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May 27, 2016
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PRI's The World: 05/26/2016 As President Obama gets ready to visit Hiroshima, we'll look back at his nuclear record. We also hear how Bill Cosby's recent fall from grace resonates with people in South Africa. Plus, the Somali online community set the record straight when a food journalist tweets a photo of a banana with his plate of rice and meat.
PRI's The World: 05/25/2016 Gang violence is once again making El Salvador one of the most dangerous countries on Earth. Plus, a look ahead to President Obama's trip to Hiroshima, Japan. And, what happened when a high school in Medford, Massachusetts had to cancel Hijab Day.
PRI's The World: 05/24/2016 Two soldiers turned authors look back at Vietnam and Iraq ? and ahead to how a nation heals in the aftermath of war. Meanwhile, we also noticed that President Barack Obama sat down with chef Anthony Bourdain Monday in Vietnam to try some bun cha. To find out more about this North Vietnamese dish, we called up a Vietnamese American chef who runs a restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Plus, we hear about a designer fish so coveted that people will pay up to $150,000 for one of them ? or even kill for them.
World Headlines
Move Olympics over Zika, scientists say More than 100 leading scientists say the Rio Olympics should be moved or postponed due to the Zika outbreak, in a letter to the World Health Organization.
'Mass rape' video shocks Brazil Brazilian police search for more than 30 men suspected of raping a teenage girl in Rio de Janeiro, and putting images of the attack on social media.
23 test positive from London Olympics Olympic chiefs announce 23 competitors at the London 2012 Games have failed retrospective doping tests.
A battle between two tech giants
Google vs. Oracle, a halt to price-matching, and the role of undocumented immigrants in the political process.
Google wins copyright case against Oracle, dodging $9 billion fine
Litigation over Google?s use of Java code isn't over yet.
The days are numbered for price-matching
What's behind the move to end price-matching at Wal-Mart?
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