Actor Patrick Swayze Battling Pancreatic Cancer (2008-03-06)
The "Dirty Dancing" actor has a very limited amount of disease and appears to be responding well to treatment, according to Dr. George Fisher, Swayze's physician.

Hamas-Israeli Truce? (2008-03-06)
Officials say Egypt is trying to persuade Hamas to accept a truce that would halt rocket attacks on Israel in an effort to put an end to Gaza violence and salvage Middle East peace talks.

Chinese Hostage Incident No 'Embarrasment' (2008-03-06)
China's Foreign Ministry says the situation involving a screaming, bomb-strapped Chinese man who took 10 Australians hostage isn't an embarrassment to China as the Olympics approach.

Governor Calls on DNC to Fix Delegate Mess (2008-03-06)
Governor Granholm says it won't be taxpayer money that will fund a replacement Michigan caucus.

Autism and Vaccines (2008-03-06)
Michigan health officials say parents should still get their children vaccinated, despite a settlement today in a lawsuit that claimed childhood vaccinations caused a Georgia girl's autism.

Dozens Killed in Baghdad Blast (2008-03-06)
Hospitals in Baghdad are treating dozens of wounded after a twin bombing in a crowded shopping district killed more than 50 people.

Bloodshed in Jerusalem (2008-03-06)
Emergency officials in Jerusalem say at least seven people have been killed in an attack on a rabbinical seminary in the city.

Strike Impact Trickles Down (2008-03-06)
Dozens of auto parts companies could feel the pain from the strike at American Axle.

Detroit Public Schools Backs Away from Closure Plan (2008-03-06)
Detroit Public School officials say about a dozen schools slated for closure will remain open next school year.

US, Iraqi Forces Raid Suspected Insurgent Strongholds (2008-03-06)
The U.S. military says American and Iraqi forces have killed 11 suspected insurgents and detained 44 others in raids targeting al-Qaida in central and northern Iraq.

Grand Canyon Flood (2008-03-05)
Federal agencies are gearing up to release a manmade flood aimed at refreshing the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon. A three-day torrent of water will be released from Glen Canyon Dam on the Arizona-Utah state line beginning Wednesday morning.

McCain Gets President Bush's Endorsement (2008-03-05)
Bush says McCain has showed "incredible courage, strength of character and perseverance" to win enough delegates to clinch the GOP nomination.

Brazil and Stem Cell Research (2008-03-05)
Brazil's Supreme Court is set to decide whether scientists in the country can conduct embryonic stem cell research.

Gas Prices Affecting Decisions On The Dealer Lot (2008-03-05)
More people say high prices at the pumps have them rethinking which car to buy.

New Turkish Air Strikes in Iraq (2008-03-05)
An Iraqi official says Turkish warplanes have attacked Kurdish separatist rebels in northern Iraq. The attack comes less than a week after a large-scale ground operation ended.

Combating Daycare Fraud (2008-03-05)
Democratic state lawmakers have introduced legislation to tighten oversight of Michigan's child daycare centers.

The legislation is in response to the revelation that the state Department of Human Services made more than nine million dollars in fraudulent or erroneous payments to daycare providers.

Mich Democrats - Waiting for a Place at the Table (2008-03-05)




Michigan's Unemployment Rate Dips (2008-03-05)

More people found jobs in Michigan in January.

January's unemployment rate was just over seven percent

Flint High School Helps School in South Africa (2008-03-05)
Southwestern Academy High School in Flint is selling T-shirts denouncing the N-word, and sending the profits to a high school in South Africa.

FBI Admits Improperly Getting Personal Data (2008-03-05)
But FBI director Robert Mueller tells the Senate Judiciary Committee that the privacy breach by FBI agents and lawyers occurred a year before the bureau implemented sweeping new reforms.

Job Discrimination Complaints Rise (2008-03-05)
New data show that federal job discrimination complaints filed by workers against private employers increased by nearly 10 percent last year.

New Oil Price Record (2008-03-05)
Oil prices have risen to a new record, topping $104 a barrel in New York. The move came after the government reported a surprise drop in crude oil stockpiles and OPEC held production levels steady.

US Factory Orders Dropped in January (2008-03-05)
U.S. factories saw demand for their goods drop in January by the largest amount in five months. The Commerce Department says new orders for manufactured goods fell 2.5 percent in January, compared to the previous month. That marked a deterioration from December's 2 percent increase.

New Contract Talks at American Axle (2008-03-05)
American Axle and the United Auto Workers haven't been at the bargaining table since talks broke off on Feb. 25. A strike by American Axle and Manufacturing Inc.'s 3,600 workers in the U.S. is forcing more layoffs in the Ontario auto sector.

Protecting Michigan's Water Resources (2008-03-05)
At the state Capitol, work is continuing on water protection legislation. It's needed to bring Michigan into compliance with a regional treaty to protect the Great Lakes from big water diversions.

Taliban Spring Offensive in Afghanistan? (2008-03-05)
The top military commander in the Mideast says he does not expect Taliban forces in Afghanistan to launch a spring offensive this year. If anything, he said, he sees the momentum continuing to swing in direction of coalition forces.

Clinton Wins Texas, Ohio (2008-03-05)
Exit polls in Texas and Ohio suggest Hillary Rodham Clinton is recovering the base of support she had been losing to Barack Obama.

Tensions Rising Between Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador (2008-03-04)
Ecuador and Venezuela say they're sending troops to their borders with Colombia, as tensions grow among the South American neighbors. There are reports that one Venezuelan border crossing to Colombia has been closed today, with stopped trucks lined up for about half a mile.

14 MSU Students Near Potential South American Conflict (2008-03-04)
14 MSU students are taking part in a study abroad program at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito this spring.

The students probably didn't expect their education would also include the growing conflict between their host country of Ecuador, and two of its neighbors.

Big Turnout in Today's Primaries (2008-03-04)
Many expect heavy turnout at the polls in Texas and Ohio today, but record crowds are also expected in Vermont and Rhode Island.

GM Heats Up Battle For Hybrid Development (2008-03-04)
GM in a race with Toyota to be the first to launch the next generation of hybrids based on a more powerful battery.

Gay MarriageDebate Shifts to California (2008-03-04)
The national debate over gay marriage shifts to California's Supreme Court today. The court will hear three hours of oral arguments about what the law really is in the Golden State.

Super Tuesday, Again (2008-03-04)
Voters in Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island may settle, once and for all, who will be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Then again, they may not.

Another Winter Storm, Less Salt for Roads (2008-03-04)

Snow plows and salt trucks are gearing up for a winter storm expected to dump freezing rain and snow on Michigan overnight.

But, some communities are running out of road salt.

Cheeseheads in Grief - Brett Favre Retires (2008-03-04)
Brett Favre has decided to retire from the NFL after 17 seasons.

14 MSU Students Near Potential South American Conflict (2008-03-04)
14 MSU students are taking part in a study abroad program at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito this spring.

The students probably didn't expect their education would also include the growing conflict between their host country of Ecuador, and two of its neighbors.

McCain Wins GOP Nomination (2008-03-04)
Arizona Senator John McCain says ``we begin the most important part of our campaign,'' now that he's clinched the number of delegates needed to win the Republican presidential nomination.

Governor Renews Pitch For Expanding Education Options (2008-03-04)

Governor Granholm addressed educators today in Lansing, and asked them to support school reforms she outlined in her State of the State address.

14 MSU Students Near Potential South American Conflict (2008-03-04)
14 MSU students are taking part in a study abroad program at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito this spring.

The students probably didn't expect their education would also include the growing conflict between their host country of Ecuador, and two of its neighbors.

14 MSU Students Near Potential South American Conflict (2008-03-04)
14 MSU students are taking part in a study abroad program at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito this spring.

The students probably didn't expect their education would also include the growing conflict between their host country of Ecuador, and two of its neighbors.

Detroit City Council Delays Asking Mayor to Resign (2008-03-04)
Two-thirds of the council members voted to delay the vote until March 18th. They said they wanted more time to consider a move as historic and important as calling for a sitting mayor to step down.

14 MSU Students Near Potential South American Conflict (2008-03-04)
14 MSU students are taking part in a study abroad program at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito this spring.

The students probably didn't expect their education would also include the growing conflict between their host country of Ecuador, and two of its neighbors.

Bush Wishes New Kremlin Leader Well (2008-03-04)
President Bush has called Russia's new president-elect and has said he hopes to establish a close working relationship that will help them deal with important world issues.

Detroit Council to Vote on Kilpatrick Resignation (2008-03-04)
The Detroit City Council is expected to vote today on a resolution calling for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's resignation.

Detroit Council Delays Mayor's Resignation Vote (2008-03-04)
The Detroit City Council today delayed a vote on a resolution that would call for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's resignation.

Filing Tax returns Online (2008-03-04)
The IRS says that so far this year, one out of every four tax returns has come from someone filing from a home computer.

Iran Rejects 'Worthless' UN Resolution (2008-03-04)
Iran is rejecting a U.N. resolution imposing new sanctions for its refusal to halt uranium enrichment, calling it "worthless" and politically motivated.

Elder Abuse (2008-03-03)
The state House this week is expected to consider tougher punishments for family members who abuse old people.

Scam Artists Targeting People Facing Foreclosure (2008-03-03)
If the threat of foreclosure were not enough, now homeowners have to be wary of some of those offering help.

Vehicle Sales Dropped In February (2008-03-03)
Analysts say more sluggish sales months are to come.

Michigan's Gasoline Prices Slide (2008-03-03)
Michigan's gasoline prices have fallen 5 cents during the past week. AAA Michigan says the statewide average is $3.09 per gallon. That's 56 cents higher than last year at this time.

Ordinance Would Outlaw Texting While Driving (2008-03-03)
It would be illegal to send and receive text messages while driving in Detroit, under a measure expected to be voted on by the City Council tomorrow.

Ghana Needs More Than Money (2008-03-03)
University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman wraps up delegation trip to Ghana.

Did the Hell's Angels Plan to Kill Mick Jagger? (2008-03-03)
The Hells Angels were intent on seeing Mick Jagger dead, according to a new BBC documentary. A program to be broadcast on BBC Radio today says Jagger was the target of a plot in 1969.

Big Drop in Construction in January (2008-03-03)
The government says January construction spending dropped 1.7 percent, the biggest decline in 14 years.

Meijer Frozen Dinner Recall (2008-03-03)
The Grand Rapids-based retailer says the U.S. Department of Agriculture alerted it Friday that testing showed possible contamination with listeria, a microorganism that can cause illness or death.

La Shish Closes Its Doors (2008-03-03)
A chain of popular Middle Eastern restaurants owned by a man linked by federal authorities to terrorists has gone out of business.

US Airstrike in Somalia (2008-03-03)
Witnesses say three missiles have slammed into a town in Somalia held by Islamic extremists, destroying a home and injuring at least eight people.

Iranian Leader Decries US Presence In Iraq (2008-03-03)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is speaking out against the American presence in Iraq during his historic visit to the country.

'Medal of Honor' for Sioux Indian Soldier (2008-03-03)
More than 25 years after his death, a Sioux Indian soldier is receiving the military's highest award.

West Michigan Lawmaker Calls Gov's Stimulus Package Unfair to Area Universities (2008-03-03)
Representative Dave Agema (R-Grandville) takes issue with the Governor's economic stimulus proposal because he says it unfairly awards capital funding to some universities and not others.

Detroit to Get Quick-Turnaround Passport Office (2008-03-03)
Travelers who need their passports at the last minute will soon be able to get their applications processed in Detroit.

Pentagon Worried About Growing Chinese Military (2008-03-03)
In a new assessment of China's military power, the Pentagon says Beijing's reluctance to explain the extent and purpose of its military buildup poses a risk to stability in Asia.

Kid Rock Pleads Not Guilty in Waffle House Fight (2008-03-03)
Kid Rock has pleaded not guilty to a charge of battery from a fight at a Waffle House in Atlanta. Robert James Ritchie, better known as the musician Kid Rock, was not present for the plea.

Michigan's Drug Immunity Law Survives US Supreme Court Challenge (2008-03-03)
The drug immunity law is viewed as the most protective of the nation's pharmaceutical industry, at the expense of consumers.

Under the law, lawsuits can only be filed if a drug company gave the federal government fraudulent data about the drug.

More UN Sanctions on Iran (2008-03-03)
The U.N. Security Council approved a third round of sanctions against Iran on Monday with near unanimous support, sending a strong signal to Tehran that its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment is unacceptable and becoming increasingly costly.

GM to Shutdown Another Assembly Plant (2008-03-03)
General Motors Corp. says it will shut down another factory due to a strike at auto parts supplier American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc.

Good News From The IRS (2008-03-02)
Don't be alarmed. More than 130 million households will get letters from the IRS starting this week - and it's good news, not bad.

Chavez Send Troops to Venezuela's Border (2008-03-02)
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has sent tanks and thousands of troops to the border with U.S.-allied Colombia, warning that the country could spark a war in South America.

Pictured Rocks (2008-03-02)
A proposal to designate part of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as wilderness is moving forward.

Carl Edwards Hits Jackpot in Las Vegas (2008-03-02)
Carl Edwards won a crash-filled NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The race was marred by several accidents and a track record 11 cautions.

Lowering The Drinking Age (2008-03-02)
More than two decades after the country established a uniform drinking age of 21, some states are looking at lowering the age to allow 18 to 20-year-olds legally buy alcohol in some cases.

Clinton Surges in Ohio (2008-03-02)
Two new polls in Ohio show Hillary Clinton holding on to a lead with just two full days of campaigning left before Tuesday's primaries.

Putin's Man Wins Russian Presidency (2008-03-02)
Vladimir Putin and protege Dmitry Medvedev say Medvedev's apparent victory in Russia's presidential election mean Putin's policies will continue.

Violence in Gaza (2008-03-01)
Heavy fire from Israeli troops, tanks and helicopters aimed at militant rocket squads is taking a growing toll in Gaza. With more than 50 Palestinians killed, it's been the deadliest day in Gaza since Hamas fighters seized control in June.

