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Black History Month Programming 2011
Black History Month 2011 (1:11) 48 Tracks Amanda Shauger
Black History Month Programming 2011
Community Radio 91.3 KXCI Commemorates Black History Month 2011 with TUSD's African American Studies Department Community Radio 91.3 KXCI Tucson is honored to partner with Tucson Unified School District's African American Studies Department to celebrate the achievements, culture, contributions and history of African Americans. Eight staff members, nine students and four community members recorded a total of 48 segments.

KXCI will continue to broadcast Black History Month Features through February 23. Click here for a schedule.

Here is a list of all of the people who participated and the African Americans who were highlighted.

1 Harriet Tubman- Shannon Dixon, Palo Verde
2 Susan Marie Smith- Kim Kunnie TUSD
3 Cress Lander- Dunbar- Cheryl Simms Delta Sigma Theta (This segment aired last year in our partnership with Delta Sigma Theta.)
4 Paul Robeson- Kim Kunnie TUSD
5 Phillis Wheatley- Kim Kunnie TUSD
6 WEB Du Bois- Jimmy Hart, Director African American Studies TUSD
7 Whitney Moore Young- Kim Kunnie TUSD
8 Rev. James William Charles Pennington- Kim Kunnie TUSD
9 James Pierson Beckwourth- Kim Kunnie TUSD
10 Mary McLeod Bethune- Jimmy Hart TUSD
11 Maggie Lena Walker- Kim Kunnie TUSD
12 Booker T. Washington-Joshua Sanders TUSD
13 Mildred Wilson/ Little Rock- Ben Davis
14 Sojourner Truth- Kim Kunnie
15 Daniel Chappie James Jr.- Joshua Sanders
16 Crispus Atticks- Taraiza Coleman Tucson High
17 Emmet Ashford Jeff Sawyer TUSD
18 Alpha Kappa Alpha- Tanisha Price Johnson, Tanesha Johnson, Jacque Price
19 Gen. Benjamin Oliver Davis- Joshua Sanders TUSD
20 Lloyd Hall- Joshua Sanders
21 Mildred Wilson/ Emmet Till- Ben Davis
22 Andrew Jackson- Kim Kunnie TUSD
23 Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller- Elaine House TUSD
24 Gen. Clara May Leach Adams Ender- Jeff Sawyer TUSD
25 George Washington Carver- Joshua Sanders TUSD
26 Matthew Henson- Elaine Buckner TUSD
27 J.C. Watts- Marcus Nesbitt Pueblo High
28 Michelle Obama- Elaine Buckner TUSD
29 Frederick McKinley Jones- Elaine House TUSD
30 La Bonnie Bianchi- John Thomas Benson Tucson High
31 Garrett Morgan- Dillon Harris Cholla High
32 Gordon Parks- Elaine House TUSD
33 Ralph David Abernathy- Stileda Rose TUSD
34 Marcus Garvey- Marcus Stanley Tucson High
35 Guion Stewart Bluford, Jr.- Elaine House TUSD
36 Fanny Lou Hamer- Sean Ochiagha Tucson High
37 Marva Dolores Nettles Collins- Stileda Rose TUSD
38 Hazel W. Johnson- Dillon Harris Cholla High
39 Mary Violet Leontine Price- Stileda Rose TUSD
40 Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield- Taraiza Coleman Tucson High
41 Cornelius Coffee- Rashida Jefferey TUSD
42 Alvin Ailey- Elaine House TUSD
43 Hank Aaron- Zayna Berryhill Tucson High
44 Granville Woods- Thomas Glenn IV Tucson High
45 Joe Clark- Jeff Sawyers TUSD
46 Roscoe Robinson, Jr.- Jeff Sawyer TUSD
47 Josephine Baker- Elaine House TUSD
48 WEB DuBois- Rashida Jeffery TUSD