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May 6, 2016
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PRI's The World: 05/05/2016 He's brash. He's controversial. And he's winning over a sizable portion of the electorate. He's ... Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. Some are calling him the "Filipino Trump." We also have the story of a Boston high school student who's originally from Brazil. Last year, when she started applying to colleges in the United States, she found out how much of a labyrinth America's immigration laws can be. Plus, we hear about the link between author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Colombian folk music known as Vallenato.
PRI's The World: 05/04/2016 Some 80,000 Canadians flee their town as it catches fire. We do a drive through. Also, electioneering in London gets ugly as racial politics enter the mix. Plus, we'll hear why some pirates on the high seas are no longer targeting oil tankers the way they used to.
PRI's The World: 05/03/2016 The Olympic flame has arrived in Brazil ? but is the country ready to host the Summer Games? Also, remember the 5-year-old Afghan boy who was wearing a soccer jersey made from a plastic bag? The picture went viral a while back. The makeshift jersey was made to look like the one worn by the boy's hero, Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi. Messi responded by sending him a real jersey. Now the kid's family in Afghanistan has gotten threats, and they've had to flee to Pakistan. Plus, how Leicester City ? the unlikeliest of English Premier League soccer champions ? got a little help from some local Buddhist monks.
World Headlines
North Korea stages rare political event North Korea holds its most important political event in decades, seen as an unofficial coronation for leader Kim Jong-un.
Canada wildfire evacuees airlift starts Canadian officials are airlifting some 8,000 people who fled to the north of Fort McMurray - the city in Alberta devastated by a massive wildfire.
Speaker Ryan 'not ready to back Trump' US House Speaker Paul Ryan, the highest-ranked elected Republican, says he cannot currently support Donald Trump as presidential nominee.
KFC introduces finger lickin' good nail polish
Original finish, or crispy?
Dispatch, Ep 14: It's a meal delivery apocalypse
Have we reached peak food delivery apps?
In Los Angeles, lack of trust makes lead cleanup tougher
In East Los Angeles, the state agency that let a battery recycling plan operate for years must clean up after it.
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