MUSH! (2008-03-01)
The 36th annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race had its ceremonial start this morning in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.

Governor Could, But Probably Won't, Remove Detroit Mayor from Office (2008-03-01)
Embattled Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick may not face removal from office by Gov. Jennifer Granholm under a rarely used state Election Law.

Lions Trade Shaun Rogers (2008-03-01)
The Detroit Lions have traded Shaun Rogers to the Cleveland Browns for cornerback Leigh Bodden and a third-round pick in the April draft.

Paying Tribute to Fred Rogers (2008-03-01)
A tribute to children's public television pioneer Fred Rogers will include an effort to get people everywhere to wear a sweater on what would have been his 80th birthday.

Former Polish President Walesa Gets Pacemaker (2008-03-01)
They hope the device will keep him from needing a heart transplant.

A Lonely Old Man's Best Friend - Dog or Robot? (2008-03-01)
One has floppy ears, the other has blinking lights. But a new study suggests a robotic dog is about as equally effective as a real one when it comes to relieving loneliness for nursing home residents.

Granholm Hopeful of Clinton Victories on Tuesday (2008-03-01)
Governor Jennifer Granholm is still hoping Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will do well in Tuesday's Texas and Ohio elections. But she wouldn't say Friday what she thinks the Democratic presidential candidate should do if she loses one or both states.

CEO: 'Victoria's Secret' Too Sexy (2008-03-01)
Victoria's Secret has given us the Very Sexy bra, the Fantasy Bra, and the fashion show known to crash Internet servers. Now, the top executive is concerned that the Columbus-based lingerie company has become "too sexy" for its own good.

'Chemical Ali' to Face Hangman's Rope (2008-02-29)
There's word from Iraq that the government has approved the execution of the Saddam-era henchman known as "Chemical Ali." A government adviser says the execution has gotten a final go-ahead from Iraq's president and two vice presidents.

EPA: Greenhouse Gases Not Unique Problem (2008-02-29)
The Environmental Protection Agency is justifying its decision to block California and other states from regulating auto emissions.

Prisons vs Higher Ed (2008-02-29)
The report says Michigan is one of only four states to spend more on prisons than higher education.

A spokeswoman for Governor Granholm disagrees with part of the report.

Prince Harry Headed Home From Afghanistan (2008-02-29)
Prince Harry is heading home from Afghanistan after ten weeks of serving on the front lines with his British army unit. The decision to pull him out came today after news he was there leaked in the media.

China, Human Rights and The Olympics (2008-02-29)
Chinese petitioners are telling their country's rubber-stamp legislature that their country isn't civilized enough to host the Olympic games this summer.

Prince Harry in Afghanistan (2008-02-29)
Prince Harry has been serving on the front line in Afghanistan with the British Army, the Ministry of Defense says.

Deadly Poison Found in Las Vegas Motel (2008-02-29)
Police and Homeland Security officials are investigating a substance found at a Las Vegas motel, with preliminary tests indicating it's the deadly poison, ricin.

Turkish Troops Withdraw from Iraq (2008-02-29)
The pullout comes a day after Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Turkish leaders that the military operation should end as soon as possible. President Bush made the same point yesterday.

Strike Idles More GM Plants (2008-02-29)
General Motors Corp. says it will temporarily shut down three more pickup truck factories due to a strike at a key parts supplier.

Delphi Asks For More Time (2008-02-29)
The Troy based auto part supplier has asked for an extension of bankruptcy protection as the auto parts supplier struggles to find loans in an inhospitable credit market. Delphi today asked for a two-month extension. It seeks 6.1 billion dollars in loans as credit markets seize up.

Lone Star State Campaign (2008-02-29)
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are holding more campaign rallies in Texas today, kicking off the final weekend of campaigning before Tuesday's key Democratic primaries in the Lone Star State and Ohio.

Alvin Ailey Dance Director Retiring (2008-02-29)
Judith Jamison took the helm of the modern dance company in 1989, shortly after the death of founder Alvin Ailey.

High School Riot (2008-02-29)
It isn't clear what triggered a fight that brought a heavy police presence to a Miami high school today.

Our Shifting Vowels (2008-02-29)
The way we talk in Michigan has been changing. Vowels don't sound the way they used to.

New Phone Surcharge in Kent County (2008-02-29)
Phone users in Kent County will pay a 45-cent surcharge for emergency service starting this summer.

Detroit Police Department Hikes Some Fees (2008-02-29)
Beginning Monday, the Detroit Police Department will begin charging for some services that used to be free. The new fees are expected to raise about a million dollars.

Detroit Council OKs Release of Settlement Discussion (2008-02-29)
The Detroit City Council voted today to make public the discussion it had last year before it approved an $8.4 million settlement with three ex-cops.

A Coach Who Wasn't Playing By the Rules (2008-02-29)
Glory in college basketball depends on the bounce of the ball. Commentator John Bacon says this month infamy can be found in a telephone ring.

US Distances Itself From Pakistan's Musharraf (2008-02-28)
Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte told senators Thursday that the U.S. is supporting Pakistan's people as they choose their leaders after the parliamentary elections. But he did not mention Musharraf

All Kids Should Get Flu Vaccine, Says CDC (2008-02-28)
All children under the age of 18 should get the flu vaccine, in part because it is too confusing to delineate which children should get the protection, says the CDC.

US Economy Skidding to a Halt (2008-02-28)
The Commerce Department reports that the economy skidded to a near halt in the final quarter of last year, growing at a pace of just six-tenths of a percentage point.

Jobless Claims Rise (2008-02-28)
More new people signed up for unemployment benefits last week, fresh evidence that a general economic sluggishness in the country is spilling over into the job market.

Dow Sues Over State's Order To Test For Dioxin (2008-02-28)
Dow says the state has gone too far in its demand for testing for dioxin near Midland.

Who Controls Afghanistan? (2008-02-28)
A top Afghan defense official is disputing a U.S. contention that the Afghan government only controls 30 percent of Afghanistan.

DNR Warns of Icy Lake Conditions (2008-02-28)
The DNR warns visitors to beware of icy lake conditions.

Primary Law Battle (2008-02-28)
Michigan's Democratic and Republican parties will have to wait to get the names of the people who voted in the January primary.

Kilpatrick: I Will Not Resign (2008-02-28)
Embattled Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says he won't resign. But acknowledged the uproar surrounding a text-messaging scandal has reduced him to tears. Kilpatrick appeared on a pair of morning radio shows.

Study: 1 in 100 Americans Behind Bars (2008-02-28)
The Pew Center says the 50 states spent more than 49 billion dollars on corrections last year. That's up from less than 11 billion dollars 20 years earlier.

McCartney-Mills Divorce Settlement Coming (2008-02-28)
Paul McCartney and Heather Mills will find out terms of their divorce settlement on St. Patrick's Day.

An End to Kenya's Political Crisis (2008-02-28)
Kenya's rival politicians have signed a power-sharing agreement aimed at ending the country's deadly postelection crisis.

U of M Gospel Chorale Performs in Ghana (2008-02-28)
The University of Michigan Gospel Chorale performed at the National Theatre in Accra, Ghana.

Lansing Schools Looking At Radical Change (2008-02-28)

For the past five years, Lansing's high schools have failed to meet the federal 'No Child Left Behind' academic standards.

Superintendent T.C. Wallace says the district must restructure its high schools to meet the federal standard.

Govt. Urges Quick Action on Ford Recall (2008-02-28)
The government is warning the owners of about 4.6 million recalled Ford vehicles to immediately bring their cars and trucks into dealerships to disconnect faulty cruise control switch systems that have been linked to engine fires.

4 Colombian Hostages Released, After 6 Years (2008-02-28)
The four were handed over to the International Red Cross and Venezuela's interior minister. The Colombian politicians were released in a clearing in Colombia's southern jungles around midday.

American Axle Strike Begins To Hurt GM (2008-02-28)
The ripple effect from a strike at American Axle has begun.

Global AIDS Spending (2008-02-28)
A House committee has voted to more than triple spending for a global AIDS program. The bill extends the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which has proven to be one of the Bush administration's most successful and popular foreign policy initiatives.

Kilpatrick Promises He Won't Resign (2008-02-28)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says newly-released documents in the text message scandal do not implicate him in a cover-up. And he's promising he won't resign.

Call-In Show With Governor Granholm (2008-02-28)
Governor Granholm took calls from public radio listeners. Listen to the entire hour long program.

Guggenheim Director Stepping Down (2008-02-28)
Thomas Krens will remain at the foundation as a senior adviser for international affairs and oversee the creation of a Frank Gehry-designed museum in the United Arab Emirates.

State Schools Chief Applauds GR's Restructuring Efforts (2008-02-27)
State Schools Superintendent Michael Flanagan says he's impressed with the efforts to change at Grand Rapids.

William F. Buckley has Died (2008-02-27)
William F. Buckley Jr. was 82. His assistant Linda Bridges says Buckley died Wednesday morning at his home in Stamford, Conn.

Spanish Terror Suspects Convicted (2008-02-27)
Judges in Spain have acquitted 20 Islamic terror suspects of conspiring to blow up the National Court in Madrid, but they have convicted them of lesser offenses.

Lansing's New Catholic Bishop (2008-02-27)
An auxiliary bishop from the Archdiocese of Detroit is the new bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lansing. The Rev. Earl Boyea was introduced as bishop on Wednesday.

Michigan Supreme Court Rejects Kilpatrick Appeal (2008-02-27)
The high court has decided not to hear Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's appeal to keep sealed documents that detail an affair he had with his former top aide.

Michigan Supreme Court Rejects Kilpatrick Appeal (2008-02-27)
The high court has decided not to hear Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's appeal to keep sealed documents that detail an affair he had with his former top aide.

'Neverland Ranch' to be Auctioned (2008-02-27)
Court documents say Michael Jackson has until March 19th to pay more than 24 million dollars he owes on his Neverland Ranch, or his property will go up for auction.

Daimler: Chrysler Lost $2.7 Billion After Sale (2008-02-27)
German automaker Daimler AG says its former partner Chrysler LLC lost about $2.7 billion in the two months between the time Daimler sold controlling interest in August and the end of the third quarter on Sept. 30.

Cause of Florida Power Outage Remains Unclear (2008-02-27)
It could be days -- weeks, even -- before we find out what left millions of people in south Florida in the dark.

New Home Sales Sink Further (2008-02-27)
If you are looking for a sign that the housing market has bottomed, you won't find it in today's report covering January new home sales.

Clemens Perjury Probe Moves Forward (2008-02-27)
Congress is asking the Justice Department to investigate whether Roger Clemens made false statements to a House committee.

US Asks Turkey To Limit Attacks in Northern Iraq (2008-02-27)
Turkish troops continue to attack Kurdish rebels across the border in northern Iraq. Today, Turkish fighter jets, helicopters and hundreds of commandos streamed across the border in an effort to root out Kurdish insurgents.

Kilpatrick Text Message Scandal Documents Released (2008-02-27)
Reporters are now pouring over the documents related to the scandal that threatens Kwame Kilpatrick's once promising political career.

EU Slaps Microsoft With Huge Fine (2008-02-27)
The European Union says the American software giant charged rivals too much for information on its software and is ordering it to pay 1.3 billion dollars.

Granholm: Go Green...or Else (2008-02-27)
Governor Granholm says by the end of March, the Legislature needs to pass legislation requiring utilities to eventually generate 25 percent of the state's electricity using renewable fuels.

She says foot-dragging could cost the state some big business investments and thousands of new jobs.

Kilpatrick Loses Last Round in Text Message Fight (2008-02-27)
A Wayne County judge today unsealed documents detailing Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's attempt to cover up embarrassing - and possibly incriminating - text messages.

Iraq Takes Step Toward Democracy (2008-02-27)
Iraq's presidential council is sending a draft provincial elections law back to parliament for more work. The measure has been seen as a key step in the development of Iraq's democratic process. But the council's Shiite Vice President apparently objected to the measure.

Ford Recalling Mustangs (2008-02-27)
Ford Motor Co. says it is recalling 470,000 Ford Mustangs from the 2005-2008 model years to update passenger side front-air bag software.

Bernanke Hints of Lower Interest Rates (2008-02-27)
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is indicating to Congress that he's focused on weak economic growth.

Detroit Metro Times Calls for Mayor's Resignation (2008-02-27)
The Detroit Metro Times is calling on Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to resign.

Auto Supplier Strike (2008-02-26)
Workers at five American Axle and Manufacturing factories have been on the picket lines since dawn after going on strike.

Gates Promotes US-Indian Military Cooperation (2008-02-26)
Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he is impressed by how much the relationship between the American and Indian military has grown in recent years, and says that the United States is interested in further expanding that relationship.

Doomsday Vault (2008-02-26)
In a remote region of Norway, preparations have begun to replant the earth in case of a doomsday-type event. A seed vault built to protect millions of food crops from climate change, nuclear wars and natural disasters opened Today deep within an Arctic mountain.

Port Huron Prayer (2008-02-26)
The Port Huron city council voted last night to allow only recognized church leaders say a prayer before future city council meetings.

Kilpatrick Memo: Electronic Messages Public Record (2008-02-26)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is accusing the Detroit News of distorting the meaning of a memo which appears to say all electronic messages are public records.

This as the mayor is trying to keep some personal text messages from becoming public.

Study: Health Care Costs to Double by 2017 (2008-02-26)
In less than a decade, one out of every five dollars spent by Americans and their government will be for health care. That's the projection in a new government report, which says total health-care spending in the year 2017 will average out to $13,101 per person.

Did Iran Stop Nuclear Weapons Program? (2008-02-26)
A senior British diplomat is suggesting Iran may have continued work on nuclear weapons past 2003, the year U.S. intelligence says such activities stopped.

Foreclosures Dip in Michigan (2008-02-26)
But, its unclear if it's a trend, or just a pause.

YOUTUBE Back On in Pakistan (2008-02-26)
The country's telecommunications regulators had ordered domestic Internet service providers to knock out access to the site on Friday because of a video that officials deemed "anti-Quranic" and "blasphemous."

