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Radio Gallery 4-27-2011: Jeredt Runions
Radio Gallery 4-27-2011: Jeredt Runions
Radio Gallery 4-27-2011: Jeredt Runions
This week Radio Gallery speaks with local artist Jeredt Runions. He shares details about upcoming plans and art shows that will take place during the Homegrown Music Festival this year. Homegrown begins May 1st and provides many exciting events for the whole community until May 8th. Radio Gallery Runions is a very influential local artist and was selected to design this year's Homegrown Field Guide cover. He shares the influence he had to create the "voodoo chicken" and the inspiration he gained from the idea of Homegrown 13. Runions coordinated many shows for Homegrown that will take place at Red Mug Coffee House, Pizza Luce, Beaners Central, and J. Lydia Salon. This year Homegrown will feature about 50 artists around town, and the group events Runions curated will include local artists Jessica Turtle, Ed Newman, Gary Reed, Adam Swanson, and many more. Runions has had over six years of experience with setting up shows and hopes to create more shows this summer to continue involving the community. Homegrown Music Festival begins May 1st and continues with a variety events until May 8th. It is an excellent opportunity to have fun while also supporting the local music scene and artists.

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