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May 22, 2018
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Regional News for 11/30
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In Iowa...

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Presidential candidate John Edwards is
pledging a new partnership with the nation's counties if he wins
the White House, including a commitment to more than double federal
spending on special education.
During a stop yesterday in Iowa, the Democrat said the federal
government has long promised to bear 40 percent of the cost of
educating special needs children, but does not.
The campaign says current federal funding is about 11 billion
dollars annually, and an additional 15 billion would be needed to
reach the 40 percent level.
Edwards would pay for his plan by closing tax loopholes,
collecting unpaid taxes and cutting wasteful spending.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The tiny campaign of former Governor Mike
Huckabee is growing so swiftly, some have scrambled to buy winter
coats so they can volunteer for him in Iowa.
Huckabee told The Associated Press yesterday that his campaign
isn't about high-paid consultants -- it's about ordinary people who
are coming from all over the country to help out in Iowa.
Huckabee has climbed to second place in Iowa polls despite
having millions fewer dollars than his rivals. The former Arkansas
governor is doing so well, his aides wonder if his campaign can
keep up with the momentum.
Huckabee's fundraising is eclipsed by that of Mitt Romney; the
former Massachusetts governor has raised more than 62 million
dollars, while Huckabee has raised about 5 million dollars.
So while voters are seeing Huckabee's first television
commercials this week, they aren't seeing other typical signs of

In South Dakota...

WINFIELD, Mo. (AP) - A tractor-trailer driver whose vehicle was
struck by a train Wednesday is listed in critical condition.
Forty-two-year-old Michael Green of Wilmot, South Dakota, was
flown to a St. Louis hospital after the accident. It happened near
the eastern Missouri town of Winfield.
Lincoln County Sheriff's Corporal Andy Binder says it is not
clear why the tractor-trailer was on the tracks.
The accident caused the train to derail and led to a spill of
diesel fuel from the tractor-trailer.
Crews from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources helped
with the cleanup.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - A Sioux Falls woman charged with
murdering her infant son now faces an additional alternate charge
of first degree manslaughter.
Twenty-four-year-old Miranda Tran is accused of killing her
5-month-old son -- Aiden -- on November 16th. She's also charged
with second-degree murder, but can only be found guilty of one of
the charges.
Tran told police she shook the boy and repeatedly slammed his
head on the floor when he wouldn't stop crying. Those details were
included in a search warrant request filed with the Lincoln County
clerk of courts.
At one point while rescue personnel were trying to revive the
child, Tran reportedly told police that she murdered her son and
should be arrested.

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - The state Health Department has provided
$460,000 in grants to South Dakota schools for efforts to combat
tobacco use.
Money for the grants comes from the state tobacco tax -- which
took a healthy jump in January when the tax on cigarettes went up
by a dollar a pack.
Fifty-five school districts are getting anti-tobacco funds from
the state in the current round of funding.
The grants range from $500 to $60,000.
A state Health Department official says 1,300 kids start smoking
each day in South Dakota, and the grants may convince many would-be
smokers to kick the habit before they even start.

In Nebraska...

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - Schoolteacher Kelsey Peterson says she's not
guilty of federal charges stemming from a drive to Mexico with a
13-year-old former student.
Authorities said in an Omaha federal courtroom yesterday that
Peterson will remain in federal custody while a psychological
evaluation is completed.
Peterson's attorney, James Martin Davis, says the evaluation
will show Peterson is not a danger or a flight risk.
But Assistant U.S. Attorney Jan Sharp told the judge that
Peterson has told police she is in love with the boy and would do
everything all over again.
Peterson is charged with crossing a border to have sex with a
minor. State charges include kidnapping and child abuse.

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Fewer Nebraskans with mental or physical
disabilities will be served at the Beatrice State Developmental
The decision follows staffing shortages at the institution where
329 people with developmental disabilities live and receive
Federal inspectors recently paid a visit to the center. They
concluded that staffing was a problem, and one of several
conditions not met at the center to participate in the Medicaid
A news release from the state Department of Health and Human
Services did not specify how much the center will be downsized or
whether employees will be cut.
The center has almost 740 employees.

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Tom Osborne is back as Nebraska's football
coach -- but just for now.
Osborne already is the interim athletic director. But Wednesday,
he declared himself interim head coach until he hires a successor
to Bill Callahan.
Athletic department communications chief Randy York says the
designation allows Osborne to visit prospective recruits away from
The 70-year-old Osborne passed the NCAA certification test on
his first try and will be out recruiting today.
York says once a hire is made, Osborne could continue to recruit
until the new coach assembles a full staff of nine assistants.

BELLEVUE, Neb. (AP) - The Bellevue Police Department has a
message for its members: If you're not fit, you'll have to quit.
A Bellevue police officer was relieved of duty after he failed a
fit-for-duty physical exam.
Police Captain Herb Evers says Officer Christopher Parent was
relieved of duties Wednesday after the department made a
recommendation to have Parent fired.
The Bellevue city administrator upheld the recommendation and
fired Parent.

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - The Omaha Salvation Army has another gold
Krugerrand to polish and convert into American cash.
Spokeswoman Susan Eustice says the one-ounce South African coin
was dropped into a red donation kettle on Wednesday. It was valued
at $840.
On Monday, a quarter-ounce Krugerrand turned up in a kettle
outside a Kmart in northwest Omaha. That one was valued at about
$250. The dollar equivalents change with the price of gold at any
given moment in market trading.
Eustice says a note attached to the latest Krugerrand says it
was given by a "copycat donor," who also said, in rhyme -- quote
-- "This one makes two ... hope it brings still more to you."

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