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September 25, 2018
KSUT Regional
KSUT Regional
Water Woes Face San Juan County Residents
(ksut) - HOST LEAD: A water crisis facing more than 100 residents living between Aztec, New Mexico and the Colorado State line could get worse.
Those housholds could face significantly higher costs for water, if their existing water company is sold.
KSUT's Victor Locke Reports.

VICTOR: New Mexico's Public Regulation Commission says water provided to about 115 housholds, by Aztec based Dutchman's Hill Water Company isn't safe or reliable.
And, according to the Farmington Daily Times, the state wants to force the sale of Dutchman's and fine the company's owner.
Dutchman's serves customers in rural areas north of Aztec to Colorado, including the Cedar Hill area.
It draws water from one of two wells near the Animas river, which is close to an arroyo draining a fertilized field where livestock graze.
According to the paper, a state inspection found the water from the only functioning well is of inadequate quality and quantity, sometimes residents get water only three or four days per week, the companies infrastructure is corroded and fading and the system may not last another four to six months.
North Star Domestic Water Consumers and Mutual Sewer Works, a coop, has offered to buy Dutchman for 112-thousand dollars and hook customers up to its system.
The sale, however, is awaiting state action.
If approved, existing Dutchman customers would have to pay a 3-thousand dollar membership fee to the coop, and their monthly water bills would increase from just over ten dollars a month to almost 35-dollars.
North Star is the only other company providing water service in the area.
From KSUT, I'm Victor Locke.

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