Extended American Axle Strike Could Halt Auto Production (2008-02-26)
An auto forecaster says a strike at American Axle that lasts more than one week could shut down production at General Motors.

Ghana Hospitals Need More Than Doctors (2008-02-26)
U of M program training OB/GYN doctors helps, but more is needed to solve difficulties at Accra hospital.

Consumer Confidence Plunges (2008-02-26)
Consumer confidence has weakened significantly as Americans worry about less-favorable business conditions and job prospects.

Domestic Violence and Evictions (2008-02-26)
A Michigan apartment complex has settled a federal lawsuit accusing it of discriminating against a victim of domestic violence.

This week's settlement is being called the first of its kind in the U.S.

Clinton Bashes Obama on Foreign Policy (2008-02-26)
Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to hammer away at Barack Obama, this time characterizing her Democratic rival as rash and inconsistent on foreign policy issues.

Vandals Hitting Detroit Schools Hard (2008-02-26)
Detroit Public School officials say they're being overwhelmed by vandals targeting vacant buildings for theft.

Be Careful What You Call That Cheese (2008-02-26)
The European Court of Justice has ruled that only the tasty, crumbly cheese made near the Italian city of Parma can be called Parmesan.

John McCain Defends Barack Obama? (2008-02-26)
John McCain is denouncing the comments of a radio talk show host who, while warming up an Ohio campaign crowd, referred repeatedly to Barack Hussein Obama and called the Democratic presidential candidate a "hack, Chicago-style" politician.

Florida Power Outage (2008-02-26)
Officials say large portions of Florida could be without power well into the night because the state's largest electric company shut down a nuclear reactor south of Miami for mechanical reasons.

Flying Soon? Pack Lighter or Pay More. (2008-02-26)
U.S. Airways says it's going to start charging passengers $25 to check a second bag in an effort to raise revenue and deal with rising costs -- particularly fuel costs.

Musical Diplomacy in North Korea (2008-02-26)
The New York Philharmonic made history and brought musical diplomacy to the heart of communist North Korea today.

Oscar 'Country' (2008-02-25)
``No Country for Old Men'' has won the Academy Award for Best Picture. ``No Country'' also won Best Director for brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, who also won best adapted screenplay. Javier Bardem, who played the ruthless killer in the modern-day Western, won Best Supporting Actor.

Where Did The Fans Go? (2008-02-25)
The boys high school basketball playoffs get under way tonight across Michigan.

Some teams will see something they haven't seen during the regular season, sell-out crowds in the stands.

Researches Value West Michigan at $1.6B (2008-02-25)
Researchers say the region's ecosystems are worth at least $1.6 billion in monetary value to humans.

Bridge Would Force Relocation of Hundreds of Homes, Jobs (2008-02-25)
As many as 400 households and 900 jobs would have to relocate from Southwest Detroit, under a proposal for a new border crossing.

Ralph Nader Enters Presidential Fray (2008-02-25)
The two Democrats remaining in the presidential race aren't exactly welcoming Ralph Nader's announcement that he'll be running again as a third-party candidate.

McCain: Convince Americans of Iraq Policy or 'I Lose' (2008-02-25)
The Iraq conflict already is emerging as a fault line in the general election, with the Arizona senator calling for the U.S. military to continue its mission while his Democratic opponents urge quick withdrawal.

Former UAW President, Douglas Fraser Dies (2008-02-25)
Michigan Radio's Senior Political Analyst, Jack Lessenberry, talks with host Christina Shockley about Doug Fraser and how he will be remembered.

US Supreme Court to Consider Warrantless Searches (2008-02-25)
The Supreme Court has agreed to decide when police without a warrant can search the vehicle of a person who is under arrest.

Eavesdropping on Terrorists (2008-02-25)
President Bush has lobbied again for Congress to renew a law allowing government eavesdropping on phone calls and e-mails.

Turkey Shells Kurdish Positions in Iraq (2008-02-25)
Turkish troops targeting Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq have fired artillery at dozens of suspected hideouts in the region. Officials say troops are destroying rebel shelters, logistics centers and ammunition.

Gates: US Wants Enhanced Ties to Indonesia (2008-02-25)
Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the U.S. can play a supportive role as countries like Indonesia map out their own futures.

Governors Want New Infrastructure Spending (2008-02-25)
Governors from across the country plan to raise the issue of the nation's infrastructure today at a White House meeting with President Bush.

Michigan Gas Prices Soar (2008-02-25)
Michigan's gasoline prices are up 12 cents over the past week.

Big Three Could See Labor Shortage Despite Downsizing (2008-02-25)
Big three automakers are laying off tens of thousands. But they'll need to replace some of those workers with younger, lower-paid employees. Michigan may not be prepared to provide them.

South Africa to Reduce Elephant Herd (2008-02-25)
South Africa says it will allow the culling of elephants for the first time since 1994.

UAW Leader Doug Fraser Has Died (2008-02-25)
Fraser was a leader of the union movement for a quarter century, including six years as the U-A-W president.

Home Sales Skid Continues (2008-02-25)
Sales of existing homes fell to the lowest level in nearly a decade in January while the median price for a home dropped for the fifth straight month.

Demolition Begins On 2 Idled GM Plants in Lansing (2008-02-25)
She says the demolition is expected to take 18 months. Morton says their plan is to try to recycle as much as 95 percent of the rubble.

Taliban Threatens Afghan Telephone Traffic (2008-02-25)
Taliban militants are threatening to blow up telecom towers across Afghanistan unless mobile phone signals are switched off from dusk until dawn.

Leaving Atheists Without a 'Prayer' in Port Huron (2008-02-25)
The Port Huron city council may approve a new policy tonight limiting who can give the council's pre-meeting prayer.

Mayor Brian Moeller proposed formalizing the policy, after rejecting a local atheist's request to lead the invocation.

Oscars Flop in Ratings (2008-02-25)
Nielsen Media Research says preliminary ratings for the 80th annual Academy Awards telecast are 14 percent lower than the least-watched ceremony ever.

I-75 Shutdown Begins Today; Commuter Lane Opens (2008-02-25)
Starting today, a 1.5 mile stretch of I-75 will be shut down near the busiest border crossing between the U.S. and Canada, and tens of thousands of drivers will all have to find alternate ways around it.

West Michigan Aid Org and Dow to Make Water Filters (2008-02-25)
International Aid and Dow Chemical are announcing today they'll partner to make plastic water filters to help with the global water crisis.

Granholm Named to National Leadership Post (2008-02-24)
Members of the Midwestern Governors Association have elected South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm as their new leaders.

Gas Prices Shoot Up (2008-02-24)
You haven't been imagining those rising numbers at the pumps in the past couple of weeks. A survey released today finds that the national average price for gasoline jumped 16 cents during that time.

Study: Few Know Heart Attack Warning Signs (2008-02-24)
Only about 1 in 4 Americans know the warning signs of a heart attack, U.S. health officials in Atlanta say.

Lions' Millen Admits His Record is 'Beyond Awful' (2008-02-23)
Detroit Lions president Matt Millen says he understands fan frustration with him and the organization, but sees brighter days ahead for the troubled franchise.

Latest Spring Break Warning - Get A Passport! (2008-02-23)
The State Department is recommending that those flying out to sun-drenched Mexican beaches start by filling out a passport application.

Fitness and Strokes (2008-02-23)
New research finds both men and women can lower the risk of stroke by engaging in even moderate exercise. Previous studies on fitness and strokes have focused more on men. The new research says benefits apply to women, too.

WVU Wants Rodriguez Counterclaims Dropped (2008-02-23)
West Virginia University wants a judge to dismiss some of the counterclaims Rich Rodriguez has made in a lawsuit over a $4 million buyout clause in his contract.

Women, Obesity and Strokes (2008-02-23)
Researchers are uncovering a huge leap in the number of strokes in middle-aged women in recent years -- a trend blamed on the obesity epidemic.

Bush Presidential Library Heading to SMU (2008-02-23)
SMU trustees on Friday approved the agreement with the Bush Foundation, which will manage construction and raise money for the project.

The Street People of Baghdad (2008-02-23)
Iraq's government is trying to get beggars and mentally disabled people off the streets of Baghdad. The fear is that these people could be used by insurgents as suicide bombers.

Flu Shot Overhaul (2008-02-22)
Next year's flu vaccine is on track for a complete overhaul to provide protection against three new and different virus strains - hopefully better protection than this year's version.

UAW, GM Closer to Health Care Pact (2008-02-22)
The Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association, otherwise known as VEBA, will assume GM's health care cost burden in 2010, if the federal judge agrees.

Singer Jennifer Lopez Delivers Twins (2008-02-22)
Jennifer Lopez is reportedly a mommy. People magazine says the entertainer gave birth to twins this morning at an undisclosed location on New York's Long Island. They are a boy and a girl

Hormone Free Milk On More Store Shelves (2008-02-22)
More stores are selling Hormone Free Milk. What are we really buying?

Lawmakers Hear Appeal for Action on Metal Theft (2008-02-22)
Michigan's metal theft problem was the subject of a state Senate hearing in Detroit today.

Arizona Congressman Indicted (2008-02-22)
Rep. Rick Renzi has been indicted for extortion, wire fraud, money laundering and other charges related to a land deal in Arizona.

Petition Drive for Part-time Legislature Kicks Off This Week (2008-02-22)
Supporters started collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to make the state's Legislature a part-time body.

US Diplomats May Leave Serbia (2008-02-22)
The U.S. Ambassador to Serbia has asked the State Department to evacuate some diplomats from the embassy in Belgrade following an attack on the compound.

Death in Clinton Motorcade (2008-02-22)
A police motorcycle officer died after a crash while escorting Hillary Rodham Clinton's motorcade to a campaign rally.

Democrats Debate -Texas Style (2008-02-22)
Hillary Clinton says no matter what happens in the presidential race, she fells honored to be debating Barack Obama. The two met in Austin, Texas, last night for their next to last debate in advance of what could be make-or-break primaries March 4th in Texas and Ohio.

Would You Take $100,000 To Leave Your Job? (2008-02-22)
That's the decision facing more than 100,000 auto workers right now.

Govt. Fails to Protect Against Identity Theft (2008-02-22)
The Government Accountability Office reports that most of the more than 20 federal agencies it examined have not implemented five federal recommendations aimed at protecting personal information.

Baseball Late Reacting to Steroids (2008-02-22)
Michigan Radio sports commentator John U. Bacon says baseball has been too slow to police steroid abuse among players.

Turkish Troops Roll Into Iraq (2008-02-22)
The White House says Turkey gave the United States and Iraqi authorities advance notice of its incursion across the border into Iraq in pursuit of separatist Kurdish rebels.

No Decision Yet in Detroit Text Message Appeal (2008-02-22)
The state Supreme Court still is considering if it will hear an appeal by Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to keep sealed documents related to a text-messaging sex scandal.

Spy Satellite Shot Down (2008-02-21)
The Pentagon is tracking the obliterated remains of a dead spy satellite after a Navy missile connected with a direct hit last night.

Michigan Universities Going Global (2008-02-21)
Universities in the United States and Michigan are reaching out to overseas partners.

Flint Layoffs, Possible Legal Challenge (2008-02-21)
The layoffs come as Flint leaders grapple with a projected 4 million dollar deficit.

More than 40 Flint city employees have gotten pink slips already this year. But, City Clerk Inez Brown does not want any of her employees laid off.

President Ending Tour of Africa (2008-02-21)
President Bush will be back at the White House tonight after a six-day trip to Africa. The president and Mrs. Bush are ending their trip with a visit to Liberia, the fifth nation on their itinerary.

McCain Denies Having Affair With Lobbyist (2008-02-21)
John McCain says stories suggesting he had an inappropriate relationship with a female lobbyist are "not true."

Stories in The New York Times and The Washington Post report that aides were worried about the relationship prior to McCain's failed presidential campaign in 2000

Obama Widens Lead Over Clinton (2008-02-21)
The Illinois senator has won the Democrats Abroad global primary, in which Democrats living in other countries voted by Internet, mail and in person.

CMS Posts Big Loss (2008-02-21)
Jackson-based CMS Energy is the parent company of Consumer's Energy.

The company announced today it lost 227 million dollars last year.

British Apologize for Rendition Flights (2008-02-21)
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he shares "the disappointment that everybody has" about two rendition flights carrying terror suspects refueling on British territory, adding that it's important to ensure it will not happen again.

Stephen Grant Sentenced For 'Demonic' Murder (2008-02-21)
Stephen Grant choked Tara Grant to death then cut up her corpse in a machine shop. A Macomb County judge called his actions "demonic" and "barbaric" in sentencing the 38-year-old Washington Township man to 50 to 80 years in prison.

Environmental Clean Up Budget Runs Dry (2008-02-21)
Michigan's money for environmental clean up is gone, and new sources of revenue have not been identified. Governor Jennifer Granholm says she supports asking voters for more money to protect Michigan's air and water.

SW Mich Economic Developer Says New Jobs Not 'Windfall' (2008-02-21)
Southwest Michigan First CEO Ron Kitchens says jobs announcements are among many to come.

Artist and Professor Teach Holocaust Through Art (2008-02-21)
The Holocaust is something we learn about through books and photographs. An Artist and professor hope to give us another option.

Rioters Attack US Embassy in Serbia (2008-02-21)
They set fire to an office there. The episode follows a massive protest in the streets of Belgrade against Kosovo's independence. An estimated 150,000 people took part.

McCain Tours Ford Plant, Cancels Press Conference (2008-02-21)
Arizona Senator John McCain visited a Ford assembly plant outside Detroit today.

People Keeping Their Cars Longer (2008-02-21)
Analyst says the trend comes because of better engineering.

Lansing Lobbyists Spend More Money (2008-02-21)
The Michigan Campaign Finance Network says lobbyists spent nearly 32 million dollars last year in Michigan -- up 6 percent from the year before.

Opponents Forming New Government in Pakistan (2008-02-21)
Pakistan's two main opposition parties say they will form a new government together after their victory over President Pervez Musharraf's allies in recent elections.

US Olympians Taking Own Food to China (2008-02-21)
The U.S Olympic Committee plans to bring its own food to China this summer, amid worries about food quality and recent incidents of tainted products. And that's got the head of food services for the Summer Games upset.

