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July 22, 2018
KSUT Regional
KSUT Regional
Survey: Florida Road Rebuild Supported
(ksut) - HOST LEAD: A survey commissioned by the city of Durango suggests if the election were held today, voters would overwhelmingly support a bond issue to rebuild Florida Road.
A question about a second bond for recreational facilities doesn't enjoy as strong support.
KSUT's Victor Locke reports.

VICTOR: The firm, Public Opinion Strategies, conducted random telephone surveys of 250 registered voters between July 13 and 16.
Durango City Councilors and city staff commissioned the survey to get an idea of voter sentiment toward a 15 million dollar Florida Road bond, and a 10 million dollar bond for recreational projects.
44-percent of those contacted identified traffic and over-development as the most important problems facing Durango, followed by 26 percent concerned about pocketbook and economy issues.
3-percent feel recreation needs are an important problem.
Surveyors then asked about the proposed bond issues.
70-percent surveyed say they support a 25 million dollar bond, 15-million for Florida Road rebuilding and 10-million for recreation projects, like adding a second sheet of ice at Chapman, upgrading the ski hill, building multi use fields at Grandview, and so on.
The same joint bond question, asked again at the end of the survey, drew a 63 percent favorable response.
The poll also split the bond issues into separate questions, one for Florida Road and one for Recreation.
Respondents overwhelmingly voiced support for the 15 million dollar Florida Road bond, with 78 percent saying they'd vote yes.
51-per cent saying they'd support a separate 10-million dollar recreation bond.
Neither of the bonds would result in a tax increase.
They'd be paid off from already approved sales taxes.
The survey, based on 250 responses, has a margin of error of between six and seven percentage points.
Scientific surveys such as this one, are basically snapshots in time representing sentiment of the respondents but applicable to the population as a whole.
They can serve as a useful tool in crafting ballot language and issue campaign tactics.
City Councilors will review the survey results in a study session tomorrow.
The County Election office must be informed by Friday of any intent to place a bond question on this November's ballot.
For a link to the complete poll results, go to and click on this story.
From KSUT Four Corners Public Radio, I'm Victor Locke.

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