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December 6, 2016
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PRI's The World: 12/05/2016 Veterans who were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline are now celebrating. Plus, we hear about the winners and losers in Italy's and Austria's elections. We also take a look at why Berlin seems to hate Airbnb.
PRI's The World: 12/02/2016 Today we hear memories of the Cuban missile crisis on a personal level, from the perspective of a few people who lived it. We also visit a family in North Carolina divided on the matter of immigration. Plus, Fidel Castro once played copy editor to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
PRI's The World: 12/01/2016 Today we explore what's next for US-Pakistan relations under a President Trump. We also hear about a schoolteacher in Afghanistan who faced down the Taliban. Plus, we bring you the story of a Swedish town that just can't keep a giant straw goat from burning.
World Headlines
India Jayalalitha: Thousands mourn colourful politician Thousands flock to pay their respects to J Jayalalitha, one of India's most popular politicians.
Extremist images 'fingerprinted' by tech firms Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube link up to curb the spread of extremist images on the platforms.
Lady Gaga says she has post-traumatic stress disorder after being raped at 19 Pop star Lady Gaga reveals she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after being raped at 19.
Chart of the day: Consumer spending is up
In a survey, Americans said they spent $98 per day, on average.
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigns
Out with the old, in with the unknown.
Carrier to raise commercial prices
They say it's not related to what happened in Indianapolis.
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