Fix The Gaps And Fund JET, People on Welfare Tell State Commission (2008-02-20)
People in poverty told a state commission in Flint Tuesday they're trying as hard as they can to find work - but the state often isn't helping them do it.

Obama, McCain Cement Frontrunner Status (2008-02-20)
It's now 10 straight wins for Barack Obama in the fight for the Democratic presidential nod, while John McCain is moving ever closer to securing the Republican nomination.

Business, Not Scandal, Subject of Mayor's Council Visit (2008-02-20)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick appeared in front of the city council today for the first time since the text message scandal exploded last month.

Grand Rapids School Board Approves High School Overhaul Plan (2008-02-20)
The Grand Rapids Public School board agreed to go ahead with a community plan to overhaul and improve the district's high schools.

Flu Cases Swelling Across State (2008-02-20)
The number of reported flu cases has grown in recent weeks statewide.

Wisconsin Primary (2008-02-19)
A tight Democratic presidential race has led to predictions of the highest turnout in 20 years for today's Wisconsin primary.

US Supreme Court Rejects Detroit Wiretap Suit (2008-02-19)
The US Supreme Court has rejected a Detroit lawsuit against a secret government wiretap program.

The warrantless wiretap program was started shortly after 9/11 as a way of collecting evidence against suspected terrorists.

Musharraf Dealt Defeat in Pakistan (2008-02-19)
One newspaper headline in Pakistan reads "All the King's men, gone!" after parliamentary elections that could bring an end to the eight-year rule of President Pervez Musharraf.

US Air Force - Worn Out By War (2008-02-19)
Air Force officials say they need a budget boost -- and fast. They're warning they may no longer be able to dominate the skies unless the budget is increased dramatically.

President Bush Calls For Action in Darfur (2008-02-19)
Bush pledged today in Rwanda that the U.S. will use sanctions, pressure and money to help resolve the crisis. Washington will spend another 100 million dollars to train and equip African peacekeepers deploying to Darfur.

US Supreme Court Deals Blow to Katrina Survivors (2008-02-19)
The Supreme Court has refused to offer help to Hurricane Katrina victims who want their insurance companies to pay for flood damage to their homes and businesses.

Amtrak to Start Random Searches (2008-02-19)
Amtrak will start checking passengers' bags this week as part of its new security measures. The random screenings will be done on platforms and train cars by officers with automatic weapons and bomb sniffing dogs.

Wyandotte To Build Urban Wind Farm (2008-02-19)
Wyandotte may soon start building one of the nation's first urban wind farms. The city is moving forward with plans to install five new generators near the Detroit River.

Crude Oil Closes Over $100 a Barrel For First Time (2008-02-19)
A weekend refinery explosion in Texas and the possibility that OPEC will cut production next month are driving prices higher, although analysts say there isn't a single factor to explain the move.

GR's Top Cops Present Plan (2008-02-19)
Grand Rapids' newly-named police chief and deputy police chief explained their roles and their vision for the department to city commissioners today.

Fidel Castro Stepping Aside (2008-02-19)
In a letter appearing in official state media, Castro says he won't accept a new term when the new parliament meets on Sunday.

Blu-ray Defeats HD DVD (2008-02-19)
Toshiba is pulling the plug on its HD DVD product line. The move means Blu-ray disc technology is the winner in the format battle for next generation DVDs.

Heavy Turnout Expected in Hawai'i Caucus (2008-02-19)
Democratic party officials in Hawaii are predicting a heavy turnout in today's presidential caucuses. Twenty delegates are at stake in the tight race between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Binational Group Laments Lack of Great Lakes Plan (2008-02-19)
A binational organization that gives advice on how to care for the Great Lakes says it's disappointed and frustrated with the federal governments of Canada and the United States.

Swiss Art Theft Update (2008-02-19)
Swiss police say authorities have recovered two of the four paintings that were stolen in one of Europe's largest art thefts.

New Fingerprint ing Requirements at Detroit Metro (2008-02-19)
International visitors to the U.S. now have to get all ten of their fingers scanned if they arrive at Detroit Metro Airport.

Protests Growing in Kosovo (2008-02-19)
Protesters chanted "Kosovo is Serbia" while marching across a bridge that divides them from ethnic Albanians

Nancy Reagan to be Released from Hospital (2008-02-19)
A spokeswoman says former first lady Nancy Reagan is expected to be released today from a hospital where she spent two nights as a precaution after falling down Sunday in her California home.

Texas Refinery Explosion (2008-02-18)
An editor at the Big Spring Herald, which is about two miles away, says he thought the blast would "knock the walls down." The refinery employs about 170 people and produces about 70,000 barrels of oil a day.

People Less Happy With Purchases, Bad Sign For Economy (2008-02-18)
Lower customer satisfaction is another sign the economy is not headed for a rebound.

Nancy Reagan Hospitalized (2008-02-18)
Former first lady Nancy Reagan is said to be doing well after falling at her home in Bel-Air, California.

Drinking Water Near Palisades Plant Tests Safe For Tritium (2008-02-18)
There's no more tritium in drinking water in South Haven near Palisades than occurs naturally, tests show.

Long Unseen JFK Assassination Items Displayed (2008-02-18)
Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins presented the items at a news conference Monday. Watkins says they were locked in a safe for nearly two decades

New 'Stars' named for 'Dancing' Program (2008-02-18)
A magician, an actress and Elvis' former wife will be among those competing against a former Olympic star in the new season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."

Judge to Settle McCartney-Mills Divorce (2008-02-18)
A British judge will be deciding the divorce terms for Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. It's expected to take several weeks.

Military Nabs Rogue Shiite Militia Leader (2008-02-18)
The leader, who was not named, is suspected of supplying Iranian weapons to militia members, including armor-piercing bombs. He's said to have broken ties with anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and refused to follow his cease-fire order.

Immigrant Driver's License Holdup (2008-02-18)
Immigrants with visas will have to wait until at least Wednesday before they can apply for a Michigan Driver's License.

Elder Bush Endorses McCain (2008-02-18)
Former President George H.W . Bush, speaking with McCain at his side in Texas Monday, said the Arizonan has "character forged in the crucible of war" and said he thought McCain was best prepared to lead the nation in the future.

Kosovo's Shaky Independence (2008-02-18)
Tensions have soared in the north, home to most of the territory's minority Serbs, a day after Kosovo's ethnic Albanian leadership made its historic declaration of independence from Serbia.

Unlicensed Contractors Face State Crackdown (2008-02-18)
Get your license, or get out of the business, the state is telling its unlicensed roofers, renovators and home builders.

School Beef Going to Landfills (2008-02-18)
Grand Rapids Public Schools and other school districts in the state are throwing out school lunch beef now part of a federal recall.

Gasoline Prices On The Rise (2008-02-18)
Michigan's average gasoline price per gallon rose by 7 cents in the past week.

Gasoline prices are 72 cents higher in Michigan today than they were a year ago.

Looking for New Solutions to Home Foreclosure (2008-02-18)
Senator Carl Levin is outlining his ideas on the foreclosure crisis at forums in Wyandotte and Saginaw.

Pakistan Elections (2008-02-18)
Initial returns from today's parliamentary elections in Pakistan indicate that opposition parties could pose a serious challenge to President Pervez Musharraf.

Policy Change Could Improve Inner-City Food Picture (2008-02-18)
People on food stamps in Michigan would get them twice a month instead of once - under legislation before a state House committee.

Bush Aids Fight Against Malaria in Africa (2008-02-18)
President Bush has handed out hugs and mosquito nets in Tanzania, where malaria kills about 100,000 people a year.

McCain Picks Up Delegates in Michigan (2008-02-17)
John McCain, the presumed Republican presidential nominee, has picked up a total of 50 GOP national convention delegates from Michigan and Louisiana.

Ryan Newman Wins Daytona 500 (2008-02-17)
Car owner Roger Penske earned his first Daytona 500 victory in 23 years as an owner.

Banning Novelty Lighters (2008-02-17)
The National Association of State Fire Marshals is backing an effort to ban novelty lighters across the country, saying they could be mistaken for a toy, with potentially deadly results.

Obesity and Cancer (2008-02-17)
European researchers say being overweight may increase a person's risk of developing up to a dozen different types of cancer.

'Choking Game' Warning (2008-02-17)
It's a fad among teens and preteens in which children wrap dog leashes, bungee cords or other things around their necks to temporarily cut blood flow to the head. When the blood rushes back into the brain, it can create a dreamlike feeling. But it also can be deadly.

Bush in Africa (2008-02-16)
President Bush has begun a six-day trip to Africa which he says will focus on the continent's success stories and how they've been helped by the U.S.

Governor Commutes 2 Drug Sentences (2008-02-16)
It's the first time the governor is commuting, or reducing, criminal sentences for non-medical reasons.

Britain Buzzing Ban (2008-02-16)
An electronic device intended to drive misbehaving children away from shops and other areas is drawing fire in Britain.

Clinton Declares Herself -'Candidate of the Middle Class' (2008-02-16)
In Ohio Friday, she's been focusing on maintaining support among working-class Democrats, even as Barack Obama gained the endorsement of an almost 2-million-member union.

Flu Season Getting Worse (2008-02-16)
The U.S. flu season is getting worse. And U.S. health officials in Atlanta say it's partly because the flu vaccine doesn't match most of the circulating viruses.

Senate Hopeful Hoogendyk Woos GOP Leaders (2008-02-16)
State representative Jack Hoogendyk is wooing Michigan's Republican elite this weekend he hopes to gain support for his U.S. Senate bid.

Hoogendyk wants to challenge incumbent Democrat Carl Levin this fall.

The IRS, AMT Returns and You (2008-02-16)
The IRS says taxpayers can go ahead and file returns that include five forms dealing with the alternative minimum tax.

Questions, Few Answers in Illinois Campus Shooting (2008-02-15)
More details are being released about the man who opened fire yesterday at Northern Illinois University -- where officials now say he took the lives of five people before killing himself.

Slatkin's Season at the DSO (2008-02-15)
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra's new music director unveils his plan to get people in the seats of Orchestra Hall

Analyst: Detroit Finances Worse Than Mayor Says (2008-02-15)
An advisor to the Detroit City Council says the city's financial picture is not as rosy as the mayor has painted it.

Kilpatrick Appeals to State Supreme Court (2008-02-15)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is asking the state's highest court to block the release of documents related to a text message scandal that's consumed city hall. The appeal was filed with the Michigan Supreme Court this afternoon.

Pakistan Election Draws Near (2008-02-15)
Three senior U.S. senators are traveling to Pakistan to observe elections Monday they say are crucial to maintaining stability in South Asia.

Fmr. President Bush to Endorse John McCain (2008-02-15)
The endorsement is seen as another sign of McCain's tightening grip on the Republican presidential nomination. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the formal announcement is next week.

Pakistan's Musharraf Warns Against Future Protests (2008-02-15)
Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf is warning that he won't tolerate protests after next week's election, a stance that is drawing opposition from Washington.

Cold and Snow Benefit Lake Levels (2008-02-15)
Michiganians may be tired of shoveling this winter, but the snow is helping the Great Lakes.

U of M Prof Loses Bid to be President of the Czech Republic (2008-02-15)
Jan Svejnar finished second in the final round of parliamentary voting this morning.

Svejnar is the director of U of M's International Policy Center

Tougher Toy Standards at 'Toys R Us' (2008-02-15)
Starting March 1, the Wayne-based toy retailer is setting a much tighter standard for the amount of lead allowed in toys made just for the chain.

Governor Signs Immigrant Driver's License Bill (2008-02-15)
It's not yet clear how quickly rules will be written and adopted so the Secretary of State can resume issuing licenses to immigrants who are legally in Michigan but aren't permanent residents.

Recruiting Season Is Silly (2008-02-15)
Michigan Radio Sports Commentator John U. Bacon says we pay too much attention to college recruiting.

World Leaders Concerned about Satellite Shootdown Plan (2008-02-15)
The Bush administration is trying to convince the world that the Pentagon's plan to shoot down a dying U.S. spy satellite is not a test of a program to kill other countries' satellites.

Israel On Alert (2008-02-14)
Israel is ordering its military and embassies to go on alert and advising Jewish institutions around the world to do the same. The move follows a threat of retaliation from Hezbollah's top man, who blames Israel for the car bombing death of the militant Imad Mughniyeh.

Clinton Wins New Mexico Caucus...Finally (2008-02-14)
New Mexico's Democratic party chairman announces Thursday that Hillary Rodham Clinton won the state's Democratic caucus.

Clinton Promises Tough Stands on Oil, Credit Cards (2008-02-14)
The New York Democrat, who has been criticized for taking corporate special interest contributions, claims her plan would save middle-class Americans 55 billion dollars a year.

Philippine Assassination Threat (2008-02-14)
Officials in the Philippines say they have uncovered a terrorist plot to assassinate President Gloria Arroyo.

Bernanke: Economic Outlook Has Deteriorated (2008-02-14)
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is telling Congress the nation's country's economic outlook has deteriorated and is signals the Fed is ready to again lower interest rates to steady things.

New Concerns About ATV Safety (2008-02-14)
At least 555 people were killed in accidents involving the all-terrain vehicles in 2006. That includes more than 100 children.

Hezbollah Threatens Retaliation For Death of Leader (2008-02-14)
The chief of Hezbollah says Israel killed the militant Imad Mughniyeh, and he's threatening to retaliate against the Jewish state.

Pentagon Plans to Shoot Down Falling Spy Satellite (2008-02-14)
U.S. officials say the Pentagon is planning to shoot down a broken spy satellite expected to hit the Earth in early March.

Presidential Pardon for Roger Clemens? (2008-02-14)
One of Brian McNamee's lawyers predicts Roger Clemens will be pardoned by President Bush, saying some Republicans treated his client harshly because of the pitcher's friendship with the Bush family.

Iran's Ahmadinejad Prepares to Visit Iraq (2008-02-14)
History in the making as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans a visit to neighboring Iraq next month. It would be the first-ever trip by an Iranian leader to Iraq.

