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May 25, 2018
St. Louis Public Radio News
St. Louis Public Radio News
Obama rally under Arch draws 90,000
90,000 people at the Arch grounds Adam Allington (KWMU)
(St. Louis Public Radio) - Senator Barack Obama spoke to a rally crowd of approximately 90,000 people underneath the Arch in St. Louis on Saturday.

The campaign stop is one of several both presidential candidates will make in Missouri over the next several days.

The gathering was the largest political rally in St. Louis in recent memory.

With the Mississippi River to his back, Senator Obama accused his rival, John McCain of backing the same kind of economic policies that drove America into the current economic crisis.

"John McCain thinks that's the way to rebuild the economy, to double-down on George Bush's policy of giving tax breaks to people at the very top in the false hope that it will trickle down on the rest of ya'all," said Obama.

Senator Obama will speak at a rally in Kansas City this evening.

For months, Missouri polls put the senator as much as ten percentage points behind Republican John McCain.

Now, a Rasmussen poll released on Friday shows Obama leading in Missouri 52 to 46 percent.
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