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December 17, 2017
Local News / First Take
Local News / First Take
Arts District: CSO Maestro Andrew Litton
(kuvo) - The Colorado Symphony Orchestra is hoping the talents of its newly appointed artistic advisor can keep the Orchestra's forward momentum after recovering from a 1.2 million dollar debt in the past two years. In addition to his role with the CSO - Maestro Andrew Litton is also Music Director of Norway's Bergen Philharmonic as well as Conductor and Artistic Director of Minnesota Orchestra's Sommerfest. In the 1990s Litton helped orchestrate the financial resurgence of the once imperiled Dallas Symphony Orchestra. KUVO's Carrie Saldo sat down with Litton at the Boettcher Concert Hall to talk about the orchestra's finances, his goals and what lies ahead for classical music.

The CSO's next performance is Saturday night at 7:30 with Doc Severinsen and the San Miguel 5 in a tribute to latin classics.

Here's the link to the event page:

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