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30 Minutes- Does Arizona History Matter? Part 2
Does Arizona History Matter? Part 2 (30:25)2012-02-19 Amanda Shauger
30 Minutes- Does Arizona History Matter? Part 2
As Arizona reached its Centennial, Zocalo Public Square convened a panel to explore the importance of Arizona history. As Arizona reached its Centennial, Zócalo Public Square held its first event in Tucson called Does Arizona History Matter? at Hotel Congress on February 7th. Zócalo Public Square is a project of the Center for Social Cohesion.

Native people have lived in Arizona for Thousands of years, Spanish conquerors began making their mark in the 1500s. Four different flags, including Mexico's, flew over Tucson in the 19th century alone. But how much does this history influence Arizona and Arizonans today? A majority of Arizonans have migrated here; more than 4 million Arizonans were born elsewhere. How are these people who pulled up stakes and changed the course of their personal histories to become Arizonans influenced—if at all—by the events that preceded their arrival?

30 Minutes continues with Part 2. Part 1 is available as a podcast here. Speakers include Panel Moderator Jack B. Jewett, President and CEO of the Flinn Foundation, Lattie Coor, founder of the Center for the Future of Arizona, UA Anthropology Professor Thomas Sheridan, author Tom Zoellner, and NAU Associate History Professor Eric V. Meeks. Questions from the audience are also included.