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Across the Water Ed Miller Mar 18, 2012
6:00PM - 8:00PM

NameRon Kavana
Song TitleShamrock City
Name of CDGalway to Graceland
NameSean Tyrell
Song TitleMattie
Name of CDCry of the Dreamer
NameMumford & Sons
Song TitleRoll Away Your Stone
Name of CDSigh No More
NameClancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
Song TitleRambles of Spring
Name of CDThe Makem & Clancy Collection
NameDonal Clancy
Song TitleThe Concert Reel
Name of CDClose to Home
NameJohn Doyle
Song TitleEarly in the Spring
Name of CDEvening Comes Early
NameJames Morrison
Song TitleThe Flowers of Spring
Name of CDI'm Leaving Tipperary
NameDe Dannan
Song TitleFlowers of Spring
Name of CDThe Best of...
NameIshbel MacAskill
Song TitleThe Thrush Comes in the Spring
Name of CDRough Guide to Scottish Folk
NameAly Bain & Phil Cunningham
Song TitleSpring the Summer Long
Name of CDThe Best of Aly & Phil
NameBrendan Power
Song TitleSlip into Spring
Name of CDPlays the Music from Riverdance
NameCathy Jordan
Song TitleOuld Ballymoe
Name of CDAll the Way Home
Song TitleThe Kilavill Set
Name of CDDecade
NameCathy Jordan
Song TitleAll the Way Home
Name of CDAll the Way Home
NameThe Clancy Brothers
Song TitleThe Rising of the Moon
Name of CDTunes n Songs from Ireland
NameRon Kavana
Song TitleThe New Risin' of the Moon
Name of CDGalway to Graceland
NameColum Sands
Song TitleWe're Walking Down the Road
Name of CDLook Where Ive Ended Up Now
NameColum Sands
Song TitleThe Politician's Song
Name of CDThe Note that Lingers On
NameColum Sands & Maggie MacInnes
Song TitleRory Dall's Port
Name of CDThe Seedboat
NameLoreena McKennitt
Song TitleThe Bonny Swans
Name of CDTroubadors on the Rhine
NameColum Sands
Song TitleGoing Down to the Well with Maggie
Name of CDThe Note That Lingers On
NameBag o' Cats
Song TitleRaven
Name of CDOut of the Bag
NameStan Rogers
Song TitleThe House of Orange
Name of CDFrom Freshwater
NameMaire ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman
Song TitleFanny Power
Name of CDThe Carolan Albums
NameJohn Spillane
Song TitlePassage West
Name of CDSo Far So Good Like
NameNatalie MacMaster
Song TitleStoney Lake Reels
Name of CDCape Breton Girl
NameBrian McNeill
Song TitleThe Sidewalk Reels
Name of CDThe Road Never Questions

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