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Album Review: Stereolab - Not Music
Album Review: Stereolab - <em>Not Music</em>
After recently announcing a hiatus coming off last yearís tour, Stereolab has released three albums of material stemming from the Chemical Chords sessions: Chemical Chords, Chemical Chords 2, and this yearís Not Music. The material on Not Music incorporates more of Stereolabís ethereal, avant-garde leanings into the streamlined pop sensibilities found on Chemical Chords. Krautrock fans will be hooked on the mechanized beats while synth-pop enthusiasts will stay for the playfully layered melodies. Imagine that itís the first Sunday of March; itís about 12:00 pm, and youíre sipping a bloody mary on the moonÖ Thatís Not Music. Recommended if you like: Kraftwerk, Air, Zero 7

Focus tracks: "Everybody's Weird Except Me", "Leleklato Sugar", "Laserblast"