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December 15, 2017
Local News / First Take
Local News / First Take
RTD To Investigate Death Of Woman Killed By Light Rail Train
CBS 4 Denver
(kuvo) - While Denver Police investigate the death of a woman who was run over by a light rail train yesterday afternoon at 24th and Welton, RTD says it will review its process for allowing operators to let people on and off in undesignated spots.

Witnesses say the woman appeared to be intoxicated and was standing in front of the train trying to get the driver to let her on.

It's unsure if the driver motioned her to move out of the way or to get on, however the woman moved to the side of the train, and attempted to board and was dragged under the train as it began to move.

RTD officials tell KUSA TV the light rail is not supposed to let people on and off at 24th and Welton, which is near the 20th and Welton station, even if the train is stopped. However they say it is up to the drivers discretion weather to allow people on or off while the train is stopped for long periods of time at a undesignated location.
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