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September 25, 2017
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Desperation in Puerto Rico, protests and what still feels like a Muslim ban The disaster in Puerto Rico is far from over. The New York Times' Francis Robles joins us from San Juan. Also, we profile an Afghan refugee who won asylum in Germany. And, President Donald Trump's clash with the sports world did not go unnoticed outside the US.
Puerto Rico's recovery, Facebook's election pledge, history of Tiki bars Puerto Rico faces a long road to recovery after being battered by Hurricane Maria. Also, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un continue to trade insults and threats. Plus, a conversation with South African body positive activist Lesego Legobane.
Trump tightens the economic noose on 'Rocket Man' and encourages his friends to go to Africa 'to get rich' President Donald Trump announces a new set of sanctions on North Korea, while South Korea says it?s resuming aid to the North. We hear how Africans are reacting to Trump?s comment that his friends are going to the continent to get rich. Plus, the global effort to get more girls interested in shark science.
World Headlines
North Korea accuses US of declaring war But the White House dismisses the comments by North Korea's foreign minister as "absurd".
Iraqi Kurdistan referendum: High turnout in independence vote A "yes" victory is expected in an independence referendum strongly opposed by Baghdad.
US Marines get first female infantry officer A woman lieutenant makes history by graduating from the US Marine Corps' infantry officer training.
What will be Hurricane Maria?s impact on Puerto Rico's drug industry?
The island territory manufactures a quarter of all US exported drugs.
Desperately needed: details on the federal tax plan
The president is scheduled to talk more about it on Wednesday.
How Germany's election shake-up could change its economy
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