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September 26, 2018
KSUT Regional
KSUT Regional
Desert Rock Builders Make Environmental Promises
(ksut) - HOST LEAD: Developers of a new coal fired power plant in northwest New Mexico and the Navajo nation have signed an agreement they say will clean up the air in the Four Corners.
KSUT's Victor Locke reports.

VICTOR: The agreement was signed in Shiprock yesterday, by various Tribal officials and the Executive Vice President of Desert Rock Energy.
Desert Rock is a 3 billion dollar, 15-hundred megawatt coal fired power plant proposed on Navajo land, southwest of Farmington.
According to a news release, Desert Rock has agreed to improve regional air visibility and the environment by working with existing coal plants to reduce their emissions.
In the case of Sulpher Dioxide alone the reduction would be greater than what the new plant would emit.
The company says it will also increase its control of mercury from 80 to 90-percent and contribute 300-thousand dollars a year for environmental improvement projects in the Four Corners.
The agreement was developed after consultation with several agencies including the US EPA, which is poised to release an Environmental Impact Statement on Desert Rock this summer.
The company is hoping to break ground on the controversial coal fired plant this year.
From KSUT, I'm Victor Locke.
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