Flint Mayor Attacks Work Of County Land Bank (2008-02-14)
Flint's Mayor says the Genesee County Land Bank is letting its properties in the city languish.

Coleman to Travel to Africa (2008-02-14)
University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman will lead delegation to Ghana and South Africa.

Gov. to Sign Immigrant Driver's License Bill (2008-02-14)
Governor Granholm says she plans to act as soon as possible to sign a bill that would allow non-citizens who are legally in the U-S to get a Michigan driver's license. The policy affected 400 thousand people living in Michigan on temporary visas.

Detroit City Council Hires Its Own Attorney (2008-02-14)
The Detroit City Council today voted to hire its own attorney to advise the council in the text-messaging scandal involving Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

President, Dems Fight Over FISA (2008-02-14)
The law expires at midnight Saturday. Bush favors the Senate's version of the bill. It would protect telecommunications companies who cooperated with the government after 9/11 from lawsuits. The House version doesn't include that protection.

Existing Home Sale Prices Slide (2008-02-14)
Lansing lead the nation in the final three months of the year, with the average sale price dropping by 25 thousand dollars compared to 2006.

Artist Spotlight: A Detroit Thing (2008-02-14)
A documentary looks at what it takes to make it as a musician in the city

Romney Endorses McCain (2008-02-14)
Mitt Romney is asking his Republican convention delegates to back a new man: John McCain.

Numero 'Uno' at Westminster Dog Show (2008-02-13)
Uno is best in show. Noisiest, too. The three-year-old Beagle made history at the Westminster Kennel Club show, becoming the first of his breed ever to win the top prize.

Detroit Posted Highest Foreclosure Rate in 2007 (2008-02-13)
Detroit's foreclosure rate jumped 68 percent last year, with more than 72 thousand foreclosure filings in 2007. Warren and Toledo were also in the top 20.

Court Orders Release of Mayor's Text Message Documents (2008-02-13)
A Michigan Court of Appeals panel has affirmed a lower court's decision to release documents related to the city's settlement of a whistle-blowers' trial.

Great Lakes Compact (2008-02-13)
Michigan environmentalists hope state lawmakers will soon approve legislation designed to protect the Great Lakes.

Potholes Galore (2008-02-13)
Michigan's pothole season is starting early this year.

Bombing Injures Pakistani Candidate (2008-02-13)
Officials in Pakistan say a candidate in next week's parliamentary vote has been wounded in a roadside bombing. They say another man was killed in the attack, which came as a crowd was leaving a political rally.

Congress Tackles Iraq War Funding (2008-02-13)
The leaders of a House panel that oversees military spending are drafting a spending bill that would fund combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through the rest of the year.

Drivers License Law Affecting Universities (2008-02-13)
Strict license law in Michigan hurts University recruiting efforts overseas

Clemens Grilled in Capitol Hill (2008-02-13)
They're separated by just one seat, at a table in front of a House panel -- but the testimony from Roger Clemens and his former trainer Brian McNamee is miles apart.

Michigan Sued Over Driver's Licenses (2008-02-13)
A judge may decide if Michigan can deny driver's licenses to non-US citizens.

A lawsuit was filed today in Ingham County.

President Signs 'Booster Shot' For Economy (2008-02-13)
President Bush has signed a 168-billion-dollar stimulus package into law, calling it a "booster shot" for the economy.

Tsunami Alert (2008-02-13)
Indonesia has issued a tsunami alert. It comes after a strong earthquake rocked the eastern part of the Pacific island country.

Writes, Camera, Action! (2008-02-13)
For Hollywood's writers, the show can now go on. They're back on the job today for the first time in more than three months.

Heavy Turnout in 'Potomac Primary' (2008-02-12)
Voters are going to the polls today in primary elections in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

NASCAR Puts Stewart, Busch on Probation (2008-02-12)
The punishment follows a confrontation between the two former series champions, who wrecked in practice last week and then carried it into the NASCAR officials' trailer.

The Search for Missing Journalists in Iraq (2008-02-12)
The kidnapping of two CBS journalists in Iraq is being condemned by the office of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The director of al-Sadr's Basra office is demanding that they be released.

Danish Police Catch Would-Be Cartoonist Killers (2008-02-12)
Danish police say they've prevented more violence connected to the Muhammad drawings that outraged parts of the Muslim world more than two years ago.

Postage Rates Rising (2008-02-12)
The Postal Service says a first-class stamp will cost 42 cents as of May 12th.

Mortgage Crisis - More Help On The Way (2008-02-12)
The Bush administration has unveiled a new initiative aimed at helping homeowners about to lose their homes. For qualified homeowners, it would put the foreclosure process on hold for 30 days.

Russian Bombers Buzz US Aircraft Carrier (2008-02-12)
The Russian military says the flyover of a U.S. aircraft carrier by its bombers is nothing to get excited about.

A Big Loss and Buyouts At GM (2008-02-12)
GM announced the buyouts this morning as it was releasing its fourth-quarter and full-year earnings. GM said it lost nearly 39 billion dollars in 2007.

Billionaire Buffet Bails Out Bonds (2008-02-12)
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says he has offered to help troubled bond insurers, offering a second level of insurance on up to 800 billion dollars in municipal bonds.

Michigan Seeks Exemption for Alternative Ed. Students (2008-02-12)
Michigan is asking the federal government to allow some students to finish high school in five years. The State Board of Education today approved a request that the U.S. Department of Education offer waivers to alternative education students so they earn their degrees without being considered dropouts.

State Charges 27 in Food Stamps for Cash Scheme (2008-02-12)
More than two dozen people are being targeted for arrest in a food-stamps-for-cash scheme.

Bank Offers Loans to Struggling Detroit Homeowners (2008-02-12)
Comerica Bank is offering $500,000 in loans to help Detroit homeowners pay delinquent property taxes. The bank says the loans are for low- to moderate-income residents in the areas targeted by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's NEXT Detroit Neighborhood Initiative.

Hundreds Attend Foreclosure Forum (2008-02-12)
Homeowners having trouble paying their mortgages can talk face-to-face with their lenders at foreclosure forums across the state this week.

After Historic Loss, GM Faces Another Tough Year (2008-02-12)
GM posted a $39 billion loss for 2007 based mostly on a change in tax accounting. But the problems in 2008 could be more fundamental.

New Hope for Peace in Kenya (2008-02-12)
The nation's opposition leaders have proposed sharing power for two years with the president's party before holding new elections.

Lakes Michigan and Huron Get Reprieve From Weather (2008-02-12)
All the winter snow and cold will bring lake levels up this summer in Lakes Michigan and Huron.

Obama Sweeps 'Potomac Primaries' (2008-02-12)
In what's becoming a trend, Barack Obama says he is silencing his critics by racking up the wins against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

McCain Rejects Federal Matching Funds (2008-02-12)
John McCain is turning down government matching funds for the primary to free him to spend more money for a general election contest.

Mortgage Insurer to Tighten Rules (2008-02-12)
Mortgage insurance is about to become more difficult to buy in metro Detroit.

End Free Health Care Ride For Teachers Say Superintendents (2008-02-12)
Kent County's superintendents of public schools are asking state lawmakers to require all school employees to kick in for health insurance.

Venezuela Warns of "Economic War" with US (2008-02-12)
Venezuela's oil minister says the country is ready to cut off oil to the U.S. if the nation is pressed into an "economic war."

Earthquake Ratttles Southern Mexico (2008-02-12)
A strong earthquake in southern Mexico has caused minor damage to buildings, along with some panic, but no major damage or injuries have been reported.

Clinton, Obama Battle for Ohio (2008-02-12)
The campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are launching television ads today in Ohio.

Council to Discuss Scandal in Private (2008-02-12)
The Detroit City Council will hold a closed-door session today to discuss what city attorneys knew about a secret deal to keep damaging text messages from becoming public.

Michigan Needs to Rethink Land Use (2008-02-11)
Smart Growth experts say Michigan needs to rethink land use and development.

Presidential Race Tightens (2008-02-11)
Democrats Obama and Clinton is tight race with Republican McCain in latest poll

NWA-Delta Merger News This Week? (2008-02-11)
It's a merger that could have repercussions in Michigan.

Northwest Airlines is the largest provider of passenger air service in Michigan, with Detroit Metro serving as a major hub for the air carrier.

Council To Vote On Independent Counsel (2008-02-11)
A special Detroit City Council session is scheduled for today to decide whether to hire independent legal counsel related to the ongoing text messaging scandal.

Senior Taliban Leader Captured (2008-02-11)
Pakistan says its forces have critically wounded a top Taliban figure in a firefight near the border with Afghanistan.

Eminent Domain (2008-02-11)
East Lansing city leaders are scheduled to discuss the issue of Eminent Domain tomorrow.

Some city residents are concerned the city may use its power to acquire private land to aid a major development project.

Clemens Criminal Probe? (2008-02-11)
A lawyer for the man accusing Roger Clemens of steroid use is predicting the Justice Department will open a criminal probe into the pitcher's repeated denials.

Yahoo! Says NO! to Microsoft (2008-02-11)
Yahoo is calling Microsoft's 44.6 billion dollar takeover bid too low. The Internet portal giant appears to be betting that it can get a higher offer

East Timor President 'Critical' After Attack (2008-02-11)
East Timor's president is reported in critical condition after rebels shot and wounded him during what officials call a failed coup attempt.

Feds Investigating GM SUV Engine Fires (2008-02-11)
General Motors Corp. spokesman Alan Adler says Monday the company was cooperating with the government. He says GM has not been able to identify any trend with the vehicles.

Pentagon Seeking Death Penalty For Al Qaida Suspects (2008-02-11)
The Pentagon is charging six detainees at Guantanamo Bay with murder and war crimes in connection with the Sept. 11 terror attacks on America, and will seek the death penalty.

California Congressman Lantos is Dead (2008-02-11)
A spokeswoman for Rep. Tom Lantos of California says the congressman has died. Spokeswoman Lynne Weill said Monday morning that the 80-year-old Lantos, the only survivor of the Holocaust to serve in Congress, died at Bethesda Naval Medical Center.

High Wage Jobs Lacking in Michigan (2008-02-11)
A new study says Michigan and three of its largest cities - Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing - are lagging other states and cities in creating high-wage jobs that require a college degree.

Detroit Council Delays Vote to Hire Own Lawyer (2008-02-11)
The Detroit City Council today delayed a vote to hire an independent attorney to represent its interests in the mayor's text messaging scandal.

Report Updates Progress On Transforming Michigan's Economy (2008-02-11)
State gains jobs in education and health care, but fundamental problems remain.

Rodriguez Suit to be Heard in WV State Court (2008-02-11)
University of Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez will have to return to West Virginia if he wants to fight a multi- million dollar lawsuit by his former employer.

A U.S. District judge today rejected Rodriguez' request that the suit be heard in federal rather than state court.

$163 Million Dollar Art Robbery (2008-02-11)
Police in Switzerland are calling the heist of paintings by Cezanne, Degas, van Gogh and Monet worth more than 163 million dollars a "spectacular art robbery."

Pausing Troop Withdrawals from Iraq (2008-02-11)
Defense Secretary Robert Gates is publicly endorsing the idea of a pause in the drawdown of U.S. forces from Iraq this summer, as proposed by the top U.S. commander in Iraq.

'Fair Tax' - Is It Really Fair to All? (2008-02-11)
Supporters of exchanging Michigan's tax system for an expanded state sales tax will launch a petition drive tomorrow to put the question on the November ballot.

West Michigan Businesses Back Airport Levy (2008-02-11)
A group of Holland and Zeeland area businesses are trying to drum up support for a tax levy to improve their airport.

High Court Considers Changing 'Discovery' Rules (2008-02-11)
The change would affect the 'discovery' process, when defense attorneys try to learn what evidence exists against their clients.

Hospitals Good For Michigan's Economic Health (2008-02-10)
Efforts by Michigan health care systems to build new hospitals and renovate old ones are providing a boost to the state's construction industry.

Obama, Huckabee Win Weekend Contests (2008-02-10)
Barack Obama has swept the Louisiana primary and caucuses in Nebraska and Washington state.

On the Republican side, John McCain flunked his first ballot test since becoming the Republican nominee-in-waiting. He lost the Kansas caucuses to Mike Huckabee, who's picking up 36 delegates.

The Search For EMU's Next President (2008-02-10)
Closed-door interviews with candidates to become Eastern Michigan University's next president are set for next month.

Junior Wins Shootout (2008-02-10)
Dale Earnhardt Junior is off to a good start with his new team, winning the Budweiser Shootout at Daytona in dominating fashion.

The Grammys (2008-02-10)
Amy Winehouse has something to sing about. She wins a leading five Grammys, including record of the year. Winehouse wasn't at the awards ceremony in L.A. She's been in rehab and had trouble getting a U.S. visa.

Its Cold! (2008-02-10)
Bitter cold weather moving across Michigan is being accompanied by high winds, creating hazardous driving conditions.

McCain Music Dispute (2008-02-10)
John Mellencamp apparently isn't interested in having John McCain use his songs on the campaign trail. Mellencamp's publicist has sent a letter to McCain's presidential campaign, pointing out that Mellencamp is a liberal and had been backing Democrat John Edwards.

Actor Roy Scheider is Dead (2008-02-10)
Roy Scheider, a two-time Oscar nominee best known for his role as the police chief in the blockbuster movie "Jaws," has died. He was 75.

Report: Tobacco to KIll 1 Billion by 2100 (2008-02-10)
The World Health Organization says tobacco is responsible for 100 million deaths in the 20th century and is on pace to kill 1 billion people in the 21st unless governments intervene.

Jackson Symphony Strives to Hit High Note (2008-02-09)
Jackson Symphony Orchestra boosters are confident a fundraising campaign launched this week will be successful, despite the region's slumping economy.

Etch A Sketch Art (2008-02-09)
The Ohio Statehouse this month is showcasing art made with a classic toy from an Ohio company.

City Takes Aim at Saggy Pants (2008-02-09)
It soon could be discouraged - if not against the law - to wear your pants around your knees in one suburban Detroit community.

