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KUMD Album Reviews: Sleeping in the Aviary You and Me, Ghost
KUMD Album Reviews: Sleeping in the Aviary <em>You and Me, Ghost</em>
The evolution of Sleeping in the Aviary's sound on an album-to-album basis is staggering. The band has seamlessly covered pop-punk, indie-folk, and trop-rock (well, sort of) while their own idiosyncratic brand of rock distinguishes them from the other players in the independent music scene. Their fourth release, "You and Me, Ghost" finds the band departing from their previous effort "Great Vacation!" by trading in the '60s for the '50s, the surf rock for the doo-wop, and the gargling for the reverb. Vocalist/guitarist Elliott Kozel probably best describes the album: "It's like Dion and the Belmonts with a hangover trying to figure out how to use a Big Muff Pedal, or like the Everly Brothers beating up some kid in the bathroom of a high-school gymnasium and then feeling bad about it later." Per usual, "You and Me, Ghost" features Kozel handling lead vocals, guitar, and cover-art duties. However, guitarist Kyle Sobczak assumes the frontman position on both "So Lonely" and "Karen, You're an Angel" -- two of the album's highlights. Sleeping in the Aviary is currently on tour and will be playing two shows in Minneapolis at the end of October (Hell's Kitchen on the 28th and Hexagon bar on the 29th).