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December 1, 2015
Local News / First Take
Local News / First Take
Competition fierce at Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championship In Colorado, snow is temporary. But that doesn't stop Jeff Stoller, a decades-long competitor at the 24th annual Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championship in Breckenridge. KUVO arts correspondent Carrie Saldo covered the sculpting competition last weekend.
Chicken wing controversies There are several debates about chicken wings. Andrea West and Craig Oberlink from Fire on the Mountain in Denver's West Highlands neighborhood visited First Take live to tackle the pressing issues.
Chalkbeat site more than a blog From the controversy over testing, to the demands for accountability, Colorado is a "hot" location for education news. And the new name for Colorado's education news website is "Chalkbeat Colorado." Editor Maura Walz joined First Take to provide an overview of today's pressing classroom issues.
Subaru goes hybrid, finally After making its brand known in Colorado (we kind of appreciate all-wheel drive around these parts), Subaru has gradually been building its emissions and alternative fuel credentials. Michael McHale, director of Subaru corporate communications, talks with Steve Chavis about his recent drive in the newly-designed Forester.
Modern drag, and slavery retold, playwright Lopez premieres 2 plays on "freedom" The January 2013 theater review from KUVO's longtime theatre critic Bob Bows highlights not one, but two Denver premieres from the same young playwright, Matthew Lopez.
Fitness guru Avalos: how to keep goals on track January is like one long black Friday for gyms and fitness instructors trying to help all those new years resolutions... then comes March. Fitness coach Maribelia Avalos joins First Take again, this time with tips for keeping fitness goals on track through the whole year.
Peyton's comeback story A couple of years ago, Peyton Manning was looking at the end of his career. He was in physical rehab, and has just been fired. But for the Denver Broncos, it was "Peyton Manning or bust." Denver sportswriter Mark Kiszla joined First Take to talk about his book on Peyton's comeback, called No Plan B.
Why Dexter Gordon's "'Round Midnight" is 1st among jazz films KUVO's morning show "First Take with Lando and Chavis" has launched a new feature, "Jazz on Film." Matthew Goldwasser, chose French director Bertrand Tavernier's 1986 film "'Round Midnight" as first in the canon.
5280 Mag: Food angels and demons Are the foods we like good for us or bad for us? The quarterly magazine 5280 Health (and posted surprising information on some of our best-loved and most- feared foods in their article "Angels and Demons" (Jan. 2014 issue). Health editor Lindsey Koehler joined First Take with the latest "skinny" on food myths.
A+ Denver Gives Innovation Schools Mixed Grades Denver innovation schools have big potential, said Van Schoales CEO for the independent academic research group A+ Denver, potential for both great success and great failure.

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