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3//25 Green Visions: Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank
3/19 Forever Home: licenses
3/17 Potential medical marijuana zones
3/16 Ojibwe Stories - Gaganoonididaa: Learning Anishinaabe Ways
3/9 Community Conversations: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and Why it Matters
3/5 Homeless kids in Duluth navigating school
3/4 League of Women Voters: city boards and commissions
3/4 Change in the law needed for St. Louis County autopsy protocols
3/3 Superfund cleanup to derail the LS&M railroad?
2/25 DEDA has given $2.3 million to the city to renovate Wade Stadium
2/25 League of Women Voters: LWV EqualiTea
2/23 Where's Art with Annie Dugan
2/18 Chester Bowl's ski jump memorial
2/18 League of Women Voters: Homeless Day on the Hill
2/16 Ojibwe Stories - Gaganoonididaa: Cross-Cultural Understanding
2/11 League of Women Voters
2/10 The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention of American Veterans Act
2/6 New Sami Cultural Resource Center opens in Duluth
2/5 This year's point-in-time survey of the homeless population in Minnesota
2/4 League of Women Voters: Community Action Duluth Tax site
2/2 Community Conversations: Community and Police
2/2 Liquor in Lakeside to be revisited?
1/29 Forever Home: Jenson, Rusty and Bunny
1/29 The Lake Walk task force is ready with a proposal
1/28 League of Women Voters
1/22 Forever Home: Sled dogs and Princess Peach
1/21 League of Women Voters: Citizens in Action
1/20 Beargrease Week: Honoring John Beargrease
1/15 Forever Home: Coho and Tuco
1/14 League of Women Voters: MLK Holiday events in Duluth
1/13 Duluth's Heroin Town Hall meeting
1/8 Forever Home: Dora
1/7 League of Women Voters: January is Trafficking Awareness Month
1/5 Street outreach 24 hour hotline is saving lives
1/5 Community Conversations: The Best of Duluth for 2014
1/1 Forever Home: Skyler and Coho
12/24 Save Driving During the Holidays
12/24 Caring and Sharing: Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity
12/22 Consider a pet license as a holiday gift
12/19 "Bravissimo!" - the board game
12/18 Caring and Sharing: Union Gospel Mission
12/17 League of Women Voters
12/3 Alworth International Lecture Series: Ellen Anderson -
12/16 Caring and Sharing: Men As Peacemakers
12/15 Ojibwe Stories: Gaganoonididaa - Reaffirming Treaty Rights
12/15 Tourism money for Glensheen
12/12 Duluth's MakerSpace
12/11 Forever Home: Lightning
12/11 Caring and Sharing: Loaves and Fishes
12/10 League of Women Voters
12/10 Green Visions: Duluth Seed Library
12/10 Today's "Black Lives Matter" march and rally
12/9 Caring and Sharing: Mentor Duluth
12/8 Adele Yorde - Revitalizing Minnesota's Waterways
12/5 Kristi Stokes on the Pop-Up Project
12/4 Caring and Sharing: Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity
12/4 Forever Home
12/3 League of Women Voters
12/2 Caring and Sharing: Mending the Sacred Hoop
Oglala Lakota Sioux: A Tour of the Great Plains
12/1 Tips for Hardy Gardeners with Tom Kasper
12/1 Community Conversations: Fact, Fiction and Ebola
11/27 Duluth Soup
11/26 Winter driving safety
11/26 League of Women Voters
11/25 Sweatshop Free Duluth
11/24 PAVSA on the cutting edge with anonymous reporting system
11/19 League of Women Voters
11/17 On-Street parking in a college town
11/13 Forever Home - Toivo and Niosha
11/13 Holocaust memorials: marketing or commemoration?
