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April 22, 2018
St. Louis Public Radio News
St. Louis Public Radio News
Laws on internet bullying tough to enforce
Megan Meier (handout)
(St. Louis Public Radio) - In late 2006, a 13-year-old girl from the St. Louis area killed herself after getting nasty messages on MySpace.

The tragedy of Megan Meier's death brought a great deal of attention to the issue of internet bullying. But none of the alleged perpetrators, including an adult, has been charged, because authorities could not find an applicable law.

As federal prosecutors in Los Angeles consider charges of Internet fraud for a fake MySpace account, lawmakers in Missouri are considering making online harassment a felony.

But legal experts say it's tough to enforce laws against internet bullying.

KWMU's Matt Sepic reports for NPR's All Things Considered.

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