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September 24, 2014
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PRI's The World: 9/23/2014 A US-led coalition is bombing targets inside Syria, trying to beat back gains by the rebel fighters who call themselves the Islamic State. Also, the environment is front and center in New York City right now. We hear from the Marshall Islands poet who opened the UN climate summit today. Plus, American puppeteers perform to a standing ovation in Tehran.
PRI's The World: 9/22/2014 A day after climate change activists took to the streets of New York, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund announce they are divesting $50 billion worth of fossil fuel investments. Are marches and investments what we need to turn global warming around? Plus, the language of food and why so many food items seem to get lost in translation.
PRI's The World: 9/19/2014 Scotland votes down independence. What does it mean for the country's future? Plus, after arriving in the US, young migrants face a new challenge ? starting school. And Chinese tennis star Li Na retires.
World Headlines
Jihadist fight 'may take years' - US The fight against Islamic State may take years, a US military spokesman tells the BBC, as more than 50 countries are said to have joined a US-led coalition.
China and US pledge climate action China and the US agree they must lead the rest of the world in reducing emissions to combat climate change, as a major UN summit closes in New York.
India Mars mission arrives in orbit India becomes the fourth nation to put a satellite into orbit around Mars, as Mangalyaan arrives to study the Red Planet's atmosphere.
General Motors adds insult to injury for Detroit
General Motors is moving the Cadillac global headquarters to New York.
NIH gives $10.1 million for gender-balanced research
How money for 'mice hotels' could improve medical care for women.
Making the inversion game harder to play
Washington wants to put the brakes on U.S. companies that skirt taxes by merging with foreign companies.
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