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KUMD Album Review: Deerhoof-Deerhoof vs. Evil
KUMD Album Review:  Deerhoof-<em>Deerhoof vs. Evil</em>
Every band has innumerable influences,and yet Deerhoof's sound as a whole is difficult to draw any parallels to. That is, you can't say they sound like a bad ______________ rip-off. Few bands today retain a unique sound that can only be described as the band's name (especially in light of the recent tidal wave of '60s/surf throwback bands). Deerhoof's distinguished brand of experimental pop music covers much musical ground on Deerhoof vs. Evil with quirky lyrical hooks courtesy of Satomi Matsuzaki guiding the majority of the tracks along the band's polyrhythmic playground. The band showcases unusual melodies that fit the off-the-wall song structures but do not discriminate against casual listeners; the album is accessible and strangely addictive. From playful acoustic numbers to borderline noise-pop to crunchy riffs, Deerhoof vs. Evil is dynamic, exuberant, and a great place to start with Deerhoof if, for some reason, you've overlooked their nine previous albums.

Recommended if you like: Dirty Projectors, The Art of Noise, Blonde Redhead

Focus tracks: "The Merry Barracks," "Secret Mobilization," "I Did Crimes for You"