11/12 League of Women Voters
11/6 Forever Home - Peanuts and Griswold
11/3 Alworth Lecture: William Hendersen
11/4 Blighted homes in Duluth to be razed
11/3 Bullying prevention efforts in Duluth Schools
10/30 Forever Home - Saber and Matilda
10/29 League of Women Voters
10/23 Domestic Violence Awareness Month
10/23 Forever Home: Grass and Big Red
10/22 League of Women Voters
10/21 Duluth Mayor Don Ness
10/20 Alworth Lecture: Steve Curwood
10/20 MPIRG - an election resource for students
10/15 League of Women Voters
10/9 Forever Home - Harley and Tigger
10/8 League of Women Voters
10/6 Community Conversations: Domestic Violence in the Public Eye
10/1 League of Women Voters
9/23 Creating accountable communities for health
9/17 League of Women Voters
9/11 Forever Home: Holly and Callie
9/11 Sandpiper Pipeline Stories Day 4
9/10 League of Women Voters
9/3 League of Women Voters: "My Zip Code is Killing Me"
9/3 Radio Gallery: Esther Piszczek
9/1 Community Conversations: Depression and Identity
8/20 Radio Gallery: Andrea Martin
8/20 League of Women Voters
8/13 Radio Gallery: Art in Bayfront Park
8/13 Homeless Youth in the Northland
8/11 Bringing Down the New Jim Crow Series
8/6 League of Women Voters: Primary Elections
8/6 Radio Gallery: Found Footage Festival
8/4 Bringing Down the New Jim Crow Series
7/31 Forever Home - Flower and Tansy
7/30 Radio Gallery: Art at the Fair
7/30 League of Women Voters: Economic Stability for Women and Working Families
7/29 Megan Halena, Community Action Duluth: MNSure
7/24 Lieut. Chad Nagorski, Duluth Police Dept
7/21 Bringing Down the New Jim Crow Series
7/21 Ojibwe Stories - Gaganoonididaa: Growing up in the Mille Lacs Band Community
7/14 Bringing Down the New Jim Crow Series
7/7 Community Conversations: Companion Animals
7/9 Green Visions: A Stormwater Garden
7/8 Jim Filby-Williams: Hartley Land Sale
7/7 Harry Welty: The state of the Duluth Public Schools
7/7 Bringing Down the New Jim Crow Series
6/19 Forever Home - Lily and Quimbly
6/18 League of Women Voters - Come to the Table
6/16 Ojibwe Stories - Gaganoonididaa: Ceremonies
6/11 Green Visions - women farmers
6/4 Radio Gallery: Freedom Riders Exhibit
6/2 Community Conversations: Women's Economic Security Act
5/29 Forever Home - Dude
5/28 League of Women Voters - Head Start
5/26 Duluth Mayor Don Ness on bonding bill projects
5/21 League of Women Voters - guns and domestic abusers
5/19 Duluth City Council votes to support Women's Economic Security Act
5/15 Forever Home - Rosie
5/14 League of Women Voters
5/12 Nine St. Louis County Schools included in the MN Breakfast Challenge
5/9 UMD Heroes Fund
5/8 Forever Home - Riley and Gwen
5/7 League of Women Voters
5/7 Green Visions
5/7 UMD's Fourth Pet Away Stress Event
5/6 Men as Peacemakers
5/5 Alworth Lecture: Urban Sustainability
5/5 Community Conversations - Creativity Conference
4/30 League of Women Voters
4/21 Alworth International Lecture Series
4/28 Chester Chats: Women in Leadership
4/28 Send Silence Packing exhibit at UMD
4/28 Chester Chats: Emily Larson on Women in Leadership
4/23 League of Women Voters
4/21 Interview - Harvey Thorliefson
4/21 Ojibwe Stories - Gaganoonididaa: Spiritual Growth
4/11 What the bonding bill could mean to UMD
4/10 Forever Home - Bentley and Gandolf
4/9 League of Women Voters
4/9 MN NORML wants to legalize marijuana for recreational use
4/7 Community Conversations - Minnnesota's proposed anti bullying legislation
4/7 Alworth Lecture Series: Ton Hanson Ukraine
4/7 Sieur Du Luht Creativity Conference
3/31 Alworth Lecture Series: Solar Energy
3/31: Gladys Swanson
3/28: Virginia McKnight
3/28 Day 5: Lake Superior Sex trafficking Series
3/27: Carol Bly
