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Radio Gallery 8.8.12: Mark Poirer
Radio Gallery 5-25-2011: Mark Poirer
Radio Gallery 8.8.12: Mark Poirer
This week Radio Gallery celebrates the historic Duluth Armory as guest Mark Poirer, the Vice President of the Duluth Armory, shares plans to restore the Armory as an arts and music center. It is located at 1624 London Rd, Duluth, MN. Radio Gallery The Duluth Armory has been an important part of the community in Duluth since it opened in 1915 and was the infamous venue where Bob Dylan saw Buddy Holly perform which inspired him as a young musician. Poirer joins Radio Gallery this week to talk about to open the Armory's doors to the community as an arts and music center. He shares how the mission is to preserve the Duluth Armory and its historic value to American culture and the arts, while encouraging its re-use, placing emphasis on arts education. This incredible restoration of the Duluth Armory will provide Duluth with a place that encourages all ages to become involved with art and music, and will also stand as a venue allowing the opportunity for all to embrace Duluth's rich heritage. The Armory is located 1624 London Rd, Duluth, MN.

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