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Changing Sex/Changing Sexuality — Reimagining the Mutability of Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation in Science and Law 
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Free but registration is required.  
Dates and Times:
January 31, 9:00AM-4:15PM

Historically, the law has embraced popular understandings of sex and gender as set at birth, binary in nature, common to all people, and unchangeable across the lifespan. In turn, the law has cast individuals who deviate from this vision as mentally ill, emotionally unstable, and unworthy of legal protection. At the same time, the law has long viewed homosexuality as a behavior or choice, and therefore sought to prevent lesbians and gay men from recruiting others into a deviant “lifestyle.” The LGBT movement has countered this claim by insisting that a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity cannot be chosen, changed, or controlled.

This Symposium brings together scholars from a broad range of disciplines including biology, anthropology, psychology, cultural studies, and law to explore the significance of change and variation in scientific and legal understandings of sex and sexuality and the implications of these understandings for LGBT rights.

Registration is required.
Visit the website for more information.
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332 S. 1400 E.  
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United States 
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