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July 17, 2018
KSUT Regional
KSUT Regional
Durango/LaPlata County: New Era of Cooperation
(ksut) - HOST LEAD: Debate over controlling growth in Durango and LaPlata County has taken a new turn.
Durango City Councilors and LaPlata County Commissioners are embarking on a new era of cooperation when it comes to addressing growth issues.
KSUT's Victor Locke reports.

VICTOR: In early January LaPlata County Commissioners balked at adopting what's known as an Inter Governmental Agreement or IGA with the city governing development outside, but adjacent to city limits.
County officials didn't like city plans to adopt an interim development ordinance, or IDO, that would force developers, including those in county areas to pay for major road improvements.
The IDO also came under fire at a January 8th council meeting as a no-growth policy.
On Tuesday commissioners approved an amended IGA.
City councilors unanimously followed suit last night.
The amended document gives the county power to veto imposition of any new city regulations on county developments unless the developers seek city utility services.
City Manager Ron LeBlanc and others praised the compromise IGA saying it marks the start of a new era of city-county cooperation in managing growth.
Councilors were also told city staff has put plans for the interim development ordinance on the back burner in favor of drafting and passing a new adequate public facilities ordinance this summer.
It would define how new developments pay for their impact on such things as roads, police and fire services, utilities and more.
From KSUT, I'm Victor Locke.
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