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Album Review: Dark Dark Dark - Wild Go
Album Review: Dark Dark Dark - <em>Wild Go</em>
Dark Dark Dark's atmoshperic brand of chamber-folk has been consistently exceptional since their debut, and indeed their sophmore LP Wild Go shows no sign of decline. The Minneapolis-based sixtet, despite the number of band members, craft haunting cabaret-esque songs with minimal orchestration. The sparse percussion and delicate piano give the album its distinguishing dreariness. Make no mistake; this album is bleak but beautiful in its simplicity - enough to warrant several spins, especially this time of year. Think of the last television drama you saw with a deeply affective montage. Wild Go is kind of like the soundtrack to that montage, only better. Recommended if you like: Beirut, Low, Nick Drake

Focus Tracks: "Daydreaming," "Robert," "In Your Dreams"