3/27 Day 4: Lake Superior Sex trafficking Series
3/27 Forever Home: Hydro and Sterling
3/24 Day 1: Lake Superior Sex trafficking Series
3/26 Green Visions - One Vegetable, One Community
3/26: Lorraine Borg
3/26 Day 3: Lake Superior Sex trafficking Series
3/25 Day 2: Lake Superior Sex Trafficking Series
3/25: Jamie Millard
3/24: Kristine Greer
3/21 The History of the Depth Charge
3/21: Meagan Olivia Hall
3/20 Duluth East Daredevils Robotics team hit the highway for the Wisconsin regionals
3/20 Forever Home - Cali
3/20: Anna Ringsred
3/19: Maude Hart Lovelace
3/18 Monica Meyer on the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act
3/18: Anne Dugan
3/17: Jessie Diggins
3/17 Lessons from 2012 will help in the case of spring 2014 flooding
3/17 Ojibwe Stories - Gaganoonididaa: Language Immersion Schools
3/14: Sierra Demulder
3/13 Free tax preparation available for the community at UMD
3/13: Sally Wingret
3/12: Sakinah Mujahid
3/11: Martha Alworth
3/10: Kiki Carter
3/7: Patty Borg
3/6 Life House recieved major grant
3/6: Eugenie Anderson
3/5 League of Women Voters
3/5 Party Revolutionaries aim to keep bars and campus parties safe for women
3/5: Dorthy Molter
3/4 January's Point in Time homeless count
3/4: Lee Roper Batker
3/3 Starhawk
3/3 Chester Bowl announces new executive director
3/3 Community Conversations: The Face of Mental Illness
2/27 Forever Home - Sunflower
2/24 Chester Chats: Regional Art
2/20 Panel convenes for public conversation on the minumum wage
2/20 Forever Home - Cami
2/19 League of Women Voters - YWCA Girl Power
2/12 League of Women Voters
2/12 Charter schools gaining popularity in Duluth
2/11 Housing summit Thursday in Duluth
2/10 New cancer center planned for Ashland
2/6 Forever Home - Dude
2/5 League of Women Voters
2/4 MNsure faring better than
2/3 Community Conversations preview - the Homeless Bill of Rights
2/3 Community Conversations - Homelessness in our community
1/31 "Voluntourists" help staff Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race
1/30 Forever Home - Dana
1/29 League of Women Voters
1/28 Senator Al Franken
1/28 Beargrease Trail Report - 8:00am
1/27 Tips for Hardy Gardeners with Tom Kasper
1/27 Beargrease Trail Report - 8:00am
1/27 Chester Chats Public Service Preview
1/24 KUMD Beargrease Week: Ron Boshey
1/23 KUMD Beargrease Week: Nathan Schroeder
1/23 Forever Home - Mufassa
1/22 League of Women Voters - Citizens in Action
1/22 KUMD Beargrease Week: Dan Seavey
1/21 KUMD Beargrease Week: A Sled Dog Marathon Primer
1/20 KUMD Beargrease Week: Cutest Puppy Contest
1/17 Habitat for Humanity garners attention with ice house
1/16 250 Northland kids on a waiting list for a mentor
1/16 Forever Home - Antonio and Mama
1/15 Martin Luther King day observances
1/14 Free "Sharpen Your Financial Focus" workshop offered by LSS
1/13 A petition to establish a Homeless Bill of Rights goes before Duluth's City Council this evening
1/10 Cold snap results in overcrowded shelters; community support
1/9 Forever Home - Jackson
1/6 Community Conversations - Addiction in our Community
1/6 Community Conversations preview - Addiction in our Community
1/3 Movie Math with Lawrance Bernabo
12/30/13 Chester Chats: Criminology
12/30/13 Chester Chats: Judge John E Desanto
12/23/13 Alworth: John Pastor on Global Warming
12/12: Caring and Sharing - HDC
12/12: Forever Home - Itsy
12/10: Caring and Sharing: CHUM
12/9: Some possible responses to the increased use of heroin in Duluth
12/6: Locally Laid awaits the word on their bid for a Super Bowl commercial
12/5: Caring and Sharing: Loaves and Fishes community
12/4: League of Women Voters
Community Conversations: Holocaust
12/3: Caring and Sharing: Damiano Center
11/28: Forever Home