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30 Minutes- Forum on Campus Firearm Policy
Forum on Campus Firearm Policy (29:39) 2011-03-13 Amanda Shauger
30 Minutes- Forum on Campus Firearm Policy Gabielle Giffords' intern Daniel Hernandez, Jr. is credited with saving the Congresswoman's life. Amanda Shauger
Two months after the Giffords shootings, the University of Arizona community discusses proposed legislation which would allow concealed weapons on campus. The Arizona Senate Committee of the Whole has passed SB 1467 which would prohibit any governing board of any educational institution from adopting or enforcing any policy or rule prohibiting the possession of a concealed weapon by a person who possesses a valid permit, or for the lawful transportation or storage of a firearm. This means people with the appropriate permit will be able to conceal carry on sidewalks and roads on campus, or in their vehicles. The bill was originally written to permit firearms in buildings on campus and legislators vow to expand the legislation next year. The Arizona House has not yet passed its version HB 2014 as of this writing.

On Wednesday, March 9th, the University of Arizona Graduate Professional Students' Council (GPSC) held a panel discussion on campus with people for and opposed to the legislation. The panel was moderated by GPSC President Emily Connally. Each person was given three minutes to express his or her viewpoint. The panel was held at Old Main and more than 200 students and educators came to the discussion. The administration and police of all three state universities oppose the legislation.

Speakers include GPSC President Emily Connally; Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) President Emily Fritze; veteran and student Mike Dougherty; Lt. Deanna Coultas from the Pima County Sheriff's Department; Coach Mike Candrea, University of Arizona Women's Softball Eight Time National Coach; UA Executive Vice President and  Provost Meredith Hay; J. D. "Duke" Schechter, Membership Director of the Arizona Citizens Defense League; UA Police Chief Anthony Daykin; Associate Medical Director UA Trauma Center Dr. Randall Friese; Student Veterans of America Arizona Legislative Director Robert Rozinski; Coty McKenzie, State Chairman of the Arizona Federation of College Republicans; Daniel Hernandez, Jr., ASUA Fellow and intern for Gabriel Giffords.