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July 21, 2018
KSUT Regional
KSUT Regional
Local Residents see streaks of light in the early morning hours
(ksut) - Thousands of people in Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming this morning witnessed streaks of light racing across the sky from north to south.

Descriptions range from an unreal bright light'' to a spectacular fireworks display.''

A Denver tv station has a video of it.

Gene Stansbery is with NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

He said it was likely the reentry of the upper stage of an SL-4 rocket launched by Russia.

The upper stage of the rocket was predicted to reenter over this area this morning right around the same time people noticed the lights in the sky.

KSUT had a couple calls from listeners after 6am today, and there were reportedly calls pouring in to law enforcement authorities and other media outlets as well.
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