Some Documents Released in Detroit Mayor Case (2008-02-08)
A judge has released some previously sealed documents that detail the confidentiality agreement between Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former top aide in an $8.4 million whistle-blower settlement.

Granholm Reveals 2009 Budget (2008-02-08)

The proposal contains no new tax increases or fees. All of the new programs - including new tax credits and a multi-billion dollar construction plan - are funded through refinancing or selling bonds.

Another Recall Petition Approved Against State Lawmaker (2008-02-08)
> Jackson state representative Marty Griffin says he's irritated to be among a dozen state lawmakers who are the subject of recall campaigns for their support of tax hikes last year.

Progress in Kenyan Peace Talks (2008-02-08)
Former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan says there's no power-sharing agreement yet between political rivals in Kenya. Annan is mediating talks between the government of President Mwai Kibaki and the opposition.

Mayor Kilpatrick's Latest Legal Trouble (2008-02-08)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick struck a secret deal last summer to keep revealing text messages from becoming public.

Environmentalists Welcome Anti-EPA Ruling (2008-02-08)
A federal court has ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency can not permit coal fired power plants in the Midwest to emit higher than allowed mercury emissions.

Evangelical Christian Leader Endorses Huckabee (2008-02-08)
Evangelical Christian leader James Dobson says he's for Mike Huckabee. Dobson, who heads "Focus on the Family," made the endorsement on the same day that Mitt Romney suspended his campaign.

Bomb Blast, Not Bullet Killed Bhutto (2008-02-08)
Scotland Yard says Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto died as a result of a suicide bomb blast, not a gunshot. The findings in the report released today support the Pakistani government's version of the events.

Fed. Court Strikes Down EPA Mercury Emission Rules (2008-02-08)
The rule was known as cap-and-trade. It would allow power plants that fail to meet emission targets to buy credits from plants that did, rather than having to install their own mercury emissions controls. The rule was supposed to take effect in two years.

Urban Roads Shortchanged By Funding Formula (2008-02-08)
Michigan should fix its formula for distributing road money so heavily-traveled urban roads get more, according to the Citizens Research Council of Michigan.

Two West Michigan Charters Lose Their Contracts (2008-02-08)
Two charter schools in West Michigan will not have their contracts renewed after this summer - and more of the same could be in store in other areas of the state.

Documents Reveal Deal Between Mayor, Cops (2008-02-08)
A Wayne County judge today released documents that outline a deal signed by Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to keep damaging text messages from becoming public.

Chrysler Cuts Could Hurt Suppliers (2008-02-08)
Reports say automaker could eliminate up to half its lineup.

Accidental Deaths of Wounded Soldiers in Iraq (2008-02-08)
The military is looking into what it believes are the accidental deaths of wounded troops, possibly from the use of a combination of prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Driver's License Battle in Lansing (2008-02-08)
The state House Thursday chose a different approach than the state Senate to fix a glitch in Michigan's driver's license rules. A three-week-old policy denies licenses to thousands of guest workers, students, and refugees who are legally in the country on long-term visas.

Gunman Kills 5 at Missouri City Council Meeting (2008-02-08)
The man who opened fire at a council meeting in Kirkwood, Missouri last night had left a suicide note. That word comes from the brother of gunman Charles Thornton.

Casino Fight "A Family Squabble" (2008-02-07)
The fight is on over two new proposed casinos in Michigan and it's pitting tribe against tribe, mayor against mayor, and Congressman against Congressman.

Mukasey: No 'Waterboarding' Investigation (2008-02-07)
Attorney General Michael Mukasey is telling Congress that he won't investigate the CIA's use of waterboarding. Mukasey was questioned by the House Judiciary Committee today and asked if he'd launch a criminal probe. Mukasey bluntly answered no.

Major Mafia Arrests (2008-02-07)
Dozens of reputed members of the Gambino crime family have now been charged with murders, drug trafficking, extortion and other crimes dating back to the 1970s.

UK Deports Islamic Preacher to US (2008-02-07)
An Islamic preacher who's accused of trying to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon will apparently be heading to the U.S. to face charges. Britain's Home Office today approved the extradition of Abu Hamza al-Masri.

Governor Granholm's New Budget (2008-02-07)
The Governor has released her budget for fiscal 2009, the first year of her tenure with no budget crisis... so far.

Where Do His Michigan Supporters Go? (2008-02-07)
Michigan Radio senior political analyst Jack Lessenberry says Mitt Romney's decision to end his presidential campaign leaves his Michigan supporters with a difficult choice.

Senate Democrats Drop Economic Stimulus Demands (2008-02-07)
They've agreed to only add checks for seniors and disabled veterans to the package of rebates for most taxpayers, a package that also includes tax cuts for businesses.

Top US, British Officials Former Taliban Stronghold (2008-02-07)
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says her visit to southern Afghanistan is not an effort to show up European countries, which are refusing to send troops to the former Taliban stronghold of Kandahar.

More Arrests in Bhutto Assassination (2008-02-07)
Pakistan's Interior Ministry says the men were arrested in Rawalpindi, where Bhutto died after her attackers opened fire and then detonated a bomb in December. Authorities last month said they had arrested two other suspects, including a 15-year-old boy.

Good Knight Coach (2008-02-07)
Michigan Radio Sports Commentator John U. Bacon looks back at the career of college basketball coach Bob Knight.

Baseball, Steroids and Congress (2008-02-07)
One day after giving a deposition, Roger Clemens is meeting one-on-one informally with as many as a dozen congressmen.

ATF Tries To Track Down 200 Stolen Guns (2008-02-07)
Bureau offering $5,000 reward in state's biggest stolen gun case in years.

Homegrown Fiddlers (2008-02-07)
How a high school music group in Saline is turning classical string players into fiddlers.

Mitt Romney Ends Presidential Campaign (2008-02-07)
Mitt Romney is putting a stop to his presidential campaign -- saying he's doing so for the sake of his party and his country. And that means that John McCain has effectively wrapped up the GOP nomination

Merck Settles Suit for $671 Million (2008-02-07)
The case involves the company's two biggest drugs -- the painkiller Vioxx and the cholesterol drug Zocor.

Romney Calling It Quits (2008-02-07)
The Associated Press has learned that Mitt Romney will suspend his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

The move effectively cedes the GOP nomination to John McCain.

And The Winner Is...Mike Huckabee? (2008-02-06)
No one candidate dominated the balloting on Super Tuesday. But former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee may have made a case for himself to be on the November ballot for the GOP

Driver's Licenses and Immigrants (2008-02-06)
As state officials bicker over what the rules are, thousands of students, long-term guest workers, visiting business executives, and refugees are caught in the middle.

Lawyer: Text Messages Pushed Whistleblower Settlement (2008-02-06)
A lawyer in a whistle-blower lawsuit against Detroit threatened to reveal racy text messages between the mayor and his chief aide to force the city into a settlement.

WVU Contract Dispute Affects U of M Football Recruiting (2008-02-06)
Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez admits his ongoing legal wrangling with his former employer has affected the Wolverines' efforts to recruit top high school players.

No Pryor Decision Today (2008-02-06)
It may be signing day, but Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch says Terrelle Pryor just isn't ready to make a decision. Batch is a family friend and recruiting adviser to Pryor, the highly touted prep quarterback from the Pittsburgh area who's said to be most interested in Ohio State or Michigan.

Judge Holds Hearing on Affirmative Action (2008-02-06)
A federal judge in Detroit will decide whether Michigan's voter-approved ban on affirmative action violates the U.S. Constitution.

Savage Storms (2008-02-06)
Emergency officials say the victims include 24 people in Tennessee, 13 in Arkansas and seven in Kentucky, in addition to the three in Alabama.

Young Terrorists in Training (2008-02-06)
U.S. and Iraqi officials say they have discovered al-Qaida videotapes showing young boys, some of whom appear to be around 10 years old, being trained to kidnap and assassinate civilians.

Analysis of Super Tuesday Results (2008-02-06)
A look at what lessons Michigan should learn from the Super Tuesday contests around the country.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is Dead (2008-02-06)
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi -- guru to the Beatles and founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement -- has died at his home in the Netherlands.

Actor Heath Ledger's Death Ruled An Accident (2008-02-06)
The New York City medical examiner says Ledger accidentally overdosed on prescription drugs.

Judge Won't Stop Pontiac Police Layoffs (2008-02-06)

The layoffs will take place immediately.

Police Chief Val Gross says the city is in a no win' position.

Archer Eyeing Run for Governor (2008-02-06)
Former Mayor Dennis Archer says he is taking a look at running for governor in two years when Jennifer Granholm's second term ends.

Super Tuesday (2008-02-05)
A new poll suggests a statistically insignificant difference between support for Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton among Democratic voters on a national scale.

The Republican race for the White House has taken a different twist, with the poll suggesting John McCain is galloping ahead of Mitt Romney.

Peace Corps Leaves Unpeaceful Kenya (2008-02-05)
No one in the Peace Corps has been targeted since the December election unleashed spasms of violence that have killed more than 1,000 people and left more than 300,000 homeless.

Detroit City Council OKs Investigation of Mayor (2008-02-05)
The Detroit City Council today voted to launch an investigation of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's office.

Car Thefts Up in Michigan (2008-02-05)
Car thefts are up in Michigan, according to the state's Automobile Theft Prevention Authority. The number of cars stolen in 2006 was up 3.4 percent compared to the year before.

Affirmative Action on Trial, Again (2008-02-05)
A federal judge holds a hearing tomorrow on the constitutionality of Proposal 2. That's the law Michigan voters passed in 2006 that outlawed the consideration of race and gender in university admissions and government hiring.

Whirlpool Profits Up (2008-02-05)
The Benton Harbor appliance maker bought Maytag in 2006. It says earnings after preferred dividends increased to 187 million dollars, compared with 109 million dollars in the prior year.

Violence Ebbs in Chad (2008-02-05)
Fighting has subsided in the capital of Chad, but rebels on the outskirts of the city are threatening a new attack.

Huckabee WINS....West Virginia (2008-02-05)
West Virginia's 18 GOP national delegates are going to Mike Huckabee. He's the winner in the first contest declared on this Super Tuesday. They were awarded at the state Republican convention when delegates for John McCain defected to Huckabee's side.

The Battle Over Britney (2008-02-05)
Britney Spears' mother is making some pretty shocking allegations in obtaining a restraining order against the singer's friend and manager, Sam Lutfi.

GMAC Posts Loss (2008-02-05)
GMAC Financial Services reports a 724 million dollar fourth quarter loss as homeowners struggled to keep up with mortgage payments.

China Suffers Worst Winter Storm in 50 Years (2008-02-05)
Residents in central China are standing in long lines for water and gasoline amid the 12th day of a blackout caused by the worst winter storms in more than 50 years.

ExPats Vote for President (2008-02-05)
Expatriate Democrats voting at a hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia gave the early nod to Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, 75 percent to 25. Obama lived in the country for several years as a child. And one voter admits there's "a bit of rooting for the hometown boy."

Fat Tuesday (2008-02-05)
This is a day of parades and parties in New Orleans.

Chrysler Resumes Production At Five Idled Plants (2008-02-05)
Dispute with parts supplier Plastech had forced the plants to close.

Judge to Consider Pontiac Police Layoffs (2008-02-05)
The city of Pontiac wants to layoff 25 police officers as part of a plan to narrow a 6 million dollar budget gap.

School Uniforms in Grand RapidsPublic Schools (2008-02-05)
In most cases, public school students are vocal opponents of any call for mandated school uniforms. But, a special student panel recommended a uniform policy for Grand Rapids' middle and high schools.

Problems in Michigan's Foster Care System (2008-02-05)
The court-appointed experts found state caseworkers did not make required face-to-face visits with children in foster care.

Waterboarding Terrorism Suspects (2008-02-05)
For the first time, the CIA director is confirming publicly the names of the suspected al-Qaida terrorists who were subjected to waterboarding.

Stephen Grant Letters (2008-02-05)
A Macomb County man who killed and dismembered his wife carried on a sometimes flirtatious jailhouse correspondence with a woman convicted of fatally stabbing her young daughters.

A Bevy of Ballot Questions (2008-02-04)
The Michigan Board of State Canvassers has given its initial approval to petition drives that would change everything from Michigan's tax structure to how schools are funded.

U of M Launches Autism Study (2008-02-04)
Researchers say the study could give doctors a better idea of how to treat the condition.

Bombing in Sri Lanka (2008-02-04)
At least 13 people are dead and another 16 injured in Sri Lanka after suspected rebels bombed a civilian bus about 150 miles northeast of the capital.

U of M Students Vote On Graduation Site (2008-02-04)
The University of Michigan is allowing students to vote on the location of graduation after its initial plan dismayed many.

Chrysler Shuts Down 5 Assembly Plants (2008-02-04)
The shutdowns are a result of a parts shortage related to last week's bankruptcy filing by Dearborn-based Plastech Engineered Products Inc.

Five Value City Stores In Michigan To Close (2008-02-04)
Value City is closing stores in Saginaw, Livonia, Roseville, Wyoming, and Warren.

Hearing Wednesday on Anti-Affirmative Action Law (2008-02-04)
Michigan's anti-affirmative action law will be the subject of a federal court hearing on Wednesday.

President Delivers $3 Trillion Budget Plan (2008-02-04)
President Bush is sending Congress a 3.1 trillion dollar budget that seeks to reel in domestic spending while increasing military spending. It would also leave the president's tax cuts intact.

Fighting Resumes in Chad (2008-02-04)
A U.N. official says gunfire and shelling can be heard throughout the city as government forces and rebels do battle for a third straight day.

Senate Tackles Economic Stimulus Package (2008-02-04)
The proposal would mean a $600-$1,200 rebate check for most taxpayers. But some Democrats aren't satisfied with the 161-billion-dollar plan and are looking to tack on more than 40 billion dollars worth of help for seniors, disabled veterans and the unemployed.

Suicide Bombers Hit Israel (2008-02-04)
Palestinian militants say two suicide bombers who entered a southern Israeli town today came in through Egypt after Gaza militants blew up Egypt's border wall with the territory last month.

