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December 17, 2014
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PRI's The World: 12/16/2014 A military school in Pakistan came under attack from Taliban forces, leaving more than 120 dead, many of them students. We hear from a resident of the city where today's attack occurred. Plus, the violence comes on a day when human rights groups launched a new project called Safe Schools. We'll speak with Human Rights Watch about the effort to get nations around the world to agree that schools should be off limits when it comes to war and political violence. And, the Russian ruble is tanking, interest rates are through the roof, and Russians are left to deal with it all through dark humor.
PRI's The World: 12/15/2014 Police storm the chocolate shop where an Iranian-born gunman held dozens of people hostage in Sydney, Australia. We'll have the latest from Sydney and we'll also tell you about a Twitter hashtag that sprang up as the hostage situation unfolded: #illridewithyou. Australians were using the hashtag as a way to reassure Muslims that they wouldn't be harassed on the streets as retaliation for the hostage-taker's actions. Plus, solving the scientific riddle about melting polar ice... And, we end today with a comic-book detective who solves crimes in 1950s America. Blacksad was written by a Spaniard who's never visited the United States and the detective is actually a giant black cat.
PRI's The World: 12/12/2014 The social media battleground in the battle with ISIS. Also, a former drone operator talks about her trade-off between saving American lives and killing innocent civilians abroad. And what happens when British airspace is shut down, as it was today.
World Headlines
'New chapter' in US-Cuba ties The US and Cuba announce moves to normalise relations in a major policy shift, following the release by Cuba of US contractor Alan Gross.
Sharif vow to end Pakistan terrorism Pakistani leader Nawaz Sharif vows to rid his country of terrorism after the Taliban killed 141 people, mostly children, at a Peshawar school.
Mass grave 'found in eastern Syria' The bodies of more than 230 people thought to have been killed by Islamic State (IS) have been found in a mass grave in eastern Syria, activists say.
Quiz: Who hits the books hardest?
American students spend six hours a week, on average, doing homework.
PODCAST: Hacker threats reach beyond Sony
The ruble continues to slide, the Sony hackers get serious, and marijuana expands its reach.
Hollywood pins its hopes on 'The Hobbit'
Can Bilbo save ticket sales and the Shire?
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