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Regional News for 10/19
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In Iowa...

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Iowa is seeing a troubling increase in
drug-resistant staph infections. That's according to the state
This year the state has recorded 359 cases of the "superbug"
bacteria. Dr. Patricia Quinlisk says that's an increase of 17 from
last year and 122 from 2004.
The cases involve people who have staph infections that have
grown resistant to common antibiotics. The result can be fatal if
not treated with more powerful medicines.
Quinlisk says much of the blame goes to overuse of antibiotics.
She says people who take antibiotics for the flu or common cold
sometimes get bacteria that become immune to the drugs over time.
It creates a superbug that in some cases can't even be treated
by more powerful antibiotics. According to a new study, more than
18,000 Americans per year die from drug-resistant infections.
Quinlisk says people can decrease staph infections by limiting
antibiotic use, getting vaccinated and washing their hands.

AMES, Iowa (AP) - Iowa State University's president says he
wants to end university-sanctioned credit card marketing to
In a Des Moines Register copyright story, Gregory Geoffroy says
he would like to see a revised contract with Bank of America.
Bank of America has marketing agreements with the alumni
associations at Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and
the University of Northern Iowa.
The privately run alumni group at Iowa State University collects
about $500,000 a year from the arrangement, while the school
receives about $40,000 annually.
Geoffroy says ISU's alumni association is discussing possible
changes with Bank of America.
University of Iowa officials say they're now talking to their
alumni association about possible changes.
The University of Iowa alumni group receives about $1 million in
annual revenue from its agreement. About $200,000 of that is passed
to the school.
At the University of Northern Iowa, alumni association officials
have refused to say how much the group collects from Bank of

MASON CITY, Iowa (AP) - A woman accused of lying to police about
a missing Mason City newswoman is scheduled to change her not
guilty plea next week.
Cynthia Sweeney pleaded not guilty in March to making a false
report to a public safety entity and malicious prosecution.
Sweeney -- of Anoka, Minnesota -- traveled to Iowa in December
and told authorities she was 13 when she saw six men kill Jodi
Huisentruit, a former KIMT-TV newswoman who went missing in 1995.
Sweeney recanted her story within days after investigators could
not verify her claims.
Authorities have not released a motive for Sweeney's actions.
Sweeney's plea change hearing is scheduled for Monday morning in
Cerro Gordo County District Court.
Both of Sweeney's charges are misdemeanors, punishable by up to
one year in prison.

In South Dakota...

BUFFALO GAP, S.D. (AP) - Emergency fire restrictions for the
Buffalo Gap and Fort Pierre National Grasslands have been lifted.
Acting Fire Management Officer Brian Daunt says the fire danger
has decreased with shorter days, cooler nights and higher relative
humidity in the evenings.
But Daunt says without significant moisture, human-caused fires
are still a concern.
Restrictions were placed in late July for the South Dakota
locations as well as the Samuel R. McKelvie National Forests and
Oglala National Grassland in Nebraska.

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - South Dakota health officials are reporting
the state's sixth West Nile death of the year.
A Hutchinson County resident between the ages of 80 and 89 died.
Previous West Nile deaths were in Brown, Hand, Lake, Pennington
and Todd counties. All but one of the victims were in the 80-to-89
age group.
South Dakota had 113 human infections and three deaths in 2006.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) - A state trooper scored a major marijuana
bust Wednesday during a traffic stop on Interstate 90 about 8 miles
east of Rapid City.
The lawman's drug dog sniffed out 35 pounds of pot in the spare
tire, and three people were arrested.
Two of them are from Louisiana and one is from Colorado.
The arrests led to a second discovery of pot in another pickup
-- which was parked at a Rapid City motel.
Officers found 34 pounds of pot in the second truck -- also in
the spare tire -- and arrested two more people from Louisiana.

MEDORA, N.D. (AP) - A helicopter crashed late yesterday morning
while rounding up horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in
North Dakota.
Park Superintendent Valerie Naylor says the two people aboard
are believed to have escaped with only minor injuries.
She identified them as the pilot, Ted McBride, who's with El
Aero Service of Elko, Nevada, and park biologist Mike Oehler
The chopper is used to herd the horses into corrals. It appeared
to hover over the corral, then the propeller hit the corral and
broke off.
Naylor says she believes McBride and Oehler got out of the
helicopter on their own, after the crash. She says the Interior
Department will investigate the cause.
The two men were taken to a Dickinson, North Dakota, hospital as
a precaution.

In Nebraska...

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - Nebraska interim athletic director Tom
Osborne responded yesterday to reports of some profane comments
made years ago by football coach Bill Callahan.
According to an upcoming book, Callahan said the former coach
was "trying to run things from Washington" while he was a U.S.
That's according to fired Nebraska football trainer Doak
Ostergard, who is quoted in the book by Jonathan Crowl.
Callahan also allegedly called Osborne a -- quote -- "crusty
old (expletive)."
Osborne became interim athletic director this week when Steve
Pederson was fired.
He says he isn't surprised his influence on the program might
have felt like a controlling force.
Callahan hasn't denied making the comments, but said in a
statement yesterday that he has a great deal of respect for

ASHLAND, Neb. (AP) - Authorities say an Ashland salvage yard
owner has missed a deadline to pay a more-than $106,000 fine for
violating trash disposal and environmental laws.
The Ashland city attorney says Arlo Remmen could now end up
losing his land along U.S. Highway 6.
In July, a Saunders County District judge gave the 68-year-old
Remmen 90 days to pay the fine, but Monday's deadline passed
without payment being made.
Remmen's lawyer says the man lives on Social Security.
City officials spent about $300,000 to clean the junkyard, where
Remmen stored thousands of scrap tires, appliances, used oil, lead
batteries and other trash.
A request by Remmen earlier this month to indefinitely postpone
payment of the fine was denied by the court.

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - An injured Omaha Northwest High School
football player has begun rehabilitation.
The mother of 17-year-old Eric Lofton says he has left an Omaha
hospital and is undergoing treatment at Immanuel Rehabilitation
Valincia Lofton-Duncan says her son is walking and talking but
still taking medication. She says she doesn't know when he'll be
well enough to come home.
Eric Lofton was hurt during a game September 27th.
Doctors say he suffered a subdural hematoma - bleeding on the
brain caused by blows to the head.
He had been in a coma.

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