Grand Rapids' New Top Cop (2008-02-04)
Kevin Belk has as served Grand Rapid's interim chief of police since Harry Dolan left in September to take a similar job in North Carolina.

Super Bowl - Super TV Ratings (2008-02-04)
The Nielsen people's very preliminary findings from 49 of the nation's biggest markets show that ratings for the New York Giants' Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots were up 6 percent over last year's big game.

'Obscene' Retail Display (2008-02-04)
Abercrombie & Fitch says it will vigorously defend its right to display photos of bare-chested men and a partially exposed woman.

Five Value City Stores In Michigan To Close (2008-02-04)
Value City is closing stores in Saginaw, Livonia, Roseville, Wyoming, and Warren.

Tigers Sign Granderson (2008-02-04)
Outfielder Curtis Granderson and the Detroit Tigers have reached agreement on a five-year contract that includes a club option for 2013.

Opponents Of Benton Harbor Golf Course Demand More Study (2008-02-04)
Residents near Jean Klock Park say the state should conduct a full environmental impact study on a plan to use part of it for a private golf course.

Michigan Gas Prices Rise (2008-02-04)
Michigan gas prices are on the rise, jumping 4 cents during the past week.

Factory Orders Jumped in December (2008-02-04)
The Commerce Department says factory orders rose by 2.3 percent in December, the biggest increase in five months.

Coaching Legend Bob Knight Retires (2008-02-04)
Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight has retired. Chris Cook, a spokesman for the school's athletic director, says Knight is retiring immediately.

Prison Time for Men Accused of Helping Bomb Plot (2008-02-04)
A jury today convicted the men on 22 charges of failing to disclose information about terrorism and assisting an offender for trying to help the would-be attackers. Sentences range from seven to 17 years long.

'Missed Opportunity' in Grand Rapids? (2008-02-04)
Grand Rapids mayor George Heartwell is not entirely happy with the man chosen to be his city's new police chief.

What's Killing the Bats? (2008-02-04)
Researchers have found thousands of dead bats in caves in New York and Vermont. The hibernating bats died from what's been called 'White Nose Syndrome', for the circle of white fungus around the bats' noses.

AT&T Wants State Help with Copper Thefts (2008-02-04)
A growing problem with copper thefts is plaguing the state's biggest phone company, and the head of AT&T in Michigan says it's time for lawmakers to do something about it.

Recall Cease Fire (2008-02-04)

Governor Granholm says it's time for a moratorium on recall campaigns against Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

President Toppled in Chad? (2008-02-03)
Insurgents in Chad claim to have trapped the country's president in his palace, denying a report that Libya had brokered a cease-fire.

Hand Gels May Not Enough to Stop Spread of Infection (2008-02-03)
Hand gels may not be enough for hospital workers to kill bacteria on their hands and curb the spread of infection.

U of M's Spring Graduation Sites Are... (2008-02-03)
University of Michigan says spring commencement could be held on campus at Elbel Field or the Diag.

Americans Optimistic About Next President (2008-02-03)
An Associated Press-Yahoo News survey out today finds that nearly three-quarters of those polled think the president has considerable sway over such big issues as inflation, interest rates, the deficit and taxes.

Meijer Recall Investigation (2008-02-03)
A Michigan State Police investigation into the involvement of Meijer Inc. in a failed recall election is waiting for the retail giant's internal probe to wrap up.

Iraqi Govt. Reopened to Baathists (2008-02-03)
Iraq's presidency council has issued the controversial law, affecting an estimated 38,000 former members of Saddam Hussein's ruling political party.

Russia Backs New Iranian Sanctions (2008-02-03)
A top Russian diplomat says a new round of international sanctions against Iran will send a ``serious political signal,'' encouraging Iran to freeze uranium enrichment.

NATO Denies Taliban Resurgence (2008-02-03)
A spokeswoman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force says three-quarters of Afghanistan suffered one violent incident per week. She says 70 percent of the violence last year occurred in only 10 percent of the country.

Break in Hollywood Writers' Strike (2008-02-03)
A person close to the ongoing negotiations says there could be a tentative deal as early as this week.

Imperfect Champions (2008-02-03)
The New York Giants are champions of the National Football League. In one of the best Super Bowl's ever played, the Giants scored twice in the fourth quarter to beat the previously unbeaten New England Patriots 17-14.

Survey: Michiganders Support Alternative Energy (2008-02-03)
But, they're concerned about the cost.

California Salmon Population 'Collapsing' (2008-02-03)
The federal government says the falling number of chinook salmon swimming through California's Central Valley is pointing to an "unprecedented collapse" in the fish's population.

Seagulls Win Atlantic City Boardwalk War (2008-02-03)
City officials are scrapping a proposal to cover the city's famed boardwalk with a wire shield to keep hungry birds from swooping down and bothering diners.

Latinos Play Key Role in Super Tuesday Primaries (2008-02-03)
Democratic party activists say Hillary Clinton is doing better than Barack Obama in wooing Hispanic voters.

Super Bowl Could Boost Sales in Michigan (2008-02-03)
Super Bowl Sunday could mean big revenues for Michigan's restaurants, bars, and taverns. Owners are hoping for a boost in sales as football fans watch the New York Giants challenge the New England Patriots.

Silent Super Bowl Ad (2008-02-03)
Sometimes the Super Bowl and the ads are all about noise. But, one humorous Pepsi ad will be silent. It's in American Sign Language with captions. The actors are really Pepsi employees who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Mc Cain: Will He Unite the GOP? (2008-02-03)
John McCain says his win in Florida's primary shows that he's the conservative leader who can unite the Republican party.

Groundhogs Differ on Spring Forecast (2008-02-02)
This is Groundhog Day, and the furry little critter known as Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning. That, according to tradition, means six more weeks of winter.

Howell's Woody the Woodchuck disagrees

Australian Govt. to Apologize to Aborigines (2008-02-02)
From 1910 until 1970, some 100,000 mostly mixed-blood Aboriginal children were taken from their parents under state and federal laws. The laws contended that the race was doomed and that integrating the children was a humane alternative.

Jury Acquits Actor Wesley Snipes of Tax Fraud (2008-02-02)
But convicted him of failing to file federal tax returns.

Germans Losing Taste for Beer? (2008-02-02)
Germany's traditional beverage is starting to lose its fizz. A new government report says beer sales are down to their lowest point since 1993, falling by 2.7 in 2007.

Home Foreclosure and Pets (2008-02-02)
Philadelphia pet owners who are losing their homes to foreclosures will now have a place for their animals.

Kilpatrick Promises Cooperation with Council Probe, Says Beatty Will Be Missed (2008-02-01)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick fielded reporters' questions for the first time today about text message scandal.

Bush: "Serious Signs that the Economy is Weakening" (2008-02-01)
President Bush is pointing to the latest employment numbers as another reason Congress needs to pass an economic stimulus package.

Federal Court Won't Reconsider Gitmo Ruling (2008-02-01)
The decision is a setback for the Bush administration, which was displeased by the court's three-judge ruling in July and had urged all 10 judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to review it.

Microsoft Shouts 'Yahoo!' (2008-02-01)
The software giant is offering to buy search-engine operator Yahoo for 44 and a-half billion dollars in cash and stock. It's a move to boost its competitive edge against Google in the online services market.

Record Oil Profit (2008-02-01)
It's the biggest annual profit ever posted by a U.S. company -- 40.6 billion dollars. Exxon Mobil says it chalked up that profit in 2007, with the help of historic crude oil prices at the end of the year.

Jobless Grows (2008-02-01)
The latest unemployment report offers a fresh sign that the economy is in danger of stalling. The Labor Department says employers cut 17,000 jobs in January, the first reduction in more than four years. Economists had predicted that employers would boost payrolls by around 70,000.

No Change in OPEC Oil Production (2008-02-01)
That's despite pleas for it to pump more oil. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is concerned that soft world economies will mean lower demand for oil.

Hamas Protests Closing Egyptian Border (2008-02-01)
Hamas militants have hauled away metal spikes set down earlier at the border by Egyptian soldiers. Meanwhile, about 600 Hamas supporters have protested not far from the nearest Egyptian border post.

China's Winter Wasteland (2008-02-01)
The Chinese government says three weeks of crippling snow storms have killed at least 60 people, destroyed crops, played havoc with power and inflicted seven and a-half billion dollars in damages.

Suicide Bombers Kill 70 in Baghdad Pet Market (2008-02-01)
The chief Iraqi military spokesman in Baghdad says the female bombers who killed nearly 70 people today in separate attacks on two markets in the Iraqi capital may not have been willing attackers.

Female Howell Groundhog Predicts Spring (2008-02-01)
A woodchuck from Howell is set to predict spring's arrival on Saturday. Woody, a female groundhog, has been predicting seasonal changes since 1998, normally with great accuracy.

Auto Sales Dip In January (2008-02-01)
Analysts expect there are more slow months to come, as the U.S. economy continues to struggle.

GR's First 'Green' Taxicab (2008-02-01)
The state's first electric hybrid taxicabs are off and running in Grand Rapids.

Snow Day (2008-02-01)
A slow-churning storm is moving across Michigan with the potential of leaving as much as a foot of snow in some parts. Hundreds of schools are closed and roads are snow covered and slick as a result of the storm.

Kilpatrick Offers Apology, Not Resignation (2008-01-31)
Kilpatrick apologized for what he called "the embarrassment and disappointment" of the past several days. But he did not offer his resignation - as some of his critics demanded.

Governor, Biz Leaders Urge License Changes (2008-01-31)
The Legislature is considering an overhaul to driver's licenses. But some worry the changes they want will get bogged down in debates about privacy, immigration.

Ohio Slashes State Payroll (2008-01-31)
Governor Strickland says the state will cut up 2,700 jobs and close two mental hospitals as a way to deal with its budget troubles.

Suicide Bombings in Afghanistan (2008-01-31)
A deputy provincial governor is said to be among the victims of two suicide bombings today in Afghanistan.

Barack Obama Racks Up $32 Million in January (2008-01-31)
The money positions Obama for the February 5th primary contests, when 22 states will be in play for the Democratic nomination. Aides also say the money enables the campaign to advertise in states beyond the Super Tuesday contest next week.

Britney Spears Hospitalized (2008-01-31)
The 26-year-old pop star was taken from her Los Angeles home by ambulance early today, escorted by more than a dozen police motorcycles, two squad cars and two helicopters.

Kilpatrick Back at Work (2008-01-31)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is back in the office after publicly apologizing to his wife, children and Detroit residents for events surfacing from a text messaging sex scandal. Spokesman James Canning says Kilpatrick returned to the office about 8:30 a.m.

Army Suicides Increase (2008-01-31)
Officials say Army suicides jumped as much as 20 percent in 2007 over the year before, despite numerous efforts to improve the mental health of a force stressed by fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cerebral Palsy and Pregnancy (2008-01-31)
New research suggests that doctors can cut the risk of cerebral palsy in half for very premature babies by giving their mothers magnesium sulfate just before they give birth.

Granholm Calls Mayor's Apology "Agonizing" (2008-01-31)
Governor Granholm says Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's televised apology last night was "agonizing" to watch.

Schwarzenegger to Endorse Mc Cain (2008-01-31)
Senior aides to California's Governor are confirming that Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse John McCain for president today.

OPEC Oil Ministers Oppose Increasing Production (2008-01-31)
OPEC members, who meet tomorrow in Austria, argue opening the spigots would be counterproductive, since there's enough crude to meet world needs. The sputtering U.S. economy also means demand may slow.

Al Qaida Leader Reported Killed in Afghanistan (2008-01-31)
While the claim has not need verified independently, the Washington-based SITE Institute -- which monitors the Internet -- says the announcement appears as a banner in a section of the Web site reserved for affiliated militant organizations.

Internet Outages in Southern Asia (2008-01-31)
Internet users from Egypt to Bangladesh are being hit with slowdowns and outages caused by cuts in two undersea cables. India's bandwith has been effectively sliced in half. That's a severe blow to its vital outsourcing industry.

Schwarzenegger to Endorse Mc Cain (2008-01-31)
Senior aides to California's Governor are confirming that Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse John McCain for president today.

Analysis Of Kwame Kilpatrick's Apology (2008-01-31)
A look at what Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's apology Wednesday night means for his future, and the city.

January Sales Results Expected To Be Down (2008-01-31)
Monthly sales results released tomorrow will offer the first glimpse into the industry's health going into a tough year.

Lansing May Give Tax Break For Home Improvements (2008-01-31)
The proposal is intended to boost the capitol city's economy and the real estate industry.

The Reckoning (2008-01-31)
The year automakers have been dreading has begun. Analysts forecast U.S. sales could fall by as many as 1 million vehicles in January compared to the same month last year.

Judge Rules Anti-Honking Policy Unconstitutional (2008-01-31)
A federal judge ruled yesterday afternoon that horn-honking - and the invitation to honk - are protected free speech.

Superbowl Could Demonstrate Perfection (2008-01-31)
Sports Commentater John U. Bacon says this Superbowl Sunday could be historic.

Stimulus Plan Clears Hurdle in Senate (2008-01-31)
A key Senate Democrat is dropping a plan to include high-income families in a broad tax rebate as part of an economic stimulus package. Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus dropped the provision, saying "we are putting back the cap."

"If Kenya Burns, There Will Be Nothing For Tomorrow." (2008-01-31)
At a three-day summit in Ethiopia, the African Union chairman Alpha Konare says the group must make solving the country's violence a priority, saying the country that was "a hope for the continent" is now plagued by "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide."

Human Rights Group Decries 'Sham Democracies' (2008-01-31)
Human Rights Watch says the U.S., European nations and other countries are accepting the "sham" democracies of some counties, by insisting on elections without making sure those countries also honor people's civil and political rights.

Mc Cain Wins Florida (2008-01-30)
John McCain is the winner of the Florida Republican primary. He edged past Mitt Romney to gain campaign momentum for next week's string of contests in 21 states.

GR Planning City's Green Space (2008-01-30)
A Grand Rapids community committee is forming to create a kind of master plan for the city's green space.

