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9/1 Sustainability Week: Abby DeVita, Lake Superior Harvest Festival
9/6: KUMD Sustainability Week - John Fisher-Merritt: The History of the Harvest Festival
9/5: KUMD Sustainability Week - Jamie Harvie
9/4: KUMD Sustainability Week - Bryan French, UMD Office of Sustainability
9/3: KUMD Sustainability Week - Rita Vavrosky, Enbridge Sandpiper Pipeline
9/2: KUMD Sustainability Week - Jean Sramek, Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association
9/7: Sustainability Week: Zeitgeist Arts
9/6: Sustainability Week: Wild Ones
9/5: Sustainability Week: MN Energy and Sustainable Agriculture Program
9/4: Sustainability Week: 1 Roof Community Housing
9/3: Sustainability Week: Mindy Granley
9/9: Sustainability Week: Doug Hoffbauer
9/8: Sustainability Week: Mindy Granley
9/7: Sustainability Week: The Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association
9/6: Sustainability Week: The Goat Ladies of the North
9/10: KUMD Sustainability Week
9/9: KUMD Sustainability Week
KUMD Sustainability Week: E-Waste Recycling
KUMD Sustainability Week: Sustainable Ag Project at UMD
(9/11) Sustainability Week on KUMD: Terry Webster of the MN Office of Energy Security talks about the financing of various energy investments
(9/11) Sustainability Week on KUMD: Dean Talbott of Minnesota Power walks us through the process of making your home more energy-efficient
(9/10) Sustainability Week on KUMD: Shannon Szymkowiak of the Whole Foods Co-op says, when it comes to seasonal produce, if you can't get the foods you love, love the ones you get!
(9/9) Sustainability Week on KUMD: Chris Schneider the "Hybrid Guru" talks about cars powered by electricity or compressed natural gas
(9/8) Sustainability Week on KUMD: Mike LeBeau of Conversation Technologies talks about what "energy efficient building" means in 2009 and beyond
(9/7) KUMD Sustainability Week: Manny Umpierre of Ventera Energy talks about their new hybrid solar/wind turbine