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30 Minutes- Denis Moynihan: The Silenced Majority
Denis Moynihan: The Silenced Majority (32:31) 2012-10-14 Amanda Shauger
30 Minutes- Denis Moynihan: The Silenced Majority Denis Moynihan addresses 700 people at the Fox Tucson Theatre. C. Elliott
Denis Moynihan discusses The Silenced Majority.

On Saturday, October 13th
2012, Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan stopped by
Tucson on part of their 100 city tour starting with the Republican
National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention
in Charlotte, running up to Election Day. They are the authors of TheSilenced Majority: Stories Of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance and Hope which shows how the work of ordinary people (aka The Silenced
Majority) is pulling back the veil of corporate media and changing
the world. Denis Moynihan discussed the book and described the challenges of producing a daily news show while on tour. He also emphasized the importance of community media. The talk at the Fox Tucson Theatre was a benefit for KXCICommunity Radio and Access Tucson.