Study: Brain Injury Not The 'Signature Wound' of Iraq War Vets (2008-01-30)
Some provocative research suggests that traumatic brain injury may not be quite the signature wound of the Iraq war that it's been thought to be.

State of the State Analysis (2008-01-30)
A look at whether the Governor's call for cooperation during her State of the State address will last into the next year.

Waterboarding and Torture (2008-01-30)
The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee isn't satisfied with the answers he's getting today from Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

New Child Safety Seat Standards (2008-01-30)
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates seven in 10 child safety seats are either the wrong size or misused. So officials are unveiling a five-star rating system that will rank seats based on how easy they are to use -- but not how effectively they protect children in a crash.

Kilpatrick Speaks Tonight (2008-01-30)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick tonight speaks publicly for the first time since a scandal involving racy text messages with a top aide erupted last week.

Demjanjuk Loses Final Appeal (2008-01-30)
An alleged Nazi death camp guard has lost his challenge to a final deportation order. A federal appeals court in Cincinnati ruled there's no basis to John Demjanjuk's objection to the 2005 decision that he can be deported to his native Ukraine or to Germany or Poland.

Kilpatrick Apologizes in Address to the Public (2008-01-30)
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick addressed the public for the first time since a text-messaging scandal broke last week.

Edwards Bows Out of Presidential Run (2008-01-30)
Speaking in New Orleans, Edwards said it's time for him to step aside "so that history can blaze its path."

Journalist Sentenced to Die for Insulting Islam (2008-01-30)
The 23-year-old was given the death penalty last week by a three-judge panel for distributing a report he printed off the Internet to journalism students at a university in northern Afghanistan. The article asked why men can have four wives, but women can't have multiple husbands.

Troubled French Bank CEO Retains Job (2008-01-30)
Societe Generale is sticking with its chairman and CEO. This, despite his offer to resign, in the aftermath of the French bank's history-making losses blamed on a single trader.

Border Business (2008-01-30)
New border ID requirements which start tomorrow will mean a driver's license will no longer be enough to enter the United States from Canada.

Some border business owners fear they may lose out.

Canada Urged to Keep Troops in Afghanistan (2008-01-30)
NATO is urging Canada not to pull its troops out of Afghanistan's dangerous Kandahar region.

Gandhi Remembered (2008-01-30)
It's been 60 years since the assassination of Mohandas K. Gandhi and he's still revered as the moral conscience of India.

State of the State (2008-01-30)
Gov. Jennifer Granholm Tuesday painted a vision in her sixth annual State of the State address of a state where alternative energy companies employ tens of thousands of workers.

Nearly 2% of Michigan Homes in Foreclosure in 2007 (2008-01-29)

Michigan's third in the nation for home foreclosure filings

Kilpatrick to Speak Publicly on Text Message Scandal (2008-01-29)
Kwame Kilpatrick has been out of the public eye since private text messages between the mayor and his chief of staff became public.

The messages revealed an affair between Kilpatrick and Chief of Staff Christine Beatty, as well as indications they colluded to fire two police investigators .

Minis Coming to West Michigan (2008-01-29)
The British "Mini" car is coming to West Michigan.

House Passes Economic Stimulus Plan (2008-01-29)
The House has overwhelmingly passed a 146-billion-dolllar stimulus package that would speed rebates to most taxpayers.

Detroit Mayor Hires New 'Chief of Staff' (2008-01-29)
Former chief of staff Christine Beatty resigned Monday amid allegations she lied under oath about an affair with the mayor. The new chief of staff is Kandia Milton.

Broken Border (2008-01-29)
Egyptians living near the broken border with Gaza are growing increasingly frustrated with the influx of Palestinians over the past week.

Margaret Truman Has Died (2008-01-29)
The only child of President Harry Truman has died. Margaret Truman Daniel died in Chicago after a brief illness. She was 83.

Missing Marine (2008-01-29)
Mexican authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a Marine suspected of killing his pregnant colleague.

Snowstorm Creates Chaos in China (2008-01-29)
Hundreds of thousands of travelers heading home for the Chinese New Year have been stranded at a train station in Guangzhou.

Dow Posts Lower Profits in 4th Quarter (2008-01-29)
Dow Chemical reports fourth-quarter earnings fell 52 percent due to restructuring costs.

World Economy Weakens (2008-01-29)
The International Monetary Fund predicts the world economy will weaken this year, but the U.S. will be strong enough to avoid recession.

State of the Union (2008-01-29)
President Bush is asking Congress to quickly pass a plan to rescue the economy. Last night, he called on lawmakers to urgently approve a 150 billion dollar plan worked out with House leaders

Governor Delivers State of the State (2008-01-29)
Michigan Radio's live coverage of Governor Granholm's State of the State Address.

Stem Cell Research Debate Starts, Before Ballot Language Approved (2008-01-29)
The State Board of Canvassers will decide this Friday whether to approve language for a ballot question which would loosen Michigan's laws on stem cell research.

Meanwhile, both sides of the issue have their campaigns are already underway.

French Bank Probe Underway (2008-01-29)
France's financial market regulator says it has opened an investigation into the French bank that announced last week that a rogue trader had cost it nearly 7 billion dollars.

UM Graduation Will Be Held On Campus (2008-01-29)
The University of Michigan's spring graduation will be held on campus after all. Graduating students recently voiced outrage after officials announced that commencement would be held at Eastern Michigan University because of construction at Michigan's stadium.

British Ruling on Amway Just Days or Weeks Away (2008-01-29)
A ruling by a British judge is imminent on a case that could shut out the distribution of Amway products there.

Bloody Kenya (2008-01-29)
The violence sparked by last month's presidential election continues in Kenya.

Granholm Delivers the 'State of the State' Address Tonight. (2008-01-29)
The speech will be carried live on Michigan Radio.

Durable Goods Orders Rise (2008-01-29)
The Commerce Department says orders to factories for big-ticket manufactured goods soared in December by the largest amount in five months.

St. Johns Man at the 'State of the Union' (2008-01-28)
An executive with a mid-Michigan parts manufacturing company is among the guests invited to join first lady Laura Bush in her box at the State of the Union address.

West MI Democrats Expect Delegates to be Seated (2008-01-28)
West Michigan Democrats say they expect the state party's delegates will be seated at the national convention this summer.

GRCC Professors Ratify 3-Year Contract (2008-01-28)
The faculty at Grand Rapids Community College agreed to a new three-year contract today.

Kennedy Family Endorses Obama (2008-01-28)
Two generations of the Kennedy family have given their support to Barack Obama -- with Senator Edward Kennedy calling him a "man with extraordinary gifts of leadership and character."

Greek Orthodox Church Leader Dies (2008-01-28)
Archbishop Christodoulos was 69 and headed the church for a decade. He eased centuries of tension with the Vatican but angered liberal critics who viewed him as an attention-seeking reactionary.

Fundraiser with Ties to Obama Indicted (2008-01-28)
Indicted political fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko is under arrest after prosecutors moved to revoke his 2 million-dollar bail.

Mormon Church Leader Dies (2008-01-28)
As soon as word came that the leader of the Mormon Church had died, dozens of mourners began gathering outside church headquarters in Salt Lake City to sing hymns and support each other. One woman says Gordon Hinckley was "so loving" and she considered him "family."

Detroit Mayor's Chief of Staff Resigns (2008-01-28)
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's chief of staff says she is resigning amid allegations raised last week that she and the mayor lied under oath about an affair.

New Home Sales Plummeted in 2007 (2008-01-28)
The Commerce Department says new home sales fell by a record amount in 2007, with prices under pressure.

Tigers' Inge Not Happy with Diminished Role (2008-01-28)
Brandon Inge asked the Tigers to trade him after they made a blockbuster deal nearly two months ago at the winter meetings. But they have not been able to move him and his hefty contract.

Charges Against Rogue Trader (2008-01-28)
A lawyer for a trader accused of causing billions in losses for France's second-largest bank says investigating judges have filed preliminary charges in the case. The attorney says Jerome Kerviel is charged on a preliminary basis with "breach of trust" and unauthorized computer activity.

Romney, Mc Cain Clash in Florida (2008-01-28)
Republican Mitt Romney is claiming that legislation that's been pushed in Congress by top rival John McCain has set the country on a path favored by liberal Democrats.

Roadside Bombs Kills 5 US Soldiers in Iraq (2008-01-28)
The attack happened in the northern province of Ninevah. The military hasn't released any more details.

Health Insurer Fight Continues in Senate (2008-01-28)
Supporters and opponents of a package of legislative bills to reform individual market health insurance will offer more testimony this week in the Senate.

Pakistan Hostage Drama Over (2008-01-28)
More than 200 students and teachers at a Pakistan high school are no longing being held hostage by gunmen who had briefly seized control of the school.

Slow Snow Business in U.P. (2008-01-28)

Winter tourism is off this year in parts of the Upper Peninsula.

Last January, a lack of snow in the Keweenaw Peninsula left snowmobilers no where to go.

Legislature Considers New Generation of Licenses (2008-01-28)
Legislation to update Michigan driver's licenses will be the subject of a hearing in the state Senate this week.

Kalamazoo Promise Conference Planned (2008-01-28)
About 80 communities from around the country may be coming to Kalamazoo this summer to learn more and share ideas related to the Kalamazoo Promise program.

Training Future IT Workers in Lansing (2008-01-28)
Officials in Lansing announced a unique public-private partnership to build up mid-Michigan's I-T work force.

The partnership includes the city of Lansing, the city's school district, Michigan State University and high tech companies.

Led Zeppelin Tour? (2008-01-28)
Guitarist Jimmy Page says he's ready to take Led Zeppelin on tour. Don't rush out to buy tickets yet -- it probably won't be before September.

CDC: VACCINES-They're Not Just For Kids (2008-01-27)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds adults that in the past few years, new vaccines have become available for grown-ups.

'Miss Michigan' Crowned 'Miss America' (2008-01-27)
Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund is the new Miss America 2008. Haglund was crowned in a live show from Las Vegas billed as the unveiling of the 87-year-old pageant's new, hipper look.

Help Wanted: Hit Man (2008-01-27)
A Michigan woman is accused of posting an ad on the Internet hoping to find somebody to kill the wife of a California man she had met online and had had an affair with.

Coen Bros. Win Director's Guild Honors (2008-01-27)
They were named best director last night in Los Angeles for their movie, ``No Country for Old Men.'' The honor makes them the favorite for the same prize at next month's Academy Awards.

Fmr. Indonesian Dictator Suharto Dead (2008-01-27)
Former Indonesian dictator Suharto has died at the age of 86. The former army general presided over one of the most brutal regimes in history for 32 years. As many as a million of his political opponents died in purges.

New Traffic Headache in Detroit (2008-01-27)

The state Transportation Department is starting a 30 million dollar rehab project along I-75 between 94 and 375.

Greater Scrutiny of Foriegn Investment (2008-01-27)
A law signed into effect by President Bush calls for closer scrutiny of the security impact of foreign investments. The executive order reflects changes that Congress implemented following the uproar in 2006 over a plan by Dubai-owned DP World to manage six of the largest ports in the U.S.

Daniel Day-Lewis, Julie Christie Top SAG Awards (2008-01-27)

"No Country for Old Men" won the movie cast award.

State of the State (2008-01-27)
Governor Granholm has some unfinished business from 2007. And she's planning to ask lawmakers in Tuesday's State of the State address to take care of it soon.

Bush's Final State of the Union - Unfinished Business (2008-01-27)
President Bush's final State-of-the-Union address is expected to reflect the political reality that there is little room for any big ideas out of the White House during his remaining months in office.

Report: New Questions About Kwame Kilpatrick (2008-01-27)
A newspaper report shows Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and an aide used taxpayers' funds at times for personal expenses as they traveled together across the country.

Obama Wins South Carolina (2008-01-26)
Barack Obama has claimed his victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary saying it strikes a blow at the status quo.

Digital Music Sales Up (2008-01-26)
Downloaded music is up, but not far enough to cover the collapse of CD sales around the world.

Michael Moore Prepping for Another Oscar Speech (2008-01-26)
When Moore won the Oscar for "Bowling for Columbine" in 2003, he got booed off the stage when he ended his speech with an anti-war rant against the president, saying "Shame on you! Shame on you!"

A Good Fight for Good Health (2008-01-26)
A new University of Michigan study finds arguing is good for the health of couples.

University researchers tracked nearly 200 married couples for 17 years.

Detroit Homeowners' Workshop Today (2008-01-26)
Homeowners and potential homeowners can attend a workshop in Detroit today to learn about avoiding foreclosure and other issues.

Learn and Earn (2008-01-26)
Studying will make a select group of school children in Georgia a bit richer -- both academically and financially.

Film Awards - For Older Movie Fans (2008-01-26)
A dramedy about a middle-aged brother and sister dealing with their feisty sick father is the top film for older movie-goers. So, says AARP magazine, which puts "The Savages" at the top of its annual list.

Superbowl Was Originially No Big Deal (2008-01-25)
The "Big Game" in football came from humble beginnings.

GM Creates New Engineering Group For E-Cars (2008-01-25)
Automaker says it will help speed up the development of electric powered vehicles.

Investigation Underway into Kilpatrick Text Message Scandal (2008-01-25)
Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy announced today that her office will investigate the scandal at Detroit's mayor's office.

Newspapers this week published private text messages between Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his chief of staff.

Budget Ax Falls on Pontiac Police (2008-01-25)
The city of Pontiac is laying off nearly a third of it's police force.

Budget problems are forcing the city to take drastic steps.

NY Times Endorses Mc Cain, Clinton (2008-01-25)
The paper's Web site says its board is impressed with Democrat Hillary Clinton's knowledge, intellect and experience. It says John McCain is the best of a flawed Republican field with which the board has "strong disagreements."

Social Security Oops (2008-01-25)
Uncle Sam is sending out an apology to more than two and a-half million people who were given a tax form with incorrect payment information on it.

Wrongly Convicted Man Sues Ingham County (2008-01-25)

A man, wrongly convicted of murder, is suing Ingham County prosecutors and Lansing police.